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A Different Side of Rob Van Dam

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A Different Side of Rob Van Dam

"The most trusted choice in professional wrestling more than four decades behind the mic Raynham simple with unrivalled success and broadcasting from ringside to the board room to the New York Times bestsellers list packing insight with a sharp tongue and more. They'll listen Westwood One podcast network presents the Jim Ross reports. WWE hall of Famer Jim Ross and now the man himself noodle JR. Yes. Indeed. Hello, everybody. I am JR Jim Ross. Nikki, right. Much tuning into the gym Ross report here only mighty Westwood One. And subscribing for free by the way to our show at apple podcast, Google, play Spotify tune in and Stitcher, by the way. So appreciate you guys leaving those five star ratings as well on our show. Always try to remind you this again in the day, the volume Twitter JR JRS BBQ, and I'm on Facebook and Instagram at Jim Ross BBQ just for the pooper thought today's guest is one of the greatest of all time in the wrestling ring. But we're going to hear a different side of Robin damn than we've ever heard before. And I I had a very stimulating conver. Sation with rob earlier today. And I think you're going to dig it. It's different side of him talking about more different issues. And it's it's about more than just dangerous high spots and chair shots to the head. So you know, the last time I saw van dam is at our show in Dallas during wrestlemania thirty two weekend. He dropped by like hurricane homes with me there at night, Jeff hardy, quite the crew. So and Robson ready. Get back in the ring for a one off situations when t be teaming savvy against the the Lou brothers. That's going to be an impact United United. We stand. I should say especially in April the fourth in ralway, New Jersey. We'll talk about that. So fifty good data. Join us if a lot of news talk about a lot of speculation over what's going to happen wrestlemainia. But let's get started. We're burning daylight is my hero. John Wayne would say. Say because here's what's on my mind. Thirty of things are all my mind. But nothing more compelling than the recent passing of the great WWE hall of Famer Pedro Morales who died earlier this week, the age of seventy six Pedro was a woman honored and respected for wrestlers of any generation. He was a star on both coasts the star in Texas any broke through language barriers. Pedro spoke English, but not grade English, but he smoked he spoke real English. And when he spoke people knew he was being honest. You wasn't from a rider who had no idea of how Pedro felt it was it was his heart speaking to the fans and those fans embraced it some so well, you know, he he had great Latino following. He did have great Latino following. None. Unlike Bruno San Martino, having a great Italian. Following would it takes everybody to make that villages. Somebody once said so Pedro the first ever triple triple crown winner. And w meaning that he was the WB champion the intercontinental champion and the tag champion and there were short runs here, by the way, he had to reign as intercontinental champion for toll a six hundred nineteen days. He had amazing a Tyron thousand twenty seven days behind Bruno HOGAN, backlit and John CENA. So he's one of those honored in a conference competitors in in history. Wrestling, the thing that always struck me was that I didn't I always thought fatal was bigger than he was until I met him. And you know, he was under sixty. He was of course, thick muscular. But he had a a natural. Are about it. And I think that's what you got with with Pedro Morales Saint Bruno that matter you got what you saw he wasn't working. He wasn't being a character. He was being himself amped up a little bit and a little bit, you know, underscored echo to shine on it. But he's basically himself at the key of the matter. Don't get enough that these days that's for sure. You know, he he grew great houses had the big run. There had not run. He had a match of Bruno say stadium. So that was a big to do outdoors at a major league baseball park in that day. So he was just a an amazing guy. I just loved his professionalism and only you can count on basically one hand. And this is a sad sad statement. If you look at that way, and that is that. Pedro Morales much like Owen Hart is one of the wrestlers at least in my lifetime that I've been around that people rarely had anything negative to say about. In this kind of man Pedro Morales was so our condolences to his family friends, his family on the all time greats don't ever mistake that and if you guys are younger, and you haven't experienced Fatos work. He had one of the greatest comebacks in history. Wrestling, he soul, lack it reheard. And maybe it did. Great performer. Great crowd psychologists, but men that fire is undisputable so rest in peace. Pedro and all I can say, I always my theory. My dad and grandpa had this theory. You don't you treat people as they treat you. I've had I've been friends that people that were not the most popular guys in any environment. And but I treat them with respect because that's how they treated me. So I I'm just I'm thinking that that was the situation with the with federal he treated me, so kind so respectful. He wanted to know about my career, and I'll he's a star. I was just an announcer when I met him in a WW back in the day. So I remember his kindness is great smile, but you young wrestling fans want to see a baby face Mika comeback and how it's done and how they sell it to get to get you to the spot where you're ready for the comeback. Check out Pedro Morales on the WB network money I- all mixed bag from me this week the Becky Lynch suspension storyline suspension by a chairman Vincent man was the best way to get to more heat on Charlotte replaced Becky on the story line. Look, that'd be honest about this commonsense, folks. It's a is a very slick dramatic theatrical like presentation, can we agree with that? That's what wrestling is. It should be in should be over overlaid with athleticism and toughness own of feeling on the it. So I get on TV say, did you see that kidding? Becky Lynch is the hottest performer, the company Sarg is backed and and number two and three might be women as well argument for it. I could. So I can't imagine in any any alternate universe. In rod Serling twilight zone, wherever the hell. It may be that. Becky Lynch is not going to be in the match Charlotte and Ronda Rousey in the main event show, Closys dot wrestlemainia. That's how I see it. I don't have any inside information. I'm just looking at following the booking as it is and knowing what the payoff could be wrestlemanias about providing payoffs. Have you noticed that very few times beckon the day seemed like there were always a first time match at wrestlemainia something that we've been wanting to see we finally get to see it or it was just the other in the spectrum the main event a neighborhood was was configured by a blow off the final chapter in this saga this rivalry? So you got Becky Lynch. Hotter than doughnut. Greece. And you got Ronda Rousey, who's the reason that that women wrestling Debbie is taken in machen has taken enough return. She raised the level competition. She raised the awareness. It opened the door for other fans to see how talented hell lovely how strong powerful these women are WWE. That's not knocking any whim. I mean, the women WB should should make sure take care of Rhonda Christmas kidding. So I believe that Becky Rhonda, and Charlotte will be in the main event wrestlemainia, I believe it will be a triple threat match. And if you wanted to add some drama to it and make some body, you might consider busted opens a Bubba Ray Dudley. Sa- suggestion of making a an loom nation match. So you gotta have two eliminations before one person declared a winner and to me that's not a bad idea whatsoever. Not a bad idea whatsoever. And the first furnace says, well if Vicki should win two falls. Yeah. So what that didn't store? Anybody it might make her she becomes made woman or in her case a made man, but people get all set about this triple threat thing in suspension and that thirty petition with triple threat match. Hey, I'm like a lot of folks, I'm not sitting here blind. I would rather see Vicky Lynch versus Ronda Rousey because that issue came so strong. And so personal. I'd rather see the finally those two one on one. But that doesn't look like it's the way it's going, and there there may be reasons for that that you and I aren't aware of. We don't know how much longer run is going to be there. She wants to start a family. It's not exactly something you could Mark on your calendar. It's going to happen is going not going to happen. So also raw half you. See revival. Finally, get there a little bit of recognition get their hand up. Become a new tag team champions on raw. These two cats got a chance. To resurrect tagging wrestling in WWE. I believe that. And I believe at the same thought. As Ronda Rousey helped create this amazing awareness along with her her teammates for the women. Women like Charlotte, flare don't come along. But once in a generation if that Mickey Lynch who ever saw that one coming, but you start leaving out people like Naomi bad mistake. Oscar or has she man. The next thing. Go to grocery store, I'm looking at my milk cartons. So I have Oscars Fisher. That's what they do missing children. Right god. Anyway, the the shells are full their if those women so this I think the same thing could be simply done with tag teams and WWE you can make topical you can make it timely. You creates stars. And the the way create stars is they win much more than they lose. And there ain't no fifty fifty booking. Then don't get nobody over. I notice us a couple of double negatives. So off day for school. So Raleigh strong in that regard is to two situations. Again, the women clothes are open raw pretty cool. Same thing. Happened on smackdown. OTC night. You know, you got you got women getting in the in the early having a strong role show getting ready for their elimination chamber match, which is all the Sunday. So they service though, show sometimes those here's the problem with that go home show, go home, the last broadcast before pay per view, if you are not into the pay for view to any significant degree. It will affect how you perceive a go home show as far as good or bad, whatever. So I I'm interested in the faith for you'll Sunday because as a main sec- bookings done. I'm not worried about who steal show. I'm not worried about he's going to have a great match. I'm just interested in on how the book is going to be executed and how well the talents take the offices creative and make it their own and make a great. That's what I wanna see more condolences alley WWL to Salvatori below mo-. I never knew him. He's mean our same age. He died at sixty seven fast week. So I am. Past due to cancer Salvatore was this remember for being a kind of preliminary talent talented, although in the mid to late nineteen eighties on W television. Isn't there a lot more controversy