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This Is The Zodiac Speaking...

"This is the zodiac speaking. I like killing people because it is so fun. It's more fun. Them killing wild game in the forest because man is the most dangerous animal to kill something as the most thrilling even better than getting iraq's off with the girl the best part of it. So when i die will be reborn in paradise and all that i have killed. Become my sleeves. I will not give you my name because try to slow down or stop by collecting of slaves from afterlife a strange than in the internet. Uncovering anything with thinking is weird. Strange controversial or makes you think i'm gonna be host. Alex joins always with chad and ryan. Today's episode we're taking you back to the bay area in the late nineteen sixties as we break down the infamous odia killer and just before we get into everything we just wanted to remind you once again to head over to that strange dot net to finally everything including oliver social media different places. You can listen to us and you can find links to our facebook group. That we started called that strange We really hope you guys join us there. It's a lot of fun and we hope to see around and can't wait to connect with you guys more. We did our hoodie. drop in. That was awesome to all you guys that ordered hope you like them and thank you so much because it supports our show and we got t shirts. they're little cheaper same high quality but less expensive. Let me be clear. So you can find all that information on our facebook or if you just go straight to that strange dot net. We'll have links to the preorder form that you can fill out or can just like messages. Serve whatever you want to do. On december twentieth nineteen sixty. Eight betty lou johnson and david faraday had planned on going to a christmas concert at hogan. High school just three blocks from the jetsons house. The couple instead visited a local restaurant before driving to lake. Herman road in benicia california faraday parked his mother's rambler in a gravel. Turn out which was well known as a lovers lane. The teens were both supposed to be home by eleven that night however they would really never make it home from that lovers lane alive so shortly after eleven pm on that. Same nights della burgess. I hope i'm saying that right. A nearby neighbor discovered the couple's bodies in the well known lovers lane. I'm just gonna say it burgess. I think it's boards borghese. No i think. I'm just going to go with boards color. Stella be cell abi good old stella be walking. Her dog finds dead bodies. Okay so that sounds like a great idea for a cartoon so the solano county sheriff's department investigated the murders faraday was shot once in the head at point blank range in died within minutes. Jensen was shot. Five times in the back and killed killed instantly. The weapon used in the murder was twenty two caliber semiautomatic pistol. The ammunition was winchester western. Super copper coated long rifle. Put a pin in that for later. So according to the police report the victims were approached by the suspect while they were still in faraday as mother's station wagon shots were fired into the vehicle in an apparent effort to force them out of the rambler fair day was shot as he emerged from the vehicle while johnson was shot as she fled. Her body was found twenty feet. Twenty eight feet from the rambler. Now this part. I don't know man. I have daughters but this part really really got to. This was jensen's first date. She was allowed out on and obviously the crime shocked to the family and the communities and neither family could really come up with an explanation of why somebody wanted to kill these two teenagers so i don't alex i know you have yet. That's pretty. I mean i know you have the hotter and that's like that's like the most horrifying thing you can think of like you you probably you know. It's probably been months that she's asking you to go out on a date and you're like no. Yeah it's just brutal. The investigation into the crime developed no leads. No one would know it at the time but this was the beginning of a vicious murderer who would torment the bay area and surrounding communities while no one was aware at the time the murders of faraday and jensen would be the first to widely at be attributed to the zodiac a serial killer who would torment northern california with his vicious murders and love for taunting the police and the media the zodiac killer. Would go on to become one of the most infamous serial killers in the united states history but the murders of faraday. Jensen were only the beginning just before midnight on july fourth nineteen. Sixty-nine darlene fair and michael maggio drove into the blues. Blue rock springs park in vallejo only four miles from the murder site at lake. Herman road while the couple sat in fairness car a second vehicle drove into the parking lot parked alongside them. The second vehicle almost immediately pulled back out of the park turning just ten minutes later the same vehicle parked behind the couple. The driver of the second car exited and proceeded to walk up to the passenger's side of fairness car carrying a flashlight and a nine millimeter. Luger killer shine the light into the victims. I before shooting at them five times. So i wanna stop quickly as we're talking about this. You guys have both seen the zodiac movie. Yup guy just literally. I'm one hundred percent mean serious. I literally finished two minutes before us. Yeah yeah so. This is the first murder that sean in the movie. And and it's the first one. And i think that's for a reason and i don't know if you were going to say this or not so i apologize but I think it's because it's the only one we really know about because one of them survives which is crazy right. Yeah i think that has a big big part in it because the other one i think he claims later on that he did it. The first one that we talked about. But that's really that's really it. you know. As far as the evidence goes it's just heat. Now he does call out specifics on the case that only the police and him would have known so i think that pretty much ties it together. I was curious to why they didn't show the first one in the movie. I don't know if the if you nailed it there. That's why. But that's what i think and the only reason i think that and i think that if you if you remember some through lines in the movie because i like it's all fresh on my brain so i think that they probably went with this one because this is also not to spoil anything for anybody. But we're probably going to split some things that happened in the movie anyway because it's all based on a real story but part the became out like thirteen years ago. If you haven't seen it by now. I think spoilers are good right exactly and if you haven't seen it by now you're probably not going to see it. So that's okay but a lot of what they used to tie. Arthur leigh allen to it later in the movie has to do with the fact that darlene knew him which is a through line in the movie that that's like where the evidence points in it also happens to be the first murder they show. I feel like that's part of that. Probably has a good good assessment there for sure. I think that it's as i was like going researching all this stuff. I think they did a really good job with the movie you know. There's there's little things here near that that are not true. It's a great movie even like little things like when the car parks behind them the first time in real life he actually parked right next to him. This is a little stuff like that. Which which to me. I always wondered. Why do that movies. Like i get that like creative. Freedom is a thing but when you're doing a real case you think you would get like little stuff like that right. Just my opinion. Both victims were hit and several bullets passed through michael and into darlene. The killer then walked away from the car but after hearing the male victims still moaning he returned and shot both victims twice before driving away at twelve. Forty am on july fifth. A man called the vallejo police department to report and claim responsibility for the attack. The caller also took credit for the murders of jensen and faraday over six months. Earlier police were able to trace a phone call to a booth at a nearby gas station phone booth at a nearby gas station. Darlene was pronounced dead at the hospital. However michael survive the attack. Despite being shot in the face neck and chest michael describes his attacker as a twenty six to thirty year old hundred and ninety five pound to two hundred pound five foot eight inches tall white male with light brown curly hair. So what do you think ryan. I think that this is what it's worth pointing out that his his claim to the the earlier murders In this particular instance the claim to those heat all he said in the call was basically. Oh yeah and. I killed those two up by lake up by the the lake earlier last year. And it's like okay. Well we know what you're referring to but also it was widely reported you know and so while we while. We're pretty sure that he did that. Because it's the same exact m o. I've always personally wondered if he was because in all reality and we'll get to it. There's a lot of things. He claims that. I mean almost immediately. Were taken away as even possibilities that he could have done so like the thing. I've always wondered about this is was that his inspiration for doing this one and he actually didn't do it. I've always wondered that. Yeah that's not. That's not a good at bat assessment. I think that when we get a little further end and i'll read out his first letter. It's not in our outline here. But i'll pull it up. He does pull out some specifics on that that first case in one of them spoiler alert is the thing i put a pin in earlier. He calls out the exact name of the brand of ammunition. I don't think that was reported in the news so normally stuff like that's not reported in the news right right sure. No that's very true. And i mean even if it was i think the thing that has always stuck in my brain is that we've talked about this before where like there. There's like the psychology of wia killer. Does what they do and how they do it. And the thing that's always of stuck with me is out of all of these. I'm pretty sure out of all of these. Correct me. If i'm wrong because i might. I might be forgetting something. All of the lovers lane. Murders the ones where he killed two people at one time or tried to kill teepee at one time the first murder that he says he did faraday jensen for for both of those people that he tried to that he tried to kill he actually he actually did kill him but for all the rest of them one of them was left alive which it just seems odd that he would be successful in the first the first time which is his first time you know apparently and that's usually the one where they screw up the most and then he screws up in every subsequent one excluding stein which you know it's just it just seemed weird to me right yeah i think i think you're right with that but at the same time it's it's not for lack of trying you know what i mean he. He tried to murder these people. It's not like he screwed up. Royally that i i mean we said earlier that michael was shot in the face neck and chest so i think very true. I think the the the weird thing about it is that it always released with the two people that survive. It's the males so it's almost like he. He gets so focused on killing the women. Maybe that's very true. Yeah focus on killing the women that he just kinda you know forgets about killing the other person there so i i don't know if that's maybe a A thing to call him out like his. Emo style is that he's got some sort of vendetta against women or if it's just you guys think that are just going to say. Do you guys think that there's a possibility. Also that it wasn't a lack of or or an site or something like that that he actually wanted someone to be alive on purpose because he wanted somebody to tell about his because because he's he's psychotic. I mean you. There's tons of things that i'm sure we'll get into a later about different things. He requested and things that he really You know he thought of himself extremely highly and he thought that he was extremely intelligent and all this stuff and they he could get away with it and obviously you. Don't he kind of debt you know he did and But part of that. I'm wondering was was it so that way somebody could could say this is. This is the guy this is what he looked like. That's what that way it would be. You know people would want to catch him more and the game would be more challenging for him at that point almost like like leaving someone to tell the story right like that. That does accents. Yeah i get that. I think that you're onto something there but man did he. He really did try to kill the kill. The guys i mean he. He used a lot of force and it just it. It seems like maybe that's part of it and then also part of it is just that he did focus too much on the women. I think it was probably both. I think you're right though. Yeah i think. I think you're right to alex. I think that out of every serial killer. This one seems to have the most need for attention. Would you guys agree with that. Out of every everyone that we know so far. He's he's the only one that really put himself out there to get caught in and it's kind of shocking that he put himself so much out there that he didn't get caught and i think that that plays into your hand where you say that he wants somebody to tell the story. He wants somebody to remember his face because it is a game to him. He wants to outsmart the police and he wants to make them look like idiots. So you got you got you know a guy saying exactly what i look like and you still can't catch me. I think you're right on that. That's a that's a good assessment. I think the only other killer that had like a similar ethos and the way that he approached things was probably timothy mcveigh but obviously a totally different approach right. Yep yep but bomber kinda to true. Yes absolutely on august first of nineteen. Sixty-nine three letters were received by the vallejo times. Herald the san francisco chronicle and the san francisco examiner. The letters took credit for the shooting at lake. Herman road and blue rock springs. Each of the letters included a third of the four hundred eight symbol cryptogram which the killer later claimed would actually reveal his identity. The killer made the demand that they be printed on the front page or he would continue his vicious crimes. The chronicle would go on to publish. Its third of the cipher on page four in the next day's edition in an article printed alongside the code. It had a quote from the vallejo police chief and he proceeded to say that he was not satisfied enough to say that the letter was written by the killer requested a second letter with more facts to prove his claims. So let's read the first letter and the letters are almost identical. That were sent to all three of the news things. I'm going to just pick the first one here. Which is the san francisco. Chronicle one it says dear editor. This is the murder of the two teenagers last christmas at lake. Herman in the girl on the on the fourth of july near the golf course in vallejo to prove i killed them. I shall state some facts. Which only i in the police now christmas now. I do want to point out here both times that he spells christmas. He spells it. Christ mass with two ss at the end i put a pin in that are later nat for later for sure so christmas brand name of anna ammo is super x so you can remove that pin that we put in there earlier because he calls out the ama- ten shots were fired. The boy was on his back with his feet to the car. The girl was on her right side. Feet to the west fourth july girl was wearing at patterns slacks. The boy was shot in the knee. Brand name of ammo was a western. So that is the cipher that was sent to earn decipher. I'm sorry i apologize. The letter that was set along with a third of the cipher. Each of the three different news stations. So like ryan said earlier. This is the outside of the phone call. He reported the second murderer. This is now. He's calling out that first murder we talked about again and he's being a little bit more specific. So what do you guys think about that. I'm wondering and i'm trying. I was trying to find it. But i'm wondering if that was ever actually published or if that is definitely something where he only he and the police were the. I looked man i could not. I mean we're talking about. We're talking about articles that were printed in this in in the late sixties. From what i could tell it was printed so you can take that for what it is. Maybe it was at some point in like a local newspaper local magazine or anything at the time it could have been printed and he pulled it off there but then also the things that he said were just. I mean they were. They were extremely specific. And you're not gonna. You're not going to say that somebody was facing this certain direction and in these certain things were were a part of it. When you know you're not going to because the families still mourning and things like that like it's it would be inappropriate to really paint that picture in that way. i think. yeah. I think you're right there. I think he does call out some very specific aspects of the crime. most importantly maybe the ammo is printed. And you can. You can almost say that the number of shots might have been printed to it might have said so and so got shot three times and so got shot you know. Whatever but the the direction that they're laying. I don't know that that would have ever been printed in in any any paper. I don't know what the reason would be behind them doing that. You know what i mean. Why why would you print are. Why would you share by. Ammo is used because then if somebody wants to commit a murder. They're going to be like. Oh i'm gonna use this exact am ammo and they're going to think think it was. This guys have now the other thing that kind of strikes me about this and it didn't. It didn't actually occur to me until this exact moment. This is the exact type of language. Wording that they would use in a police report. I wonder if he had the police report to like even if he did whether he did or not. I wonder if he wrote it from the police report. Because this is like this is how police talk. This is how they not things like her feet. Were facing to the west. Like that is just kind of a weird. You're randomly no. Yeah that's a good point for sure. I didn't even think about that. Yeah yeah it's very interesting and and maybe back then it people were a little bit better with the stuff. But i wouldn't be able to tell what direction the person i know. He was just facing. You know what. I mean. No way and and i feel like and i don't know maybe this is just me but the zodiac has always struck me as an unorganized killer. Like like he had a he had a thing he had a thing he wanted to do. But it always felt like his killings were were a little bit manic to a certain extent like he planned it to a point but then after that it just all went out the window and it just it strikes me as something that he wouldn't have taken the time to notice. We're taking the time to pull out a compass and find out the direction that he was pointing the people. It doesn't seem like something he would have known. Yeah yeah it's it's definitely bizarre but the police report thing. That's pretty interesting. So but how would he get a hold of. the police. report is the question. That's that's the thing. Vallejo is a very very very small town right like they cover this in the movie. I've read about it a little bit since. Then it's it's not so much but it's within the realm of possibility that you know. He could frankly he could've walked in and seen it on a table like there is some there are some people that think that that think that he like the whoever the zodiac killer was or or is or whoever. There are some people that think that you know he was. He was a person who was always in trouble with the law. Which is why. Some of the letters stopped for periods of time. And and all that. So what if he was the what if he was actually arrested for something and he saw the report sitting on a desk. It wasn't a big yeah. I don't know it's just that's a good possible. Yeah yeah definitely. Vallejo is small. And i think i have. I have a. We'll we'll get we'll get to later. Let's move on here. We'll get to theories. I'm moving on so on august fourth. Another letter was received by the san francisco. Examiner with the salutation dear editor. This is the zodiac. Speaking and this is actually the first time that he uses that to identify himself the later. The letter proceeded to divulge information on the murderers that had not been released to the public confirming the killer's identity. The killer also taunted that if they crack the cipher they would have his identity. Now i'm not going to read this whole this whole second letter here because it's kinda long i'll just take some snippets from it so it says this is the zodiac speaking in answer to your asking for more details about the good times i had in vallejo i shall be happy to supply even more material by the way. Are the police having a good time with the code. If not tell them to cheer up when they crack it they will have me do so. He goes on to to say july fourth. I did not open the car door. The windows were rolled down already. The boy was originally sitting in the front seat. When i began firing when i fired the first shot at his head. He leapt backwards at the same time. Thus spoiling my aim he ended up in the back seat. Then on the floor in the back thrashing out very violently with his legs. That that's how. I shot him in the knee and he said that earlier in the first letter that he was shot in the which again could something that was reported. But this is now now that we're reading this. You guys change your mind. A little bit on the the the identity of the writer was he talking about the second murder or the the first one second. Okay so yeah. I always thought that this was definitely definitely him. I've always thought that of of all of the murders. I think that this one and will get to the other one that i think Which i kind of already mentioned but we'll get there. I think this one in one other one are like one hundred percent. There's no way it could be anybody but this guy who was writing these letters kind of thing so i definitely think this one's him for sure i agree with ryan. I mean this whole time. I thought that these