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"peggy kendrick" Discussed on KARN 102.9

"Year old arkansas man has died after being attacked sightsee young men who had inquired about a car he asked for sale it's you men twenty five year old tommy prosper thirsty and twenty one year old jake miller griffith nails are each being held on charges in capital murder and kidnapping officials have identified the body found tuesday near a public access area on the arkansas river in the western part of the state twenty nine year old core be campbell had been reported missing by a friend on april sixteen and to former juvenile detention officers at in arkansas facility have admitted to conspiring to assault youth inmates climbs that the fbi called appalling former white river juvenile detention center supervisors forty three year old captain peggy kendrick and forty year old lieutenant dennis fuller entered guilty pleas on wednesday i'm robin caesar news newsradio one two nine knr in part of posted pictures of this stuck spider on our facebook page it started getting commentary man yeah he's been be famous one of our listeners that shelley said i hey you got himself in there some things or maybe just meant to the right leave him alone survival because of the week another listener kevin says hashtag he started his hashtag free spotty we can't get him out to the earth size and traffic and weather that saw the way it's going up your money news jason chocolate has that and what about sanctuary cities we're gonna find out more by the way if you love a good book the arkansas literary festival is coming up will tell you more about that too i'm kevin miller and boy here we are the weather is just is just wacky isn't it the u turn on the.

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