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"peter romaine" Discussed on Murder Book

"Remain. You. Pierre remain was convicted by twelve and scheduled to be judged by one the honorable Larry fiddler in Los Angeles Superior court. But when that day came in late twenty seventeen something occurred, the probably surprised one romaine at once. More changed lawyers firing Winston McKesson the attorney who had presented an argued his case during trial. The new attorney was James Blatt, a veteran criminal defense attorney that I knew of and covered in cases going all the way back to the early nineties when I was a newspaper reporter and also came as no surprise with that Blatt ask for time not for his client for himself. He was new in the case he had not attended to trial. He needed a transcript to go over to determine what is using occurrences. He needed to know about before proceeding with the sentencing and emotion for a new trial. So once again Justice for the murder of j Clarke was delayed. The judge accepted the change of attorney and order the court reporter to prepare transcript of the three week long trial for black. The sentencing hearing was continued. But I don't think anybody in that courtroom new at that time how long the delays would last and what other tactics romaine would employ to put off the sentencing. This episode of the podcast is being recorded more than a year after that hearing. It's now twenty nineteen Peter romaine has still not been sentenced and his victim's mother aging -ill waits for the day. The Justice will be served. She calls all the time. In fact, right before. This hearing she wanted to come out. She wants to be brought out. So she can make a statement. And every time she calls we have to tell her. It's it's it's been put over and she's ill. She keeps getting cancer knock on wood. It's been in remission. But it keeps coming back. And so she she's worried she won't make it for the sentencing. I she was worried she wouldn't make it for the trial. Now, she's worried to make it for the Senate. Tanaz Mikhaylov the Deputy District Attorney assigned to the case she went conviction in August twenty seventeen and yet she to weights him frustration for the killer to be sentenced. In this episode of the telltale bowl, we are going to get into what happened after the verdict, and why Justice has been delayed for so long. I'm Michael Connelly. And this is murder book. Her socks. What happened is it finished? Did he get sentence? Obligation the truth. Thanks. The ring for supporting murder. Book. Ring helps you stay connected to your home anywhere in the world. The star Kate has everything you need to start building. A ring of security around your home. Good ring dot com slash murder book. We're also supported by audible start listening with thirty day trial and your first audio book plus to audible originals are free. When you go to audible dot com slash murder book or text murder book to five hundred five hundred this episode of murder book is brought to you by HarperCollins and Allah fair Burks latest thriller. The better sister. Okay. So I know what you're probably thinking here when Pierre Romains trial ended in a guilty verdict. His thirty years of freedom ended as well. The gang member turn cop was cut by the sheriff's deputies in the courtroom and taken away to jail where he's being ever since. So then what is the big deal about the delays in the sentencing guys behind bars? Right. He isn't going anywhere. It's not like he's continuing to enjoy his read them. So what's all the fuss? Well, I just point out a couple of things first off there's a great advantage to being held in the county jail versus being shipped off to state prison. The county jail is where defendants with active cases are held. There's easy access to phones to attorneys into families. Conversely, went to sentences handed down in the convict is handed over to department of corrections. He begins a process that is designed to be isolating and punishing this includes geographic separation from convicts, family and associates when if romaine is finally sentenced for first remerger is likely he will serve his time hundreds of miles away from Los Angeles. Those in the know tell me that after stint at an intake risen he'll be assigned to a prison based on his affiliation. That means they will need to decide whether to assign him to a prison based on his being a former law enforcement officer or a gang member and Romain will probably play a part in that decision. I am told he most likely will have to either denounce being a cop or denounce being a gang member. If he goes to prison as a cop he'll most likely go up to mule creek state prison near Sacramento, it is where the state houses. Most law convicted of crimes if he denounces law enforcement and embraces his rolling sixties gang affiliation. You end up at any one of number prisons were gang murderers or held including Folsom Corcoran possibly. Pelican bay were saying when all those prisons are far from Los Angeles. So putting off that decision and that transfer is in Romains best interests. And so it appears that he has done his best to stay where he is in the Los Angeles County jail system. Meantime to Nasr MCI off says delays continue to victimize Jay Clark's, family and friends. There's really no closure for the victims. Even the surviving victim calls periodically, even though he doesn't necessarily want to be in court anymore. He'll call and say what happened is it finished. Did he get sentence? The mother of Jade Clarke, the deceased victim says constantly can I address the court? They don't have. I mean, I don't know if you ever get full closure in any in these kinds of cases, but they don't have the end of the chapter and just like j Clarke doesn't get to talk to his parents. I think his his family as wait a minute. Why does he get to have his family every day and on Christmases? Detective Mitzi Roberts. I don't like the word closure. But it's. It's the ending to the story. And this story has gone on for so long. And and j Clarke mom deserves that ending to the story. And so that's this incredibly sad to me. She's still waiting for that. after a trial is a conviction. It is routine for the defendant's attorney to review the case. And look for any errors committed by the court, meaning to judge that would support a motion for a new trial by firing McKesson after the verdict and bringing in a new attorney romaine settling delay in motion. The new attorney James Blatt needed to know and understand the case to do that he needed a transcript trial that had to be prepared by the court reporter while she continued ongoing almost daily duties in department one of six judge fiddler's courtroom is one of the most active in the building. And so the prep time when that transcript stretched on causing a long continuation of the sentencing to transcript would finally delivered to Blatt more than a year after the jury had delivered a verdict of guilty. Judge fiddler called for a hearing at which he could confer with the attorneys and finally set a date of sentencing, but guess what happened? That hearing. Okay.

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