letters. I mean i almost think it would be more difficult for a copycat to try to keep up with this code and i think that's one of the reasons why he did. It is obviously like like we said before a game to him but also this code is his and that gives him this certain Sense of like this is mine. And that's why he's so whether he did some of these are not that's why he's claiming all these other murders as well as because he feels like well they might as to him. He's thinking they're not going to catch me anyway. So why don't i just up. My you know up my credibility you know with all these other claims as well. And and i think that for the most part the ones that he's claiming in these letters i think that he did. Yeah let me Let me break down so for that. July fourth murder that we were just talking about he goes on to say the description of the man that called out the color of his vehicle which was a a witness that stated that his vehicle was brown and i would assume that the police knew that he nailed the description of the identity. Which is that for me. I think we're all in the same boat that he definitely did. The july fourth thing. i think. Definitely thing ryan's a little off on the christmas one. Here's here's what he has to say about the christmas one in that episode spelled incorrectly. The police were wondering how. I could shoot and hit victims in the dark. They did not openly state this but implied this by saying it was well lit. It was a well lit night. And i could see silhouettes on the horizon. Bullshit that separated by hills and trees. What i did do was tape. A small pencil flashlight to the barrel of my gun. If you notice the center of the beam of light if you aim it at the wall or a ceiling you will see a black dark spot at the center of the circle of the light about three to six inches across when tape to a gun. Barrel the bullet will strike exactly at the center of the black dot in the light. All i had to do was spray them as if they were as if it was a water hose. There was no need to use the gun sights. I was not happy to see that. I did not get coverage on the front page so there we go for the christmas one. He's being i again a little bit more specific however not as specific as the first one. Would you guys agree. I would definitely agree. Because there's no way to to directly. Say that this actually is how he did it or that. You know the like him saying that he taped a pencil flashlight. Which also spelled pencil incorrectly. This guy is funny. Yeah there's no way to prove that right right. The thing the thing about the zodiac letters is he is an absolutely horrible speller and i. It's actually kinda funny. And i think that might make the solving of the the the second cipher a little bit. More difficult or any cipher. Difficult if you if you're not spelling correctly right very true yes actually. I had never thought about that before. But the fact that he is such a bad speller. like you've gotta assume that he had typos or misspellings somewhere. And i wonder if that's why they couldn't because they didn't crack some of them right like they never got a few of them. Am i right about that. Yes so there's can you guys hear me. Yes yes so. There is two ciphers. The way they identify am is four zero eight which is the four hundred eight symbol cryptogram. That we're talking about right now with these letters came and then the second one is the one that's not. They can't crack and they've had they've had like cia. Nsa big people trying to crack the sing but we'll get to that a little bit later my theory on that the next day donald did you guys even realize that i like just had a catastrophic failure internet. No not at all. Okay at a stroke failure. Hey what was your tracks stole recording. Yeah okay. we're good okay. Good that's good and so the next day and we're we're going back to this first cipher here. That came with the letters to the to the papers the next day. Donald and bette harden of salinas. Is it selena's yes. California cracked the four hundred. Eight symbol cipher. It contained what we said a misspelled message in which the killer references the novel the most dangerous game and this is actually what you heard at the beginning of this episode this this Solve ciphers the exact same thing that we heard at the beginning even though zodiac promised cracking the cipher would reveal his identity. It did not. And that's not an i mean that's not in right no like no way. There's no way he would give up his identity like that like he's he's trying to toy with them like he's not going to be like my name's john like rice thought no come on. He wouldn't have done that. I wouldn't have believed it if i were them. Receiving the letters in the first place that it would actually be in there. It doesn't make sense. And i don't know that they did believe it to be honest because i don't know that anybody could really believe it. But maybe at the time in the sixties. I don't know maybe but i think that looking back on it. Now there's like no way that he was going to put his name in that letter in that cipher rather while the killer of two previous unsolved murders had finally revealed himself. His identity remained a mystery with the solve and not revealing any details into the identity. The police were once again at a standstill. A nervous bay area waited for the next. Correspondents or for the next gruesome murder. However they wouldn't need to wait. Long on september twenty seventh of one thousand nine hundred sixty nine pacific union. College students bryan hartnell. And cecelia shepard were part. Were picnicking at lake. Barry esa on a small island a white man around five eleven weighing more than one hundred seventy pounds with combed. Greasy brown hair approached them wearing a blade. Black executioner style hood clip on sunglasses over the eyeholes. The man was also wearing a bib. Like article of clothing with a white three by three inch circle and cross symbol. He approached the couple with the gun which hartnell believed was a forty five caliber as a little bit of a spoiler alert for the how this one pans out. Yeah just a bit. that's okay. The hooded man said he was an escaped con convict from jail with a quote. Two word name and either colorado or montana. And i don't believe that. I don't believe that. Brian could remember which is understandable for what you see is coming here that he wouldn't remember what this guy said but he's this guy said that he killed a guard and stole a car to escape. He then said that he needed their car and money to escape to mexico because his car was quote too hot which makes sense you know if he stole it right from a prisoner. I get that i think this think the story. He kind of builds. Here's i mean you won't once you see like we didn't mention it earlier but on those on the letters that were sent the same logo that we're talking about was on it that he's got on his front the cross and circle which pretty much a lot of people signed circle around it right. It looks like a crosshairs like it. Looks like if you're playing like a school shooter game. That's kind of what you see when you go into the into the actual shooting mode exactly definitely which makes sense like a gun logo. The suspect had pre cut lines of clothesline. So like what you would have close onto dry. And he told shepherd to shepherd to tie up hartnell before he tied her up. The killer then checked the tightness of the binds that heart now had an on heart now actually tightened them while the couple believed that. This event was a bizarre robbery. Those thoughts were quickly changed by what what happened next. I don't know that this this murderer shown in the movie. Also and i don't know what it is but i have a hard time watching the scene man. I said the same dude. I skipped it watching i. I mean i don't know if it's the. It's just very vivid in very detailed and it's just horrifying to think that this actually happened to somebody to me. It's the killing of the girl. That does it for me like everything before that. I'm like i'm totally fine. But like she's screaming looking directly into the camera and it's just a knife heading her and she's like and agony. It's really brutal. I it's terrifying. I like i watched horror movies all the time with like crazy things happening. There's virtually no blood in the scene. I have to skip it. It's weird right right so he's got them tied up. He's tightened them down. The suspect draws a foot long knife and stabs. Both victims repeatedly heart now suffered six stab wounds while shepherd suffered ten in the attack. The suspect then hiked five hundred yards to the victims vehicle and drew a cross and circle. Symbol on heart nells car door and underneath it he wrote. I'm gonna read this line by line hair. Vallejo twelve twenty sixty eight which is the first one that we talked about seven four sixty nine july fourth one obviously september twenty seventh sixty nine six thirty by knife in. That is the one that we're talking about right now. I'll have. I'm gonna share something on the blog post. That has pictures of this vehicle and what was written on it as well as all of the zodiac letters that he sent. Because we're not going to go over all of them because there's there's a lot but they're definitely keep an eye on the artwork. If you're a podcast player supports it. And i will have those in. There are at least go so again. The suspect would report the crime to local authorities before claiming responsibility for them. The victims were found by a man and his son who were on a fishing who were fishing at a nearby cove. Shepherd was unconscious upon their arrival but slipped into a coma and died at the hospital. Two days later hartnell. The mail survived the attack and was able to provide description to the police in the press. Detectives would also locate a boot print at the scene of the crime that was a military style boot leading some to believe that zodiac had military experience now. The boot that was found at the crime scene was like d- do you probably know a little bit more about it ryan. It's like designed to walk on the wing of planes or something like that and it right only purchase at somewhere where you need a military. Id to make purchases. I remember reading. An and i guess. I i might be wrong about this because i don i remember reading that you could also buy them at military surplus stores yet. What when you think about it. Anything really that the military has for the most part. You can find somewhere right so even back then. I don't think that this is and i think this kind of to a point might hurt this investigation a little bit that the police are now focusing so much on a military person and i and this happens a lot by the way i was just going to say that it's crazy. How often this happens. It's like they get like one piece of evidence and they start chasing like crazy and it takes down like a secondary road and the actual answer is like further up the road. They were already on and they have no idea that they're going down this really weird road and But this just keeps happening. And i think this is one of the early Examples of it. Definitely yeah. I think that you gotta think that if you're doing something like this especially with zodiac who seems to be very into the details if you will that. This is something that i that he would use to throw them off the trail and it seems like a no brainer to me. Like i'm going to wear military boots tonight that you can only buy allegedly or whatever it was i feel like it just throws the entire investigation into a loop. Because i don't personally after after writing this and i don't think you guys are at the end. I don't think this was a military guy. What do you think ryan do you have. Do you have any. I'm in one hundred percent agreement with you on that one. I don't think so at all. I think this guy was either a troubled child that you know became a criminal. But i think that this person is a career criminal in at least in my opinion and some of that. I think i kind of alluded to earlier but like there are breaks in activity with zodiac over time and a lot of those breaks in activity at least with at least one or two of the suspects actually line up with them to having prison sentence which would make sense given the fact that there were no letters received by any the newspapers. Any of the people that he was tormenting didn't get anything like that. That seems to say a lot for me. I just feel like this guy was just a career criminal honestly. Two weeks following the attack at lake mary. Esa a white male entered a cab driven by paul stein in san francisco. The passenger requested to be taken to presidio heights however on arrival for unknown reasons the taxi driver drove one block past the original quested intersection. The passenger then shot stein once in the head with a nine millimeter took signs wallet and car. Keys and a section of stein's bloodstained shirt. The suspect is witnessed by three teenagers. Then called the police so two blocks from the crime scene Patrol officers. Dan falc and eric zooms responding to the calls of the crime in progress witnessed a white man walking along the sidewalk near the crime scene. But because of the initial police dispatch mistakenly pending. The suspect is a black male. They actually ignored the man which turned out to be a mistake. I believe anyway Search following the discovery of crime yielded no results and the officers description of the man is nearly identical to all the witnesses only varying slightly in age and they also talked about like a like a like a limber like like he almost lumbered along kind of thing Which which was another part of this. While the stein murder was initially believed to be a robbery gone wrong. That theory was squashed two days later. The san francisco chronicle actually received a new letter from the zodiac containing a piece of the bloody shirt that was taken the night of the crime and claiming responsibility. Witnesses were questioned and from this crime. The police sketch was developed. The case was given to detectives bill. Armstrong dave tashi the same cisco department estimated a total of nearly twenty five hundred suspects that were investigated over a couple of years. Now this is a crazy crazy story and this is kind of said this earlier but the murder of paul stein. Here is one of the ones that i think like. You can't say he didn't do in. It's because of these pieces of the of his pajama shirt. Basically that this guy was wearing while he was driving a cab late at night. What do you guys think. I think it's i think it's you're right. You know one hundred percent. He did this but if you look at it doesn't fit his. Mo at all whatsoever no not along the other the other attacks couples in secluded areas. It's like totally bizarre that this happened. But i think it's but i have a theory on this and i. Do you have a theory too that you want that. You're going to go ahead okay So i do have a theory here now. The movie posits this. And then i. I kinda did some digging a few ago after watching this movie because i've been obsessed with this story for a very long time it. The killing actually happened really close to the same timeframe that a radio show was talking about the zodiac and making all of these claims about what kind of person he must be and and how he's a monster and all this stuff and the movie kind of says this. And i think i kind of agree with the idea but basically they're driving along. This radio station is playing. All the speculative stuff about him and then all of a sudden he shoots the guy and i'm wondering if it was. I'm angry. all these people are getting it wrong. I'm going to show them. Just what i'm capable of and i'm going to show them show them that. I'm not stuck to the same m o that i've been doing for for a while now and i'm going to kill this guy right here and now i don't think he planned it. I think he got in the cab to go somewhere. And i think he decided in that cab ride that he was going to kill this man. I gotta be honest with you. That might be the best assessment of this. That i've ever heard i think that's the annual and i never heard that i mean that's that's perfect breakdown of it. What do you think alex. I- i- hundred percent agree and honestly it's something that i've thought about. You know hearing different stories of serial killers like that. It's like if one of the major criteria is analyzing their mo. Why wouldn't you change it every single time or at least pretty often right yeah. It's just that when you look at the case without digging into it it's like a total curve ball right because it doesn't but but but it breaking it down like that that's probably an as a great assessment. I gotta be honest. So i appreciate that. I thought i. I thought i was on. Its tastic so contained in that letter with stein's shirt was a threat that would startle the community and keep them on edge zodiac threatened to shoot out the tires of a school bus and quote. Pick off the kiddies as they come bouncing out so this is this is another thing that probably absolutely horrified this community. Right because they're in the grips of the serial killer so correct me. If i'm wrong did they didn't they hold off on printing the we're gonna. I'm gonna pick off the kiddies as they come bouncing out part for a little while before they actually. Yes yeah they did. That was probably a smart decision. Because i think you you're you're one hundred percent right like this. Would this would just rock the community to like to their core. I mean can you imagine being asked like to keep that quiet while having kids getting on an office grace right. I don't know that i could honestly like. I think i'd call my kid off from school every day until they called me to ask on. And i'd have i mean i'd have like an overwhelming amount of guilt about that but i mean you have to do what you. Yeah but you would have. You would have overwhelming even more overwhelming guilt. If you sent your kid on the bus in this happened you know what i mean so yeah i would have no guilt none whatsoever room keeping up from school. The community of san francisco crippled by the most recent zodiac threat. The killer continued his antics. He contacted the oakland police department requested. That one of two prominent lawyers at the time. F lee bailey or melvin. Belli appear on. Am san francisco while bailey was unable to appear on the local talk. Show alvin bell. I actually did. The host of the show pleaded with the public to keep the lines open in hopes that the zodiac would call eventually someone referring to himself as the and sam called in and a meet up between the suspect and bell was arranged however the caller never showed so on november ninth zodiac mailed a card with another cryptogram consisting of three hundred and forty characters. This cipher has never been decoded although many have claimed to have cracked it. None of them have been able to to be actually taken us definitive. The zodiac then began communicating with marvin bell. I in a letter that included another piece of stine's bloody shirt zodiac could ask for belli's help in this letter which turned which he actually then turned over to detectives. While many other murders have been speculated to involve zodiac the only murders have been definitively tied to him are the ones we have mentioned so far. Yeah so we kinda hinted at that earlier. And i for the sake completion est i will share the other murders on the blog. Post i personally after reading into them. Do not believe that they were doc. I don't know if you guys read into any of the other murders. I have an only because this case really does just completely fascinate. Me and i would agree with you. A lot of them and there are a few like there's one where he actually claims that he shot cop in a parked police car. And i mean like that was literally reported in the news like days before he wrote the letter was received and then like a day after he sent the letter someone was already in custody and had an had literally said that they like there's multiples of these where he claimed something that he definitely didn't do which just points out like how much he was to your point earlier. Actually just trying to to play up the media. I mean let's be honest. This man was a brilliant marketer. Oh yeah for sure. I mean even some of even some of his letters he. He requested that the citizens of san francisco where pins zodiac pins and it would make him. I love that by the way. I think it's great. It's awesome and i thought when i when i saw that in the movie i thought it was like hollywood stuff but it's actually true in the letter. It actually a couple of the letters. He says that you know you request that they wear penzone says he's upset that he doesn't see anybody zodiac pens like like my favorite is that he specifies he's like nothing mean or angry. I forget the wording. But he's like nothing rude or mean or now. But i just want someone walking around with my with my symbol or something like it's so funny like eared thing to ask for her so we kind of broke. You is trying to build a brand. I mean i think hildebrand beyond maybe he did have his own clothes. You go there you go. So we kind of breezed. Over the the melvin. Belli thing and it. We kind of mentioned it at the beginning of this episode. And i don't know if we were recording at the time that we mentioned it's gonna mention it again. That video of bel. I on the news talking with somebody on the on. The phone was actually tied to a psych patient that called in that was in a psych hospital so it was not zodiac. Unfortunately because it makes for at least the scene in the movie school you know it's like the scream and everything but oh yeah oh dude it's terrorism. I mean can you imagine sitting there watching it with like kids right right like that shock. Yeah so unfortunately that was not zodiac. That ended up being somebody different. But i think it was. It's an important part of the story. I think because it kind of shows that a lot of people were piggybacking off what zodiac what zodiac is. Doing they had you know. Hundreds of suspects confessing to them and getting the details. Completely wrong on the crimes. So he's he's really got this community half of them and fear and half of them trying to take his his glory from them. Maybe not half. That might be a little bit of an overestimate. But i think that doesn't matter what i think. Let's move on call so just to kind of move onto another story that that seems to have been tied back to the zodiac kathleen. John's of san bernardino was actually traveling on the night of march. Twenty second nineteen seventy to