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"He's one step ahead": Officials frustrated after latest Austin explosion

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02:22 min | 6 years ago

"He's one step ahead": Officials frustrated after latest Austin explosion

"Signs of damage rear windows busted out side mirrors torn off and more dented hoods and shattered windshields earlier monday fault ville alabama captured video of what appeared to be a tornado one of several suspected tornadoes reported in alabama and georgia much of the damage through ala bama could be seen before the sun went down monday strong winds tearing apart the signs of many businesses in russellville and damaging a number of homes in ardmore leaving heavy damage in some spots but leaving other areas mostly unscathed toppled concrete blocks of a wall wreck downside alabama's jacksonville state university or a sign of the damage at pete mathews coliseum officials save the roof was heavily damaged possible tornadoes and otherwise strong winds struck in parts of tennessee georgia and alabama many spots crews working in the overnight hours clear trees out of major roadways we're trees down power lines many losing electric city as well correspondent andrew spencer well authorities in austin texas are trying to find the perpetrator behind the latest bomb in that city and the three explosions that preceded it here's clayton neville evan local and federal authorities say there are similarities in all four blasts austin police chief brian manley we have seen similarities in the device that exploded here and the other three devices that have exploded in austin starting on march second cheap manley says there were also alarming differences with the fourth explosion that injured two men in their twenties what we have seen now is a significant change from what appeared to be three very targeted attacks to what was an attack that would have hit an a random victim this week's explosion is believed to have been detonated by tripwire opposed to package bombs used in the first three blasts fred no now ski is the special agent in charge with atf tripwire is a victim actuated switch literally uses some kind of wire and when there's pressure put on that wire it activates are detonates the device today two people have died in four have been hurt and explosions police say the city of austin is dealing with a serial bomber but aren't sure of a motive chief manley says thirties would like to speak with the person or persons responsible we won't understand what the motive might be behind this or the reason behind this until we have an opportunity to talk to the.

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