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Putin warns Finland NATO membership would harm relations

AP News Radio

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Putin warns Finland NATO membership would harm relations

"Russia's Russia's Russia's Russia's president president president president has has has has warned warned warned warned Finland Finland Finland Finland that that that that joining joining joining joining NATO NATO NATO NATO will will will will sour sour sour sour relations relations relations relations between between between between the the the the two two two two neighbors neighbors neighbors neighbors in in in in a a a a phone phone phone phone conversation conversation conversation conversation with with with with Russian Russian Russian Russian president president president president Vladimir Vladimir Vladimir Vladimir Putin Putin Putin Putin apparently apparently apparently apparently told told told told his his his his Finnish Finnish Finnish Finnish counterparts counterparts counterparts counterparts the the the the defendant defendant defendant defendant were were were were to to to to abandon abandon abandon abandon its its its its ministry ministry ministry ministry neutrality neutrality neutrality neutrality by by by by joining joining joining joining NATO NATO NATO NATO it it it it would would would would be be be be an an an an era era era era since since since since there there there there are are are are no no no no threats threats threats threats to to to to finance finance finance finance acuity acuity acuity acuity Finland's Finland's Finland's Finland's president president president president had had had had called called called called the the the the Russian Russian Russian Russian needed needed needed needed to to to to warn warn warn warn him him him him of of of of financing financing financing financing pending pending pending pending application application application application to to to to join join join join NATO NATO NATO NATO Finland's Finland's Finland's Finland's foreign foreign foreign foreign minister minister minister minister Pekka Pekka Pekka Pekka Haavisto Haavisto Haavisto Haavisto said said said said the the the the call call call call was was was was to to to to keep keep keep keep honest honest honest honest relations relations relations relations between between between between the the the the two two two two nations nations nations nations we we we we have have have have one one one one thousand thousand thousand thousand three three three three hundred hundred hundred hundred kilometers kilometers kilometers kilometers from from from from the the the the border border border border with with with with the the the the brush brush brush brush of of of of the the the the the the the the border border border border it's it's it's it's peaceful peaceful peaceful peaceful and and and and we we we we want want want want to to to to maintain maintain maintain maintain that that that that border border border border peacefully peacefully peacefully peacefully in in in in his his his his prime prime prime prime minister's minister's minister's minister's son son son son I'm I'm I'm I'm Iran Iran Iran Iran also also also also said said said said she she she she hoped hoped hoped hoped that that that that neighboring neighboring neighboring neighboring Sweden Sweden Sweden Sweden would would would would join join join join Finland Finland Finland Finland in in in in its its its its quest quest quest quest to to to to become become become become a a a a NATO NATO NATO NATO member member member member it's it's it's it's very very very very important important important important that that that that we we we we are are are are making making making making the the the the decisions decisions decisions decisions together together together together and and and and acting acting acting acting US US US one one one and and and also also also making making making the the the decisions decisions decisions in in in the the the same same same time time time table table table I'm I'm I'm Karen Karen Karen Thomas Thomas Thomas

Finland Nato Russia President President President Russian Russian Russian Russia Pekka Pekka Pekka Pekka Haavis Haavisto Haavisto Iran Sweden United States Karen Karen Karen Thomas Thoma
Finland's leaders call for NATO membership 'without delay'

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Finland's leaders call for NATO membership 'without delay'

