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Final Fantasy VII, Avengers, And Other Reports From E3 2019

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Final Fantasy VII, Avengers, And Other Reports From E3 2019

"Welcome Nick attack is split screen, the only podcast whose first episode is set entirely within Ingar. It's the week after E three and there is lots to discuss starting with games. We're playing like outer wild cadence Jairo and collection of mono-, then Matty, and I talk about everything we saw in Los Angeles last week along this games that includes the adventures final fantasy seven. Cyberpunk link's, awakening cat, lady, and much more. We close things off by talking Chernobyl dark, Phoenix, and billion. So there is a lot to talk about this week as happens once you've been through e three all right? Let's go. We are back for another episode. If you are not already sick of the seven eight bonus out for you over the past week. My name is Jason Shire. And I am here once again with Mattie Meyer Hello and Kirk camels in Hello Matty, and I have returned from e three Kirk, you have returned from whatever it is. You do all day weekend rounds. From a lovely weekend, lovely weekend of hiking and dancing in the streets of Portland. Exactly. We are here for another episode to talk about video games. I'm very excited. First of all, I just wanted to say on the air live in front of everybody that Kirk after editing like six different bonus episodes over the past few days of Catania split screen and going through the intro and out tro, music, especially the outra music, I remain mystified at your musical talent, and just extremely impressed by your village to come of this music that does not get old that was just continually awesome. So good job. Good us. Thank you, actually just wrote, new theme music, for strong songs, which I've been finalizing it was on the most reasonable. But I'm doing it for the next one reading podcast. The music is really fun, kind of feel like Mattie United talking about this. Once I've had this idea of longtime of doing a whole album of podcast music, that would be like they would be like fake podcast. Casts within go and do a brief little thing get into this whole idea. Nobody steal it. I shouldn't say this podcast, but I think it would be really fun to have made up podcasts. I'd be happy to collaborate that could be. I've written some some podcast songs in my life. It's a very fun pastime, because it's of like writing music for an ad, but it's also like that same like fifteen to thirty seconds. It has the summarize something specific or introduces egg -ment, and I don't know. It's such a fun way to write a song. It is true music. I really enjoy in particular because it's designed to be more extended. Yeah. Yeah. Just get Lizzy loop by the important breaking news that just hit while we are recording this intro to read you this headline right now. Random. I just noticed this in my Email is switching tabs to this screen. Master doc Random House to publish debut books from Tyler ninja Blevins. Finally, you know, finally, we get some, let's Kirk before we actually started talking about some video games. You have privacy update for us. I do. So I had been using duck go the search engine, which is a different. Non privacy, invasive alternative to Google. It's pretty good. I use it for a while. And then when I mentioned that listener, actually a couple of listeners, tweeted or emailed me to tell me about another option, which is called start page, and that's at star page dot com, and that is a little bit different. It lets you basically do an incognito Google search which I gather is kind of available on Guler is going to be available on Google, it self at some point to as you can start searching without them tracking you. And so I've been using that just as an experiment to compare it to duck go. So it's also just been longer without using Google. So I will say there are definitely times where I grew go something. And I just go in use chrome Google like the actual old Google that has all my information because the results are. Superior and also they're just presented much more like I'm used to we've just gotten used to what Google search result page looks like, and it's interesting using star page because it kind of goes back to what Google search look like I don't know how long ten years ago or whatever where it's just a list of things kind of, in order of how it found them. And I don't really know how that even works how like whether Google's anonymous searches actually just sort of Nick. Maybe they make it bad because they don't want people to use it or I don't know. I'm I have my lack of interesting. I think spattered because it's collected data on you. And it knows what kinds of links you tend to click on. And when you're probably looking for right? Like isn't that why the results would be different? Yeah. I would assume so. Yeah, it also just presents them differently. Like you don't get those little bubbles with the with the featured links, and you don't get all the previews the graphics and you kind of see an image and headline. It's just a list of headlines. And it's, it's different. There are definitely times where I'm like, I just need to find something, and I feel like I'm not finding even though I'll then occasionally, I'll go to my old Google. Search annals still see the same things. So it's been interesting. I'm still feeling. That's the conversation always of privacy is like, does this actually help us when they have our data because they can make things easier? That's always the ongoing dilemma, by the way, star page icons. That's like a website from the nineties. Cities and ask. Dr page dot com. I go over all my web data. That's, that's my internet web portal. The starting page. What, what did you say about it? Sorry, accurate name. It's, it's just the beginning of the internet. Let's have some video games that we are playing, and then a little bit later on Madyan I and euchre quill kind of decompress from three and talk about a lot of the stuff we got to see and play in are excited about from there. Good. Why don't we start with you Maddie? Video games. Yeah, I haven't had a ton of free time since I got back from three just dealing with other life shit. But every now and then I've had some chances to play some Phoenix. Right. And polka mongo, which I talked about many times on this show, and I've known new information to share, but I'm still super enjoying just playing a little bit of Phoenix right before bed. It's actually a lot easier to fall asleep after playing that game, the Dan Robbo which was the other thing doing so. Yeah, I definitely I definitely recommend that game is like a Sleepytime book that you read before bed. It's a good. It's a good game for that. The switches, so good for that. How far you in Phoenix? Right. I'm just like on the third case still, I, you know, I feel like I haven't really looked into this. Yeah. I feel like there are situations where you can't advance unless you do a certain thing in the right order. And I don't know if that's actually true. Or if there's, like if you find a clue or like, you know, hammer into somebody to get a clue like outside of the courtroom are there situations in this game where you can actually break the game. And like not get the right answer from someone or those always a way to get it. Even if you don't do you know what I'm saying? There's no you can't break the game. It's okay. Well, designed in the in a way where you can't miss a clue or anything. And actually, if you play it and you pay close attendant. So what I I play the Phoenix victims back in the day. One of the things the frustrated me was that. I would just like I wouldn't know what to do next. I would just keep room to room and just be super confused. But then once I played once I have played more of them, and then replay, the first three more recently. I realized that the game is actually very clever giving you breadcrumbs so that it'll always indicates a you in some way, when you're supposed to leave the current room, you're in and go. Do something else. So there should be never there should never be a time where you're like wandering from place to place. That'll always tell you like, oh, I need to come back here later or still more, I can do here, and then there will always be some indication. That's like, oh, now I can go talk to hear better. See what this person is up to right? So if you just read it really closely, which I guess is the disadvantage of playing. Sprain died, most likely to be like going somehow ruin this game for myself if I don't like show this person this clue at that time, but it's not that kind of game did a little, it won't let you make progress until you've gotten all the clues necessary. Yeah. Definitely playing this like my most dumb ass mode in terms of time of day, so like I'm not. I'm not putting myself in advance in Phoenix at all the way something I was actually thinking about because I actually was just playing some Phoenix right outside finished the whole trilogy. And I went back and I played case one five because I'd skip that unrelated to the others. Right. So the way that I played, it was out of order. So I went back and finish that and I was actually thinking that Sinoe in Danghan around how at the end of every trial. There's like this comic book you have to create. So those are really annoying, right? But, but I will say one thing Phoenix. Right, does not do is it never really gives you a full recap of everything that happened. You're expected to just remember and sometimes piece some of the things together. So, like sometimes at the end of a case, it'll be like, wait a minute. What was that piece of evidence actually supposed to do? And like sometimes it's not actually well explained or explained it all. So I do appreciate that, about dang around by it gives you a full recap every time mystery is solved even if the circumstances are completely ridiculous. It's still all hangs together within the fiction of that world, Phoenix rate, I'm not entirely certain. That's true. You know what I find to be the most maddening in Phoenix? Right. Is how at the end of a trial. There's the moment where you present a single piece of evidence that is optional and possible the fuck up. And if you do wrong, you just move forward, and they're like, oh, no. That wasn't what I was thinking of basically. You'll be having a kind of post game conversation with whoever out in the out in the ready room and she'll say, you know, oh, that totally makes me think of this one thing, or, like, the, the victim will be released sad or something. And they'll say, oh, how could I make them feel emotional evidence? Right. And you give them one piece of evidence and if you get it wrong it just they just doesn't work in the game keeps going. So it isn't like the rest of the game and you can get it wrong. And I would sweat that more than anything else because unlike the rest of the game you can fuck it up and just move forward. And so I would always say as far. Yeah. Oh, no. I would have definitely done that I'm not above saves coming just to get that moment. Right. Yeah. Same. I've done that every single time Mattie, that's clue for you to see scum. Final final moment saves coming the whole time. I need to so don't worry about that, curcumin. I have some overlap some things. We're playing so don't you start us off, and we will dig into what we were both buying. Sure. So I finished outer Wilde's over the weekend of e through the weekend after he three over the past week last weekend. I finished the game. Oh my God. Kirk. Oh my God. This is so good. I'm so happy that you're playing of play this game. Yeah. Matty, you do like there are a few games where it's really I think that I think everyone should play it. But this is one of them. Yeah, it's one of my favorite games. I've played in a long time. But it really is I can kind of tell it's going to be up there in my all time list. It's just a game. I can't get out of my head. It's really something else. I I'm shocked that it was made by such a small team that it's as ambitious as it is. I didn't even realize I talked about it on the last episode. How emissions it has? It's really am vicious beyond just anything I had realized and I don't wanna get into too many particulars, especially with some of the stuff that happens in. The back third because that is the best shit in the game, or some of the most fascinating and challenging puzzles in the game. But I guess, just a couple of even know any get to the backside how do I know which third I'm in right now? I kind of was at a point where I could tell I was sort of around seventy percent just because you've been to all of the planets, and you have a sense of everything, and, you know, what you're building toward, and what you're trying to figure out and then it's just a matter of figuring it out. But that process that final series of puzzles is very difficult. It's the hardest thing in the game. There were a couple of things I had to look up Finally, I was lucky, I was lucky because I found, hints online where people have written like non. Spoiler hints, just to say, oh, go here and kind of look at this, and that was enough for pretty much everything. And also, that was why I've been telling you Jason that if you do really get stuck if you ever get feel stuck just keep playing. That's my advice to everybody playing this game. You will feel suck but it's fine because a lot