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First West Nile virus infection in Virginia reported in Fairfax County

Chris Plante

02:42 min | 4 years ago

First West Nile virus infection in Virginia reported in Fairfax County

"Everyone I'm John Matthews parts of Lynchburg Virginia were evacuated overnight out of fear that. A. Local damn could burst, at any anytime if that happens officials say seventeen feet of water could sweep. Through the town in just. Seven minutes several roads are already flooded police have been using boats to, rescue people, from their homes around here light rain and some thunderstorms now, have moved into much of the area but. More downpours are expected throughout the day. A flash flood watch remains in effect relate tonight day four of the Paul Manafort trial could be the most compelling one, so far in the Bank. Fraud case this could be the day the so-called star witness will testify against, Paul Manafort Rick gates manafort's one time business partner has already pleaded guilty and is cooperating with the prosecution. Being carried out by, Robert Muller's team in his opening statement manafort's attorney blamed gates for the allegations against him of hiding prophets in foreign Bank accounts to avoid paying taxes and gates would be expected to face a tough cross examination is, someone who struck a plea deal yesterday the joy I heard from former bookkeeper testifying she cleared every penny of money movement with him. Undercutting. The argument that he, did not handle such things Bob Costantini Alexandria Virginia US officials believe they had. A spy in their midst. At the US embassy in Moscow for more than a decade a Russian, woman who, worked for the US secret service the issue of having foreign, nationals working in embassies in the United States. Does all over the world is not, something special is known that in Russia these individuals are particularly targeted by the security services as a source of potential information, on the US correspondent Matthew. Chance says the woman was removed last year the news just went public now, another confirmed case of a human contracting West Nile virus in our area the Fairfax county health department says. In recent weeks there, has been an increase in the number of mosquitoes that have the West Nile virus now the county's reporting it's first case this year of a human being infected health department spokesman John Cox in the northeastern part of, the county And. In the past we've seen when. We had human cases sometimes will be additional cases happen in the same geographic areas the patient he says recovering he, stresses, the importance of wearing repellent and getting rid of standing water on your property Maria de fund wwl and wwl dot com. We told you yesterday about the fire that nearly destroyed. A diner and damaged several other businesses in upper Marlboro well now a woman's been charged with setting the fire at AL's country kitchen twenty six year. Old Jessica pool of former waitress who had been recently fired faces six counts of arson and reckless endangerment. Shoppers in Virginia, will be giving their credit cards. That work out this weekend. With, tax free shopping on many items for a lot of schools across the. State and then you're about to hit the peak, of.

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