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"paul pomp" Discussed on Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network

"<unk>. Ellie is a candy ride the jane the jay lyon bread out of princess arabella on and on curling in out of bernardini mayor point of honor and then got another street sense off all papa <hes> the windstar bread out of the include mayor and then chelsea's cross even pat biancone shows up with an anthony's cross philly out of a trippy mayor not exactly actually not exactly <hes> classic distance bread but <hes> anyway. This is a really nice feel. Yeah i think <hes> i think you've been interesting race again. We don't know how good dunbar odors if she towers over these or not quarter you gotta figure point abundance got a absolutely love the mound quarter between ration- the coaching club and her pedigree on top of that and even victory in the black eyed susan <hes> she's not not. She looks like she's crying out for <hes> for distance it champagne anyone for me. I think <hes> i my inclination yellowstone laying there and now that castellano lana i mean how many times does he won this race. I mean catch lonzo am sure he he's had to have won the alabama three times three the times i think many times three times in fact it is <hes> embellish the lace <hes> for the lead longs and i know you've mentioned inches of selmar process il mar of course for armed berman and eddie stanko and pine island <hes> as well for shoghi versus the ill-fated pine island and yeah so three not as good as his record to the travers but <hes> pretty pretty darn good well this is this is always been one of my favorite one of my favorite races every year going back to. I had a very special day hey to go for one. I made a special trip to saratoga that year to see her speaking of ill-fated <hes> well on on on on a brighter note <hes> you have to for hockey hunch players yet to go for us topic because paul pomp is a huge new york rangers fan so for any any rangers fans out there you can go to root for the paul pomp at paul's balls involved. Today i think in the stake actually actually <hes> i think today and hockey is playing a huge role in horse racing. These people realize i'm not between eric johnson winning scarlett go on opening day. Call pavel learn. Hey the saturday guys just getting again joel quenneville. Who's who's oh horizontal vinnie viola. Who's a is on <hes> eddie olczyk. It's <hes> the sports. I really coming together. In a lining which i think is great. Fantastic johnson joined us <hes> early in the meat and it really is so upbeat and is so involved and of course he turned around not only was here for opening day saratoga and had the win then he went out to the dell marnie one. I think he won a couple and i always zero and and another one too didn't he is he handbook is he involved in both recall. I don't know i think he might be but <hes> he. We had a terrific really reading reading the hooks into every aspect of it and just just loves it and as the you know thirty years old and hockey the kind of like running a twelve year old then they'll resolve this guy on on the avalanche and because of that he gets to set the tv me too what he wants to watch before the games. I'm he's always got time and the other guy who like what do you do in the air and watch t._v. People might sorry russ it so much. The positive always a positive and you bring this up and it makes me think i had <hes> who l. denis savard when a when rene with sure when rene douglas ebb and private zone was running wild then he savard.

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