of times, you'll find the solution at another planet, and then it'll, it'll explain it's not really like separate levels. It's. Just one big level, and you'll find out already noticed that you'll find that more and more as you play is that, you know, you'll find writing on the wall. That's they're talking about a project that was going on another planet, and they'll be like, oh, how did we get into this room? Oh, will you actually have to do this, and you'll find it somewhere else? So just go somewhere else and feel stuck. But yeah, if you know someone who's finished it more my other vices if you know someone's finish it ask them for him. So Jason asked me for him because I can give you really subtle gentle, and you won't be doing it and seeing an image of something that would spoil something really cool. Okay. Got it. I'm just as out for a second for didn't listen as a couple of weeks ago out. Arouses game on XBox. It's an exploration game. There's no combat at all. But you were piloting around the spaceship and going to different planets sort of like no man's sky, except there's nothing procedural about it. It's all handcrafted, and it's best described as you described it Kirk is, like a mix between metro prime and matures mask the framework of majority mask the exploration metro prime because as exploring on. This time Luke where you have to get everything you want to get done in one voyage in twenty minutes of real time. And then at the twenty two minutes whatever it is. And then at the end of that the galaxy explodes, and you're starting from the beginning the solar system. So let's be close the galaxy just this. It's actually really clever in the way that plays with time in a way that majora mass does where certain things happen at certain times, and you to get to that point, as if it's like another dimension that you're thinking about an addition to space, but it can also be a little frustrating because you'll be learning something and like because you were a little too slow you this, this city that you're exploring just got swamped with sand and you have to come back to it next loop are like the sun exploded, while you were just about to get to this really cool revelation. But other than that, I love it. I love it reminds me a lot of return of the over din, which was my favorite game of last year in that it's all about piecing together something that happened in the past using the skills that you have in front of you right now. And it's also really cool that you have a very limited set a verb. So, like, for example, and curse, don't give me the answer here. But I for reasons I've been on this planet trying to figure out if I can get this frozen jellyfish of I can melt this frozen jellyfish. I don't think there's a way. But like, I think in another game there might be some tool, you can use, and you go into your inventory of bazillion different types of mechanics of these, but here, it's like, oh, of course, I can't melter frozen jellyfish because there's no verb for that the only verb, I have is to explore. So that's really interesting. And it's really really cool game. I really, really like it. I'm also noticing the things that you mentioned whereas like okay this plan, and I find this stuff and wait. There's a clue leading to this planet, this planet, I find the solution to a puzzle on this other planet, and it's really smart loop. I think they're only four planets in the game and then a few other like sporadic space stations and asteroids and stuff like that moons. But yeah. Five if you count your home planet, right ver true, which I have explored as well. Which is the planet worth exploring. It's the planet. And yeah man, I really love this game. Everything about it is really cool from the charm of the dialogue, and the quirks in the Umer and just the way the year. Explore. Hiring, and you'll find all these messages. The messages are just like really interesting, and well written, and I was poking around in this, like former classroom of an alien racer, they're having these fun conversations and recording their research papers, and I could snoop on the research papers and it's just really, really good. I really, really like it. Nice. I'm very lovely. You're into it. Yeah. So I was I was led to finish it. It's also quite long. I would say I was in the fifteen to twenty hours on. It's a significant name at probably longer for me. If you're like shitty player like me. I was actually going to say that. Yeah. I, I really took time and didn't look up anything you absolutely ruin this game for yourself by just looking up, hints if the minute you feel stuck like the frustration is part of it, even the frustration of like Aflac dispel into this pit. And now I have to wait a whole 'nother around like that's just kind of part of the flow of the game, and I really would hurt anybody playing just go with it and, and. Yeah and and just let that happen because that's part of the overall flow. But it's it's a hell of a game. I hope you do find time to play it because he'll nj wonderful. I think. I think only thing the one thing that's annoying that I actually think is a flow of the game as that it's like there's a lot of stuff that it doesn't feel like the game is designed for like the platforming mechanics are, are not fantastic. And the game has a little too much platforming in it. Like I wish I wish there was a little more. I wish the game signal to you a little bit better. Like, okay, you can jump here. You can't hear okay? You can't climb here. You can't as opposed to doing that. All like I dunno skyro- thing where you're like trying to figure out if you can really climb them out and using these ledges like sometimes the game will throw that sort of obstacle at me. And I don't love that part of it. Yeah. Overtime, I got used to the controls, which definitely took a little doing and I actually really like how it feels to plano and the platforming is interesting because there is some platforming, and there are times where you'll miss a jump and it's annoying, though at the same time they're also almost never times where if you're trying to do something like a really difficult way, there's always an easier way to do it that, you'll eventually, learn one of my favorite things about our wiles just as zoom out thing about it is that the answers are all in front of you. You never. I mean, I guess there are a few times, real open a door that was locked, but a almost always. What you unlock is knowledge, right? You don't get a better jet booster that lets you make that jump that you could make before you just learn from thing. Oh, I didn't actually need to do that jump. I could this other way around. And that's a very vague because I don't want to be too specific. The witness it is like the witness, and it has some witnessing this to it actually of all in. It's not at all like this huge collection of puzzles, or anything, but there are some tricky puzzles, and it has that feeling of like it's all right there in front of you. And it's just up to you to figure out how to open it. And that's why you could ruin it for yourself. You could just look up, how to be named like and do that. But I think that's really clever a way to design a game challenging. Yeah. I agree with you. I agree with that philosophy in general. It's just that sometimes so, like in the witness, so this is actually you could comparison point because in the witness, you'll be going, and every single puzzle you see is signposted in some way, like this is a puzzle, and even the ones that aren't like the environment. Puzzles still make sense within a certain logic here because some of the puzzles are not super wealthy. Signposted there are times when I'll be going to a place. And I won't even be sure if it's a puzzle or something I have to come back to later and sometimes that confusion is in great. I get that. That's what they're going for with the exploration parts of it. Because the ideas that you're the space travel, or confused, and, and trying to figure out what's what, but there are times when I'll feel like, oh man, like I don't know, if I'm supposed to keep exploring here or go somewhere else, and that can be a little frustrating, especially when you see on your map, like there's more to explore here and you're not sure exactly what that more is. Yeah. I think that the just generally that there is some clarity issues. The game does have, you know, like I love this game a ton, but it's obviously like it has some flaws. That's one of them. I think there's like an issue with the characters whose names, you're reading who've left the text behind got to know them by paying very close attention, but it doesn't always a great job of communicating who they are. And they are individual characters with voices and back stories, and it's really cool. If you really pay attention. But because there's no audio dialogue you don't hear their voices, so it can be very confusing. Just reading all these alien names and. Yeah. I mean like I said, there were a couple of things I had to look up and some of the things I looked up were fucking hard. Like I guess there were ways I couldn't figure them out, but there were a couple things where I was like, whoa. I wasn't ready to make that leap and it could have been. I just didn't pay attention to the right thing. But when so, yeah, there is some clarity issues which don't really overal detract from the game. But they're there and you can get around them. But I, I know what you're saying. I wish it's stored. I feel like an easy solution for this would be to store all of that dialogue in your journal or something or on your ship notes, because of the ships are just a condensed version of everything you see. And learn which I appreciate there's not like a way to look them up. You can't look up the dialogue you find. So let's say I find a dialogue, let says kurkin, Manny escaped here long ago, it'll it's an it's YouTube talking to each other, and Kirk is like, Mattie, we should get out of your Manny is Kirk. Let's, let's go. We're off. We're going on his face. The ship notes version of that would say Kirk. Maddie escaped, but it wouldn't give me the dialogue or anything, it's like a summary of the turn. Right. And it's nice in a way because those ships, I think our super clever. I've talked about this, when I discussed the show episodes ago, but that they give you this rumor mode it because it gives you the crucial information you can read it and say, okay, here's what's important, what I need to know to figure out what to do next. So that's a really helpful resource. But like you're saying it would be cool, if there was also a full version or a character Kodak's would also be nice just like my understanding of each of these, you know, there's maybe a dozen or so or sixteen or so characters and just the list of their name. So I can kind of look at them and like former mental picture of them, even without an illustration that would may be cool. That's actually the kind of thing they could possibly add. But yeah overall incredible game. So, yeah, it's a hell of a thing. Hope more people are playing. I'm hearing from people who say they're finally playing it after me raving about it. Which is feels like one of those things that's going to gradually pick up game over time as more and more people like word of mouth is going to be used for this game also if there's ever switched version. I'm sure that'll help a lot. I'm because right now it's just PC and XBox, right? By the end of the year. This is going to be on a law of this is going to be that. Yes, one of those games for sure. Yeah. So let me think what are the things I'm playing. So I played a table thing. My table group had taken a few weeks off, but we got back together, and we started again with betrayal legacy which is a legacy version of betrayal at house on the hill, which have other view played this table top game. They have it. I have. But I haven't played it. Oh, nice. You have the betrayal are the legacy version, or just house on the hell it's fun. I'll give a quick. I'll give it quick breakdown. Just just briefly the way house on the on a hill. Works is hundred house game. You're all people in a horror movie, basically four hundred house you kind of like there's no game board. It's just tiles, and they're like rooms of the house. The study the you know the entry way the front gate and you start in a room together. And then as you explore you pick from these these tiles from at random. So the house gets laid out a little differently every time. So this kind of a procedural generation to it, and then you find runes and there's a haunting and then eventually like the big hook of the game that eventually one of you becomes possessed and becomes the bad guy, and you're the villain and you're working against the other people, and they have to figure out who's the bad person says some deception involved and the game is built around that. So it kind of goes from expiration coop game till like one person is again. To you. And that's the structure of the basic game. The legacy virgin introduces an obviously we just played the very first game introduced the idea that you're all families. And so each game takes place thirty years down the road. So it's kind of like a horror series where you know, child of the whatever the final girl from the first one is now the, you know, protagonist sequel, and they kind of, you know, and they bring the old characters back. So if you survive one game you'll be older and you'll