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"pedder angelo" Discussed on 31 Thoughts: The Podcast

"The trauma of leaves have acquired defenseman Jake Muhsin from the Los Angeles Kings in exchange for forward, Carl French drum the rights to Sean dursey who is a recent traffic answering us first round pick in the twenty nineteen NHL draft Faysal Kameda taken away six months. I'm sorry. This is really the key is ability to play the pop end of our defense that plane all obviously growing up, you know, everyone is released fan and those included who know kind of funny how life works and here we are coming back home to play for the team going up kind of. Probably that, you know, as well Ricard Grahn bring this week national coach will be aboard here in a couple of moments looking forward to talking to him about a number of things the differences between key players in North America and Sweden and the chances of him showing up behind the bench in the National Hockey League and other issues that revolve around but are not exclusive to Swedish hockey players. So stay tuned for Ricard Grundberg here on the podcast and a couple of moments. Meantime, Jake Muhsin is now ex of the Los Angeles Kings. He's now a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs on that blue line with one more year on his ticket at four million dollars a copy to which Elliott Friedman says blank, I said, I think it's a good trade for them. I mean, they're in it to win it right now. And they didn't take anything off of their roster. You know, I think one of the reasons that they did not go with some other possibilities including the likes of Brett, patchy and Alex. Her Angelo is that it was going to cost them pieces off their current roster. I don't know what the talks with Carolina turned out to be or not be. But it was going to involve a player either, captain or Yonsin or something like that. I have heard and I do believe that the talks was Saint Louis for Pedder. Angelo involve William knee Lander which Toronto did not want to do. So that was something they were not willing to consider as we saw they could do Muhsin without taking off their current roster. And I think Muslim was a guy that they are interested in even though he's a left hand shot. And what I've heard is. They were Muslin's most diligent and aggressive pursuer. I believe Montreal been there. He was in the patch ready deal. The aboard the L, and I think that's Tampa was there. But when it really mattered who was the team that was aggressive. It was Toronto. And he was the guy they targeted. Let's say there must have been other teams. You mentioned Montreal you mentioned Tampa's while you do wonder about a team like the boss. Bruins. How much of this is the maple leaves got Muhsin and someone else that may police may face in the playoffs. Didn't I think there's something to that? But again, the only other teams I really heard were Tampa Montreal. I'm sure there were others. I can't say for sure that they were there may believes done. I think they'll look for a right hand D. But now it's dollar in dollar out. Now, you can look at sites like cap friendlier puck pedia, and you can say, okay, they've still got a boat, you know, some cap room about four million cap room. But what you don't want is Mitch modern Austin Matthews bonuses to go into next year. You know, the fact that monitored and go to the all star game eliminated one of those bonuses. But I think your budgeting I was told for about three point seven five million. So you've got to keep that doesn't happen. So it's dollar in dollar out for the Maple Leafs. Now who does this help the most on that blue line? Some would make the point that this helps Riley Frederik Anderson someone made the point that it helps Travis Thurman. Because it moves Ron Haines you down to a lesser role probably paired with him. Yeah. Probably I think that's all true..

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