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ASP's Favorite Things

"This is the advanced selling. Podcast list of tools gear people and things you need to be following things you need to have in the bag so analysts tools that we recommend people that we follow books that we read or listen to anything else. This is going to be a quick rapid. Here's they are not a lot of depth into them but you can go research them on your own but we get asked all the time. So what books do you read. What podcast you listen to what tools you use. Well we're going to tell you that in this episode. That's what we're going to do. So it's gonna be like a list big list and then you can go check them out and hopefully someone's gov a great tool. Thank you for telling me that. So these are in no order than no order. I've got him in order. Yes you want to put them in order now. That'll that'll take agree. So because i've got some. I've got some tools. Some software some gear some gear stuff than calling people. I follow so also kinda start. You bet software app that everybody needs to have on their chrome as an extension as crystal knows c. r. y. s. T. a. l. k. w. ws s. Crystal knows it's a preparation tool for any conversation. You have with someone. It essentially looks at their lincoln profile. Organizes there that information at finds into a disc profile which is a really easy to understand personality profile better than that though. It teaches you how to talk to them. That has a conversation coach. Based on what. I'm going to be talking to the person about and the modality that i'm gonna use to talk to them so basically says i need to email bill to make a good first impression and it gives you a little sound bytes based on bills linked in profile. And it's amazing. Everybody should use crystal nose. Crm s keynote abuse by the way none of these people were affiliated with right right. There's no need advertiser huge talked about talked about four and it's good good My first one is rev dot com read on com. Rav a dictation service Let's imagine you leave a meeting and you want to dictate A follow up email. You will describe your phone. Open up the revs. Aft- dictated now. You can do the same thing with siri but ravitch's really reliable Person on the. There's a human being you're actually dictates. Transcribes it if it's longer form it's probably better like if you wanted to Dictate an article or you think. There's a really good idea for an article you can dictate. Let them do it. And then come back and modify edited. But i think it's a great time saver it's about a buck and a quarter a minute so it's pretty reasonable. Chances are you're not going to have really long things you're going to be doing in there. But dot com is one of my favorite tools. Love it my next one. That i doubt a lot. Same deal no affiliation whatsoever. Huge fan of gong dot com. Many of you have heard of that. Were power users here at our firm and it is such a useful tool for coaching and for self evaluation of Sales conversation and you get data back from gung dot com. That talks about things you should and shouldn't do in the sales process. All based on data and artificial intelligence is fantastic. Gung dot com Recommend any sales leader listening to this to go check them out against affiliation with podcast so de fan big fan Might second one is A twenty dollar tripod. That i cannot all in on We're going to start doing some youtube shorts. I don't know if you're familiar with youtube shorts but They're all vertical. You see them on the shelf underneath your main youtube feed. So if you're on your mobile you'll start to see these. You're kind of wondering what they are. They're called shorts and they're less than a minute and but they have to be vertical. So you can do a short for youtube and also repurpose it on instagram. Or or one of the other verticals sites. But you need. You need a tripod. if you're going to do any kind of stuff like that. I think the days of holding it for certain things but if you're going to produce something that you want hundreds of thousands of people to see i think you need some kind of stable base for your found Tripods are easy amazing. How many how few people have them. Twenty dollar version is not a floor. Length just sits on your desk and it's really makes a real easy to record. I love twenty bucks on amazon twenty bucks amazon bills amazon link kidding okay. Here's i'm gonna go to people follow. I've got three people. One of them's kind of one of them comes as a package deal. I guys get him. David meltzer david meltzer. We've had David on the podcast Was a big time big time. Sports agent Unfortunately lost a an enormous amount of money and that incident actually changed his life the he would say for the better and he is one of the most giving talented Gracious humble smart intelligent coaches. You could follow if you don't follow david meltzer's shame on you. You'll find him anywhere online on instagram. He does free. Coaching sessions every friday every friday. He's doing something and just a really really great Human being everyone who listens to this show should follow david meltzer. Also i've never been on one of his Friday morning calls if you have i have. Yeah they're just they're just outstanding just outstanding he's so giving and he doesn't for free and they're usually maxed out because people love what he says to do. He just great fan. That's good. I've got one to follow here. His name is peter crone. Cro n e. You know peter. I don't yeah. I didn't either until i saw him on Saw him interviewed by aubrey. Marcus who owns on it. He founded the company called on its online and nutrition company but aubrey has a podcast. And it's one of those things you like. I don't ever heard of peter cronin. I'm not gonna listen to that. I'm gonna go with some. i thought. Well what the hell. Maybe i'll learn something and this guy is really good. He's a performance coach. Lives in england. just look up anything he does because he talks about the mindset and the mentalities at a whole different level than you and i are talking about him but i think you'll like him. Peter crown zero. Lots of lots podcast. That's the best thing about doing this drills get to learn all this stuff to see. Yeah i'm making a lot of notes. Bill my hand on my whiteboard over k next to follow for me as a married couple Very very successful married couple in great just human beings. My opinion jesse. It's ler and sara blakely sara blakely founded spanks. Oh yeah one of the most successful self made women in the world and jesse it's ler is also self made is in a He has a a thing called life. Resumes all about experiences. He's an ultra marathoner and those two together are comedic dual like no other. And they're they've got four little kids if you don't follow them on instagram. You need to follow both of them. They're just hilarious. They put out great content. Very inspiring people talk about them being like a billionaire couple. That seems just absolutely normal and down to earth. Because i think they are jesse it's slur. It and sara blakely follow them. Didn't jesse it's ler do some kind of a like a training challenge or something. He did went on. He does a cold plunge challenge. He's gone back. Hof is a guy on wim hof place for a cold you know. He's got to go plug lunch exactly but he does it. Lots of things around performance great. Yeah he just did a fifteen minute fifteen incline fifteen minute challenge put your treadmill at fifteen incline and run for fifteen minutes and see how far you can get. Wow at like last week while it's crazy. Yeah so yeah. I've heard of him. I don't follow him. that's good. that's good let's see Here's a book. That i sound really good especially for sales professionals who are looking to build their brand their personal brand. And the guy's name is chris. Ducker the rise of the new twra. Noor line entrepreneur new partner. It's been out for a couple of years. Might have heard of it. But chris i follow. Chris have been do a little bit of coaching with him. And he's really. His book is really good when it comes to building your personal brand Not like you're not like being a enter an instagram influence or in your in your brand in your business that you're in how do you portray yourself. How do you talk about yourself. It's really good. It's really good and it. It'll stretch you thomas. The book will stretch you. It's called the rise of the poor. Chris tucker. I would recommend that book. The book i'm going to recommend is a great life book but it will transfer into your sales life and one of my favorite books. I listen to this book. Called the book of joy and it's an interview with the dalai lama am bishop desmond. Tutu diamond desmond tutu. And they are both very very joyful people and have had lots of pain in their lives and they're interviewed by a reporter. Who just as a brilliant job. Just pulling out their life stories together intertwining it. And they talk about the difference between happiness and joy and fulfillment and It's a really really good heart opening a book. I found that will absolutely have you show up differently in sales life. The book of joy with desmond tutu the dalai

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