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"pete carroll whitener" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"At the official he stood there for a good who sacked and and then the old sideline and pete carroll whitener space given him the but your rate of growth wire diameter workout okay um i heard yom y imitate man they aren't i'm pretty convinced seattle old replied i am the nba content on off our back in there now to blind and i think they go by the monitor the rough won't called every quarter so look if we play sixty quiet you can we get five olding called we 155 quite yeah i really i really believe that might be part of their their mind cutter perryman outlook there was opportunities when your game and they were right there in the opera parking game wasn't good enough but it hard enough to win in the frequently without the official help when a mile mark on a boat way that you guys probably had a better look at it on television park never shook the replay but you know that third down down in in in school in conversion doctored goodwin dropped the lawn and then garzon runs back shoulder throw in richard sherman just impede goalie how a lot of them from coming back and now my world that affair mmhmm yep it became time brian all you're getting tattooed on the back of his at at knockdown would off that was tough almost alma doesn't need to be paved the way in pop somebody in the back of their had that your dandruff and often and then of course the same blue loose i judge in dante john think was more obvious on arm you know the back shoulder fade russell wilson was trying to throw but of course he had that ply got over out of who uh pants before the play even was over so and it and i and i'm sure the forty nine you're gonna have a lot of players they won't get anything out of it you know windonw law to change careers mentally doesn't seem to worry too much about it would be officials but there'll be a lot of place turning next week tim let me ask you this man one thing it's been frustrating about the office and so far is that when they have been able to move the chains a little bit they they stall out on third down so far this season two games there five of twenty seven converting.

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