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"pepe zoonie" Discussed on WBBM Newsradio

"Farmers now for the legal something available in every state only available, it's like farmers policies of its terms. Conditions underwritten by farmers struck a fire insurance exchanges are 8 11. It will be 2021 before some students in East Aurora return to their classrooms in person. 68% of parents who responded to a survey from East Aurora District, 1 31 said they wanted to stay in remote learning. That was one of the data points reference. By Superintendent Jennifer Nora. When she announced it a video two families, the K through 12 District would remain out of school buildings until January. We are fully aware of the fact that no matter which decision we were to make whether to return to hybrid or whether to continue remote learning We would not make everyone happy with our decision, She says. The district's specialists will be working to address parent's concerns about the social and academic ramifications of the move on their Children. Nancy Hardy, NewsRadio 105.9 FM. City leaders in Sycamore say the tap water is safe to drink. But some residents say they have independent tests. They show their tap water may have unsafe levels of lead. Brian Gregory is the city manager comply with all the standards. The testing is done in the fashion that the requires and at the end of those results. What they indicate is that the water is safe for consumption. Homeowner Amber keep No says she believes Gregory's being honest, but I think for far too many years they have ignored the residents and downplayed the issues. But I don't believe that. To cover anything up, but I don't think they gave it the attention that it deserves. Gregory sense possible sources of the lead our pipes and plumbing fixtures in homes, especially those built before 1986. Hey, when at command is facing federal charges in an alleged price gouging scheme connected to the pandemic, 60 year Old Creek or Pepe Zoonie is accused of illegally hoarding thousands of scarce and 95 respirator masks in March and April of this year, then selling them online for an average markup of more than 230%. He owns Concorde health Supply in Skokie, Your AC You weather five day forecast and the latest on a really great night for the bears. All of that coming up. It's 8 13. Stay in the No on demand. Download the W BBM all local podcast updated several times each day from NewsRadio 7 81 5.9 FM..

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