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"paula regicide" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

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"paula regicide" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"To review film here to show off their highlights but the defensive coordinator thirty happy we got two defensive touchdowns one by each team. Interception return for a touchdown earlier in the second quarter by Anthony Roberson four Palmer ridge. And then Andy Smith at fifty five yard fumble recovery. Took it to the house. Both teams now have one turnover. We talked about Palmer ridge coming into tonight's game. They had to take care of the ball. Ty. Evans eight interceptions entering tonight's contest. And he just basically had ripped right from his arms. That is a strip now strip sack because Evans was downfield running. But certainly a strip that von Miller would be proud of. As Smith just ripped it out of the arms of Evans and ran it back for a touchdown. So now, what are they marking off something? Apparently there was a penalty marriage. Yeah. So now homesteads going to get a kick it from the Palmer ridge forty five if he doesn't get it out of the back of the end zone, then might be a little bit of trouble here. This one is I think if you're if you're Pueblo south, you just try to do a little pooch puck, maybe let it hit the grass somewhere nights the free ball. Otherwise, he's got forty five yards. A kick it into the end zone. And there will do exactly that almost an onside kick. It is recovered though, it was caught in the air by Paul marriage. So not great execution, but Palmer ridge able to recover it. So they'll take over first and ten we didn't see any penalty called had to have been something that happened after the play was over to tack on so much so many yards, right? Yeah. After the PAT I didn't see any laundry on the field Ryan. But there was something that push the kickoff return all the way, basically onto Paula regicide. Talking about like. Swayne? Yeah. Rich, Paul ridge. Now. Seventy five yards to hit pay dirt. So bears moving left to right. Ty. Evans will once again be in the shotgun. He has a running back on his left hip. Takes a snap hill handed to them and the runner doesn't get much around the left side as let's see ten colds players. There was one that was in the defensive backfield the quarterback to state over on his field. The rest of the colts defenseless on that play. So four and a half minutes to go in the second quarter were back tied up at fourteen a pick six by Anthony Roberson in a strip and a TD for Andy Smith has this thing tied back up again on second down to be a hand off. And again Rafe rule without any room to run you'll get around the right side and gets up to the twenty five so bring up a manageable third down. But a third down. Nonetheless. Rules.

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