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Full Episode: Monday, June 17, 2019


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Full Episode: Monday, June 17, 2019

"Hey, I'm Brad milkey, and I hosted new daily news podcast from ABC news called start here. Every day we get you up to speed on the story that are going to be driving your day. We get important context from experts with on the ground access, and we do it all in twenty minutes. So start smart and subscribe to start here. Is there something that interferes with your happiness, or is preventing you from cheating, your goals, better help online counseling? Is there for you? Connect with your professional counselor in a private online environment, schedule secure video, or phone sessions, plus chat, and text with your therapist listeners. Get ten percent off your first month by going to better help dot com slash Nightline. It's a rare inside look at the forty fifth. President. ABC news exclusive access over two days. Welcome surprise reporters whom he's called the enemy of the people. Our chief anchor George Stephanopoulos, there from the moment. The president began his day morning. Ms president, are you to the very end with some very candid moments in between some put up they get it because it's a, it's a fantastic financial statement. It's a fantastic financial seven, and let's do that over. He's coughing in the middle of my aunts. Yeah. I don't like that. You know, when your cheapest you get a cough parole. Shot over here. This kid you just can't just to change. Sorry. Okay. You want to do that a little differently than we just change. We I hit the campaign trail and Iowa with the commander in chief, as he prepares to officially launch his bid for a second term hitching variety this brand new presidential limo the beast, his people so incredible, look crying. What's your pitch to the swing voter on the fence safety security, great economy? And I think I've done more than any of the first term president ever. I have a phony witch hunt, which is just a phony pilots Malla comes out. There's no collusion and essentially a ruling that no obstruction and they keep going with, you know what people are angry about it. I don't think that's infallible. You don't have time for that, now, we'll talk as later found excuse me. He found no collision, and he didn't find anything having to do with obstruction because they made a ruling based on his findings, and they said, no didn't examine collusion. He laid out Evanson stretchable. You trying to say now that there was collusion, even though he said there is no collusion. He didn't think there's no collusion. He said he didn't look Jewish. The report said, no collusion. Did you either? Yes. I did you should read it too. You should read it show us around in the Oval Office the next day, the president still defending himself, but he didn't look at Kobe port. I did he said that he there was insufficient evidence to say there was a conspiracy every pollution of the report. Just read it. Okay. Sometimes they have false fights like the Russian witch-hunt. That's a false fight, that's a made up hoax. And I had to fight his report says they had a systematic attempt to interfere. They did but not me and they also said, okay that we rebuffed them. Okay. Well, they said your campaign. Welcome to help excuse me. The camp Trump campaign, rebuffed them now, anything having to do with Russia had nothing to do with our campaign, Paul Manafort, Paul Manafort. They have Paul Manafort, on taxes, and many other things nothing polling information to the Russian. I don't know anything about that. What, what difference is pulling information, make it doesn't matter. And Putin, I will say. This. If he had it, it was up to him he would much rather have Hillary Clinton be president right now. And all of these countries would rather have Biden or anybody else. But Trump okay, let's put yourself in a position Europe congressman somebody comes up and says, hey, I have information on your opponent. You cool, the FBI coming from Michael you do. I've seen a lot of things over my life. I don't think in my whole life I've ever called the FBI. This is somebody that said we have information on your opponent. Oh, let me call the FBI. Give me a break. Lifeless director says that's what should happen. The FBI director is wrong, your campaign, this time round of foreigners. If Russia if China if someone else offers you information on opponent should they accept it. Or should they call the FBI? I think maybe you do both. I think you might wanna listen. I don't this nothing wrong with listening. If somebody called from country Norway, we have information on your opponent. Oh, I think I'd wanna hear you want that kind of interference in our election. It's not an ad say have information I think I'd take it if I thought there was something wrong. I'd go maybe to the FBI, if I thought there was something wrong those comments became the subject of swift backlash. Two days later, Trump telling Fox News, he would still look at the dirt, but of course you have to look at it. Because if you don't look at it, you're not gonna know of its bad how you gonna know of it's bad. But of course you give it to the FBI or reported to the attorney general or somebody yesterday in an interview with my colleague Jonathan, Karl