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Best Of (NFL Week 16 preview, Lakers/Bucks + Rockets/Clippers, Ernestine Sclafani Bayless)

Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

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Best Of (NFL Week 16 preview, Lakers/Bucks + Rockets/Clippers, Ernestine Sclafani Bayless)

"Welcome to the undisputed podcast. I'm your host Jenny Taft. This podcast is a condensed version of today's episode of undisputed Pan picked with the best segments and discussions skip Shannon. Let's go that. Prescott has remained limited in practice with with what is reportedly in a joint injury in that throwing shoulder all week the QB does say though. He's going to be good to go Sunday against Philli Jerry. Jones says he expects debt to be in top form. All right it's a following the news about Dak shoulder. The cowboys have become less of a favorite each day. Although deck is reportedly reportedly scheduled to throw at practice today. And we'll see what that causes the line to do joining us now Fox sports NFL analyst. Eric Dickerson so much for me. Allow me to say quickly on Sunday. Ernestine needed meter run. Some errands and I did not get to see the rams cowboy game so I was hoping you could. Yeah well well Bassett still around bass with your bills beat us so I went to the game. I was so he list. Because I'm older child we're going to be Joe and the cobweb there probably are. We are and from the first snap when we had great field position. Forty Yard Line. We throw three terrible pass. You know what I said. I will lose this game losing and I got I got. I got to give it to you cowboys. Oh boy thank you. I'll put a beat known but I'm not a cowboy fan but now back to business about jared Goff's failures that what that game was no it was not it was just. It's a team effort. It was a team the team with flat. I mean we looked like we weren't playing for nothing. I would defensive like what defense we we gave up forty. I think forty points in three games in three different games. Tampa you guys and somebody laudable. Oh Yeah I I WANNA forget down forty dollars again you can't you can't win doing that. Not Not discussing. Don't college scores forty points in the NFL. You go in the locker room after I left. Jeff I gotTa See. My friend had a private jet over that so my friend. USC My friend now me and my friend so it is. I think earlier earning third. He said we already. I say let's hit. It was thirty eight to steal seven. I'm like then Atlanta's forty four so Kabul I case. Did you see a super bowl possibility with my cowboys on wheel. Go crazy lose our mind but what I do in Dallas team when I saw that team plays sons. That's the team everybody's been wanting to see. They played really good football. They did what I said from from the beginning of the year. Skip that you disagree with the. What did you run a foot bone? Run the football with Zeke. And let me tell you. It's not how many times you run. The ball is how you run the football being running being a former running back you know if you run the ball three times in the fourth quarter. You know you'd run it eight times in the second quarter to tap the third and four in the in the Ford you might say he got twenty cares but he didn't rhythm you hear every back say that it's about the router. It's like asking my quarterback the thought about in the first quarter and we will again the third quarter. I wonder why missing receivers. y'All say y'all had this all pro offensive line a great line. You know you have to me. One of the best one in back from specially between the tackles between Zeke is the best to me. He hasn't lost anything. You know when I ran for two thousand years ause. I didn't have a lot of fifty sixty runs. It was fifteen twenty. You know I think my longer. You may be sixty yards but we run the football with him. y'All are different football team eighteen and to me in this football game. I feel like that. The Eagles don't have anything on office decimated on office. I mean you know I think when I look at Carson Wentz I feel bad yeah for the fans you know the fans a boon in You know the media's boom so I mean it's like he can't win it'd be receiving the hands you know. Hit hit the regular and then he dropped it. I mean you can't you can't you can't survive like that. So in this football game we picking scores yet. You're going to pick a OH cutie status but anyway I'm taking the cowboys. Twenty four twenty. I told you a couple of weeks ago. You guys go into divisions and I say that you did you guys go in envisioning I if you if you don't run the football Sunday on Sunday I'm going back to when I played in my days. We played Chicago. I'll go back in the eighty five championship game. I was there there. That defense was wrong. We had no passing attack. Okay they beat us. I think I had the forty yards or something like fifty fifty yards okay the next year. Same Defense Monday night. Football the cold in December. We're going to run the ball. Oh no matter what we ran the ball I think twenty six times I had one twenty four one time. We won that football. I'm seeing this if the cowboys. Run the football with Zeke. They win the game. They win the division. Okay before were you go really quick point of order on Sundays game against your rams. Do you realize the first eight cowboy first downs in that game. First downplays guests who didn't get the football any of the first eight first downplays. No Zeke on any of those eight. Because I'm the one having to sit watch. These games pounding my hi desk at home saying what are you doing. Every first down it seems like for fourteen straight weeks has been just a straight up the gut hand off no creativity. Here's and it goes for a minus one or zero or maybe one or minus one zero now maybe one and it's always second nine second and ten and eleven. It's just hard to overcome that. It's why you drive drive drive and then you stall because all the drives are too long. And there hasn't been enough Zeke uncreative situations. They established the lead the other day by throwing the football the early third and ten he. I'm sorry third. Nine nine was Tamari for nine hundred yards. Remember that one and then a third and ten in the red zone went to Jason witten any one hand caught by in for a touchdown and then forty nine on yards. went to your ex Ram receive ride on. Why don't again they ran into the rams ran into the forty nine yard touchdown? Fourteen