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"paul yetter" Discussed on NEWS 88.7

"Council could approve the plan in the next couple weeks, and the changes would go into effect on July 1st. I'm generalized in Houston. The Houston Independent School District is expecting more than $800 Million in federal aid for pandemic relief. The governor announced that the governor announced yesterday that the state will release more than $11 billion to public schools across Texas. Texas congressman, Democrat Lloyd Doggett says this is good news for schools, but it is belated. This should have been done four months ago. I think that the governor yielded to the reality that he could not get away with taking all these monies for non educational purposes when we clearly intended them for education purposes, Doggett says the Texas Education Agency still has to work out exactly how the funds will get to district like H I s deep. Meanwhile, the proposed Texas law to penalize people who participate in a riot is advancing in the state legislature. Lucio Vasquez says the bill's definition of a riot has slightly changed, as previously reported by Houston. Public media the bill to find a riot as a gathering of at least seven people that created an immediate danger of damage to property or people, obstructed law enforcement or deprived any person of illegal right. After critics called the description deceptively vague. The wording was slightly altered. It now says that a riot is not an assembly of those exercising their First Amendment rights unless the group or takes in certain actions outlined in the Bills. Previous description Influencia Vazquez reporting and a federal judge may order Texas to turn over emails related to the state foster care system, Court appointed monitors learned Last month, a child placement agency was sending kids to an unlicensed facility, which has a history of Violations. The monitors were later denied access to e mails between two state agencies in the governor's office on the matter. Paul Yetter is the lead attorney for foster Children in a years long class action suit against Texas. He says the state should have told the court appointed monitors that kids were at an unlicensed facility. It's very disappointing, frankly shocking that the state Not given the court and the monitors notice of this much earlier. The state argues it has a right to withhold the emails. Well, we apparently don't have the right to a sunny day this week. It's going to be rainy again. 75 degrees on the U. H campus right now I'm at Harrop News, 88 7..

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