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"pedro morales saint bruno" Discussed on The Jim Ross Report

"WWE hall of Famer Jim Ross and now the man himself noodle JR. Yes. Indeed. Hello, everybody. I am JR Jim Ross. Nikki, right. Much tuning into the gym Ross report here only mighty Westwood One. And subscribing for free by the way to our show at apple podcast, Google, play Spotify tune in and Stitcher, by the way. So appreciate you guys leaving those five star ratings as well on our show. Always try to remind you this again in the day, the volume Twitter JR JRS BBQ, and I'm on Facebook and Instagram at Jim Ross BBQ just for the pooper thought today's guest is one of the greatest of all time in the wrestling ring. But we're going to hear a different side of Robin damn than we've ever heard before. And I I had a very stimulating conver. Sation with rob earlier today. And I think you're going to dig it. It's different side of him talking about more different issues. And it's it's about more than just dangerous high spots and chair shots to the head. So you know, the last time I saw van dam is at our show in Dallas during wrestlemania thirty two weekend. He dropped by like hurricane homes with me there at night, Jeff hardy, quite the crew. So and Robson ready. Get back in the ring for a one off situations when t be teaming savvy against the the Lou brothers. That's going to be an impact United United. We stand. I should say especially in April the fourth in ralway, New Jersey. We'll talk about that. So fifty good data. Join us if a lot of news talk about a lot of speculation over what's going to happen wrestlemainia. But let's get started. We're burning daylight is my hero. John Wayne would say. Say because here's what's on my mind. Thirty of things are all my mind. But nothing more compelling than the recent passing of the great WWE hall of Famer Pedro Morales who died earlier this week, the age of seventy six Pedro was a woman honored and respected for wrestlers of any generation. He was a star on both coasts the star in Texas any broke through language barriers. Pedro spoke English, but not grade English, but he smoked he spoke real English. And when he spoke people knew he was being honest. You wasn't from a rider who had no idea of how Pedro felt it was it was his heart speaking to the fans and those fans embraced it some so well, you know, he he had great Latino following. He did have great Latino following. None. Unlike Bruno San Martino, having a great Italian. Following would it takes everybody to make that villages. Somebody once said so Pedro the first ever triple triple crown winner. And w meaning that he was the WB champion the intercontinental champion and the tag champion and there were short runs here, by the way, he had to reign as intercontinental champion for toll a six hundred nineteen days. He had amazing a Tyron thousand twenty seven days behind Bruno HOGAN, backlit and John CENA. So he's one of those honored in a conference competitors in in history. Wrestling, the thing that always struck me was that I didn't I always thought fatal was bigger than he was until I met him. And you know, he was under sixty. He was of course, thick muscular. But he had a a natural. Are about it. And I think that's what you got with with Pedro Morales Saint Bruno that matter you got what you saw he wasn't working. He wasn't being a character. He was being himself amped up a little bit and a little bit, you know, underscored echo to shine on it. But he's basically himself at the key of the matter. Don't get enough that these days that's for sure. You know, he he grew great houses had the big run. There had not run. He had a match of Bruno say stadium. So that was a big to do outdoors at a major league baseball park in that day. So he was just a an amazing guy. I just loved his professionalism and only you can count on basically one hand..

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