"England England England England has has has has announced announced announced announced that that that that it it it it is is is is in in in in favor favor favor favor of of of of rapidly rapidly rapidly rapidly applying applying applying applying for for for for NATO NATO NATO NATO membership membership membership membership creating creating creating creating a a a a historic historic historic historic expansion expansion expansion expansion for for for for the the the the alliance alliance alliance alliance and and and and a a a a serious serious serious serious blow blow blow blow to to to to Russia Russia Russia Russia the the the dramatic dramatic dramatic move move move means means means that that that Finland Finland Finland is is is all all all but but but certain certain certain to to to join join join NATO NATO NATO with with with just just just a a a few few few steps steps steps left left left before before before the the the application application application process process process can can can begin begin begin Finland's Finland's Finland's foreign foreign foreign minister minister minister Pekka Pekka Pekka Haavisto Haavisto Haavisto has has has said said said Russia's Russia's Russia's invasion invasion invasion of of of Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine has has has become become become a a a serious serious serious concern concern concern on on on predictable predictable predictable behavior behavior behavior of of of Russia Russia Russia he's he's he's an an an imminent imminent imminent he he he soon soon soon U. U. U. K. K. K. prime prime prime minister minister minister Boris Boris Boris Johnson Johnson Johnson said said said it's it's it's understandable understandable understandable that that that Finland Finland Finland would would would want want want to to to join join join NATO NATO NATO at at at this this this time time time when when when you you you look look look what what what rushers rushers rushers done done done in in in Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine everybody's everybody's everybody's not not not thinking thinking thinking about about about their their their own own own security security security finish finish finish public public public opinion opinion opinion is is is now now now at at at seventy seventy seventy percent percent percent in in in favor favor favor of of of joining joining joining NATO NATO NATO Helsinki Helsinki Helsinki resident resident resident and and and non non non **** **** **** police police police Finland Finland Finland needs needs needs to to to feel feel feel protected protected protected in in in the the the current current current environment environment environment SO SO SO small small small country country country so so so we we we won't won't won't be be be able able able to to to do do do all all all of of of these these these the the the defense defense defense by by by ourselves ourselves ourselves so so so we we we need need need to to to be be be a a a member member member of of of NATO NATO NATO I'm I'm I'm Karen Karen Karen Thomas Thomas Thomas

Nato Finland Russia England Ukraine Alliance Alliance Alliance All Pekka Pekka Pekka Haavisto Haavisto Haavisto U. U. U. K. K. K. Prime Prime Helsinki Karen Karen Karen Thomas Thoma
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" haavisto" Discussed on Pig & Whistle - Tales from Azeroth

"Because showman's in classic tabby say all about giving you something buffs when you get critical hale and that kind of thing but it's just too simple splash on the target and the hailed for a big chunk kind of it. It's nothing too fancy and they don't really have anything. It's kind of like riptide at the moment. It's nothing too. Fancy for restoration. Shamans not gonna lie to you for the work of obviously they have destruction which is a dimensional rift. This has three charges and required these septa. Salgueiros it rips a hole in time and space opening to the damages your child get now. This one was quite fun because you are just opening demon poetry like greenfell. Phya comes flying out with them and hits the target and you could open three at the same time is absolutely amazing so this one was a bit fun and it had its own unique so of animation. This one was great. Has nothing really quite like at the moment. I don't believe in while but it was great fun to say you could see a world so busting you can see if they're trying do like sustained damage with these pool tubes that kind of thing but it was great fun to this pool to open up behind you known warlock and just seeing fell fai come flying out with them it was good. It was good from affliction. You have rape sows. And what the the weapon that you needed was flash of flash the direct wind haavisto. You consume tormented cells collected within the weapon increased near damage by ten percent and doubling the effect of the weapon the weapons of traits for five seconds. This one's not fancier show honest is completely different from the destruction warlock interest payments themselves and get damaged buff. It's nothing great to be honest. It didn't feel great president. You didn't feel like a yeah. We're really going to stop some people now compared to like the destruction where you see stuff happening but you know stupid damaging crease not too bad not to shabby for demon you have foul kills consumption and.

hale haavisto
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" haavisto" Discussed on AoS Coach

"He's a three up on a safe now. He used to be four zero four. Yeah he was a full he can put got an extra wear interior now so he's twelve rings instead of eleven and and the other thing that's going to call out with manfred and maybe it's changed matt. Please tell me but one thing. I learned really quickly at manfred is not a vampire load on. So i can say don't charge of or and just try to like cut sick Really gonna play him. He's low which is finding the weak spot going for the weak spot. Supporting manfredini laura's a coward. He's someone who will strike. Only when he's ready for me that's got the most value and Using it to to support the army not again don't yes for try and he's not terrible can actually do quite a lot of damage Especially we'll talk about some other buffs as guy through the is that fame as well so he can he can definitely bank Then you've go on any of gotshall haavisto named sorry. If i have used this a few times in games of renting mean an attack selling any two or three units around him And then forget the double. Turn the sawalha You get that nonplus to kost at goes off twice hits every unit within three inches. Does day three wearing so if you get it off. 'twas does today unit And then every five you're all at dos for h. More when you've done and every five vehicles awaren- so it's just a wider keeping alive. If if i wanna ruin. It's just another spell that he can do some damage just on these comments while it's just come up and i think it's a good one ease with we've made for its all. There's sometimes you can take damage at the end of the round so for example scrub the king when he does damage. You take a mortal wound at the end of the around. These would protect off that because it's not a face that end. The round is not face so that that put on. I would imagine that loophole. So it's the end of the battle around the battle shock sites. The end of belshaw nike battle phase happens at the end of the turn. So just those technical. You wouldn't get it until it's clarified. That's manfred he's too good not to take And he's used overall a great support here are it's like how hurricana him he's just awesome And just quickly looking at least for those people can save on the screen at the the thing about this lease is you've got four really big heavy hitters and full really big threats so i if you coming up against someone also such that can't just pick want like you'll be threat and neuter because it doesn't matter you've got three others into could get aboard a and again if you lose one of these threats. You don't really k. At you've still got hot. It is coming in So that was just..

