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"penny phelps" Discussed on Capt. Hunter's Podcast

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"penny phelps" Discussed on Capt. Hunter's Podcast

"I'm not okay with that but I think that that was her purpose and her point now whether she really harbors racist animus towards any other people. I certainly don't know. Oh I don't know the lady but I don't know the police captain but I think that that was her purpose and point in saying that so just a little bit from this. The head of the Monroe Enro- county sheriff's Officer Office Major Crimes Unit was relieved of her command this week following the release of an audio recording. In which is heard ordering one of her officers to pull over a black man who is a suspect in a key west murder and act like a white supremacy neo Nazi cop to get information from him Monroe. Sheriff Rick Ramsey pulled Captain Penny Phelps. That's the woman who made made the statements from the late two twenty seventeen scene case in October when he became aware of the recording which is agency turn over to defense attorneys. He also initiated in internal affairs probe into helps conduct which she had in the investigation into the so-called treehouse. Murder which happened November. Seventeen twenty seventeen on stock island so this is an old case. This information was turned over to the defense attorney. And so this twenty nineteen now right. So it's it's two years later when we're hearing about the story so once again you know. What's the news? Media gets gets wind of this kind of stuff on obviously put it out in into the ether to stoke the flames of everything now clearly clearly. This woman should not have made that but I think once again like I said I think that the reason that she said it is because she wants to be to create this intimidating presence For this officer. She wanted the officer to create an intimidating presence so that the suspect in the case would be so intimidated and be willing to give up the information essentially really right. There's different techniques and tactics officers will use in order to elicit information from people and one of them that works many times is that intimidation factor her and so this is one of the factors which she was I think was trying to Get get to the point of. What's curious is that the sheriff knew about about this two years ago and didn't do anything about until twenty nineteen now that is curious and that does present a problem for the sheriff and him not doing what he should have done when he first became aware of this in twenty seventeen continuing with the article? Phelps was removed from her post as head of the major crimes and narcotics on Wednesday. According to paper work released used to the Miami Herald on Saturday Ramsey said it was too early investigation to come on whether helps could lose her job so this sheriff ariff sat in this information for two years then once it comes to light once a Miami Herald gets a hold of it and that's the article where Marine is from the Miami Herald Dot Com. Once they get a hold of it then everything blows up and now he's got to put this. He's got to relieve her of command and all that kind of stuff. If there's any supervisors out there. We're who are listening to managers heads of departments. You GotTa do what you gotTa do. You GotTa do it in. This is part of the problem. That really hampers the relationship between the community and the public public. They don't feel as if there's any trust if you come across on the happens to you. You got a handle that stuff immediately. There's no what are you waiting. Two years for before it becomes out until the OPIOID and if you took tell people about things when they happen we could deal with the public would have more faith in your institution in your organization if you were up front and honest about it. This is the problem that we had the lack of transparency sitting on something for two years until the newspaper gets a hold hold of it is a problem continuing with the same line of reasoning in Temple Texas. There was a man who is just shot by police. This comes comes from K.. C. E. N. T. V. dot com. And this is called. The `Artemis Articles Family seeks answers. After son killed an officer involved shooting right. This this is temple Texas. Says he's twenty eight years old early in the month of December. One of the biggest problems is that is with this is we. Don't even know what happened. I've heard news. Reports demand. went out about one. Thirty in the morning The Temple Police Department show up at his house and tell them me. Tell the family that the man is dead. The only thing that they understand is that he had an interaction with the police officer and that he that he is now deceased According to articles that I've have read the Tampa. Police Department is not releasing any information they are saying to contact the Texas Rangers who have taken over the investigation and the Texas Rangers are not releasing any information so this family according to K. C. E. N. T. dot com article as well as the VK W T X DOT COM article There's no information coming out right. There's an attorney there. Lee Merritt representing the family of this Michael Nickel Dean the deceased man and so the. The family doesn't know what happened was at a traffic stop was the man. Shoplifting was the main just walking down. The street was what what caused interaction between him. The police police have not informed. The family of what's going on in this again creates the problems between the police and the community no transparency. At least the officers should give press conferences. The what happened and many of these places many of these laws within offend people's jurisdictions the laws are the ones that are pro prohibiting