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Morning Joe 4/30/19

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Morning Joe 4/30/19

"Why didn't you deny calling the president moron? That's a really old question. Do you understand that by not answering the question? Some people thought you were confirming the story. Answer the question. You think you answered the question answer the question did you call the president of moron dignify the question? Wow. Amazing. How often that word seems to pop up in the White House says a former aide to John Bolton tells the New Yorker on the record, quote, I wonder how he goes into work every day because deep in his heart. He believes the president is a moron. And Joe we have the New Yorkers Dexter Filkins on the show this morning for that Bolton profile. We'll hear more about that. And the whole more on thing. Good morning and welcome to morning, Joe. It's Wednesday April thirtieth along with Joe Willie. And me, we have former aide to the George W Bush White House and state departments Elise. Jordan, national affairs, endless for NBC news and MSNBC in the co host and executive producer of Showtime's the circus. John Heilmann, national political correspondent for NBC news and NS NBC and author of the red and the blue Steve Kornacki is with us and Pulitzer prize winning columnist and associate for the wall. Washington Post and MSNBC political analysts Eugene Robinson good to have you all with us this morning, and Willie is great to have you here. We talked yesterday about the avengers. And again, you, of course, said that great interview with Jerry, Jimmy Renner. Who would have guessed count chocula and blueberry killed off at the end. I never really saw that. Jurors now you've got to the bingers. Oh, man. They're breaking every record just the fastest weekend. Gross. This is going to be huge yacht. Will it already is huge the previous record holder for the biggest worldwide opening was the last of vendors movie what they think just over six hundred million dollars. This one has doubled. That thing about that. It doubled the previous record one point two billion dollars. Ventures has made in its first weekend. I think it's already the seventeenth highest grossing movie in the history of movies in its first weekend. And it looks like it's going to become I think only the v movie ever to gross over two billion dollars. So it helps all the hype helps all the avengers fans helps. But also it helps it was a really good movie. My son nine year old George who sat in the front row in the corner. Because that's the tickets that were available to thumbs up on this one. Joe now, this this was really great one. And my kids have kids have taken me to just about every ventures move. Movie, and boy, they really three hour movie that actually action packed the entire way through and this. This was this was done. Very very well. It's a fantastic's once song specially for Stanley. Also, will you know, you and I back a huge Malcolm glide well fan you, and I are too. Sure. Right. And so, you know, what ten thousand means Gloria ten thousand like, you know, the Beatles at liars, the Beatles. Ten thousand hours playing to injust the most hiawatha nations in Hamburg, they go to Hamburg. Four guys, they come back after ten thousand hours to Beatles. Bill Gates as you as you know, this is your favorite Bill Gates ten thousand hours of coating in highschool, right? Hey, he becomes after ten thousand hours. Bill gates. Well, our president. And I'm really proud about this very proud of this our present just hit that ten thousand milestone as well while we were sleeping willy president. Trump has now made more than ten thousand lives. More than ten thousand falls are misleading claims. The only question is Willie. What does he become now? Well, I yeah. Each are autocrat for life. Well, ten thousand lives, according to the Washington Post, which has been keeping track since the beginning of his presidency. It's a pretty astounding number one hard to wrap your head around. I don't know what that grants them other than the presidency. I guess right. Ten thousand lies got him into the White House and. Perhaps they'll keep him there. But perhaps not given what we've seen from Joe Biden in the polls in the last couple of days. Let's get all of that. Go ahead. John sort maybe after ten thousand lives he'd get really good at it. Like, maybe that would be the thing you'd be like the best liar of all time is lives. Just as bad as I've always been. There are just, you know, everyone just transparent as one before it doesn't really be proving much. Now, it's like going out to the driving range and swinging ten thousand times and topping the ball ten thousand times. After a while you you would make good contact the thing like three hundred yards. But no, no. This is not a good thing. And a will voting thing all the lying. We've got a lot of stories framing the morning today in his resignation letter departing attorney general rod Rosenstein credits, the president's courtesy and humor like the time. He retweeted a maim showing Rosenstein behind bars for treason with other perceived enemies. Courtesy of humor. You you. Make the call also making news this morning and new administration effort to burden refugees seeking asylum in America, one of the problems crossing the desert, and I've heard about this are cross cross crossing Mexico one of the real problems. They have is so much cash and like in their pockets and their jackets weighs them down. So right, of course, when you're thinking about people that are going to be able to pay a fee to have refugee status extended to