to seven Evan Dallas. That's what they haven't done all year. is they get a lead. Then they let ram remember the rams went right down and scored seven all right. And you're probably feeling pretty good about yourself until the tape. Von Play happened all sudden my teams up fourteen to seven and never looked back then comes the diet of eat. Zeke eat from that point forward. Well at that point that you got a twenty eight to twenty eight seven lead you better run the ball and they don't tell me they came out of the Locker Room said we're gonNA feed the beast stone. I down whether you like it or not but you know this being a running back row is is more than saying okay excellent cares. It's a commitment admit that you have to run the football skip just because they said okay. We're committed to running the football. That doesn't necessarily mean we gotta get with the everytime. I doubt. But we're committed. WE'RE GONNA walk out of this game with thirty five forty years. Okay how we get there. Maybe maybe maybe we have to go for a few fall behind thirty one to three the at home. What are you gonna do different but see? That's the thing that's how you get them. Out of running Zeke. Will you fall behind. You can't run your way back into a ball game now you can right because you run you run the ball possess the clock due to the ball to keep the other team from getting the ball you fall behind twenty three thirty one three. Why are you running the ball okay the UK but scale look? The Eagles are really banged up. Aren't they go. Whiteside was limited in practice with a dude but injury. They're already down Jack already down our. We don't know of Lane Johnson's GonNa play. I mean he's eagles receiver but I think he has a cowboy juries Zona plenty of either show to pay so. I don't really know what's going on with that. Dallas should win this game. They are the healthier the teams all standing. Now you do you have A. I mean the significance of deck injury. I think they put some medicine in there. I think you'll be okay but you better than them. All all's out in all areas except probably the kicking game I've still AMMO. Take our. Take the eagles kicker over your kicker but the eagles need to get this game to the board quarter close one scored. The game's only one one. They normally lose now if you let them run hide like they did the first three weeks of the season skip if if you let them hot like like the eagles did like the rails did they blow you out. The Front runner skip say you don't love front runners except when his cowboy running now he loved that Um but that's okay Walker to. I expect him to be walking tour. I expect he expect him to show you. Why many believe he's the best quarterback in the east fewer and fewer as okay? Yeah but he has no weapons. I mean I I gotta say for for for causing almost feel bad for him and I'm not a eagles fan. I just feel bad. Yeah because you know the the media killing fans killing him. I mean it's like chain. Do nothing right. But but if if he hits a gun in his hands it's like way through it too hard you know. What is this a drop the beat the beat the foul? Because I remember that on Sunday nights you walk into play against a New England. He had had the ball on hand. Would attest to Tattoo Ballgame. Would he do. So my term Eric Dickerson made a whole prediction and did not even and mention the injury. Mike quarterback has suffered actually to injuries. My quarterback has suffered because he played Sunday against your rams with a hairline fracture fracture of his index finger on his flowing hand throwing hand and then he suffered on his first running play which is the first downplay of the first touchdown drive the seven or nothing. Dr Clay Matthews rolled over the top of and I believe he suffered a rotator cuff contusion that swell like crazy easy on Monday and Tuesday. My quarterback is as durable as any quarterback in the league. He is not missed. A single practice in four years let alone a game and and he has missed two straight practices in which he could not throw a single football and you didn't even mention him and you're trying to discount it because you don't want me to have a legitimate. Excuse me. Excuse no excuses at this point. So they're going to try to let him throw a little bit today after he got a cortisone injection his shoulder to knock out the inflammation nations. And just see if he can get any range of motion back in his throwing arm. This game is made for Dak Prescott. It's going to be forty six degrees at kickoff. I'll Balmy Day on December twenty second in Philadelphia with no precipitation and light wind. My quarterback killed this team last year. Because it's secondary secondary is so TORTUGA L- he threw parties at Philly and at Gerry world in the fourth quarter and overtime at Gerry world. He threw for two hundred in forty three yards and three touchdowns without an interception as they came back to win in overtime. I'm thinking this is a game. He could throw for four hundred in this this game because they cannot defend the pass. They're front seven is stout if the eagles smell blood early if they see that Dak has lost his velocity or or his distance with his throws. If he can't throw it more than about five yards which I fear is going to be the case then they will flood the box. They got bodies to flood the box with their good in their front seven. And there's no way Zeke and so here I come. GimMe thirty-five curious. And I'll just you know what it'll be like you going against those eighty five bears in that championship game. It will be hard and I don't think they can win. That way. Dak has to be able to throw. If he can't they'll lose if he can throw about eighty percent of capacity Asti. They will win this game. They're better than eagles. I've said that from the value that they're better than the eagles and this is not the eighty five bears. Let's put get there a good defense upfront. I stated to you early and I'm sorry I didn't mention that I meant to put that in Douglas. actually gotTA gotTA showing a contusion but I think in a sense and I wanted to see a player get hurt. It may help because it forces them to run the football. You're not gonNa told you before it's not win you. It's not how many times you run. It is when you run it running. The football is never popular. Unless you just begging are big chunks. At a time you know the thing about run the football Shannon you know this and that third