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"peggy jo" Discussed on KTRH

"The Fourth of July weekend, like some Radio hosts have done this weekend actually understand why, but I just think that we were still playing catch up. Uh, from the February freeze. Uh, the perspective I need you all to understand something too. Lot of people want everything to be just all hunky dory since the free so that was into February. For all intents and purposes, we weren't done with freezing, freezing and cold enough whether we tell essentially March 1st. So, March, April May June March, April May June. We are only four months of growth. And recovery only underline that word only. So there's some stuff that still has to be waited on some things that we still have to see. We know the palms that made Internet now we definitely know that Four months. I think we can make that judgment. And if you're sitting there on dead palm still, you don't have to wait anymore. Take him down. But this all goes back to why I posted that picture of the pride of Barbados. I am blown away. If they came back from the freeze. And here we are just four months later, and they are popping that wonderful combination of yellow orange red color. Just a great company nation. So proud of Barbados does have other names. We'll talk about that next hour, but I just want you to appreciate that. We posted that picture on our guard line. Facebook page hope you'll take a moment to look at that. And see No, they don't look good during the winter time period. But you proved them back and they grow back. And I'm again. I'm seeing over and Katie alone. This product Barbados That's 56 ft. Tall and starting to pop some balloons at the top of that they never did get cut back the fact that they're growing New color. Four months only after that freeze on something that we consider so tropical just, you know, again, standing ovation prior to Barbados. More detail on that next hour. Here comes Peggy Jo and Spring up next morning, Peggy Jo, you're on the air. Morning, Randy. I'm taking your advice and calling early. I get up very early every morning and take my two doggies out to do their business and I walk around my yard In the past few days, I've seen Brown Snake. They are not those words that they're talking about the flathead worms. They're not those with the triangle at the head there straight long. One of the first one I saw was about as thick as my thumb and about two ft. Long And the other one A couple days later was about a baby. I think about Six inches long and about the size of my little finger. Can you take a picture next time? Oh, I can try. Well, yeah, Here's the thing. You gotta get a picture of it because you got to see what the shape of the head.

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