Representative Alexandria, Cossio Cortez, said that the time for an impeachment inquiry was now, I think every day that passes the pressure to impeach growth. Meanwhile, speaker Nancy Pelosi, you see it in downplay Democrats efforts to impeach. I don't think there's anything more divisive. We can do than to impeach a president of the United States. Out in the trail with the president. Vice president, Joe Biden is also on the ground and on the attack. I believe that the president is literally, an existential threat to America piece still leading the bowls on the democratic side. It's tightening up a little bit, and a lot, which is interesting. But he's still beating you coordinate the poll. I don't believe those Paul's. There's no way he'd beats me in Texas. But even your own polls show, your behind right now, don't they know my Foale show that I'm winning everywhere. Those poll results. So all consuming for the president did a few seconds later. He went off the record to call his campaign manager. Okay. So hold it off for just call Brennan days later, ABC news obtained, some of it internal Trump polling data confirmed by the campaign, that showed the president far behind in key, battleground states earlier this spring, put the campaign said that MAURICE impose show, a vast improvements. Good morning miss. President back in the White House. The next day that polling still on the president's mind than good. Morning America today. They had that phony polling information I explained to you last night that it was phony. But you didn't do anything about it. Does it bother? You. Because it's untrue. I like the truth. You know, I'm actually very honest guy if I thought they were correct, I wouldn't be complaining at all. I understand that. It's like the witch hunt that goes on. No collusion with Russia. There was no collusion by Sunday. The Trump campaign head cut ties with a number of its posters. Well overseas. The president is taken out of the box approach to foreign policy striking and unusually warm relationship with North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Hoon night, just received a beautiful letter from Kim Jong UN, and I think the relationship is very well. But I appreciated the letter one year ago today we were in Singapore. And you also put up that tweet there's no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea. But there is a nuclear threat today could change. I would say not much there's been no nuclear testing except for very short Grange. And that's something that a lot of nations tests, frankly, what he tested. I think we've made tremendous progress. You think he's still building nuclear weap-? I don't. No, I hope not. He promised me, he wouldn't be he promised me. He wouldn't be testing. So you still trust him. What look I couldn't tell you that it would be very insulting to him. But the answer is a yeah. I believe that he would like to do something. I believe he respects me. We playing you too. Well, look, I put on sanctions. The sanctions Iraq, we've gotten our hostages back. We've gotten the remains of our great heroes, George asked the president about the return of one American college student auto Warmby who came back from North Korea in a coma to- state in later. Dying brazenly, the North Koreans reportedly Bill, the United States, two million dollars for warm beers, medical care, did they try to make you pay for outta warmbier. What when you say me now states because I didn't know him at that time that was a very different deal. But here's the bottom line. I ended it. We didn't pay and I have great respect for autos. Parents. And what happened to auto is horrible, horrible. But we never paid for auto the uncertain relationship with North Korea will likely follow him as the campaign cycle heats up. Thank you very much Iowa. We love our. Thank you very much. I Trump has his eye, of course, on the twenty twenty campaign be so so thinking about his legacy on his agenda, a redesign Air Force One. So, you know, the big news is we ordered a new play. It's the first time since the Kennedys, who changed the color from orange to iconic blue and white red, white and blue. He designed it. Whose time a striking resemblance to Trump's personal plane known as Trump force one. Are thirty hours with President Trump ins here in the White House with the serenade by the marine bane. He and the first lady ascend the stairs to their private quarters. Most traditional of rituals for most untraditional present. You can watch the interviews with the president from that thirty our time period on ABC news dot com. Next OJ Simpson's, I tweet twenty five years after the police pursuit that gripped the nation. Better help offers licensed professional counselors specialized in a wide array of issues, like depression, anxiety, and grief. Connect with your professional counselor in a safe, private online environment. It's a truly affordable option and listeners can get ten percent off your first month by going to better help dot com slash Nightline fill out a questionnaire to help them this your needs and get matched with a counselor. You'll love. Get cashback for shopping, you were already going to do racketed in is a free member base. Loyalty program that lets you earn cashback on shopping over twenty five hundred stores like Macy's best, buy, Nike, and more. Shop