seemingly is following Lana and her husband Rousseff, they're no longer total divas show, which I would not have known. Somebody told me. They were very vocal and Lilian Garcia's fine podcast are Lil about not being cast on the total divas this year. According to e network fan research, the segments that Alana and Rousseff or in or not well liked by focus groups, take that for what it's worth. Don't bet the farm on that situation, by the way. But when you go to form you and you, and you you are complaining about creative and nothing seemingly can make you happy. Every owner every Booker every boss, I've worked for would do all he or she could do to to make you happy with your exit. So and less they really wanna they wanna hang WWE. They need. Consider a different approach. I dunno not so Woeckel. You can meet vocal you can express yourself. But you have to do it in public. There's a half to go and Twitter does have to go online. I don't know that I don't think so. So the do well they're very marketable couple. And I thought when Rousseff was on that winning streak. He was he was damn share where he needed to be. But for some reason, whatever the reasons are he fell out of favor. An sheer again both sides got bounded answer to climb AWS had a big week. They sold out the GM Grand Garden arena. An amazing situation there this past week the other press conference out in Vegas the NASA signing Kenny omega, which is huge. I think that's great all ration- need is all elite wrestling dot com. But they're away from what I understand as I'm recording. This there are no tickets lift or the may event in Las Vegas. Which you can find out more about that. And all league, wrestling dot com. I know I'm going to be a part of the Conrad Thompsons of big Suare. So that should be a lot of fun star cast to I may be doing something with the the king and maybe doing something. Also with the Rick flair Ricky steamboat, I'm not sure it's all it's all kind of in the air. But everything I've heard regarding how what I would be booked. I like so should be fun memorial Memorial Day. Yeah. Memorial Day Labor Day mixed up. Sometimes Memorial Day is efficient started barbecue sees, you know, it is my also. Except I I've been grilling outside less days jacket on. Toughen up back Cigna volley leat in the next week. Conrad towns would be my guest on the show, Connie my mile, those checks. He's a funeral. I liked by by the pound. All elite resting EDP Cody Rhodes on went to successful orthoscopic surgery on Tuesday. I talked Texas exchange message by saying just how how you feel hope you're doing well stuff. I do talents. All the time. They were they work personal relationships, and you care about somebody asked about show that your concern. So is surgery was successful. No issues. He'll be. He's fry as you hear this. He's already back doing this therapy. So that's good news for all those guys. I missed the star cast thirteen you'll Conrad's phone every stop in the world. This is going to be amazing. Look, he sent me this information here some people that are going to be appearing in Las Vegas at star cast and star cast is all kinds of travel packages, hotel rooms and all the great stuff you want and at star cast dot com stars to ours. S T A R cast check all to check it out. But here's the was gonna tell you these try these names oversize, Scott hall leader magnum TA, Tommy dreamer, Ricky steamboat, Sean Waldman, Conan, Jerry Lynn, David Arquette. Coke cabana. Joey Ryan, Kevin Nash horse Waddell, Brian Tillman junior. Kevin Sullivan RV de the godfather our guest later day RV. Terry funk, aren't Anderson. Barry Windham, JJ, Dylan, telling mastered all the aid of your stars. And you're Streuli. So it's going to be big star cast to we can more. Don't miss this deal man, so checkout star cast dot com. And Okon rattle fixture out promise you, and then I getting news at Chris Jericho. Cruze number two's been set for January twenty two twenty four twenty twenty s about a year from now. So new plans, Chris Jericho cruise dot com for your information. Chris Jericho is a great host. I had a wonderful time on his his first crews out to be on the second January twentieth through the twenty fourth of two thousand twenty Knicks year. But he wanna get information. You're getting bald in priority. Booking? The best deals etcetera etcetera, go to Chris Jericho dot com. Civilize at congratulations. Ian, record Mony ring of honor, the voice Regan does a great job there. I'm big fan of Enes work signed a multiyear contract ring of honor to continues play by play announcer. Good move by ring of honor. He's voice, she leave your, you know, he's that's a key role and up because I did it for so long. But I think sometimes that role is taken for granted the soundtrack of what these wrestlers are doing is imperative member I said before they're the wrestlers make the music and the announcers provided lyrics. Think about that. Congratulations j white who upset my day and in ballast back in the last summer. And sauce online were Josh Barnett. Adam interview about that. He was really pissed off. I was I was pissed off. But I was I was hurting more knows pissed if you know what I'm saying, you don't say so Jay widely the few heroes. You Don Hashi to win the identity heavyweight title. Jay wide is losing kid. I'm Tony grease stomping grounds or the sheet for friendly and mutt. Nece king. He is the fourth youngest chant in new Japan history. Youngest shinsegei. Knuckle more was twenty three. Impact? Wrestling is. Going to have a big weekend because they're going to be I think in all this weekend in SAM's town in Las Vegas tape and television. Our men rough Ruffy morpheus out there doing his thing. Rough yells ubiquitous he spent more time in Las Vegas last couple of weeks and. Them. We newton. So check that out this weekend. And they do such a good job impact. Wrestling dot com for tickets card information starting times oughta good stuff. Friday, Saturday Sunday this weekend. Sam's town, Las Vegas impact. Wrestling, check them out imail w in the biens sports network announced that their weekly show imail w fusion changes timeslot as of this week. So check that out and you can find that information, Email w dot com networks happy with ratings as good, and they're finding their niche continuing to good shows and being customer and fan. Friendly will get you down the road promise you and finally on the end of you on the round resting horn. End of yays. Got a big event coming to concord North Carolina on Saturday for twenty seventh. It's the renewal of the Jim Crockett Cup that was one of the most fun events. I recall back in the day when I time Jim Crockett Cup tag team tournament. And I also Nick all this is going to fin the title Varney shirl, Raj the girl shirl to his hands to British dudes. Let them beat the hell out of each other. And you can get your tickets to that of the are waitressing dot com. That'd be a phone ten seeing that show. Jim cornets could be doing commentary that can't be bad. All right. Riccobono, missouri. He's going to be doing commentary to long show galley the Cornell star that shit that three. Oh, promise you. So that'd be fun fun to see a lot of good tag teams brings back a lot of memories. And sure lots of fries will be in store a lot of brain power in that in that venue there in concord North Carolina, Saturday, April twenty-seventh, I get a lot of questions on Twitter at JR's Vivey Q or Facebook or Instagram about my boy collar Mary the Heisman Trophy winning quarterback or the Oklahoma Sooners. He's under six feet tall. If you heard that. You're nauseous about it. I am. I'm tired of it. Then they always have Liguori. Well, you know, drew bees is under sixty Russell Wilson's under six feet. What are we about? Eddie lebaron. Was intersex house eighty lebaron five five you have the game changed. Okay. Was enough but ball them. Well. Yeah. But you don't games different. Is it is different for a quarterback in rooms about a four three. Khimik place seemingly effortlessly, it has a canon front arm. It's been planned quarterback since he was in first grade. Is Deb's college quarterback? It's in his DNA, folks. Cada merry will be absolutely fine in the NFL. And he will be drafted among the first top ten picks. My prediction in first round. That's my story and sticking to it. He's a firecracker can't take your eyes off of just like my buddy Bob stoops. I talked to Bob. It's funny last week. I record a wins. You know, so last week and doing back to Norman from Oklahoma City, and before I left, I my phone was going crazy during the recording every sports writer guys, I know or one of the scoop on Bob because Bob gotta Nelson next day as the head coach German the new XFL franchise in Dallas. Well, so I didn't bother tax guy. You're you're you're XFL business true or not as blow my time lineup. I smile thing on their sound driving down. I forty four headed back toward Norman and my phone ring. Has Bob and I had no idea he was going to. You know, give me a call. I didn't ask for recall busy. We talked about twenty minutes. And he said, yeah, I'm gonna get announced tomorrow. He said it's gonna work out for me. Very well because it's about two hours my house. He'll get place in Dallas. Don't get me wrong with these close to home. You've got three kids going. Oh, you he's got a beautiful home in Norman. And it's during the early part of the year, which not affect oh, you football. He has a son of playing football. It'll you so his. And I'm sure that that missing man opened up the the wallet cousin. I talked Vince about it last week. He was very excited about the possibility of getting above Seuss finalized and get him announced and it worked out perfectly great positioning. So my best to coach Bob stoops my buddy, folks, you can't remember I can't tell you. How important he was had been in my life. It's my wife got killed. Just can't hardly explain it. You know, he's been he's been a good luck, brother. So I'm sure I'll be making some tracks down Dallas, not bad side. See a little meal del friscos in my future. Always about food. Right. So -gratulations coach have bone down there. And. I'll be supporting you all the way I mentioned the other day that I had a business meeting a couple of weeks ago with Jesse cresco OD. She's got a food truck and whisky sauce and always great things and she's very ambitious entrepreneur. So I thought she would be a good topic to talk about doing a reality show around. So I fixed that idea to my super agent. Barry bloom, his regime, you know, he he got Kenny. So bring coffee the good day. Good day. So. Very fishy idea showed some type of digital stuff of of OD dinner thing. And for whatever reason he showed that people some tape of me, I have no idea what it was or why? But they want us both in this cooking show. So if it hits if it makes the cut, which is very itchy. But we do have highlight in a mexica it'll be around OD these food truck, and she and I cooking, and I can only imagine that interaction that dichotomy of a two alpha males some speak. So we had a very productive brainstorming session same page. Now, it just got map it out to we're