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Friday? Check. Christmas? Check. | AM Show

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Friday? Check. Christmas? Check. | AM Show

"In that time time time mocking load michael berry show is on air happy friday. Y'all listening to the best of the michael berry show. Windy the those a take Yes that means it's friday. Friday has arrive seven one three two one two five eight seven four making a documentary series on how to fly a plane or currently filming the pilot. Seven one three two one two five eight seven four. The queen concert turn out very well. Last a lot of people told me it was the most fun concert did ever seen at the rc. See a lot of new folks who came. Hadn't been to some of our folks that are not necessarily big country music fans. I had a heck of a good time because they enjoyed it in the obvious question is did guy seemed like freddie mercury at all spitting image absence there must be a freddie mercury starter kit on the outfit because he had that down to a t the hair the mustache the whole deal but he added had most of the vocals. Nobody's going to have one hundred percent are wouldn't be freddie mercury wouldn't be so special is pretty darn close. Most importantly people had a whole lot of fun. Michael t had his last game of his eighth grade season last night. He was having a fantastic game. This was before the cream. Cancer is having a fantastic game. Everything's going along. Swimmingly breaks off about a fifty yard. Run some great tackles. He he probably had close to one hundred yards. Maybe a hundred yards rushing. Everything's going well. They're beating their rival. They ended up beating their rival and with about four minutes. Left in the game. He runs up the middle. He about five guys. Go to gang tackling. He tries to plant and pivot. And you know what happened next. Yeah so he's being checked out today and hopefully it's not a torn acl but I don't know based on what he described and the level of pain and he's got a pretty pretty high pain threshold. I don't like our chances but we'll know soon enough. That's part of playing football. Unfortunately in now. Courtesy of executive producer chad. Coney nakanishi your week in review. And he loves sitting here at home in houston rabbit. Center-field garner is going good negative post coup. Back he's a little latino creek michio everything about it. Just awesome houston. How'd you like to go back to the world series. Go houston astros. How the politicians glomming onto the astros once they make it this far. Oh yeah sheila. Jackson-lee cannot wait win. The world series is it in january whenever it is. Y'all clear my schedule. Because i want to be there for the kickoff. The president tweeting success on the turkey. Syria border is an absolute what he falls hermit ceasefire between turkey and syria based herds. Let someone else fight over this long flood state sand. This doesn't upset the democrats nearly as much as it does. The neo-con never trauma seattle public. Schools hosted guidelines for teaching k. Through twelve math. Welcome binding ethnic study. Kids will learn math class. That math itself is subjective and has historically been used by the west to oppress poor and racial minority worry about the cognitive skill development that you need as an adult worry about your blackness or your brown nece and how white people around to steal everything from animal. Cruelty of federal felony house unanimously passed. A bipartisan. bill. Don't be to the puppies now. You can kill your babies. Your baby can be born alive and you can toss it in the toilet. Don't be mean to the puppies. We love felony. Suspect in custody and getting away from jail escaped. The deputies grasp ran a few blocks jumped into buffalo bayou. Let's discuss how awful your decision making it work. Underwater talking wouldn't have a bit of water all right seven one three two two five eight seven four. Don't you call and aroused square. Ereck tangle from levy shas to librarians. Everyone listens the michael berry. Show similar clock won't stop on stumbled tooth sandwich. I this is the best of the michael berry show The sleepy heads out of bed getting dressed to get your stuff in chuck bloomberg drop them all black kids. The mondays and sometimes tell mass had all fridays. Donna com coupon travel the draft meal. Van jake bags singer as you. The stress of brain one of the best to refrain. Mostly it says somebody stole my glasses. But i'll find them to contact you behind until the astros play job tonight. Man president trump announcing that if there is a game five. Which would of course require the astros today or tomorrow in the nationals. Home park that the president will attend the game. They asked him if he would throw out the first pitch and he said i don't know i gotta wear a lot of armor does look good and good and all that armor. I'll do that. I read somewhere that there is a presidential tradition going back to nineteen ten nineteen ten that the president throws out that every president throws out a world series. First pitch. i don't i would. I would want to check that out because that's a very long time in that very much surprises me. But if it's true that he should probably do it then again. I don't think he's terribly concerned about it. One way or another nor frankly should we be seven one three two one two five eight seven four. I want to the story. Because i didn't get to it earlier. In the week the first chick fillet to open in the uk closed because the lgbtq community started protesting protesters swarmed the oracle shopping centre. Last saturday holding a sign. Saying get the chick out. Say no to bigotry and hatred on your high street. The store opened its pilot location on october tenth in reading which is about an hour and a half drive from london. A mall spokesman said concerns raised by activists about the chain have made them determine the right thing to do is not to extend the restaurants lease beyond the six month pilot period. According to reports by bbc the restaurant has long faced pushback from lgbtq groups. Who have attacked ceo. Dan cathy after he repeatedly made comments condemning homosexuality and gay marriage and donating one point eight million in two thousand seventeen to groups that spread lgbtq rhetoric according to reports by think progress. So many things to unpack here first of all you can't make people like you and by attempting to force them to like you. You make them hate you. One of the first rules. We have in order to reset this entire system that we've fallen prey to we. I have to start with this premise. You're not required to like everybody. You're not required to approve of the decisions of everybody. A thug is a thug. Engaging in criminal behavior robbing people not taking care of children that you make dealing drugs. These sorts of what we would consider traditionally thuggish behaviour. It is perfectly acceptable for anyone and everyone to think. That's a behavior perfectly acceptable now. What if someone doesn't like someone else and considers them with a without regard to behaviors but on the basis of skin color. What if there i say. A white person doesn't like a black person for no reason other than he's black. Well of course we should have the death penalty right. But how would we know. How would we know who likes who on what basis where we fill out forms. Will it be like the modern day. hr department. Hey we really need to fire. Bobby bobby is a terrible worker. He can't keep up. he's not getting his work done. Our work product is terrible. It's costing us a lot of clients. Oh well you can't just fire him. Well why not he sixty four. He's our oldest employees but he's terrible at his job. I know i understand but we gotta do it the right way. So that when he sues us we'll have a defense. So what do i have to do. I need to fill this position. We're losing clients. Were not being competitive. We're not doing what we're supposed to do for our clients. Isn't that what's supposed to matter. No so i'll need you to start papering the file. I'll need bobby to have three different write ups so go ahead and writing. Write him up for what you've brought in time get him to sign it and then we'll do it again get him to sign it and on the third one. I'll let you cut him loose. Will that means that. I have to cut him. He has to screw up two more times. he's already screwed up and cost us money so as three total times and then i can advertise for the position. I got somebody already ready at a competitor business. I'd like to bring over. Oh sorry no no. We're going to need to advertise the position. We're going to need to is. Please tell me it's not a white male. Please tell me start a white male. We can't