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The REAL Philosophy of NieR: Automata [Part 4/5]  On Simone de Beauvoirs Feminist Philosophy

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The REAL Philosophy of NieR: Automata [Part 4/5] On Simone de Beauvoirs Feminist Philosophy

"Is there a difference between a person's sex and their gender. I mean wiser so much. Confusion disagreement and just overall conflict in the general western imagination. When it comes to this particular topic. Why do we see so many different public figures pretty much say completely different and even oftentimes mutually exclusive things about the relationship between our sexes and our gender and well the narrative of outta mehta offers us an interesting way for which we can both explore and better understand the philosophical origins of this particular debate. So what i want us to do. In this episode issues the narrative of neuron omega in order to help us better contextualized the whole sex versus gender debate into its proper historical context and i feel fine so the topic of gender gender roles and the relationship between a person's sex and whether they are a woman a man or whatever is explored in your tomato through the amusement park boss and though amusement park boss just happens to be named after one of the main architects of modern philosophical feminism namely all debevoise and it's important to mention the of started off her career as an existentialist philosopher and only later started writing about philosophical feminism gender scripts and so forth. And because she started off as an existentialist philosopher her philosophical ideas are not only deeply grounded in existentialist philosophy but her philosophical ideas are also deeply grounded in die ideas of one. Very specific existentialist philosopher namely jean-paul saw tra who in your automated is portrayed as this arrogant narcissistic and just generally obnoxious machine and saw tre in real life wasn't the only one of the avars closest friends companions and so on but he also remained one of her main romantic partners throughout most of her life and as such given their close proximity to each other issue. Come as little to no surprise that the two ended up significantly influencing each other's ideas and overall philosophies and one of the main ideas which of are borrowed from satra and later used as the foundation of our own feminist philosophy is the proposition that our existence precedes our essence. You know i you're physically born and then after you're physically born you develop your inner essence ideas personality and so forth and not the other way around. I mean up until relatively recently the dominant idea in western intellectual culture was that a person's inner essence was the byproduct of some type of non-physical stuff which presumably existed or was presumably formed prior to that person's physical birth. So what south did is to essentially flip this traditional idea on its head and argue that again i were born. And then after we're born we get to build and develop our inner essence as a byproduct of our live physical experiences and this is an idea which pretty much still thoroughly dominates the western imagination. To this day. I mean for example propositions like you are the product of the family. You were brought up in or things like you are the product of your environment or you are the product of your circumstances or you a product of your developmental years and so forth. All of these popular tropes are essentially different takes on the whole south in existence precedes essence proposition. And the way all of this is related to simone. The beauvoir's feminist philosophy and the whole sex versus gender debate. Is that simone. Took this idea. The idea that existence precedes essence and redirected towards the topic of gender. I mean she pretty much transformed south ras proposition into what has now become one of the core pillars of modern feminism namely the idea that one is not born but one becomes a woman and idea here is really that according to lavar gender roles things like being a man or things like being a woman and so forth ultimately amount to a type of culturally conditioned social performance. You see in her view as we gradually become socialized by our families our societies our educational systems and so forth. We suddenly become persuaded to act in all sorts of ways which would otherwise be unnatural to us. I mean from the moment we're born. We essentially have other people telling us how to behave or how to speak or how to conduct ourselves how to address how to think and ultimately how to be in the world. But here's the thing what debevoise realized is that social performances are not thor. Given phenomena in other words gender roles zones dropped out of the sky gender roles according to of war are things that we ourselves as a culture build and develop over time and as such as culturally conditioned phenomena gender roles are hence malleable things. i mean obviously. Different cultures and different societies will generate entirely different gender scripts. After all what it meant to be a men or what it meant to be a woman in ancient china isn't the same thing as being a man or a woman in western society today and this is the main reason why neuron omega you meet. See mall in the theater hall namely place of performances. I mean even though simone supposed to be a sexist machine in europe omega is still nevertheless went ahead and appropriate for itself the traditional gender role of a woman simos not only dressed in what we would normally refer to traditional western woman clothing. A skirt corset and so forth but simone has also appropriate for herself the traditional sociological and psychological goals of a woman indeed she internalizes social performance of traditional western woman to the point that pretty much all of our lives objectives became centered around securing the romantic affection of one particular machine namely paul. And of course. This is an indirect jab at the whole romantic relationship which took place between the real simone. They've evolved and the real john. Paul satra but in europe omega jean-paul. Who again is depicted as this arrogant. Narcissistic machine does not reciprocate. Simone's love so confused by all of this. Simone who again is deeply immersed and invested in the social performance of traditional western woman interprets. Jean paul's rejection as her. Having failed to become sufficiently beautiful to deserve is romantic attention and this is interesting because what yotaro. The director of neural made is trying to show here. Is that when we appropriate a social performance. We start to see everything around us including our goals failures successes and so forth through the lenses of that particular social performance. And this is why seem all the machine eremita becomes so enormously invested in making herself. Look ever the more beautiful. By having appropriated the gender performance of traditional western woman. sima began processing jumbles rejection as he comment on her physical appearance at this is pretty much. Why in the game. Sea monkeys enhancing physical appearance. Even though through the process of enhancing gets she has pretty much physically deformed herself i mean. Simone has literally accessorize her body with android corpses. That's how far she was willing to take her hall beauty enhancement project and again. It's important to remember that machines do not have a sex in yard. Omega machines are sexless. They are androgynous. Entities simone machine was neither born nor created as a female. She became a woman after she was created out of her own. Free will simone machine could have just as easily chosen to enact the social performance of a traditional western men or really anything else that it wanted. It literally had no restrictions in terms of what it could have become and this is precisely the facet of simone double vars philosophy which yoka kotaro is trying to illustrate fru though amusement park boss sex and gender even though they may superficially overlap at least to some extent are entirely different phenomena so for example while in ninety nine plus percent of cases humans are either born as a male or as a female there are of course a few rare exceptions to this rule. Triple chromosome humans and so forth. but we won't get into that here so while in ninety nine plus percent of cases humans are either born a male or a female gender on the other hand is nearly entirely a historical social and culturally conditioned phenomenon. Again gender is determined by culture whereas our sex is determined by our biology. I mean for example even though they are biologically nearly indistinguishable from each other. Your traditional mongolian men who lived there in gascons rule acted and behaved a dramatically different manner than your average southern californian men thus today both of these are substantially different genders scripts with different expectations different performances and ultimately different outcomes. So this is the main difference between a person's sex and a person's gender our gender is determined by the culture society and historical period. We were born in whereas our sex on the other hand. The notes a trans historical and transcultural physiological configuration which exhibits a particular set of features properties and biological characteristics. So knowing this what's inaudible war try to express in her philosophy. Is this idea that while we may have little to no control over our sexist given that our sixes are a product of evolution our gender performances on the other hand are things that we are very much in control of so in this sense that will are. Swimming is philosophical. Ideas are very much existentialist in nature. The purpose of transcending gender roles is ultimately slightly modified version of the whole niche in rise. Above your circumstances in order to build a more authentic version of yourself and in this sense in yard omega seem all acts as a cautionary tale regarding the degree to which the social performances which we appropriate for ourselves can not only shape an influence our outer essence our outer appearance and so forth but also how they can shape and influence our inner essence our psychology our goals our dreams and hopes and so forth.

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