come back in the next one and their hand off. Yeah. It's a great idea and the prologue, I'll just say was hilarious and great. And so, so far, great first impression really liked the first thing, and yeah, we're gonna keep keeping it. So maybe report back weeks about how that is played somewhere destiny to don't have a ton to say, but the new season is going Jason like you said, the menagerie is quite fun. I've been playing that. And we play this weekend. We haven't played in a while. Yeah. Down break prime. Oh, yeah. We gotta get that for you. It's good the games in a really good place. And they're kind of feels like everyone sue. Positive on it. That thing they did all the announcements they made made everyone happy and, yeah, it's fun. I was yeah. It was cool talking now. Lucan Mark mass week and apologies to people who had listen to the fountain noises in the back. But actually once you listen for few minutes. He kind of get used to it and it's a little pleasant. That's true. How your brain just automatically begins to filter out. I felt that way to start listening. I was like, what the hell? Yeah. And then after a couple of minutes, I was like, oh, I, I just was listening to the conversation. I want to. Have one going right now as we talk. Attack. You the only other thing I'm playing is canes of rule which I've played a little bit of and think is really, really cool. And I see you played a to Jason so maybe we can talk about more about it. It's super interesting. I'm okay. So cadence viral, just as you Matt again, is this new crypt of the Neckar dancer, basically, with Zelda skin, Zelda, dungeons, and monsters? And everything's all it's really, really cool. It's really well done, just like crypto, the Necker dancer was I find it really hard. And I actually so yesterday when I was commuting to work, I ran into Dan Reicher on the subway because he lives around the corner for me. And so we were community there, we're talking about a bunch of giant baba record for those who've listened to the show and are like fuck. No, it's actually Kentucky split-screen guests, Dan, right, there you go. That's his claim to fame. Cadence of I was like, man. I keep getting super frustrated with this game because I feel like I get killed real easily, and he was like you should use fix beat mode. That's what I did. And I was like, oh, interesting fix beat mode. Is this way that I think it's turns into more like a turn based type thing where like you don't have to worry as much and you can just kind of zoom out and, and plan out, which seems a lot more palatable for those of you like me, who suck games like this Kirk. I'm curious to hear your perspective as a musicians. You find it easier because you have that background. No, I find it easier because I played a lot of crypt of the Neckar dancer, and they're very aware that the thing is this kind of a learning curve to this game and fixed beat mode is actually a really good way to get your head around it. I'd say, try that and practice and then then which the back on because the B is like we're the games pulses like obviously, like literally but it's like the heart of the game. Is this like playing with the music that's the experience? And it's it's a really it seems like a really cool game regardless. It just seems pretty fun. Have you played this little, I'm not dancer, though. So I get what it is. It's Zelda Zelda in this one final, which obviously do. Coli Nintendo, people, make Zelda games will permit you to play Zelda those roles until breath, the well to comes out. To become. So, yeah, the I think we'll so I if Danny Baranovsky composer of like a ton of games binding, Vicks for people and group of the Neckar, dancer killer, killer, composer, deuce. I've talked to him for a bunch of radicals back when I was writing about music, a lot on the site. He's a great writer, and he did such a good job with soundcheck for this, too. And that's so the key of the game just how good his is like riffs on the all the March. So that's like a reason to play on its own. If you're gonna die a billion times a hard game. The song is, we'll be good when you come back. Definitely true. They do so many clever things. There's so good at it like like when you kill all enemies and the music changes but the be kind of stays there just in the background. Really cool. It's a way easier game than crypt of the Necker dancer. I'm finding it much more forgiving. Oh, that's because I found Necker dancer, part despite being a musician and really enjoying rhythm games. I thought that game was hard and I liked it. But it's definitely tricky. So this has that same thing where to break down the combat. Right. For listeners is, you know, you're moving on the down beats and the enemies moving down. So everything is just like boom, boom boom, boom temple and you can speed it up and slowed down by jumping on certain levers which make it easier or harder. But basically, an enemy will like signposts that it's about to attack. And then the next beat it'll jump forward an attack, and all the enemies have different attacks, one guy charges across the screen and one just attacks straight in front of him. When you have to attack from the side, and it requires you to. Arm and then enacts there's always a signal and then you learn how they all work. But then a lot of times, you're in a small space with, like four different enemies, and you have to. Frustrating. So that's really hard at first, but if you keep playing and you get your head around each one, it becomes a lot easier, your head just kind of figure it out, which is a weird thing, and it's not actually really tied to musical apt to Agnes. I don't think it's more just like spatial understanding, and that's harder for me than the rhythmic stuff, which I can feel a beat down beat like downbeat. It's not like super complicated musically, so that I would say fixed beat is a really good way to practice that and I'd recommend that, because then you just kind of get strategies so, you'll see a guy, you know, the shield guys, give me a lot of trouble. At first, you know where you can't attack them from straight on. So you have to basically go around them get an angle so that you're at the angle to press toward them before they attack you. But then there's just a pattern you can do to them every time. And once you get your head around it, you know, exactly what you have to like just closed within one and then I go right, and then I attack, and then I do that again attack. And then you just have to kind of modulate that to adjust for other enemies that come around you. So it's more about that really. Once you get your head. Around that you'll have a lot more fun and yeah. The game's more forgiving 'cause they're safe points in a lot of rooms. And if you die, you just go right back to the safe point rather than having to kind of start from the beginning. And yeah, it's I think it's red. I'm psyched to play. More haven't played a whole ton, but I'm I'm into it. Yeah, it's really cool really good year big year for Zelda. So, yeah, I've been playing out a world's cadence viral and then the other thing I was playing collection Amano, which came out last year. And is this compilation of the first three Monica games, which are called in the US and get ready for confusion? Final fantasy adventure and GameBoy isn't game than secret. Ammana is the second game and then the third game newly localized for the first time ever, as last week is called trials of Mata. So I guess, not that confusing except for the final fantasy part, but fun facts. So there these two series saga and mono, which are both square like Jerry PG series. I'm sure you guys have heard of both of those allies knocking the day before those ever came to the US, a saga Ramana. They had their first releases on GameBoy. And so the first mono- game on GameBoy in the US was called final fantasy adventure. And then the first saga games in the US called final fantasy legend one two and three so those are actually called saga into three and then mono want. Which is like it's a whole thing. And then I think if I remember correctly, one of them, I think final fantasy adventure in Europe was called mystic quest, which is also the name of a final fantasy game called final fantasy mystic of that one is released in the super Nintendo in the US. So screenings is like fuck ary. And I'm sure you guys know about the the final fantasy numbering three six and so they're like name fucker. He has really just like screwed them up for a whole generation of people so anyway, collection amount is final fantasy adventures secret trials Amman. And so I've been playing through all three of them. So I had played adventure and secret amount about when they came out in the nineties, but trials on. I never really played, because it was ever. Localized officially in English. It only, you can only play it, if you were a saw savvy player who could download it later and get the fan. Translation patch to put it in English sort of like mother three. And yet I don't really love it. I feel like I would I maybe I would have liked it more if I played it back on the super Nintendo, but if feels very clunky and old, and the combat system is not really intuitive. You have to wait a while before you use each slash so instead of a button corresponding to his lashes a button. And then there's this kind of invisible timer that you have to wait until you use your next button slash. So I'm not into it. I'm probably going to play some more of the first two games, just for the nostalgia element. But right now my advice for people are curious about the series and have never played any of these gains is that, like, I don't know, they haven't aged super, well, so maybe maybe don't maybe wait for the remake of trials, which is coming up next year. So, yeah, not as not as impressed as I thought I would be by the new SNES version of trials of Montas is as much as I hear. It's a good game. I think I'm just wait, really. Into it until the remake comes out. And yeah, that's it for me. So why don't we take a break, and then you can do some post post-game breakdown breakdown three once again. And we are back Kirk. Manny let's talk about F three Sally, let's do show we shall last week last week or last proper episode we recorded it right after Nintendo right after we were all still recovering from breath a while, too. Have we ever really recovered from? I think we can I don't know. Did you guys see just publish my interview with Onuma yesterday series, producer of Zelda, who said that this came out of them having too many ideas for deal sees? They're like, let's, let's turn it into sequel, instead which makes me what you wanna hear. Yeah. Definitely. Oh my God. I'm so excited. Also makes me because I feel like there is a good chance that we actually see this next year. Like can you go? See I in vision, my prediction. This is not based on any inside info or anything. But my prediction is that next summer there three is all about breath while two and then it comes out like that October November. That's my prediction. So anyway, but, but Matty, and I get to go and see bunch of stuff and play a bunch of stuff and talk to people. So we could kind of do some, some recapping of some of our favorite things from the show and Kirk, maybe you could talk a little bit about just like what you saw from the outside what you got what got you excited after the press conferences. So actually, first of all, I just wanna shout out our three. Interviews, real quick because they were all really interesting. I think they should all be up by now. Except maybe one final one that we have coming, just a recap real quick. We talked to some of the folks behind baldur's gate three. That was really cool talked of DND and whatnot. And how they're designing this new game. We've talked to the destiny to folks, Mark like it's like I said before Maddie you talk to golden boy about its and how everything is sports. Yes, and fortnight personalities versus streamers versus pros, and there's always a lot of tension there between the wait is exceeded sports of fun to talk about that I spoke to a couple of people from CD project. Grad the quest director about the scope of the game in the quest as well as merchant of Inskeep. The CEO about crunch and lots of other interesting stuff. I spoke to the director of the outer worlds, the new game from city and then I'll talk about in a bit spoke to Dave laying the C three PO that's describes himself iron galaxy. Who many people might know from appearing on the couch is a giant bomb every three and being a goofball. And so we talked about how his studio actually avoids crunch, which is really interesting. And then many you spoke to the folks behind Gado rebuttal Rowbottom. Yes. And they also made the devolve bootleg which was announced at e three and is sort of like a series of fan fiction, parody games like a bootleg version hotline Miami and they also got their own game. Got a rebuttal. So it was fun to hear about how they made all those games without, I mean, they had the permission of those developers, but those developers didn't get to play the bootleg versions of their games until they were actually out which was really fun to hear about. And we also talked about, like crunch as an indie and the sort of social pressure to have that punk rock lifestyle, which these guys definitely had in the beginnings before they were developer, and how that worked out for them. But also how it's tricky when imposing those rules