have any white male. Yes the white male. He's the best in the business he wants to come to work over here. I want him over here. Shouldn't our business be about being good at what we do will no no being good at what we do was thrown out a long time ago. Now we just need to make sure that we don't upset. Non white males in any way shape or form any group that qualifies including old people. And so there you have it. And so that's the basis upon which we are conducting business which means of course somewhere along the way thoughts like providing the best product providing the best customer service at the best price. Those things are no longer the priority the priority becomes. How do we keep these groups from protesting us. And we allow these groups an incredible power in the marketplace. To do things like disrupt another companies to disrupt a company's business when they themselves don't run a business. This can't be right. How if we allowed this nonsense just because you don't like somebody's political views but worse. What does it matter. How did we get to the point. That the whiners and complainers in society just go from company to company protesting their businesses disrupting their businesses smearing their good name. How much money has chick-fil-a given a charity. How how much good has chick-fil-a done in the not that you should be required to. We have become so confused and twisted into a pretzel that we have forgotten. What any of what matters. And that is leaving people. The hell alone. That's really the point. The point of the lgbt n. Double acp urban league la mesa all of the greenie. Weenie movement. Point of of these organizations. When you get right down to it is. They don't like who they are and they want to insist that you like them and the more they do the more we don't the michael berry show You're listening to the best of the michael berry. Show honor small. I i know ow saving. 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Approved women's halloween costume shop and get the best deals on islamic friendly halloween costumes today located off six ten in between the mosque and fills bake them box. Sammy man you're on the michael berry. Show go ahead sir. I was hoping that you could invite jeffey. Small light on the show so we could get his take on. President trump inviting comparing the impeachment process that lynching. Because it'd be really funny. No you gotta wonder. Have you seen the video after after all that happens. you know. it's two o'clock in the morning. Have you seen the video that the officers took when they come into his into his Apartment yeah then you still have the rope around his neck. They call it a rope. Everyone calls it a rope. It looks closer to floss. And it's around his neck and it's sort of If you go back and watch it. He says certain things it's it. It is so childish in nature it is it is like a six year old trying to pull off a hoax and the cops are talking to him. The way adults do really billy. There's a lion under your band. Yeah yeah there's his his under their don't look he's okay well. Nobody look under there. Because i feel bad moving. I feel certain there's all lying under billy's bed and he's he's sitting there he's trying desperately to kind of work through how he should be acting but he can't figure she knows should he be scared. Should he be frightened. Should he be crying. Should he be angry and so instead he's almost asking them to coach him through the emotions that he's supposed to engage in. It's just it's it's it really you know man. I have thought for a very long time that the only thing we have going for us because the left is much more willing to fight. The only thing we have going for us is that they are typically unhinged unbalanced and. Have no self awareness. And they're largely stupid. Were it not for that worthy people. It worthies people competent. Then we'd be in a real mess of trouble because their willingness to do most anything fake a hate crime for instance which the entire hate crime phrase irradiates me. You can do all that to somebody. Just don't do it to someone because you don't like that they're black or gay matt. What do you do for a living. I'm a manager of finance manager. Yes sir stuck in an office all day. Yeah yeah you're stuck in the office. You're typically dead for about one to two hours and then you just get slammed with a bunch of customers who a finance manager at a car dealership. What should we know if we're going into to finance a car. What's a little trick that we shouldn't get duped by all right. I mean most dealerships are going to do what's up payment packing where they're gonna send you a quote out there and it's just and so you what the payment is how much money you put down. They don't tell you what the interest rate is total amount. Is that your financing and basically the reason they do that they want you agree to payments we get in the office and say hey great news we gotta extended warranty already included in here We got tire and wheel protections and all that and android. Oh wow and. I don't know i don't know it's all in that payment. They agreed to but in in reality there they quoted you higher payment than what you're paying that would've been So you wanna make sure you ask what the interest rate is that. They're quoting you the payments and with told them about finances before you go into the finance office and some of those products do value and some people can really benefit from them. But it should be your choice to purchase them. They shouldn't just be thrown it in without your knowledge. Well there is a funny thing. How many people tell me they got a great deal. They bought a vehicle. I don't think i've got a great deal. If i just got a fair deal. I'm happy but people love to talk as if ma'am if everybody's like me that dealership go out of business and they love to tell you the i bet you've got some stories. People love to tell the stories of the various things they did so he did it and i told him i said no. You're not going to get my business. You gotta do this and this and this. I said you wanna talk to me. You call me and hung up to call him back now. I weigh on man. You like gladdy year for car buyers. I bet you see well. Yeah i've been in the business for seven half years so you you've seen it all and and you know we negotiate car dealers on our end to every single day multiple times per day. Most people only do about once every three years but to be fair and honest about everything. The internet gets everyone a good deal. I shouldn't compare prices and all the other dealerships and entries. The competition always benefits but consumer how much you make a year meant until you're gonna give away industry secrets but not what you make. Quick industry secrets on giving away or not. We'll be my you make two hundred the michael berry berry. It's the best of the michael berry show. It was the premium. Gotta get down to western living solo. Guitar hand on western can and my hand west and oil can in my hand. Oh wesson oil can buy under my way for a chair. Chad tells me a cola is your ass bring in a got. He's got what running gay on the side or kids. The men and the only did every finance men draft in the party. Leadership does extremely well. And i think they all keel over a heart attack as a high stress job. That is also long hours was if you think about it. People come in when they're most people come in when they're off work and they come in on a week night. They want to close the deal out that night and they're sitting there with them on those papers. The finance manager never has a window in their office. They're sitting there with document after document and people are hard to deal with all right. So i want hear your car dealership story. Either you worked at a car dealership. Somebody tried to pull one over on you. Because a lotta people at one point or another in their lives worked at a car dealership or you had. You were a customer. And they duped you or tried to dupe you and you found yourself saying you're you're not really. You're not seriously trying to pass this Not really claiming. That's what happened. Are you several one. Three two one two five eight seven four your best car dealerships story whichever side of the aisle. You're on seven one. Three two one two five eight seven four. I'm reminded of the true coat. Seen in fargo. Remember jerry lagarde. He's his life has gone to hell. His life is just in bad shape. He's gotta make every extra dollar he can so he throws in our so he adds on the true coat. Remember the true coat trying to get them to pay a little extra in the fellows. Like no sir. Mr not gonna do it. We sat right here in this room and went over this and over this. Yeah but that