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"peijun hannah" Discussed on Watch What Crappens

"So. Lindsay Lindsay things that she's being so clever. She's like because Dave now all the girls are gossiping about because you know, like, the new girls who I love Peijun Hannah. They come back either hilarious. They've all the other girls. Jordan said and Lindsay is like now, I'm at like a three strikes you're out phase. Mike. It's not like any face. Aren't you always three strike like? Just like the Thomas thing ever liked to Claire like, you know, what three strokes are out like, wow, you really like tour open the book on that one. Whatever that means Danielle takes the news pages. Like, I heard that. I heard Jordan say out. I mean Danielle lies, and I and then you'll goes in the bag. Yeah. That's why I added the at the beginning. Mike and then. What? Jordan talk shit about me, the on par gave them a second chance. And let's twelve hours later is talking about me again like who does. On Dan yell. That's there. Nothing to add to that. I do PowerPoint. And I'm after the. As in command. I just duplicated image PowerPoint. Here's the gender today. The keynote the keynote keynote Di Di Di Di Di. Flow chart. So Carl's like sweating like hostage, which I don't know. So then Lindsey. Hostages are like how dare you? They're like Karl that reminds me something I have to reach you in my photo application food, which I have no idea how to use. Okay. So posted this on our Facebook group said thank you whoever desk because of course, I cut off their name. I'm a really ungrateful bitch. So it's over ever ever. And he is on a train to Newark airport with remind me about that. If I forget what I'm talking about. And it says standing room only new Jay trans or nj transit sweat a hostage. Terrible. Like a hostage in this of betas on route to Newark. He's one of those. Yeah. You know, what that is discussing? I liked you ever. So because you know, what better betas means that's like a dog whistle for terrorists. People down schools. Don't talk about people being betas when you're going to the most beta airport in the New York area. Okay. Newark you're dating Lindsey. There's nothing more beta than that. Okay. Girl, you might as well get your own little fish bowl that no other fish can go and just stand there with big floppy seat things. Such a beta beta fish. I'll tell you beta betas getting on us way car when you're all their own walking through the walk into the heat of Manhattan. It's trying to get our strings to play. You walk. Yeah. Never mind. So it wasn't playing. Yeah. But people in the comments like God who to Newark grove. Everybody's mad about. Okay. So I didn't even realize that. That's so funny that I had that rant. And I was just totally mind of the people in the comments. So Lindsay's rather like walking around the vineyard Lindsey goes up to a guy who works there. And she's like, oh, she's like I wanna ride the tractor. Like, what would you do with them? He's like tractor. No, the grass. Like, they can't even score at the port guard mad. What is that weed whacker for? Single weed whacker. Then Kyle's like so Carlin mandir is still doing that thing where they totally in love and everything's great. And we're not fighting at all ever. So there. Babe to something sexy. Wanna take my picture, babe? Do some cartwheels KYW on all. The one used wheels I've ever seen in my. It's like watching a tissue tumble over. So then speaking of physical feats Carl picks up page carries or to the shady. Wow. You're actually not as heavy as I thought. I have to say disappointed because I really wanted to have you put your weight on me. Oh, wait on me. I'm not really good with mouth, they're like, wait or pounds or anything. But call you about a quarter of workers. The pill. Call carl. Karolyn Kirby said about being vineyard, right? I kind of miss the work is not going to lie. Okay. Sorry..

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