on yourself. So that might not be up yet at the time. Mighty them finish, editing right after this short injures cat only should injures gotta Rowbottom. Was right there. I just I had to pick it up. And guests. So everyone should go and check all of those out. Let's talk about some of the things that excited us most about e three why don't we just go in order between the three of us starting Mattie, just talking about, like some of the plays in the stuff that you're most excited about best surprises? We're surprises worse reveals worse things. He saw give it give it to us, give it to us. Sure my list is in no particular order, because I have no sense of time or whatever I played anything. But here it is. Here's a list. So I got to play dragon ball z. Cac wrote, and I also got to talk to the developers behind it or at least one of them, and that was really cool. I watched the trailer bunch it. Honestly didn't look that good. And also, the game itself doesn't have a ton going on in it, but I loved it anyway because I'm garbage and dragon ball z. And they brought back all the original voice actors, and they're like, recreating all the famous fights from the enemy. You get to play them. And it's so satisfying to me. And I'm just like I can't tell this is good. It might not actually be good. It might just be catering to specifically me and in talking very much like this is also something that if you've never seen the enemy, this is a good introduction the animate I'm not sure if I agree with that. I don't know that it is. But I think if you have seen the enemy you probably like this game. That's my take on that. I played a few things at the Nintendo booth. I played Louise mansion. Three a little bit with Gita switching off, which was very fun to play with gooey. Gee that guy's real weird thinking thinking about that guy. So was which one of you is where you or was oh, they don't you can't. You can't play two player that would real. That's not actually what you can do literally switched off playing okay guards. But I was Gucci Tanzer your question. So the way just real quick, the way greed, you is that you switch to him till like spikes? Yeah. Yeah. I realized that I didn't realize that, of course that makes more realize that the game cannot as far as I know it cannot be played to player with you as that would own. But I do not believe the game can be played that way you switch back and forth as g and we can't touch water is his Radel flaw, so yeah cool game and then link's awakening I played a little bit of and I have played that game before. So I was trying really hard to like, speed run it because those are times twenty minute demos. I was like, okay we go that we got a I don't I didn't get as far as I wanted to. But I did. Okay. I couldn't I couldn't remember how far did you get Jason? You probably. I did these same thing. I tried to speak through the demo and beat it all. 'cause so the way that it worked was it ends at the first the end of the first engine the hell cave the end. So what I did was that. I got distracted because lazy through it. I know the game super. Well, got which did everything, but then went to the shop and like spent like a solid two minutes trying to steal something from the can. You can feel like an infamous thing in making that you could steal from the shopkeeper, and then you come back, he yells at you changes the name on your safe file to permanently punish you. It's amazing. But so what happened was I tried to do that. But they've changed it in some way they made it more difficult. And I'm not sure what the trick is now. And I wasn't able to do it. So then I was like damn it. I'm going to the dungeon went to the engine, and then got like got the rocks. Feather, the item you're gonna. Further than me. I wanted to get him to the rocks. Feather, because I was like, I know that's there and there's holes here. We can jump over the holes had to listen to my entire lecture about the anti. This very politely. It was great. It was great. Anyway. You know. And then I just demo ended shortly after I got the rocks. Feather, it was like Donna data, and then the demo faded to black, and you're like. Well this. To come out, by the way, something fun, fun. Little fact actually, to wanted to mention one fun fact that three as that one of the things they do is like so when you're journalists and you're playing you'll always have either a PR person or just like an attendant from the given company they paid and like gave up refund. What was going on there? And one of the things they always do. They always tell you. Oh, you you're the first person has gotten this far like, oh, you're doing the best of anyone here. It's like one of those things, that's like trying to like, like fluff up your ego to make you leave with a more positive and I think it's a lie to because always is because every thing so often that I'm like, there's no way that's true. There's no way I saw tweets from people saying that I can't remember who I saw a couple maybe one person saying that about link's awakening is speed ran through the thing. And they told me I was the first person ever do that. So it works in that case they got more people talking about links awake. I did see other people tweeting that they did manage to steal stuff from the shop Jason, so it's there are definitely people out there who are better. That's the thing. That's my point is that they always tell you the booth attendants always tell you, you're the best one, yet or like you're the fastest one yet, it's like it's, it's like to make the So-someone on Twitter, like making the sex comparison like oh, you're the first first one. Nobody else's like you. Well, you know, it's like you're the first person to ever eat the joy Kat. No. You're really the first person ever to the station and even entire. That was really for this weird thing. Like you're going to have to leave three. You're the first person to try to livestream from a bathroom, three, right? I and you're probably. Would like you to leave, please goodbye. The other thing I wanted to mention is on Luigi mansions. So we got an intendo presentation on Sunday where we saw some stuff did some interviews some press stuff, and they actually mentioned that dark moon. The previously mentioned, it sold six million copies. So apparently this, this series is just like incredible cells in credit that amazing game. I'm telling you guys. It's. I'm not surprised that all that it's ugly. I'm well, I'm surprised because I don't think of mansion is being such a huge seller among along with Mario Kart fashioned. I mean, people love Luigi. He's so great. Yeah, it's really cool. And so I think that'll be also I know people are upset in animal crossing was delayed. But, like you've got so much stuff coming the rest of this year. It's like almost makes sense that they do that, anyway, carry on with what you play. Yeah. So the third game that we played the Nintendo booth was marvel ultimate alliance three which is going to be on the switch, which is a change. And it's super fun and super good. These games are always pretty much exactly the same kind of game. It's always a cooperative game. You just rifle through a pa-. Jillian intendo characters except they had some fun ones in there. This time like venom is in there randomly, and like you can play his miles Morales, and I don't know. It's fun. It's a it's a big roster but it's also like a very simple game and they always are. And I didn't mind it. I had a blast and it was also kind of cool to play that right before seeing the adventures, gameplay demo and just sort of comparing them in my mind because although the avengers game is obviously, it's like a big fans. Three d action game. Like it looks very good compared to what marvel ultimate alliance is doing animations wise. It's much bigger budget game. And the moves are much more complicated. You can do combos and shit like that. But it's also kind of trying to do the same shit fundamentally where like you can choose certain characters for certain missions and it's still characters from the marvel universe, and certain characters work together, well, or like potentially could. Although they haven't been able to show that yet, like the dumb that I saw which I wrote up or it's. Yeah. It was like a live gameplay demo. They're playing it live in front of us. It was a lot of like solo fights in a row. So, like you'd watch Hoke do some shit. And then for whatever reason suddenly, you'd be watching Tony stark do some shit, and they'd kind of have a loose narrative justification for why that would happen. But it felt very demo EP to me and very constrained and linear. So it's hard for me to see how it could become a game that would be like anthem. Mm. But with superheroes, but I can imagine how that's possible. You know that they tell you that the core single player is or the core campaign described it. It's there are single player missions, and then there are also cooperative missions question. Mark. It's unclear how many heroes are involved and then there's also multiplayer that will follow from the story that you play in single player. So I'm guessing that will be stuff like raids or like sort of timeless, evergreen kinds of missions, where it's like, oh, we need to suddenly stop, like mysterious, or something, and like only hulk in the Thor could team up to or whatever. Or maybe you're black widow has to be there to do something or like maybe there'll be certain missions that require like Thor has to be there, but the other two people that are there doesn't really matter or something, those they actually explain this Tiejian, so there's a main story and it's entirely single player and you play that off line if you want, and in that you cannot choose you wanna be, so the reasons that I saw that demo like rotating because it's not. Gonna let you control. It'll make you rotate like it did in the demo, so the main campaign is solo only and you can't choose your adventure. This is all extremely confusing and I'm not sure is going to be. And then the other thing is that like this is a loop game. Right. Like your designed it's designed to make you wanna keep chasing loot. But the lewd is gonna be like attached to individual Aventures. So you can you can also level up certain skills that you're venture has. So if you're playing if you're a captain America main, which in the single player missions that wouldn't really be advisable to learn every character. Anyway. So like, who cares? If you're right. Anyway. And then supposedly you can level up certain skills that captain America can have. And so you can be like, I'm going to be a cap who's super good with his shield or like I'm going to be a cap who, like levels, the fuck up at punching or whatever I don't specifically know if those are the skills, I'm just speaking broadly about how it might work because they did say that, that was possible. But I don't know if that only comes into play in multiplayer, it seems like that's the only way it could because you can't have this infinitely customizable set of characters within actual missions. And also, I'm pretty sure they're going to introduce other characters in the game that are not these main ones. Anyway. So like the part of the game that we've seen doesn't even necessarily feel like it's what the game is actually going. So I'm curious about the thing you were talking about Mattie with the game stuff where like, maybe this mission would require Thor and black that for sure, okay? So you're, you're just guessing because. Yeah, that's weird or it's not clear. If you could even be main of Kathy Acker, if you. Could may speculating that is because each character looked so distinct and their abilities. So specifically pokes abilities are so specific that I'm like, how would you design a mission that could be done by, like black widow, but also hulk and it's the same mission. I don't see how that's possible. So I am just assuming that, that can't be how they're designing the game because I don't see how that could. Well, that's other designing the solo campaigns and not the side missions will be more open to playing supposedly. Yes, I am saying I doubt that that's possible. But I could be wrong risk with that is that the missions are all really boring as a result. Well, that's yeah. That's what I assumed the more specific, you can be to the character's skill sets and designs that requires hulk. I mean, that's the whole thing of the vendors that there's always the one thing that only whole can do only black widow can do only, you know, Tony stark can do and to remove that which you kind of have to do if you're going to have the idea of people leveling up their whole character. That's a challenge. I don't really know how that works, I think about destiny a lot. And this is like this is one of the big differences between destiny and roll. The war craft was especially the beginning was, like, there was a, there were never strategies that required you to have any one class, so industrial just three classes. There's the Warlock in the titan and the hundred and they're all at first, especially they seem kind of interchangeable, and now they've played like so much of that game. They're pretty different actually. But there there's similar enough, you can do anything any character. And as a result, the challenges are all kind of generic doesn't like a bad thing. It's just like you just need someone to go stand there, and they can be a Warlock, or they can be tightened doesn't matter like