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"pederson vancouver canucks" Discussed on WGN Radio

"His four link touches the puck in the near corner in the hawk zone. Let's see if this going to be a two or a four. Leney was trying to battle for the puck there. We just can't have that happen. And then you gotta be in control of your stick looks like it's. Minutes for high sticking. For all the way down at the other end of the ice. You just can't have that happen. Yeah. You're fighting for the. You can't have that happen. Stick down on the ice. And he just gets floppy with it. And it's the Schroeder area. So Vancouver old for four but getting a fifth opportunity. Now, the draw circle the dealiest left. One by Harvard to the line deep slot Hutton hut. Mussa top of the right circle. Patterson fires at the flex off the glass behind the hawk net back. They get it. Murphy works the puck three to the nearside. Put it up the left wing to Egypt pass Pederson along the left wing boards down into the zone. Tapes will head for the bench penalty killers. Now are Saad who strips the puck away from hunting along the right boards? And then could you came in to help out? Could you got to the puck puts it back into the hawk zone to Slater COO COO over to Brent Seabrook along the right boards, and he'll clear it now. Effectively killed off about twenty seconds zero one twenty on the power play. Hutton carrying out of the zone to center ice drops the puck back in the Besser pass ahead hor VAT over the hawk line on the left wing. Put a pass into the high slot picked off by cruder look today at the center ice to Anisimov, he'll nudge it down ice into the left wing corner and the zone in any lifts hut. And stick to try and get to the puck. Doubling back. However was Elias Pederson leading rookie store and on the National Hockey League in over the hawk line on the right wing bothered by Keith who slaps it away puck rides up the boards. Taste tried to spirit out from Besser. Puck ends up being knocked into the high slot. An Easter stick tied up couldn't get to it. He's got one of the conducts sticks in escape. Now there goes marks from to the bench. We're going to go with the extra attacker here. Patterson of the right circle hawk zone. The stature right point to the top frugal Besser, title one timer. Good away to the left wing board. Put it down behind the hawk net to Josh legal leave all moving around to the right corner. David Paterson beside the right circle. The line deep slot stature over to Patterson with a one timer. He starts from the top of the right circle. Elias Pederson smashed that one end of the back of the hawk net. It's a power play goal tied this game at three with one fifty two left in the third. Boy. I mean, this kid is just got a wicked shot Pederson just labels that up into the top corner. You could see that play coming. They set it up perfectly defense was a little bit off the Mark as far as taking the shooting lane away from Pederson and he did not miss his twenty fifth of the season. His seven on the power play for the Vancouver Canucks. Whistle this one right up into the top corner? Great pass rate under the wheelhouse. And that's the off the mask. Oh, really? Yeah. Boy that is so tough. It's up in the corner, you might be able to get your glove up there. And it just rate at the head off the left hand side of his mask and into the top corner though, the one for five in this game on the power play. I mean, just a sloppy. Stick penalty there to Pearleen. You can't have that at the line Tannen. Picks the puck away from Strom shot ahead of the hawk line. Hirfi tried to click it down zone. It's taken away. However by Samuel, send it down the boards in behind the hawk. Yes, later Kuku drags it out moves it up for left wing to Strom at center ice. He'll dump it down the boards in behind the net. Good Branson moves it up the right side of our cannon. Rick light past Roussell? He added poke checked away at the hawk blue line by Gusta. And then got ahead of the puck is the puck came across off sides called goods Vancouver. Faceoff come to center ice now one oh nine left in the third. A little quiet here right now here in the United Center. Vancouver. Boy, blacks were just doing an excellent job. And then all of a sudden, the sloppy high sticking call against Brendan Laney. That's not gonna make Jeremy calls. Happy. Goaltender on the bench. The extra attacker was the six on four power play goal for the Vancouver Canucks. Slaps the puck down the right boards into the hawk zone. Seabrook lost it in behind the net. Yourself came out tried to wrap it around lost the possession of the puck to deal with the other way for the hawk line down the right wing kajillions Bengal turned wide by March was fucking blacks tates right corners, the Seabrook right point with forty five seconds on the clock to Keith West Point back over to Seabrook back over to key threat points right away to. Off the glass. Puck gathered in by Sutter move it up the right side Virtanen gave it away to Keith. Wet point visit down behind the net marks out the plan to the near board. Sutter's gotta dare and he'll pull out the eight iron and flip into the hawk line. Grabbed by Keith quick pass up the left wing to cruder Endo Tanakh zone. He snapped one in on goal from the left wing boards and marched him down to stop it with the stick and the globe and hold it there. Whistle-stopping play got Connor Murphy and Jake Virtanen about to get face to face talk things over but the linesmen separate those based off saying that zone in the circle to marks joins. Right. Three three to four. Get one opportunity here if you can win a off eighteen point four on the clock. The Blackhawks Mr A solid effort here all night long. And then disheartening to give up that one. The pace was good. All seater all game long a little bit of a hiccup at the beginning of the second period, but solid throughout the speed of the game is sponsored by Comcast business beyond fast