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"peter alds" Discussed on Dunedin Writers and Readers Festival 2019

Dunedin Writers and Readers Festival 2019

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"peter alds" Discussed on Dunedin Writers and Readers Festival 2019

"Thank you next up. We have a poet. Visual artist publisher and translator roger. Hicken many of you know him through cold hub press. Today he'll be talking to us about the recently published work a town trod by poets. Please join me in welcoming. Br dunedin appropriately for new zealand city of literature. Same to crop up in poetry more frequently and more vividly than any other new zealand city or town. It has a temporal symbolic santer of many of the poems of janet frame james k baxter and peter alds. It's charles brash. Home ground city. That floats on the edge past century beat of breakers beyond white island last stiffened nothing it has baxter's southern town a hands breadth from antarctica. It has peter houses deep southern freeze. Montgomery avenue not thinks is tonight with the tampa. Expect to see icebergs floating harbour after this city of literature publication town trod by poets which features photographs and poetry by peter. All of a poem by mexican halio address to peter began as a paper presented. Two thousand sixteen center for the book symposium book and plice sauntering around the city trailing a string of quotations i meant to offer an impressionistic account of dunedin's presence in poetry with an emphasis on the poetry payrolls more than any other writer whose mapped the stories dunedin straits subtitled. Search for truth. Underneath and streets grew from a phrase in a poem of mine grim satori on dunedin streets dunedin having been the locus of my misspent youth. Not all of which i care to remember a backdrop to the adventure of suffering to paraphrase in loni for whom the city was an tip in mount third tory hill tree and tower by sunlight or stylized assembled into a sitting for something to take place in so what follows snippets from town by poets. The old wise journey on foot robert mcfarland right. The compact between riding and walking almost as old as literature award is only a step away from a story. Many of the dunedin poems of peter alds stories of or footnotes to his walks street after salt win street as good an example as any as bell. Now's park or two thousand eight in which he steps into a story in the imagined company of some local literary four years. Charles brash risk dallas. Ah read james k baxter and an ex-lover as he walks up high gaze towards the town belt nor west wind at my back stopped at bell. Now's park for a p and a clump of bush. Got sniffed out by a black dog took a seat on an antiquated bench to take in the view the ground hollowed at my feet by those. Who'd been before me watching. The surf roll into clear. Poets charles and ruth comparing peninsula visions. I am sky sharing egg and possibly sandwiches. Young couples shooting just starting out on life's moonlit journey..

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