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"permian basin relief midland" Discussed on Permian Perspective Podcast

"Texas are here and ready to help anyone who needs to talk. It's okay to not feel okay. That's how everyone's feeling and just know that there are people that are here and ready to help whenever you need them and as a person who is a hugger and I just I just want to give you a virtual hug every one right now through this podcast because I know this these are tough times and I just WanNa give you a hug and tell you were all in this together. If there's anything that we can do for you please. Please let us know. I want to catch you up now. On some important news that impacts all of our lives here locally in West Texas at recording time West Texas intermediate is trading at eighteen dollars and thirty four cents a barrel according to Bloomberg reports with the recent output cuts deal by OPEC and its partners failing to revive prices. Saudi Arabia and Russia have said they'll continue to closely monitor the oil market and are prepared to take further measures jointly with OPEC and other producers. If these are deemed necessary. Saudi ARMCO said Friday that it will reduce supply to eight point five million barrels a day from may first on the corona virus itself the total number of corona virus cases in Midland County. Now stands at forty two confirmed cases. Three patients have died. Twenty are recovered. Extra County has lost four patients to Kovic nineteen and there are fifty eight confirmed cases. Twenty-three have recovered. Andrews has nineteen confirmed cases and three recovered. Now in the State of Texas there are sixteen thousand four hundred fifty five positive cases in three hundred ninety three deaths. The estimated amount of recovery's is about three thousand six hundred seventy seven. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has been affected healthwise by this pandemic Governor Greg. Abbott addressed the country today and issued new executive orders. Here's the gist of it. Retailers may reopen next Friday and may operate curbside service state. Parks will be reopening on Monday. However visitors must wear face masks and cannot gather in groups of more than five schools will remain closed for the remainder of the year. Yes we are thinking about all of you. Seniors out their thoughts and prayers with all of our seniors and my daughter's included in that class of twenty twenty. It is heartbreaking and we celebrate each and every one of you and the wonderful thing is. There's so many people that are doing for others and especially the seniors right now and reaching out and sending cards and dropping off flowers and I think it's just a it's a beautiful thing to see so many people support the seniors in the class of twenty twenty we salute you. You have done an incredible incredible feat and it didn't end the way that we hoped it would but we are thinking about you now. Here's the other news. That Governor Abbott said regarding education. He said teachers can return to campus to get materials and conduct any business they need to in order to help conduct online learning that can also of course clean out their classrooms and the T. E. is expected to release plans for graduation fingers crossed. That's right I know there's ways to get this done. My fingers are crossed role of our seniors. Let's get them to walk. The stage and an advisory council with doctors and business leaders are working on steps to take to reopen the state governor. Abbott said more plans to reopen Texas will be announced Monday April twenty seventh. Yes will be listening and we will be reporting for you now. President trump recently announced his three step reopening plan. The plan provides governors across the nation a roadmap for recovering from the economic pain of the pandemic. He also told governors that they will call their own shots. Now here's how. The new guidelines will envision easing social distancing restrictions and remember. These are just the plans he put in place. These are not underway. Yet this will be up to the governors of each state. President trump is suggesting that phase one is restaurants movie theaters sporting venues places of worship. Gyms that they can reopen if they observe strict social distancing elective surgeries camera zoom when appropriate on an outpatient basis in schools. Currently clothes should remain. Shut and visits to senior living facilities and hospitals should be prohibited. Bars should remain closed. High risk individuals should remain at home face to that he is suggesting is schools and organized youth activities like camps reopening nonessential travel will then be able to resume and people can start circulating and parks outdoor recreation areas and shopping centres while avoiding gatherings of more than fifty individuals unless unspecified. Precautionary measures are taken restaurants. Movie theaters other large venues could then operate. Under moderate social distancing roles now vulnerable individuals should continue to shelter in place and employers should continue to encourage teleworking whenever possible. Common areas where people congregate in close quarters should be closed bars. This once again is face to would be able to operate with diminished standing room occupancy and then finally phase three of what president trump is suggesting is vulnerable individuals can resume public interactions but practice social distancing employers can resume unrestricted staffing of workplaces. Large public. Venues can operate under limited social distancing rules and visits to senior care facilities and hospitals could resume once again. Those were the three steps that president trump outlined this week as he hopes to reopen America now this week the irs began direct depositing stimulus checks in some eighty million. Americans should have received their check spy now. Did you get yours well? Even if you haven't received yours yet you can see the status of your payment on the irs tracking tool and just to clear up some confusion. You don't have to repay the stimulus money to the government in any way it is not alone. Andrew Stimulus payment will not be taxed. I think that's important information. A lot of people were kind of concerned that you'd have to pay this money back but you do not and that's a wrap of what's happening on the local front on the National Front. I know there's a lot going on here in West Texas and I've been asking everyone to tell me something. Good that's right. There's always good to be found and this week we want to announce under our. Tell me something. Good the community. Mvp which is diamondback energy. Now they're doing so many good things in our community this week. They donated one hundred thousand dollars to various nonprofit organizations here in West Texas. Those receiving funds are relief. Midland Michigan Bay Breaking Bread City rescue mission and infant crisis services. All of these nonprofits are doing amazing work here. In the Permian Basin Relief Midland is providing approximately five hundred meals six days a week to workers in healthcare public safety hospitality industry educators and members of the public who are in need a huge. Thank you to our nonprofits. Who are making a difference in our community not just during the pandemic but they do this all year round so diamondback energy in our nonprofits. Are this week's community. Mvp and of course our which will probably be. I mean this is without saying lifetime. Mvp Our healthcare providers they try. They are the true heroes. What they're doing on the front lines is amazing to watch. They're putting their lives endanger lives of others they are just. They're running to the fire right not away from it. They are the ones that are in the throes. They care deeply about their patients. They're working so hard and so we are just thinking about Oliver Healthcare providers and just want to give you a virtual high five because you are really inspire and just amazing the work. You're doing so thank you. Thank you thank you okay. I think that's it. We will do another one of these little wraps a couple of weeks. We have a great guest next week. I can't wait for you all to hear from Alex Bruns of Baker Hughes. He has so much to say about how life is here in the basin working under these pandemics considerations and just great conversation that. I hope that you will join us for. I think you all for joining me today. I wish you the best of health love and joy. Please take care of yourselves. And we hope to see you all soon in person in the meantime. I love that we can spend this time together during the Permian perspective. Podcasts thanks for joining us. Remember my life Matas dream big believe in yourself and never ever give up. You make a great day. Hi Everybody Alex here with the events on deck so obviously we are in Unprecedented Times right now and have been unable to carry out our last couple of happy hours that we had scheduled for last month. We have chosen to delay them. And we'll continue to update you on when exactly we will be able. To have those events again obviously. We're following along recommended guidelines of the CDC in the World Health Organization. So we're really looking forward to seeing you and we're hoping that these events are going to happen sooner rather than later but for now stay tuned and we will keep you posted on those states also just want to say thank you to everyone for continuing to listen to oil and gas global network. We are fortunate to already have been virtual company before the corona virus and all these issues started plaguing various countries. And we just want to continue bringing you guys the best information and to the best of our ability. Keep you informed especially while everyone is at home or at least most more people than ever before our at home so we would like to thank you for continuing to tune in and continuing to listen and we hope that everyone is staying safe and we wish everyone the best and thanks again tune in next week for another episode of Permian Perspective it production of oil and gas global network learn more at www dot org G. N. DOT.

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