visit her mother. John's was seven months pregnant and had a ten month old daughter beside her as she traveled along highway. One thirty two near modesto modesto. A car began honking and flashing the lights behind her. She pulled off on the side of the road and actually stopped the man in the car parked behind her approached her and informed her that her rear wheel was wobbling and offered to tighten the lug nuts following assisting her. The man drove off and john scott back onto the highway however the tire almost immediately came off the vehicle. The man came back around and offered to drive her in her daughter to a nearby gas station. John's entered the man's vehicle for assistance. And for the next ninety minutes he would drive back and forth on the back roads passing multiple stations. But he did not stop when she confronted him on not stopping he would change the subject. The suspect eventually stopped at an intersection. At which time. Johns took the opportunity to escape with her young daughter. The suspect preceded search for her with a flashlight stating that he wouldn't hurt her but he eventually gave up and drove away. During johnson's statement to the police. She noticed that the police composite sketch of paul stine's killer and identified him as the man who abducted her and her child while many accounts report that the suspect threatened her during the ride. This is disputed with the police report. Yeah and in another part. That's disputed is him searching for her with the flashlight. I couldn't really find it a definitive answer if he actually did that so Take that for what it's worth. I don't know that he did or didn't get out of the car and look for the flashlight. But this is actually what alex was talking about earlier. Right this is yeah. Yeah this scene in the movie Whether it's actually how it played out or not was this. Is the scene that i had hard time watching like the whole time. I was thinking to myself. Because you see the people pull up. And she's freaking out on the side of the road she's bloody and and and what you assume then because in the car The the guy he actually says and because because another thing we didn't really talk about exactly. I don't think Oh yeah ten month old daughter. Okay and he says. I'm going to throw your child at the window before i kill you. Kill you and kill you. And then it's then it proceeds to the scene to cycle my. Gosh what whereas her kid and then you know and then luckily you know you see that that that she hid hit the child and you hear the crying. It makes it a lot better but before that you know. I'm thinking to myself. Oh my gosh. She's looking for her kid on right right. Yeah yeah. that's that's a good. That's a good assessment. That but i think from everything that i could find that threatening stuff was actually hollywood and her police report. He'd she doesn't mention that she was threatened by him. She just felt very uneasy with this guy. Driving her around passing the gas stations. That that's why she actually got out of the car when he stopped at that intersection. So yeah But yeah that's it's startling. Scene in that movie for sure. In a letter received in october of nineteen seventy by chronicle reporter paul avery the similarities between zodiacs activities and the unsolved nineteen sixty six murder of sherri joe bates in riverside more than four hundred miles. South of san francisco revealed while similarities. Are there riverside police and paul. Avery maintained that the murder was not committed by zodiac now. This is the one that i kind of mentioned a little bit earlier. That i didn't wanna start with this. For at least part of the investigation was considered to possibly be perpetrated by zodiac. But i think the evidence shows that it's not zodiac. I do you feel that same way ryan. I would say so. I mean it. It feels like you know like i said earlier. He's just kind of taking credit for anything he can take credit for and And i have a fury on that by the way. But i feel like he's just taking credit for whatever he can because he wants to stay in light and he's become a. I think that's right. I'd have to agree with that as well. So while in correspondent sent by zodiac claimed thirty seven murders. Investigators seem to agree that only seven confirmed victims two of which survived and the final confirmed zodiac letter was received on january twenty nine th nineteen seventy four and included the final score and i. I didn't really mention this earlier. He's kind of keeping score on some of these letters so the final score for him in this is worth thirty. Seven comes from as me equals thirty seven. Sf pd equals zero. So it's like a game to the sky man. It startling that that say he's keeping score. That's like horrifying right. Yeah i mean it's it's just like you said it's it's all a game to him and and it's It's just fine. I mean he's said before he's a psychopath. Most i shouldn't say most but there are serial killers that are just completely insane. You know a lot of them are are you know smart in a they. Have that charisma to be able to attract people in order to kill them but for him. He's just coming out of the night. And he's a psychopath. Mean that. And i think that's part of why he never gets caught is Psychopaths don't follow a set pattern. Sociopaths are typically the ones who set a follow a set pattern and the reality is that there. Aren't that many psychopath killers like confirmed psychopathic killers. But the ones that have been confirmed to be psychopaths or at least think that they're confirmed to be. Psychopaths are the ones who haven't been caught. Which is because they don't follow a pattern they don't they don't have an emo. They don't do things the same way each time. So it's hard to track them right. So dave gi. I think that's how you say it. Right dave totski. It's other tashi or gator. Can't with toss ski. Was the chief inspector on the zodiac case. He also inspired movies. The movies bullet in dirty harry for his unique personal style and look out. I'll share a picture of him. And maybe ryan will put one here. He's got a very unique dress style and he's just a he's just cool dude i think but he was actually under investigation for potentially writing one of zodiac letters that was sent but he was and this is super unfortunate and he was exonerated of this thank goodness but ruined is the history ruined his career whether he was exonerated because he was i think it it screwed him out of the chief position i think for the department because of all this was going on so it is very unfortunate but and the real of that is they mentioned this in the movie too but i think i think it's called mentioned here because he he did not write a letter to the right one of the zodiac letters. He actually wrote a letter to someone who was writing like stories and comics based on what he did in the police force. He wrote a letter an anonymous letter asking for those stories to be put back into the newspaper. He was basically writing like a fan letter to himself. And that's why the speculation happened. Which is like unfortunate like. He just wanted to see the about himself right. He's looking for attention that's what he was doing. But at the time when you see a guy publicly looking for attention. And i can see where they made the ties. I think that was at least part of them. Checking the handwriting for this guy too right. Yeah he had to submit handrail exams. It's an unfortunate thing that happened to the poor guy. And i like we saturdays exonerated so he definitely did not rate one of these. So we're going to briefly burris over some suspects here. And i'm going to let ryan do arthur. Leigh allen is it. Because i think that he is the one who gets okay. I'm fine with that All right so Spoiler alert also had in whatever you want. Add in here because i tried a little brief on the suspects. So that's fine. I just say. I do think that maybe after we talk about this a lot of people will will maybe agree with me on some of this that he's he's might disagree with that so we go and we'll get there so if you guys have not seen the movie we've talked about a whole bunch robert gray. Smith is kind of the central character. He's a cartoonist. For the san francisco chronicle during the zodiac time he became kind of obsessed with this case. I worked with paul avery at the at that newspaper. Now part of his story is told in the film but gray. Smith also wrote a book that advanced. Arthur leigh allen as a potential suspect on circumstantial evidence. Now the circumstantial evidence that we're talking about here is pretty crazy and Is pretty hard to say is not him. But it was all circumstantial. We'll get to that. And second so allen had been interviewed by the police from the early days of the zodiac investigation was the subject of search warrants over a twenty year period. And grace moretz book. He describes allen as the most likely of the suspects according to police detectives however in twenty ten tashi states that the evidence against alan ultimately turned out to be negative allen had been reported in the vicinity of lake barry esa during the attack allen again came under police attention in nineteen seventy one when his friend. Donald cheney reported to manhattan beach california police that allen had spoken of his desire to kill people use. The name zodiac insecure a flashlight to a firearm for visibility at night allen also wore zodiac watch had the same type of had the typewriter as the one discovered to be used in the sherry joe bates cased live near vallejo only minutes from one of the zodiac victims which was in which we mentioned earlier in two thousand two sf pd developed. Ask whatever you wanna add into. This evidence is so now just to kind of go a little bit more into what don cheney mentioned here just to be specific. This is the kind of this. Is the stuff that don cheney said that. Allen told him so he told him that he would like to kill couples randomly. He taught the police with letters detailing crimes he would sign the letters with the cross cross circle symbol from his watch. He wanted to one day call himself zodiac. He said to his friend at that time he would wear makeup to change his appearance. He would attach flashlights to the barrel of his gun. In order to shoot at night he would full women into stopping their cars in rural areas by claiming. They had problems with their tires. Then loosen their lug nuts and eventually take them captive He was born on december eighteenth around the same time. The zodiac told attorney. Mar melvin belli's housekeeper. Over the phone. That it was his birthday and he needed to kill someone. Allen lived vallejo near blue rock springs lake. Herman road murderers like. There's there's a lot there's actually a bunch and i might even include a link to to this article. That goes over a lot. I think i know the article. You're talking about you. I'll put it in the blog. Post where you guys can read down all that stuff. It'd be good to look at. There's a lot here and the the reality is that after even after all of this. With all of the circumstantial evidence this is. This is of the thing that happened. So in two thousand and two san francisco. Pd developed a partial dna profile from saliva on stamps and envelopes of zodiac letters. The sf pd compared the partial to both allen and don cheney since neither test results indicated a match allen and cheney were excluded as the contributors of the dna. But my thing on this my one thing on this is it is entirely possible that he did not because he planned this whole thing. He knew what was going to happen. He knew how he was going to toy with people. I don't believe that he would have. He would have personally licked though stance. Yeah probably had a dog only there you go or or just i think they can tell the difference between dog. Dna and human dna and other animals. I believe if they can't to then why are we even using right if they can't right. Yeah i i think that's a fair assessment to make to me. This is like the put the pen in this guy thing. And i don't believe it's him. I think that did it. What did you say no. It's totally this guy. You think it's him hundred. Rebellious you way tie and a one. Yeah it's totally are three al. I think i think that the movie in the book. Lean very heavily into the sky. And i think that is where a lot of the stuff comes from but the dna man. I mean that's like. I mean outside of having somebody to lick his stamps. Which seems odd which is possible. But again is circumstantial right. We don't know that there's no way to prove that he had somebody else. Lick that stamp and that sucks for that guy if they ever find him or girl right. Like oh yeah. True totally got lick stamps. For arthur leigh allen. Back in the day that's true now but also think about it this way too because back in those days like Post offices were smaller people. New people like it's it is possible that he walked in there and said oh. I forgot to put a stamp on that. Could you throw a stamp on there. And they they may have just done it our as possible. That's very yeah. That's on very good. Very good assessment. I mean the guy wore gloves. He wore gloves. He knew what he was doing like he planned this all so actually the witnesses at the pulse stein murder seeing the kids said that he was they witnessed him wiping the vehicle down for fingerprints and stuff to see a right. He did very much plan this out and he knew what he was doing hundred percent so i dunno you. Take it for what it's worth. I think the reason that i have him on here. I is because i think he's the most likely suspect. I think it's a no brainer. That he's the most likely out of the other ones that we're gonna talk about. And this is the same kind of thing as the db cooper thing. It's been so long now that everything is going to be circumstantial outside of them finding a match for the dna or something else. That's a little more substantial. So the reason i put him on here i but a lot i mean. There's there's a documentary documentary series. That leans on three or four other different suspects. So have you guys just put all. Why don't we just put the rest of this list on the did you say yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. I'll put that. I can put the rest of that on the blog posts. Because i think if being honest some of these are like no like even ted kaczynski. The unabomber was considered as a suspect for for zodiac. Which when you look at some of the stuff is like okay. I mean got kind of the same handwriting. And kinda the same. Look but i mean i don't know man the the one that i was talking about in last week's episode where i said the guy thought that it was his step or his dad. Did you guys remember me talking about that. yes i do. So the name of the book that was published as the most dangerous animal of all in which he claims his search for his biological father. Van earl van best junior led him to conclude that van best was the zodiac killer and then twenty twenty. The book was adapted to an fx documentary series again throughout the entire documentary brings up very very good points very good stuff but at the end it kind of unravels. So i'm not gonna i'm gonna. I don't wanna spoil that for anybody. Who wants to watch it. I think it's worth a watch or just gonna put a pin in that one. We'll put a pin in that one and the other one. I wanted to briefly. Talk about was raw sullivan ross. Sutherland was a person of interest through the possible link to the zodiac killer in cheri jo bates and riverside which again were not sure that zodiac committed. And i think it's pretty fair to assess that he didn't commit that. Crime but sullivan was a librarian at a ra- library assistant at riverside city college and was suspected by colleagues. Who said that he that he went missing for several days after the murder of sherri joe bates sullivan. If you look up. His pictures resembles the sketches of the zodiac. He wore military style boots. Same as the ones found at the lair lake. Barry us a crime scene and he was also hospitalized multiple times for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. This is another documentary that i watched last night. It's actually on amazon. It's pretty good. It's called the hunt for the zodiac killer. And they lean into this guy pretty pretty pretty heavy and it's actually pretty interesting. It's like a retired. Lapd detective and like a retired. Fbi profiler maybe. It's really good. If you if you guys get a chance to watch it. The the next part that we're going to briefly talk about comes from that documentary. So i'll you the rest of these. Like alex said i'll share the rest of the suspects if you guys want to read them on the blog post so make sure you head over to that. Strange dot net check out the rest of these suspects. prepare error. The san francisco police department marked the case inactive in april of two thousand and four however reopened it in march of two thousand and seven this case as everybody knows remains on open and no one has ever been charged with the murders so z. Three forty was the cipher. That was never solved k. It was the second cipher. We z eight and z. Three forty in the finale of the documentary series the hunt for the zodiac killer. Which is the one. I was talking about on amazon. A code team feature is featured attempting to solve the three forty cipher. Craig bauer one of these members seemingly solved half of the cipher that zodiac assured what contain his identity. And i'm going to read this. And then i'm gonna tell you my opinion on it here it is. I kill both night and day. I live by the gun. Barrel aim so quick wishing for game to be over pigs. Now there's like six other ways that this goes after this and i'm not going to put it in here because i don't think either of them alright and i don't think this is right. Did you know this ryan i had. I remember what. I watched this or watch. Something like this Or at least watch part the part where they talk about this cipher and and you know that they had maybe figured it out but you know at the end of the day i think you have to also look at the previous writings and if you look at the previous ciphers the ones that were solved and definitively like this is actually what they say. This isn't like the way he wrote. Ciphers no no not at all. It doesn't sound like him at all. Not even a little bit like i could believe it coming from someone else. Maybe but it doesn't make any sense coming from the zodiac. As we him and his letters were anything but inconsistent like they were very consistent. I'll give you a give you my breakdown of this second cipher. Real quick so that they seemingly solved half the cipher. Craig says that the second half was just gibberish by the way that he solved the first half so he doesn't know if they he changed the cipher. Halfway through yada yada yada. There is a name at the end. But it's a weird spelling for richard nixon. So he's again toying with them. If that's the actual name maya cessnas. This is not right. And there's no right way to solve the cipher. We're talking about a psychopath here. We're talking about somebody that wants to toy with the the police and everybody i think he just wrote down random symbols to keep them busy and i think that's why the first cipher took a day to solve in this one. It's you know what thirtysomething forty something years later and it's still not solved so i don't think i think the cipher is fake. I don't think there's think it's ever going to be solved definitively. Because i don't think there's a way to solve it if if it's fake. How did they get anything at all. Then well the way that craig did. This breakdown is he says that in in in the cipher. There's a bunch of different symbols and letters here used the letters that were actually tied to the letter in the cipher. so if it was a k. He used k if it was an l. he used l. so he says that's why he thinks it went so long without being broken. Because nobody's gonna try and break a cipher and look behind the k. To find a k. Right right so. I don't know man i i almost didn't want to include this because i just don't believe it but i think it's at least it seems like it's picking up traction zodiac community so that it was worth mentioning but i just think it's and i think that with like ciphers like this there. There are so many ways that you could kind of twist this and make it something that something that you want it to be and i mean for me again like i said there. The zodiac letters were anything but inconsistent. Like i said and it would be strange to me that he would send a cipher that changed code halfway through so that would be a red flag me right away. The wording doesn't seem right. So that would be a red flag to me that i that i probably got my assumption about what he's using here wrong also. Can we talk just for like a list of moments that a married couple. Figure this out when the fbi the cia. Everybody was looking at it. Originally that's the first cipher there. They they actually. We just didn't mentioned earlier. And i just think it's yet we met. We talked about it. Also you got to think about the fact that you know there are a ton of people in the world that can still had these skills but they probably have a lot more time in their hands that it would. I honestly think that it is important that other people look at these things that other people try to play around with it because you know who knows there there could be somebody that could put two and two together that the fbi is just too busy they just got so much other stuff going on exactly and not enough hands. And that's that's what m- kinda muddied up these san francisco police investigation into it is. They had other murders to investigate a lot of other. Might san francisco. It's a big city. They had a lot of other murders to solve not saying that the police didn't care about solving this one which they clearly did but once it gets past that like i forty eight hours that they say it it becomes very difficult to solve these murders and they have fresh murders that are coming in fresh fans that need them to help. And you know that you know. I don't know what i'm trying to say. But it's that's what kind of hurt this investigation. Along with. A couple of of of other things in the cipher. Being one of them so all right. Let's take our final breakdown of what we think on the zodiac starting with alex honestly after hearing kind of the breakdown of arthur leigh allen and all that well i'll say a couple of things i definitely think that he was purposefully. Changing his mo. In order to throw people off. I think that he was possibly changing the code or