quarter quarter and therefore if you re if it's a close game you and you're getting three four maybe even to all of a sudden a ten fifteen throwing it mixing it up all of a sudden the deepest. I've got I've got to shake this guy's got to try to make a sack I've got to chase you down like I'll come back. I'm finding it this guy again like my God. Can you stop the run over here. Yep News you know. Give us a break on record if the cowboys are forced to run it. Fifty Times with both deck and Toni Ballard. They'll lose this game. They'll lose a close to bail L. of wait a minute now. He did that early on the first drive and he threw the ball twenty four times athey hurt shoulder to shoulder. Well I told you when you got a shoulder contusion Asian. It's swells on Monday and Tuesday. AC joint sprain. You got issues in that game but it should have been sore in the game that it was most painful painful on Tuesday. Great Step Guide for the third day in a row this week. Julian Edelman Limited in practice struggling with the knee injury. However Adam Element is expected to play this weekend against buffalo meanwhile Tom Brady was seen in practice shaking his arm and elbow? Oh after throwing passes no injury designation for Brady this week but don't forget. The previous four weeks grading was listed on that injury report with an elbow elbow the Patriots have the opportunity to clinch the. AFC's with a wind tomorrow against the bills. Eric dickerson still hanging with us. Eric put on your analyst hat. Forests awesome predict the score. which you got? He's that old asked man. That's what you tell me. What team is undefeated? They never lost again all the time. I never losing. That is true. I'm going to seventeen. Ten deals deals with how feels. Because let me tell you when you look at the first game. They played the the bills. Had three hundred and seventy five yards or toll office the Patriot. Two hundred twenty four. The bills had a hundred and thirty five yards rushing football. The bills had seventy five big status. The bills had five turnovers. Three interceptions by Josh Allen And the Patriots head. I think no turnover zero term. That's how you win if you look at the stats. You think most definitely the the building one night football game but you know when you turn the ball over. You just can't win. I'm going uh-huh in this game because I feel like the bills now. I think there are better football team like I said father time has shown up. I mean Tom Brady is not Tom. Tom Brady was and he doesn't have the weapons. I mean that's the big thing I mean. He doesn't have anybody to throw to element this time. Everybody's heart so he probably is gonNA play. I just like the bills. I like their running game with seven single. Terry I like him I I think that's the reason they got rid of Shady McCoy. I mean they saw something him. I mean this football team defensively you. You may not know that defensive players but they played some real decent. I'll let me Sean. McDermott has done a great job and even played they would hit you and they will hit you and and I you know one thing I just feel like that. This is the bills time. And I'm taking the bill seventeen. Look I'm not buying the Patriots injury especially with Tom. Brady shaking his arm and all all that other stuff. I ain't buying it. Julian report yesterday. Say Julia Gentleman look and practice yesterday as well as looking at any point in time in the last week now just with uh-huh uh-huh Julian Edelman Man. He came with a cane. He had a motorized he thought I was trying to figure how can a man go from with blue look bad bad to Thursday. He looked as good if looked at any point in time in the last two weeks. See anybody that sandbagging but they allow you to play in a wheelchair in this league. I don't Know No. He came to practice on the wheel. Get arrested I but I do. Believe this'll be a low scoring ballgame brady will benefit because look when I look at the bills defense. They have a very good defense. The Patriots have okay great defense. They've scored you don't think it's great. Not they're great not historically great. They're great in today's time you can hold someone under fifteen points a game you doing something in today's game with the way you know the the path of the fans and all the ticket tax defense receiver. So they're doing an unbelievable job. The Patriots Patriots Defense have scored seven nine if touchdowns five defense to block points. Yeah the Patriots lead the League in takeaways. The Patriots lead the League an average starting field position. Yeah so this notion that old carburetor. Tom Brady Star gives the ball in better shape than any other quarterback in the NFL. That's true and and the reason why I say it's you talked about. You're talking about Buffalo. It they had to Amoeba. Were could play better than what Josh told me. After that knew that Joshua Joshua had three turnovers tobacco coming he get to do more. And that's the difference in the ball game. I believe I don't believe there. Turn the ball over five times. So he's evolved beyond on the AMOEBA. But I do. I do believe they coach. Bela checks defense. Will coach few turnovers out of him. I'm going comedian's going. I'm saying Twenty Three Sixteen Twenty Three Twenty Three Sixteen Patriots. How many points do you give the defense defense? Go pilot. But See. Here's the thing the deepest will probably ably Sitcom up and like the twenty about a skill. They've been ten blocked kicks in the NFL. Tim blocked ones the Patriots. Have four of them. Seven hundred fifty touchdown. So that's the reason why I think about it. When they is going to be very interesting I said now the the Patriots haven't won a game in which they're given more than fourteen points all to think about it three games that they've given up more than fourteen? They lost all the other games. They've held teams under under fourteen. So I'm looking at skip. I'M GONNA say they're going to win a medium score game. I'll say twenty three sixteen because the defense gets a pick six scooper score blocked a punt but they sit. Tom Brady up in great field position on two drives. And that's enough for him to get the job to twenty three point. Yep so the guy who has hit the wall. Father time has tapped Kim on both. Yes you're coming with me right. He's going to somehow manage twenty three points when they can't protect him. They can't run block. Doc can't pass block. He's got no weapons. He's got