code. I sat right here and said i didn't want any true coat. Yeah but i'm saying that true you don't get it you get oxidation. Problems cost you a heck of a lot more than five hundred dollars sitting there. You're talking to circles you're talking like we didn't go over this already but this true code we had a deal here for nineteen thousand five. You sat there and darned if you didn't tell me you'd get me this car. These options without the sealand for nineteen five. All right. i'm not saying. I didn't you call me twenty minutes ago and it ready to make deliveries. Come on down and and here yard and you're wasting my time and my wife signed one thousand nine hundred for this vehicle here all right. I'll talk to my boss. See they install that true code at the factory. There's nothing we can do. I'll i'll talk to my boss guys here. He's got he's always the same always wore. You're going to the gophers on sunday. Richard have an extra ticket. You couldn't never done this before but seeing as it special circumstances and all he says i cannot one hundred dollars off that code. One hundred lied to me. Mr lund guard. You're a bald faced liar. i love that. Do you remember the name of the woman who played the law enforcement officer in that movie extra credit. If you can scream this one out. Her name was kristin rudrud. Are you d. r. u. d. And she was born may twenty third nineteen fifty five in fargo. North dakota true story rod europe with your car dealership story. Go ahead sir. Rod europe anti. Yeah you were remember landmark chevrolet well of course own got. Yeah they used to have to have a commercial on the radio every day all day long then they had a truck for ten thousand one hundred fifty nine dollars and so i went into truck and they. Oh well we already sold that. We all had to write. And i just i just heard it on the way i was coming into this thing and they just said on radio they they had not side. Those are two weeks old so so we are somewhere. So i kept hearing it all weakness in only back in the next week and today still i've been hearing the same ad and so you said it was two weeks old and so i went in there every we were about six weeks in a row. Finally the guy just drops his shoulders and wash out to the back of the lot points. That's the truck you want. You want that one. That's one thousand one hundred and fifty nine dollars that's your truck and he had changed the The changed the The ban on his pleats and it was titled as a as a step sad and all of anyway but that was that was that was the only felt like ever never got a good deal. Trump the trump. I did get the dry but for the price that they kept saying on the radio they could send in housing whatever it was hundred and just over ten thousand dollars for like six to eight weeks finally finally got the same every time. And he's finally just you just dropped shoulder. The guy's not gonna found the cheapest piece of junk combined out in the back of shut him up. Yeah i know a lot of car dealers and there are actually some really good guys in the business there are. I know some of them. But they landmark was known in the business land shark that was that was their nickname in the industry. Big baby gravy though ahead compare. This is so this topic today. Because i called the dealership aka steelers. You know we're gonna call them a dealership hundred from out in baytown right. I call leave a message for the business office manager to call me back two days ago. Never gonna call call yes. They never mentioned the clock. I will ask for return call again. Never goes all in you slow amana. Do they decided to call you. Pick up the phone and wide you home home so my complaint is. I think i got a fair is asked to say sales customer service. You only important when they want to say i have to do. You don't mean crap. it's that time time time. Mocking load michael berry show is on the air basketball best. The best of the michael berry show alasha. Cummings body is lying in state today. Because elijah cummings was a great man angie house rights. Perfect timing. i'm going to buy jeep. And i'm electing to get it from columbus rather than tombaugh because i'm hoping to outwit the country boys wearing high heel wedge boots skinny jeans a blazer and statement necklace. Shall we think a statement. You think that's a pearl necklace. what do you. What is a statement necklace. They're not gonna know what hit them. I have decided to bring my redneck husband when me hence being in the columbus area and i think he's going to blow mystique. Of course this will all go down after we eat the buffet at showgirls apple pie i've ever had all right larry europe. Go ahead sir. Yeah larry learned a first time caller longtime listener a good finance director for about twelve thirteen years and working at a houston office. Sixteen and fan to put it mildly. We deal with a very special credit. Had a customer come in now and we call the basketball down. Payment is about five hundred fifty dollars a month. The problem was if your credit was very special he had to repose and a four fifty credit score and they've worked at ten percent pay color was going to be fastest your money so when i brought her in as well i think when you call it that i showed all the bs stops. 'cause i'm just only one hundred percent honest with you. I can't get you done at that and this is what your payments going to be. It's going to be a hundred dollars worth fifty dollars month. Her her husband or sitting there and she starts jumping up and down hollering and screaming. And this goes for about two or three minutes and finally looks over. And finding you know you're not gonna pay for it anyway so what you worried about. That's quality right there. That's that's the papers. I would be willing to bet you life. I never made it probably be. why would they. Why wouldn't they. Toby go ahead all right. There was serendipity. Happening here was trying to surprise my sixteen year. Old daughter For her birthday. And so i was kind of in a hurry. Went into the dealership. Knew what i was looking for and the tag on the car was seventy six hundred. The guy comes out. And i said give me your best price. I'm kind of in a hurry. He goes. I cannot get down to six. I said look at pulled out of my pocket. As i five nine cash right now i need to drive off the lot tonight and yeah basically half hour and fifteen seconds demanded her comes up. There was. it's the end of the month. I can do that. So went from seventy six down to five in just about fifteen with a little bit of confidence and flash some cash at the end of the month and you can basically cut the price in well not in half but you get the gist. I learned a lot of lessons that night. Competence cash end of the month. And you set the terms and trust me. They'll they'll make the deal. If if they really wanna make us feel if they wanna make certain you know i it's interesting understanding What someone else needs out of the deal rather than just what you need out of the deal. Everybody is in a pinch at some point and we'll take less than their ideal price. It's figuring out when that pinch happens. I still love the fact that the dude husbands that has been says to her. What do you care what you had to pay per month. You know i love it. Steve go ahead. good morning. Michael how are you this. Good go ahead okay. Here's my story back when i was in college Back in the mid seventies. I worked at a ford dealership up in indiana and i always. I've been a car nut. Since i was a kid. I always wanted to be a mechanic. Father insists that i go to college. Or that's another story anyway. I ended up taking a job as a mechanic at the local ford dealership. And of course being a wet behind years kid all they would let me do as oil changes and He's office so one day. A little old lady comes with her sixty five four galaxy or something like that and she needed an exhaust system. And of course. I go to the parts counter. Give me all the parts. I need attempt to put them on. And one of the pipes is not correctly and it won't fit so i go back to the service manager and he said oh what you gotta do. Is you gotta take a hydraulic jack. Force it up there. I argued with him saying. Look it needs to be properly and He's are full rank. I mean basically use that hydraulic jack and force it up there so i did. I put the muffler strap on or exhaust strap on its under a tremendous amount of tension and So a couple of days later little lady comes back and i can see the whole. Exhaust system is flopping underneath the car. And she is hopping mad and she demanded to see the mechanic. Who installed the exhaust system. Well she comes marching over to me. Starts to chew me out and i proceed to tell her. Look ma'am i was this. I agree and this