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Inside The Women Of Troy

Around the Rim

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Inside The Women Of Troy

"Welcome inside a special edition of around the rim. One that tells the story of the nineteen eighty three and eighty four championship teams for the USC Trojans. Their women's basketball program was a trailblazer in. Its own way where they had almost a super team of some of the biggest names in college. Basketball Cheryl Miller Cynthia Cooper panic. Paula McGee What Dynasty. They were what a talented team so fun to watch. I'm your host. Let's China Robinson. Join as always by my fantastic and fabulous producer to Riga foster bradsby. Then we are going to take you inside with some of the biggest names in biggest contributors to the success of that team and people that can tell the story the best. That's right the China so to help us tell that story. We've enlisted. Six people knew this team the best head coach. Linda Sharp assistant coach. Fred Williams team captain Juliet Robinson Point Guard Rhonda Wyndham forward. Pamela MCGEE AND GUARD CYNTHIA COOPER DYKE. So throughout this podcast. You're going to hear them. Discuss their relationships together coming together as a team learning how to play with each other learning each other on the prime that they have in USC and what it meant to be a Trojan and what it was like as far as the landscape of women's basketball at that time the rivalries. I'm you're going to get to know more about the players in from their teammates themselves. And you'll hear clips from Geno Auriemma Reggie Miller. Doris Burke teasha Chiro the nineteen eighty-four Olympics Paula. Mcgee and the cause from the championship games of nineteen eighty three and one thousand nine hundred eighty four. Let's all get a history lesson from the inside of what was so special about USC. Women's basketball in the women of Louisiana Tech University and the University of Southern California trojans outlet more southern California at forward six three junior from Flint Michigan number eleven all over more southern California at Bulwer from Riverside California number thirty one zero southern California Singer. Six three junior from Flint Michigan over thirty southern California had guard a by rescued from New York City. We're southern yard five nine zero number or no

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