going to go shoot the pilot and and this year at takes us. So that's what that was all about. So maybe something in two thousand nineteen could be next year. But there's interest in that coming off beat show, and we'll cook something. On the grill or the smoker every you'll see it all come to pass. And they're so many things you can do smoker. Integral that matter. So they keep keep your eye on that deal. The. Remember Amazon has our book sovereign Oscar still doing well. Paul Brown are so working on the sequel, man, we've we've written some tough things to dress here lately. You know at figure out sometimes I get pissed off hit mad. I was writing about. When Owen Hart got killed? I so when I read it again, I was so angry. Because I could do anything about it. But set there and try to call or narrate her report, whatever you wanna say to our audience, those watching live when pay per view. And it's a rehired then I wrote about we wrote about the situation where Jeff Jarrett was intercontinental champion. He's gonna lose a title China screw up over his contract. Which obviously I was blamed for all take the money. Who cares? Who cares nothing to do? But it now I cared. Then I care, but how much can you care about somebody get fixed? Think about that. And I got pissed off right about that. Because I let it happen. I just learn something. So I learned very valuable lesson that we also learned that several people were trying to get me deep six at during that time. But Mr McMahon, Mr. MAC manager Briscoe would say smarter than that my track record stands on his own. So what's been it's been a crazy week? But this next books to be damned doozy. Promise you, and it was on will have that most of the places. So we'll keep abreast of that. Remember that we're at W shot for our lot of our products jerky seasoning barbecue sauces catch. Mustard all that great stuff. And many of our products are available at the Ingles. Markets in the southeast the United States. I love the fact you guys are sending me some pictures of that you can send them to me on Twitter at JRS BBQ of what you see on the shells at Ingles. With our image. We think Ingles and lock on Humber for all that they do to help feed hungry kids. And we're right there with them. I'm going to be at the Great Lakes coming convention on Friday, come around a corner. Now, this this this this quick now tell his turn around Great Lakes coming convention Friday. The twenty second February and Saturday twenty third in Warren. Michigan Detroit airs many, you know at the comb community college convention expo center. And you can get all their mission for that. At the Great Lakes comic convention dot com. Wrestlemainia week. I'll be in New York City on Saturday afternoon at the Gotham comedy club. Now has several surprise guests, and that's a matinee, and we'll check it out. Take us at Gotham county club dot com that's on Saturday afternoon. April the six and then on Sunday the day wrestlemainia ABI with the two manpower trip. Boys out there to Meadowlands meeting some folks and sign pitchers and taking pictures and all that good stuff at the Midlands Fasel hotel tickets available with the at B T tickets on Twitter at BP tickets on Twitter, and I won't be a guest on their podcasts coming out soon. I think we're taking a Thursday this week. So look out for that on Monday night after all in New York City in Brooklyn more specifically Conrad tossed in my guest next occur in the show. And nobody brother love Bruce Prichard in the first time, we'll be having a three. The way dance. There's nothing funny watching three white guys that are fat, Dan's promise you, but we we got a venue seven hundred thirty two seats full transparency. Once you come to it murmur theater in Brooklyn is less than a mile from the Barclay center and tickets go on sale this Monday, the eighteenth nine o'clock eastern. At ticket. Fly dot com. Southern to wrestle with Bruce fissured meets the general report is going to be a Danny folks, he might even be a slobber knocker, but you can't go. If you don't have a ticket. I'll be the still city con in Monrovia, Pennsylvania. That's of course, the suburb of pit fits boy. And that's going to be on April in NFL on Friday. The twelfth they Sunday the fourteenth twelfth thirteenth fourteenth away for at the steel city. Con information is at steel city, con dot com. So I'll be there three days at this massive Akon, you're gonna love that. And we're bringing all we're stuff. It any always appearances. We'll have our sauces or jerky and books and all kinds of thing to sell to you. If you want it ain't got about it. It's not a three drink men when show up. I'm gonna be in Dan gave museum lesson July. Don't just out of town July twenty five twenty seventh at the triggers. There's professional rushing hall of fame induction. Going to be a hell time if nation at on Twitter at wrestling museum. Okay. And then of course, also if you're going back to Vegas for the cauliflower alley club's annual event. I'll be hosting the banquet and some really cool people. Mark Henry who's Marquette is gonna be with us in two weeks to talk about his amazing honor these being bestowed from the call for Allie club. Mark also does a great job team. David Greco on best open radio siriusxm channel ninety three. And I think we've tried to take everybody that we can't hear give you got some information. You some some knowledge as I rough on my peppers sound bad on the ended. I get bottom this. That's what's on my mind. Kim's this week for enough to the week this very prestigious award is changed lies. Everybody paid. Maybe. Nobody's. But it's the slobber knocker the week. Good candidates folks at the end the day that was easy decision. One of the candidates would be my friend former coach Bob stoops. Now, the new coach of the Dallas franchise and general manager, by the way, the XFL new fledgling tain they'll start playing in two thousand twenty. From what I hear? They're going to have a very strong television package. So also the candidate would be aid of you selling out there Bill or nothing pay for our event Paschal. Yes, it is. I don't know there. There may twenty fifth event at the GM Grand Garden arena has sold out. And I was I was I'm under the impression that as many inquiries as they had to get a the code. They could associate thousand tickets. So this tells the story and I said bullshit. No, he's serious. There's that big a demand for something different. And and these cats have captured the magic nation of social media. They don't have TV. That they can sold out seriously. They could have sold out a stadium. Was many people that weren't about tickets. It's amazing. So congratulations them but close, but no cigar. No saw rock of the week leather tamer revival. Their basic fundamentally sound tough hard nose. I believe what they're doing. They don't get discouraged because the days of pulling the tag team division out of the drudge. Are going to be multiple it. Didn't this problem? Didn't get inefficient in right now overnight. He won't be fixed overnight. What revival are the right guy at the job. And I like the noticed rocket weekend. It was you know, the the interaction we had this week with Charlotte. Becky Rowzee vents triple eight, Stephanie great stuff. But I gotta go with the great Pedro Morales. As our winter. The slobber knocker the week as I mentioned earlier away, eight seventy six native Puerto Rico. He was a star in California in LA, the LA territory, he's a star in Texas. And my God, you know, he and Bruno or the foundation of the WWE WWF where they want to say back in the day for somebody. Here's the thing about this. When. Look at this. This parallel. Pedro Morales followed. They bruce. Pedro Morales followed the great Bruno San Martino. They'll never be another star with the honor impress Tj tenure respect that Bruno San Martino earned. That's my story of sticking to it. So the guy that followed Bruno now Yano there's interim I haven't called off, you know, got beat Bruno. But the the baby face at follows Bruno is going to be as far as the my focus is here and Pedro Morales. Did that that's like the only other time? I've seen anything close or something along those lines is when Austin was red hot doughnut, Greece hot. He got hurt where do you go the rock? And the rock stepped in and did phenomenal job of being the top baby face in WWE in Austin's injury absence. That is so damn hard. So. Pedro. Mini honors that you always deserve people remembered Itis that our fan base will back and look at your work. See I wonder if you were and again, I miss earlier. His heart is kindness or just a heart, part heartfelt. Pedro Morales this week slobber knocker the week. They have a pet. You know, the Pitkin goofy wars more fun things. I do always which goes to show. You exactly what kind of wash on with them. Pitt Coon goofy. Oh, there's so much. So many candidates little time. I got the season make. I want to do it. This whole Bob Costas fiasco. I always thought Bob cost is amazing town had he had the TV. Look he was small stature he was Caucasian. He's a nice looking guy, you know, Saint Louis mid America actually was wrestling fan of important time. This live myth that. Which part of my bitch. Here now cost has got got bumped out of NBC because he said to many things of his own volition that. The network was getting heat from the NFL from in the network is trying to renew a billion dollar plus deal with the National Football League. So the when it says memory this people say, it's not about the money. It's all about the money down. Right. And no matter how great the hall of Famer like Bob Costas Waugh's and probably still is he got let go. He's he no longer in feature. Now, he's playing the card NBC's stran- play cover your ass NFL to having to do with it. It's you know, Matt hardier, delete, delete delete. Crazy Pitkin goofy. Damn right. Hold scenario is. And I just remember Bob's interview with the thence pissing off, Bob, noon, he knew buttons to push. But I think NBC cut hung out to dry and now he's still letting it go moving on there's seemingly bad after feelings enough is enough. And then there's Antonio Brown the developed wide receiver the Pittsburgh Steelers. More drama this week. First of all, it got found found guilty driving over hundred miles per hour, which God dang this Tekken goofy. Jesus. You got a hot car you make a lot of money. We get it. We we see screaming for attention. Okay. We see you. We got it. We see Antonio. And yes, you're a hell where receiver, but you must be a giant pain in the ass and locker room. Now, he says he wants to change sceneries time overstayers get somebody good for him. But he's the health player. He's one of the top five receivers game. But the diva like behavior. Gets old everybody. And then we move closer to home the side, the fans that are going to tend the Travis Scott show in Tulsa reference, Scott, you know, you all know him. I guess you do my producers, Sean cradle in Rossio morphine think I should know. I know he is. But anyway, it was embarrassing that they. Travis cancel his concert minutes before the doors. Schedule opened the B O K