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"paul rideout" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"Only Pete Prisco will be on the show nine twenty eastern six twenty Pacific time, and we're joined also by some of the wonderful security guards here at radio row. We're having a wonderful conversation about their excitement level fort land their into their exam about humor getting off work. They are feeling really really good better perhaps than the folks in New Orleans better. Perhaps the pelicans fans who hoped and believed that given the situation and the status of having finally done the impossible and landed a superstar, and I think he has any Davis is that I think he is a his injury issues notwithstanding. He is a once in a generation talent. And he is the epitome of the kind of player you have to find through lock through happenstance through good luck. Davis fan behind me here. Get a little angry. You have to land guy through free agency to the draft through trade. If you have a real chance to build a winner in the modern MBA, particularly with the ridiculous obstacles that now exist with the Golden State Warriors and the problem for New Orleans, and I'm unrolling stands my favorite cities in the country. It is not a big market. It is not a major market and the reality is this. If you draft someone like Davis. If you get someone like Anthony Davis, and for whatever reason his fault your fault. You cannot retain some like Anthony Davis. Your organization will be set back and in a shocking move today. Shocking enough, then the NBA is reportedly investigating how this went down. Anthony Davis through his agent publicly has requested a trade notice. A few reasons is unusual. It's not unusual. The timing that the messaging will come out that is tired of losing wants to be somewhere else. And is looking for a change. What is unusual is that his agent Rich, Paul who's lebrons agent? What attach his name and would be open about the fact that this is a part of a concerted plan an effort normally the move. The smart move is into this. This is the following you have Rich Paul Rideout Agent Orange now ski or Sam amick or any of the ten or ten fifteen reporters are out there, and you have them attributed to sources, it becomes clear that wants out you message to the various general managers that he's available and you don't run the risk of Anthony Davis walking into that locker room and having to look at teammate after teammate who realize he has given up on them. You give him plausible deniability and you also avoid the very real tampering problems and perspectives and possibilities that come with doing this. And the folks in New Orleans are mad as hell they're angry. They put out a statement today saying in effect, they will not be bullied. They will make this decision in terms of what's best for their organization. I'll read you part of this part of what they said they said we will not be dictated to by those outside of our organization. We have also requested the league to strictly enforced hampering rules associated with this transaction, and the NBA has announced that they've done that. Now, the Anthony Davis sweepstakes are going to be ugly, and they're going to be public. And there's a strategic reason for this. The Boston Celtics are the best bed. Danny Ainge is the GM who will have the courage and the gods to spend whatever assets it takes to get a loaner any rental for Anthony Davis and run the rest of his contract is up. He will move on. And everybody knows like they knew with LeBron Cleveland like we think we know maybe the clippers and like is true with Anthony Davis that LA is where each of these guys AD included wants to be. In fact, it's not coincidental. That Rich Paul is the agent for LeBron James Stewart Kovacs has been, you know, usually, this is the thing in sports is always unfair things, but one organization or cities heartbreak one soul crushing moment for one fan base is uplifting to people like to if you're in Oklahoma City thunder fan. Listen, Oklahoma City. I love that your team is there. You're one of the best fan bases in the country. You support that team? I know it's earlier, but reminds me of Green Bay Wisconsin with the NFL you also stole that team or your order did from Seattle Seattle lost that team. If you are a Rams fan. I'm looking into Rams jersey right now, I'm sitting here in a big beautiful open stadium. Open. Convention center to celebrate the Rams and import and the patriots and the Rams are here because men all having a rough week because New Orleans got absolutely does done comb. And if you're enrolled pelicans fan, you realize that your organization's been set back a long ways, and it's a great day for the Lakers. And the reason that well, there's a few reasons that went down this way won the arrogance of LeBron James, and I don't even mean, LeBron covered LeBron LeBron, but the people around him those move in his orbit. Do not I think sometimes understand. They are not LeBron the laws of physics the laws of politics. The laws of professionalism the laws of how it's supposed to work. Don't apply to LeBron James and the normal context of his NBA world that is not true for those in his orbit and Rich Paul is handling himself. Lebron James LeBron James can make whatever demanding wise. Lebron James Rich Paul is not the and so it's a misstep. It's also time strategically the Boston Celtics are not allowed to carry two contracts with the bird writes that both Kyrie Irving. And so Boston is handcuffed right now. And Anthony Davis clearly doesn't want to go to Boston. He wants to go to LA. And so by AD coming out and really haven't his agent come out and say, he's gone. He's not going to sign an extension in effect. You better trade him yesterday. It puts a