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"people operations department" Discussed on Duct Tape Marketing

"This is John Jansen. I guess today is Jenny bike. She's a former career development program manager at Google, and she is also the author of what to do when you need to move out of your parent's basement, now that's not we'll get back to that win. We're gonna talk about today, pivot, the only move that matters is your next one so Genentech's joining town, thank you for having me. I wish I wrote what to do when you move out of your parents sounds like a great title. I, I was talking about one time about something to do with some sort of newish technology and some I'm guessing, you know, twenty five this year old said you're old. What do you know about that? So I, I so I had to write back to say come up out of your parents basement before they take away your Atari or something like that. I can't remember some sniping remark goodness. Yeah. That alternate title pivot is how to not end up in van down by the river. So before we get into your lives book, what is it career development program manager do Google? I was there for five and a half years and halfway into my time there, a so during that five years the company grew from six thousand to thirty six thousand employees, and one major issue became retention. How hired all these smart recent grads from Ivy league schools. How do you then keep them once you get them there? And that was becoming an issue, where these people were hitting. Plateaus one or two years into their time at the company and so under the people operations department, they created a career development team and I have been doing side projects related to this. So my job was, my, my biggest project was launching a global drop in coaching program, but in general are charge was creating programs that would help people learn grow within the company and math or next move within the company. So they didn't feel that their only option was to leave. Imagine an.

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