is the gentleman who told me what to do. He's sitting over. There pointed to the service manager. Of course he took a piece of his backside out and he had somebody else. I guess fix the car about a few hours later. He calls me into his office and he says You know you've been doing a good job of about. How would you like to be a service writer. And i thought me and my teeth thought it was a A good promotion little that. I really realized that he had he was getting the last laugh. Because the service writer is probably the worst job at a dealership. Is you you endure the wrath of customers and then you gotta beg the mechanics to move cars up in line blah blah blah but About a mind with that story was just the fact that here i was wanting to do the job right and management wouldn't let me do it right. Great seven one three two five eight seven. Four david rights czar. I had a lady in this lexus dealership. I had a lady insists she should be able to buy a new lexus. Ten thousand dollars below invoice because quote in a few years. Everybody is going to be driving in self driving. So there's no reason to pay full price for a car. We offered her two thousand below invoice instead of ten. She was requesting plus installed seven hundred dollars of optional equipment for free and she walked out. You know i'm sure there's some dealerships that do some really squirrelly things and try some really squirrelly and to why they did really squirrelly things but i guarantee you there's some people who come in with some schemes of their own s customers. That'll say some things that would absolutely blow your mind guaranteed. There's some people out there that do that and we'll hear those stories coming up but it might just got a job as an officer at mcdonald's farm he's been made the c i e i o. You've got the michael berry. Show potato downtown. Bamberger view two out of mercury nov crazy battery mercury. This is the best of the michael berry show. You'd man alan jackson sales. He's back and adam think he's so. I'm not positive on that. I know that because there was a section dedicated to alan jackson at the country music hall of fame. Last time i was there and it was him with that mustache and his permed care. Count keith whitley era and his cowboy hat and his tweed jacket with the patches on the elbow don in his boots and and the the dress pants that were like dockers and maybe a cloth squared off tie. I don't know that part for for sure but it would go with that outfit kind of flannel shirt. He's standing out in front of the dealership shaken hands with somebody who's just bought a car and i think it was that special k or k series. Do you remember that car. Plymouth had chad. The little bitty car looks like a little spaceship. It's it's boxy but real little is there's nothing to commend that car. Nothing all right. I'm doing great. So don't ask you're doing great. Let's get right to it your car dealership stories whether you were selling or buying several one three two one two five eight seven four sandy europe deer. Go ahead sandy. Go ahead okay. We're replacing my daughter's car This has been twelve years ago and we were We went to a ford dealership in spring and We found this vehicle that was going to auction. My husband works on cars so we were getting that great deal We differed gotta price ten thousand dollars five thousand dollars and Shook hands left. Came back the next day to pick it up and they said they couldn't get it to us for five. Thousand dollars is going to be ten thousand dollars because the The they didn't proceed just right between the seller and the salesman and the manager so my husband said no no. We're not gonna do that. And they said well. We can't possibly sell it from what you said yesterday. And he said we should cans on it. She said that's a deal so anyway walked away. My my daughter was there. She understood the whole process understood that that was not right they left. I sent emails from to kingwood to tom. Ball all car dealerships and telling them exactly what had happened giving them the name of the manager and the owner. I had talked to the owner and So that was a friday on monday. I came back to work. I got a call from From the dealership it said they would send us the car for five thousand dollars. If i would send emails to all the car dealerships emailed telling them that they had made good on it. Wow daniel go ahead and thank. You are a My wife and i We bought a twenty sixteen chrysler town and country I was saving up for a bike but our our goal was trying to have another baby and went to a place right there off a six ten real. Big place. toyota dealership and We found the van we liked it. We loved it. It was a chrysler being sold at a toyota dealership. So i was working in sweeney at the time and Doing lock out tag out and The parking lot situation took like an hour to get out of there and my wife or she Were she was parking. Only took like five minutes. So we'd swap cars. So i can get out to go to school. I was working like seventy eighty hours a week and going to school three days a week. Try to get My for safety but The long story short. The van overheated and They were really Not cooperating with getting it fixed and and they're like. Oh well it's a chrysler issue and you know Gave me the run around. And then i got it back. Gave me rental. My wife's like my wife was pregnant. Time and then The head blue on it and my dad works for my dad's like look at this thing came back with a carfax. Clean title everything. It shouldn't this shouldn't be happening and we're still making payments on it so They try to make it right. They replaced the heads and then Shortly before harvey The heads out again and they fixed it. But i wanted to go there and arbitrary arbitration arbitrary right tracking. Say hey man sir arbitration go ahead. Yeah so harvey happened and we went through that process and they ended up putting a new motor in the van. But it was like a year a whole year process Of them running around in a circle. And i just wanted to say real quick. I know it's not pop top just yet but My wife michaela She was pregnant eight months pregnant with my daughter. Olivia god bless her and she She was awesome through the whole thing and and really supported me going to school Nights and working all those hours so we can better our our family and she was extremely supportive and and I see. I couldn't have done it without her. Awesome exactly what. I would call a long story short per se but you know jay. Go ahead goal I'm in the car. business now. Been in carbon over ten years. And i'm on my own now. But i used to work in some high and i used to run some high in car dealerships and one of the things i learned early on was that you can't judge a book by its cover when it comes through that door. We have some guys roll up to the store one day. You remember a movie uncle buck. Yup these guys roll up to the store and in a car. That looks like uncle. Buck drove just fallen apart. Vinyl top torn off. I think it was like an eighty five lincoln and They came in one to test. Drive a hundred thousand dollars nissan. Gt and i said You know well to do a test drive. We need a thousand dollar deposits for test drive. Which wasn't true but i was using term kind of looked like they might use math in their past and so he goes well. How much is the car. Total with taxes and everything. I wrote it up. It was like got one hundred and ten thousand. Be right back. He came back in twenty minutes with a cashier's check for the full amount and drove off in that. Gt are yeah. That's the millionaire next door right. There's a book by a guy named Stanley thomas stanley after his name stanley danko or danko stanton stanley and danko and The millionaire next door is about the fact that many people have plenty of money but they don't show it. I will tell you. I've done a study of frauds and fraudulent people. There was a show called american greed. There's been a few of them. We're fascinated by these fraudster types. One of the things you learn about frauds is there is an ostentatious show of flashy things they drive your bentley's or my box or whatever else they wear expensive suits. They'll they'll have a house in the right. You know area. They eat it expensive restaurants and that triggers to people all this guy's got a lot of money whereas the flip you know somebody is not in a fancy car you know if you see tillman for tita driving around. You'd be surprised or or mac. You'd be surprised what they're driving because it's not expensive. The michael berry show continues. You are listening to the best of the michael berry show by the tracks. Six two six highway when a girl came foaming in hot rod chevrolet. Well i didn't see hit coming. But i sure know