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"pete holmes dot com new york" Discussed on You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes

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"pete holmes dot com new york" Discussed on You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes

"You Walk You made it weird with the homes. Look what's happening Weirdos exciting news right up top. I've finally announced my two thousand nine hundred ninety. Two Thousand Twenty stand up tour kicking off this weekend in Denver which I'm so happy to say is sold out. I'm excited to see you guys this this weekend. we have a bunch more date. Some of them just got announced. I'm going to be in Washington. DC At the end of October and in November number. I'll be in Connecticut and Boston there's GonNa be more Boston chose added. I'm doing the comics come home show which is going to be amazing and and then there's also going to be a solo show which we haven't announced yet but those will all be on Pete Holmes Dot Com. I'm also happy to say that New York going to be a New York where where's that. It's going to be on the website go to Pete Holmes Dot Com New York. DC Connecticut Boston and as we add the dates they'll all be nice and easy on Pete Holmes Dot Com hope to see you out there. I'm very excited about this new our and we will see you on the road super stoked for that speaking of Super Super Super Soaked. This is Gary Goldman one of my dear friends he's done the podcast before he has a new special actual which premiers October fifth on Hbo it's called the Great Depression it's Standup intercut with these wonderful vignettes of Gary exploring his I guess you could say battle. Battle with depression is a good way to put it. He struggled with depression his whole life and he's opening up about it in a very very beautiful poignant and important way in the special but most importantly it's super super hilarious. He's as I tweeted the other day. He's one of the greatest comedians ends alive. I think he's an incredible writer and we had such a fun time in this podcast just talking. It's basically it's one of the least formal I guess we've ever done. It was suggest like we were hanging out and that is obviously a goal for this show to have this natural so I'm super excited about it and hope to see you on the road but be sure to watch wjr Gary special one of my hiccuping and the Andro sound like my dad burping during a meal. That's a millennial anyway. here are the Pete's pick says you guys know I support this show by doing ads just for any old product I do Pete's picks which are actually products that absolutely us and love and have changed my life for the better so I can give you an earnest endorsement of these things and if you like him you can try them and that is a wonderful way to show your support of the show. The first original Pete's pick. I'm holding right here there. It is Charlotte's web hemp oil it is. CBD Oil I know CD sort of everywhere but Charlotte's web. What is the most reputable company the most ethical company that I found that grows hamp for human consumption cause I always say it's not just mass boss combat anonymous they grow it for medical purposes for humans to ingest in oil form it CBD which means they you you science to remove the THC is obviously the part of the plan to get? You stoned gets you intoxicated takes you out of the game unless you're game is eating jacks and watching three's company. TACB is a product that I was hoping for the first time I used him in any form I was like I wish there was something like this that would elevate mood lower my anxiety but wouldn't take out of life. I want to still be able to read a book. I still want to be able to work. I want to be able to focus yes. I want to be able to communicate. CD exactly that for me speaking anecdotally it is wonderful when I travel. It is wonderful when I'm working. It's anytime that I'm under a a great deal of stress. I'm just feeling a little bit of a rigidity a little bit of a calcification in my brain and my spirit I take to lighten my mood makes me smile. Easier makes me laugh quicker. like I said mood elevating anxiety reducing it is a wonderful wonderful plant ally and I love it and and the best way to to know about it. Try It the kind that I use the original formula. It's a little bit more expensive but you can literally just take a couple of drops. I get the mint chocolate flavor tastes like a thin mint makes you feel better than thin meant and they even make bombs you can get hemp on you topically for soothing the skin and and just wonderful overall goods. CD Feeling Show your support of this show and try something new. I hope it works in the way that does for me go to. CW HEMP DOT COM com slash weird and use Promo Code keep it crispy nineteen and you'll get ten percent off your purchase the other one I just record a podcast and I hadn't eaten all day is Catava. I literally had thirty seconds to make a meal and I didn't want to be hungry as you know. This is a long podcast so I took a shaker bottle. I filled luth water through in Kochava and I I'm still full. We just did a two and a half hour podcasts. I still feel full still clear. I don't have the jitters Ernie any hunger pains and all I had was catava. It's a superfood drink mix made with the most exotic nutrient rich superfoods that they they've been been revived revived revered by tribal cultures for centuries. The catava people literally went into the Amazon to find these foods and made a a superfood. It's just a bag of everything that you need. It's like a meal in a pill. It keeps you full for hours. A lot of people use it for weight management. I like it because it's hard to find healthy food when I'm traveling but for people that don't know how to start eating plants. They're curious about eating more plans to curious about getting more nutrition attrition through superfoods could chop is a wonderful place to start because it actually tastes amazing make chocolate they make vanilla. They put it in powdered coconut milk in there so title mixes with the water makes it creamy they put in cash cow. Obviously in the chocolate gets a chocolate wonderful. You can make with almond milk to which is even greater in my opinion thrown some frozen strawberries and some on milk tastes like strawberry chocolate ice cream but the best part is it's good for you. It's not just some nonsense or drinking. It's one hundred percent plant based. It's got eight super fruits. It's got Chia and flax which is going to give you a mega. Three fatty acids got seventeen Greens liens and veggies seventeen gluten free soy free. There's no artificial sweeteners or preservatives tomatoes coconut nectar. Which is why it's a little bit sweet but it's just a little amount and it's a low glycemic sweetener so it's not going to spike your blood sugar? It's Got Digest Digestive Support Twenty four grams of plant based protein and nine grams of fiber fiber and it actually tastes amazing. This is what I have often sometimes for dinner often for breakfast and yeah if you're nasty haven't for lunch to it's a wonderful way to eat healthy especially if you don't know where to start if you want to see how your body responds to some of these plant based is that people talk about could Chavez a wonderful way and and you can get twenty percents off go to Catava. Could you ever K. A. C. H. A. V. A. dot com slash weird. You'll get twenty percents off and show your support of this podcast all right be sure to watch Gary Coleman one of my favorite people in the.

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