zero. His best weapon is beat all to Hell Julian Wins you win. Stefan Gilmore giftable rent it back in the end zone when they blocked a punt and get them the on. Tom Brady got to do. Are you predicting to defensive scores. I'm saying well you only got ten yard. He can't get the ball ten yards. I don't know the defense will do what they've done for the most part what they've done eleven game which is played top neither deep it should teams teams down to four team points. I believe they get. I don't believe they hold him under. Because you know like I said I think buffalo had fits and they might coca turnover to our Tom. Wow so what have you guys taught me again and again about the number one issue in pro football is you have to football and conversely you have to stop Arrive Bill Defense consistently not done the last month on Lamar and company ran wild on Nick. Chubb Ran Wild on them. Joe Mixing last week in Cincinnati ran crazy wild on them. I'm like Devon Single Terry with a little help from Frank Gore they're going to get one hundred and fifty yards rushing so I can't argue hard with your pick. I think you made Ashley Irrational head. Actually it's again. I'm just picking my heart because I think this is a super bowl team but I can't justify it in any way shape or form against this team on this Saturday up in Foxborough. The weather is like again. It's like Philly early whether it's going to be perfect. It'll be thirty. Two degrees and thirty degrees at kickoff. No win no precipitation so if Brady can throw at all you should be able to throw in this. Similarly Josh Allen should be able to complete falls in this kind of weather right. It's good football weather. It's hidden weather those buffalo bills right you think about this Tom. Tom Brady has not lost back to back. Regular Season Games since two thousand and six okay. We've talked to. We gotta go back to two thousand six. The last time the regular season game so I believe Shannon Sharpe is picking the Patriots at home in what amounts to a playoff ish. I believe you're doing it just because because it's Tom Brady and bill belichick period end of story gives Russia. Yeah okay like that's what it boils down to. You're you're saying I can't. I'm not going to go against them and I'm the same way I'm right with you because they're just going to figure it out. I don't know how but I got it real low scoring seventeen to thirteen patriots. I don't know how I can't even give you a formula. Mula Ford except radio make a couple of throws I still say N- Akil Harry is the different. He's the x factor. Six four twenty five and they're slowly. He's evolving past asked his AMOEBA stage into legit. NFL Radios Davis wipe follows. Yeah he might Egypt. Why because I think they're seeing on tape? Well that's the only guy we really could threaten us. You're right bills bills bills. He's got lots of bills. I had a lot of bills till I got tickets to go sir. We appreciate it. Have a great weekend last night. The Greek Greek was just too much for Lebron a returning. Anthony Davis to handle Janas recorded thirty four points eleven boards but he truly stole the show from downtown a career high five three pointers on just eight attemps camps. Lebron finished with his seventh triple. Double of the season A. D.. Well he had a game high thirty six points to go along with ten rebounds. Now this is the first time this this season the Lakers have suffered back to back losses foxsports. NBA Analyst. Chris Bruce are joining us now. Good Morning Good Morning. What do you think you learned from last night's face-off I'm GONNA try to go fast? Because I learned a lot number one I say in my power rankings. I've had been walking the top two two whole year but I said on this show a couple of weeks ago the to La teams are head and shoulders above. Everybody else in the League. I misspoke Milwaukee's now four no against the La La Teams in Houston so obviously three and August la teams. They're legit. I think there are three teams the to La teams and Milwaukee on an elite level. And I get to Houston later. I don't have them on that level and I'm not guaranteeing Milwaukee wins the east. Because I think Philly has a lot of room to grow and I agree with and they have have over the last month they will continue but that Jaanus I mean I think we got a glimpse of the future. Last night is scary. Because he's in my view he may be only eighty percent of the player he could become because we saw last year. What Toronto due to slowing down in the playoffs making shoot the jumper? And if he's GonNa hit he the at five threes last night as you said this month in December eight games. He's shooting forty four percent from three and it's not a small sample size is twenty one for forty seven so six again if he's GonNa hit the three even at thirty five percent then. I don't know how you stop you. Had a nice little turned around Jay late in the game. So that's Milwaukee. They're legit the Lakers. I'll look at this as the bad you know lost in a lot of people might look at it as A. Here's why the Laker show me last night that they are about that life that they're serious about this season because they asked so many. The opportunities packing in it's a regular season game Thursday nine cimber. They started also obviously got down big and every time they made a run they they get to twelve they get to eleven at ten. Milwaukee hits the big three or basket and so with nine minutes left it happened they could easily be like you know what is not on right all right. Let's go to your clippers. Two weeks ago did just that at Milwaukee Right. It just said we're out. Yes and that's the difference in philosophy. Do frithjof bridge is so. The fact that the Lakers kept fighting I thought was a positive. AD showed me something. He's showing me more mental and physical toughness. Then I thought he had and I feel like every week is growing he first half. I'm thinking he didn't show up against the clippers and the fourth ride the two biggest games of the season. Go scoreless against the clippers in the fourth. He has a bad first half but he bought in the second half. We're head to head with. John did a great job. They're going to need him to be that dog dog that he showed last night to win it. All obviously Lebron second straight bag you got to have another conversation with late. The two turnovers Over the last minute and a half. But here's the thing unless father time has saddle Lebron shoulders