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580: Tiger Broadcaster Jack Morris Suspended; Brooke Henderson Hopes to Figure Out British Open

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580: Tiger Broadcaster Jack Morris Suspended; Brooke Henderson Hopes to Figure Out British Open

"Welcome to the. Wpa coming up today. Former blue jay jack morris. A bit of hot water. Brooke anderson looking for a little more at the women's open championship at carnoustie where jaw vandevelde had the big meltdown. Speaking of meltdowns naomi. osaka breaks down in tears following an exchange with a reporter. That and much more coming up today here on the wpn. It's brought to you by all insurance ontario and jim kaye ford. Are you looking for a better value on your insurance dollar if all the companies are charging close to the same price. Who would you pick. What if i threw an expert on your side for the same price caller. Text me today. I'm jerry girard all insurance ontario six one three eight zero one two six five nine all insurance ontario. Your modern boutique broker. Did you know the gym kaye. Ford has been around since nineteen eighty one of the longest running dealerships in ottawa. The k. Family proudly strives to provide the best service in the automotive market with the help of their fantastic team of professionals. They're continually training and improving to ensure you always have the finest buying experience. See what they're all about. And shop for your next vehicle at jim k four dot com for thirty eight. You vill drive in orleans. The s w fee ottawa's sports talk every weekday so welcome to the s. wpa p. show with episodes each and every weekday all about tales of ottawa sports. In whatever i mean. Ho steve. Worn and i'm with jim jerome as always at a request. By the way. James at one of our good members on patriae on you can subscribe by the way steve w project dot com to our become one of our patriots members but berry cape golfing with him a few weeks back and he was hoping for a shoutout and he said i want any. Your shoutouts. don't want jimmy. Give me a shout out if possible that avoid berry you got the high sign my friend. Thanks for listening pal. Yup you're probably. You're probably the best thing to ever come out of richmond berry. Think of anyone else all right. They'll any good so hats off to berry. You're probably right. He's a better man than me. So where should we begin today. James i see you have the same shared on after mocking me yesterday about that. Yeah well you know it's it's age stevie it's age i think back to my my parents. My dad was a hard worker and he'd come home after work. You know and and want to want to relax get out of the suit. And you know he'd he'd throw on the same little velour safari suit for weeks on end right and i used to. I used to laugh saying. Can't you change it up a bit. Sorry steve standing down here. There's a there's a pop up on my screen wanna make sure it doesn't robot reboot is required after recent updates to your system. Please save your work to avoid. Any loss of data reboot now and no no. We're good to go. Yeah i used to laugh. No me and my brothers and sister go. Jesus dad man. I guess we should get him a new outfit for father's day. Well here. I am stevie harem now not giving a shit okay each day. I'll just throw the same old crap on again. You think two days in a row stevie is something. I may show you how how long i can really go if i have no reason to leave the house. Not too good strong. Looks like a good strong white dress shirt like phil mickelson might wear belong sleeves on the golf. Course it's a good buttoned-down stevie pure pure a more formal for the show. And i don't have to smell you. So what do i care. Looks good. I could stand myself so you'll eventually soil it though and i wanna stop looking at it. I have this thing on. What's today is thursday. So we've got another show to go. Yeah you you may. You may catch this thing early next week as well. This may be six seven day. Or wow just looking at my schedule. I've got no plans to leave the house so to review for our new listeners. To the wpa so far we've got a great background on the great berry cape and one of the hosts doesn't change his closer planning to so there's the show in a nutshell right there. That's that's for berry cape okay. The shirts for berry there you go right right you should wear a cape with it. Actually joke okay so This couple is not really connecting. So the the wife decides she's going to do something to sort of get this thing back on track with her and her husband so she hides in the closet naked with nothing on but a cape okay. When her husband comes into the bedroom she busts out of the closet and she goes super vagina. Oh god and the husband says. I'll take the soup joke on the cape. Isn't that amazing stevie. Drop of a hat. That's that's the worst superhero. i've ever heard. Maybe that's jumping here jack morris. Okay can we talk about this. Yeah certainly one of the baseball heroes of of the day. This is the former blue. Jay probably better known for his time of the detroit. Tigers perennial twenty game winner. Hall of famer now. Detroit tigers broadcaster. For some