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"paul markham ted" Discussed on Conspiracy Theories

"Kennedy left a party on Chappaquiddick island in his black oldsmobile. He had a passenger Mary Jo Kopechne -I whom he was giving a ride home. Ted didn't normally drive himself yet a chauffeur John Crimmins but he chose to take the keys and drive his black oldsmobile himself that night according to Ted's later testimony. He left the party with Mary Jo at around eleven fifteen in the evening Chappaquiddick was a popular destination in part because it was secluded and as such a number of its roads were unpaved and unlit shortly after driving away from the party Ted made a wrong turn in started down dyke road which at that time was an unlit unpaved road that led to a dead end past dike bridge in nineteen sixty nine dike bridge did not have a guardrail Ted was driving too fast to stop the car once he caught sight of the narrow cross whe he lost control of the Oldsmobile just before hit the crossing the car shot over the edge and hit the water the car saint quickly as it filled with water the momentum from the fall off the bridge caused it to turn over. Over before it finally landed at the floor of Polka Pond Ted had hit his head in the crash it was panicked and struggling as the car filled with dark cold water. Mary Jo was screaming. She was stuck she couldn't get out Ted managed to free himself through the car window and swim up to the surface as he gasped for air. He realized that Mary Jo had not followed him. She was still stuck in the car. Ted Swim Back Down to the car to try and free Mary Jo but it was dark and the only source of light was the distant moon the murky shine of the submerged car's headlights he he swam down to the car but couldn't get back into reach her. He went up for air again. Swam down again. He repeated this a number of times until the horrible truth finally dawned on him. He couldn't free Mary Jo in so many minutes had passed that I now she had Shirley already drowned soaked and disoriented Ted swam back to shore and and this is as the story goes where his actions shift from the understandable to the unforgivable Ted sat on the riverbank for a few minutes likely recovering from the shock the cold and the exertion of trying to reach Mary Jo in the car then he went home looking through the records of what was going on at Chappaquiddick that night Ted almost certainly walked past the dyke house aptly named for its location on Dyke Road on the night of July eighteenth. The dyke houses front porch light was on someone was home but Ted Kennedy walked right past it. It didn't go to the house to try and use the telephone call for help. It was just over a mile back to the cottage where the party was still in full swing. Ted also passed a fire station where he could have rushed in to ask for help. The cottage was actually across across the street from the Fire Department. Meaning Ted would have walked right past the building on his way back to the party again. He didn't alert emergency personnel about what had happened. Once there he summoned his cousin Joe Gorgan and his his friend Paul Markham Ted told these two men what happened together the three of them drove back to the crash site Markham in Gorgan both stripped out of their clothes before diving in to try and recover Mary Gel one might wonder why they would take the time to remove their clothes given that a woman was trapped in a submerged vehicle and had been for at least half an hour of course neither of the men could speak as to why they did it but consider the fact act that they'd have a hard time explaining away wet clothes. If anyone saw them later and you can start to connect the dots like Kennedy the men couldn't reach her the water was too dark in the car was at such an angle angled. They couldn't get inside it. The men's spoke in hushed whispers as they walked to the ferry dock on Chappaquiddick Island Gorgan and Markham made it clear in no uncertain terms. The ten should call the police immediately..

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