center in Tulsa, and the words people are left home had driven Tulsa found a place depart paid for parking bought a ticket, and they're they're ready to sit down on the doors open, but the o- doors never opened. They did post a sign that says. Postponed. With very little other information don't handle well by the okay center. It was a they do the bed of the promoters, and how they handled it disrespecting the fans, and then so the fans went h shit over not being able to see Travis Scott and started doing stupid things which led to the Tulsa police believe this shooting paint balls fill with Mace into the crowd to get them to leave. Who wanted that deal, not down soul all can goofy? And finally, the pet can give your war goes to the great state of Virginia politics, the three top Democrats, Virginia state government are currently dealing with various scandals governor out north and state attorney general, Mark herring. Both emitted. Having worn black face in the eighties. Lieutenant governor, Justin. Fairfax was accused by two women a sexual assault Lieutenant governor here, including right by one of the women. Of course in a statement, the Lieutenant governor says that the instances were both consensual ain't they always. Such historic sticking to it. The state of Virginia should just reshuffle their day. Here's the deal guys Virginia. Now, right. He bring in mickie James as your governor. Bringing mickey. Your tennis press conferences, and your we're under so sore. And then you get Earl Hefner to be the Lieutenant governor. Goes Earls a lot like me. He smart enough. Screw things up. That's how it myself. That'd be great. Lieutenant governor. I can't screw things up to go. What I what flesh? Depress. So get mickie James and the Golden's office backed up by maybe Earl Virginia's problems or solved, but until then the Virginia politics politicians, many of them are pick. This week in wrestling history. Ladies and gentlemen, that timing thirty four years ago W presented the war to settle the score. Road course, Madison Square Garden in New York City, the fish about the show, I'll kogo defeated Roddy. Piper, of course, via disqualification to retain the WWF championship. It aired on MTV. Remember and provide the backdrop for the main event of the first wrestlemainia big big night. And in television, wrestling, no doubt, the war. Settle score on a brand new Atlit that found younger audience. Call EM TV. Thirty three years ago in eight associated with championship. Wrestling from Florida, presented the end of a battle of the belts to for the Eddie Graham, sports rain in Orlando. That was a big loaded card then thirty years ago interviewing for cynic, clash of the champions five Saint Valentine's day massacre from the C S U convocation center in Cleveland. I remember that show. I remember, I know we had. There was a big creative issue on. How the six man tag was going in. And of course, it ended up being a double disqualification to make the town happy. It wasn't the best thing for the show. It wasn't right decision to make. But you had the road warriors and ten rue there the chance in Russell the varsity club who was getting pretty hot and new micro ton of Kevin sullen, Dr Desi wheels. So that match the dole disqualification not one soul and move along here and this week can rescue thirty years ago, the famed women's restroom, Mildred Burke dies stroke in Northridge, California. Millery Milly was seventy three and a movie about her life is currently in production. But I am involved in twenty six years ago. The great Kerry von Erich committed suicide on his father's ranch and didn't Texas the modern day warriors thirty three when he took his own life. What a waste. I saw Fitch's daughter. The other day. She's doing did southern wrestling. What a look. Well, she's got. She looked great. I'm surprised she's not been discovered or found her way kind of. She says that she has the it thing carried in. Twenty four years ago. Eddie Gilbert dot of a heart attack in his apartment in Puerto Rico. Eddie was thirty three s c SIMS Kerry. Both the thirty three what the hell. Oh. Twenty two years ago for Thursday night, raw boy, I remember this. Because it was in low mass the little venues full. The rotten evaded triple h with an intercontinental tile that not to do that. But the show is very most noted for Sean, Michael vacating, the WB championship claiming the injury was bothering him too extent where could not perform, and they also said he lost a lot of things or the last year. But the biggest thing he lost his smile. Twenty years ago. WB presented in your house twenty seven on astounded for that that distributor twenty seven. We had twenty seven in your houses or more God or no time go that was in the pyramid in Memphis twenty years ago show is really noted for the WWF debut. Paul, right. The big show. Spent the past the past three and a half years or so w w as the giant creative the giant in the main events don't go Steve Austin feed, Vincent man in a solid steel cage match. I I say that because it's Russell speak a solid steelcase. What else would it be pliable steel cage? You know, I've been -able steelcase get from Hasbro or somebody or you know. Some toymaker. Nope. It's like saying I beat him in the middle. That's for the rest of the piss off the other wrestler's, the fans could care less. He beat him in the medium in the middle. He beating right in the middle. It means so much morning. Beat him in the middle. Stop my pain. Will you stop it right now? But that was a interesting night in Memphis. The next night. We went to Birmingham, Alabama. I remember it because my good friend Harvey Whitman procured dreamland barbecue for tout relations room. And that was awful. Nice little. Delicacy. Dreamland barbecue. I need to go to Huntsville, go barbecue Conrad, you know, that some got the best barbecue place in into state simply scouted. He knows what they are. Connie mom, that was a big night in Birmingham, as I said a lot of the recipes if mirrored Birmingham's Denise six Dr Jim Andrews back in today. So. It was very ethical midnight. Because that was night, ladies, gentlemen. Hold on your seats. That's a night that Shane McMahon became the European champion not in Birmingham England. But in Birmingham, Alabama, they love the governor. Come down the home stretch here. Fifteen years ago W presented no way out from the cow palace. That was my first trip I think in the cow palace. I did not broadcast that show that was Michael Cole and TASR of Lee defined job. But I was very excited about being in the kowtows all that Patterson race Stevens moments in the ROY shar booking territory was really all big part of my foundation grown up as a young guy in wrestling. Great success. You went replicate success. And if you worked on top in Frisco, he could probably go where you wanted to work on top and on the other territory because here's the deal. Eddie guerrero. Beat Brock listener to win the WW title and the cat phallus right fifteen years ago. So people say, well, you know, so fan bowed or wasn't big enough to be less or not even realistic. Believable kidding? Are you? That's stupid. Same thing with Seth Rollins Rawlins's. No giant. But he's a hell lot bigger than Eddie Guerrero. He's bigger than fim valor. So I hope we don't get that excused it. You know? Seth Rollins is too small. He's not. And there's a million right ways to beat listener. So it's all yeah. You come to work or if you're getting to do it. Brock leisure is a lot more respect for his income is money. The does win loss record. Trust me on that. So I wonder if the listener taking any Guerrero for granted in the cow palace fifteen years ago to lose a w title will have any bearing on how he prepares for small guy. Interesting. Interesting sidebar story. Would you think as great night, though, emotion was a wonderful Eddie was crying families are they're crying. Awesome is so much drama and happiness and enclosure. Everything's great. Ten years ago. The WB presented no way out in the key arena in Seattle. It's funny. How you remember these things I remember going where we went to eat that night came from the name of it. But. Some place all the boys used to go near the airport. And in seatac airport came the day of the place. But in any event, we were there that would be edge lost the w title in the first illumination chamber matches. Of course, the next one another one is this Sunday w network from Houston. And the first illumination chamber was ten years ago. And. So he lost the title that night. And then later he would win the world heavyweight championship in the second chamber. Mitch. Storyteller. And then finally two years ago this week well friend for Michigan state footballer. Educator. Wonderful George the animal. Steele passed away at age seventy nine a kidney failure guy, another guy like monsoon and heynen means gene that kind of took me on their wing when I came to WW teen Ninety-three again, come from WCW, I was not the most popular higher. But luckily, you know, it's funny I read thanks people say well JR did this. He's in town relationship. Jared. They don't understand I followed the orders one guy. Does that make any sense to you is that a foreign thing anymore that you don't have to take? You don't have to take your direction from your leader. Raised administered today. So point is is that missing men hard me that was good enough for me. But if you see guy sometimes the they the revisionist history on issues that was JR's fall. This JR's fall, you know, as a give you an example, Jarrett negotiation, the Paulo run are working right now this chapter in a book, you know, I was given a budget. Here's what we're going to say. Here's what we could pay him. And that goes for everybody. So crazy ties man crazy ties, but to George deal God blessing. What a good man, I thought he was great. And that's what what went on in this. We can resting. I've a few birthdays here real quick. Today is Tommy dreamer today me Wednesday. Tommy dreamer is I think forty eight. Big beefy. I used to calling on the office big beefy. Good meal. Reliable, trustworthy. Sooner than later. He's gotta quit taking these stupid ass bounce his age. This. My take this saying on Valentine's Day and happy Valentine's Day to all those that are observing such holiday on Valentine's Day. Mabel, this REU big daddy v would have been forty seven and for a story came on. And is having fell fell on Valentine's Day. The boys were telling me that that the big fella will take Viagra to watch porn on the hotel. I don't know if that was true or not. But I ask you. All he would give me that a very sinister smile. Like saying to me, you don't really wanna know this to you. So we've changed topics. But the boys are telling that story in front of you. So I thought it was rib, and it might have been a rib. They're ripping on the square. I never some taken Viagra to watch porno. Oh, oh Friday. Travis banks. He's a inex- t UK star. He's birthdays Friday Hugo's vintage middle Hugo sixty years old that rascal minnea- for life has had come for live very church now here for him. Also on Friday rich swan in fact, exhibition champion. Turns