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"pedro borbon" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"Only one Reds Hall of Fame pitcher also pitched for the Twins. Name him pitch swung at foul tipped Into the mid. Well, How about this? You don't have to name them. You just have to pick one. I'll give you three options could be a Pedro Borbon. B. Wayne Granger. Or C Don Gullett. One fouled back by our STDs Aquino owing to 1 82 3 homers, five RBIs for Aquino. I can hear by the shuffling in your book. You have no idea so you are going to pick either A B or C, based on The system trends my system using advanced trivia analytics to determine your answer. If I pick a it's going to be a for the third day in a rose Tor bone is out, up and in, okay, Pedro Done. At least it was not gullet. So it has to be Granger OK? That is B. We'll revisit that few innings. You get how this works. Might even be able to change it. If you so choose the 12 pitch swinging a mess our cities. Aquino just swung through a 91 mile an hour fastball that he appeared to be laid on up and in there was a cutter in on his hands. It was definitely a ball off the play the good 4 to 5 inches off the plate By the time he took his swing. Now, Kyle Farmer. Runners at 1st and 2nd base with one man out. Farmer heading to 24 5 homers 23 RBIs. Here's the pitch and farmer takes a strike over the outside corner at the knees and its own one. Read with an opportunity to get on the board first here. Leadoff single but couldn't score in the 1st 1st 2 reached here in the second and farmer Takes off the plate away. An.

Pedro Borbon Pedro Done 4 1st Kyle Farmer 24 Granger 12 pitch 5 inches 23 RBIs third day five RBIs second One 2nd base 1 82 3 homers first 5 homers one man 91 mile an hour