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"peter kinloch" Discussed on The Box Of Oddities

"Down the trail in this area of vast majority of those who succumb to altitude, sickness, or exhaustion or hypothermia. It happens in this area. After, the summit on the way down Oh really. Oh I didn't know that that's really depressing. It's like Oh, you've achieved the thing and now you're going to die. Yeah, yeah I don't like that also I would think that any sort of dangling rope mummy would be very dangerous and I can totally understand doing the old heave. Ho! Ho, and so these bodies are just collecting down in this gorge. and. It's just like littered with Colorful Ski Jacket Sad as a horror movie in the making according to the laws in Nepal Everest is considered sacred in any remains are to be removed immediately. That's the law you need to remove them immediately. The problem is it's nearly impossible to retrieve remains from this area, which is also called the death zone. cheery, there was this one guy's name was. Peter Kinloch and he had just summited Everest when he was struck by sudden blindness. Now this is another problem that people have at these altitudes. His team reported that Peter was an excellent health climb up, and they also noted how overjoyed he was when he reached the summit, this was a dream that he had but due to the high altitude. oftentimes this happened in Peter's case, climbers are struck with retinal hemorrhages, bleeding from the cells in the back of their eyes, and it can cause blurred vision or just outright blindness she's. So he's on top of fricken Everest in he goes. Blind guides notice that kid locks. Loss of coordination was starting to become more prominent at that point. He admitted he could no longer see so sherpas tried to help him. He's twenty eight years old. They try to help them down the mountain. They shared their oxygen and their medicine with him over ten hours in hopes of keeping him stable enough until they reached base camp, but the team began to suffer from hypothermia and frostbite. They had to make the difficult decision to leave him behind now. Yeah, OH, my Gosh! Those poor people several months later, one of Peter King locks friends. A guy named Rodney. Hogue was making his own attempt on Everest. And he spotted Peter Sitting on a ledge, his remains were perfectly preserved by the ice. He said quote when I saw him I instantly knew it was Peter. You could see his face. It was just like he was lying on his back taking arrest. Jeez the climbed down to Peter was too dangerous to undertake, so hope took a moment. He paid his respects to his fallen comrade before continuing on. On now before Kinloch had died, the SHERP. Is that were with him at clipped him to a fixed line on the side of the mountain, and that's probably where he will remain until somebody cuts down. That's got to be super bizarre to all of a sudden. See your dead friend on the side of a mountain. Yeah, he's been dead for months and he looks like he's taken a nap. Be Concerned that I was like hallucinating. Yeah, nobody knows exactly how many bodies are still on Everest? But the estimate it to be just over two hundred eighty bodies. Most of them are Sherpas, which is not surprising. That makes a lot of sense. They reside in the Tibetan Nepali border area, interestingly the Sherpas when they die the perish. Perish at the lower altitudes while the foreigners perish higher up closer to the top of the mountain I. Don't know why that is exactly, but but that's what statistics tell us interesting. According to the Himalayas database, most climbers expire either ascending or descending from the summit, mostly descending very few diet base camp. Now there have been very strange and unexplained sightings on the mountain particularly in this area that I'm talking about the dead zone. Just as you're coming down from the summit Pemba, Dorji Sherpa from Nepal claims to have seen black shadows during his two thousand four ascent of Mount Everest. When I paused at amount of rocks I saw what looked like spirits in the form of black shadows coming toward me. They had their hands outstretched. They were begging for something to eat. Dorji thinks the shadows are obviously spirits of mountaineers that were killed during past climbs, and that's interesting, because it's a tradition to leave food near a deceased climber's body on the mountain as a form of respect, Mohan Singh a resident of local Himalayan village. He reportedly encountered a very strange man, wearing mountain, climbing gear outside of his home. During the winter months of two thousand four, he said the sky turned to black, and the stranger reached for sings shirt he was. He was trying to grab him to keep himself from falling, but his fingers went right through sings body just like a ghost might do. Strangers Body. He said, continuously changed sizes, growing up to nine feet, tall, and then suddenly shrinking to quote the height of a chicken. Dad's weird. That's terrifying. I mean your brain must be doing crazy things when you your body is being put through that that tremendous stress will that that that is true, and that's what makes this particular story interesting is this is a a resident of a village that is certainly acclimated hikers go you. You know Internet of this this village on their way to and from, so he wasn't. He wasn't hiking. He wasn't doing this this dressy thing actually chopping wood chopping, what can be stress in June of nineteen, thirty three Frank Smyth while he was climbing suddenly. You sense that he was not alone. He descended from one of Mount Everest's notorious death zone areas, and during a break from these this journey he encountered the presence of a man. Described it a mint cake with him. He attempted to break his mint cake in half, and as he was handing it to this man, the man just slowly disappeared right in front of his eyes. Sometime later Smyth discovered to dark bulbous. Hovering over him, he described one of the objects as having a quote. Squat developed wing, while the other had a beak like protrusion kind of like the spout of a tea kettle. K The objects remained pulsating over him until eventually disappearing in a passing now, that could be explained by the brain's lack of oxygen at a higher altitude. That's still pretty pretty frigging weird. Be Creepy. In one thousand, nine, hundred eighty five guy, named Dougal Hanson and a friend of his Doug Scott, claimed two cents quote a third climber aiding their survival one particularly brutal Mount Everest. Ascent has an got were members of the very first expedition that successfully climbed Mount Everest using uncharted path, so this was. Arduous journey. The ghostly mountaineer that the men ran into. I would hope that on that kind of journey. You'd want to hold your head up high. Oh, an arduous journey got it Arjun journey no gone account. Topical Jokes Katrina. All home bringing the topical Joe Folks. But a band from the sixties. Early seventies actually but. I will look that shit up seventy two Arjun. Hold your head up. Featuring Rod Argenta. Former lead singer of zombies founded in nineteen sixty nine. Yeah, but when was that song hit? I didn't say. When was the song ahead? I said a banned from the sixteen. semantics. So the ghostly mountaineer that them, so the ghostly mountaineer that the men encountered apparently helped them out, he provided extra company, and encouragement has an in Scott claimed that the phantom climber help them make it through the night. And then he just disappeared. That reminds.

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