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"peter de jesus" Discussed on Little Gold Men

"We've all taken some time to process it. Figure out who we're morning for who were excited about Hillary. You have been kind of assigning editing all the stories about it so for you what's kind of the story of these emmy nominations. If there's one big takeaway well so the obvious big takeaway is game of thrones getting thirty two nominations for season eight. It was a divisive season. They got a lot of flack throughout there. Was the Coffee Cup. There was the water bottle. <hes> more important things that went wrong there was there was a lot of conversation about the writing <hes> I think that wasn't there some story about who if you Google bad writers the first thing that comes up up now is which is very mean by the way the Internet Nicolette customer Waldo defending them and talking about the room so generally speaking the the conversation. If you've been paying attention to the Internet is like him thrown season it was bad and then here here comes thirty two nominations the most nominations ever given to one season of television <hes> which is pretty amazing so H._B._O.. Must be feeling pretty good right now. <hes> that's that's like it's the biggest story the bigger big story as well <hes> that is kind of heart warming arming is much smaller but shits creek got a whole lot of Emmy love and has never got nominated before <hes>. It's very adorable like heartwarming comedy. <hes> and I think that a lot of people are very excited to see getting. It's do you any you're too story about the game of thrones hall all kind of the same things that Hillary did the despite the online backlash it it did find. Do you talk us up to just the emmys liking what they like and wanting to do the same thing over and over again or is there something that that we all got wrong at the EMMYS got right. No I was I was personally like even though I agreed agreed with a lot of the criticism of the final season I never doubted that they would get a huge emmy nomination hall and probably huge Emmy Nomination win. It just feels like the television academy has never been exactly on top of the same aim things that the fans are the critics have been topped of when they don't like us. He's in like there was one year. I talk about this a lot peeved English is enormously talented but there was like one year they gave him an emmy. First season that Tyrian did like basically nothing and was barely in they just sorta felt like they weren't paying attention and there were like Oh give the thrones. That's a big show. Peter de Jesus go you know and so like I didn't think it would hamper their ability to get all these nominations nations. I was extraordinarily pleasantly surprised by some of the numbers because you know last year they broke the record getting twenty two this year is Hillary said they got thirty two and those ten extra like a lot of those are acting nominations which is really fun because is like you've got first time nominee Sophie Turner Great. I I'm nominee out the Allen first time nominee Gwendolyn Christie crease on Houghton in the guest category like there's just like room for all these things beyond the lake core. The lanes are siblings..

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