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"peter shikli" Discussed on Stand Partners for Life

"Uh I've been looking forward to this one for a while. I mean we talk about what we do and I hope. We don't make too lofty comparison. We talk about what we do in terms of sports sports all the time I mean in orchestras basically a team and we can debate whether the coaches that conductor or not. But you've always many a- the drive to and from work we wished we could have statistics or numbers applied to what we do right. Yeah I think you know. There's a certain intangibility orange ability that's the essence of music or art. You know that's awesome and sometimes you wish we had just something to hold onto. Yeah I mean players you know they can always send me athletes. They can always look back through the years and see what numbers have gone up and down and maybe some of those aren't entirely relevant than they changed changed due to extenuating circumstances. But still it would be fun you know. Do I play more in tune this year in ten years ago or okay but there's going to be a certain point. Financial numbers now are going up so that early on well I mean with sports with teams. You know the I guess the differences teams. These are always competing against each other. And you know orchestras. We have those dumb lists that surface every once in a while the ten greatest orchestras in the world old. WHO's number one Probably the number. One person doesn't get so down here. That's that's right. Harvard doesn't mind those college rankings. Yeah Yeah but besides those lists were not generally a competing against each other but the essence of teamwork and the individual's contribution in to the team into the final result. I think it would be really fun if that could somehow be captured in stats. So yeah makes for good talk on the way to work back from a concert or talk on the podcast and I think you know any this entire podcast. And certainly any attempt to inject humor into talking about orchestra playing has to a great debt to PD Kubacki you know Peter Shikli and his creation of PD Q.. Bach and all all those great albums and do you remember the the one where they play Beethoven five right. That was just thinking of that and I forget the specifics. Let's actually it has a very lofty well. Fake lofty title is called New Horizons and music appreciation. Beethoven five and yeah basically he's a professor professorship really does the play by play for Beethoven five here. Let's listen to a little clip of that.

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