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"persian irs" Discussed on World News Tonight with David Muir

World News Tonight with David Muir

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"persian irs" Discussed on World News Tonight with David Muir

"Tonight, Persian IRS in disbelief after sisters, Mary Margaret, Krueger and sister. Lana Chang, allegedly confessed to breaking the commandment, thou shall not steal embezzling at least five hundred thousand dollars. I was very surprised because these nuns who were Hugli esteemed, and they were very long time going to the archdiocese of Los Angeles. The sister say they stole the money from Torrance, California, Catholic school over a ten year period, the nuns who took a vow of poverty, allegedly using the money on travel and gambling and casinos. They taking away the money from kids in school, and to do that is just it's terrible nine after initially standing matter would be handled. Internally spokesperson tells ABC news, the archdiocese will likely press charges in a letter to parents, the nuns expressed deep remorse and asks for forgiveness and prayers. David tonight's on parasol us. They're furious. They believe that they were an ATM that the nuns tapped into time and time again, and they want them to face. Discipline. David. All right. We'll car tonight. Thank you. We'll the index of other news tonight that deadly house fire in Youngstown, Ohio five children, including one year old twins did not survive when they're home went up in flames. Fire officials say their mother survived by jumping out of a second floor window. She could not get to the children. Investigators say smoke detectors were working neighbors today leaving stuffed animals in front of the house to the high school cheerleader murdered emission walk. Indiana. Police say the body of Briana rustling was found in a dumpster one block from her home or family says she was six months pregnant authorities have now charged Aaron trae ho as an adult for her murder. The two were classmates and he played on the football team. And tonight, the actress from modern family revealing a very personal health struggle in interview with self magazine Sarah Hyland who plays Haley says she had a second kidney transplant this time from her brother after her. First transplant was rejected Highland was born with kidney dysplasia, she says she's had sixteen surgeries now. And at one point contemplated suicide she sharing that in hopes. Others will ris. Out for help very brave of her body tonight here America's strong. We know how loyal are dogs are. But this was a test like few others of medicine did not give up loyalty above all else. It's been only a month since the campfire destroyed paradise, California. Andrew Gaylord could not get back to her home in time the fire spreading so quickly. She had no idea if two dogs Miguel on the left in Madison survived. Oh as worried we looked everywhere, and we had so many people we posted so much that women sitting next to her devan tear who went back and often helping to look for the dogs. She found one of them Miguel eighty seven miles from Andrew's home. They have no idea how he got there that ballentine leaving food for the other dog, Madison. But no sign of him shayla would call. Andrea the owner every day per voice would just be happy to hear from me. So I would just call her every day, even if she had no news and just last week when residents. Were allowed to return. Andrea pulling up to her house and right there waiting looking into the window with Madison there's dogs wading. And I've this you are the best dog. Madison oil is ever sitting right there keeping watch over. What was left to the home? Imagine the loyal. Of haying in through the worst of circumstances. And being here way. It was so emotional it. Watch this over the weekend dogs were reunited funny wagging. Details two dogs surviving in coming home. Madison right there waiting for his owner doesn't get better than that on Monday night. Thank you for starting another week with us. I'm David Muir. I hope to see you right back here. Tomorrow have a good evening. Good night. We are really strong women women have to say, and that's that's what makes the show so good ABC's. The view now available as a podcast with Berg, Abby Huntsman, joy, bejon son house, Dan, and Megan McCain, anybody who's anybody who wants to make it to the next level in politics has to come on the show. It is up to all of us to continue the conversation on apple podcasts or your favorite podcast app. Every weekday afternoon..

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