this week as I guess what. King the party's over. Uh I'm not worried about Lebron liberals going to be fine so I like the fact that stepped up Danny Green. WHO BIGGEST GAMES THE CLIPPERS? The Bucks Kentavious call. We'll pope hope steps. Will I thought you know again. Not Worried about Lebron that was really the main negative was Lebron's for any still had a triple double but he wasn't Lebron so I thought that's what I say every time skipping. We talk about the Lakers. I said Frank Bogus you go to the board guarded three Latte and take care of the ball. And what did they. Didn't they do last night. Guard three point line and didn't take the ball. They guarded it. He was just talking about John John. I'm talking about regular season. Giorgio you know George George all-star regular season usually I play land that play outside the cavs by here. Yeah the oldest. Take a look when last time you heard a team having fourteenth deals in the game because that's what the books had last night fourteenth that's unheard of and a lot of them careless. I mean look when you have the guy has handled. The ball is much Lebron. Does this wire with Russ was in. Okay see he had a lot of tunnels because he had the ball down there every time James Harden. They're going to have lots of turtles because they have the ball. Eighty ninety percent of the time. But you can't situations like that you have to pick and choose win the ballgame amy. You making a run to get back in this thing. You have to be careful with the ball so the thing that you were trying in the first and second and third quarters now that you make a run you can't give them that opportunity because they got an opportunity to get the the game six maybe even get it down to three and then turn over then they come back down the court and boom and what. I'm starting to see what we're teammates threes. And they get it going early. Chris billeted coming down. He's won on four. Do pose from twenty-fifth swishes. It's what they they do. Though the issue was they feel it. I mean what do you got to lead the League in pace also they will push it and shoot it exactly so look. My thing is if the Lakers can guard at three point line and I believe they can take care of the ball they got down twenty one. You get that twenty yards with your quarterback but I got a bit. What am I gonNA game? Let you do let Chris. Chris Feldman the declares may has ruled over Chris. Bailey you know I would you today. D- what you're giving overlap ABC. I gave them a fee because he turned the ball over too much. Yeah and then the lounge stretch. Yeah the tutorials. Yeah so here. Five total but two of them came in the last ball game. But I tell you what we do. We'll open up. Something on nuggets needed have milk and cookies for somebody else on at this makes the Christmas Day game because both teams you know. This won't be their last game before. But you know tough losses. So could we get to what really it happened. Last night we get the browning came after yards fifth and final three with nine blended. We we see that sequence thank you it is another three Swish here. We go here we go wait for it wait for. He's just the crown crown. I'm crowning myself okay. Do they eat me the king me. It's like the message to Kawai. Oh No I think it was to the washed game. uh-huh right. He's the guy down the floor and again. I'm not been the biggest Janas fan you you were on them early last year. You're saying Milwaukee is like show me something Greek freak. I don't even like the nickname because the connotation is you got freakish ability but are you really a basketball player. Can you do it at the highest level. Can you shoot the ball from more than five feet away. Because there's no Brazil said no remember that feed the Games. The coach named him after the Games. And we yeah forty year old stopping because we saw the blueprint in the conference finals. They lost four straight remember. They won the first against Toronto and lost four straight games and and he shrank every game. What how these seven eight or whatever and by the fourth game? He's about six one so then he off season he committed. I'm going to figure this out. I think cal Korver has done wonders for him as his new teammate. Because he helped. Lebron is the free throw line when they were together in Cleveland even and he's really helping yawning because the stroke is looking pure Nutri for who. He has huge value on and off the flu practice. He has huge value. Not Dot com over played very well heeded. Their depth is really deep. They didn't even have Eric Bledsoe and they came in and just shell all shocked him with their shock troops but in the end Jaanus rose above two superstars because he was the best star of the three stars last night and remember if if he doesn't get his fourth foul early in the third quarter remember that limited him to only fourteen minutes out of twenty four in the second half. What if he played twenty two minutes? What do you think what happened? Nothing nothing good for the Lakers. Well he don't. He doesn't play a whole lot of maintenance. Anyway skip so I'm not so sure that he would've played but don't Patil. Lebron didn't get in trouble leader. And he handed you you. But what about the the Lakers. Four point four points five assists and eight rebounds. Admitting you've got carried away with the Lakers depth now I'm gonNA say they. They didn't play. They didn't play well last night. I mean 'cause you saw with the white gave you on Tuesday. The White was tampered played. Unbelievable Caruso had been played unbelievable. Okay Guy Carando would have been phenomenal bid but nobody played well last night. Hey but all of a sudden that rim gets protected by the bucks to the to Lopez's and Jaanus. It's hard to get to the basket. We get to the basket on. You know who. Don't care for what you're saying. That's why last night could have been good. Because maybe Caruso is reading his press clippings I mean he's getting all types of right the white now I mean maybe he started saying hey you know getting love in. La Thought they hated me so true. I think this could be good for them. And the Lakers the defense looked we. We've raised about their defense all year but their defense is at the rim and avery. Bradley is a great defender Linderoth healthy but they did not defend the three will know all asking where they had independent willow no perimeter defense vessel Westbrook led the rockets to a thrilling