even just like you said throwing in random symbols from time to time to throw people off. I think that like i said before. This was all a game to him because he is. He's a psychopath. And i think that tying arthur leigh allen to it just based solely on the details given here and in other sources that you said I mean i think it's a good possibility. I think there are a lot of things that tie him. In and Just without doing a Other other research of my own looking at this in it looks pretty plausible to me anyway but definitely an interesting case for sure ryan. Well i kinda. I kind of said what i what i think Earlier and it stands true. I think. Arthur leigh allen having given all of this information to donald cheney back when he did which was proceeding. I don't think. I don't think i was very clear on this earlier but it was proceeding all of the events that was proceeding all the murders. When this when these conversations took place and there were other things revealed that may or may not be factual. But you know things about his writing and his penchant for misspelling and thinking it was funny and stuff like that but the the bottom line is that so many of the things that he talked about doing or actually did like top shooting out a school. Bus tire talking about Tricking women into into pulling over and telling them their wheel was wobbly. And then loosening the lug nuts. These were things that he did which is kind of crazy to actually consider that you know he. This man literally said. I'm gonna do all these things. And then he did them and we're still thinking about it that he couldn't that he might not have been the one who actually ended up doing the things he said he was going to do. Like literally a bullet list of things. He was going to do that he did. And it just seems like. He's the most plausible based on the fact that you know. All all of the in all of the circumstantial evidence what he said he was going to do the zodiac. Watch everything about him the fact that he did walk with a little bit of a a limp. Apparently according to eyewitnesses. You know that actually met arthur. Leigh allen interviewed him. There's just so much to it. And apparently he was in jail during parts during parts of time where there were no zodiac letters received. He was actually serving time in prison during those times. There's just so many things that point to him. I think that it's hard to ignore. I can go both ways on this. I think that. Arthur leigh allen is a good suspect. Part of me thinks that he did it. The dna hurts that theory a little bit to me. I think outside of arthur lee alan. There's a lot of other suspects that look good in this case. I think that there is no way that this guy at least in my brain. There's no way that this guy stopped killing so he either died or got arrested for something else or continued killing and nothing has been linked to him. But that's not very plausible. Because i think he's going to call that stuff out. So i don't know if it's arthur leigh allen. I don't know who it is really. I think that psychopaths don't stop doing what they're doing. And they're not like you. And i alex and i get on kicks all the time and we're onto something else the next day right so so so for a killer to do that. I don't think it's really in the cards but it could be. It could be this guy moved on with his life. Stop killing how to family and died and didn't want to say anything about confessing to it because now he's got a family doesn't want his family knowing that he was a serial killer back in the day. There's just so many ways you can go with this case. I'm i i don't see enough to pin and on anybody which obviously the police in fbi and everybody else don't see anything to put it on anybody. So that's where i land on this zodiac but this is definitely one of my favorite episodes that we don. I love this case. I think we were all really excited about doing this. One so Really thank you guys for for listening if you guys have your own opinions and share who you think did it. You can hit us up on facebook at that strange. Podcast instagram twitter. And i would love to hear what you guys think for seventy or even in our blog our instagram and facebook or instagram and twitter are underscore that strange and then obviously our blog. Is that strange dot net. You can directly comment on the blog if you want or messages are to. We have some really cool stuff coming up in the near future here We got the podcast summit and deepen united You can check them out on facebook as well or just. Google search indie pods united. And then you can get all the information there. We have the event on that bright. You can get all kinds of great stuff It's going to be a really great Convention with podcasts artists. gravitate speakers and workshops as well too If you're a podcast or yourself get yourself in the game and And really learn a lot so And fantastic graphical design stuff being done by our very own alex. Thank you ryan thank you and yes. He's he is he is right is definitely about that. So we are still looking for sponsors. If you'd like to sponsor our show you can also contact us at Contact at that. Strange dot net or just hit us up on facebook like i said Pretty pretty. Well stay active on that. So thank you guys again for listening to this week's episode on zodiac and also make sure you check out our group on facebook. It's called that strange and we're building a great community of people there who just love discussing all things strange and unexplained. So you will see you next time as always. I'm alex i'm chad i'm ryan and we are that strange

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How to inspire confidence in the events industry   USA & Global TSHS  0027

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How to inspire confidence in the events industry USA & Global TSHS 0027

"You are listening to these social hotel. Show paul that inspires hoteliers to create meaningful memorable experiences for their customers in pursuit of their passion we share our views and experiences relating to hospitality technological trends and also relating to humanity. Here is your host. Sam eric rusman. Welcome to hospitality insights. Miami's saint mary coachmen and today is gonna be promising to have a great show. We gonna meet some key industry leaders out of us. The about how the covid nineteen had affected the global meeting and convention and events business but more importantly also looking at the forward. How our my interviews. We'll see the future in the business. It's a it's a multibillion dollar business trillion globally and also in us representing a substantial part of the hospitality business global hospitality. Insights are providing a series of episodes about about the hot hot topics which are related to hospitality and travel and we are partnered with winning Which is online course for hospitality students in hotel years. Who want to brush up there. The knowledge also multi hotel and restaurant association mediterranean tourism foundation visit malta and minister of traditional. So well with without further ado. I guess this paul stine. And he's the global director for health briscoe. So welcome paul. How are you doing. Good from orlando. I hope you can hear me. I hear you loud and clear. So we'll again from orlando florida and we known each other for a number of years and we would love. Not bore bore the viewers of how long knowing each other about that. Probably can't see it from my my my hair that how long we known each other. That's correct yeah to our college taste so I agree it. Says it's been a great ride. And i'm really happy that we're still in the same industry and making making a difference so it's great to see you again. Thank you thank you so much paul. As you've been with the house briscoe for number of years. So could you share a give us go company overview and history for those viewers who like to learn more about briscoe. Yes thanks america. Happy to been with. Helms risk for eighteen years and our company overview of who we are is Roger helms develop the hotel site selection concept for helms briscoe in one thousand nine hundred ninety two The idea came about as a result of his days. Inn hotel cells and his desire to do more with the client relationships. He had established most importantly he wanted to be able to offer clients a broader set of products and options and have the ability to work with them regardless of where their meetings for taking place Briscoe is a company that takes the time to understand the needs of the customer. I represent those needs to the hotel community on their behalf. considered the global leader in in meetings procurement. We have fourteen hundred associates in fifty five countries so we are truly a global company. We had one point. Three six billion in room revenue booked in two thousand nineteen And that represented six point six million room nights in hotels in two thousand and nineteen which is a More than well. Let's see more than fifty thousand programs booked Last year which represented an overall Two billion dollars in gross meeting spend contributed annually. And we just marks with helms briscoe nineteen ninety-five. We opened our first canadian office. And then in the early two thousands. We have offices in the uk and france and in two thousand and nine. We opened up an office in the asia. Pacific region and hp is considered a founding member of the meetings mean business coalition in two thousand thirteen so our mission statement is to be the most highly respected trusted and sought after meeting resource firm in the world worldwide. We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our clients and travel partners by providing excellent value. An exceptional customer service so that serve rounds out What helps briscoe is in. The name comes from roger. Helms and bill briscoe the put their names together The almost thirty years ago now. And that's where that name comes from a very. I think the probably the most well known name in hotel sale circles worldwide. So that kind of routes it out okay. Thank you and you since you're working. Globally of what kind of world events do cover just to give some flavor of the magnitude and the calendar of events. Sure sure thank you for that question. Working globally I've got about a dozen clients. That i book i booked for globally One of them is in the luxury sports travel segment. I booked for them olympics. World cup super bowl masters Golf daytona five hundred. Just name a few. And i also have a client in the and the saltwater aquarium business and i the largest saltwater cram convention in the country i booked that for them on an annual basis Also deal with a client in comecon era which is Which is you know. Sort of a new thing in the past twenty years comecon they get quite big and And one of them. I've actually several clients in that area that i booked for Government meetings is another area of Out of washington dc. I have a government client The department of veterans affairs. I'm sure many of that and I books some of their meetings Attorney retreat so legal Legal client That does a couple of retreats every year and able to book their retreats Military reunions is another client That book for And media trade shows is another client Trade associations another one at annual meetings for amusement parks is another client society meetings for university professors. I also have a client in the education field and Construction companies annual meetings and care meetings. So that rounds out the top dozen. And i am working on other clients as well to bring on board so Keeps me pretty busy. I can see that. It was really a wide scope from arizona social events to sports events and an aquarium or lawyer etc so it's wide scope Now that was great in two thousand nineteen and then we had this pandemic. And how did your group meeting clients react to dependent pandemic. Can you just share your some some stories of what what you went through and what the clients have to go through because obviously some of the events could not take place in in the books. Yeah there was immediate reaction sam. They restrictions for group meetings. In twenty twenty meant immediate cancellations or potential moves to future date. So basically the mike clyde had to give up On holding the meeting that was scheduled and contacted and booked at the hotel and We had to immediately examine options to move Those the future days. I was very fortunate to be able to move. Eighty percent of my my client meetings to future dates others had to cancel outright which there was no recourse for so That is the was the immediate reaction and Fortunately through most of that at this point now if you're looking at the portion which were moved to another date can you just shared a rough idea of how much of the business had book which was then Okay canceled because pandemic now has been confirmed that you will have in the future dates. Yeah well the Like i said eighty percent of my clients have we're able to book for future dates okay and The but you know if if what i've learned about this This pandemic is that all clients want to read book and conduct their meetings When they thought it would be safe so the willingness is there so that's the good news is that we're able to move these meetings to future dates and all clients realized that. There's really no substitute for face-to-face meetings. Yeah you know this is. This is the key I think that the are are medium that were communicating on now is great for sort of a stopgap and keep the ball rolling but The ultimate goal is to get back to face to face meetings yeah And how about your business focused now looking into since the autumn is at the end of two thousand twenty. And you're probably looking at obviously looking at two thousand twenty one perhaps more into the future. What is your business. Focus looking forward now. Thanks thanks america. It's my immediate focus was to move the meetings to future dates to preserve the business volume So that was my immediate focus because basically not clients look to me for that service I helped them get to where they were. I need to get them to the next logical. Step Prospecting for new client meetings to source also has picked up from me so The it's It's quite busy time. actually you. You'd think that well with no meetings to to tackle the you know I'm not busy but that's not true. It's it's between moving and also prospecting for new clients it's I'm a busier than ever. I've ever been so. Yeah yeah now in terms of travel scheduled. What does your travel schedule. Look like in a not drilling at the past but when you looking now into two thousand twenty one where do you see yourself being attending for events or trade shows or client visits and so on international yeah. I was traveling about four to six times per year. You know over the years leading up to the pandemic and that obviously dropped off completely Matter of fact. I had a site inspection planned for march which was almost went forward. But then Was pulled at the last minute. And so there's been no busy travel for me for the remainder of this year but i I normally travel You know for sure. I hope that i. I haven't maybe two or three business travel trip scheduled for next year To and And you know for next year. So t industry trade shows And actually i already attended one trade show here in orlando Which was local. And i can tell you that The demand the pent up demand for For being in person is there and so. We're we're very close to turn the corner on this and hopefully by next year or early next year we will be there with the with the promise vaccine. Therapeutics that we've been hearing about so when you compared to the actual event that you attend the now. What both were the things all the procedures in place because we have this. I don't call it social distancing by physical distancing and making sure everybody feels safe and what we're seeing things that They had put in place to make sure that you can pull off a event Which you on face to face. Yeah so The main thing is that the requirements for mask wearing and signed edge are very clear so it's also When you're going to attend a meeting or go anywhere You know to bring your mask with you and So i think that the the industry's really been very up front and and clear about about You know giving Giving clear direction. So it's it the The scientists everywhere Everyone wants to know that the sentences are cleaned and safe and this is clear from the hotel rooms to the meeting spaces and also the sanitizers that you find everywhere so truly clearly. The industry has gotten the message and And it's a very safe environment and very Everyone can feel confident that the industry has stepped up to the current condition. You know very good now. I noticed i was taking up about some industrial which aw virtual Did you attend any of those virtual event. Which would have otherwise attended as a as a Maybe by your or and so on yes actually attended a recent Gps gps trade show a virtual trade show and i was pretty impressed I was actually able to meet with My my hotel partners Just as we are doing now and You know my computer but it was clear that That we were missing the face to face and that it was no substitute for the face to face but it it can be done And you know the It it just goes to show that there is a a meet in the middle but but we're all looking forward to the getting back to the face to face but for now if you look at So of the two thousand twenty one business which are on the books I mean you see that the this this Eagerness and the pent up demand to travel again is that people are ready to just wants to feel safe. They will jump on the plane and attendees is that how 'bout reaction you'll get your clients the the emotional feelings there The it really comes down to government state restrictions and and really the willingness to for the corporate america to get on board and And dropped their restrictions. So that the they can send out their business travelers on planes so that they can start traveling. Once we see the business of corporate america coming on board with Dropping the restrictions that to say that we can we can operate in this environment safely then The businesses back and I i feel that you know with the with the with the medical establishment catching up with the The need for a vaccine and That that becomes a fully You know administered by the hopefully the middle of next year sometime that we will see The the full effect of business coming back in the hospitality industry. So thanks very much fall and being in our next guest. which is a who is tonia barbeque. She's a managing director tanya. Eric well good to thank you very much for your time to join us this morning in. Us and where are you based at. I'm actually an orlando florida's well. And i appreciate the invitation i I love it when we all come together to share information and and keep this industry running the thank you pleasure and To just describe now for for the viewers and what. What area do you cover in in. Us for the business My role at helms briscoe is. I help cho support. The florida team as well as i do support Some midst Locations as well right here really just to support the associates What their needs to to make sure that the company is thriving and that the associates are succeeded in in their own goals. Now was the pandemic and and life change. What has your day to day and week be like compared to. Let's say last year. Have you been busier. And in what way have you been busy. That's the case. Yeah we have been away busier in a sense We we've we haven't gone away we've been here from day one So our clients have really relied on us to To be there to be their voice to to figure out the plan if the cancellation or a re book So i have been Unbelievably busy with every client. That i that. I assist with And again like Paul day that it was data day trying to figure out who to connect with who did discuss with and then come up with a plan that mutual agreed on both sides so our our our days before in nineteen and in nineteen were more focused towards the future we were booking further out. We were planning further out One the covid head. It was really day to day. Our that our Really just trying to figure out What was the next step for each client that i that i represented. Well that's that's quite quite the opportunity you have there to serve those partners there and And really if some people a tendency to think that will spend well. Then you're you're working from home and you put in a couple of hours in the morning maybe in the afternoon and that's it for the day but that doesn't sound like you are your your. Your life is the opposite right. It really was. I mean because there's no There is no authority above us to to not work So we were working for clients. Were very excited that we were there. Hand in hand with you. I'm interested in also for the viewers. Could you describe what is distant nation partner and what role they play in your business. Yeah so a destination partner is somebody. That represents a location that supplies information and support to their hotels For us for me. When i'm looking at a destination for clients program with the What the whole cova situation. They've really turned their role to educators for us Like paul mentioned earlier. Every state Every city within the states are running on different government guidelines So the the designation partners really helped us understand what they're area was really doing during the kobe. Time and what they're doing going forward There was Quite a few phases that were put in place. Most of them started at to some of them are at three with different guidelines for those phases and even what those guidelines Some of the hotels interpreted different though the the Destination partners really helped us. Make sure that we got the right information. Understood the right information and then really worked with the client to make sure that they were getting Getting all that information so that they made the right decisions We we receive every day. More and more information from these destination partners on on f date on changes On hotel information some have. Can't you know some have closed their doors. Some have reopened Some Thumb are doing meetings in in different ways here in florida. We've got The the benefit of being warm. So a lotta outdoor opportunity Versus new york or over chicago per se but then a lot of communication and a lot of education from our destination partners. Well did you have to establish different. Follow up list or processed for this or is it something that you already had