reason he took leave of his senses. Now maybe i don't know maybe he's been quelling it all these years and they just sort of slipped out. But he's calling the tigers angels game last night or providing color analysis i should say and shohei otani is on deck and The stage of the game. The play by play announcer wonders with otani. Who's the best hitter in baseball and not too shabby starting pitcher either. He's the talk baseball. The play by play guy wonders from jack morris. So how do you handle. You handle otani here now. What do you do with shohei ohtani buried. Better careful well folks. Shohei otani is coming to the plate and It's been brought to my attention. I sincerely apologize by offended. Anybody especially anybody in the asian community. For what i said about pitching and being careful to jose or shohei ohtani i did not intend for any offensive thing and i apologize by did certainly respect and have the utmost respect for this guy. Don't blame pitcher for walking. I don't know it almost sounded more like an attempted. Maybe elmer fide. Or if you really old. And you're already johnson from laugh in with van running a what he was trying to do but He apologized profusely later on in the game. I don't know what this guy's thinking and certainly lots people wanna find today. Yeah i don't. I don't think the same way you do about it for sure and i don't. I don't apparently got right away. Got slaughtered on social media or there was a huge outcry about it and everywhere else is not just social media. Yeah but it's such a harmless thing. Stevie it's such a harmless thing you know says the white guy is well. How much harm is really cost. There steve i. I mean we're we're we're talking about two different things like i am prepared to go down the road where i say. Okay i fully believe there needs to be some level of discipline punishment to the employees for what he did. I'm definitely in the mode of the something very very wrong with someone particularly someone who's white with the platform has doing a caricature of an asian person effectively. He's doing he's doing it to mock. He's doing it to ridicule even in a small way. That's not cool anymore. I don't think it rises to the level of a firing but it sure as hell believe it Deserves a major apology. Which he attempted he went down the stupid road though of. I'm sorry you were offended. As though it's somebody else's problem my opinion it's jack morris is problem and if you're doing that on national tv and it just sort of you blurted it out there. How are you when you're around your pals and stuff like what kind of ugly stuff is coming out of you. Then so when you're dealing with a white person doing something like this and saying something like this about someone who's from a race that's been highly marginalized throughout history. Then that's totally not cool. In my opinion let's change gears. Get onto something else. Brooke henderson not been very good at the women's british open in your six appearances or average finish is forty second in twenty two rounds. She has managed. Let's see here. She's managed to return a scorecard in the sixties only three times and then no surprise right now that she's listed at plus thirty three hundred on betting sites might be worth putting some dough down on that to be honest. Anyway so yeah. It's not exactly hear. Her favourite major is bob weeks rights on tsn dot ca. It's the only one in the five in which henderson does not have a top ten finish. Yeah it's hard to believe right when you when you see these people. She's peaked performer. Right talk top golfer on the lpga tour and she you know she can get up and down from anywhere. On north american courses on non you know on on non links style. Course i forget what they call them Park parkland courses compared to link style. Okay so parklands force and all that Very good and yet when they go over there to play with these rolling fairways pot pot bunkers undulating. Greens that you know all have false fronts and false backs and false sides. And it's just excuse me i played there. I went over and played there. I'm not comparing myself to any of those people. But i played golf long enough to know that you got a completely change. Your style of play. When you're over there you know for example you know you've got You know whatever you got. One hundred and eighty yard shot So your normal shot might be a seven iron six iron. Try and fly it onto the middle of the green and the caddy when i first company. No no no no. You're going to drive in eight aren't as hard as you can low along the ground you know and run this thing up. You will not be able to hold that green and the wind and all that stuff so it's a totally different way to play totally different way to play and tons of bad weather all the time you know in the wind and it's not everyone's cup of tea right. It's not everyone's cup of tea but you have to. You're you're talking about a radical departure from your game plan stevie when you go play links all you know of just none this getting up there and rip it. You know going. No no i think it was telling you. Before although these pothole bunkers pot bunkers are small. Okay when you see them