police departments from releasing any information in so I I would say that if you live in a jurisdiction where it is forbidden by law that police departments shed light on the and the the ongoing investigation. Then you should be petitioning that the laws change at least some type of press conference to give a least the dates the Times. Sometimes the the name of an officer The circumstances behind it. What's going on In if obviously there's some certain sensitive information that cannot or should not be released because of the ongoing investigation right names of suspects and things like that then obviously That information should be kept secretive to to to a certain degree but whatever information can be released should be released and it should be released in a fairly timely manner. The state's attorney in Cook County. Kim Fox's begin the process of of expunging. The names people who have been have marijuana convictions. Don't Miss Fox has been catching a lot of flack for her stance on a number of things the way she handled the Jesse slowly or as or as a As they sell says Giusti's moulay smooth the way that she has handled that case Regard regardless I think that if the legalization of marijuana is a growing trend in an is being hotly debated in Illinois that I think that if it's going to be legalized and people making taking money from it with the growing hemp farms and CBD farms and and all this Kinda stuff then why should people have their lives trashed and destroyed and ruined because because they have these convictions for marijuana on their records. So I am in in that case in that manner told him in favor of the expunging of criminal records of people who have been convicted. The marijuana sold in marijuana crimes so I think that that's a very vital thing and I think that's a very good thing for Kim Fox in Maryland Moesby done in Baltimore or in any other states turning across the country who is deciding now that that arresting charging prosecuting people for small possessions of marijuana in or past marijuana convictions should have their records expunged in keep in mind. It's not just a herd. That's doing right. She's presenting this information to judges and the judges are also agreeing that these people should have their records expunged so in New Jersey. There was a shootout. We all may have heard about that when a couple couple of I believe there were African Americans Went into a Jewish community into a grocery store and start a blazing away in Jewish Communities Grocery store tragic tragic Should not have happened. Mentally disturbed people terrorist acts. Whatever it was should not be doing this condemn this all the way around? Before before they went to the grocery store they shot up a police officer a thirty nine year old detective from Jersey City Police Department Dot Joseph Seals. He he was killed. You know this is just a tragic tragic incident so the officers dead three civilians dead. That two two suspects are dead. Once again we gotta take a look at his gun debate. How they get these guns? Do they have anything in their background. That were they part of any black. Supremacist groups we're not just going to talk about the white supremacist groups and the negative away but also have to talk about black supremacist groups or any type of terrorist group so thoughts surly and concerns. Go out to this family of the detective and also to the family of a any family members of the Jewish grocery stores occupants keeping with the same line of thought you know we had the training at the military base. He mounted a deadly attack. Members of the Saudi Air Force killed three people at the Naval Air Base in Pensacola Florida. So you know this. This is crazy stuff. You know who knows what's going on. Obviously that's going to hurt the the relationships between the Saudi Air Force in the United States Air Force or nights states naval force the United States military. Obviously I'm sure there's already the vetting process for who can be accepted here But that's just going to continue to grow the concerns about the that people have or other people right. People have for other people for others. Brian put that in quotation marks others. Write these others ride the Saudis these black people these Jewish people these white people. You know these others we gotta get into our minds all one human family in until we get that reminds. You know we're GONNA continue to look at people through the xenophobic land. We're GONNA continue to her people. Shoot people lie to people to see people and think that other people are the cause of your problems. If you've living in the black community you think Jewish people all of the reason that you're living in in depressed conditions than you're wrong then you're wrong right. Look at we have to look at ourselves and say what is that we can do about ourselves in order to make ourselves better few come over to this country from another country. And you are looking at whatever's going on and you want to take your anger your frustration. Asian out on the Americans and shooting up their military bases. What good do you think that's going to? What is the end result of that right? Terroristic acts don't work terroristic Acts don't work. I wish that people would get that through their heads. One of the last things I want to talk about is I read. two-star heard about two stories in this December twenty nineteen about people who were hacking into security cameras. Baby monitors things like that. So if you have one of he's I I would suggest that you really if you have some kind of baby monitoring system or even a Wi fi digital nanny cam or anything like that that where people can see your child to see into your home or listen to your child to listen to.

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