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"peter cellphone" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"In for Robin Lundberg this morning. I'm usually have run out to breakfast. The first time I'll catch some Robin show. And then drive at home for breakfast or head now to the gym or running around. It's great big fan of Robbins and Gladys he he gets a weekend off is it spring break. Now, Robin has young children, right Anthony. Yes, he does. He's got young children. So he's probably really just enjoying a chance to sleep in. See now, I have the teenager in the house now that the ninth grader one of the things we put in place was and I said to my wife at the time no bedtime. There's no bedtime. We're going to release her on a college campus and a few years she's got to learn to manage her own Clark manage your own time. So now there's no bedtime. And she's a great student. But how she keeps the hour. She does now there's no electrons. Anthony, what about this rule? So no bedtime. Ninth grade girl. No bedtime. She wants to go to bed at one in the morning. She got a better one in the morning because she goes to a very intense academic school. So she has a lot of homework and stuff. So I said, I don't care, but the electron IX. It's ten o'clock. Mom and dad had the electron IX at ten o'clock. There's no phone no ipad. So she can go watch TV downstairs. She can do homework whatever she got. But so that's good. Socially, young people. Wait too addicted to the cellphone, right? I mean think Jaeger will probably everybody is Peter cellphone, ten o'clock ten PM, but you can go to bed. She's show. What good and watch adult swim do stuff like that. So here's something I want to tell you though, and I'm gonna be as kind as I can because I've heard some of the hosts on our network to this from year to year. Nobody cares about your bracket. Just a little public service announcement because we are less than forty eight hours from the brackets becoming a reality. Nobody cares about your bracket. Dopey that person in your office bracket guy. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Went I went fifteen in one yesterday. Going into Friday. I'm in first place in the office pool. So I found out a few numbers for you one of the reasons you don't want to be the bracket guy. Now, these are some of the statistics from the bracket challenge that ESPN ran and I found an article that was written about it. That in ninety Lillard. I'll let me see here. I want to get the numbers. Exactly. Correct. Okay. In the brackets that are run for them greater than ninety nine percent of them. The person who leads after the first day wins. So if you're winning after the first day, please be quiet. I don't need to know who you're four number one seeds are I don't need to know who you're Cinderellas. And by the way, that's a heads up to to talk radio hosts who are thinking. Wow. Monday. Tell us your toughest bracket. What region is the toughest tell us who's your five twelve upset. Tell me who's in your final four. Oh my gosh. Let's go to Bill from Cleveland pill. Tell us your final four who's your Cinderella? Oh, jeez. They're going to be words that are just gonna be emblazoned on my brain within the next few weeks on the bubble like who's on the bubble. Bubble thing goes away. We get rid of this bubble anytime soon. Because this is ridiculous. It happens every single year. Nobody cares about your bracket. Because it doesn't take any common sense. To fill out a bracket. Not at all. Does it? Take commonsense. You're going to need some luck a little bit of research a few things to your way. But overall just keep your bracket to yourself. Get involved with the brackets with your buddies. But for talk show host, please you could I'm sure you could dig up a mount Rushmore show if you don't want to do any kind of research you can dig up mount Rushmore show eight five five two one two four CBS eight five five two one two four CBS. So in the discussion of the admission scandal, which we're gonna get into next hour in a more deep dive. We get into a conversation where Kevin work in the show today run. The board starts talking about how much he loved full house. And then Anthony talking about how much he loved full house and family matters. So I just need to clean up some dirty laundry right away. Anthony your show stunk. No come on Jain they stunk. They were not they're not funny. Full house, come on uncle Jesse or the life lessons that full house torturing away you want to do the life lessons thing. That's one thing. That shows not funny. Does it hold up? Could you sit today all the catch phrases? Okay. Could you sit today and see song? Could you sit through an episode of full house today? I would watch because it meant a lot growing up. I grew up on it. So I would definitely be able to sit down and watch it. Okay. You're gonna sit and laugh at it laugh through it. Like, what's a show you like the find funny? I think it to in. At the office. Absolutely. Love the yellow like you'd like is there anything about full house that would remind you of the office as far as how will make you laugh. If you go back there is some like subtle there are some adult humor. Really? Yes, they do make some like adult references. Really? Yeah. There's a light dusting of it. But you could find it a light dusting of it. And then Kevin was targeted to fat. Kevin in our family matters guy. Are you know urkel now I was never a big fan. I know urkel though is in a couple of episodes full house, if I'm ever held hostage and someone wants to get my ATM codes Adamy time to share and put family matters and full house on. Now, the great theme song to Josh. Way renault. The theme songs are fine. I'm very kitschy with the theme songs. I I can do the theme songs and never watch show. And still know what the theme song is. There was that show. There was full house family matters. There was that balcony. Oh, perfect strangers strangers. Horrendous shows was horrendous he's classics classics. Classics. You're watching your sitting down to watch perfect strangers today. Wow. Perfect strangers is on. I'm watching it. You are not. Yes, I am. You are not great Caserta has got to have more at least sort of acumen than this. Perfect strangers full house family matters, Greg. Yes, sir. Renew my faith renew my faith in your generation again. Like these guys shows that I watched but they do not hold up. They tried watching full house and not the same. My my biggest thing with full house. Now when I put it on. I enjoy it a little bit because of the comedy that Bob saggy does because he plays his filthy absolute Phil a temple guy like myself saw the I didn't realize that here's a temple guy. Okay. Tempo. Grad, I think he's in the hall of fame, by the way for watch which at the school as a hall of fame graduate, and you are not and I'm not I'm not not that. I'm not that. I'm bothered by that at all considering some of the people that I've seen get put in. But let's move on from that. Let's move on from that. I mean, he is a he's a filthy comedian. Yeah. I love it. So you do love it. I love what he became because people have this clean cut image of Danny Tanner hosting wake up San Francisco and. Boy was he just pulling the wool over everybody's eyes. Oh, no. He was he was definitely filthy at that. Man. Cashed in on that show is still get those residuals. Oh my gosh. That's that's the that's the best thing in the world. Residuals is the greatest thing in the world. And I like that the Olsen twins have that blank stare when they get photograph. Now. Loopy is from all the money from all the money from all the jab you ever run into them in New York. Have you ever seen them around? Yeah. We hung out at a club few expect. No, you didn't you didn't hang out with the Olsen twins. You can't get behind that velvet rope. Seriously. The the one thing I'd say the residuals thing is great. I was thinking about it when we were on the set of SVU. A few weeks back in New York. And just seeing Mariscos work. And I'm thinking our friend Kelly Gitta, she's got like she's nine seasons in now. I believe eight or nine seasons on next year. And so those residuals are going to be keep her going to fund the rest of her life. But for Maresca target. Say twenty years. She is going to be like, she never. She never has to do anything the rest of her life. She could sit on the couch and eat chips sagged also played a per view. I didn't know that one of his more dark role was that early SVU or later, I can't really talk because it's been on for too long. So I don't know what's early at this point. Well, shacks trying to get a role on it. And they're gonna they're gonna try to. We're going to try to see if we can get shack on. So I don't have a problem. I think he can find his way in are coming up. You wouldn't trade this guy which in hell, yes, I would John Kincaid in for Robin Lundberg hits his show here on CBS sports radio. Here's great Caserta. Sports flash Janis put together.

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