that that may be their only sort of ten feet around you know these bunkers and deep if you get in there like well it's a small bunker. I'm not gonna come anywhere near that. Well effectively is is about about a fifty foot bunker because if you if you hit within either side of that thing look how it all slopes towards that trap you know so it's a it's a totally different deal and it's not her a cup of team right. Didn't seem to be carnoustie. We all remember jean vandevelde and the images there his big collapse but in just thinking about carnoustie as a golf course. It's got the burn running through it. It's got all kinds of fescue around then look like it's I mean i really feel anytime. We talk about british open links golf. I always think i. It's actually kind of ugly when you compare it to the beauty of augusta national for example like to me. That's golf this is like. I don't know this is like the way beach. Volleyball is to court volleyball. It's it's that different it just. It's almost a different sport. It's the same sport but it feels like a hybrid. Anytime you're playing on these links course. Everything you talked about. This is bang on like you go pin hunting at one of these links courses. You're gonna die that on a roll right off the green and into the abyss. Yeah like i've said before. It's the least amount of fun i've ever had playing really and i had a great trip. I went to scott. We played we played the old course saint andrews. We played chronicity. We played muirfield village. We played kings barnes. We played the castle course. We we played all the all the biggies and every single round of golf. See i could never admit it because you know my buddy hosted us over there and i but i remember sort of turning away from i just this and if you get bad weather steve which is fifty percent of the time you know. I'm hitting drivers on par threes. This is fun and steve. I'm not very good anymore. So imagine if you're not hitting it straight where you're supposed to it's murder. It's absolute murder. But i wouldn't wanna play it every day. This is my point to see. I'd rather play. You'd rather play. I'd rather play parklands. Row golf courses all day all keen to see how nellie court makes out because well she is. She thinks about six feet tall really slim but an absolutely perfect machine like swing. I mean whatever whatever you need power. Accuracy approach putting short game around the greens. Like she's just got it all right now so i. I wonder how she'll make out on the links courses that She's she's rolling right now. She is rolling right now. Total job at that family. Stevie the court. Fm you would. You're old enough to remember her father as tennis player. You can look it up. Check check out her whole family. So there's i think. Peter peter korda. I forget but but he was. I remember him on the tour. The two sisters. Are you really trying to remember. Peter court is named after. I just said it's peter. Maybe maybe glitched out or it might neglect because the little pop up again. And so there's no. Is jessica correct. Quarter the other one and the brothers seavy the brother check them out. Tennis pro sebastian. Yeah there we go that families. Good if you're in high school with that those guys okay. You're competing on their team. I'm not going to that high school. I'm leaving one of my favorite stories. Is trevor trevor. Gretzky is going to be a good quarterback okay in high school. And so they're all gunned up. He played good midget ball and and whatever age they have football and he was standing arm stevie okay outstanding are. He went to a school something all christian school ensure what up where rusty lives in wayne and everything at the time and so they signed him up. You know they they say the recruit them for to be quarterback. Offi goes Thinking i'll be the starting quarterback the only thing that held them up see was joe. Montana's son went there at the same at the same time so that ended his football career. Yeah you're going to you're going to be the perennial backup here okay. That was that was the end of that. So i'm like that if i'm going to school at the court. Is you to sit your kid down. You got no shot. Got the whole son of an nfl. Great quarterback my favorite story on. That would be dan marino son diagnosed with autism and went on to become quarterback of his high school team. Like talk about a rally. Yeah why great store now. He's you know his high school years or at least a decade ago but still a great story to Because you know autism is such a thing where you kind of you know you can improve. But it's always kind of with you. Full recovery's are rare. But if you're out there with the capability of being you know because we know quarterbacking right it it. You don't have to be as talented you know but you also have to be a leader. Their social skills involved with that. I got to say that that's as close as you can get. I think to To recovery from something like autism. Yeah yeah. I remember you telling me about that story. Some of it was controversial. Steve back in the day with marino. Because he had he had he had money right. And and and i remember them. You know you're looking at that. And several