them. Yes. They are the people coming in from Salvador. We'll tell you about that reports of Central America run through the latest developments from the twenty twenty campaign trail on remember last summer when President Trump extended this salute to North Korean military officer as the BBC notes Letterman Putin was placed in a similar situation during his summit with the North Korean leader yet opted against the Curtis. Of course, he. Did. Yeah. He loves America. We're going to bring in Richard Haass for the optics on that and several other big stories making headlines around the world, but I knew troubling poll numbers for President Donald Trump, and they've been very bad since Mullah Mullah report was released, which of course, a president after being released said that he had done an honorable job. But even though Donald Trump said Robert Muller did an honorable job this. It's still has hurt his poll standing fifty five percent say would not vote for him and the twenty twenty election that according to the latest to ABC news Washington Post poll, those numbers are relatively unchanged from three months ago. Furthermore, one in six Republicans and nearly a third of self described. Conservatives also say they will not vote for Trump spelling trouble for the president's reelection bid yet among those who rule out voting for Trump. Just twenty nine percent say they will. Definitely support his eventual democratic opponent with two-thirds saying they will wait to see who that is the poll also notes that seventy five percent of Americans in eighty five percent of registered voters say they are certain to vote in the twenty twenty election intended, turnout levels, typically only seen in the closing days of a presidential content. Jomo limit is always it is one thing to run as a challenger. It is easy to run as a challenger. No. I once ran as a challenger, and it's just easier shooting catfish in a barrel. Right. It's quite another thing to run for reelection. And that's why politicians always look at the real lex. They always want to be close to fifty percent. Your way of Donald Trump's reelected, a solid twenty nine percent nationally in this bowl. You've got in Wisconsin, his reelected, thirty one. You've got it. Michigan his reelected, thirty one in Pennsylvania. Where Joe Biden was very also down in the thirties. I understand. Everybody the mainstream media because they missed it. The first time thinks that Donald Trump has some magic voodoo spell that. He's going to sprinkle in the last days of the campaign. You know, I know it's early. I also know this presidents do not get reelected with thirty one percent, relax politicians dogcatchers down. So Donald Trump. In Wisconsin and Michigan in Pennsylvania, and that's a whole game for him. He's got to figure out a way to get that thirty one percent reelect up, and it ain't going to happen. As long as he's going out. Throwing these verbal grenades. The way he continues doing right. And look Joe, I think one of the things that that makes the situation so daunting for the president. And it's not to say that he has enormous. He has nervous assets on his side, especially financial ones, you think about she's raising a ton of money. He's got the big plane. He's probably not going to have a serious primary opponents who's going to be able to prepare for the general election straight on through until it happens. Those are all the advantages of incumbency on the other hand as you point out. Not only that Israel like number is as bad as it is a lot of places, but it's bad set against what the president rightly says, it's a pretty solid Konami. And it's not as though anybody expects this economy, which has been strong under President Trump. It's not going to get a lot stronger between now and November of twenty twenty. It's if anything it's likely to weaken, but even if it holds. That information is now priced into the stock. He's sitting in the mid thirties with his reelect number and a lot of states in states where they've seen the good economy of the past two and a half years. They already have people who are voting for President Trump because the economy is good or already in his column. And so if it takes a lot of work to have reelect numbers as low as the president's in against the backdrop of strong macroeconomic numbers and trends, so you know, look, I never no one's ever. I think is right. That the American media not dismissive and not say that this is a foregone conclusion. President Trump's gonna obviously lose reelection. We should be wary about making predictions on the other hand, we should not understate the degree of challenge that he faces just if you look at the pure the data, and you look at the the from state to state where he stands up hill climb and a lot of ways, and that's an unusual thing for an incumbent. So Steve Kornacki, let's look at the group of candidates who hope to defeat him year and a half from now. And the new morning console poll. We've got the national number which shows Joe Biden with a healthy lead. Now in a growing league. But also, some inter. Interesting information as we go through these inside African American voters and young voters significant movement here in the morning console poll they've been doing this every week. We haven't seen movement lately. But there it is Biden after the announcement last week that he's a candidate. You see a moving up to thirty six percent. There that gap with Sanders we've been talking about a pretty narrow gap between them now that sits at fourteen percent Biden we've been saying overall if you talk about the democratic electorate extremely high favorable score. Some of the