so many San in that square, and like, fade enemies for thirty seconds to activate this next level in an vendors game because the avengers fun end. It is fun like they've gotten much better at it. It was not fun at the beginning, accepting the glass, and they've gotten way better making that fun like making it. Interesting despite not requiring, you know, you have to catch the bubble here, you have to, like throw a tether here. Whatever in the avengers, though, right? Like what you're saying that strikes me as a challenge because. I don't know how you make fun of injuries fight that doesn't require people to be their own individual strengths and weaknesses. Yeah. Sure. That's the challenge they had to keep facing. But it seems like their solution. Is that the single player solo campaign is the solution for that. And then the multiplayer stuff will just feel like a different game. Tirelessly. That's what it is so groping elephant because we just don't know in like they didn't say very clearly. And it's like who knows we could go around and circles forever either game is that out? And we'll yeah. I shouldn't even speculate as much as I have the only reason why have is because I'm excited about it. Yeah. But they did know but they were very clear about the fact that if you're like, let's say there's a twenty hour campaign or whatever, like think of Destiny's single player story campaign that campaign, you don't control. You don't pick your evanger you just wrote. Yeah. We got it's, but that's nothing anyone. You play. But yeah but if that's all you play. And let's say it's twenty hours or whatever you get a twenty hour like avengers campaign, that's like based around that. And then the other stuff the co-op stuff will just feel like a different game. That's, that's what it seems like. That's what it sounding like. We'll find out and it just sounds like I mean everything we've heard about this game is like, oh man. Like there, many reasons to be skeptical. It just it doesn't see it seems like it's, it's hot. It's coming in hot. It seems like it's well, I don't know. We'll see. We'll see what happens in may. I'm very, very curious about this one, and it might be one of those cases where it's like, well, this game has a lot of issues and they'll patch it over time. Because they say they're going to stick with it. And just be one of those one of those service games except this time instead of it being like anthem, where it's like you have to wait around for them to fix it. There's also this single player story attached that you can just enjoy. I know we're basically done talking about vendors or we could we could theorize forever, but I will say one we have three more hours to go the size of endgame. Yeah. One more thought based on what you're saying Jason. So that that description of the, of the of the single player campaign where you're playing like a carefully created thing with a bunch of set pieces and puzzles, and stuff reach character. That's also that's crystal dynamics wheelhouse. I mean like what they do. So actually if the game is just that it would make sense for that, too. If that's great if that's as good as they can do that. Would actually be really cool. So as, as it sounds like I'm skeptical, maybe that would be great. And then if they're figuring out the side stuff, maybe it doesn't even that big of a deal. I mean that's just sounds better to me than like weird missions that are sort of trying to shoehorn certain vendors into situations where they wouldn't necessarily be like I just like a bespoke single player campaign that shows off each character's powers like in a row, that's actually fine with me even if they can never affectively were together, which in the demo I was hard for me to imagine how that would work as well. Like seems like they'd all be to our full and also that'd be really hard to choreograph fight design wise. But you know what if they can't do it? Then maybe every single of injured goes on a bunch of cool solo. Designed this for them and I'd still enjoy that. That's fine. Yeah. Right. So, but the funny thing is that like this is also confusing and complicated. And that's only on top of the other big issue. They have that we talked about last week where these are all like knock off being eventers compared to the ones, we know they just do not seem right, like it just feels off. But this is the type of thing where like they have some times to get the shit together. They have until may of next year. So I guess we'll see. We'll see what happens with that one. What else did you play at three many? Yeah. So I played cat lady, which is not the same as the her game cat lady. It's just a different game by Rossetti games which made the world next door which is a game talked about on the show a while back it was like a puzzle game that had visual novel elements Kelly is not that at all. It's kind of like binding visor, e except you're like kid who ends up stuck in her grandma's, haunted, basement, and her grandma's, a cat lady, and so you like everything is haunted. And so there's like haunted word. Groups and stuff coming at you, but also the cats become possessed by ghosts that like wanna help you. So the catch help you and like each of the cats ends up having different powers. And so you go around finding different cats that help you fight against haunted, inanimate objects. And it's I don't know. It's really weird promise Q game. Looks cool too bad has the exact same name as a completely different horror game that I believe is called the cat lady and will probably confuse their SEO forever. So good luck to them on that. Also played at the band Namco booth. Men of mid Dan, which is a follow up to until Don. Did you guys play into? Yeah. We yeah. We talked about it a lot kurkin. I actually played it together. Yeah. I did not know this game was coming. We really kurkin. No either Kirk. This is great news. Basic learning of this right now. And I'm so on it. I did not know they're making another until dawn basically. So. I mean it's all new characters all new horse setup, but same idea. Yeah. It's awesome. So, like in this version, you're a grew and it comes out August, thirtieth, by the way, so psyched for the scam. You're a group of twenty something hotties who take a boat trip together. So it's very closed door mystery and you end up on a boat with a similarly, hot boat, captain, and she's annoyed at your shit. And so, the five of you get taken over by lease lake creepy fishermen like they invade your boat and kidnap all of you for mysterious reasons, and it seems like there might be some supernatural elements that come into play. I just played this short demo. So I don't know how magical realism it's gonna get. And for now, it's just like, you know, dark and stormy night, you're on a boat in the middle of nowhere. And you get kidnapped by these fishermen that you were like rude to earlier in the game. And now you have to escape these guys cloud time events. You know dialogue choices things lead to your party dying and horrify diff. Ways to get out of shit. It's an different horror movie things happen. According to what you choose, and I love all of that shit so so much. So I'm really sad about this. So is this gonna be is this the first until the PlayStation exclusive is this not a position exclusive? That's not PC XBox PlayStation. That's awesome. So more people can play the. Yeah. And they're gonna make another one like they basically were like Manta is going to be the first and like a series of these kinds of horror games continue making. So I don't know how long this one is because it kind of seems like oh, this is the first in a series of these, but I don't know if the rest of the games in the series are going to be with these characters probably not because they're probably all going to die horribly. I don't know. But yeah I was really excited about this. I didn't know they were making another game in this style until the fun. So it's called the dark pictures Manam John, and they're going to release new games in the series said, every six months, or so. And yeah I mean short sounds perfect to me because until. I played was to this one seems a little more. I don't know how long it's going to be, but it just based on how they described it, and I'm like, oh, it sounds a little more bite size because they're going to be making more of these dark pictures, quote unquote. So that's really awesome. It's on the list. But I also played that code vein game that we've written about a little bit Kentucky. Event booth. It's basically like dark souls. But Anna may very much is that I really enjoyed it as soon as I found an extremely huge sword. That was like double the size of my character, and I was just like owning dudes quietly sneaking up behind them. And then just like wheeling back for huge swing satisfying. And I guess it's kind of dark souls, e you collect soul like and if you die, you have to go back and find them and there's bonfires, but they're like mystical bonfires and I don't know. Sure. But it's very anime looking that games. Cool and also astral chain. I interviewed those guys just watch. Some gameplay didn't get to play that game looks very cool. And also, they would not talk to me about bayonet or near at all, even though I really wanted them to, but thanks flattening games for the interview I appreciate it anyway. And yeah, I also saw some call of duty footage and read about that as well. That was a interesting experience. Sounds like there's always the, the things that people get all worked up about out of three which understandably but it's also just part of three and feeling recently cynical about all of it, like this whole thing is just I don't know. Yeah. So I saw some of the discussion about call of duty. But I'm like I have mentioned trying to be very edgy. But it's also a way to guarantee that people talk about your game, possibly forever by, especially before it comes out. That's like when the moose charge conversation happen, so yeah. That'll be an interesting, an interesting discourse later this year. Did you when you're the Namco booth? I know they didn't have the Martin from Soffer game. They also do not have the new tales came. Did you check out? Nino Kuni remain. No. I only had time to play three games. And I chose dragon ball men of Madan and code vein. I'm sorry. I'm not a Neto Kuti for of even. I would've been like I don't know what's good about this cute. Well it's just it's just the first game. So I would have been anything worth talking about anyway. So, yeah, I'll get into just real quick over some of the stuff that I played first of all hollow night. Silk song is probably the famous excited about it was that was really, really cool to get the play played it at this booth kirks faces, lighting up. This is, of course, the deal, see turned brand new game. I guess. Yeah it's not even an expansion anymore. It's totally new game for hollow where you play as what's her face. What's, what's. Iconic video game character the last ten years. Yeah. Statement. I'm kidding. She's she's. I don't know if I feel that way you all their game cares from the past decade really read of hollow man. Imagine of hollow Nate is a new smash steel. See character. That'd be amazing, actually. Place. Matt, I was talking about this to someone else is like coordinate, and they were like, no, that's not her name. I was like, yeah. So, basically someone else gas lated me into thinking. It wasn't hornet. But anyway, harsh, it's awesome. Because it's, it's obviously more Holland and seems like I played through this one area, and it was exploring and felt just call NHI's except you're playing his horn and it feels a little bit different. And there's some really key differences to it. So, for example, when you do and a downward slash you jump up in the air and slash down instead of going straight down. You go diagonal so that in itself changes everything because of the way that you play holiday, or at least the way I play holiday. You also can throw needles and your energy meeting meter is like this yarn spinning thing, you're like collecting silken stuff. But instead of just being able to heal one heart at a time you have to fill it up, and then he'll like a bunch of your hearts and in a big burst. So, yeah, it's just it's changes a lot of things. In really settled as and I cannot wait to play more of it because all it was astounding. Yeah. Having like a ton of time fighting that second hornet fight in hollow night. And knowing Hornets moves Super Bowl, it's very cool that, you get a play her and get, I'm assuming I'm guessing all of those moves are going to be in the game. And also there's a lot of cool in the surprisingly, great, hollow Knight, lore in the backstory stuff. There's some really cool stuff about hornet. If I don't know if you've ever read up on them. There's this one. There's a couple of videos that break it down. But they were teasing. Of course, what was going to be deal. See and now we'll be in this game. So I'm excited. To learn more about hollowness and, and hornet and all of that. So that's very exciting. I'm psyched to hear. It's good. Yes, it is. I mean I can't really say it's getting I just played through a demo. It's good though. It's good. It's like fricken more holiday. Yeah. The games that we that we like are playing any free. This is one that it's fair to say is probably. And then I played well, I the first thing played actually on Tuesday was the final fantasy seven remake which is wild. So