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"pete rose park" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"But one season ah, member of the Lexington Legends, Public Relations staff came and invited the beat riders to come down. For a game. So Kevin going into the Cincinnati Post and I, we got together and checked out a game on a Saturday night. I believe what you did Friday or Saturday night. It just had a blast at the elections and Legends game and they did a promotion that I absolutely love would love to see more of it. And that is after alleged hit a home run, and there were two or three home runs hit. There was a guy sitting in the box seats behind home plate near the nearthe Legends dugout. The kid would come out after his home run tip his cap. The guy would take his cap in Rome. This seats the box seats from third base to first. Your first to third base behind the dugouts and right in that area there and collect money and folks were tipping him, You know, putting a dollar $5 whatever in this guy's cap And then the guy racing around the stadium, hands the ball player his cap with the money in it. Is a is a tip for hitting a home run. I thought that was so cool. I was hoping that the Dayton Dragons would do something like that. And I don't know if they did or not. But I just thought that was really cool. And that was my memory of Ah. Going to a legends game and really an awesome promotion. But what I'd like to know is where did you play Little League Baseball, Not whole baseball. In suburban Cincinnati. What field? What do you remember about it? The chick stir grew up early on Grand Avenue, right up the street from Holy Family Church in school, And then we moved in 1960 when I was in the first grade to ST William. At the We lived at the corner West Eighth and Rosemont. We had a hoop in our driveway, Little driveway, legend and the ball. We set up a fence. My dad did, but the ball would bounce And the next thing I know I am racing down west, a street trying to chase our basketball. But anyway, Jem See Park US camp. Dell Hi Junior High del High Park into Rome. Those fields in Boldface Park, which became Pete Rose Park. Now it's back to bold face down on the river. Ah umpired played down there many, many times so Hey, Where did you would love to hear from you? Where did you play Little League Baseball. And what do you remember about it? Man was a candid park in Redding. Was it Yeah. Where you and Ah, but I'm travelling around and going to a lot of different places. Man, Wittenberg University beautiful. Baseball stadium. Wow, He's just awesome. But I've been to Riverside Park. I've even going out to beach acres in Anderson Township toe umpire but have no field in white oak. And Waterworks Park and Fairfield. Fairfield is just unbelievable. The number ofthe baseball fields and stadiums and That's where the job Joe Nuxhall Miracle Field in Fairfield, Man Just Ah! Riverside Park on round bottom, rode all over the place, so we've been staying busy and that hiss really helped fill the void. With no major league baseball. Coming up to the top of the hour. Don amrhein. He's coming in studio veteran fast pitch softball coach and instructor and really looking forward to talking to don And He's also a terrific umpire. But he's the head Girls softball coach at ST Ursula Academy, and he also has ties to the Reds working with the Youth Academy. And ah, the Cincinnati Bengals. So looking forward to having don in studio. It's awfully awfully hot out outside, man. Be sure to hydrate, but it's so good to see the Reds back at you know, part half the team is a great American ballpark. The other half is it Presque au Park. I wonder what is going through the mind of Aristide Ease, Aquino. I'm not saying he's been banished to Fresco Park, but to hear, you know, Nick crawl, the general manager and Reds officials talk about roster balance and everything, though Punisher. Maybe there's not enough work for him at Great American ballpark. Maybe they need him at fresco. I just I just kind of We shake in my head that he's to me. It just sounds like he's getting cast aside here and, yeah, he had an unbelievable August. He struggled in September. But let's not forget The awesomeness. That is, and was, and is, and hopefully will be Aristides Aquino, looking forward to the 60 game sprint for the Reds and really looking forward to Extra innings. Putting the runner at second base. I love it as soon as they talked about that. That's what happens in fast pitch softball. It's called the TB, the international tiebreaker rule. Whoever makes the last out or if this say the number seven batter is due up in the order Number six goes to second base number seven batteries up. And you conjugate decided that way and I absolutely love it is going to be a roller coaster. It's going to be, you know, Ryan type moment. With the excitement of extra innings coming to Major League Baseball. Hates.

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