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"peer review journal heart disease" Discussed on Mayo Clinic Q

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"peer review journal heart disease" Discussed on Mayo Clinic Q

"Trae tease. You know there are millions of people in this country with heart. Disease in fact is the number one killer of both men and women in the US and the majority of those people have C. A. D. or coronary artery disease and. That's when the major blood vessels that supply the muscles of your heart. They supply blood. They supply nutrients. They supplied a supply oxygenated when they become damaged or diseased. It's called coronary artery disease. And that of course is usually the result of cholesterol containing deposits called plaque along with a little information inflammation and it is a process that we know as Atherosclerosis when the plaque buildup it narrows your coronary arteries and that decreases the blood flow to your heart's eventually that can cause symptoms that you might recognize chest pain shortness of breath a complete blockage can even cause a heart attack. And we know there's lots of things that you can do to prevent heart disease but what about reversing the damage that has already been done? Is that possible? Let's find out from Mayo Clinic Preventive Cardiologist Dr Stephen Kobetski. Welcome back to the program. Thank you for having me Backtra Kopetski you. You know. I've heard you say that you wanted to start a coronary artery disease reversal clinic suggesting that in fact if you're coronary artery disease you could make them better. Yes very clearly you can. We have the clinic. We just don't call it that. Unfortunately but the data the studies have shown you can reverse heart disease. You can reverse this narrowing of the arteries to the heart. Is You mentioned inflammation or the irritation of the lining of the artery is very important to reduce. Because that's what actually causes the blood clot to form in the heart attack to occur. And why do you get the inflammation in the first place? Well that's a great question. There are many things because inflammation smoking. High blood pressure diabetes. If you don't do those you stop the progression of heart disease of the narrowing but it's really diet. Stress Control Exercise. They will help not only stop the progression but actually promote the regression or the opening up of the artery. Is there one of those? It's most important diet stress control number. One risk factor now for early death and disease in the United States and soon to be the World Diet Diet. It used to be smoking. Smoking was yeah. So when you say Diane. Does that mean you have to become a vegetarian to reverse this damage or no? I'm Gong Broth. Only here on the right. No no you don't need to be a vegetarian but it helps if you go more towards more plant based so in the Mediterranean Diet. We've talked about here before. It has four things that aren't vegetarian in it. Red Meat which it suggested three ounces a day a deck of cards fish you know. Eat three or four times a week. A dairy products which is It's very limited just to like one pat of butter a day and then Things like poultry white meat to Turkey or chicken poultry. If you can eat most of your calories being plant-based fruits vegetables blooms whole grains and then to get full on that stuff and add in a little bit of his other things but the two things that Americans have forgotten about any Is Stress and social support and sleep. They all think well everybody's under stress don't worry about it and I don't get much sleep. I'm never I'M GONNA so don't worry about that either. Those two are huge. Because they don't allow you to have resiliency in comeback and change your lifestyle and make in lower your stress left say your heart can be healthier if you get better sleep and reduce your stress. There is no doubt about that now. What about cholesterol? Do we still worry about that. The guidelines have come out. And there'd be a new paper probably soon they'll say cholesterol isn't that important. They said that a couple of years ago and all the press picked up on was that clutch strong important. If they would read the article it would say that we eat so much saturated fat in animal fat and saturated fat in this country that the cholesterol we take in isn't as important as it used to be. So you really ought to cut down both the cholesterol and the saturated fat but you still believe in statins for people who have elevated cholesterol or are you more suggesting that it can be controlled with Diet. In most patients that can be controlled with diet takes a pretty radical change and we ask them to migrate to new died over one to two years. Because you can't just do it tomorrow. So statins have been around for a long time and there are a lot of people taking statins. So right right Any long term side effects that you've identified you know we've we have found that it can lead to increase incidence of diabetes. But it's usually earlier occurrence of diabetes than if you weren't on the Stanton so if you were obese have high fasting blood sugar have metabolic syndrome with the big haunch. You'll go into become a diabetic about three months earlier. Than if you weren't on the stanton but for everyone patient gets diabetes. Five heart attacks are prevented. We've heard that term metabolic syndrome a lot and it's difficult to understand for us and our listeners. Aspen Netflix Metabolic Syndrome has five factors. What the main was the big paunch big abdominal obesity which is very active fat. It puts out chemicals that are bad for us. It