manfredini laura gotshall haavisto matt belshaw nike army
"  haavisto" Discussed on Orville R. Beckford Ministries Podcast: "GRACE WITHOUT BORDERS!"

Orville R. Beckford Ministries Podcast: "GRACE WITHOUT BORDERS!"

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" haavisto" Discussed on Orville R. Beckford Ministries Podcast: "GRACE WITHOUT BORDERS!"

"Worship. I worship your god be my god. You're people my people. Let me tell you. I am not coming back here for where you'll die. I will die when she saw that she was persistent. She refrained from telling her to go back sometimes. My friends the journey got his. Taking hugh is alone. One based on human calculation but the result is guaranteed minis. Working it out was bitter. Although now home it was bitter and she was. You'll see that she was bill and didn't want to be call now homey she wanted to call mara said. Don't me homey don't call me friendly. Don't call me beauty. Because i don't see it. I am not enjoying it. There's nothing about to celebrate because let me go on assembly that you get for in her mind gotta beat with her but he had a divine plan and now home would be an integral part of it. How i am sure. She felt vindicated with the end result when she got back to her homeland in a city and they were famille me. Try to celebrate them. She refused to be celebrated because as she said. I went out full and i came back empty here. Sometimes reminds can be ported. And i was thinking started because of how narrow views are. Yes she came up without her husband on her sons. And unfortunately that's how far our human minds can grasp but one day godless. Show us the mystery. When i when i wrote that. I was impressed by sunday. God will show us the mystery of our history that someday god will show us the mystery of history the things we don't understand now the struggles we had the valleys on the lack of whatever it may be the emotional mental psychological social relational and all these things that we struggle it marks align of history and one of these days god will unveil to us the mystery of history and we will be able to look up perfect. Oh god you got sensor hume. Because when i was right there so i can't remember when i was right there so i was ready. Give up. And i don't shoot that one because i thought i thought it was at my cul de sac. This time i was ready to give up but somehow how you brought me he will unveil the mystery of history and we will be thankful he will give you a beautiful hashes. He hang in there. He will give you the all of joy for mourning. He'll give you strength for fear he will turn your midnight in today he will turn it around for you. He can turn it around eventually. Eventually you get the message. I'm wrapping because ken to the whole story but eventually now homey when they got there when god is working purpose out he never gonna turn to the land. There was this. Kinsman to elimelech kinsman family connection whose name was boas and when the homie gut but their whole boas had fields and workers and plantations were and their home came back and ruth was the young beauty. Friendship attractive young woman and for whatever reason god had boas deer without wife waiting for a chew. Wish man follow me. I'm just done a jewish man. Wealthy jewish man in the land of judah waiting the garden not that's not what he was waiting for. But that's what god will do. We brought this young mobike woman. Descendants are lot who her ancestry begun by her great great great great great whatever. This was was conceived by luck on his own daughter. In every in most of us genealogy and assessment that will be a disqualification but boas was there waiting and somehow it seemed like rule now. Homey decided to make some connection. Because i know this older man boas wasn't a young boy either but she introduced ruth to go by boas maybe as a server and somehow she became attractive because she's beauty and no matter where you come from beauty beauty beauty all but you can't win beauty right and so i don't have to detailer story that i can. But i'm paraphrasing in my mind and you can go read the rest of the story. She draw closed bolas. Stay keep his feet. Warm somebody the about and bostick into love her as a servant and both said i want you to tell the man of my field the when they re haavisto don't glean it don't go to and lean leave gleaning for the poor and the in was where ruth and homey came in because they come from afar land and they have no immediate job and way to survive but jehovah chhaya come on somebody jehovah rock and you don't know how it's com come tonight. Thought to somebody here you go door. Foil is not gonna happen up to your because your plans are not enough. Komo witness somebody got is working it out concluding with the big picture boas said. Don't blame the leave it for this damsel. And then when they go they will. They will get what they can and as time went on her heart philly love because maybe the scene connection the same talking that she fell to leave more up she began to feel that with love connection for the old man boss and somehow got established the connection and let me finish radio here garden. Work it out. You know the end of the story the same more by route who said to new home. Her mother-in-law don't even try to let me stay here in moheb..

