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"people mr arena" Discussed on Boss Files with Poppy Harlow

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"people mr arena" Discussed on Boss Files with Poppy Harlow

"Was a surprise. I think a second surprise though honestly was I love talking to voters people talk about. Oh my gosh. Campaigning is such a drag. I loved campaigning. I loved the voters. I'm loved Iowa New Hampshire I mean I. It was a wonderful adventure that I wouldn't trade. Tell me about the morning you knew you had to get out. It was obvious. I mean I'm a realist. You know I I I've said I don't mind long odds but I don't Tilt at windmills. I don't swing fences. I'm not an idealist I'm I'm pretty pragmatic and it was very clear. I mean we had had a very disappointing showing in Iowa We had a disappointing showing in New Hampshire. We had outlasted senators and governors governors and everything else but it was clear there was no path so it's time to get out everything that I have read about you and heard you say recently carly makes me if I were a betting woman which I sometimes say that I would put money on you running again. Will you run for president again. I have no idea and I'm not trying to be coy. I have no idea you know first of all because I'm a realist. Because I'm a pragmatist. It's not simply about Out Me making a decision. It's about many other things in the environment. Many other things in the context politics right now running as a Republican I. I don't think that's something. I have an interest in doing right now because the Republican Party right now now seems to be all about pledging fealty to donald trump no matter what and I'm just not in that place. Do you do you speaking of the Republican Party de Recognize. Recognize the Republican. I don't I I have spoken publicly about the fact that in this country. We pledge allegiance agents to a flag and we pledge of loyalty to the Constitution not to a party and not to a president. And so I I think that's all about politics. The politics of winning the party is focused on winning. Just Democrats are too by the way and so I I think Republicans are behaving the way they do because they think it's going to help them win. You know president both President Bush's President George H W Bush and and president Bush forty three did not vote for president trump. Did you Carly Fiorina vote for president trump. Yeah I actually did. And I've been very disappointed pointed. I did I felt that Hillary Clinton also was corrupt. I think there's a lot of evidence of that. I thought what I did not agree with her from a policy point of view. I thought she was dismissive and disrespectful to too many issues and too how many people honestly I thought she acted entitled to the job and I thought well all right. We're GONNA give this guy a chance. I must say. I have been bitterly disappointed. Will President Trump get your vote in twenty twenty Assuming he's on the ticket you don't honestly it depends who the Democrats put up and I won't go any further than that right Biden. It depends on the Democrats put a so. Let's just play a few scenarios. Joe Biden the Mike Bloomberg. Let's really not because again. It's one of the things I learned in politics. Honestly yes is never answer a hypothetical I hear you. There is a scenario though in which president trump does not get your vote and and and a candidate from the Democratic Party could that there is a scenario and one of the reasons for that. I I think it's worth explaining. Why because people evaluate these things differently? And I'm on the record saying this character matters conduct counts so I will have people say to me. Yes but the economy's doing great. Yep It is and I give him credit for it No more than any president. You should get credit. But he's done some of the right things I agree with him on some of the issues. I disagree with them strongly on others but for me a Character matters character is destiny for party for a nation for president conduct matters and Some of this conduct like publicly berating. A decorated war veteran who shows up in response to a lawfully issued subpoena of Congress. I think that conduct is not just unbecoming. I think it's destructive to our book so looking net net you compliment him on the economy and some other other things take major issues with other Moves he's made and things. He said his president trump. Who did eventually get your vote in In the last election has he been a net positive for America. I don't know I think the jury's out and I think it's one of those things where time will I'll tell the economy by the way Obama get some credit for the economy too. I mean presidents take in many ways too much blame in too much credit the economy but he's I trump is undoubtedly done some of the right things. I do. Think that the systematic this dramatic tearing down of people institutions political opponents. We'll have long lasting damage. If it goes on for much longer so I think time will tell what was it like took run for President Against Donald Trump and then we have a few clips that I'd like to play for you in a moment. Well they say. Donald Trump sucked all the oxygen out out of the room immediately. And by the way the media's complicit in this and one of the things that I think never had we talked about introspection I think we would be better goff if the Democratic Party would be introspective. And say you know. Here's some things we did that lost the election. I think we would be better off if the media would be introspective and say. Here's some things we did. That helped him win. I think it would definitely be better off. If Donald Trump would be introspective but introspection and reflection is lacking in general. You met with him after he won. Yes I during the transition right. You went to trump tower. You met with him. As is is the reporting is about The position of Director of national intelligence is that right We never talked about a specific position. There was all kinds of there. Were people who wanted me did he want. I don't think so. So why do you think he wanted to meet with you. Because I think it's what you do I think he had the people who were telling him he should meet with me now. I think he smartly understood. It was important for him to meet with all of his his opponents and I believe he did and I think when the president-elect asks you to come meet with him you meet with him did he apologize for what what he had said about you no nor did I expect it nor did I ask for it. You told my friend and colleague. Se Cup on this network. That president trump quote wasn't the only man I faced nastiness. Yeah from on the campaign trail who else and why did they do. What did they say? Ooh I let me just say I face this all my life. Our men making comments about my appearance positive or negative. Goodness been there done that honestly when my campaign staff told me what he said about me. My Reaction Action was to laugh. It was like all of course he would say that so They were more upset about it than I was the example that I will give you is. I was in a debate and I was. I told a story from my personal life and a very well. Well known he shall remain nameless. He knows who he is. A very well known radio host conservative radio host tweets Out Carly Fiorina just played the vagina card. I guess he said that because I was a woman telling my story but you know really I mean really so this stuff goes on all the time in truth. Donald Trump gave me an opportunity. But I never expected apology for what opportunity to take it. He gave me an opportunity in the clip. That you're playing the People Mr Arena. I want to ask you about this in an interview last week in Rolling Stone magazine. Donald Trump said the following about you quote. Look at that face. Would anyone one vote for that. Can you imagine that the face of our next president Mr Trump later said he was talking about your persona not your appearance. Please feel free to respond what you think about his persona. You know it's interesting to me. Mr Trump said that he heard Mr Bush very he clearly and what Mr.

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