it. Now been driving a chevy. She wouldn't have had to slow down. That's what i say it. Thank you places. You never banned bars or the junkyard hospital. Amer and eat matter. Be aware you swear. Laterites czar my sales manager at the ford dealership in georgetown. Texas got fired mom for a sales ad that said are you tired of those wetbacks home because in seats had just came out. And you remember if you sit down in the seat it will blow cool air into your back and before that happened you get in and out of the seat and it would be hot in your shirt would stick to your back. Lost his job over that. I also sold a car to jimmy. Fennel the georgetown cop who killed the y. The white last in bastrop and blamed rodney reed. Who was previously on death. Row missing there. That would make that make sense. Jay writes one day. I was approached by the fbi and asked to bring a salesman to the office where he was promptly arrested. It seems that during his lunch hour he would take a used car to lunch and rob local bank every month or so seems a couple of victims. I the the car and they lead back to trade ins with our operation second story. I heard a commotion in our service department saying there was a bomb under a car turned out to be very early. Locator installed by a husband was a high profile on his wife's car when she found out hell had no fury when the both arrived at the dealership to pick it up. I some good stories right there lou. You're on the michael berry. Show go ahead. Hello michael this is lou who good. I was calling about Automotive experiences I had Actually a really good one Wasn't my mistake is the dealership but When in and emailed all the dealerships. That i wanted a one pay At least for three years Pay at the beginning. Get it done. Don't pay any interest and I told my wife just going out to the car lot and pick whatever car you want. And she went out there and she went to the service line and she saw this They call it Neutron gray or something and she wanted one of these cars. Like that. And i said fine. Let's go ahead and get it done. So we sit down with the salesman and we go through all the details and everything and the price is pretty good but you know not the best but you know so and so we Sign all the papers and everything and then it goes to the I guess the sales manager whatever and the sales manager says no. We can't accept that well. We wanted to lease twenty sixteen and we'd signed up for twenty seventeen and so the dealership said no we couldn't sell you the twenty seventeen at twenty sixteen prices so they get the twenty Twenty percent discount on the Twenty sixteen and it was so good that when the is over we actually bought the car right out of the damn. Sorry lost interest kenneth. You're up misburg go ahead my mouth. Yes Went back about twenty five years ago how salesman and dealership in houston and you gotta realize that was twenty five years ago but tons of different Man was arguing about the price we were giving him for his trade. He thought it should be a lot more. Kept saying it's got rent. It's got new motor. It's got all this finally had to bring a sales manager in sales manager tells. And you know i do this twelve hours a day six days a week and he said i understand. It's gotta new motor and a new transmission. And i'm trying to think how to say this for the radio but he said that's like putting a new part in a ninety year old woman. Oh it just doesn't affect it that much and you can. You can figure out what party is talking about. Yes i can very clever. Very cleverly off. Cameron go ahead there. So i went to buy a car from my first time from the ford dealership and i guess whenever i have back credit so i guess whenever they told or we're looking for banks for me to go through. I don't know if they mess up the numbers on purpose or you know if it was on accident or what happened but I had the car for about two weeks in The specific bank. That i was trying to go through. They called me back and they said oh. We reach checked. All your numbers. And we're not gonna approve. You already have the car for about two weeks by this point. So i went back to the ford dealership and tell them what had happened and Keep in mind. Since i had bad credit they were going to hit me like twenty five percent interest and Whenever i went to the ford dealership since i had already had the for two weeks they worked out a deal with me where i ended up getting one point. Nine percent interest lowered my payments a whole year off my payment and lowered it about one hundred eighty bucks. There you go. That story has a happy ending. Candice yes you're on the michael berry show dear jo. How are you. i'm good doing something else. While you're calling. Did it over just part timing and where are you going. I'm actually at my office. what do you do. I'm human resources. Goodness yeah i could tell you real stories tyrod. Wait wait right there right there you may i call coming up so one three two one two five eight seven or you know chad. I could cut a piece of wood and half just by looking at it. It's true i saw it with mona's the michael berry phil continues. This is the best of the michael berry show. Bad plane is busy. All we completely forgot to feed my pep bunny. I really let my hair down. Jack number one. You're on the michael berry. Show go ahead. Hey hey in. Nineteen sixty nine. I worked at a cadillac rambler dealership in kankakee illinois. I was sixteen years old and making minimum wage. With which that time i think was about a buck and a half an hour and one saturday I was Car cleaner sixteen years old. One saturday i had the extra duty to pull the brand new cadillac pay shop and put him on the lot. And i was pulling a coop bill and i think it was like eighteen feet long out a single overhead door and parked it on the lot and when i came back i had a salesman out there. Asking aside noticed anything. When i parked the car. And i said no and he said well you you wrapped it and sure enough. I had clipped the rear quarter panel on a concrete. Bollards did the of the overhead door. And i was making a buck sixteen hour. I think i believe and it's just a summer job. I needed the money. And i went in and talked. Mister jeffers who ended up being a illinois state senator later on and I didn't know how is gonna pay for it. Had no idea how much it was. And he said Well did you learn a lesson. And i said yeah and he said okay. Where the other part of that lesson is you get to work the rest of the summer for free. I don't know what that total do. But i think it was a heck of a lot less than the repair charge to fix that brand new bill right jack number two. You're up jack. Yeah jack number to get to the morning. Everyone yes wife comes in and wakes me up at seven thirty on a saturday morning. She's freaking out of the truck that she wanted for me on four down in texas city. We live in tom. And in while we're driving we're calling the dealership. The find out of the truck is still there. All we know is it was advertised that more than we get all the way down there and we got about halfway and we finally get somebody on the phone. Then they say yes. That car is here. My wife takes down the information of that of the truck calls. The credit union gets a pre approved credit line of credit. We finally get to the dealership and nine zero five and nine thirty. We're sitting in denny's having breakfast waiting on that deal to close and she got it from with tax title and license about one hundred and thirty dollars under what they listed she must love. She does absolutely has down. That's a good story. Candice go ahead. Dear yes ma'am okay so Toyota oven we went and we bought a cheap. And it had all these little extras and so we thought this is awesome. It's going to be a blast of a vehicle to have about six months later after purchasing the full warranty We had a check engine light. Go off and so I had it actually at the dealership to do an all change and the gentleman there the service manager said. Hey you do realize your warranty has no value because you have aftermarket part and i said well wait a minute. We didn't put anything on it. This is how we bought it for them and he said yeah he said unfortunately we've heard that before because aftermarket parts. There's absolutely every chance that your warranty will not have any value at all. They'll just deny every time you take something in so i started calling toyota and all then and They basically kept putting off putting the off and putting me off and finally at one point i said what do i gotta do to get this handled. So she said bring it in and we'll take a look. Well i go in and the lady comes and says you know we're sorry for the confusion we looked at it. It's a quick ten minute