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"pentago huda" Discussed on RAGE Works Network-All Shows

"The crowd detected on tv there in the crowd on tv. Okay and the referees. On tv too with the fact that the phone. I want to be those advocate but a year The george danilo gravity seen him. In how long. Sonny kiss sonny kiss should be basically basically released in my eyes Some of these people who got signed in the early days i everyone was high for. I haven't seen them but Yeah i mean. I ego one nine eight. Wcw having too many people problem the to me roster problem at this point. You don't know why they did that when they pretty much could have Ran the the promotion with derosa that they just had a. Was it pretty much that they worrying They weren't comfortable with that bill even that they weren't going to be able to create stars was. Is that what we is that what we have going on now. I mean seriously You had a. I'm going down online. Let me see You mentioned those guys out there. marco stunt we ready Were made some mentioned to that. He's best friends with twenty consul. He ain't going nowhere. Unfortunately that's even weird. That's even the weird Relationship funk is that peter avalon side who do we have the on his On this on this list Sir pentago huda. Fucking sean dean. Who is that sonny. Kiss you mansion. Haven't seen sonny kiss in more than five months Shit awesome kong. She's a coach. No one told me that makes A the fuck. Is this not impressed at all now. Whatever happened to mel whatever. Fuck habits of nyla rose. What happened to her him. Her her re hostal in japan. Kaanai eleven you sound so over. His police Shayna who the fuck that shayna. Who what is that baylor yuka suck asaki. Fuck is this. These are all people with toes show from toy story. Two easy was exactly. Yeah i bowl or or sir. I need pads are ripped. What is it the the the fucking neighbor from next door. The painting is like every single person whose name is on the shelf. Easy for some sort of collecting dust and the baby. They just add more money. Indie guys to fill their their their roster shows. What would you say to the people who contradict your statement saying but there are duck elevations every week. They're they're on a show that nobody fucking watches. I mean have you have you. Checked elevations winds. Yeah when it first started. I have lots of No watch that shit. Why you don't wanna see the up and coming talent no.

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