other candidates have that as well. But one thing I think it's a potential read of this is that there was a certain segment is maybe a certain segment of the democratic electric. It was looking at Joe Biden that liked him a lot. They thought there'd been false starts in the past guys going to be seventy eight years old is he actually going to run for president. It may have made a difference to a certain number of Democrats just seeing him put that video out there. Just seeing them go on television last week and say, yes, I'm here. This is real I'm running in the polling profile of the candidate of front runner sitting in the mid to high thirty. These versus somebody sitting back in the mid to high twenties in terms of their prospects of winning the nomination. I think those are two different stories. So there's a real bounce here. The question is is that bounced replicated in other polls is he able to sustain that bounce. But if he is in we start looking at numbers like this going forward. This is a different polling profile for Biden. Then I think we've been talking about in terms of his prospects. And yes, one of the other really interesting findings of this start looking at these subgroups racing gender who does Biden poll best with here. Black women race and gender. Who does he poll? Worse win white men. There are a lot of aspects of the democratic coalition and Biden's appeal to it that will defy what you learn. But from social media, and in the sense, you get there for the Democratic Party is that's a twenty three point spread. If you're listening to the car in this new poll, Joe Biden at forty three percent. Among African American voters. Bernie Sanders at twenty percent and joke, comma, Harris at ten percent, we'll get into some of the other cross tests young voters older voters. But these almost across the board are really. Strong numbers for Joe Biden. Wow. Well, you know, we show on this show about a week ago Willie and she pointed out the most important subgroup. Among Democrats black women the most important group because we always look, you know, I said last week, beware. The blue check marks below. But where the elites in Washington and the elites in L A and the elites in New York that better driving the discussion on social media. It is in the democratic primary. Black women who are the backbone of the democratic process the democratic primary process. They were the ones that made such a huge difference in electing Doug Jones to the Senate, by the way, ROY Moore thinking about running there again Jones. He should he should actually just stay right? Where he is. I'm sure he's feeling good about that. But the fact that Joe Biden is doing well among black women. That's extraordinarily. Portent because that's a group that Bernie Sanders has not done well with did not do well with four years ago. And that's a that's going to be a real challenge for Buddha judge. So for Biden, that's great news. So let's look in some of the younger voters. Bernie Sanders actually has the lead there. Thirty six percent. Joe Biden though at twenty three percent of thirteen point spread at the top everybody else well behind and then among older voters as we take a look at sixty five. Plus you have Joe Biden at forty eight percent people to judge at eleven Bernie Sanders at ten what do you see in those numbers? Steve that's a pattern. We've been seeing. There is an age divide when it comes certainly to Sanders appeal to the democratic electorate every poll, we've been seeing this is the oldest group you have your sixty five plus, but really at about forty five years old about fifty years old. You really start seeing Sanders support take a hit Biden struggled more as you see here when you get under forty five and particularly the youngest possible group right there. But I think one of the realities of the Democratic Party when I say, it may be at odds with the perception, you get from social media's we talk a lot about changing Democratic Party millennial voters young voters more liberal. There are still an awful lot of forty five pluses in the Democratic Party. Yeah. And Joe he was looking really good in Pittsburgh yesterday at a rally, and I'll be honest closely surprise how how well he did. Let's take a look. Donald Trump is only president is the only president who's decided not to represent the whole country. The president has his base. We need a president works for all Americans. We can Ford this. We can go do. Folks. Everybody knows who don't Trump is. And I believe I believe in hope they know who we are. We have to let them know who we are. We Democrats we independence who had the same view have to choose hope over fear unity over division. Maybe most importantly truth over lies. Gene robinson. It's hopeful in a candidate on the democratic side to see someone with the experience with that whole Obama era hope. As well. As you know, what Bryant a Biden is bringing to the table in his performance right now. I think some of us were leaning in watching and seeing how he was doing hoping that he looked as good as he did. I thought he sounded great and was hitting all the notes. I agree. I mean, you look at those numbers. The polling profile is front runners profile at this point or it certainly getting there. I mean, you can you can kinda say that about him. I think those numbers are not great for Bernie Sanders. And and and I'm pretty awful for the rest of the field going into the, you know, getting into the media, the campaign, everything that was said about supportive of black woman is the is true and really important in a democratic primary process. And and what Biden has is kind of stature