homey sunday jewish today tonight both mara moheb ruth One kinsman boas elimelech Kinsman one judah
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" haavisto" Discussed on The Stuttering John Podcast

"Something went wrong with my microphone. I don't know it was working then. I accidentally unplugged when i pulled up my green screen and then it stopped but okay. We're back sorry about that won't be the first mistake and certainly won't be the last one all right well as my mother. She says she could hear me. Mark p robert. My is what's up buddy. Thanks for becoming a subscriber. Keep in mind everybody. I'll post this again. Here is the way to donate directly. or super chapter always welcome But i appreciate it all year l. My god this thing is just gonna drive me nuts today this nonstop all right you know at some point they gotta stop asking for security questions all right so there is my link house. She'll be back he was here. Hopefully he'll he'll check the other link and we'll get how back. Sorry about all this. My peeps all right. There's the pay pal link you could also go to super chat and robert hall coming to omaha the twelve on twentieth. Tammy can tell. He's on the way they now bear on the balcony. Don't forget beer on the balcony today right after this show. I don't know what comic i'm having on yet. I tried to get tammy pesky tally. She couldn't do it alot. Ann taylor shorty. One is here key task nine ts mad. Hatter jillian lehrman. Let me say. Thank you to everybody a because would get more and more subscribers to youtube in patriots on my youtube channel is about to eclipsed ten thousand subscribers. I owe it all to you guys. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart of doing the best. I can keep you guys informed. I always said. I would dedicate this podcast to take down dotan known as donald trump. And we did it but now what happens mitch. Nickless and donald trump don't want to admit defeat just like the tarte wouldn't admit defeat when he got beat by ted cruz in the primary. He said it was rigged because he can't take losing. He's a sore loser and even seora winner. Thank you for the five bucks k. Tasks nine eight. Everything helps and we are doing fine here. I have so much. I hope you guys are ordering your face masks. I you know i have. I've made them free to all you. Who on my patriot and an end to all of my youtube subscribers. So you know you know the code. I sent it to you. If anybody doesn't know the code please let me know. And i'll make sure you get it but these stuttering john. Podcast face masks are available so we at how smart house sparks the smartest man on the planet on today along with thirty year prosecuted glenn curse note and here is my buddy new. Nsf we got to work and you gotta you got it up and running. I was very impressed. What happened first of all. You're not completely centered in the little static on your road all right all right. Look yuna nitpick when you didn't even have any sound for god's sake man here's what happened to. Mike unplugged right right. The computer's not reading from the computer. Audio sound young sounds fine. I just picked my little end so it should be staticky. I have tons to talk to you about. I believe at one o'clock len curses come on. I hope you can hope could stick around because he will give us the more legal insight into what or in the. I'll give the illegal inside. I guess the sketchy it like. Layman's take on everything. Speaking of which did you get in touch with the guys. I sent you the ad guys not yet. No no i have not been. I'm in the middle of working on this other stuff and i. That's a big. Yeah that's a big ask. So i will do that but we gotta be able to help you grow. I'm the i will. I'll do it absolutely by the way. You're chad is disabled for some reason on this street or wait no no on the next one. I'll find it aereo. You have different. Page open now. You have yet start a whole one vote reason. I was allowed to go. yeah. I applaud him. Now you're good. Just a rollover give because you know. I don't know what happened but you know i. I don't know how a way you know all the technical things. I'm i'm not there yet. I'm growing my. This is my winter beard. Is it steve. Your neck warm. During the during the the after the haavisto's done as hunger down for the dark long winter. Is you know absolutely. This is my my parasite and disease catching shield. That will yeah. I see you like my joke. You know what i said. Donald trump just book the next next press conference at the marriott and it was a rough fishing tackle swear to god like this the his belief his kind of fundamental belief that he's still got a frigging chance at this. I gotta say is is glorious to watch like i i. i honestly like it gets aggravating. And it's yes. It's an attack on our democracy and all that or whatever but there's a visit a huge part of this it's just funny watching him whoever's bullshitting him into thinking he actually as a shot or his desperate attempt to pretend he does because it's both could be happening because his brain both could be happening at the same time. He's the only person in the world who could bullshit the public knowingly while being bullshit himself about the very facts he's bullshitting the public about ad like that. Do you have any idea how difficult that is to crowbar that into your cranium and watching him just like live. Tweeting an covered in cheeto. Dust is just such a dude as dude as called a lid every day since the election. Today is the first day on his schedule. He had anything i mean. He had the veterans day thing that he just had to do so they drug his gnarly ass out and watch him haram his way through. You know what he thinks is just kind of you know this loser in this sucker like and and then of course he the. I think golfed three times twice three times. Whatever the day after the lunch the day after and the day after that now he stopped golfing. Now he's like all right but keep in mind how he was missing more from the from this from him losing when six days without being seen. That's more than he was not seen during covid. yes and he he. He sent messages from the hospital looking like shit. Of course i mean looked like a looked like televangelists mug shot and all those pictures that they show like the videos he was like ashy and his shirt was undone and he was like like he'd just been yanked out of a motel room with a hooker you know as as his flock lines up to defend him. But there's a you know he. He was trying to be macho during that. That was really the issue. Right will now. He can't even muster up the strength to be macho in this which is larry's considering s. and l.'s. Bit about him where he you know. They end with the bit with him. Sitting down and playing macho man at the piano really slow and somber it was. I mean this is. It's it's a joy to watch it really is i know. Mccaffrey is afraid of what he's doing. And i know. Mccaffrey also thinks of this from a military standpoint. You do not mess with these levers of power and mccaffrey's very aware of the danger posed by a rogue president. The problem is trump. can't remember where the button is. Let's be abundantly clear. You know like you use a password for some site you haven't been on in a long time and you're like what what was i thinking back then like you. You start becoming like a hacker on the dude on criminal minds or the girl on criminal minds. Were like trying to look for clues in the room. Like is there a post it note. That will give me some clue as to what my frigging password was in twenty fifteen. That's how he thinks about every law and every detail on the functioning of government. He doesn't know where shit is he doesn't know where he can hide stuff in a certain server on the site yet..