rifle age twenty eight gang grails birthday Saturday. It'll be fifty Jimmy Jacobs thirty five on Sunday. Ricardo Rog Rica's thirty three on Sunday. Ray rougeau sixty four on Monday. Raymond nust, man. French Canadian Gent Goodfellow, Tuesday, February nineteenth big John stood would have been seventy one. He got he died. Nineteen ninety five. I remember reffering his matches and he seventies. When he went by the name Chuck Connors. He was still huge. Massive man, but watts like big heels because that's a big baby face matched up. Well. On Tuesday, the lovely Francine before seven. She doesn't look today where thirty Francine very sexy lady in the any annals of pro wrestling have birthday on Tuesday. Also, Tuesday, El Torito, we thirty seven la- wrestle tied. Dylan shirt, thirty eight I would not have guessed jolt diligence we thirty eight look great and EC w Danny Doering birthdays on Tuesday as well, Danny will be forty five. So I wish all these folks and others I may have missed celebrating their birthday this week a very happy birthday and wherever you do. Folks. Remember good OJ ours. Got the cake you've got mail. I hope you're enjoying the show. I appreciate you being with us in for subscribing for free to our program. Appreciate it those foster ratings as always a hug worthy. I can tell you that. And STAN now for. Our mailbag. Remember, you can communicate with us. You can give me your your us your questions, you can Sean cradle will see them Raphael morphine may see them. And you know, our new production team. Dennis is our men at runs the board. Edits the show. He does a great job. But there's no, burn, humid. All this other crap. So Sean cradle stepped up long Raphael. We and they do a great job. So, you know, just the Jim Ross. Report at Jimmy dot com. The Jim Ross report at g mail dot com. Is how you reaches we your questions your comments and feedback suggestions where we wanted to. Or open we're open, and we wanted this to be much your shows as ours goes without you ain't got no chance. Outmanned the mailbag with a Chris dean starts it off. I g are years since the nineties and faithful listening to your podcast episode one. My question questions about a e w the company has a billionaire investor and actor towns such as Cody Reynolds are in executive roles in your opinion. What is AWS to do to avoid becoming the next WCW? And keep up the good work. Well. They got to continue to get create stars. They got continue to give to add the provide new and exciting in town to the fan base. They got they got to have a great television clearance. As they start their weekly run this fall until. Read. So I think that's important. They have struck a chord with many in the social media. Here's an example, double or nothing on Wednesday sold out the rest of tickets in four minutes. Tickets have been so to all fifty states. Plus DC and Puerto Rico tickets have been sold to nine countries Canada. Mexico, the UK Australia, Austria, Panama, Costa, Rica, Germany and Finland. So they they're they're footprint. Thanks, social their social media expertise as having them. Well, with the main thing is you got to you got to, cultivate, a talented roster. Can't let yourself get stale or for Dickel and continuing to produce great episode. It hard hitting no I rolling content every week. It's a hell big job. It ain't going to be easy. But it can meet them. Brennan, wayne. Title culminate, brand-new Brenna Wayne getting here Hajim of enlisting for a long time. I really enjoy your show. It helps the work days a lot. My question was why do you think the artists selling has gone away? How can it change it can change by the management being more hands on with talent? And when somebody's not selling enough, he foam aside say you got to sell more. Are we can't use you? And the reason most talents have are reluctant to sell a lot is because they do not want to be perceived as weak, they're insecure. They don't understand the art of performing as much as they like to admit. So therefore, the quite that to selling as a weakness couldn't be more wrong. This comes from dawn, alone and the UK. Just alone for short lawns wanna know about audience show lengthen audience fatigue. Do you think W ever considered putting the larger shows like the rumble on Russell many over two days? I disagree with your analogy there alone. I don't think solving problems increases costs. The second day of TV one of those today's are gonna suck and teat. I say make the shows, you know, if you're expect your faith you audience. To give you know more than four hours. And that's a low to me. And I think these longer shows are gonna somewhere along the way just kill the pre game shows. That's like watching the frigate them SuperBowl forget show nine hours. What are we thinking football, Mark? I love football. If I had a job making a living in football, probably be doing it ain't in the cards for me at the stage of my life. But. Student long. How could he? Rodney grays has emailed us at the gym. Ross report at Djamil dot com. Wanna know an honor black history month who'd be on my personal mount Rushmore, black wrestlers. There's a lot of good Kansas this deal. Right. Can you imagine it's hard to magin? Even for me number around longtime. How these African Americans were treated by the by the white peers back in the day. I saw some of that racism the locker room. And I didn't like it. Here's uncomfortable, especially when Russia's pull out the Klan card and brag about having one not cool. But you know, guys like Abdul the butcher, that'd be some in conversation bearcat Wright was went through so much profiling, and you know, the promoters that motor all white men. You think an ego Centric alpha male white man with living in the thirties and forties and fifties. Could give a damn about a black athlete of black rash said least shoot. No. But if I have my pick I would probably pick out Ernie Ladd was my when my mentors Ernie Ladd had the balls to the first black he'll in major territories and not be afraid of the heat. Junkyard dog crossed over became big and WWE when he bolted from the cowboy midsouth, which we all hated. But that's not the way you do business kids, but I can't ever say that to me bad things about Silvester Ritter. The Booker T would be on any list. So that's where I got Ernie J y de Berk t and doing Johnson. I didn't I didn't initially bobover Zil or you know, any of these other cats just out the ones jumped out at me are Ernie J y d. Booker t and the rock if you can make an argument about any of those guys you're better arbiter than. Thank you Rodney for checking in. John LeBron wants to know I think rather than winning a trophy the winner the battle Royal at wrestlemania should also earn a future title shot possibly at the positive following paper you or your thoughts on this. Well, here's the thing. Anytime you're competing for something that has tangible value like a winning a title, shot, whatever is alike as ru. To just win a trophy. We've watered down that whole process so much and wrestling business over the last several generations. I don't know what it means. University it again. I don't think do you access. I dunno. But I think the winner if you want it to mean, something you gotta you gotta compete for something. And that something can't just be the symbolism of the winner being a trophy. That just me invest less something like a traveling trophy like the, you know Stanley Cup or something. But as it is. Charles maxi. He says takeovers have now had four title matches out of five or six match on the card is that good. Basically. I don't know. I can't find anything wrong with these takeover. Vince. I'm big fan annexed takeover. I like the style motivation execution better than any other show when on on w network on on WB. So I don't have an issue for the four title matches on on takeover and bother me a bit. Kyle movie. And what's no there enough material? He loved our first book Slava knocker my life and resting which then when Amazon and he excited we're trying to get our next book done by the holidays this year. Photofinish I should have to think of the work. We got still got that to you. But do I have enough materials? Question is do you have enough material for part three? Wade partout yet buddy come on here. Kyle. We got you got to let a brother up, but I think we do because after this book ends this look ends unless something, you know, something I don't know I plan on continuing to live, and I want to continue to live in the world that we all love. By large. Right. So why wouldn't have something potential right about if the opportunity came along. We'll see but good question. Kyle call also wants to have fit Finlay Paul Heyman. And Kevin Nash on the podcast as some states. And we will do everything we can to make that happen. And that's the mailbag this week, folks. Remember, the Email is the Jim Rausch afforded gmaiLcom. And that's it for this week's meal. Talked to rob van dam since we connected again a few weeks ago. Rob show Ravi. You buddy? Thanks for having me. Hey, you sent me your documentary. And I watched it as we record this this morning, and I gotta tell you, you you and your crew you're well, the executive producers distant phenomenal job, tell us tell us how that project came about because the fun loving their devil, Robin damn who's introduced a wrestling by the million dollar, man. Wave Eck in the day. He's just a pup folks is turned a little dark to me because I wasn't aware of the subject matter that you were you were doing your documentary on, but this whole thing tell us about that because it was very sobering to watch but extremely enjoyable and like all good finishes. It's got a pretty damn happy ending. I'm really glad that you enjoyed it. I really didn't know what subject matter we were filming at the time either. Because sometimes I do stand up comedy tours, and I have fun with that. We went on a seven day comedy tour. And we thought it'd be good. I did I bring the camera. Just film the road trip and make a little little dot com. Komo comedy to or whatever. But I I showed up for the beginning of the tour with symptoms still from a match that I had a couple of nights before I had I had gotten a bit of a concussion and unlike hundreds of other concussions that I've had this didn't go away right away. And so the first day of the tour, I let my my crew about it. But I said, you know, I'm probably not gonna tell people about this just like I normally don't. So I would record. I would record me, you know, with the fan. So I can say and then afterwards I would turn to the camera. And I'd say holy crap. They don't realize I see two of them. And I and I kept saying, you know, I'm sure I'll be fine tomorrow. I'll wake up one hundred percent. And then we'll just move on forget about it. But after a couple of days, I realized that that wasn't necessarily going to be what was happening so became something much bigger than I at this painted, and they've talked about after while it became so big that that movie ends up following my concussion outside of the tour, and it goes into an area where we get educated on C T I concussions on