as a former vice president the association with President Obama, of course. One thing democratic primary voters are going to be doing. I think is picturing the potential democratic candidates standing on a debate stage across from Donald Trump. And what's that gonna look like is that going to play? How's that going to work? And so far, I think Biden is is reassuring. A lot of Democrats that that he looked pretty good on that stage. Now, it's it's a long campaign. It's Joe Biden. You know, we'll we won't make any any sort of permanent judgments at this point. But I gotta say he's had a spectacular launch his campaign. You know, at least surprise you. But when Kenny Rogers saying about the gambler he was not thinking about Donald J Trump because Donald Trump has the worst poker face. I think in the history of modern American politics, he was sort of on a meltdown yesterday about Joe Biden and being in old Joe's, home state of Pennsylvania. And there was a tweet storm about it. You can tell he's really scared of Biden, and he understands that this year's going to be all about Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, and he is drawn the worst card in Joe Biden, if he wants to win Pennsylvania. Well, talking about a poker face. It's really hard to maintain a poker face with your competition. When you tweet out, exactly. What you think and I fear? President Trump was he's definitely unnerved by the union support that Joe Biden listed yesterday and was ripping into union leadership as taking money from the rank and file and he still maintains his support. But I thought that that shows the Joe Biden is definitely gotten under his skin and that the way Joe Biden is going about attacking him not directly head on. But referencing the lies, and the the lack of moral character and definitely making Donald Trump part of his case four defeat for defeating him that the character of the man does matter has been effective and has gotten in Donald Trump's head John Holloman, we say it's early early early. So there you go. He said it three times it is early. That said Joe Biden does look at least in the polls that we're seeing right now Biden does look. Like a guy that if if if he keeps it in the middle of the road is going to be in pretty good shape. You look at the rest of the fill the after Bernie, and boy it falls off so quickly. We gotta say for many of those candidates that may be the biggest surprise so far and the twenty sixteen campaign. It's not like somebody that inter that introduce themselves to American six weeks ago, and is now polling at four or five percent is going to have a magical moment on a debate stage with twenty people. Yeah. It's a challenge. And I think the size of the field is going to make it harder. I think another way of saying what you're saying is that the size of the field makes it harder for a lot of these very talented, very promising. First time candidates to to have that kind of moment. You know, you've seen the there you've seen? Some people are mayor Pete is the one who's obviously had the kind of magical ride early. It has become a household name to some extent among Democrats would having gone from not being known at all bide Neo. It's there's there's a lot of people say Biden's have said for a while that by numbers reflect mostly name idea the fact that he's so familiar that is true. And yet it also puts him in a position. Whereas you say if he can keep it in the middle of the road. Now that is he has a dominant position at the outset. The big question is can you keep it in the middle of the road? And you know, we get we've said a lot of times on the show and everybody has pointed out that his his breeze history as a presidential candidate. If you look at the two previous runs, there's not a lot to suggest. He's not allowed to success in the past. Keeping you the middle of the road. Maybe this time will be different. He's learned a lot eight years as vice president had him on the road pretty much constantly, and it might be it might be possible for him. If you take the lessons of that time, but that's real challenge. For Joe bike right now is whether he can keep himself from making the kind of stakes that proved fatal to him and his previous runs and make a Joe alluded to this a minute ago with the blue checkmark reference, but I think what these numbers show is. Well, are the issues that have obsessed some of the media and the activists class, which includes the hugs that made people uncomfortable the crime Bill the Anita hill question. Yes. He's address them. Yes. There are some concerns about them. But their voters anyway are ready to look forward and not back and not not listening to that. At all. All right. Let's get to other news of the day. The FBI says it's received a tip about an online threat just minutes before Saturday's shooting at a California synagogue that killed one and injured three others too late though to stop it mourners gathered yesterday at the funeral for sixteen year old Laurie. Gilbert K was killed after witnesses say she jumped in front of the synagogues founding. Rabbi Goldstein who was shot in the hands during the attack. He published a defiant op Ed in the New York Times detailing the harrowing events the alleged gunman who faces murder and attempted murder. Charges is due in court for arraignment today. The FBI has arrested. A US army veteran accused of planning a terror attack in California as retribution for the shootings at New Zealand mosques last month twenty six year old Marc Stephen Domingo is charged with attempting to provide material support to terrorists following his arrest on Friday night officials say he