ton of pressure on that organization. New Orleans to move on from him and doesn't give him don't sleep on. Danny Ainge be good enough to do this it handicaps Danny Ainge trying to pull a three way trade for which he would need time to move kyri somewhere else as part of a move that brings ADM I live any inside information. I'm at the Super Bowl haven't made a single phone call a single GM, but my instincts, tell me this didn't happen from happenstance, and this is part of a chess move by dis camp, which by the way is also LeBron's camp to get a D two L A into block, whatever Danny Ainge was cooking up and Vegas sees at the exact same way here. The odds on where the brow. I will start his season in the two thousand nine hundred thousand twenty season. Boston is the favourite eleven to four just behind them. The Lakers a five to four then the Knicks at eleven to two and all the way down to the pelicans. Then the Sixers rockets thunder robbers warriors-spurs he's not going to be a pelican, you cannot keep him. And this is what I would suggest to the front office in New Orleans who are angry. And in fact, the the statement they put out that. I just read you there so angry, and they got it out so quickly. There are Typos in the actual state. I read you the statement properly. But rules associated is what it should name not associate because they're rushing this thing because there's a real time Warren battleplan out Brandon Davis. But here's what I would tell New Orleans and that GM in that front office, and that ownership group, this is an act of either and probably both amateurism or desperation by ritual and by Anthony Davis and by. Lebron james. They're worried something's going to happen. They have given away all the cards. They have made New Orleans MAB New Orleans ask for everything. You're not going to be able to keep them. You're not going to want to give Anthony Davis. What he wants? I understand the instinct, I get it. You're gonna have to overcome that you call up Magic Johnson. And you say we'll see this is what we're going to take. You will give us this deal or I will sell them for half as much as someone else in good luck. Look what's happened with choline the rappers. You will give us Brandon Ingram. You will give us Lonzo ball. You will give us Kyle. Kuzma, and you will give us your next first round pick, whatever first round pick New Orleans. This is Amy and I understand it's not enough for Anthony Davis. But this is the problem and in some ways the way the NBA's become broken. There's some ironies here. This is all the result of the warriors creating a juggernaut that superstars can't get past and having to coalesce and come together in order to feel like they have a chance. And so this plan that was put together this agreement between the players and the owners several years ago that was supposed to create not just well for all these players because the amount of money they split greatly increased for the players. It was supposed to create parody. It was supposed to create its narrow review. Drafted the right guy. You offer him a fifth year and a whole bunch of extra money was never gonna leave. But because of the particulars of all that money flooding into the system, which they did unanticipated TV deals going up and the ability to manage him those salaries and make some of those offers Kevin Durant was able to go to the warriors stick around with those three other guys. And now every single superstar wants a pair of some other superstar life isn't fair. You're not going to be able to keep it. So make the demand that seems outrageous or give them away to somebody else. You have to play horrible. Now, if you're one of these small teams Brandon Ingram Kyle Kuzma, Lonzo ball is not enough in a vacuum to getting Anthony Davis. But we don't operate in a vacuum. We operate in the space where the warriors exists even though they shouldn't is the antithesis of the deal that was struck. It's a twist of fate. And players have started to flex their muscle to get past the warriors and have realized how much strength the have and leveraging their own teams. And you got pushback tell the Lakers. This is the deal. Here's the clock. And if they don't pull the trigger you trade them to somebody else for less. That's what you do New Orleans. You make sure that this never happens again will demand and what you want. Sure Kovacs, and I were talking earlier and the Lakers fan, and I said to him because a lot of people in the NBA would say go to hell on that deal. Would you give up coups and Ingram and Lonzo and before it can finish in a heartbeat? Hell in fact, what he said can't even say a national rare so disappointed in the language Kovacs shows to us. But it tells you the the state of mind of Lakers fans, and here's the other reality. Anthony davis. Is injury. Pro I love AD. I think he's a remarkable remarkable talent. Obviously, he's remarkable talent. But he's injury prone. He's twenty five law Andrews for younger LeBron James, I think is injured. I don't mean to despair just character. I'm pretty sure he's injured. I don't think it's interesting that he's nursing this long-term while they're trying to go and Anthony Davis. There's no guarantee that LeBron's going to stay healthy in his older age. He's going to stay healthy at all. So have you believe in karma, New Orleans? And I know you do because you have some you know, there's some voodoo dolls of dollars saw every NFL game. Make the best as you can and move on. Is poisoning wanted guy wants to leave? This is a whole other level of that wants his agent has announced it. Anthony Davis of the Lakers four New Orleans make sense because it's three young guys you can build around. Our gimme a perspective Davis..

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