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"I'm calling Lindstrom is Bradley trainer ended up. Paulie there I am here. Paula Guerra Grimes from pulse. It's not just within theaters. It's also what you can watch at home this, he's a streamer. Yes, I am so Paul. Let's kick it off with the thing that I'm the most excited about story. Theaters this weekend. And if you're thinking, okay, the Toy Story, three ended so perfectly why are they making a four? Trust me when I tell you that you have to run out and go see Toy Story for all the expectations and frankly beats them if you're thinking, I don't know if this is going to be any good. Okay. So I have not had that thought so grateful for that. But tell us what to expect. Are we were meeting new characters right? Yes. So if you remember at the end of the third wide, Andy gives us toys over this girl named Bonnie. And Bonnie is now in kindergarten inner orientation class. She makes toy a plastic fork named a forty out of the trash, and then she loves for key so much, that she takes on this road trip with all the other toys. And then when forty gets separated up to Woody, who decides to go rescue him and reunite him with Bonnie AC, what I love about this is the door of every parent of a kindergartner knows exactly what this is like when your kid. Brings home the trash project. They love so much, and you literally are like we cannot lose this trash project because if we lose it's like taking one of their limbs, but it's literally trash plan a paper plate Turkey. Okay. Now we're gonna protect the stem thing, and that's exactly what it is. Because Barney finds these this material in the trash, that's a spark and pipe cleaners and popsicle, sticks that she'd pieces together into this toy and how the kind of describe before and he's voiced by Tony HALE from veep, and arrested development's. If you like, Tony HALE, you'll definitely does. And then you have Jonah Reeves joining the cast and Keegan Michael key, Jordan Peele are also in all these new cast members just live up to what you love about who they are, and their personas so much. And of course, Tom Hanks back as Woody Tim Allen anti pots the whole rest of the gang all here, too. I love it. And it sounds to me or at least from from what I've read it leaves it open. Open for maybe the potential of more sequels. I, I don't know. Well, I mean, sure it's at least some of the, the new character new line of toys for children rows their money and the whole deal land at DisneyWorld. I mean it's like they had the one of the funnest games that I ever most fun games I've ever played in my life or rides rather was at Disneyland. An it's the Toy Story one where you're shooting things. So it's like a real live game in. You're in it super being you're with the person you have car is what's so great about this movie. It's so fun. And they really add so much comedy to it. I think it's a finest of the Toys R movies, like there's no bit or seeing that they don't try to add more comedy. And it's add venturous and it provides us like closure that you didn't think you needed by the and you're like that was so sweet so darling, I know why they made this movie now and reminds everyone why Tom Hanks? What he is. So vital to this movie, why? I mean it's one of the best DeVos over performances of all time him as Woody over these four movies, and what he means with this character means to Andy Bonnie, everyone else has been in the audience, watching these is just incredible. I will also say, I mean at least at my house like the Toy Story movies, have really grown up with my, my kids and my Ali, who's twelve he still he still has that he's still young enough that he has that sort of attachment in this style about those toys that he had me, and I mean, literally, the Woody toy the buzzing your, he still has that attachment nostalgia to it. So it's it is sort of, beautiful to see now this other this next movie come out, and he wants to see it, it's, so it's so for people who have kids, the age of my children. I know that this is very exciting. It is. And I think even us off, as that may be saw the moving. He's the first one when we were kids to see the kind of progression on this transition has now kit from teens who doll and Oregon, your kids. We can appreciate these movies in such different lines as all there. And I just I don't know it meant more to me than I think I thought it would going into it. Who will they be too old for the original don't have kids? You know you would love it. I wish you would see it. I wish you would want. There's a lot of there's a lot of adult humor in this. I don't mean raunchy but I mean they really laugh. All right. I'll cut there's little things that, you know, will pick up on that wheel. That's Kalev Pixar. See what you did there s I just love the imagination that behind these films. Okay. So what how many tickets? four and five they really go all out on this like the closure the the peace results okay so we've got about to talk about us the home release yes this is my favorite movie of the year so far it is i'm blue ray d._v._d. on demand e._s._o. if you didn't see it in theaters it's the latest masterpiece from jordan p._r. again jordan peele double feature today and he wrote director produces a and it's about this family that goes this beach house for the summer and what happens when they are the victims of a home invasion and those are there d'appel gainers at the end of their driveway trying to break lou pizza ngongo winston duke elizabeth moss and tim heidegger are also i it looks so creepy and i cannot wait to see them so glad i can watch it in the comfort of mine how christ five out of five tickets there levin layers go with you Thank you so much grise rabbit holes drifted. Lewis, check out his YouTube channel check out the website. He's multimedia. But we come back on the Colleen and Bradley show. We've got some dumb people. Doing dumb things we call them crazy stupid idiots after this on my talk one zero seven one. mytalk one seven one everything was you just make ten louder and make ten be the top number and make that alone these eleven entertainment.

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