took delivery of what he thought was a live bomb from an undercover officer posing as a farm maker, according to a federal affadavit after considering various attacks, including against Jews churches and police officers to Mingo decided to detonate a ni- at a rally scheduled to take place in Long Beach just past weekend. I'm going to be watching this. And we're going to be watching the Justice department, and we're going to see whether this man arrested for plotting, a terrorist attack, and the killing of people will be released just like the Coast Guard Lieutenant that plotted on the tack and the assassination of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, and the Democrats that are running against Donald Trump and members of the media that will be it'd be fascinating to see whether we now have a catch and release policy for domestic terrorists. Which of course, right now bars Justice department does have a catch and release program for domestic terrorists. We'll see. I mean, Donald Trump is so soft on crime that he actually had a guy he is so weak and soft on crime that he actually had a guy that had this incredible stockpile of weapons. Nhs was a drug addict. And then head of manifesto, those inspired by a white nationalist that killed over seventy people in Norway, and Donald Trump is so weak so flaccid that he actually allowed this domestic terrorist to walk. So we'll see if the same thing happens in San Diego and whether the Justice department under Don Trump because he says, it's his Justice department Israeli that toothless and that we can whether he's really going to let Americans die that is. I've got to say Barack Obama, George W Bush. Watch. Ronald Reagan Jimmy Carter, not on their watch. They wouldn't be so weak and timid an impotent as a domestic terrorist go. But that is exactly what the US attorney in that district. Did that is exactly what the Justice department did? And of course, Donald Trump likes for you to think that that's his Justice department. So make no mistake somebody who wanted to assassinate Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the house Kirstin gillibrand and other democratic candidates running against Donald Trump. They're out of jail. Now, they're said, we can't do anything. Oh, you that week Donald? Yeah. All right. So let's see what happens in San Diego. Let see if you're just as weak and feckless this is one of the most liberal catch and release programs. I've ever seen in my life. I'll right and finally John singleton the first African American and youngest ever to receive best director Oscar nomination has tied that director and SCR. Screenwriter behind nineteen ninety s classics boys in the hood and poetic Justice was taken off life support by his family yesterday. As tributes poured in singleton who had problems with hypertension had been unresponsive following a stroke singleton's critical and commercial success expanded beyond film, directing episodes of empire. Billions and thirty for thirty an American crime story co creating and executive producing the F X series snowfall which was filming its third season. Earlier this month. He also mentored black filmmakers screenwriters and actors throughout his career. John singleton was fifty one years old and Willie house said a John John singleton extraordinarily gifted. And I still remember is seeing boys in the hood the first time and being so moved by it. It's it was such a such a tragic story, but just extraordinaire. Mary an extrordinary look at life in south central LA. And my God, it really captured a moment in time like few other movies too. Yeah. It was about young black men in south central Los Angeles in the late eighties and early nineties and John singleton was historic. It's not an overstatement to say that he was the first African American ever to be nominated as best director at the cat ame- awards. He was twenty four years old at the time. He was the youngest director ever nominated. He made boys in the hood. Joe just out of USC. He was twenty two years old when he three years first film, he got ice cube to do it. Hupa Gooding junior group of young actors who've now gone on of course, too big fame. And it was it was a shot. Lawrence fish, Laurence Fishburne play bother and then movie. Unbelievable. It was an extraordinary group of actors, but it took him to bring them together. And again for that gene to be John singleton's first movie out of school. And then he went onto poetic Justice and higher learning rose. Would a collection of great films. This is a this is a big loss for movies. But also for the culture, it is a wash for the culture. I mean, he was he was such a prodigy twenty four years old right out of school and produces a classic with with with with a cast. That is a Dreamcast. I mean look at where those actors are now. But in what he did for the culture really was. Exposing the inner lives of people who whose wives had not really been portrayed a very much on screen at all. And it was it was a humanizing mission in a way it was. It was very important. He was groundbreaking director will be sorely missed in Hollywood. It's Katy tar want to keep up with MSNBC while you're on the go subscribe to the MSNBC daily newsletter. You'll get the best of what you've missed or in this unprecedented. Era of news, text MSNBC, two six six eight six six to subscribe. Joining us now Boston Globe, political reporter, James Pendle. He's out with a new piece this morning that shows Joe Biden leading the crowded field of twenty twenty Democrats in New Hampshire. That's according to a new poll. Tell us all about it. Well, this is the first poll that was taken since