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"pavon durant" Discussed on Get Up!

"And we are back on. Get up shaping up to be just a remarkable morning. We are alive as always from the district in new york city Which is brought to you by chase. I'm green that's grazziano. We've got louis riddick. Dan orlovsky standing by. We've got pj carlesimo. And seth greenberg standing by because we got football to get to a few minutes but it begins with genuinely one of the greatest performances in the history of the nba season. Let's get right to the game of the night game. Five nets bucks. James harden make his return guiding it out but struggling that held scoreless in the first act over six from the floor. Two turnovers most shots he's ever had without scoring and postseason happened is korea and the nets. Were down sixteen halftime. But hold everything. Kevin durant happened in the second half midway through the third east heated up. Kevin durant efficiency was his middle name last night taking straw and you can't stop it ensuing possession. He needed someone with them and last night that someone was jeff green seven. Three's on eight tries twenty seven points. The nets are in under forty. Seconds to go in the third. And that's nine again. The six point game going four hundred nine minutes ago nets down by just to the rant using the screen pavon durant gives the next league for the first time since it was two nothing. What a game just over five minutes to go in the fourth next lead one during great role by about twenty to go box down to janas at the free throw line but an adventure. That's been through this entire series bopping. No good he would make the second. It's a one point game under a minute to go still a one point game during headaches huge night but this was by far. The biggest shock shot clock winding down two seconds. One second elevator and not down the three in the face of chris middleton the nets a four point lead thirty seconds ago. That's up by two last chance. Janas middleton turn it over and that's all she wrote nets pulled onto win kevin. The rain forty nine points. Seventeen rebounds ten assists played all forty eight minutes. What a night..

chris middleton Dan orlovsky seth greenberg kevin two seconds one point six point new york James harden ten assists nine Janas middleton Kevin durant Three One second second fourth sixteen twenty seven points first time