to place prior to the pandemic because there's a lot of detail and little follow up in order to obtain the latest updates right now we definitely did have to create a different communication plan Making sure again that we were connecting with our destination partners Made sure. I got the right information. So my clients could again make the right decision so So now the destination partner is involved more today than they were probably in the path not to say they were supporting and they were helping us but today they're they're more voice To what is going on in their. And how have they reacted to the pandemic. Your your destination partners. I mean when you're talking with them how do they feel they feel good. They felt like everybody else like. Where was this going to go when we were end. The the heat of it But a they were very encouraged that we there to help them. You know a still market for them. So we're you know my clients i am. We love we loved that they've been stop either now grant you. They were affected by cova as well. With some you know furloughs layoffs. So we we might have had to find A different destination partner person but once we got it and they were able to feed us the right information it really helped my clients really feel comfortable about how they made their decision moving forward. Very good if you look at your to do list. What has changed from last year to this year. Maybe looking at into 2021 right right again We plan for the future today. We're playing day to day Just really unsure of of of what each day's gonna Challenge me put my customers You know the next search is is there I i'm customers but some customers that's not they're still Feeling the effects of not just co bid itself but the financial side of the cove. ed usually i'm booking you know nine to twelve month out even further today on booking one two three months out And there's a lot of flexibility in those wander three you know making sure that there's Understanding of cove ed When it comes to attrition and and put them beverage minimum. there's a lot more language in the contract A lot more language that i'm learning before covid in that sense so really in Two thousand and nineteen and before i was probably Overseeing about one hundred meetings from my clients that that they represent today Those hundred meanings are not active today. more ads like pollen. Mention a lot of re books The cancellations that we had. I will say it's nice that they're coming back Those clients of mine really want support those cities in those hotel so even though they canceled because they were i. We're not for sure what the future was gonna hold for their event The ones that know that they are going to bring that event back They're they're going back to those hotels that they cancelled originally so a lot of re booking a lot of just Starting fresh starting over You know in past years before cove and it was really hard. That konami was strong. You know it was a buyer's market so it was tough to find space and the right rates and the right content. I it's easy but now it's the contract language It's more that That information so But more and more today we value our clients and our clients are really their understanding. That i'm there for them. Davide without going into deep into the language or the new language. But could you give me some example. Just a taste of what other things do have to know. Learn yourself and also share this with your With your clients and partners here. I mean just the four smith. You're obviously making sure that there's clear understanding of What could be in effect for four measure action Review clauses are really big right now because again. We're not for sure how fast we're going to recover to our original numbers of a past history. It's kinda hard to go off our history right now So review clauses There is pot though the attrition and the food and beverage minimum for the review clauses But really it's more mature Just to make sure that that you know now that we know this is a possibility. How do we make that back claws easier for for both understand very good. Well thank you. Thank you for this and Four for these update so stay around and and at the brier rep obsession so And for so then we will Look at the what comments question has come from the viewers. So thank you very much. You're welcome so now. I will bring Brian plot to his regional vice president. So i'll bring him in in into the shows. Hello brian how are you are you. Well great to have you on on the show today and We learn so much already. From from tony and paul but they are doing. So could you just share with what Observations you can share about our partners reacted to the pendon again from your point of view well tanya and all our best work for hp so they did a great job of outlining Hotel partners are just the lifeblood of our business we love them and obviously going through tremendous amount of change endemic. And i think it certain cases we probably got a little bit closer to some of our partners and know feel for them as they've really felt the pain of what the pandemic has done and the our role filling the void of helping customers connect with the hotel is more evident than ever think hotels appreciate that as customers appreciate that As tiny mentioned we have been here from the beginning and probably work harder through. And that's been just a breath of fresh air through what's been a pretty difficult time. Thankfully we're starting to see a lot of hotel. Farmers really kind of get back align get protocols together beginning back regular business are attempting to which is really encouraging and good to see. Tony was michigan. But a lot of the follow up in order to get all the details from the hotels because he'll tells shutdown reopening and so on Share about your your your point of view. This challenge that you have in order to get the most obstinate. Does it mean that you are really doing the chasing this on on one of your big issues that you need to address with the hotels and unfortunately the word chases us quite frequently. I think we as in my role in our associates where we hate that you know. Aj smells i think gestures for the audience. There are in the hotel. World is being proactive with that. It's really helpful hotel at the top of the list when you definitely have all those details together in their easily accessible the clients appreciate that. Now more than ever. I think is have that Information readily available. What you can do what you're capable of doing Some of our best hotel partners. That have done that from the beginning. I think are really shine through this entire ordeal and the others are catching on for sure. I think as people begin to start to source more meetings than look more meetings business. It's evident as to. Who has everything together in who is kind of trailing behind so my piece of advice for alltel borders is Really wave the banner at the top of the building. As to what you're doing and how you're making you know alterations to your business. In order to the necessary needs of the client. That's that's a really good advice. I think more and more than ever hotels have to get ahead of the curve and really make more and more noise about themselves very positive way to let everyone know that That they are open and they're ready for business and also educate The future customers that what what they have done now compared to when that was business as usual in two thousand nineteen so host business volumes and outlooks changed now from the start of two twenty and then looking to the future because we are now leading tourists there the end part of this year and then and we still don't know what the future bring up everybody talks about. The hope is the big word. But what do you see from your. Can you just share your your use. Observations yeah hope is another word that i think we're all using pretty frequently. I think we're very hopeful that i think we have seen some encouraging signs of business beginning to serve market segments beginning to meet and want to be tiny mentioned. You know we. We have seen kind of a combination of events that have further our In many cases that result of people that have moved their business from twenty twenty the future and in some of those scenarios. They've actually not only moved it but they booked additional years which is really encouraging and helpful long-term term short term stuff that that has what has been a bit lacking We see more of that. Obviously but you know that's going to be dictated by Safety companies in organizations comfort level. With meeting and getting people together and i'm encouraged. I see a little bit more People showing interest our associates are a little busier I think sourcing means not every market segment but certain market segments. I mean paul time on a few his that are keeping him busy. I definitely think it's going to be a gradual return The that's my personal opinion unjust on what i've seen And that's probably to be expected as companies and associates. Get a little bit more comfortable. You hopefully see that. Grow but tiny mentioning. We're moving into more of a buyer's market which for the customer is a really completely different scenario than what we've been living through the last four or five years and you know that may also dictate the pace at which the business comes back. So you know i hate to use that. I don't know yet or unsure yet. But i think that's kind of the world that we're living in and we're going to have to wait and see but i have great hopes that we are going to get back to a sense of volume hopefully similar lurch what we had seen the last four years. How much of your time. You have a chance to to meet your hotel padras personally or is it more in the virtual space where you are on the team or a zoom or zoom calls. This by this year has been definitely more virtual. Personally i prefer the face to face We are beginning to start to do that. I attended a face to face. Event about three weeks ago here in orlando and it was fantastic with one of our our Great to see people. I think what. You're what we're finding at least conversations that i'm having is that people miss that people miss the face of as they missed that energy that's a room when you have a groups getting together. Obviously we have to do it safely. We've gotta do it. The comfort level of our customers guidelines. A but i i am starting to see some hotel. Partners begin to reach out less stark small. Let's get together face to face we can do this And and had some success for that but certainly up been so say probably the last month or so. It has definitely been virtual. Yeah it's understandable a so. Brian what has personally kept you going through this pandemic considering that it's really is fixed. It everyone no one is on a fixed at about this. How was it. I wish i had a really good answer for you You know. I probably would say i have found exercise to be the best stress reliever a crazy. I that as kind of kept me going a little bit I read something earlier in the year that talked about people drinks. Id in the best way to find that. Is you feel that is exert some type of physical energy and it has worked for me. You know i. I would like to save the healthiest i've ever been. I don't know that that eating has also probably been a concern for me Through this as it has many people but not you know. We're lucky that we have a group of people Within our company and we communicate pretty frequently. We've all leaned on each other. And i think that has really gotten us through role anxious to kind of things back to normal but also very appreciative and blessed and thankful for those that we have in our opening that worked for us in By other so the. I would probably say that what has got me through the boast. Okay very good okay. Thank you very much bryan I'm gonna bring everyone to the same screen where we have a restarted. We will have a poll and tanya and then we have bryan. and and here's your host. So i was just looking at the comments and yes forgetting thumbs. Ups and heart. So they're your value that you're providing for the show but talk about future traveled. That's very much like almost like a space space title of you. Know what is the future travel. But where do you see in your line of business. The future travel going to be like and maybe we can start with paul. What is your if you can share with us. Your your view on that. My view is Is strong and i'm getting that from my clients directly and An also from Future global events such as world cup World cup is on the horizon in two thousand twenty six four the united states canada and mexico and The preparations already underway So you know. I i really believe in setting your sites far and And so that leads me to give you this strong two thumbs up prediction for travel and it it Short term a lot of things have to take place such as you know Vaccines and therapeutics That will bring business. Travelers back But i think that that's right around the corner. So that's my prediction. And what do you think you. What is your your views on this on the future of travel. I think my clients are the same. They're very strong. I've got clients that have twenty one programs. They are a hundred percent excited about the in person Opportunity this this time around versus twenty twenty where they did not have the option They they're hearing from their members that they wanted as well but they are still being You know p- understanding of the members that don't want it so both of them are looking at a hybrid but they are going one hundred percent in in the travel and in meeting in person And you know we we see a lot of it on the On the transient side. Right now i mean just at the end in florida we have seen over and over more and more people travelling on their personal time. Because you know they were able to and and even though that there were restrictions in place they figured out a way. So i think the more that we get through the holidays and people are travelling even more because of their their family and they're going to have more feeling more comfort In in traveling for business or adventure. So i do feel the same as paul it. Twenty twenty one is definitely going to be a travelling year. Okay thank you. And then how about you brian. They said it all. They said i would agree. It's interesting we. We all three live in florida so we definitely see that leisure trowel wanting to come and stay at that has been really strong the last few months as we've been getting out and seeing that and i think that's the first step in parliamentary business. Travel is the other thing. I think those things typically or are. The precursors said any situation that we've been through before where once that starts happening it leads to larger events happening and it's a it's a slow process in some cases but that's a good sign. I think there's the tent for people to get out on seeing that with my customers. I'm hearing that from many of our associates in the same thing. I think it's just a timing thing of. When is that in a be safe when you going to feel comfortable with that and you know that that will come for sure. Okay well thank you know We have a question coming up. Who do you look up to for inspiration. What inspires you. Who has inspired you during this challenging time Call sure I would say that. I looked to my leadership. And we've got strong leadership here in florida with helms risk but also hotel leadership i i look. I read industry publications Hotel magazine so on. And i really see The hotel leaders stepping up big time taking ownership of of this situation. We're in with the pandemic and and just you know. I mean every hotel major brand is ahead of this and even all the independence or are going along so i looked. I really find this ration- in the in the hotel leadership Basically saying okay we you present the world presentative so challenge. We've met that challenge and we're ready for you and the doors are opened. The red carpet is out so that. That's where i look for leadership for inspiration now if you'd have to look besides the in hospitality preps not in the industry at all. Just someone that have said that though. That was very inspiring. Isn't anyone who want to kind of the comes to mind. Are you asking me. Or paul anka. I'm just bugging you know. Well i i have to say that i looked to look to my god for inspiration and That's what's kept me going through This threat challenging time and And i've always looked to that but maybe more so now than anything so thank you. Thank you for that answer and then tonio. Who do you look for. Transpiration like you mentioned. I mean there's so many different avenues of inspiration nowadays right. I mean it's it's it's crazy how this is affected everything in and i looked up to you know like paul said our industry our associates but honestly i think it's the grass roots of everybody to tell you the truth to my neighbor who went around each Neighbor to gather food for for a food drive that was in our local city to our school. And and what they're doing for kids I it's just it's everywhere everywhere. You look There that there's been so much compassion for what is is happening in april One of my friends. I developed a A a movement for all of us to come and help out at a at a at a Church It to help deliver food hand out food and and that's just one of thousands. I mean it's just every time we see it My my kids have so many friends that have asked us to help out here or there. We've got several associates supporting united way. Ronald mcdonald house Just so many. It almost brought people back. I think to to to helping each other through it so i really really think it's all inspiring. I mean i. I i can't name one. There's so many out there that it inspires me to help them to make sure that that our world get through this wonderful. The tony you mentioned about the gender generous acts that talent you have seen during the covid very brian. Can you or what you have seen in terms of generous acts. Yeah it's been. It's been incredible to his point at the grassroots. It is really local. It is we. My wife is uber. Guys you with this local charity. Here's an example of the provides Bags of erie products that are necessary for state. Get bandaids toothpaste toothbrush. And the concept was developed by nine year old boy who saw almost guy on the side of the road and felt like he needed to do something so they this concept and everybody has these bags in there are giving them as you see homeless people. It's a growing problem has come way. Worst good for sure. We're all very blessed to have a home and have a review her head but there are many. Do not know grasp. Small things like that. The difference that makes is incredible We were on a call on our on call last week with several of our associates who are all equally involved in grassroots efforts in their own communities helping people from a kids in need hospital homeless. It's really inspiring in. I think that if you put all that together is just a huge positive throughout this entire process is helping those less fortunate than than us. Ed that has never wavered. I think in. I'm super proud of those. That are within our organization have done that and there were many others out there. Sam york sure within the hotel community is while as a across the globe there many others of those stories that have resonated end and help those in need for sure here up here in finland. The one of the stories has been because of lapland. is relying of course on the the tourists coming up with the season that has been starting and because of the success of two thousand nineteen many of these husky safari operators The there was some new businesses coming on board. And then when the with the with the caveat done of course they had already committed to to buy puppies and and now of course incident. They couldn't forecast an income. Is there were tourist. Because of the travel restrictions they had some very difficult decisions to be made and also the entire enough funds to feed the puppies so there was a dog food manufacturing fact to donate a substantial amount of dog food just as a helping hand to support them and also more importantly the some of the tour operators who have difficulty to continue the people who are just reaching out to say well You like to adopt one of those asked puppies and to help out in certain ways so nothing will happen to those beautiful animals. So you know these are small things that goes around round the world and if you have any any of your viewers if you have any comments that you want to share share those the comment that you have seen what's happening in your part of the world even though we will This live session the moment but for for replay viewers. I think it's good to share certain things that you have observed during the this time because eight will be service and inspiration for everyone. Well i want to. I was just looking for now comments. And we i think people have been very impressed with Your what you have presented to us. So i think we are. We had a very very nice show. And i'm really appreciate Tanya paulin brian for for joining us from orlando florida and So for all the viewers. Now if you are interested in and you're in the planning of this adopt ball any any meetings for the future so that helps briscoe people. Are they have associates around the world. And i think if they if they if someone wants context you were should go is going on your website or what is the best way to to reach out with health. Risk all paul. Yeah sure Best way to reach us is on on helms briscoe dot com and there's an associate locator You can as a locate us by last name so Our names are on the screen. And certainly just a pop. That name and up. I come with my phone numbers and An email address. And that's probably the easiest fastest way to to find us as just to go on. Helms briscoe dot com and use the associate locator. Terrific well again. Tanya poll. brian. Thank you very much for joining us today and this was hospitality insights and just look out for our next episode and we will continue our global tour to meet industry professionals sharing their views and experiences from the pandemic but more importantly how the future thank you very much. Thanks for joining us this week. On the social haughtily a show make sure to visit our website. Be eight be hospitalized. Dot com where you can subscribe to the show in itunes or spotify. You'll miss a show while you're at it if you found value in the show we appreciating itunes or if to simply tell a friend about the show that would help us to be sure to tune in for our next episode.