port. No big deal. We fixed it for you. Here's your options. You can either go ahead and keep the warranty that you purchased for thirty four hundred dollars and bring the vehicle here for service anytime. There's an issue or we'll give you your money back and my husband. And i talked and he said let's just money back. Well we go back to them and they said no problem sign here. We'll get to your your warranty money back and next thing you know we get a check and it's for less than half of what we pay so i called them and she said yeah because we had to fix that part that day We took it was about fifteen hundred dollars for. And i wait a minute. She said it was a ten ten dollars part it. It took ten minutes. It was just the screw that she died and and that's not what she said was going to happen. We were supposed to get warranty back our money back and she told me sorry. That's that's how it is. That's how it's gonna work. And so i made the statement because i got a little angry and i said do i need to get an attorney to address this issue. And she said hold on one second came back and said because you said that. You'll have to deal with attorney. We're not gonna deal with you anymore at all so about a week later i go to the dealership all i wanted was. Something signed showing the work that they did because if they did fifteen hundred dollars a work in ten minutes whatever it was at least i could be like. Hey at least it was fixed. They refuse to give me anything. Because i had never signed anything. There was no service order. There's no detail of what had happened at all. So i went back and i said this is wrong. You can't give me any proof that you even did any work much less something that signed acknowledgement that i received the vehicle back in good shape and they came in escorted me. I didn't even get angry or anything. I was just sitting there. They came up to me where i was sitting waiting for them in the waiting room and escorted me off offense. That don't come back. How'd you feel about that angry. Very angry hispanic. No my husband is also remind my husband he was. What did you do after that. I honestly i got on okay so the irony is i basically long story short. I gave up but the one thing that was. Ironic is toyota. Alvin on facebook. You they do these flash social media advertisements and they ask for comments and feedback. You know so. I put on there my situation. They deleted it and then blocked me. So isn't that great. When people go on there to look for feedback on their customer services thinking that that's accurate but they actually delete anything that's negative should be illegal. It should for halloween. I got a job making plastic. Dracula's there's only two of us working. So i had to make every second count seven three two one two five eight seven four more of your car buying or selling stories coming up. Did that time time mocking load. Michael berry. show is on the air. This is the best of the michael berry. Show civil one. Three two one two five eight two seven. Four we are sharing stories of car dealerships crazy things dealerships tried or crazy things customers tried on the dealership just thinking if someone some of my best experiences over the years all right seven one three two one two five eight seven four patrick. You're on the michael berry. Show go ahead. Hey i'm ed. Thanks for the tip. About edward snowden book. It's really good have you started. I drive a lot of work. I downloaded yesterday morning and I listen to buy half of the ahead of me. I'm in chapter. Just pull up my phone chapter five. Hacky got into the Talking about when he started working for the The i really okay. So you're a little bit ahead of me When you finish that if you enjoy what set me back is. I started listening to joe rogan. Podcast from two podcasts ago. And rogan had him on for about three hours and unfortunately rogin just kind of opens the the the microphone to him and let him talk there on a delayed. Because they're not in the same place. So i think it was probably hard for joe rogan interview him but i would have liked to see joe rogue. I've finished it so maybe he gets his. I would like to. Rogan is an interesting questioner. And i think he could have asked some really interesting questions but i think he. He saw it as an opportunity to let snowden speak at length about things he wanted to talk about and so he largely seems to have just turned off his microphone and let him go. But i i would. I would recommend that to you I have finished the book yet. So maybe everything toll rogan. You could've picked up the book and you wouldn't need it but The podcast is pretty good. I'm about an hour into the three. Our podcast with with joe rogan. So when you've done you may want to give that a listen. Yeah check it out what you got a man all right so anyways this years ago. My mother-in-law had a volkswagen. I think it was a jetta and She lays it and at the end of the lease this genitalia. Volkswagen got in trouble for the emissions. Deal and I i guess they were doing a buyback so they offer. The car is only worked by thirteen thousand but they offered their like nineteen thousand to buy the car back or so anyway she she gets nineteen thousand. She goes to dealership and she's looking for a new buick and and she goes around looking at the year before miles. I don't remember what year was she. She clinton she comes across his current year model and with price. That's lower than the last year and she's like. Wow i'm gonna take this to dealer wasn't really what you wanted but for the deal. She's i m. i wanted this car so they started doing everything. And the thousand comes back. And says ma'am. I'm sorry we can't take this to thank miss price and she go On there you got the price on their. Ui she goes. You're gonna tell me that car. And of course he gets his manager and the manager goes round and round with her she stands or ground and and he demanded i guess goes to his manager or the owner of the dealership or somebody and they wear when we she sat there all day and at the end she walked out with a thirty five dollar car for around twenty thousand dollars. Wow well that's a good ending to the story. Dudley rights nineteen seventy-three i got home from deployment to rv and found. My parents had given my car to an older brother who was fifteen hundred miles away in boston and had gotten a car torched. I went to toyota and found a corolla. But meanwhile i went to chevy dealer and found a mazda four cylinder the mazda had just started selling the. Us seem like a great car. So i bought it for cash. Had it for a few months. But then i couldn't shift out of first and reverse gears took it to the dealer who said they'd get right on it. After thirty. almost daily calls parts are on order. have to come from japan. I went to the dealer and walk right back into their service area. Oh you can't go back there. There was my car covered with a quarter inch of dust. Nothing at all had happened to the manager. Said we don't have a factory. Certified transmission mechanical staff. So you never even looked at. It ordered a single part. No sir the have a transmission tech next door. Yeah call him over here turn out a machine screw had fallen out of the shift linkage and was down at the magnetic drain plug it was fixed and i was out of there in less than an hour. I probably sold the car and bought a well. Used nineteen sixty five f. One hundred pickup was the best vehicle of ever owned and that includes the lexus cars. We currently drive. If i bought the corolla i'd probably still own it. You know friends of mine. i always know when. Somebody's buying a new vehicle. Because because i speak for a dealership classic chevy sugarland people will go out. And they'll start looking and they'll remember i don't like dealing with car dealerships. So they'll email me. hey at car dealership. Yeah do you really like them. Yes you don't have to ask that. I i would not speak for somebody who didn't lie. Okay can you hook me up. Yeah when you wanna go over there well now okay. So i'll call jeff sebastian. He's the owner. They're on their way. This is my and people will see will email me back or call me doesn't matter and say who man and so i generally get one of these stories. In addition to the yeah. I had a good experience. I'll get a man. Here was the run around. I got at other dealerships stories before that francisco go ahead. Sorry doing very good. Go ahead so basically during harvey My van flooded in putting me through real situation I try to talk to the insurance and we had to buy another car. So there's all these stupid cardio is that will try to scam me off on a bad situation like that Like four hundred five hundred dollars down or whatever for the car and