comeback. Win over the clippers behind his game high forty points last night. James Harden chipped in with twenty eight and get this one every the Houston starter double digits. George dropped thirty. Four quieted twenty. Five but the clippers still came up short one twenty two to one seventeen. Chris Chris. How impressed were you with those Houston Rockets last night and I was impressed with his impressive? Skip bayless but I was impressed. Looked at going there. Fourteen to one the clippers were at home to beat them like that. I think that was a good win. PJ Tucker was the best defender on the floor did a great job on held him to a nine eight points points in the second half and Houston. Everybody is Kinda cliche now to say a Dan. Tony team is horrible. Defensively over the last month or so. They've been pretty good defensively and last night they showed you know. We can buckle down when you need help from the clippers of course but forty eight points in the second half right. I'll give him credit for that. Here's here's the thing I hope. The rockets learn and I think they need to learn skip. If they're going to beat a team you think they can be it. Shouldn't it doesn't have to be all harden Gordon. All the time it doesn't he's he's averaging thirty eight points Russ's average twenty three. I would like that to be about thirty. Three and twenty six or even lower for both of them and when Gordon gets back he's giving you seventeen or sixteen eighty whatever because you need balance and I know last night Russ was was unusually good with forty. But they don't need James Harden scoring thirty eight points. You're not GonNa win a championship. The most points a player has ever average in the regular season and WanNa title is thirty two point six s Michael Jordan that was his fourth highest Gordon Season of his career right. We'll was fifty forty four thirty eight. He wasn't winning As so I I just don't Mark Johnston. We were talking to him yesterday on our radio. Show dot couple with Rob Parker and Marcus. Johnson said this he said his second year in the League with the bucks you remember. He was a great player. Five time all star. He averaged twenty six police Don Nelson winter him before the next season said look. We need you bring twenty-six down to twenty and he did he average twenty one that year they went from thirty eight wins playoffs to forty nine in the playoffs the next year he brings it down to twenty they win. Sixty lose the DR J. in the sixers in a tough seven game playoff series so my point is sometimes less is more now. I know you you got the branding. And you've got your sneakers in you know you. You're a superstar. So it's hard to say me and I could average thirty eight and be the highest ended up with a rare fire. I could average thirty two. Maybe so but that's what I hope they learn because that's what I think. They need what Chris bizarreness get. Betas has told me this might be the greatest defensive team that's ever been assemble. They got pat tailbone ball. They got the two wing defenders. This has got to people. I've heard NFL exactly. This has got to be happy and Michael Jordan two point. Oh and I've seen these teams play three. Sometimes it's hard in the WESTBROOK got at least thirty seven and all three now. I need to know what is happening. I what do we call James Harden. ooh Do we. What do we call to what he might be the Betas own bowl to finish with Michael Jordan? Just need to know why gone talker out. That's the question about to what they're not putting Hawaii on the best employer. Beverly is good too and Paul George you know they got some good defenders. But why are they hiding. KUWA- it's December period or not even to this go wait for March April and definitely wait for May and June. I'll I'll play well. We don't hear you'll play back. Ah the better question. Is Lebron going to be able to play the rate easy those new balances. I got a guy that could write you a prescription. You GotTa have a joke in the war last night or pretty hot. We've been able to hang out with him again because he got folding. They'll look what the rocky show me me. I mean down I mean what forty six forty six sixty five at the at the half and they go on a four to eleven run now we know they have firepower. James Harden was scrolling in the first half Roth had russ w up in the first half only shots almost doubled him up for the entirety of the game so he turned James Harden and for James Harden. They could see anything. You see when Paul Paul George Chris Paul game now. I'm not going to even get job. Carmelo the only time that he's taken a back seat that we've seen Ross Rogo here. Is your night tonight Bro. I do. You're paying I'm a facilitator for everybody. Keep everybody happy they got firepower. And if if you get this kind of production you're going to get six guys that scored in double figures. Yeah six going double figures. They got eighteen off the bench now. A lot of bad skill you talked about earlier Lewis. I'm getting getting getting thrown out of the ball game and it seemed like it took all the air out or building because they had to go on in the first half Paul Jordan in Kuwa- was taken her Paul George like like okay boom boom. Let me three go. Kawai Dot Gov speed of He. You know if quiet quiet is going about his business just do it his old thing and all of a sudden you wins finals. MVP All and all of a sudden. He's scores eight points in the second avenue. Lose that's what happens now. You let Lebron James Lebron on you had it going in the first half. Why would Lebron duty? You know what I noticed this man quit on your team. You'll team how to be special measure. Can you look at the Spurs. There are shallow themselves he left for dead. Yes you came for me. I can't believe you hold you. I forgive but I don't forget though you. He quit on my team. That team for day does he was my favorite board player. Five years raved and raved about it. And I'm back. I'm okay because he's going to be your little so I got two takeaways from last night. Number one is Chris. Paul and James Harden did not fit Russ and James Harden are like that and because they basically grew up together in southern California in their their level of trust and respect and admiration run so deep they will let each other get away with things that they wouldn't let any other human get away with last night they just jumped all over James and said you can't have this and it wasn't that he was