if, if you like me no final fantasy seven like the back of your hand especially the mid gar parts of these seven because anytime I try to replay the game. I always play at least through mid gar, which is probably done. It doesn't times by now. This is incredibly weird because it's got the same vibe, but it's all very different the way described it in my preview on Kentucky last week. Is that it's like if feels like final fantasy seventy regional was like an outline? And this is like the fleshed out paper version of it, because it's like you have all these all these new exchanges. They added and, like, everything, feels bigger and more expanded, and suddenly, turned Jesse and wedge, and Biggs who are like these NPC's from the first game you have no or the original game of absolutely no personality, except like a few throwaway lines before their kills at the beginning of a game in this. They're like, actual people with their own backstories and personnel. And, like cloud and Barrett have all these exchanges. It feels like there's more personality in the first fifty minutes that I played. And then there is in the entire mid gar portion of final fantasy seven. It's really wild. You know, so a big part of what I find found charming about final fantasy seven was filling in the blanks for myself and a lot of those old. Games. Yeah. I kinda like it isn't like the characters and final fantasy fifteen to take the most recent one that all these characters really did very much for me. And actually, I just didn't think they were very interesting. And they're kind of insipid a lot of the time. And I didn't like that. So I'm a little actually wary of that. Because you, you imagine all these relationships between Barrett and cloud, and tika and all of them, and they became these characters that everybody thinks they know. And it's not just that will be disappointed seeing this newly flush out version. But also just it could just kind of make them all kind of losers. I don't know. I'm I'm a little wary of that hearing that doesn't interesting. Not losers, but not how you might have pictured them in your mind because if you can flush them out in your mind, and then there's, like, well, no, there's this extra characterization, and I don't know. I definitely feel like people see those characters in different ways. Like if you talk to different people about what they think those characters are like everyone has different interpretations of their perceived. Yeah. I mean, none of the characters are different. They're all just expanded version. So it's. The expression expression. It's better to keep your mouth closed and be thoughtful than to open it and remove all doubt. It's like the video game version of that. Basically, they didn't say anything. They weren't even characters so we could just imagine. Yeah. They're really cool. Like they, they seem to have a cool name. And now if they begin all talking, maybe we'll be like, oh, they were losers this whole time, and that sucks. So, so part of it has also. I mean, part of it is that the original had such a bad translation that you really did, like try fill in all the blanks yourself in the English, and it was on was like oftentimes, just completely garbled in, like nonsensical. And now actual written English, and that's not to say it's great like some of the lines are kind of cornball, but it's just it's just very different. It's really really weird experience. The combat is really cool. It's not button Meshi. It's not like kingdom hearts game, it feels more like this. It has great rhythm to it where you're slashing away because it is an action RPG. No, you're slashing away. And then also like selecting abilities, every so often, because basically you're filling up this gauge they're calling AT as you hack and slash enemies. And then every time you fill up like a bar on the gauge, you can use that to us, one of your special abilities, and do extra damage so that has a cool rhythm to it that I enjoyed that first boss battle against the. Scorpion in the in the original game has been turned from like a thirty second battle to this epic extravaganza. That goes through four different phases and is now like ten minutes to complete. So that's a wild change. The big thing, the big reason, I'm most skeptical is that they have confirmed at this point that this is a the first episode will only be in mid Gars of this game, we're getting in March is only guards only the first five percent ten percent of the game. And be asked Yoshinori toseh- is the producer longtime director producer at square inex-. Hey, how many episodes are they're going to be? And he said, I don't know because we don't I can't tell you because we don't know ourselves yet. He said that as their finishing development of this first game. They're planning out with the second game's going to look like. So this could be going on forever. We have no idea. This could be a ten year project. It could just be the game that never ends. So that has me the most worried is that who knows when will actually get a complete st-. Ori- to this thing, but I hear you and totally agree with you. It's almost like it's like the voice acting problem. It's like do imagine all these people in your head and then them having actual voices just kinda changes it and almost like reveals the warts and the clunky -ness of some of that dialogue that might have sound so good sounded good. When you actually read it. So, yeah, that's an interesting one very interesting. One couple more things. Real quick. Dragging quest smokers, too. I'm probably gonna get coat review KOTA that pretty soon. So I'll be able to talk more about that. But cannot wait for that game. Awesome. I think I didn't mention that unless weeks episode but yeah, I mean, I liked the first one but the looked great. I was like, yes that they should at this Gruden express conference I will play that game one hundred percents and I love the first one as I rave about a couple of years ago on the show and this second one looks to fix all the problems that people had the first one, especially the biggest problem, which is that you have to reset your town, every single time you go to new island, I think they're changing things for this one so TVD on that. But it comes out really soon. It comes on July twelfth and then I got to see demos, hands off demos feeder, presentation demos of cyberpunk, and of the outta worlds. And I, I mentioned those ones because they are actually very similar. They're both kind of choose your own path fell. You could go hack. Cyber punky type games and the outer worlds is very, very low budget. It's made by team of seventy or eighty people compared to I report, which is made by team of five hundred plus people. So is interesting to see in compare those two and how they like take different approaches. The outer worlds definitely seems like a more stylized funnier like more more quirky version of the cyberpunk, dais X formula. Whereas I revoked twenty seventy seven seems like beauts sleek like this game is going to be humongous and give it a zillion different ways to play. And I'm excited for both of those both of those obviously are made by developers with really, really good track records obsidian with the outer worlds and CD project ride with. Yeah. I mean, I guess the, the demos for both of those were just like overall here, all the different ways you can approach us Rb g you can hack. You can talk your way out of things you can shoot your way to things. Did you guys have any questions specifically about either those games, especially about cyberpunk because cyberpunk is one of those gains that everyone can not wait to play Kirk? I feel like you. You must be something or another wins win. So the outer world is not Tober. I'm looking at the state just to wrong. God, they're not that close to one another because I do wanna play both. No. I don't really have questions about cyberpunk because I I mean I'm going to play and probably be really good. I feel just sell you on it right. And I saw so much discussion of it and got kind of overwhelmed by how because it's clearly the hottest game of three every website, very much just a news consumer over the week and just kinda reading seeing what was on Polycom and what's on your gamer, and what's on Kentucky cyberpunk is obviously what's on Twitter the game that everybody's talking about. And I, there's a ton of information like I was psyched to learn that Keanu Reeves is like, actual main character. I just think that's cool. And I read a cool interview, I don't know where it was. Now, I think that it was a polygon, and it was with the creator of cyberpunk twenty twenty who's working on this game as well. And it was about how this game is doing all the stuff that's in the lineage, and it's actually like in a one time line. And canneries is character was a character in that time line. And how like some of the factions that you met in the demo factions in the original one who've changed over these years. And like the ways rolled is going to reflect the changing communities. It was all really cool. They brought all their writers and art directors. And I felt like that was neat. It was neat reading all these creative people talking about their game. But it will I will go back and read out. So I've played it because really, I was just sort of overwhelmed with information and opinions and takes like, okay, just so. No, actually, I just want to play it, it looks RAD. I'm sure I mean, the people who made the which are three and I love the which three so like, yeah. Play punk. Is less of a new thing for me. I don't know if I have any questions that I mean that's co-directed by the two people who created or two of the creators of fallout. Oh, yeah. No, I know it's more like I just didn't see as much chatter about having read as much about an hour watched as many videos when you say that it's like fallout. New vegas. What is the combat? Look, like I guess that's the one question I have, like what does it look like fight things Janke shooting, like Jane? That's what I imagine new Vegas, plasma rifle. And it doesn't Janke plasma shooting and yeah, I mean, that's sort of there's no vats or anything, right? It doesn't have a sort of a aid the way that was abandoned. Oh, I don't know. There is there is actually a slow time ability you can like literally so down time, I don't know if it's an equivalent of vats or use it as often, but it's definitely slow down time. Yes, probably very helpful time in that kind of bad shooting can help things like, yeah, I should say when I say Janke this isn't entirely it's very hard to tell how good a shoot shooter feels without playing like just from watching someone play. It's really difficult to tell, like how it feels what the latency delay is each button does. So there's a lot that is remains unknown until they actually get my hands on that thing. But yeah, I mean, it's they're both they both had similar like us dialogue trees, like lots of different options, based on your skills, and your character choices and your background. And yet, like lots of different ways to overcome obstacles, they just seem similar in lots of ways, except outer worlds just seemed funnier and more satirical. Whereas cyberpunk seen more gritty and realistic sort of, like how you would compare any obsidian fan like a pillars of eternity to which three it's like just different styles. But yeah, I mean outta worlds is very much about, like these are corporations like controlling everything. And well, I guess I repent kids to their everything out of world is more like sit here corporations, where it's like, like, look at this hyper satire of capitalism. Whereas cyberpunk is more of a gritty like this is dark shit. You're gonna have to go to some dark places. The cyberpunk demo ended with you literally inside or space within the internet, and like you see a blurry figures and stuff. Yeah. I saw a little bit of discussion of cyberspace in what that will be, and that is really exciting. Like if they make that as cools it could be and given how creative some of the people that's duty are they could I don't have a ton of knowledge of cyberpunk of the tabletop game. But, like that's the actual cyber shit that isn't actually in a lot of stuff that calls itself. Cyberpunk a lot of times, it's just like, oh, there's corporations and you're in a city and there's robots and, you know, sort of ethical blurred lines in your you know a hacker. And sometimes you can. Your way into a building. But the idea of going into a cyberspace where all reality becomes something different is he'll, obviously, like really expensive and hard to explore an video game if anyone's going to do it, it's going to be, you know, this massive, I should say, look, kind of cornball like looks like blurry like people and like, like looked like nineties like depiction of the internet. Or so there was an interview I read where they were describing how cyberspace will be reflected in a bunch of different ways. It makes it sound like it's going to be, discreet, very, very different sort of fantasy rooms almost that you go through the idea made me think I could imagine this in a very big game. And it made me excited. But yeah, who knows maybe they'll suck. Yeah. I mean, we're talking about, like you said, the people made the Witcher three so and yeah. One of the cool things that both developer said is that in both Seattle royals, cyberpunk you can complete the game or at least most of the game. But I think they both said