we call a lot of people. We decided to drive up to this place in. It's called metro metraplate. Pay and i'm not trying to slam the there. Sorry advertising and we showed up and they tell us that that wasn't available and they can give me some crappy ass giancarlo. Did they had in the in the back. They looked like joan carse for for for like four hundred dollars down. There only walked up there with two thousand dollars in my pocket. I was a serious car buyer in in modern car the lexus. I said you think. I'm gonna drive that crab beef you when i'm driving michael berry the michael berry show. This is the best of the michael berry show travel. There's one day in the next day. Go sometimes you've been with some time to stand from taps you turn your back to the win. There's a world outside every indoors for the brave operating in the governor to bring down the garden. Game of the is not much time today pam. You're on the michael berry. You have a far dealing car selling or car-buying story court. Barring all right go ahead anytime my husband and i go and car shop. He cuts the salesman. And i go into the service department and talked to all the people that are sitting around waiting on their vehicles. Tell them to ask them with the services like at the dealership and if i get more negative than positive amata there. It's not a bad. It's not a bad strategy. I mean really. That's It's kind of anecdotal way to go about it. But it's at least as good as anything else pay pam. I'm considering becoming a mind reader. What are your thoughts helen. You're on the michael berry. Show go ahead question. Maybe somebody signing managers can answer on the way to put off. I live in orange and on the way to put out there was a billboard and it says no insurance. No driver's license no problem. How in the world are they. Doing that happens acting you go into a dealership and back. You have insurance. Because every time i went to back car. That's what i think they want driver's license. So what do you think's going on. Maybe somebody can let me tell me. 'cause i've asked and i take get an answer. What would you guess is gone. Well the illegal people. That's coming over here. We don't have that. Maybe that's maybe that's who get. Who's able to do it. You think they're getting thereby buying cars in in. Nobody's checking their information. Yeah kind of car. Do you think they're buying probably not new ones. Like what comedy jonker i. I would try that if i could get away with. Go by giancarlo. Why why would you wanna buy junker helen to resell it okay. So you think they're actually in the car delivered business for somebody to explain to me. How how it's done but you have to have a suspicion as to what's going on. Wh what is your suspicion. I don't have a suspicion. I just i. I'm just curious. I'm curious about everything but you have to have a reason to be curious about this particular matter. It's just something that every time. I pass that billboards. I wonder how they're doing it. What does the billboard say. It's just no insurance question. Mark no driver's license question mark. No problem it's like no shirt. No shoes no problem kenny. Chesney does it say english or spanish enrich these things. You can't finish do you. Do you speak any spanish now. I can say. Mi casa su casa. What does that mean. My house is your house isn't it. That's what i remember from. Spanish class at bridge city bridge city sixty four. I'm graduated what steve lose to their them. He was my neighbor over unloaded where low addition. Okay yeah you still live over there. Now i'm i'm in historic district now. How'd you married man that lived here. What does he do. he's dead. Now what did he do. I exit survey goodness how many xs you have internet. Oh my ellen. I didn't kill him. Did say you did dad. I'd like you to explain it to me. Explain what have four husbands dad one heart attack. He was in new orleans and he was a he he he had it. Wouldn't he. market the sick when data of diabetes. Everyone dad of I think you had a stroke. I i didn't. I wouldn't in his hand and then the last one died from the mitch. One now no. I'm through with saw that. At what point did you decide you. Through with. All after malacca died in no seven twelve years okay. Yeah i haven't had a date if anybody even ex like they're interested in me. I go the other way does that. No no no no a he Left me financially stable. So i don't i i don't i don't need i don't have to. I don't have to work. But i do. What do you do. I am working at the shipyard. A little security guard in looking adopt. I'm good looking young boys. I thought you were out of that. Game i am. I disliked to look at what you don't whistle at doing inappropriate is. They're all in their twenties and thirties. And i'm in my seventies because you'll be part of the heat to movement if you do. How can you be in your seventies. You graduated sixty four. You should be eighty three. No no no no. I'm seventy two. That's if you graduated sixty four. That's fifty five years ago. Oh you're right. I'm sorry i'm sorry. Yes yes yes. Yes i guess you know how old you are. I'm sorry yes sure. I had you okay. Seventy two neck and forty seven. Okay and orange memorial more interesting in love. Okay yeah and then a married. We went to germany in Then i had enough snow. And i said i'm being texas next year this time and that was in seventy two and i live four husbands later. Here we are. Yeah ellen you should probably call once a month whether you have anything to say or not just to keep us inform what's going on. Why why. I yeah i i. I kinda to around town and began to people's business and stuff you know and find out what's going on in the night neighborhood somehow. Could somehow i can imagine that to be true taylor hours soon. Jars and a few thoughts from the the very show senate. Republicans have released a new set of exchanges between peter. Strauss zak and lisa page concerning a quote. Chris shindo of leaks. Yes those two lovers. Peter strada at the fbi. Lisa page at the department of justice as a lawyer in their tryst of texts going back and forth talking about the leaks which means of course a violation of the law because that is very likely classified information they have revealed that there are going to be have been our ongoing leaks of classified information which is of course criminal. John durham the prosecutor. Who is prosecuting. See there is a prosecution of the prosecutors going on the media. Doesn't wanna talk about it. They wanted to talk about trump. But this prosecution. Heating up in. Durham is a serious dude. This is the guy who prosecuted. Fbi agents for protecting whitey bolger when he was violating the terms of his deal as a confidential informant for the united states government. Durham's guy who went after the fbi for allowing whitey bolger could to continue to run his criminal enterprise when he was supposed to have left his life of crime. Durham is a serious dude. When you make it your business to prosecute the fbi in cases like these are bad guys in. Durham doesn't seem to be backing down. This is going to give very very interesting to the phone lines. We go matt. You're on the michael berry. Show go ahead. Hey michael sir i I was putting on them. Travesties of car dealerships. Sometimes yes hello. yes and So i went down and i bought. I'm a. i'm a disabled veteran. Now from tom ball. Mommy after guy and We were me and my father in the oilfield together. And we went down to data ship over here in spring and purchased two four trucks brand new ford trucks. He got a king ranch and i got platinum. F three fifty nine to fifty. Both of them are ranging about seventy five almost eighty thousand dollars and so Thirty eight hundred miles down the line. I'm driving my truck on the road and my driveshaft twist off and knocks a hole in the bottom of my cab. Knoxville own that the region stuff. And so i get up to the dealership of screen and they miss the tell me. This is a non warranty blount whenever i have one hundred thousand mile bumper to bumper or at least one hundred thousand mile drive train. Thirty six thousand mile bumper to bumper awards and correct me. If i'm wrong. But i believe bumper to bumper me everything in between front bumper in the rear bumper. My truck correct farzad. No yes so. They tell me that they're not gonna. They're not gonna warranty my item on my truck and so i brought up the same situation. That last year was talking about said. Well i guess you know. Matt had come lawyer so they shut me down immediately on the spot. Tell me that i can't. They're not gonna talk me no more. At the time. I had the worst part about it. I had one of their loaner trucks that ever let me use while they were they had mitrokhin. They're trying