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GSMC Social Media News Podcast Episode 321: Content Houses are Cool

GSMC Social Media News Podcast

1:07:22 hr | 3 months ago

GSMC Social Media News Podcast Episode 321: Content Houses are Cool

"Golden state media concepts social media. Podcast time to hashtag everything. We talk about all the fun crazy stories on social media. Instagram facebook twitter to tumbler. Probably friendster join us as we explored the quirky of social media. It's the golden state media concept social media. Podcast simple though and that took all right everybody will come back to the gmc. Social media news podcasts. But you gmc podcast network. I'm jose say thank you so much for listening to the podcast you know. I said this every single episode. I've been. I've been repeating myself quite often but i am having a lot of fun we episodes and is doing this. You know awesome research on these different topics about randomest things on the internet. And yeah it's it's it's it's truly unreal. Because i am a marketing student in college right now and i never thought i would be doing something as being a podcast. You know I know. I've had a podcast on my own listened to a lot of podcast to but never have i thought it'd be beyond like an official one like this again. It's really dope. So thank you get for listening to buy gas. It really does help me and Yeah without further do. Let's get right onto news today so again like i am before This is friday's episode. But we're reporting on thursday's episode so happy day today You know. I'm a big advocate for day and and i think he just the earth in general i wasn't really beck and like i say like middle school in early high school but toward as i grew up i realized that importance of you know just taking care of the world and and doing all things like that you know careful and simple things like recycling and and make sure to clean up in high school. I was actually part of a thing called environmental and and it was fun. It was one of the most involved clubs. I was in other than like track but here on environmental club. We did a lot of cool stuff like we clean up trails local parks in. We didn't even did. We implanted trees. Which is really really cool. Because that was the first. I've ever planet treason ever said trying to find new opportunities to do stuff like that and with organizations and I definitely want to try again. You know an an honor birthday Are really do advocate for people to just try playing a tree one time into life. Because if you haven't already it's really cool experience again. It's nothing you know. It's not a big deal or anything but it's something you don't really do that often where you should definitely try out one point your life and It's it's really cool and again. Like i said i e everyone should really try at one point in our life because it's an experience that i wouldn't say changes you forever but it isn't experience as very unique and Like when you plans from like you kind of feel good about yourself doing all that stuff. So heavy earth day to everyone and i'm following up some On some good news this week You know recently over the summer with the whole black lives matter movement and The unfortunate death of george floyd Derek chavan shelvin. Jovan was actually found guilty of murdering. George floyd this week and The the cases finally like the the the the court cases finally over and have come. Come come to that conclusion. As it's great to see that you know there were serving justice due to the people who really deserve it in this world and and honestly a big part of this could have been done without the people that really support this. Move in and i'm really of what we really would have. A lot of. A lot of people have done to come together and and help us move it And shed some light to it. You know it was. It was great to see a lo- it wasn't a fortunate tragedy that had happened. It was wonderful to see that people come together. And i'm sort of Do something different in a sense and really just a push for change and you know like a lot of people say this is just the beginning and i totally agree that this is just the beginning of change and Yeah it's glad to see that you know. They are serving their time. And they you know digest. Justice has been justified. I guess in a sense Yeah there was one of the biggest news haven't until she made this week. A lot of people were really really happy with the result that came out. I know a lot of my friends who are really nervous as it trials. Were going on in on that last day people. I'm so nervous. i'm. I'm really scared what's going to happen. And like you know like there will be some. Something's happening if if the trial went south you know if went bad A lot of people would be upset and and yeah it would. it would have led to a to i. I don't know i. It would've made a of people upset in a sense like that and normally happy that again like i said the The they found him guilty and the result came in like that. And yeah again. It's really cool to see people come together and make a change in and start a change in this world so yeah. That was one of the biggest news. He's happened this week following today with earth day On twitter shrek is trending so as today at the dave recording. This is april twenty second And it's been twenty years ago today so back in two thousand and one Shrek was the first. Movie is striking out and honestly. I'm not even a big advocate shrek. I've never been a huge fan of shrek. But like i the only reason why i love it. So much is because of the means that came out of it and the beautiful song. All-star came out of that. I think we came from that movie but it was played a lot in that movie and i love them for that. Honestly and overall shrek is a funny movie itself and it is definitely a classic for all of our childhood classical quotes. Like get out me swamp I think that was one of the and every the whole gingerbread dialogue john gingerbread man dialogue was really big one lord farquaad good online It's all all-star the means that came out of all star that was a big name back in a couple of years ago but it's still kind of is but like y'all star was a big name and Donkeys relationship with a dragon was was a very very interesting dynamic and the a lot of memes they come out of debt to Else it come out of that movie. I guess i guess. Also the intro sequence of him bashing the door open once. All-star plays you love eric. Blake subbed in their own versions of of their own songs. Or you know. Made memes ought ones who and i thought was really funny as it sort of like i never never ending me. It's never going to die so Congrats on strike. For lasting twenty years still saintly still maintaining its relevancy. Obviously the ones the the following movies like shrek two. When like i think forever act or something like that Well or compared to the first shrek But yeah even netflixing buzzfeed. Like tweeted on twitter congratulating them and and saying like this is this is great milestone whatnot See these big name corporations or just even as big names in general just have their input on on on this whole thing and Especially netflix pretty. Sure they've even show. I think arnold say like strega. Showing nikolic's right now but richer net show net sh- shrek has been on alex before and Yeah i think it's pretty cool. I the these big name. Companies are still celebrating a cia. Basically a child's movie And yet congrats to dreamworks for making such a banger of a movie With some bangers songs in the whole track there was another song. That i think was believe like. I'm a believer dick. That one was very popular. I don't know what movie that was. I think that was in the second one but All-star was was the number one song that billy did blow up that movie. I think he played. It probably played around. Like i'd give like sixty percent of his popularity in the other like the forty or fifty always popularity because of all sorry because of the means that came out a movie and the moon like the snippets that really did associate itself with the memes. And yeah it's really cool to see That it's like it's hard to leave his in twenty years because i'm on. I'm almost as shrek. That movie came out. If i do the math correctly. Fifteen days after was born. Yes a fun. Fact april seventh birthday in two thousand one so yeah fifteen. Fifteen days after i was born trek came out. So that's pretty cool. I'm a shrek baby. Call me shrek baby. And yeah tony. Stark also popular on twitter. I now i'm not sure why. It's quite random But if we just highlights tony stark's or danny juniors character as iron man reached highlights means coming from him and lay people making snippets or people posting pictures of iron man and whatnot so again like i said it was random. Pick that out. Because like i am a big fan of marvel as as you may not know We add it was slipped me. Normal normal means that really came out of that Was it really wasn't really like you know. Groundbreaking was big news. It was just was just so random because like it's not like tony. Stark day or sound like iron mandate or is like nothing more related So yeah. I was kind of caught off guard with tony. What's going on tony stark. But then i go just people talking about him people talking about his character and robert downey junior himself so again. That was pretty cool Something interesting actually david. Dobrica cylinder fire With the again the alek sexual allegations And you know sort of promoting that between him and dom Unfortunate situation and again. My condolences goes to the females and and women that were affected by their actions But a form of log squad member. Jeff whitty i think former former blog squad member jeff. Wittig came out About how he had recently came out with face injuries as he was bruises all over his eyes bruises all over his face and and it wasn't recent but it was video that can never got released and One of the videos and came out with he posted the video of him actually getting injured and it was because of david For holding. I think it was like a crane like he was In the senate holding he was Who's using he was using a crane and jeff was the other side of it and For one thing led to another. You know it's big equipment with basically a child Using it and a grown man on the other end of the crane He got hurt. I messed sure exactly the injuries. But he space got hurt. Might have fallen off for something like that but he got hurt. Apparently david really do anything. he didn't you know. Check on on jeff. He just told jeff not to post it because as you can see david messed up in video when he heard jeff and yep he put jeb bush. I finally came out with the truth about that and In pecos people a lot of people were asking about injuries and people wondering why he had them in the first place and I believe jeff georgia's like brush it off there. We talk about until he people ask them all over social media he was kind of like getting bombarded with all these questions regarding his Injuries and eventually came out within talked about and Yeah the door. Berg is still you know really under fire for a lot of different things as on you. Jeff jeff jeff wittig situation just sort of Now made the fire bigger and again. It's quite unfortunate in both ends. Were davis careers. Kind of going downhill Honestly eissa watch some of his stuff. I used to be a big fan of his content and blog style and whatnot but with other recent stuff. That's coming out of immense in kind of concerning me On what he's been doing and and and you know maybe subscriber. I think he's lied definitely lost Like almost a million or more subscribers on youtube because of all allegations and then the situations hands so You know being on the internet is very is very tricky thing because although that serve quote fame and fortune can be A big thing you Shouldn't be clouded with with that fame. Fortune comes with you know I believe david seems like he's able to do anything he really wise. Because he's david dobric You know he's able to bully some of his friends. He's able to come home to to to get away with things he says does. And you know people are like. Oh well david dober- he didn't really do much until recently you know the the situation not more serious end They were able to really really really talk about situation. More serious manner and so you again hope. Everyone is all well with the whole situation. Hopefully everyone is okay And yeah the whole thing is just scary. You know you with all off thought david doors one of the most perfect youtubers on and then all of a sudden this happens in his. It's scary for what will happen To boxing i hate to keep talking about it. But it's all over social media and it's never gonna dial but youtube. Boxing still continues to rise. In more and more people are twitting in every single day and without can i got drum roll please. We have a fight between finally. Honestly we have the fight daschle date between floyd mayweather versus logan paul. Now this fight was originally supposed to happen. I believe in february but it got pushed off. Do because i think is kobe concerns. And i think both fighters weren't really ready. I guess But you got pushed off. And now it's at june fifth and you know i will be what djing that. I just realized. I'm gonna be on vacation habits. Oh my gosh. I realize i'm gonna being vacation when i'm going to the beach. Yeah because as bursting lives in the east coast. We don't you know we don't. We don't have the luxury of going to the beaches or having warm weather all year round. So i i know yeah but yeah wow from. Jewish fit wow. I'm going to be watching that fight during during the weekend and I'm probably going to you. Know what i probably have spurred by the pay per view for that because it's floyd money mayweather logo paul and i don't wanna miss out so yeah june fifth throughout that's cool. I'm actually have something to do with her in his trip like. I say i wasn't going to do anything but like say stay in airbnb. Chill there so we can go to the beach but at have something to do to watch and watch so that's dope Yeah that's exciting. Wow but Yeah what am i say about jeb. So i'm just like so like thrown off because like that's lineup. Perfectly by trip. I'm not perfectly. But like i'm done too but anyways yeah logan paul and anne floyd mayweather. That's going to be excited. Because you'll know logan's lost all of us fighting florida's one all of it so that's gonna be quite interesting to see and yet that's that's it for all the news this week Anything that we have no internet so yeah when the next segment for the for the influence of the day well someone. I'm surprised we have not talked about. Because i was a avid fan is still kind of am but at fan of their content. Mr casey nice. And you've never heard that name somewhere. But i will explain more about him in my next segment so first piece you want to be healthier. You just don't know what to do all these shows telling you this and that but nothing seems to work will listen close. Golden state media concept's has got something great for the health and podcast dedicated to workout trend. Healthy eating habits die and everything about healthy living. Join us in our banters as we help you not just live life to the fullest live it to the healthiest all right everybody. So who's casey nice. That i i feel like. I don't think i've actually ever mentioned before. And podcast which weird because he at one point. He was the king of youtube. I in my own opinion he was. He was legit. He was div lager. He was the guy that you would always come back to after school. No heavier post school. Snag or lab right before you take a nap. you'd always be washing of log of is because that would always come out during during school time but you have time to go to watch. Logs would always come home. Get excited to watch a log of his. And and just relax until two joel hallmark or whatever we have to Casey nice everybody's so to begin We'll give you a little background. So casey owen. Nice that was born on march. Twenty fifth nineteen eighty-one making him forty years old. And i believe he's one most. He's one of the original youtube erzen and social media influences. I really did give rise on the world of social media influencers. You know he was. He was the first he was. You know back when people were like. You're you're what a social media influence or like what's that like again. Like people still cloud that today but like back then that was very very new. Taboo that You know people like they could even make fun of it because no one would. It was at least now they know what it is and they can make fun of it but Yeah he was a social media. Influence sir Right now as of today. He has accumulated twelve. Point twelve point three million subscribers on youtube Three point one million instagram followers and super one million twitter followers. I'm not sure. I'm gonna check right now if he's a tick talk if so on similar to follow him but like he's forty years old. I'm not. I'm not sure if he's gonna be on talk and Let's see casey or he does verified. My gosh will he is okay. He doesn't allow us three hundred three hundred five point three thousand followers again which isn't a lot compared to like what he's known as again. He hasn't posted since last year. Essentially or the end of last year. So i don't blame them for that bs. Yeah three hundred five thousand tick tock follower so again. That's that's pretty good for someone doesn't post that regularly. And yeah casey nye says known all over the world as a guy who does whatever he does is. He has no specific label. He's known as for the guy of logs in new york. He's known as div logger. Like i said before But again kind of like getting sidetracked on history here but history in terms of case esa he was a high school dropout at seventeen In a moved out Liberal is x. And had a son named owen. At when i think eighteen or seventeen so make fairly right after. He dropped out High schools. i think that's why he actually dropped out of high school this it because he has owen and That was first born and after that he moved they moved to new york where he worked at a restaurant As a chef or like a guy in the back and yen eventually him and his exit did break up Leaving a win. With between you know having between casey and his now ex girlfriend time remarried but ex girlfriend and that with owen and eventually after moved to new york and after he had done that he had various projects in terms of You know films and whatnot. He made his own like individual films in terms of like new videos or online videos would initially just post on video Which was like prehistoric. You back then. I think he's still alive but like not with us anymore but he would posted on demille and eventually somehow he lended to deal with. Hbo having an eight episode series with his brother Called nice that brothers. And that's pretty cool. You know for someone who had college dropout who really had you know people would say nothing going for him. He eventually like did something with his life. And and use his creativity to make essentially a whole show out of his life and brother to and that's basically highlighted like everyday things that they would do in anything unique. What happened is it's not like you know it's the same aspect of reality tv show but less drama. It's it's more on focusing on on what they do in more creative sentencing or you watch reality shows in. It's nothing but like complaining an android oneself like that