actually the entire team killing anybody. Completely full as possible. Yeah. I think they said of that of yadda world to the you'll have to, like rough people up, but I could be confusing them in my head so policies. That's wrong. But yeah, both games just like seem very similar, and they seem like, really cool. And I'm excited for both of them, especially because day sex is dead. So. Play these missile these games instead. And then. Yeah. And then the other thing that I did was went to be Indy mix event. Mattia think you were there to Jerry briefly of the cool, things about e three is they do this thing, where a bunch of Indies, just all bring their demos and display him in one big room and you go round and play all of them this year. I wasn't super stoked about anything in particular like usually I come away being like oh this is one game. I really have to play like last year's was the messenger. So usually usually come away with one game like that this year. I wasn't super on like everything the rose some cool things this cool robot game called kunai that looked interesting played a tactics game or watch someone play tactics game called phantom brigade. It looked pretty cool. Other couple other random things there was one game where you're like an Uber firefighter service, and so you have to go in and like, stop a fire, but do it as cost efficiently as possible. You don't really care about the people. It's like good satirical luck Uniroyal care by the people involved, you just have to make money and then get out of there. So, yes, some cool stuff there, and that's it for me. So Kirk do you wanna just give us a breakdown of the stuff you saw from the outside, like what was it like was it weird? How much it was weird for you. Like a news consumer. How much time did you spend, like reading gaming news on Twitter and stuff? I spent more time reading gaming using Twitter than I normally do, but not a time check in like I said, just read sites. No, I don't have a whole lot of other stuff to add. I mean, I feel like I interjected enough while you guys were talking about the things I was interested in psych for Louise mansion. I'm psyched for cyberpunk but yet. No, not a ton of other stuff really from whole. All right. Then why don't we take another break? And then talk about some topic stuff. And we are back Kirk manning. Let's talk about some things we are checking out that has nothing to do with video games. Kirk, why don't we start review Cincinnati. And I just talked for a while. I have a few things for off topic, first of all, I read pretty pretty quickly through reread, I guess Stephen king's book on writing his sort of memoir, of writing, which is wonderful book, real classic really good. It's fun to read it now. I, I read shortly after came out because the bunch of people suggested that and I was a writer, I liked writing in two thousand and three or whenever four when I read it, but had not done the job of being a writer for a long period of time. And now I have in reading it having just spent so long working on writing, and trying to get better and like really focusing on it, and being frustrated by it and just spending so much time as a writer, reading it was really fun. And really inspiring? I recommend reading it or reading, or reading it for the first time, it's a quick read. And it's just his kind of both his story, which he moved really quickly, just his life story of growing up, super super poor and how he just like why he began writing the with he did. And this gradual process of just pitching and pitching sending in so much stuff and getting rejected over. And over and over again and just his own creative process. And then he just has like a kind of he's this curmudgeon. He's kind of just this dude. He's very much this type of guy who who has a certain worldview, but there's something about it that I find peeling, despite the things about it that can also be frustrating and it's just nice to, to read his, his thoughts on like being creative. Like he's very matter of fact, very pretentious, and about his own work in about everything and find it really endearing. So I, I like that book a lot. I feel like every writer should have to read this book, pretty sure they all have like one of those books that people get you interested in writing the people people who, who use verbs in instead of sad, like, blah, blah, he explained, especially in journalism, people who do that needs to read on writing for why you should not do that. Yeah. A couple of it's funny because there's very little, like, straight up practical advice about writing. 'cause there's this other writing tools that I recommend. For that. I love that book. I'm forgetting the name of excellence. It was really good. And there's kind of like the three bucks, and then Strunk and white, which actually I've read before, but I want every read is really short. He starts the book on writing meetings. Just go read string whites elements of style. That is really the only thing you need to read about writing, and one of the rules, omit needless words, I think, what it is. And he loves that one anyways, if especially if you're a writer at all, it's just fun to read, someone talk, so playfully and also he's a good writers. Is right. Peter Clarke, that's at a writing tools killer book, and that has a lot of the practical advice. Stephen king's by says we don't use adverbs ever and, and don't use to be herbs. He has he has a few collection of things that I completely imprinted upon because I read on writing as a teen wanting to be a writer, and then I was like, I've got a follow literally all this advice and I don't know if that was useful or not. I mean you could do worse. He, he shares, a couple of Prieta and post at it like a couple of scenes that he wrote that are pretty cool. And he's also just very willing to just show you the stuff that his first draft is like it's okay, but it definitely has some rough edges, and then you see the edits and it makes it way better anyway. So that's a cool book. And that was fun to reread. He also it's worth noting ASA talks about his tremendous traumatic accident where he got hit by Connor happen as he was working on that book, then get informed, some of his work, sometimes like for ill, you know, I think that dark tower if it was cool, that, it inspired him to finish the Dr tower that he was hit by a car and. Almost died and realize holy shit. My life saga of this massive book series isn't finished. But then also like rates that into the dark tower in ways that, that's a effort podcast separate conversation about the dark tower. So anyways, great book and I have watched almost all of HBO's churn, noble, the miniseries about Chernobyl, that is the hot discussed show that I'm sure a lot of our listeners, have other have you seen any of this now. The mood for it. But something? Posting one. Yeah. I have I wasn't in the mood for it. And then I just put it on. And we just started watching it because that's kind of the way to do it. And it's great. I mean it really is really good. It's there's also a podcast that he was doing with, Peter sago from wait, wait, don't tell me interviewing the creator of the show after each episode, and they kind of go into what was real and what they changed, and, you know, who's a composite character. And what really happened most? It's real there's stuff. They changed its useful in that way. The podcast is a little bit. I mean, it's an HBO sponsor podcast. So it's never really critical in the show or anything. So there's a little bit feeling of just it's like those things they do after game of thrones where it's just puffy of people, but it's nice and Peter Sehgal's really smart guy in like a good interviewer anyways. It's a good show. It definitely I'd say the most interesting thing about it is that it shows life in the Soviet Union in the eighties in a way that I don't think in America, we really showed that often, and I think that's really cool. It just shows people being people and also does while it does show how the government in the system and all the lies and corruption and misinformation lead. Turnover being a lot worse than it could've been. It also shows how the people were willing to sacrifice their lives. I mean like lots of people amazingly, like there were so many people who did, like ridiculously sacrifice, like her, oh, and things to stop this from becoming way worse than it was. Which is something I didn't know that it could have been like it could lake made huge parts of Europe on habitable. And so it's it's worth learning. I will warn people that the fourth episode has some really rough dog stuff in it. And if you can't handle that, then just skip that episode or something. But it's like Jit route that just knocked it off my list. So that's just the episode like vomiting and just body horrors. Yes, I mean, it's yes. People dying. There's only five and, but it is it's great. So it's worth watching. Yeah. It's I mean it's dark and there's a lot of sickness and death. And then episode for only if you're like if you can deal with, with, with animals and dogs just keep that up reader recap, or something, but it is, it's pretty good or really good. Actually, the production designers in particular, just bananas like the they've done so much good work. And the last thing is I watched the net flicks rom com. Always be my maybe which to did. Okay. So I don't want to fine. It was cute. I don't wanna spoil like the best thing about the movie, which is the cameo in the movie or at least for me kinda spoiled in the trailers, but I didn't know all the details of it and say, we're spoiled for me, and I was kind of sad about that. So I'd rather not spoil it either. So okay, I won't either. So we'll just say that, right. It's a, it's a total, like B B minus round com. Totally cute. Good. There is great. Yes. That briefly, elevates, the entire movie into something incredible. And I was like dying laughing for that. So it's, it's honestly worth watching for that. I thought that is I will say, I was a little sad that the rest of the movie wasn't as good as I wanted it. I watch a lot of rom coms, because, you know, it's a classic when I can't sleep and garbage and you don't need to pay that much attention to them. But I feel like the net flicks rom coms like to all the boys. I've loved before is the good one. I don't haven't really thought any of the other ones like they're all very D minus in my experience. Like all have nothing interesting that elevates them to, like, when Harry met Sally levels, like there's nothing about them that really quite they always feel like the first draft or maybe the second draft of a script that, like needed a few more punch-ups. It's weird. I don't know what their processes of like each. One is an off brand version of another movie and pulled back. We'll think about always be my maybe is that the, the main characters Korean American and so kind of like tapping into their ancestry. History. And like that's cool. Those really cool, but then that's really what the movie is. They don't do that much with it. And then it lacks the glitz glamour, and, like excitement of crazy rich Asians, which was kind of the, the major big Asian, featuring rump com movie that came out recently, and so it kind of like feels a little like that. And then a lot of their movies are kind of that way like they feel like knockoffs are like, just sort of straight to cable thing, you'll lifetime movies, like a step above that. But like still in this weird zone where it's like this isn't quite good enough. But I agree with you on to all the boys love before I thought that would be great. And I guess, sex education. The that was a series. That's interesting. So Netflix has mastered TV but not quite mastered movies. Yeah. I don't think size master movies. I not quite yet. Manny. What about you? Speaking of movies, that are not mastered ESP of bad movies. I saw dark Phoenix. So I have an excellent podcast that I do sometimes, and we're gonna do an episode about this for a patriot. But yeah, that's the only reason I watched it smoothies, not good. And having just watched X three recently was very sad. To me to, like, watch a bad dark, Phoenix movie. And then watch another bad dark, Phoenix movie. A few weeks later, I made me feel leaving the theater, like maybe it can't be done. Maybe you can't actually adopt this kind of story, and even like the original comic book story, about the dark Phoenix is very, it's struggles with the idea of, like, oh, this female characters. Suddenly has all of these extra bonus powers, and she's more powerful than all the men around, or now they're terrified of her, and then she realizes she enjoys it, and that she likes destroying planets, and then it ends with, gene. Basically, begging them to kill her because she's like, I can't control this thing inside me. And then they kind of con- something's about that. But those that's the basic loose story of it. And I just don't know if that's adoptable because there's some sort of inherent problems in that story. Then also anytime it's been adapted for film. It kind of seems like filmmakers for whatever reason just are uncomfortable about the idea of showing something like that, like, maybe they're worried. It'll be offensive in some way or they just don't know how to have a female action hero, who becomes a villain kind of. And like that's such a weird story that just somehow it's never quite worked at no. I I maybe it will never happen. And now the X