the symptoms that that's a lot of what what the subject matter becomes so much happens in the in the documentary. You know, we go to. Away, the big fat and Bjork city. We had a comedy show in Atlantic City that we knew they've got canceled before the trip, but it was the same day. We went to big event, so many wrestlers appear in a documentary some of them that I haven't seen in years like Pat Tanaka. Holy crap. I have seen Pat Tanaka since probably like ninety three that. I didn't even recognize him. Rub. Yeah. Incredible. And I'm really excited that I have Bruno San Martinos, very last public appearance. Very yeah. Not just that I have is appearance. But what he said to me? I mean, I have other spectrum the world for Bruno just like everyone else does. And I didn't want to take up too much of his time. He had a big line waiting. But you can clearly hear him on the documentaries. You know, stopping me when I'm trying to get out of his way just to say, right? Let me tell you seeing the ring many times, you're pretty damn great that that means I everything in the world every time I hear that every time. Watched the documentary so became something much bigger, obviously. And I'm glad that they that we rounded it off really well with the with the end, but it became something that, you know, more about my life, and what it's like being RV, which I hope comes across really well because you get to travel the streets with me, whether it's in Times Square, Venice beach or wherever you get to see how much get everywhere, and that that's really what I wanted to share. And hopefully, you get to see how keep my my zen foil by brations even when faced with lifestyle. Cicles your grambling's version of Phil Jackson Zan. And very healthy. You know, do you even know Phil Jackson is I don't he's a reference. Well, he's a he's a hall of fame basketball coach of an he coach Michael Jordan the bulls. That's not a bad guy that when you're roster. You win oughta gains by that that way the more stars you higher than we're Mooney drawl. So the Phil Jackson's Phil Jackson was very zen oriented and talked publicly about it. And quite frankly, I'm sure he was probably one of the guys that introduced zen too. Many of us. I didn't have a damn clue. What all that stuff? Was. I really didn't. I'm not sure I noted data fast good passer quiz. But Phil Jackson was very bright very cerebral. And that's what I saw in. This this film that you produced, and I also thought it was very well edited. It had good continuity. There was a flow to it. It was like watching a really good wrestling match that hasn't been over fought. Appreciate that. 'cause we worked on it long and hired for like most of two years and being a perfectionist. I kept wanting to go over and over because he's Tyler I knew we were going to get better. And better whenever we had an idea, you know, to to take something out or adds something in or or whatever whatever needed. But definitely I think that when people watch this. They get to know RV de way, better than I ever thought that they would know that they would know me, you know, I wasn't a level. Oh, I think so out because you know, you're you're quite a your personality when I first first round us, and maybe assistant trust issue. You know, the offices the office. I get it. I I got the same sentiments same feelings the towels dude distant in different different approach perhaps. But you always kind of quiet. In in reserved. And I learn more about you in this movie. Then I knew about you in the entire time that we worked together which I enjoyed. So I just thought it was really good. I was I was really it was a little dark from because I was worried about you. So he told a good story there. Thank you. I've had people tell me that it's kind of like riding a roller coaster. Some of that abuse. I have although it may sound cliche. They some people literally tell me that they last and they cried, and even I get a little teary eyed up when a when I watch it sometimes when I see my girlfriend, Katie when she gets a little upset size to cry. Our that always things a little bit when I see. I met her with you think somewhere down the road. Yeah. Yeah. I don't Burley's things off like a, but you know, the older you get and the onus back nine of life that I'm currently traveling. Sometimes I forget executive location by member meeting her in you gather, and she was such a really a pleasant individual. I thought you know, she just had a smaller face. And I thought she was good for you. Then I watched this movie, then if anybody ever had any doubts that this was the right woman for this, man. Those questions will be answered tenfold. But watching this thing I love that story to you know, what I mean? Thank you so much because that is that is exactly how life where just like I say in the movies. She truly is a gift from the universe. Every word. So then through a lot which people see in this movie stuff, they didn't know about. But they can see you know, that that's only I'm very happy right now. Yeah. A lot of people that saw me daring, you know, two thousand fifteen two thousand sixteen I lot of people told me, I was I was different, you know. And truthfully, I was drinking for for a lot of it. That's how I chose to the numb my pain. I thought hey, you know, look, I'm this old I deserve a scandal. So if I could put over drinking and driving. I I deserve got divorced. My dog died. My dad died. I mean, come on. You know this. I'm you know, I do. So I kinda allowed myself to go through that. And fortunately, I came out on the other on the other side because I think it down. So so much. I can relate to people. They don't think I can win when they talked about getting depressed when they when they feel like they can't turn around on their own, and maybe some help and shoot I've been through all that now. But yeah, I consider myself crying. I've never allowed guy that demands to be heard. But if somebody cares to us into what I have to say, then I'm that. I'm always interested in sharing you seem to be very comfortable on stage. I know you mission the movie that it being on stage was something that you'd always thought about doing even even young guy, but comedy wasn't necessarily. What that what shape? It was going to take. I think your natural up there. You know, it's like everything else. I do these shows. I don't come a commerce of a humorous because I don't really think that funny but laugh, so I guess that's good. You know, nonetheless, if feels natural being in front of a live audience, I think that might. Encapsulate the entire feeling for me that I can relate back to what you do it. You know, Dwayne Johnson told me this many times there's nothing like no matter what the big movies. He's done. It's all great pay days are phenomenal etcetera etcetera. But nothing is in the buzz the drill in rush s performing in front of a live audience. And and I kind of feel that this is new for me. It's a challenge for me. But boy you when you get on stage. It was very natural transition. Did you have nerves was just something that felt right? Did you have any any child challenging times adjusting to be on the stage? When I first started going up on stage. I was nervous mostly because I would prepare some material. And then I would be afraid that my nerves would make me forget what I was going to say, and I would get up there. And and you know in space out and the market that are comfortable, I got it with it. When I did my first comedy jaure. I tried to prepare to do like forty five. Minutes where it's time. The one thing I find is a lot of people don't want to give me the the light when you're on stage. They give you a Q. They've signed a plan that you know, when you got a couple of minutes left, and that's not a courtesy. But they think they're insulting me, especially when I'm the main event. And so I often don't get the light. And so their first day that I went to to start the tour was I think was this tour that we recorded, but anyway, I did like an hour and fifteen minutes, and so after that then I knew I had enough material. Then it was more comfortable. I didn't have to always have a set up. I could just go out there and see which does come to my mind in wits order I like to both ways. But either way I find that everyone is there to see me they're holding onto to my words. So it's not like I have to meet their expectations. They love me. And they just want me to be me. And that's what I do them, and it works, really. Well, I enjoy it. You can tell you doing. Well, do you have more come neuters plan for the future or something? You're more of I will be doing more of comedy tours. But I I don't know anything right now, you know, to to plug on considering a lot of different options, actually, Las Vegas. I have several options with doing it like regularly and a few different venues. And I'm just I'm comparing the the options. I think I I think I know it's way I'm gonna go. But I'm not sure Soviet talking about that real soon where I'll have a regular deal. Biggest Welby probably, you know, several times a week or whatever. But, but, you know, the traveling is something that I'm over, you know, really didn't enjoy traveling when I was traveling fulltime in and even now that I'm not traveling I still travel a lot more than the regular people. Even if it's only a couple of times. A month. It'd be ideal for me to be at one place where I could where people would come to see me so Vegas the place to do it. That's there's some people don't real well that concept, and then travelled and your audience comes to us you go into them. Not a bad. Yeah. Vegas, and I've always had more friends and bigger than I had in LA. I'd be living in LA since like two thousand wine, and I've always had more connections everything and always felt drawn to Las Vegas. Having said that I'm not really try anything. That's something that I find a lot of people can't relate to me. And is everyone in it's you know, whatever, but you know, the whole get up early, and, you know, for you know, I early bird gets the worm. And in that little I don't I don't look at it like that anymore. I really like doing less of mass all the time. And I tell people that may joke, you know, and I've always worked lasts and make more money with me too. But. Really don't think everybody really really does. Everyone has that that drive which is great. But I don't have it as much that drive where people are saying. Hey, how's that comedy go? And I know you're trying to do that. But trying to do anything just being me, and I have several different platforms to be me. And and I'm grateful and push eight. But you know, business is business. I'm always willing to consider good business. But at the same time, I'm really, you know, happy semi retired. And you know, planning my day around, you know, whatever whatever I need for to keep my zen keeping then keeping that by abrasion, regardless of what life throws at you. That's if I had to if I had to put it in one sentence what my goal is every day with being alive. It's just a, you know, avoiding stress as I know you've heard me say before and just you know, keeping vibration