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"pepsi prep" Discussed on Five Things with Lynn Hirschberg

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"pepsi prep" Discussed on Five Things with Lynn Hirschberg

"The thing I was Gonna I wanted to talk about was the Joe Meyrowitz photograph which won the The one the camel emel coats You know with a couple from their photograph from behind as they're walking across the street away from us and they both have these camel coats and they're these shadows shadows Their shadows that come up. There's some other shadows that are also coming in from other people and there's this team and the period roughly it's the seventies probably like smack in the middle of the seventies and also special. Greta got me. and Oh as uh-huh give as a gift and it's funny because it's in our apartment and people often sometimes people will ask if that's us. I mean look closely. It's kind of funny to think it's us but is a blonde woman in a sense. Essentially a dark haired man in these coats and the cuts matching. Well they. They're they're they're the same color I mean. It's it's one of those things where you can't believe he got all those things at once that this is a But it it's like a constantly alive image and it also I'd mentioned it before she got it for me because it was a an image. I think I somehow saw as a kid. You know either museum museum or parents probably a book of his and it felt to me like adulthood. I mean sort of goes to what you're saying about park slope in Manhattan collect. It felt to me like the those that that's grown up world in Manhattan and then as I got older I really love. I love a lot of street photography and I particularly love stuff shot in New York ground. The love winner grand and so later later and I and I love any movie when that shot in New York. Even if the movie's not very good if it's like Old New York and you get to see it i. I'm always just very taken with that. I always The something always exciting and kind of comforting to me about it is a j D Salinger story where he talks exa camel hair. Can't remember the two nine stories which you probably know intimately and one of the guys touches this girl's camel hair and says you. You can't really get good camel hair anymore since the war right back right and I always think about that. Because it's very empowering moment sort of a nerdy girl all right right tennis dress with a camel hair coat which one is a One of the lesser one. Still one of them. Yeah it'll come back to me in a minute but it's not uncle weekly and it's not for as May it's one of the ones in the middle there somewhere but it's I always liked it. I they always remind me of your movies and a wonderful way even before you called Meyrowitz and other stories a j d salinger always seems like a world that feels very noah Baumbach to me. Yeah I mean I integrate way. Yeah I mean Very Holden Caulfield in that movie. It's funny I don't know if this is still true. But reading Catcher catcher in the Rye you know when I first read it I guess he was older. Golden Coffee was older than me. So it was that feeling of reading about MHM more grown up person. Which of course is a funny way to look at that book? You know because it's so much It wasn't until later that I really realized it's you. You know that that they were capturing this kid because in a sense it felt like a more grownup way to be for me exactly now so it seemed very New York Yeah Been Lan. Reading those books was like what a Pepsi Prep. I mean I know when I had no idea what a prep school I didn't. Either I know relationship to that world ruled that all know anyone who went to prep school. I mean I'd I'd heard of it. I've got behind It was like you needed help. Like reforms forms that no. I didn't that part of it. Didn't the Manhattan of it was interesting to me in a romantic to me and and the you know the the characters were but not the the world was always somewhat confusing to me or confounding to the Fran Zoe the sort of leisure in it. So it's kind of a little bit confused by but I went fascinated by to the upper east side of it. Yeah but I always loved stories of that. I mean I love the didn't actually reference marriage story but the in Stuart Little the whole Ambriz side of stuart little and living.

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