donald trump Mccaffrey Tammy youtube Mark p jillian lehrman omaha ted cruz Ann taylor robert hall glenn Layman Mike president trump. Nickless ashy cheeto larry l.
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" haavisto" Discussed on Casefile True Crime

"He is good at her into the house only vagina to run away and began to light of that naught four kilometers medes away deeply disturbed. Ralph prayed to God for guidance as the way he should turn for help believing he received any in Saudi Arabia to the Rock and backs. He phoned John and asked him to come over. Joan arrived at the Vulnr- residence at around eleven thirty PM. He into Leeann had participated in as many as twenty deliverance. As bodies talk and upon Sane State that Joan was in. John quickly deduced juiced that she was a victim of the money possession. He told Ralph that deliverance was no longer an option but a necessary action. In order to save I saw Rafeh grade and the two of them stayed awake all night. Praying for Joan and reading passages aloud from the bobble. The next morning of Saturday January. Twenty three Leeann Rockin back arrived and took her husband's place by joint saw Waldron returned. Home to the couple's children SHAEF owned other members of their circle to ask for guidance and assistance in praying for Joan at the top of her list was lay Clugston as seventy-seven-year-old Baptist who resided in the town of Rainbow. Fifty two kilometers north of Antwerp were the rock and bax conceited Laya to be something of a spiritual leader as she claimed to speak directly with God often consulting with Leeann over the telephone. Leah came to the conclusion that John was possessed by not one but ten demonic entities and provided provided advice on how to expel able spirits following lays instructions row findlay and had joined sit in a chair at one end of the kitchen while they said at the other residing biblical passages praying and asking junk questions while Christian music played in the background. This pattern repeated over the next two days Ralph deliverance sessions commenced during the mid-afternoon and continued it throughout the naught sometimes not concluding until five. Am Occasionally Jon. Rahm back would join them in person but other times they regularly called him for Voss along with Leah and several other prayer circle members after three days with no change in joins behavior. It was decided that they needed someone else to join them. And strengthen their efforts mm-hmm David Klingner was a twenty eight year old contract Haavisto's who had grown up in northern New South Wales. The nail lived in South Australia. He had attended attended the Rock and backs presser who on a number of occasions where he had become acquainted with the raft. FOMER as well. David had also met Joan own and already Hubbard some suspicions about her even before receiving ankles from Leeann Rockin back explaining that Joan was undergoing a deliverance. He had seen the vomits at a New Year's a prayer gathering full-week Soliah and thought that Joan had a blank expression on her face during the service at one stage. He believed he saw her eyes. Roll back into her head. From that moment he suspected there was a demonic presence in And Nail that had seemingly been confirmed when the group asked him to join them he felt. It was his duty to assist on Tuesday. January twenty six David made considerable journey across the state border to windward upon arriving at the property. He felt that the atmosphere there was locked. That ova quote spiritual battle between God and Satan. He prayed and and read from the Bible along with wrath and Lianne the trio maintained their efforts throughout the entire day and into Wednesday is well regularly checking checking in with their presser associates. According to David joined became increasingly verbally abusive and aggressive. As Tom.