called he just said okay. Russ you go in Russ went and went and it went all night long to forty points in like thirty one shots to sixteen or are you kidding me. James Harden Sabah. He made a two sixteen in five of eleven threes. That's pretty great. Yeah I saw. It wasn't like he had a cold hand he just saying. Look if that's what do it this way. We'll play your way clippers and watch what happens but right to your point Lou. Williams is the closer for the clippers. It's not it's not Paul George. They have both come up. Small enclosing moments in their careers. Paul George Against Lebron repeatedly and in moments such as the twenty thirteen game six of the finals when he missed a crucial late free throw he was not the spurs closer. The point is Lou Williams had to be there. This was their game at home to be want and Lou Williams does not get ejected from games. This was only only the second time. He got ejected and he got into it with Cain Fitzgerald and. We don't have time to run this but Chris Webber heard that he was sitting for. TNT Not right there courtside and he said Liu was furious because he said Cain Fitzgerald spoke to him in ways that nobody is going to be allowed to speak to him. And the Louis Yellen back. You can't speak to me that way. I'm a man I did not speak to you that way. So what did CAIN Fitzgerald. Do and twenty seventeen and he had Lebron James for the only time in his whole career so think about this Lewis has played a thousand twenty two. NBA Games and he's been injected twice and last night was one and it costs them that game. Lebron's been objected. One time and one thousand four hundred sixty six NBA Games and it was by the same guy. You talk about a quick trigger. You're boom okay. So that was basically a game. People don't pay three four thousand Bingo. Thank you very much and you are right like Lou Williams could be an all star this year. He's he's been that big do the best they got the best bass player their name. They him and trae the old heresy is live in studio skips wife the famous Ernestine Clifford. You Need Bela's Ayla. Thank you so much for coming in for having me back love being here. Well we'll see about that. Second Skill did not hug his wife. Talk about I'm I'm GonNa wait after the segment here but I want to see how we were. The only wants to give her a proper Hoeger. heisman posing Osama the jinx jinxed. You hugged him okay. Let me say something not dog. We'd been together for about fifteen years now and this has been the hardest football football season of my life. Thanks to my Dallas cowboys so I WANNA publicly. Thank you for being a saint in putting up with me through all those psycho Mike. Oh Sundays because I been psycho and I have a feeling I'm about to be even psycho or this Sunday when they play the this is the heads up. This is great. I have more four days of this. Okay maybe you should book a trip. I think immediately directly to Miami. Thank you have a fantastic book out right right now. I've if folks haven't read it balls how to keep your relationship alive when you live with sports obsessed guy. It's fantastic for avid sports fan. So you have have to fill us in as skips a roller coaster season as much as I can remember for any cowboys to use. What has it been like coping living with him the past few months it has been sheer? Hell excuse my language. Who so the day that he threw Zeke's jeered jersey in the garbage and then took it backout d? That is just the start of what it's been living with him so Zeke's mom thinks that was bad. Try doing this. Twenty four seven not easy so it started with game number two for me and you know I've got all kinds of good luck charms jinx beaters and I've tried everything to right. The wrongs of this season most of them unsuccessful. But I did find one lucky charm for a little while game number two at Washington. You'll remember this. My eighteen fell behind quickly seven. Nothing thanks to a Dak Prescott interception you've been all over him. He's throwing more picks Mitchell trubisky and he threw one at Washington that put them in a seven. Nothing hold that lasted all the way into the second quarter. You had gone to New York City to start your first media to we. Were to promote your book. It's a great book. I'm all for you going to New York a leaving him. But you left me alone with our little three year. Old Maltese Hazo. Oh so I was so desperate in the second quarter of that game that I went and picked up pays one the other room brought her brought her into my little. TV Room we stood right beside the TV giant screen TV. And I'm holding under my arm and guess what happened. Magic Happened Dak Prescott Win. Ninety seven yards in seven plays culminating tasting with a fifty one yard bomb to. Do you remember this Devon Smith. Whatever happened to Devon Smith but he was my guy at that point? Look at this this and I'm GonNa Tasers. Thank you as what a throw in a catch. This was beautiful. And guess what I stood holding Hayes. I let her down when when Redskins have the ball. I held Hazel the rest of that game and they had the ball six times. They go eighty three eleven. Seventy five and nine sixty eight and eleven eleven fifty four and ten and then kill the clock forty five and six to hold off the Redskins thirty one twenty one and I thought I got magic under my arm. I got Hazel and she worked worked against the dolphins next week Dolphins Ryan and they would have worked again then. Guess what happened. My team went to your team. Jin went to New Orleans. Remember that night game game. Forget it was twelve to ten saints Teddy Bridgewater Saints and you were all over me. Because I gave up Bon Hazel. I threw her out. How could this man believe that? This dog has the power only stayed for a little. Well the minute I walk into the apartment and if I don't see Hazel jumping up at my feet. I know that he has her. In the look. The minute I walk in the apartment and Hazel was running at my feet. I have to tread lightly. Because I know he's flipping out in the other room. I am screaming obscenities at the TV. I've tried every combination. I have three cowboy cowboy hats three jerseys and three t shirts and I've tried them all in different combinations and I found one that I think worked because it worked against the rams that I'm GonNa try against the Eagles I will not publicly divulge what it is if like sapped its charm ernest. You're you're you're you're more woman that I could ever be mad