up. Yeah. No, I I I in vet concept a lot, you know, I think watching this the movie with with you, and how you interacted with your Katie significant other really was enlightening to meet macaws won the sad parts about our business at times, not all the time not for everybody. But there are there. They're illustrations within our business for men heaven always treated their their significant others will or they thought maybe a a Louis Vuitton purse was all it took. You know? And but I saw a connection that you guys for you. I can see you guys having long conversations and being in like you said you're in your films. You both got it. You got each other's back and so hard as hard to find. And I don't think the boys, quote, unquote, appreciate that as much as they should by and large. And that may just be a societal issue. Rob. I don't know. But some of the male wrestlers could have a lot more happiness lot lot less stress in their life. If they didn't try to lead a double life or triple live, and we're we're just since totally dedicated to there to there the woman, they married. You know, my my dad gave me the best is ice years ago. And it's all about your priorities. You know, when I was before I got married years and years ago phone if my dad, and I had this other girlfriend at the time that like I had gotten engaged to and I had no attention mariner. Somehow it was out of convenience. I was young and stupid. And my dad was saying, well, you can ask yourself a question and find out if she's the right one for that. Is that easy can see always be your number one priority because we making a decision for your life. Here. You don't do that any other time? You said your money comes and goes houses, come and go, you still got each other even kids come and go he said could she always be so important to you that no matter what else is going on? You could always drop whatever you're doing and go to her is you need you. And I thought that was the best advice, but then also tacked on at the end, but then she has to feel the. Same way about you as well. I was like that sounds so I don't even want to click over if this girl calls right now when I was a gauge to I said, they make so much sense. And when I got married, I've thought, okay, I've got the formula. I'm I was very upfront in in vocal about my my marriage. When I was I was proud. You know, like something that I really -ccomplish having somebody to the same way that I did about her that turns out, you know, she ended up having different priorities, especially after she got cancer. And we just drifted apart apart for them further. And it was obvious that she had a lot more important than than me. And and I was way down further and further, and that's what happened. I thought it all the way till the end. And now I look back at it. And I can say I think I did everything that I could have. I'm proud of what I did in that marriage and. I would have stayed complacent out of loyalty. However, even though it was all her that wanted it. Now now that I realized how happy I can be. I'm so glad it went down that way. Because I've I've never met anybody that that had my back like Gedi like, we're we're partners. And I know that we're not gonna let anything in between us. She's like amazing coolest person I've ever met. And it was just it's just like, I know I know that she's got my back, even if someone was to tell her something about me, either one of us is like that. We would come to each other before we believe somebody else. And it just it really is amazing. I think the people would know they learn a lot more about themselves if they own their priorities because people say, you know, to be doing more and come I can't do that. It's you priorities list them. See what's really more important to you and then own them. And you might understand why you live the way you live more and people dinner stay into. This. When I got this film that if you do the same thing every time, you're never gonna change. You're never going to grow. And that's what very simple illustration, you were of the great oppressors greatest wrestlers ever in the business. You were innovative. He were brave to try new things that other guys say, are you crazy? I doing that. But I was mazed your flexibility, by the way, some of those saints you training and the flexibility drills of or lack of a better word. Unbelievable. I don't know how the hell that must be just like you must have great muscle memory there something because you're flexibility still an off the page. Thank you. But I keep it up. You know, it's not it's not just remembering. But I still think keep it up. I still still training. Just like just like I always did maybe a little bit more like I'm off season. And then you know, I wrestle like maybe ten times a year now is opposed to two hundred. Twenty two hundred and thirty times a year. And so I can like train a little bit more serious a couple of weeks before having a match coming up, and then, you know, get a layoff a little bit. But I still that's that's part of what keeps me balanced, though, is stretching and lifting and still feeling like best. If you if you stay rating, you don't gotta get ready. Right. Right. Right. Exactly. Hey for those that wanna watch this film, and I wholeheartedly recommend anybody listening going to enjoy this, especially if you love the genre pro wrestling, if you followed the career Ravin damn if you have a conscience about CT, and it's not all the Bessie t some about the bad news and all about the dark side. But it points out that there is a dark side in all of our lives that in on this thinking, maybe if you knew all over again, would you have gotten more thoroughly checked on those other concussions because the number that you you believe you've had scary, man. It's really scary. You're luckier inhale. You're not a vegetable I I am very I'm very fortunate angry. And now, of course, when I made the rain, I've a lot more conscious of rack in my head. You know, we just thought that was part of the job before like years ago. And then when? I learned from Chris Chris Nowinski, you know, who study brains up in Boston. I learned from him what it can cut. An is. You know, just just a difference and alteration in your in your consciousness like you get whacked in the head. Sometimes you just like, whoa. You feel dizzy for second. Or you see stars? Sometimes balls Mahoney would hit me with a chair and everything being slow motion. Or the sound would go out those were all concussions, and what once I learned that I thought about it added up, and yeah, I've had hundreds and hundreds throughout my career. I just never really thought anything of it. And it wasn't until recent years. You know, two studies expose how dangerous that is. And how can lead to to the long term damage, and it's really scary. When you see some of the football players that that have the degenerative disease, and what they. Diminish to and then then they eventually die. You know, they end up usually killing themselves or depressed, and I don't want to speak generally when I say, usually. But I mean, if you watch Nowinski documentary thing, it's called head games. They talk about over ninety nine percent of the NFL brains that they studied showed it. And that's like really scared when I watched this movie, I think about how I don't I don't wanna say tying cheek, but I hear myself in a documentary not being in denial, but I guess keeping that positive debt. So when I hear myself saying things, I let's say case scenario, you know, let's say my bring ends up like that will what I'll do is I'll teach people educate. No, let's case scenario with able to tell you my name, right? That's something. I realized afterwards when I watch it, you know, but but it's something we can all alarm from life. Yeah. No doubt. Rob you can learn a lot this film headstrong is the title and how win can folks it. So it drops February nineteen and it'll be on the digital platforms. That's Google play Amazon. I Jones and blue. And if you go to gyms, you can pre-order it right now in nineteen. That's next Tuesday. Boom drops for everybody. And. Definitely appreciate your feedback on it. I think everyone will enjoy and other these have been positive and lot of the qualities that I like to hear about myself being displayed by other people's favorites. You don't people say over your suit January? And you're so honest, I loved it all that comes across in this. It was it's a keeper folks draw. So February nineteenth you can go to tune 's they're saying folks, carry this podcast, and and and preorder is going to drop on Tuesday the nineteenth you'd be reading all about only on the internet. What you gotta become leery of. But nonetheless, it's going to get a lot of play. And I am one stay off the front line says a must see a film without a doubt. I want to get to a couple of four. Let you go here. Just to be remiss if I didn't ask you because I've been our audience asked me to ask you questions and all aspect to three. Your favorite promotion you ever worked in. Well, I have to take different standards, you know, to go by NEC w I had the most fun, but WWE was better business. And I don't know. I don't just mean I made more money there. But also going they made me into such a bigger worldwide star, you know, so that's that's what I'd have to compare. I mean, if I I'm glad that I had the WWE career, and that's the rest of my life. Now people recognize me everywhere go from that. But it was more fun because I was in order to have that much fun. You gotta be on the up. You gotta be hungry. And you gotta be like still trying to develop I think those really fun years. What do you see that young wrestlers if you had a caucus of these young dudes that have pretty pronounced a skill sets. But they're not getting over. And I heard, you know, cowboy Bill watching old boss from mentor to say it's not about who goes over. It's about who gets over. And so what are you? What could what an few words, you could you tell some of these cats, ladies and men on how to get over? And what should they what what are the things they need to do things? They don't need to do to conference getting on top. That does seem to be a question that a lot of guys in the dress. Where wonder amongst the few that are the most over there's some of us that always stand out is the favorites. And you know, I think it was just because I might moves my move set. And and then, you know, other people they got the characters, and it's like is there people try, but I think you know, that it's that it's you gotta stand out of the Asli find a way to stand out in a good way. I think the original she one thing they he pass on both Sambu and myself, but she taught us to be original. He taught us he said he used to talented say you listen to me, listen anybody else. No one else knows what they're talking about. And that was that was that he taught us that that I that. I. You know subscribed to and I found a lot of people do things different and different than chic. But I think now people copy so the so much didn't used to be like that. I I've always been amazed that most of my moves haven't been ripped off