but with with this Again it's more on just what they do in their everyday lives and how they do. Certain things I guess sort of documentary sort of sense to so you make you makes but a documentary with a reality arale reality tv. I can't speak which podcast but if you makes a documentary with a reality show than you would get the nice at brothers and again. Like i said he only lasted for eight episodes. It received. I believe a fear of bit of positive feedback but again at the time it was. Hbo and there wasn't a lot of people really Watching like shows like that so again it didn't it didn't air for like a second season it was only that one and Yeah and ever since then after. Hbo and his whole show with his brother. He eventually moved on into making individual films again continuing with making videos on video and i'm so promoting his his work on in terms of video editing and video and it was always that guy that you knew that would have been unique and Eventually he started on youtube channel and again made his move straight from an and moved onto youtube best. There was a growing i guess demographic or base on on that app or on the website itself and it was good you know he was making a lot of videos in one of the most popular ones. He made was called bike lanes on youtube. And that was. That was published. Back in june of two thousand eleven. So he's been in the game for a long long time longer than a lot of these. These youtubers almost as long as pupae. Honestly you don't who is talked about him in one of my previous episodes He's when he is. The most scribe individual youtube channel on youtube with I think one hundred ten million hundred nine million subscribers. But yet him a case nasa i believe started around the same time consuming pupae started earlier Because you've been there longer. But yet casing nights that create bike lanes essentially highlighting The misuse of bike lanes in new york and how people would just randomly parked there and people would randomly walk there and people will go the opposite sides and people just really just use the bike lane as an extension of the sidewalk essentially and You know th they would often get fines or police. Wouldn't police would actually just park there. And and not find the people who are doing the wrong things on bike lanes and Yeah it was. It was really interesting documentary because it was it was something you would. We expect because like bite lonzo their normal not situated problem right near that. But then once you saw casey nights as video it actually eventually i believe reach to to some somewhere new york somewhere higher in new york where they've actually improved the the rules laws for bike lanes and it you know prohibited vehicles such as trucks to to load there. You know if they need to do something like that so like at the needs like down the package or whatever. They would have to go somewhere where it wasn't covering a bike lane in rural find and even at the end of the video case. Nice that was talking to the camera and eventually Talking about the wrongs were not and he crashed into a e crashed into a truck. It's at the back of a truck because the truck was in the bike lane funny enough to. I think he owes even crashed in the video. He even crashed into a police car or a cop car that that was on the bike lane. So there's a little irony in that but the evidence the numbers twenty seven point eight million views Again but the video is pretty old. So yeah With seventy thousand likes and eleven thousand dislikes Obviously there's a lot of love for that video in a lot of people did like that. Which again like. I also did really like And yet that was one of his first. Lake sorta breakout videos that he made that would gain him the title of of being one of the most creative content creators on youtube right now and eventually he made more videos like that. Focusing on the uniqueness of simple things. And i remember this one video even made like you know talking about like beats by dr dre how they were overly expensive and how you essentially were just buying it for for the name for the label. But eventually he made his own beats using those headphones and it just put to slap like the beast logo on it and that was it I think another thing was that he at a time when he made his video. That was the first version of the apple. Watch that came out in the gold. One was i believe like five hundred dollars but the The the the normal space gray or a sport watch was Two hundred or one hundred and on mean he so he bought bought one of the the watches spray painted a gold and then Called it like a video and whatnot and honesty. Simple videos like that or simple ideas like that when it comes to you know being handy and whatnot. We did give him that title to. And it really didn't force that title. I mean into being the most unique constant craters on youtube and eventually He started daily flogging after Making these unique video and he did. Yeah he made star daily logging in march twenty. Sixth of two thousand fifteen as i'm start doing these logs everyday recording and it was really interesting. Is that it only proved how creativity he is that to repeating on being something. When it comes to concentration can be Quite boring repetitive. Or you know you start to lose the value. Ed put with casey nights as videos. It's very every episode is unique although it does follow like a a very similar formula of like you know intro music time lapse Main concert and transition main contract like stuff like that although it did fall that same sort of formula. He was still able to make an interesting. You know even if it's just a trip to to To like juice place. You'd make interesting like you know you know things. He says his commentate his common complication commentating Best way below. Kim commentating and the way he edits in the way he sort of Splits the video really does make interesting again like i said. That's what really made him one of the most interesting and unique youtubers During this time and mid he continued on until around like mid twenty two thousand seventeen where he stopped a daily of logging to focus more on individual product projects and his family. You know he felt as if he was doing a lot of just recording and one night which is true. You know almost a year straight or a little bit over year. Straight of of doing of logs can really get tired. Especially if it's like you know every single day So eventually stopped and and thankfully Believe from what i remember. Now that people you know dislike that you know people like that make sense. He's been flogging for every day now he's been on the grind and You know that every day of logging sort of thing really did give him the popularity that he deserved. He was getting way more. Subscribers use gaining More loyal fans would do daily logging and people were mad at all he the top and that was really cool. Yeah evokes more short films I know he either assisted or featured in What is that one movie. Where like air like. It's like an online game where you have to do The thing that your phone says are also like you got to fight the with someone or something like that. It's like i'm trying to forget. I'm trying to remember the exact title of it but let me actually wanna look about because it was an interesting. I watched you watched it next. Okay so we. I look up max. Director max. Joseph which was His his films he. I think he directed this movie. Unless i'm thinking of a different movie Nope never mind the extra except movie. But what's oh my goodness. Oh wait hold up defranco's in his movie. Sorry i'm gonna have to do this because it's it's really just i think defranco's in there that's what it is nerve nerve basically. We're like you have to do. Is they're liga. Synopsis over this is it's an online game of truth or dare. That's what it was in like. You have to do it. And it gets more gets more and more intense every single truth or dare and and It's more like an internet social media based game in case you nice. That was one of the people who i believe helped. I don't know he didn't probably didn't produce. But i know he helped. Make the film and Yeah he just lives a very interesting lifestyle and this is why a lot of people resonate with his content and people like what he does. Because you know you you. He is able to make something quite boring which is like an everyday schedule into something really interesting. Which is that You know he's able to get people to stay in watch and see what he does. Every single day so That's why people like. I said that's why people like what he does. And honestly that's one of the reasons why i like what he does because he's able to do these things that now i people are able to do. Which is ver- keep that keep that audience retention and yeah and again like i said it's pretty cool We a that's honestly it for interment for casey nice said on the next segment. I wanna talk about something. That's really kind of like quite the opposite of this or it doesn't really relate to this but it's something i really popped in my mind that i was thinking about earlier. Today is what our content houses. It's tightened the name. But like i think i'm gonna go into debt. And what they are in what they really mean or you know what again like i said whatever you are so i'll see you all in the next segment of i. We're gonna take a quick break. He's tired of searching the vast jungle of podcasts. Now listen close and here this out. There's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching. The golden state media concepts podcast network is here nothing less than our podcast bliss with endless hours of podcast covered sports music fashion hooking entertainment fantasy football so much more so stop flirted around and go straight out to the golden state media concepts podcast network guaranteed to build that podcast. Whatever it may be visit us at. Www dot gs mc podcast dot com. Follow us on facebook and twitter and download on itunes soundcloud and google. Play all right everybody. Welcome back to the podcast. So on this segment. I wanna talk about what content houses are now. I don't get it to us. Is religion an name is quite quite simple. But i kind talk about my experiences and in what i really think of what content houses are because although it's very simple to explain the whole world is kind of complicated to go in depth into and you know it's it's really it's hard to depict unaware really started you know. I have an idea of where it started. I believe it started funny enough in the gaming industry of content houses. You know i. The first one was really The face house in new york and that was essentially. Because i think the main reasons to begin. I believe with main reasons why people may content houses are of because of of of What is it like it just to collaborate a lot easier to work with people who are in your team who are in your realm who are in your in your bubble. Y'all can work a lot better if you're living under the same house which is true and and you know the original constant house. Which was defaced. House was essentially is a game in house phase. A group of a believe professional Gamers who make youtube content or Comp- compete for living and live in the same house in may content together and this was very effective as a lot of people back then really really did enjoy the the the one on one experience outside of gaming you know people. The people living in the house together. The gaming house together would find it. You know it's hard to because their fans are so used to them seeing like their face behind A a a monitor playing games that whenever they post blogs or or we live content. It was quite unique. It was quite different. So you know living in. That house really did sort of emphasize the fact that you know. They're able to make the content that people love way more often to the beginning or of logs or real-life videos. They were able to do it. And the house together and phases one of the first ones that i honestly really did follow because some of some of you may know. I'm a big fan of games and whatnot. And and i grew up in that whole realm of youtube gamers and not and i believe they're one of the first wants to to release like you know. Make it unique and there was a lot of people there. Were definitely other youtubers making constant house but there were like one of the first ones. I thought and And it worked for them. They were the main reason why they wanted to houses because the first up they were all really close friends to each other and either whether it be you know on on through xbox through skype they always talk and having the house would make it so much better to make videos and that connection to real felt real with all them and and that's why i believe it works so well. Although of course now is i grew up they. They've actually moved out into their own houses. Still i believe they're still is another Face house but with less people in you know. I like i said as i grew up they decide to live on their own and you know have their families and whatnot but yet the phase house one of the first i think real casa houses that actually worked and throughout the years more and more concert houses were Being developed an jake. Paul had one I don't know what the exact name is the low. No i think team ten was a team. Tan was also another thing that worked. Honestly admissions i to not a big fan of jake. I do like i would like you know. It's good to say that his for his house. It was something that actually worked too. Although there was a falling out between the some of the people that live They were still able to actively make content. That would eventually strengthen all together so say if there wasn't someone who wasn't at the same level in terms of followers You know the other people in the house could help them gain those one night and and that team ten house really did help with with the people living in the house the house was. I'm not sure exactly what it is. I think it's just a youtube or stupid. I don't really know exactly. Who's in the house house again. That was sorta kinda worked. Didn't really nyla popularity quite obvious that the cloud was is doing it on purpose to to essentially just gain viewers engaging people Who are trying to watch and listen but you know that emerged. Youtubers like houses sort of essentially like died off at one point and Eventually take talk. Came and for some reason. The rise of contra houses came back and i think one of the reasons why was because hype house was one of the first ones to to become a thing and honestly the hype house really did sort of bring the idea of people having cotton houses now. This new commie own combing old style. Or whatever but this new generation of now and say generation but this new new wave. I guess this new wave of of take talk houses now. Sort of lost purpose on reasons. Why people why these concentrates living together like i said before the beginning the reasons why these constant craters live together with to make content but also strengthened friendships and relationships with each other. When i'm seeing these take talk houses and people who live together. Why they're living together is because they had the most subscribers or not followers. I guess on i think the reason why they made the house was purely. Just as a stunt to gain more followers like they. I don't even think they would do it. Just because they were friends prior to make being in the house together but i think they did it just because you know we gotta get the most a-list tick talkers on on the platform and put him on one house together. You can't have anyone below Eight hundred thousand followers eighty minute blow that we can't have them in house making those requirements to live in the house. But you had like you had like charlie demilio Dixie was an addict. Now on the charlie was in it Who's that gosh bryce hall. Oh excuse me. Bryce hallways in noah back Who are some of the people in the Embrace what's his name Oh my goodness all my goodness why am i. Oh wait chase hudson. What's his name little haughty when we're actually a little. I've heard a little heading in months. But little was so pilot like charlie. Dixie was dixie. Noah noah back Little and like. Bryce home take talkers. Living house together. I think is because they were all popular time. Listen whole point making constant house if you already popular. Like i'd point of content house yeah. Content house is too to olive each other by living in the same place in allowing these collaborations to to be better to more efficient. That's where we're happened with. Even jake paul stine ten house Not all of them were the most popular. You know. Youtube ridge button. There were some jake. Paul's friends franson friends of friends and they were to make contact together. That worked but now nowadays. Like i said before. It's like more just you know we'll we'll we'll pull out like the the the most viewed in most Followed people top ten bos paul people on the platform. Put one together I think already said that before anyways. Bummer pd myself. But yeah they put them on one house together and do they do whatever you guys need to do. And the thing is half of them weren't like even onto living in our own. Charlie charlie was fifteen at the time. They these youtubers you know at least at least twenty years old. And that's you know even though like twenty one like adult enough to to be living with other people like you have they religious thrown in there to to to make talks in you know. I don't even blame him if it wasn't even their choice. Maybe like their management was just to do that and there was a good idea but like that they were just kids. This really just wanna make talks and Again like this new generation of of all my goodness. I just okay this so. I'm looking at a website right now with the ultimate talk house list and i'm gonna count one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty twenty one twenty two twenty three twenty four twenty five twenty six twenty seven twenty eight nine thirty thirty one thirty two thirty three thirty four thirty five thirty six thirty six content take talk houses. Thirty-six youtube barely had ten so lake just It's just so obvious that these other youtube not use your take two hours. We're just following other people like oh the house. Let's say content house like okay cool. It's really cool to see like your favorite talkers like you know collaborate with each other on on certain projects but it just doesn't make sense for some of them to do that like they were already popularly. Especially charlie whistle like cool collaborate with no back but no one wants to see you collaborate with no thirty times a day like you know since they live together. They're kind of oblates. Take together at one at some points. They're probably like you're producing thirty videos day with the same people and no one wants to see you do the same dock dance every single hour of the day you know collaborations are meant to be somewhat rare somewhat somewhat something to look forward to like now with content houses. It's not really the same. Like i feel like to me. Calm you again call me like oh you just you like being closed minded with this like i just feel like somebody's off houses versus doing it just because it's the trend or just doing it just to fit in. What's weird enough is because it's weird because they're trying to fit in but look at all these people doing it like like okay when you're trying to like be unique but like it's hard to be unique