Joe Biden had entered the contest in. It's fascinating on one level. You say, okay. Here's another poll that Joe Biden is winning. But look who else is right behind him. I mean, this is a state where he's eight points. Joe by eight points ahead of Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders, of course, won the New Hampshire. Primary in two thousand sixteen with sixty percent of the vote in here. He is now at twelve percent in right on his heels is the mayor of south bend, Indiana. Then you want a couple of that with the fourth place in the if Elizabeth Warren who is now in fourth place does not win the New Hampshire primary. Her argument gets very very difficult, and how she proceeds in the future, as you know, history suggests that anytime a person for Massachusetts or just New England in general runs in the New Hampshire primary. They have a lot of advantages in are expected to do quite well, the fact that she's fourth and she is struggling is a story in the. Real story. Maybe that Bernie is losing some momentum in the one key state that he absolutely thought he had locked down. So James get somebody questions for you. First of all, of course, the Red Sox won last night. But I mean, how about that? As going to give him started. We had we had to stay up late to watch it. But yes, finally came through. I've got I think sale is Owen five I think it's safe to say J hitting one fifty I think it's safe to say both of them are due and this is a number whenever we have bases loaded. I soon we're going to strand them, but we didn't last night. So that was good did not last night. So, you know, I think the big headline coming out of this poll a lot of people would say, Elizabeth Warren. But we'd been surprised around the set for quite some time. Now that she's not taken off the way we thought she would take up. I've got to say for me the bigger surprise in this poll is what you said. I mean, yes, this is how this is home field advantage for Elizabeth Warren. But this is the heart and soul of Bernie Sanders campaign. He is next door to do ham. Scher and the Vermont Senator like you said has dominated this state over the past four years to watch Biden, go ahead of him and this early pole. Yes, I know. But in this early poll means that people that were all in for Bernie at least during this snapshot in time have moved away from him and jumped over to Biden. Or Jones somewhere else? I mean what's going on? Here is is the turns jumping over to Biden that group it'd be independent voters independent voters. He's you know, can vote in either the Republican or the democratic primary. They make up forty one percent of voters in New Hampshire. So they're not an insignificant chunk. And that group is favoring Biden. Fuelling Biden's rise in this very as you mentioned early stage where nine months away from where we expect the New Hampshire primary to take place is that Biden is crushing both registered Democrats and crushing independence, and he's doing it. I think if you look at a second question, we asked who do you think is most likely to defeat Trump? That's where the that's where the gaps get really big. But I think the other story in this poll is unlike other early primary states, we're beginning to see some definition. There are haves and have nots in this poll. If you take the top four folks here in this race in this particular poll, Biden Sanders, Buddha judge in Warren, they add up to fifty three percent of the electorate. Meanwhile of the twenty four people we polled fourteen don't even get to one percent. So we're beginning to see. So I mean here of what a tears would look like now this is, of course, is not happening in Iowa, which is much. More widespread though, of course, Bernie and Biden seem to have their own lane in Iowa, South Carolina, still has Abrahams. I think in the top three, and we had a story this week talking about hat Nevada is still the wild wild west and really no one has advantages. So we begin to see some structure here, which also creates some questions if anyone's going to take out by maybe it begins in a place like New Hampshire where you have strong front rotors. But it also makes it more difficult as our pollster noted from Suffolk university that if you are not in that say top tier if you're not in the top four even the top six if you want to include folks, like Kamala, Harris or Beddoe a rook or even further down like Cory Booker. It's gonna be really hard for you to get to that top tier these right now because only about a quarter of the electorate is still undecided, and you need to like a big chunk of that quarter to Mt. Here and seem coordinate aqui. Another problem with the second tier candidates is an Iowa. It's pretty brutal. I mean, you've got what does the threshold you either get fifteen percent or you've got to go caucus for somebody else in Iowa. And then you go over to to New Hampshire and boy if you're not above five percent. That's the end of the road for you. I wonder though, do you see like ic- a New Hampshire being a firewall for Bernie Sanders? And if that firewall collapses for Sanders, he's going to have a hell of a hard time turning south to South Carolina, and the rest of the southern states will I think the question was seniors to we've been trying to measure how much in where exactly is his core base. The folks who are just absolutely four him as opposed to not being with them because they were against Hillary or whatever you had in twenty sixteen. And then there's a question of, you know, can he take that base and compete for the nomination? And I think the Sanders scenario that's been out there. If there if there is one for