makes us more insulin resistant. Which for women going through menopause. That's where you're likely to gain weight and women it's really a higher risk for them Second is blood pressure that's elevated third is the low. Hdl Or low good. Cholesterol cleans out the arteries. And then the blood pressure. Those factors that really lead to more inflammation. And if you control those that you're much better off. We've heard you talk about fish oil before. And as I recall your a proponent I want to know if you still are and is that for everybody or is that just for people with heart disease. Well it helps a lot of people not just people with heart disease you know. Recent study showed that high dose fish oil. Epa specifically a certain type of EPA which is within you find on the bottle when you buy in the store will reduce heart attacks if you have real high triglycerides even if your ldl is controlled all right a drug called. Cpa just read that the FDA approved an expanded use of this fish oil drum. That's the one. Epa as the via C. E. P. A. is spelled and that's the one that they approved and that's one that showed benefit when it comes to fish and fish oil if you don't like fish in the you're trying to do the Mediterranean Diet but you're not eating fish fish oil take its place or is that something that you would want us both of them fish and fish oil you like ideally to use both of them and it's better to have the fish and there's no pill replaces lifestyle in the. Mediterranean died is more than just a diet. It's a lifestyle stop by the store on the way home. Pick up the the fish fresh. Take it home take awhile to cook it? Sit for a couple of hours with your family as you eat it and talk about the day. Don't just you know. Eat It on the way to the soccer game or something all right. Aspirin BABY ASPIRIN. Who should be taken? It still think it's a preventive for people who have had heart disease or have heart disease if you've had heart disease. Aspirin is beneficial. There's no there's no argument about that unless you have bleeding problems from it if you don't have heart disease it's not as helpful as we used to think it was. You have to be a higher risk for heart attack Over the next ten years. Ten Twelve fifteen percent risk those people benefit but the average person which is lower like seven eight percent risk. They they probably wouldn't benefit. And how does it work? It stops the inflammation in the lining of the arteries and also stops the blood clot formation in the lining of the artery when Exercises something that you're supposed to do. I think that can be intimidating for people when you say. Exercise is what a patient needs to do. What does that mean? Yeah fiscal activities. I've gone to more because exercise. They kind of fold cross their arms and looked at the ceiling in fiscal activity is two things one. DoN'T BE SEDENTARY EVERY HOUR. Get up and move around for three or four minutes. A lot of the big corporations around this country in the world. Now have a thing every hour where you get up and you move around so go up two floors to go the bathroom. Go Talk to a colleague instead of sending them an email. The second thing is intense physical activity. Which is what we used to do. A lot of when you do intense activity three great. Things happen very quickly. One is the heart is told to pump more blood because the muscle say hey. We're running from the sabertooth tiger. We gotTA TRY TO SURVIVE. The second thing is the blood vessels get bigger which lowers blood pressure and the third thing is the muscle. Say Okay Belly Fat Europe next if we survive this run from the Sabertooth Tiger. I need more. Energy can only have twenty minutes of energy and my cell. You start breaking down and sending me extra energy. Because that's where we put extra calories as an adult so it's the American dream I call it you can. Actually we've shown here with research. You can reduce abdominal fat with interval activity all right one final question study from the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. This mark guys. The guys researchers have found that eating Chili peppers regularly can cut the risk of death from heart disease and stroke true. That was the number one read article last year in the Jack and so it is true. And it's funny about. It is not just regular bell peppers hot peppers and this was in addition to a Mediterranean Diet. So they say why. We'll maybe it's inflammation it didn't didn't affect inflammation maybe it's phase. Ah delegation because you get hot and your blood pressure goes down. It didn't affect what looks like. It may be some of the antioxidants that are in their in. Some of these peppers have more all right. Can't argue with that. Peer Review Journal Heart Disease. Hardaway the number one killer of both men and women in this country. Cad coronary artery. Disease is usually the culprit lifestyle. Changes can help prevent it and it can actually be reversed and don't forget. The Chili Peppers are thanks to Dr Stephen. Kobetski preventative cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic. Thanks capacity thanks for having me Mayo. Clinic QNA is a production of Mayo Clinic News Network and is available wherever you get and subscribe to your favorite podcasts. To see a list of all male clinic. Qna podcasts visit news network DOT Mayoclinic Dot Org. Then Click on podcasts. Thanks for listening and be well. We hope you'll offer a review of this and other episodes when the option is available comments and questions can also be sent to Mayo Clinic News Network at Mayo Dot Edu..

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