to fix my truck so they called me up. So hey we need to do. An autograph are locked. Bring the truck back up here. We're going to switch you out and putting you into a different truck while we're figuring this all out soon as i pull up in the line trucks pull behind the and blocked me into my spy and the vehicle vehicles taken away from me and i'm forced to leave a lot. Then what else. Pretty much like a criminal after the fact also. So what did you do. Well i got a lawyer right now. And i'm i'm currently in the process of dealing with them but they still haven't come up to no no conclusion. I wait court now. I sued him for a loss of my vehicle. Because i had a contract with the oldfield company that that i had for four. You know a certain amount of month on my truck and so i actually won my case because them guys never showed up the court so they got a judgement on them well they turned around and appealed it because of the service even though they got served their paperwork the receipt came back to houston because they got served up. And i don't know indian or somewhere up there and so the the paper came back. Houston and i guess the clerks that are in houston inputted improperly into the computer of sorry. I just came across this story. Lisa page special counsel to deputy director. Andrew mccabe resigned. She had edited. Mr flynn's three. Oh two and was part of the small high level group that strategically planned his ambush lead. Agent peter strasbourg was demoted from the mueller investigation and ultimately fired and then it says the defense has requested the phone records of james clapper see. I've always maintained clapper and brennan are going to be the guys that we're going to find out. Were directing this whole thing to confirm his contacts with washington post reporter ignatius especially on january tenth two thousand seventeen when clapper told ignatius in words to the effect of. Take the kill shot on flynn. So you've got clapper trump. Oh this is on talk. Radio mustang bus was a friend of mine's fruit and vegetable business has gone into liquidation now. They're selling smoothies. Larry you're michael berry. Show go ahead sir. Michael luvin hearing all these horror stories about people going to dealerships. There's this thing called the internet. And i bought my last two trucks. Online that provides a good Electric copy of all the conversation. The first one about two thousand twelve did it completely online And why transferred the money. Food wichita falls the fellow. Pick me up. There took the dealership. I signed and i was out there in about thirty minutes. And after three hundred thousand miles my wife was on my butt to get a new truck and so in may a traitor and found a truck in kansas city missouri. That was significantly. Less than i could find here in houston and took care the whole process but they had it advertise for ten thousand dollars less sticker price and when i called them after we chatted online. They didn't they wanna know. When i was going to be in the dealership and i told him i would only do it online and we went back and forth. I checked all the reviews. And you you don't have to look at the dealer's website. You can look at yelp better business bureau and look at all their Comments from their customers. I only looked at the ones from out of state buyers made the deal on the phone. Took care of everything online picked it up drove him back to houston no hassle. No dickering no nothing and it. Just say so. Unavoidable for people to not put themselves in. That situation are to himself. Yeah yeah bob. You're on the michael berry. Show aggie marnie michael. Yes two thousand or in two thousand and one. I decided i needed to buy a new pickup truck. I had an eighty four. Gmc sierra classic. That was cherry. And i went to bastrop mazda dealership because mazda had a special thing going on there be twenty five hundred and i took my pickup truck in there and They didn't give me very much on a trade in and they didn't have a really good caller selection and Anyway had a whole room full of people making deals sitting at tables. And i told him i just needed to get my truck and where i was going to go. And they basically told me Listen you can't get your truck back. We're not going to give you keys until you buy vehicle from us and I thought about that. A second. And i lean forward on my elbows and looked at the man i said. Listen i said you. Don't give me my keys. Backed by the time i count to three. I'm gonna jump up on this table. And i'm gonna create the biggest damn seeing you ever seen in here. Any looked around. He said get this man is key so he can get going. So that was that there you go. It's amazing how many people will allow themselves to be pushed around though really. Is it businesses that operate on that premise. They recognize that. A certain percentage of the population will not be pushed around duped schnookered. Whatever and they go. Well we just won't get that business and they recognize that if they got push around and cheat five people and the six will push back. They just go. We still soul five people something. There are business models that operate on that basis. It blows my mind but it does because a lot of people will allow it. Listen i'm shocked. How many telemarketer calls there are if nobody ever bought anything from a telemarketer. There is a an actual sunk cost to running a telemarketing ring. A telemarketing sham you. You've got to set up the phones. You've got to buy the the dialing equipment you've got to have people answering the calls so there is a cost which means that they are making money. They wouldn't keep doing it. I had a. I had a telemarketer called the other day. And i have some programs on my phone. Now that tell me. It's a telemarketer. I can already say. So i get into the mood whereas start yanking their chain and time is is money so it amuses me to keep them on and ask them to keep repeating things and usually they'll start cussing hang up but i had a guy the i had a call the other day and it was the thickest southern accent ever and then they did the neighbor spoofing so the call looks like it came from my same area code and i three letters of the extension. So you're thinking oh it must be recognized number but it must be somebody i know or in my neighborhood so you pick up and it was something to the effect of. Hello this is bubba. We got good rates erat now to oh no i know what it was know what it was until exactly what it was. The head of the police officers union. Well i guess he's executive director. Ray hunt had has asked me several times. Would you please tell people that we don't call and ask people for money. So all these programs call it and asking people for money. They're all scams. Would you tell your audience okay. So now i've told you so. Pick it up and he's already told me this is coming. This is hi. This is a bubba and we call it on behalf of police officer with the use of police officers and they would like to raise money for good calls and bow in so i started asking different questions and as i asked the question he answers he would answer the question but i noticed as i changed the question or repeated to question. He gave the same exact answer. You could give Five dollars twenty five dollars or ninety five dollars. And i said oh no i wanna give much more than that and the answer was well. It's not how much she give. It's the thought of supporting our law enforcement and letting them know that That you appreciate the work. They're doing so. I asked that question about four different ways and each time. I got the same answer. So i i don't know if it's computer generated that it answers to that or if there's somebody speaks english as a second language just push got five buttons to push and it goes off of that but again if nobody ever gave money to these things they would stop this nonsense and yet i saw a report. It's been a while back that there would be more cell phone calls received in the united states in twenty twenty. This would be the first year this case the before. More phone calls received and twenty twenty. That were Unintended so i don't remember the exact term Sales calls the things that you didn't ask where it's not you calling your mother you call on your wife. It was you know that kind of nonsense there would be more of those calls sent are received. Then there would be actually intended costs and that'll never go back. That will never go back and it means that somebody out there is buying this nonsense. I'm not really sure what to take away from that really not. Did you hear about the professor who was afraid of negative numbers. He'd stop it nothing to avoid them negative.

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