yet. You know, sometimes I'll see somebody do one of my moves know like, okay. Okay. Well, hey, you can't patent the move. And at least it took him fifteen years to go after that one. But there's still so many moves they haven't done, but when it comes to other wrestlers, they all do each other's moves, and I've been in the rest of schools like with Katie when she's training trying to help her out a little or whatever. And it's like we don't even know how to do headlock yet and doing hurt you off the tiny. Seems like they're just learning. How to do the Moonies? But it's all about making the moves mean a lot. And then making meaning out you have to connect with the crowd. You have to get the people to feel emotion that that you're desiring them to feel and with the move. But at the the whole time, you got to there's a way you stay connected to the crowd. So that they don't feel like we're just watching TV. And I think a lot of people miss that. And then they think that that they're getting that just by turning to the crowd and putting a big ugly face. I. Well. I don't get that either. That's about as rigid as EPA pie been around. Come on. Give me something meals. Go back in the kitchen cooks mills where you that. Van that. You'd think that young talents who seemed to be reluctant to sail perceive that selling is a sign of weakness. Of course, I think that we I think that's normal. When we started out that we think that and then after a while, hopefully, they get it like I do where that's where as baby face. That's like, that's that's where a lot of my power is like I'm getting I'm bringing the people along with me. I'm I'm I'm letting them sharing my pain with them. So they can see and feel like they watching these nasty bumps. I'm taking their seeing how it's affecting me. And they're mostly involved in it, and I keep them coming along. And then boom, I feel an elbow in. Everyone's behind me like, yes. Okay. Keep going you could turn it around. Ripped out from me. That's that's a lot of the fun of of the match is taking that heat. And and and you can control the, you know, the the whole temple of the match and everything it's it's definitely something that I you you look at it like, well, I think he got seventy percent of the match, and I only got thirty. And it takes a while to understand that you're both involved every bit of the storytelling process. I know our match got five stars if you'd only put out a little bit more effort type deal, you know, 'cause we gotta have those five stars. I was always more concerned about with voice got paid. Then what the anybody many what the rating was in their match on on TV? Don't ask you. It's kind of hard not to be somewhat aware. I don't have much of it. You are. But this the new promotion getting getting ready to unfold. Eighty w they have another sell out on their resume. They're sold up the GM green garden arena for their show in may on the. Memorial Day weekend. I guess so. What do you think about that? I I'll tell you. I'm not gonna frigging dish because you're your own guy. I think the more opportunities that folks in our business it dude like you and me, and Katie and others the more more place. We had to earn a pay day the better for everybody. That's my take on it. What's your take on? Of you. I agree with what you said. If you listen to in my interviews from like four or five years ago, I told everybody this is exactly what was going to happen. I saw all the different. Territories growing with the local support that feels like they're part of that promotion, and they wanna see every their own local groups exceed and I saw that popping up all over not just in this country and other countries, and I said it's gonna be like territory again, where people have a lot more places to work. And and it's exciting right now with the w it's exciting at the same time. I'm not I'm not I'm not trying to talk smack about them. But I am just saying that, you know, throughout throughout our our careers. How many times have we seen a new company come up and and all the boys get excited? Yeah. They're gonna sign anybody up to guarantees. And now they got major league baseball behind him, and they're going to have health insurance and all the guys excited, and then usually like Boma that's not happening. Or falls apart? With a a e w I'm not saying that's going to happen. I'm just saying they have to prove history wrong. And I hope that they do. But I find a lot of people that are very wealthy to have a lot of money. They have a lot of money because they're smart with the money. So if they spend a lot, and they don't make it back, and they said at least money after while, these these stop funding, it I e w proves of you know, predecessors wrong and ends up being the being, you know, something substantial like already is. So it's exciting. It's exciting. And I'm you know, wait and see see see how it develops agree. Agree me to. Hey, listen. I appreciate your time today. I really glad we've got a chance to talk. Thank you for sharing your film with me, folks. It's called headstrong. It's on I tunes and other digital platforms. I tend to easy for me to say when. I use and the you can pre-order it 'cause it drops or as I say about our show to skates on February nineteenth. So check that out headstrong Rob's executive producer? And it's a it's an interesting look at a comedy tour is interesting looking wrestlers life is an interesting look at a at a wrestler, whose probably had more great matches behind in the as head of him. Because that's what time duster everybody. Just wait is by the way. This point. I hope everyone watches the movie thanks so much for having me on this show. And thank you for watch the Moog. So glad that you enjoy it hope that everybody else will. Well, you did. Well, hey is your tag team match boosted on? Yes. It is that's gonna be wrestler card weekend in New York for April this match. It's a one off, by the way, Matt's. I didn't realize was an impact Matt. So so now everyone's excited because I think I'm going back to impact with I may work future dates with them at this point in time. I don't have any obligations, but that's what happened there sap, and I haven't tact and many years. So I'm looking forward to that. And we're we're going to wrestle Pentagon and Phoenix. Yeah. For sure. Notify laguardia. They'll be moving objects in the air. I got a feeling so listen man again. Thank you lot. Congratulations on your Bill drops some Tuesday February nineteenth tunes. Check it out, folks. Headstrong starring the executive producer the Booker the top baby face. My friend, Robin damn route. Thanks, buddy. Can follow me into real RV everywhere. And I'll be cool. I really enjoyed the show today folks, Robin. Dan was stellar. You gotta check out his film in drops escapes. What are you going to say on Tuesday? The nineteenth. Rob is this. I saw I got lucky. I gotta see this greener. I actually though movies are long. Couldn't recommend you watch it any stronger. Great great great piece of business at Sada raw van dam that I've never seen didn't know existed. I opening experiences in and situations. I just think it's a headstrong has great fan. You're going to really like it. You're gonna be proud of the business and you proud of RV d. For get to rate of subscribers, apple podcast, Google, podcast, Stitcher. Tune in Spotify or wherever you get your slobber knocker audio. Hope you try to get us to turn our goal is two thousand five star rating. So being commissioned helping us on that deal out free shaded ratings describe what we do those flash Rinku and next week here on the show are men. Conrad Thomas is gonna join us. He's got a lot to talk about. I wanna what it's really like being the son-in-law RIC flair. What do you get Rick for birthday? I'm just wondering Conrad building a great reputation in a business in pro wrestling that nobo- nobody heard a Conrad Thompson that long ago. Now you on the tip of tongues, Connie tease me so Conrad here this next week. We'll talk star star k to I'm gonna be all over that baby. So the biggest names in wrestling passion, prison are going to be involved in in this event in may of agass who Memorial Day weekend. You can't miss it. Cannot miss it pokes. So Conrad will be here next week tells all about that while we shall go on wanna go see you there too in two weeks or program, by the way. I I can tell you that w hall of Famer the great Mark Henry who's the star on bust? Open radio David Greco, Sirius XM channel only three Monday through Friday will be joining us here in two weeks to talk about his radio career talk about his special night. This going to be coming his way at the cauliflower alley club at the end of April for first day of may in Vegas. So looking for to talk to Mark about that and much a very unique point of view informed point of view on on today's business, and I'm really looking for talking to about it. You gotta remember where Mark, and I started our relationship headstrong wide eyed bushy tailed for one opponents dunking basketballs at the NBA all star weekend. And you know, Vincent, I looked at that. And so we got to have this guy, then he had a smile lit up room. All the good things. But he had cheeks Connie, no, I. God. Terry Funk's, Vegas comrade. Star k to that that Bashar draw. He's fatter than you are. No, he's not no one fatter than you, Oklahoma bastard. My brother Dory with a call to receive an award. I should got I made a run in with his ass. Okay. Thanks for stopping by Terry. We love you. So Conrad here next week. Mark Henry in two weeks. Remember on Twitter at JR's BBQ, Facebook and Instagram Jim Ross BBQ my thanks Raphael morphine for men Denison studio. And to Sean cradle who joined our team official capacity to help us compiled information for the show, we preach them, very very much follow both of them on Twitter. Appreciate that. And kind of a melancholy week. You know, I always my wad. Jan I loved Valentine's Day, and he always found time for for for something. If I had to work that day the day before the day after we always made time for it. And now she's not here to make that time. So I feel remiss but watching Robin dams film in how he inter inter relates to his significant other heartwarming, there's hope for all those. Folks, Rollins love springs eternal, so I'll I can easily with this week by saying have birthday Jan and heaven and until I hook up with you. We'll talk them. So for everybody here at our face your place. Thanks for joining us getting back in that black escalate head down. I forty four couldn't across the farmland run into Norman Oklahoma, and I'll be back next week, Lord, willow creek notarize. So until then I'm going to judge ROY saying so long everybody. Westwood One podcast network's Ian sees pot of awesome. This your host edging Christian talk. Wrestling, Betty, pfennings, aka in my wife, you kissed the great Kelly, and you eliminate him Cowley reacts like somehow you kissing him is like gross to him. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. It's like what world ENC's pot of awesome. This downloaded free and easy. 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