when everyone else is doing. The same thing has the same ideas you you know and and that's why i don't think it really works because intake talk you don't really produce much stuff. It's really just dances and skits honesty. The what the the talk house i do. I okay. I respect all of these. Because again like they're they're they're hard at work here but the one i really do have no issue with is the house nobody asked for. It's kind of ironic. Because you know all of these like it's look he's names like some of is lake really weird like it hold up whereas whereas it was. There's a hype house hypoc russia. There's too high gonna if you're gonna have to make it for one lake in like valid house wave house top talent house sway house. Sh- love house pride house not a content house. that's pretty. That's pretty funny. Nice house like can you think of anything other creative in a nice house drip crib collab- crib deaths dome. La beauty house. i think just vantage is sponsored. The house Alpha house while or really just named yourself. How far you get you get these tick tartars. Who were just making house. Like renting out these airbnb essentially just making constant houses. It doesn't it makes no sense. It doesn't make sense and like maybe it's the move like okay. We'll make collab- house but like at the end of the day you really just living. With a bunch of people you probably relate or you barely even know if i if i emanate content if i were to make content house my friends i would probably make when the people i know in people. I'm comfortable with You know or linking friends of friends or whatever but if you're just doing it just because they're they're the what's popping right now and eventually it's not gonna look good but like i said i was cut off the house. Somebody asked for That consists of. Who's in this other. gathered hispanics. Like i did keep up with some of them. I know will. Isn't there Don on the dish is in their pull the boys in there Believes in there like mya like eight on it. Yeah so it was like you know. They're i think they're constant houses. More based on comedy and skits and more on humor based they weren't really focused on like dances and whatnot. Not like not like hype house. We're not like the hype house russia But yeah it's a lot of these houses have been disbanded and some of them are still active But yeah it. It's really interesting to see the whole lake road of world of houses and what they are so if you ever hear or see the term of of a constant house remember that these houses to look into them basically like are they actually making good contact are they making actual like connor that time to produce or they just making a house dance. They might as well just have rented out in apartments. Because they're going to do that When i was like In in the bright side. I'm not like mentally against content houses. I know i've been quite naked in terms of this whole situation but like i don't want to be totally negative on like like the there's definitely on making content houses. Which is you know you are easier. It's easier for you to produce content You have a whole team with you to think of ideas if you ever run out and The lake on its alabama. Deal like i it just overplayed in my opinion like it's like once that one once people have found that it was a good idea to make a concert house lou luscious. Let's just have a bunch of renault groups had the same idea in It's really interesting. I i don't know i. It's i'm very fifty fifty. I seemed like i was like you know like ninety ninety ten on this meaning towards more negative on it but like it. There's definitely some good ideas that can come out of houses like these. They just need to think of fifth through more in. I think the best explain it. But yeah so i think it's be from my segment from our next one was about the complexity of relieve logging. That's why i now live. You will do it. But why do people do it. And yeah. I'm just gonna do quick but i will take a quick quick break. Wanna find out what movies to go. See and check out the gs. Amc movie podcast. It's your ticket to the latest movies whether it's a new blockbuster event romantic comedy or action flick. This show has got it all covered. They talk some what to go. See now don't bother. What's hot on netflix. And everything in between that. Gsm see podcasts. Dot com back slash. Movie dash podcast. When it's all about the movies it has to be this new show. Don't forget to like on facebook and follow them on twitter visit. Gs mc podcast dot com for more info welcome. Welcome welcome back to the podcasts. Everybody so on this part of the podcast. I wanna talk about. You know what something. What's blogging know. I thought it was. Once i was talking about casing nightside 'cause i did consider him one of the king of youtube one point and the master of logging and yet essentially what is it. What is blogging so the back. Logging is a video blog or video log. Didn't you know essentially how you want it to it. Like you know. Blogs sedgley was was a quick quick data entry or article entry. Whatever you know online blog entry you wanna just explaining your day explaining what happened or talking about thoughts or whatever know simple stuff like that but eventually at one point people incorporated video aspect to it in You know people like that a lot better because as you as a humans. We hate to hate to read things willingly so to make it easier. We like to watch videos and I think if logging was one of the best ways to to start in two. I think one of the best things to happen on the internet. Honestly because it was able to skyrocket a whole new drawn drummer of concentration on either youtube instagram post videos online and and logging again. Like it's one of the best thing that can happen. So yeah blogging essentially. It's just a video of you talking about your day and talking about how you're feeling or just really whatever goes on in your life and and blogging is one of the most interesting things you can do because not a lot of people do it but a lot of people wanna do it and i didn't and i want to talk about you. Know what things readings by people fail or what are some of the things that people do that. Make it so complex. And honestly i've they give respect case in asset because if you wanna be blogger like him. He holds up a very very high bar. He sorry heard my chair but he has a very high bar when it comes to logging and stuff like that. Because his co. his content in the quality of his videos are very very impressive. You know he puts a lot thought like their shots of him walking through the door and seems very. You know when you're watching like this is a very normal but then realize he do that in real time. You got to hit record. Walk out the door then re shoot like shoot you walk into the door even though you've been already in the room that make sense so it's like a lot of extra steps that make it worthwhile or the heat or then make it more interesting to watch and The complexity of log needs is a very very broad topic. It's a lot of different things that that that can make complex they. Although logging can be a very simple concept in terms of let me shoot. What happens when i wake up and throughout my day. And that's it but there's a lot of problems that can happen like one of them You realize you want to sort of log you know. It's it's it's eleven twenty two pm in here late at night. You have those those late night thoughts on the let me let me sort of log that so like i'm logging tomorrow and then you realize you have nothing that's going on tomorrow and i'm like wow my day's gonna be boring. I'm gonna wake up go to class. And that's it and that's it that's sort of like your dreams crushed in a sense like you know well nothing else to do. So essentially you like. That's why so people like stop vlogger. Don't have the idea of light. Because they feel like their life isn't interesting enough. I remember a nice that if in the grand scheme of things isn't also doesn't have initiative life nope of course. He has a youtube channel to care of an has fans but he had never did day in day to day routine basis. He doesn't have like it's not much different from a regular job is of course he's off. She does like interesting. Events like samson admits or whatnot which is very like no that makes sense but lake winning here the on say for example when he was doing that every day flogging type thing if not every day there was something going on or not was. There was a There wasn't like a samsung event to go to. It was more like on finding ways to make your life interesting and okay like full full disclaimer. I should probably take my own advice. Because i've been wanting to log like i'm just lazy and i also feel like displaying go on life and but yeah that's why a lot of people like tends to. I think he's more like this is a segment talking about feeling sinoe thinking about my own thoughts but i think the one of the main reasons why people tend to stray away from blogs because they think their life is an interesting enough. If you wanna log make it interesting if you want to log yourself going to the gym that day name bloggers out. People probably lacy and that you know people. Maybe you don't know maybe that one shot of you Hitting to fifteen on the bench will motivate someone to to go You know sarcoma jim. You know that thing where you don't think much of it when like i'm just logging myself Working out right now but that could be a main motivator for someone watching to start working out or You you've logged yourself filing taxes. I don't know if that's you know you probably should be showing your personal information but like you time lapse doing that. Show that can motive. Artsy that can motivate people to get their work done like. Oh this this kids doing it. So why do i do it myself. So it's like you could just got make interesting like although filing taxes probably born but like you can talk in the middle of it like you'll talk find taxes blah blah blah blah is. This is my strategy and how to make it efficient or whatever or some late that you just kinda make these things very very interesting. Although is boring it's it is maybe people find out of it like i'm trying to think of as apple. They could do like. Oh casey nice that goes on runs. He is a big runner. I'm not gonna say like you start gonna runs but casey nights main things that he doesn't have log is run. You incorporate that into your blog he does these things. He does like cool shots. Like i mentioned before we're at when you first see you don't think much of it but then when you think deeper into how you can structure shots. It's more like he has to put the camera down record co. back steps and just pretend who's doing what he was doing so he does his design his runs to him randomly. Just like passing by the camera. I'm like did he just place the camera and just run back around the camera. But that's what makes it interesting. I think those little details that really make an interesting so Don't you know what's that. What's that clown of that word is like Don't be discouraged if you feel like your life is boring because for sure. It isn't now you know. Obviously you should definitely try to make a change if you think it is but like if you wanna flogging you think your life is too boring i think interesting going on. Make it interesting. You know everyone is you know not everyone is created. But you're creative enough to think of something to do for a blog. You wanna run gonna run but wired making while you're doing run do acuna while you're running as the best way to make interesting actually all. I'm i'm quoting that pointing that. He no know in iran. Yeah it's it's really just that's worth thing. I think another reason why people into stray away from from logging is. It's it's awkward. They can be awkward. I've done it in public before. I've i've had to record videos in public for So my classes in school. And i'll admit it's quite awkward talking to a camera in front of everyone. People think you're weird people make fun of you but at the end of that you'd probably doing what they wanted to do with your whole life you've been wanting you had the year the motivation to actually speak up. That camera will pick up your phone and talk to the camera. And you know actually sar- what your dream is and that's prop ninety percent. People want to become famous or something like that. People want to become an internet sensation and not really doing anything. But luckily for you. You're doing some to make a change in that and remember that next time you're in public in sort of live because like us some unique people to hate on something if you do something unique and Yeah and i again like. I said i've done it before in public is a very awkward but lake. I think is a weird page. Probably have to go past in order to get used to just talking in public and recording yourself and your friends and whatnot. So i think the best way to approaches is record a hang out with your friends. You're playing to hang out with your friends have sleep over that day Record your holiday leading up to that you know like you say the the hangout starts at like seven on dinner first and then after that you're heading back someone's please and not partying hanging out and whatnot record your day like waking up i remember. It's funny. I never published this video. But i've logged my pirom of logged daily leading up to wish i did live Yeah i kind of wish. I like you know made that full video but i remember my video. Waking up aka guises day. Whatever and then Today is prom date and Yeah it's like it shows videos getting ready so as me cleaning my car and whatnot. Because my dayton iraq i was driving my date so i wanna clean and then you know eventually just like me getting ready being me. Getting dressed for prominent whatnot individually. I wanted to do like a whole egg. Beating there by nurse never got to it but like you know little things like that if you have a problem coming up that's the best thing record for a blog Although people have done before people like to see other people's experiences at problem people like to see how your problem wet and force. Some students like some people can't go to prom and they like to live vicariously through other people's blogs so you can be that person for the people who enforce it cannot come the problem You know it's like it's like those little things that that that you just gotta live to record like you know you gotta you gotta get used to recording and It is led opposition. Especially like you've got a mall in accord your your day at the mall. It can be quite awkward. A lot of people staring at you but remember you've got you've got these big time youtubers who log outside of the country you know. They're visiting Other countries in their liking of logging. And they're still able to make a pretty good video of it so just get used to your local place. Gate leased to to to blogging. Just your friends or even like your small town or whatever of logging around that image that like the build up more and more on the become more and more public you have logged Log counter this segment because it probably said it so many times or is a whole episode to and Yeah it's it's really. The whole dynamic with this whole thing is really interesting because like i said before. It's it's quite simple concept of logging and you lease turn on your camera start talking and that's it but i think there's a lot more mental side so it is a lot more logistical sides to it. Were comes to you know again like that mental block of talking for the camera or think near not interesting enough. I think the other physical aspect is like people concern that they don't have the right equipment for it but in reality all you need is a phone like i sound super cliche and super cheesy but i feel like all you need is a phone. There's people who have. I believe this is one movie that was recorded purely on an iphone horror movie. So i don't really know the exact name of it although i'm quite a big fan of horror movies but like i got forgot what was baluch. Think it's like a thriller that was cruelly recorded on an iphone. And you're if you're able to shoot a whole movie and publish it and you know go through all that then someone can make log and i had this. Is this friend. Who is a youtuber. Finished youtuber i'm steven plug is plug is piano. Quick 'cause a can find it I don't wanna butcher. As i know his name but like i don't wanna push butcher his his youtube name 'cause He he makes you content. If i can find it fitness youtuber furniture On my subscriptions where is he. Where is he is he. I promise i am just looking for it. I'm really going to have to go on my list of subscriptions it's under the jays because he is the same not saying it is j. Christ it just. Jake is jake and then g. r. I s. t. He does fitness stuff so He does like this content and basically. You've logging himself when he's working out and essentially he records with his phone and i think it's i think it's really cool that he's able to. He's able just plus phone record and innocent people again. He's i think he's he's still gets nervous. I'm pretty sure. But he's sort of got over the hump of of having idea plus phone Again like i said he's probably still gets nervous in certain situations reporting but he's comfortable talking to the camera and explaining his day and it's like one of those little things that that That you've got to get used to and Again that you don't you don't need them most high end equipment. That's more on a down down the lanes where if or that's when you get more serious if you have certain projects that require more higher end equipment. That's when you need it. But when you i want start off logging all you really need is a phone. And and that's it like you can religious record and edit and then that's it and This will allow people like tend to think that. Like all i need to. I need to have this nice red camera but merely reality allow these popular youtube risen lies popular concentrations just started You know just with their phones or even like one of those really old cameras. Neca point you camera. So yeah Blogging is i. Want sorry i personally. Do you wanna sorry. I keep telling myself that. But like i don't know what log I also i do tend to get busy with my days Lamb i two day in the life of a college student at home Yeah maybe i wake up tomorrow morning and will do that. But yeah i actually thinking of how like struck alex do. I'm i'm a very visual person. Like to think i want to construct my shots and Yeah like that my head but other than that. I think that's really it for this episode. These extra pretty interesting topics. i think. A lot of them were just like more on off the dome type of things but he. He's concert houses and the complexity of logging. We're really topic. Wanna talk about and So this has been the gmc social news. Podcast brought to you by dmc podcast network again. I'm your host. Jose and i want to say thank you so much for listening all the way through this. Podcast really means a lot and please please please Give fodder positive feedback. A job really does help me as a host in helps us. So in general. You know and Please make sure to follow us. All social media platforms like facebook and twitter. Anything like that but without with that. Thank you for listening to jazz really nick. You see all in the next episode. He's you've been listening to the golden state media concepts social media. 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