Strom out there. Patrick Kane lineup raped behind them. Stroll ones that are on a Kuku points drop passed a came to the point where the drive over the next twelve seconds left in regulation Murphy in the right corner. Put it behind the net. Dylan Strom, set it out. The white Kuku was six till the right circle. Cain with four back across the bridge over it's thick and horrible sound ending regulation. So each team is going to get at least one point out of this hawks were hoping to climb back to within a point of the Canucks here tonight. But could not seal the deal in regulation. They're going to have to try and do it in overtime. They can tie the Vancouver can actually or I shouldn't say that that'd be a couple points behind if they win this one. But boy, you look at all the games tonight. A lot of overtime a lot of three point games tonight. Colorado loses. But they pick up a point kings are on the bottom of the pile in the Western Conference. They win in a shootout Ottawa beats Anaheim who were just on a free fall. Saint Louis wins Tampa Bay it overtime Nashville in overtime against Dallas Dallas and Nashville pickup points Edmonton before two one win over the Minnesota wild in Minnesota after Minnesota found out that miekel Koivu their captain out for the remainder of the year with the torn ACL. So lots of interesting things happening around the NHL, a huge slate of games and for the Blackhawks they need this extra point. They need a quick nugget Berliners LA took down the Philadelphia Flyers tonight. Four two one losing their that winning streak that they had was a healthy scratch for that. Kind of kind of curious around this time of year. Wonder? Gotta do what you gotta do. Older veteran player. Ever know they played a lot of games out in the road trip. Maybe it's just a back to back in a veteran players a breather. Doesn't happen. Very often to a warrior like beyond. Who was part of the rivalry back in the day was the Calgary. Flames. Thank Hoover in overtime five and three the Blackhawks six and eight. Gustafsen came out on the ice for the Vancouver Canucks for ten and Bullhorn fat antennas. Here we go to the best. Faceoff men in the NHL to take this strong. Morvan has more face off wins than anybody in the NHL coming into this game. Taken more face off any player in the NHL as well. Hawks get control pain charging into the hawk zone down the left wing carries. The puck behind the net around and in front of the net. Here came left circle. Couldn't get a clear shot away. He could not get a shot away. He was bothered from behind by Horvat. Then corvette knocked the puck free for cannons. Got it behind the hawk net. Tannin escape. The left wing. Here's Virtanen with room through center ice over the hawk line. Two on one for Canham of intrigue. Pat. Breaking away with page two on one. Wayside. Right wing circle. You'll carry the puck down in behind the hawk net around to the left, circle, here's Gusta. So now, he'll carry it. Back out the center, ice and control the puck as the hawks will change their personnel. Now quick pass by Gusta send Strom over line the debrincat, let point here's debrincat walking the blue line to the Saudi ops through pull the puck out the center ice and have another look David Keith into the Cox zone. The left circle thrown lookout March from passes it up ice. Patterson Pederson the hawk line for the win. Patterson with the puck in the right wing corner. Hawk zone Bennett across to the left circle for Besser. His office thick pastor got it back to Patterson who lost the puck near circle bouncing pass up the right lane to keep at center ice. Did it break it over the hawk line left circle. Defended back to Blackhawk players crisscrossed in front of a bench that nearly was a too many men on the ice situation Saad with the puck down behind the hawk net. Moves out passing the cancer center, ice, Kane wine right lane quotes, it in front facade diving was made by Saturday knocked the puck away. Justice will have to go back and get it in the hawk zone. Real eight weapon overtime. Todd inside the hawk line Striffler the puck by leave. Oh and that Saad stripped it right back Saad along the left boards hawk in passing across the rink Kane over the hawk line down the right wing drop pass on top of the right circle. Donald carry it in behind the Tanakh neck around the left corner gave it to Kane at the left point Cain walking the blue line through the turns reverse directions gave it there to Gusta sons Assad Augusta sin right point put it down the boards picked up by LeBron here. Come the Canucks three on one. Wet by lebeau over the hawk line down the left wing tried to put it in. Inoculate. Doc line down the left wing us in the trailer came to the left circle. That was blocked in front by sonner, then Hutton to the puck off into the need side. Here's cake rolling down the slot shoots. Blocker save made by Marcham and the puck deflects up into the protective netting. To sixteen left in overtime of a three three game face off fan zone in the circle of auctions. Right. Some pretty good chances. Saved by Delia breakway by Pederson Vancouver Canucks that that's who you want heading down in the breakway marched from a real smart play with lady was going to cover it up on that sharp angle shot kept it alive through it. The pederson. He went in all the way down the ice on a breakaway. Saved by Delia. And a couple of other big saves vying marks from pay picks the puck back from the connects Besser in the left wing circle K strips away the left wing boards. Thrones got it. You'll carry back through the high slot. Milnes Strom out the right point he'll retreat to center ice with the puck maintained possession. Strom back to the hawk blue line still handling the puck hawk zone passes on the left wing caves over the hawk line down the left wing corner. Reverses directions carries back through the high slot. Here's a burst of speed of the race. 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