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"pete bergh" Discussed on Men In Blazers

"We have absurd levels of chemistry here. Only mention it hundred and twelve absurd corrected absurd. Correct. Yeah. Level well levels could be netted it could be a very very low level. A year in really, you're right, but chemistry not so much. Dave. Did you watch the Super Bowl the Super League? Well. More accurately NFL we both lie in. This was not very I'm sure like they're football fans who love defense who would say this is a no hitter in baseball. Yeah. It's like a low scoring fascinating nil nil draw between two elite side if he doesn't like it. You don't understand the game? Yeah. But it wasn't that much fun to or. So it was on. It was so Super Bowl. It was the super-rich. Bo funny. You mentioned it was on the rooms because producer Jay dubb's called it. The Super Bowl of background noise. Tam good pending. The play was not interesting the commercials. Yeah. One we should say completely objectively neutrally one superlative no-doubt Cleo award give it all the Clios. Budweiser commercial win power. Not so good quick shot up, by the way to my mate. Pete bergh's NFL one hundred commercials. I thought was outstanding superb was that was the highlight more action in one minute than seven and a half hours of NFL, football, some positives. I I'm trying to be positive as you know, positive person may really trying hard. I was fascinated by who was there who was there at the Super Bowl exhibit, A, Mr. Harry Kane. He's at Britain's ambassador to the NFL doing his bit apparently to drummer interest between the league. And taught them Hotspur who will have NFL game playing at the new stadium when it opened in twenty twenty seven did you see the photos of imposing with Tom Brady? And rabbi Julian Edelman, did you see them? But it does to me that the mother Kansas City. Chiefs of the Premier League of Christian Erickson this Todd Meriva church maybe Mahomes. What Harry k wearing his Tom Brady twelve patriots jersey while standing by Tom Brady, it was like seeing a fan doing small child. God bless I'll tell you said that you had hoped turn football manages half of evidence lost four managers with David Moyes was there. Roberta Martinez big Sam oddly invited. When photographs would take it making love to the patriarch outside of Atlanta. He's leaving held. He's still being held lens. Illegal importation of pies of unknown substance origin, which swallowed. Give me the full policy. Search chuckled. Swallowed is an interesting of. Yeah. England's manager issue medium with no been on the eve. I yeah. Apparently, they were commentating because the commercials are so long in the so many than the BBC doesn't have commercials cost in the Super Bowl. So when we had commercials not very good apart from the wind. Power commercial. Budweiser and Pete Berg one hundred. Yeah, they had English football managers. Give their thoughts on the Super Bowl. Really? Isn't that a fascinating concept defined fascinating concept as in something that would never work wouldn't be interesting to listen to well, some of them England tweeted that was happening. And yet I had tweeted about hashtag daddy wants. And they and they by anti it's not quite interesting is much shot. They didn't get Louis van Gaal at love to hear him like the lots Julie's regime enough TV meeting, TV executives and producers to immediately. When I hear that idea. I immediately go to a sort of a depressing little conference room at BBC headquarters in London and a whole bunch of young sort of development. Producer trying to think about what they can do to spice up the BBC's coverage of the Super Bowl, and it's love or you could have. No, no. And then on the budget. They've got David Moyes. Southgate? Yeah. Can't silence. Southeast and south. We don't even have to pay him. We just have to give him a coach flight and some package..

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