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"persian muratti" Discussed on The Know Show

"Emails. That's no. That's. Part of the the cell. Do Yogi Life in India and Vegetarian. Either just the I guess. Simple ways I the way I walk away when I eat what I. those kind of things are very much. Influenced by by what I learned from my Inde-. But at the same time. My life as extremely different, though yeah, of course of course. So, what would you? Kind of advice. Would you give to somebody who's interested in in Yoga studies or learning about yoga? Learning about yoga well as Arnovitz We one of the. Very few universities in the world happened in A. Yoga and meditation We've got a Senate Yoga. Studies where we constantly putting lectures, and so I would end. We've got each channel, so you can look previous lectures since the lockdown. We've been doing a lot of lines. I would suggest that people to look at some of that stuff for the. Book meets of Yoga. If something interested in yeah, you can we looking actually at sauce into incorporating yoga studies a certain amount into undergraduate courses as well. Yeah and then if you really really came I mean. In terms of achieving research options, I think as I said to agree I mean. It's pretty important, but also some of these Yah languages. Unstudied text in some of the more Persian Muratti. Act Kannada Telugu some of the southern Indian languages as well. There are some tax which Katie important ticket for the early history of Yoga. I think will be very fruitful avenues future research. Yeah. If if you don't down the road, I think at checkout. Center Young Studies, the offerings we call that enabled meal. And also some school because we're not doing it this year. Because we started the Senate the studies in two thousand eighteen last year we had some school, which was a great success at she we had. Twenty twenty five people from around the world, and we had lots of great academics coming in and. ASKING ME, Iran! We had some practical stuff back. Obama is We and there's lots around, so s in London in British Museum, British Library. To all these great collections of yoga manuscripts, and so that was a nice white again kind of hands on understanding of this. Sources we went with so not yet. I think eight I feel. Hopefully next year we'll be able to some summer school, so I would. As a a good way of kind of getting a taste for younger studied since everyone, and then that might. Go on and do. Yeah. Absolutely absolutely, and where can people find you online? Online well, we I'm on twitter. Is Jim Mallon I tend to promote stuff that a bit I know I. Said bit wary social media facebook. As well has its presence combs studies. We do permit stuff. Through facebook and instagram. On instagram Oh, you're on Instagram Izzo so I'll I'll do is I'll. I'll provide a link to to audit these on on the videos in on the. Project is the Hotel Yoga Project, and that's go website so. If you can yeah, I'll link. Just, send it to me and all link the into the to the shows will. Jim It's been a pleasure speaking to you reading Joyce. I think I think it's going to be fantastic so this going to. Those of our audiences will be interested. Yeah, well as I, say just have a think like I can send you..

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