him to compete for the nomination. Absolutely relies on strength in those first two states Iowa remember in win island twenty sixteen. He came as close to winning Iowa without actually winning Iowa as you can in two thousand sixteen that was eight razor thin margin that Hillary Clinton won those caucuses by in two thousand sixteen as you say he went into New Hampshire rolled over her. There Nevada was close. It was in South Carolina where he really really started to fall apart for Sanders. So the idea for twenty twentieth, but you've got to replicate that strength. You showed in those early states. Then you've got to hope that the Democratic Party has moved in a way that the sort of the array of candidates who are against you are a little different than you had with Hillary Clinton in a way that you can be the second choice for a lot of democratic voters. They start to look at you. They start to say, okay. This looks like a winner. This looks like a bandwagon. High can be comfortable joining it. But if you're not winning New Hampshire, you're not winning a state you beat Hillary Clinton in by twenty plus points in two thousand sixteen I don't see that happening. At least let's go back to the question, James. Pointed to in their poll, which was which democrat has the best chance of beating President Trump. Joe Biden in the state of New Hampshire among Democrats at thirty five percent Sanders down at thirteen percent. It drops off the table from their similar numbers among independence. So let's say you're voter in New Hampshire, I were South Carolina. And you look at this group of candidates, and you say we're all somewhere within the same space on the issues. We may have different ways of getting to expanding Medicare for more people were attacking more aggressively the question of climate change. But we all have the same goals. What I want most of all as a voter. They might say is to make sure Donald Trump is not president for another four years, and it looks like in this poll anyway, Joe Biden by almost three times as next challenger answers that question more definitively for voters Biden is made a point since he's entered the race of marking his contrast with Donald Trump and staking in the ground that he opposes Donald Trump that he isn't necessarily just running on issues that he's also run. Ning against Donald Trump. And that's been in contrast to really the rest of the field who some have been pretty hands off in their criticism of Trump and tried to stay very issues focused and turning out a lot of policy or go. So real quick on this. This is the one place where it's too early to say really matters because foremost voters, the vast majority of these candidates are still just names on a piece of maybe they've not seen any of them on the debate stage. No one who's try if that's what you care about who can take on Trump. You have to be able to imagine them standing on stage and extra Trump and most democratic voters have never seen any of these candidates except for Joe by debris Sanders by four on a stage in a combat role. Well, they have seen Biden though. That's pretty sad. Yeah. But no, no, John they have seen. All right. Jane within Bill. Thank you so much. Hey, hey, I'm like get the socks winning. We gotta start winning. And we're pulling this on. Okay. Remember, remember what we're at? Now, we had the patriots won the Super Bowl had the SOX win the World Series. We still have the Bruins and the Celtics and the playoffs. Could it be on here? You know, what that you know, what human lives New England has returned there. When you're talking about teams other than the Red Sox and Liverpool. What you're getting Manchester City Liverpool actually count. So they don't don't talk full. It's gonna Chelsea guy. You don't like me. Well, I don't mind you because you guys are losers this year. Okay. We'll make the championship. Okay. Okay. Let's okay. Actually, you're on TV my son care. So we I. I just wanted. I just wanted. John Danilo, though, they have seen by before man. You know, what I do that to my kids all the time? I know they're going to be some people like, do, you know, like with their mom in the mom's basement with Cheetos in their underwear? They don't understand. I do that to my kids all the time. Yeah. This is the guy this coaching a game last night with his son Jack playing his heart out played. So well, I've never seen anything like it. And Joe's like Joey call his oldest son nine accidentally called show. We while he was running around. Do that coming on TV? So. Dachsie gets his heart out jackets to third base. And he looks up mazing can't base coach. And he goes. I'm my name's Jeff. How many times you've been injected? I'm curious as the manager squad. So listen I've been coaching for twenty five years. What am I favor him? Whatever coach you get Pensacola Catholic high school. Oh my gosh. There the door. I'll talk about it more at the top of the or. But when one of my better coaching stories Willie was when. When I was coaching just out of college. Pensacola, Catholic high school. I went back to my alma mater. I didn't like a play that the ref called. And I just started going, you know, when they used to have the folding signs, I would from one to another just kicked him just kept kicking him and Richard about. Anyways, athletic director came up to me. And he's like he whispered to me coach coach all the non up there. They're looking at you. And they don't like it. And I looked up at the non what they did. They were they like the call either. So. No. But I have learned to control myself Willie in my name is Jack.

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