Joan David Klingner John Ralph Leeann Leah Saudi Arabia Vulnr Antwerp Clugston Lianne Waldron SHAEF Rafeh South Australia Rahm FOMER Jon Laya
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" haavisto" Discussed on KQED Radio

"EU remains goal is to get binding legislation passed that would bring Europe to net zero emissions by the year twenty fifty he has specifically praised the use climate strikers that meant a lot to hook us who got to thank the prime minister in person this week when they had a chance encounter at the presidency kick off event in Helsinki it's so nice if you have any sense hostile young people have listened and more yeah yeah then they will also be listening to his foreign minister green politician Pekka Haavisto who will press the climate message in the foreign policy arena already crowded with many crises Haavisto knows it will be difficult but he explains to counter parts that Finland's five party coalition government is of a single mind on this to show consensus is possible then odds and this five by the government has one goal and it's a climate and eastern vitamin than a circle jeep and the silence around the table you can you can hear the silence in in a way that it's so surprising Haavisto has already been discussing the agenda with climate skeptic governments and he's cautiously optimistic I think everybody understands the importance of this goal the the question is then in some countries how to reach it what kind of support you need to move from the old fashioned technologies to the new ones how much time you need for that and so forth but this time I think in it's just that the control together Helsinki is determined not to be a hypocrite its meetings will maximize sustainability and minimize everything else on your Licey head of the presidency secretary and has been working on the planning for years it took some time to get clear even in my in our own minds what we wanted to do and then it was suddenly it was when he came to us we will offset the emissions of our guests those who attend the meetings here in Helsinki and also in Brussels so instead of handing out gifts we use the money to offset the Emmy sense how for million euros designated for mementos now going to environmental projects in developing countries in addition no bottled water only locally sourced food no meetings held outside Helsinki licenses that's just the finish way not to lecture but to lead by example we want to be practical and tap what we promise we want to keep she says all reaction so far have been positive outside some of those he you meetings will be our whole class and his fellow activists we are going to continue as long as our governments on to doing enough and it won't be enough a hook us warns even if his own government achieves its ambitious goals teri Schultz D. W. Helsinki I'm Keith Walker in bomb this is inside Europe the death on Thursday of a quadriplegic Frenchman who spent more than a decade in a vegetative state ends of bass her court battle not divided his family and friends but as Lisa Bryant reports from Paris the case of vassal lambat remains very much alive reigniting an on going to base in Europe over rice to dying cases that's all about step came days after doctors removed his feeding tubes earlier this month and take a lengthy battle over his fate that ended up at Europe's top human rights court with a final appeal even sent to the United Nations the forty two year old former nurse had been kept artificially alive since a two thousand and eight road accident that left him severely brain damaged lawn that had not left written instructions about is end of life wishes but his wife Rachel said he had earlier stated that he would not want to be in a vegetative state and nephew described his death as a relief low bass devoutly Catholic parents argued otherwise that ending his life support amounted to murdering a disabled person their lawyers check pay you accuse Llandaff Dr of killing him other members of the family lined up on either side of the debate that divide is reflected across France in a case that has riveted the country for years euthanasia and assisted suicide are illegal here but French law allows terminally ill people to stop treatments that they appear useless the battle over long bass fate made its way through the French court system even ending up at the European Court of human rights doctors earlier tried several times to remove life support but were forced to reinstate it following various court rulings in the parents favor France's highest court finally will for ending life support in late June now this case is certain to bolster arguments on either side of the right to life debate across Europe which has a mix of laws euthanasia is legal in Belgium Luxembourg and then other lands well assisted suicide is allowed in Switzerland Lisa Bryant D. W. Paris you're listening to inside here I'm Keith Walker in bomb.

EU Europe forty two year