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"paul stankowski" Discussed on News Talk 1130 WISN

"Vent down in Florida for ST Lucie last weekend. How'd it go? What'd you think of the events the first time demographically you qualified for because you across the Mendoza line of being 50. No, it's a great event. Obviously, it was run a little bit differently than we had in the past to get down there. Had to take a covert test was like a little mini bubble. No, not really. I mean everyone staying all over the place in different hotels and things like that. But ah s so we had to go in Get a covert test every day when you pulled into the complex you, catcher. Temperature checked, and then he got a little sticker that you had to have. You had a bad day, too had to wear as you walk around the clubhouse, and so is a little different feeling. As far as that goes, everybody was individual cards. So you weren't riding with anybody know caddies? No Spectators s O. That was a little strange. Normally, you see family members walking around and things like that. Usually there's a couple of TV cameras float around as well. And that didn't happen. Either, but it was a well run event. It was great the golf courses down it. Ah, PJ Village. The rider in the Wanamaker. Great Golf course is really good for competition. They're fair. They're fun s so it was good. My golf game wasn't as good as I would've liked. On day one. A two is OK. It was better. I mean, it wasn't where it should have been, either. So it was. It was okay. Couple Lou shots and a couple of penalty shots and Double miss putts. And, you know, Mr Cut by three, which was a little disappointing, But you know, Walker getting going away from it thinking. Hey, you know what I played about His poor lease I could've played now that Mr Cut by three made me feel a little bit better, I guess, um Omar Uresti of Texas. Who was he to her guy? He was over 400 tour stars that right 1800 witness, but they did really well look at 1818 under anywhere is great in math and 400 career PGA Tour starts. So if you're doing Paul Stankowski finished third by the way to another former PGA Tour fires well, so that Z 25 events a year. He's been on tour for 15 years. Everything so it's pretty. It's pretty amazing How much graduate graduate in battle it around a little bit for 10 15 20 years. I am. We only have about 90. Seconds here Fruits. You saw a little bit of ah of Shadow Creek in that CJ couple of that What you think of that is this is golf course, is like all the buzz social media was just people raving about this thing. People like Derek Jeter and Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky. Our members there 500 bucks, plus a caddy fee to play. Did you? Did you think of the golf course that you saw? Well as we were talking about before the show started. I didn't I didn't see much of the event. Because we were busy. But what I heard you got what? I saw the golf course. Look great. What I heard about it. I reviews like you're saying, but I didn't know you could get 500 bucks for a round. If you didn't have a course sitting next to the ocean or a big body of water, But then again, it's Vegas. So the guy from golf magazine Michael got underwritten by the magazine to go play around there, and he's taking pictures of himself in the locker room. Next Jordan's locker is actually a pretty cool sort of thing. Did you see any of this? Yeah, I know the place is spectacular. I've had friends that have played it. Andi were actually when we go out to Vegas this year for our program were my guys were like, Hey, if you get us on, we're willing to pay it. So really, So we're looking to try and see if we sneak out. Do you see anything this tournament? I did not I did not go is like crossing at this weekend. Go look Att up online and just take a take A look at it and even their own website. Some of the whole by holes. It's really mild roommate was a volunteer. There is that right for that for the event, so he was posting pictures everyday of himself out there, It's cool Water falls. There's moments in the background, and the golf course looks difficult to a lot of angles, lot of steep stuff or on the green. You see the piece of land that it started on? No, it was just right in the middle of flat desert. Damn unbelievable Lot of Earth moved to make that thing. One more minute of the swing doctor forth coming here and who stuck 11 30 W Jason, If you think we're just four wheels and a grill,.

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