people look at it and say well you can. You can make inroads from not mistaken. Stephen correct me. But you can make inroads if you've got enough for therapy well i mean it's just it's just beyond. It was beyond me when michael was diagnosed. This was in the mid nineties. And i was still making no money and We did what we could but funding was just not there provincially speaking so applied behavior analysis. That you know in floor time and other autism autism therapies. That are fantastic. But you know it can cost you up to eighty to one hundred thousand dollars a year. You know that's our tax right. So that's a that's a lot of money. So people do what they can and try and provide the best they can. But if you're kajillions air and money's no object then And it's it's heartbreaking to think that money could stand wing a child and their best outcomes but certainly you have a big advantage. If you or someone like dan marino. There was a great story yesterday. Stevie i think it's a polish olympian who wanted good. Yeah you can look that up. I tweeted at tsn. Steve yeah so she wins. Wins a silver medal. Of course. I don't have her name or sport or country. I'm guessing but i think it was pulling and there was someone in her community that needed medical attention and needed money to get it so she auctioned off her silver medal. Stevie and all the money was to go towards the the medical bills for zero. I'm like okay. I need a moment here please. I need a moment here. You know an olympic medal. Candler name is maria andrea chick and she was like you said she's from poland and she won the olympic silver medal this year in javelin and put her silver medal up for auction exclusively to fund a young polish boys heart surgery and so the company that the follow up to that. Jimmy's that the company that won the auction a company called sab ka polska. They decided after they won the auction. I think there's a hundred and twenty grand or something like that. They decided to give the metal back to andrew check and then go ahead and fund. The surgery just kept getting better and better and better. You know we can agree on that. I bet what a what a what a what a unbelievable story million percent. And now. And as i said on twitter when you've got so much of the newsrooms across north america they're choosing their story lineups based on what's gonna be scaring people provoking people angering people and all the negativity there you got to appreciate stories like that more than ever. Now if i won the golden. The javelin i'd give her the gold. I say that right this chick gold you know. She gets the goal grave fabulous story all right. We're back with final thoughts after these words. Are you getting back to life. And don't have time to review your insurance policies. Do you want me to have a look at it for you and see. If you're properly covered i'll take a professional look at it and let you know what i see and you make the decisions text. Eight six zero six zero zero eight all insurance ontario. Your modern boutique. Broker reignite your love for driving into the new ford from jim kaye. Ford hit the road and a new twenty twenty one model. The wind through your hair jimmy. Yes yes so so. yes tv. The windsor my hair. I'm ready for with your choice of the latest innovations available for new ford vehicles. These are unconventional times right now. But for your comfort if you're in the market for a new or pre owned vehicle jim kaye. Ford will be happy to bring a vehicle to your home or place of work for a demonstration and test drive jim kaye ford in orleans or jim kaye ford dot com and compared to this time last year. The price of a new home has gone through the roof. And if you're curious to know what your home is worth a blazing hot market like this. You should call. The glenn walton real estate team today for a free no obligation estimate that you'd be surprised to learn what you get for your home and with similar homes are going for in this market call. The glenn walton real estate team today. Glenn walton dot com james. No you gotta go any final thoughts. Stay it's that time of year again. Okay i the guy who the guy who came up with the marketing idea. Okay should win a gold medal with full-size chocolate bars. Where we're you know coming upon halloween. Here steve in a quick two and a half months. Okay all right quick going to. He's going to jump on. It's no time at all. So i'm at the grocery store yesterday. Stevie so now they've got this guy said i got an idea. Why don't we break up the chocolate bar. You know the full size and put it in a little bite sizes. Now that'll never work. No one will go for that. Yeah now stevie at the store okay. You'll you'll walk by display yesterday. And i grab one maccabees like forty five stevie up a big number of for for seven dollars and get forty five. That's that's right beside it's deep sixty. Okay right beside that one. Eighty on eighty okay beside even bigger gonna take a picture stop with the night. We'll see thanks for being with us only s. Wp please subscribe today and share the show with your friends and followers. We're at steve. W project dot com.

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