men ever getting absorbed into the and I'm like, I think this is it like I don't think they're going to do the dark Phoenix again because why would it ever happen again? And by the time they do it again. It'll be like sixty years after those comics. So I feel like this is like the last time they're going to try it, and it sucked. So I'm just like I guess, this is it this is it for this idea. It's over. It's funny. It's funny. You say that Hollywood doesn't know how to do an action, female female action hero, who turns into a villain after a certain TV show that has just been on the air for for a long time. And then ended that kurkin I- recaps recently. Oh. I was wondering where you're going. And then I finally realized I don't know that I would argue that that shows. No. But like game of thrones. Also did it badly as what you're saying. Yes. No. Yes. No. That's I mean, yeah. It's like it's very. Yeah. I was just way more time to do it. And but. More time. They could gone that right? Turn to do genuinely. I think that's a difficult story to tell even the general, it's especially to tell if you in the in the, in the cinematic medium where you can't see characters inter fought s-. Yes. I think I like doing that in a novel or book series of fantasy book series comic assize outside of her head exacts waiting. It's so much easier to show telepathy, I feel like in comic books to for that same reason, and even things like telekinesis, like that can be very cinematic, and like, you know, her burst into flames or whatever can look really cool. But yeah, the compelling part is what she's thinking in those moments. And they didn't really do a good job showing them. Many. Lemme ask you what you think of Phoenix in general because I well, yeah, before what I think what do you think just the idea of Jean grey becoming Phoenix? Yeah. What do you make of that as a as a built in part of Jean Grey's character? I mean, this is like this could be its own entire show. I loved it as a kid simply because I love Jean grey. There aren't that many female characters in anything, and she's like one of the few, I also always loved storm, same reason, but Jean grey, like the idea of her suddenly becoming more powerful than everyone else around her, and depending on which, whether it's prerequisite post recon, it's either that Jean Grey's powers inside her all along. The Phoenix is always part of her, and it just emerges, and it's like she always had this, which is one interpretation. And then there's also the version where it's like it's an alien possessing her and it's actually not her, and they need to remove it. And she needs to go back to being like innocent sweet Jean grey. I don't like that one as much. I think the other version is more interesting personally, but it's been so confused by, like different ret cons and comics over the years that I feel like it's hard to even really land on how I feel about it. And obviously, the original comics are so old that, like I read them, and I just see how data they are. But I also see, like, oh, the second wave feminism that they were trying for. And like I can see the strides being made there. So I'm willing to give it. Credit for that. But I would never be like, yeah, this is still an iconic. I mean, it isn't Iconex story, but I've mixed feelings about it. There's non-answer. How do you feel about about the dark Phoenix etcetera, your expert knowledge is so exceeds mine that, like, I honestly don't know how I feel about it. I've always I've like bounce around, and we'll watch a movie or I'll see, you know I'll read a comic. I watched the cartoon some was always. So I was always a ware of it, and I always knew okay? At the beginning of a new x men series. We meet, gene. And then there's always some tease for Phoenix down the road and become Phoenix. And then, you know that leads the dark Phoenix, and I can never really remember how that ends because it gets so cosmic and I think she dies, right? Because like you said, there's so many versions of it, and it's been done and redone, so many ways. So I was mostly just wondering what you think of it because I don't know what I think of it. But that's interesting. Well, there you go. That's what I think, I don't think people should say this movie though. I don't think I've heard it's bad. Benjamin d couple of things for me one is that I finished season, one of billions. Are you doing it? So. Yeah in the middle of it. I was kinda like all right. I'm a little bit laws and some of the financial stuff they're getting into. And like I'm not really like my wife felt the same way we were like let's just finish out the season and then it got so much better jobs. Right. Especially that financially. You start to feel or at least I started to feel like I understood the financial shit like after I'd gotten further and further into the show. I was like, I got it. Now, I'm basically on Wall Street. I'm as smart as I get so immersed in that world in the show that you start being like yeah. I get it. I get like short is. And I get what they're doing. It's cool. Yeah. One of the things that should as really well, as like Seth things up, and then only explains them later, which is interesting narrative trick there lot of things to break down in the show. It's fascinating. It's really, really interesting show, funny very enjoyable. The performances killer, Mattie. Have you seen this does? No, I know that's blasphemy to you. I should probably watch it. He should probably watch it just that we can talk about on this show. But also says so the end of season one. There's this episode call the conversation. That's the finale of season one, and it has the it's not clear what the title is referring to 'cause they're to bombshell conversations, one between pudgy Ahmadis character, and his wife and the other between between Paul giamati, and Bobby Axelrod's, who is the two rivals. And both of them are just incredibly well, done and reminiscent of this, the season four finale of the sopranos, which is a separate called Whitecaps, and I won't spoil it or anything. But basically, it's like this epic ongoing drawn out conversation. That is like this culmination of everything that happened before it. And it's very similar to the way, the billions handles season, one finale, and it's really, really cool and feels like it has that emotional weight of TV finale that you really want to see from a good show. So many fascinating things of other shows such an interesting on, I can't wait to keep watching. But I think the thing that is most compelling to me is that like I've never watched his show before, where these two characters who hate each other to the death. Just like complete rivals rival geniuses, basically. And you just root for both of them, I've never seen the show like or you hate. Of them to fail somehow, even though that is not a possible outcome. I'm like, I want them. Both the fail. I don't know eight everything compelling. That it's just like I've never seen a show that does that in this way. And I know kirks about to say because I haven't watched the wire yet no wires. Sounds like Seinfeld? I'm picturing the Seinfeld finale. No. That's not the part of the yet. No, the lack of sympathy is around talking about what I'm talking about is the way that creates these opposing factions. And just makes you really really root for both of them in this like one on one battle where year like watching the see who will up in the other, and we'll ups CG other, and it's really really just like it's good at making you not pick a side and like root really strongly or not really strongly for both of anyways. It actually made me think of I was thinking about this game that was announced last week three called death loop the Arcadia of to assassinate trying to outsmart one another and that I was thinking, like, if that's like billions and Simon. Awesome. Because I really love the wave at these two are, just like creating these schemes and Mackin nations and just like playing one another constantly and then I started watching the beginning season two and that's like, diving even deeper and getting into more elaborate schemes and it's just really really fun to what I really want to watch. I got to watch the most recent season though. I haven't yet you should watch it with Emily, and you guys should get through even if you're not loving the first little, first half of season, one, because it gets way better towards the end of season, one as it starts like resolving some of the little strands, that it started, or some little setups, that started at the beginning of the show, because it's very much, not a type of show, where everything is resolved episode to episode like a lot of stuff is just not on God, even explored further until a subsequent episode really enjoying it. And then the other thing real quick, is that I'm reading this book called policy by Neil Gaiman, and I bought this last year after God of working out, but haven't actually had a chance to pick it up until the other day. When I started reading it on a whim is really frigging good. It's like Neil gamons retelling of all these nor Smith which I hadn't heard before I grew up reading Greek mythology but wasn't as with north north pathology, and especially if you've played God. War, and you're like interested in that. And you're excited for the Vikings assassin's creed and like other Viking games really highly recommend this book. It's really, really good. And just like these stories are phenomenal and really well told because it's Neil Gaiman and he's a superstar author. So that's that gets a thumbs up book recommendation from me, if you're looking for something, it's also really light and easy to read it feels like it's something that would be good to read to a child. So he could read it with your kids, so highly recommend that one. All right. That's it for me. So it is time as always for kirks music pick of the week. All right, my music this week is from a new album from the guitar player. Cory Wong that I've been obsessively listening to for the last two days, this is fresh. Listen for me. This is called live in the UK. It's him with his band their funky as hell they're really, really good. Everyone in the band is great. And this is called lunchtime. And I'm gonna play a club play a couple clips. I guess what? Super funny, is this the first this is him coming on stage. The band and for background like Corey Wong plays guitar with full peck, a lot he's sort of, in that scene of sort of very online, like people super good rhythm. Guitar players is good guitar player in general, and he comes out, and he does this whole thing where it's like pillow London. These are you ready for some diminished. Chords difference like you ready for some pentatonic scales, and he starts yelling out all this like music theory stuff that they're gonna play. And then there's this point in the set where he does this, like breakdown of everything. That's about to happen. They do break down. And then he explains eight we're going to change the key, and we're gonna go up to this. And then like this guy's been into this. And then the keyboard players got plays solo. He's gonna play lick and it's this whole thing where he basically outlines of they're going to do. So here's a clip of that. Now. Now, just let you know what's going to happen next. I'm gonna count the band back in. We're gonna go to the four core. Horns, little silly. We're going to go back to the four core. They're going to continue to solely three hits. We're gonna modulate up a minor third. Play keyboard solo and he's gonna do bell lick. Casey, that's the other forty percent sharing if you know what is your one of those or you're just cheering because, like, yeah. Yeah, that's fine too. That's totally cool sheer at whatever you want. And then the awesome part is they, then they just do it. And it kills like they do the whole thing, he just laid out like exactly down to like the lick that there's this famous jazz like the keyword player plays. And he plays the league twice. And he does exactly what they say. It's super super funny. So here's that. Anyway. It's ridiculous album. It's, it's like super good. It's newly out funky how great band really good horn section man answered have a horn section is tight. The horn section Corey ones. I honestly cannot think of a single, there would not be improved by having a really good horn section. That is if I ever have another wedding God forbid, I want Corey long span to play renew your house. That's. Just as an excuse to party with standpoint. Such a party. It'd be so good. All right. That is it for this week's episode. Use the three of us will be back as always week and next week, expect a lot fewer episodes packages. No more bonus interviews for me. Three until this week catching up catching up. And I'll see you guys next time. All right. Bye bye. Catania split-screen is an official podcast of Qatar CU dot com. It's produced by creek, Hamilton Mattie Myers and meet Jason schreier Kirk edits and mixes the podcast and also wrote and performed our theme, solid and other music where a part of the fusion podcast network, where Montenegro feeding executive producer of audio you can find us on popular podcast services like panoply, NPR one Google play, and apple podcasts. And we hope you leave us a review, if you like what you hear find old episodes at Kentucky dot com slash split-screen, or Email us at split-screen could talk dot com.

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