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"paul martin giotto" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"I think that first year like I said was, it was kind of reality Check and then No, you learn from your guys and you kind of figure out the game and figure out how to find success that the higher level you gotta think of a quicker and Use your body and better ways, but Yeah. And then, uh, after I played three years of juniors, which is a smart as you can pretty much play, so I think personally, that was the best thing that could happen to me because I'm obviously I'm not the biggest guy either. Um, so as much weight as not even so much getting stronger, but I think it's more so just like figure out how to use your smaller frame and kind of avoiding getting banged around as much as possible. But then Ah, no. Those three years definitely help it on making the jump to college. Ah, there's definitely another jump for sure. But Um, it's I don't know, like we have a great senior class and great leaders on the team and the coach has been great. It's been, um obviously have toe you kinda have to grow up quick, especially with shorter season and you kind of got a mature quicker on the ice. But I don't know. It's it's been fun so far. Did you get many offers besides, Air force now is actually my first one. Yeah. Did you know much about Air Force hockey. A little bit. I remember when I was little. I washed them. They think they can play that play the golfers one Christmas a long time ago. Remember watching? Yeah, that was kind of my first taste and then I mean, I always I always admired the military. My dad served in the Army. My grandparents served. So I was kind of myrrh that I never really personally. I kind of pictured at me in the military. But then as I got toward juniors, and then I ended up going with the car out on a visit. I kind of fell in love with the place and Yeah. Uh, yeah. Seal the deal. Yeah. Elk River, Minnesota. You know what? We were bragging up, Cloquet. There's been a few good players. Come on, AL. Cover Minnesota. To who name a couple of them. See you got Paul Martin Giotto. Dan High note those There's not bad, not bad job I played with Jolanda White Bemidji. That's my senior year was Jules freshman He came in, and he was like a newborn called big, tall, but you could tell there was something there, man. You could tell. He was a great young, great guy. And he just like you could just tell there was something there. You know, back in those days had Joel Otto. What Junior? A hockey was this big then? That he got a junior hockey. No, he would have been. He would have been a goal for our a badger or somebody like that. After Ah, year because he developed fast, huh? But tell us about you. You know how you Whether the storm here from from June all the way through December. Um, honestly, I think the biggest health for me it was tough, I think. The nine other freshman. I mean, it feels like I've known these guys for years Now you're coming after you go through basic training and kind of the last couple months. It's brings you tight as a group and then obviously like my parents and Family and friends have been great and stuff, but no, I think I think I'm speaking for all three of us. I think the hardest part personally with school We've been out of school for quite a bit so Yeah, You got to kind of figure out how to learn, Learn again and then No one's ever meant off with this the last couple weeks going home seeing the family and that was awesome. And now it's It's good to be back and kind of get after the second half. Tell us about your goal he have. We talked a little bit about it. Eyes, kinds of fortune about those. Ah, the guys. Other guys were kind of snapping around, and then they got a pox on that, and it bounced off the walls. That's the one that came off the back wall, I think was really shot. Yeah, yeah, It's just kind of unfortunate bounce that landed on my tape right in front and then Yeah, I was kind of a gift. You know what? It's unfortunate bounce, but you were in the right place. Yeah. You know, too many guys are in the wrong place and guys like you. You have a great feel for the game. You have great instincts. And, you know, guys like you always just seemed to be in the right place at the right time. And and you know, that was your first goal, but I'll guarantee it ain't gonna be your last goal. There could be a lot of I know we're happy to have you all you're doing. Fantastic job for you for us. Like I said, one of the men I went, Watch aside Plague. Oh, this kid gets that He's smart and know you aren't the biggest guy in the world and be a as in the biggest guy in the world. But you guys, you got big hearts and your great teammates and And you love that. There's nothing more that you love them playing hockey, and I could see that in your face. I can see that in your eyes. When you guys are on the ice. You got a chance to get a little bigger, Good..

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