because when he's very short with me maybe it's because I do needle him a little bit and I know you walk around on eggshells. But he's he's really short he snaps media how you able to handle that twenty four seven. I just walk out of his room now. I mean really after a while it's just like it's Suazo on game day I stay away. She I go somewhere anywhere. Movies the mall at the Grocery store fourteen fourteen times in one day and then I look at the scores on my phone and I know his team is losing especially cowboys. That we're talking about the cowboys cowboys. A number one one. If the cowboys are losing I go to the car wash everything I can in my power to combat patriots number two. And even if if I have to come back eventually I do live there the back I make no noise and I go in my office and then TV on in my office. I watched in my office and then I hear here. I'm from the other side of the room. The House he's yelling and the poor dog is shaking. She's in my office and then I have to deal with them and then he comes in and actually Hazel you know yeah they have service dog. Hazel has become his service dog because Hazel brings them out of his funk. Not me he'll. He'll be mad at me but Hazel. She just has to look at I and then he just softens up so thank God. When the cowboys are winning she'll come straight home at the end of the game and then I'll come out like this but then what I do is I try to be really nice and I opened the door? Knock on the door congratulate. I'm tweeting I'm tweeting by the time. It was like an hour later. It's old hum. So what did you say I said. Forget it don't worry about it it's over okay. You've seen him being ashamed of yourself. I remember certain Monday when Shannon came in with with no voice because Shannon actually intended to gain in Denver because there was some all of something on the champ received the hall of Fame Ring. Okay and you watched certain game at mile high up in a suite yeah. I know you're in the owner's box and yet you're watching cowboys at jets jets team fell behind that day three and then roared back. And what were you doing in the owner's Suite Dylan field. People would wonder why was yelling. I in my house. Because we're beating the break up the cowboys. Gotcha uh-huh yeah. Yeah Yeah Yeah I get to see the thing is is because of him earnestly is that he makes it. It's so easy for you to root for the team that he ruled against the team that he's rooting because he goes he goes ridiculous overboard with you have no idea. Why did the cowboys know what skills got a Guy Hazel in his on the but then I say to I try to talk reason? Skip do you think that what these guys want to lose. Do you think they want to play. And they say I'm going to lose. I don't care I don't care because they don't WanNA lose. They go in thinking they're going to win. There's no talking to agree. But she always says to me. It's it's not your fault. I say. Pick them to go to the Super Bowl. That's my who didn't know. How did the guys didn't know they were? Losing Zone. Should be vegascovers. You've covered a lot of money right now. I'm just wondering. What am I going to do on Sunday? I have to play on this. What happens if the cowboys lose Sunday? I'm thinking about getting room at Mister. C's took one hotel night. Shame you ought to be ashamed. They should be a shooting. You got to your wives TVs and you know what I'm afraid to come to Omaha and do normal things that a loving wife. You're able to do which is your yes. You acting crazy the cowboys. I think I'm going to do a second book. And it's just going to be about cowboy jinx's that's GonNa be her favorite line to me is do you think wearing that. T shirt or holding. That dog will affect a game at soldier field in Chicago Thursday night. Yes I do and if I happen to walk into the room and the they just scored he makes me stand there and I can't leave the room. What happened last night right? She happened happen to walk in. I'm just just out of the blue. She brought my dinner as an order of the game. That we'd better case it's the Milwaukee and Lebron and all of a sudden three ball Bam three ball Janas from thirty feet away Bam and he's just say what what. Maybe you should sit down for the rest of the game you so I want everybody out there understand and the elation and mostly deflation that I've had to go to because there's never been a season to your original point like this one because remember they get three patsies to start off if you kept saying they're beating nobody right but they beat him. I look like world leaders. All of a sudden New Orleans Orleans happened and then thirty one two three down to rare in Rogers happen in twenty one. Two three down to jets happen. They'd lost. What four four in a row and Sam Darnold Mono and came back and all of a sudden Zola happens you go have just excruciating? The pain of it is insufferable and then we had that stretch of at Patriots bills on Thanksgiving. And then Mitchell trubisky for me I got it but with with the painful truth of all this is at seven and seven. All they have to do is go in at Philadelphia and they're in the playoffs. What did they what of your to you WTI? Yes in play and his team. Your team wins. Can you celebrate. Oh I have to even when I like Kawai when he was still my guy and it wasn't his Guy Guy. I would have to go in my room until you. Wow great because he would be. I wouldn't take out of. The House bounced out Hazel. Stay and I'd be bounced out living heart too. I thought I was bad but you way worse tonight. You deserve an amazing Christmas gift gift. You have a lot of ground today. That's very good to her I love you too. We'll see on Sunday right. Yeah we'll see if you come home this exactly. I love you till after the game. Wilson Belair get the extra room randy. Scott the shave. You gotta you gotTa go shop Grocery Stores Shopping. Fourteen shopping anti the better. I know maybe at Ralph Stiffen informed reminder forever. Ernestine book is out now available on Amazon Fabulous holiday Gifted season perfect stocking. stuffer again balls how to keep your relationship alive when you live with a sports obsessed guy you are the expert. Thanks so much Raj thanks. Thank you for listening to the undisputed podcast. I'm Johnny keep an eye out for the weekend edition of the podcast tomorrow morning. Featuring this week's best segments have a great weekend everyone flats of of.

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