online internet percentage of every purchase you make up to forty percent cashback every three months members are paid the pay pal or another method sign up today. Racketed dot com. That's our A, K, U, T E, N dot com. OJ Simpson has joined Twitter going public Africa. A low profile since is released from prison two years ago on his mind, the Kurdish eons. Here's ABC's Linsey Davis. Hey Twitter world. This is yours truly now coming soon, the Twitter, you'll get their read. All my thoughts and opinions on just about everything. Juice is back on the loose. This time on Twitter should be a lot of fun. I got a little gin even to do OJ Simpson. Joining the social media site. Racking up nearly seven hundred thousand followers and counting since its first post this weekend, don't for years. People have been able to say what ever they want to see about me with no accountability. The challenge a lot that VS and set the record straight for the last two years. He's been living in this gated community in Las Vegas, but that quiet life may now be behind him. Top trending order of business. The car dashing slapping, down rumors that he was romantically involved with his lawyer. Rob Kardashians wife. Kris Jenner also denying that he's chloe's real father, all of these stories are just bogus bet you'll tasteless. Khloe like all the girls. I'm very proud of just, like I know Bob would be if he was here. But the simple facts that about is she's knock nine for some Simpson's Twitter page is opening old wounds. I feel anxious again. It's, it's, it's hard. It's just, you know, he he's living a very large life. He's he's revered in Las Vegas, and now to see the responsiveness getting on Twitter. It's hard Kim Goldman's brother run was murdered alongside Simpson's ex-wife, Nicole Brown. Simpson, OJ Simpson was put on trial for their murders but was acquitted in what was called the trial of the century not guilty of the crime of murder. I try to figure out a place to put it in my life, so that it doesn't suffocate me. So while other people can just turn off the television or turn the, the magazine over it, it leaves a Mark reactional mind who's new phone Twitter. Fame scathing, Chelsea handler writing. Let's all take a moment to be. OJ Simpson joined Twitter and not Trump's cabinet. Billy Eichner slamming OJ's followers tweeting. Seriously, what the bleep is wrong with you. Good even and John Oliver prodding the particulars of his cryptic message walked getting even means OSHA when you kill two, people, you even three people you all full people even again, I don't know. Station to locate one eighty seven suspect Simpson sending out his inaugural tweet twenty five years after the infamous Bronco chase that riveted the country, we've been outside OJ Simpson's house all day long. ABC's Jim Avila was a local reporter in Los Angeles with a front row seat to those early moments city of Los Angeles. At that time was standing still. I mean, everything stopped the Bronco chase captivated the nation. In fact, we might even say if it was to be getting, maybe the launch even before it was falled at reality TV all broadcast live ninety five million people watching all the one of the biggest names of the time he was bigger than light bigger than race bigger than sports because he combined all of those things. So now you have OJ Cass in a whole different role now OJ Simpson. And accused murderer that chase marked the beginning of what became a media circus Simpson was put on trial for the. Murder of his ex-wife and her friend, millions watching every twist and turn of the court proceedings, if it doesn't fit, you must acquit it became a national reckoning. Exposing long simmering racial tensions, and ongoing distrust of the Los Angeles Police Department in the end jury acquitted Simpson after only three hours of deliberation. We all got a lesson in how divided this country? Was it wasn't a trial about J Simpson's guilt or innocence? It was a trial of the Los Angeles Police Department. Kim, Goldman was there in court and all these years later, she still grappling with what happened. I learned very quickly in the truth doesn't really need to show up in a courtroom. Honored isn't really have to take place in a courtroom, because it didn't give us what we deserve. She created a podcast called confronting OJ Simpson coming face to face with some of the key players involved in the case many who became household names less than two years after the criminal case, OJ Simpson was found liable for the deaths of Nicole, and Ron in a civil trial, the judgment for both families was thirty three and a half million dollars as he willingly paid anything. No. The only Justice that would've mattered when it comes right down to it as that he would have been in jail on death row. But in two thousand seven surveillance video captured Simpson stealing sports memorabilia, from a hotel room in Las Vegas. The charges landed him in a courtroom again, this time Simpson would end up in prison convicted of robbery and kidnapping, but in two thousand seventeen he was released on parole, after serving nine years. He's lived his life. He's had opportunities to do things. Ron didn't Simpson told the Associated Press we don't need to go back and relive the worst day of our lives. The subject of the moment is the subject. I will never revisit, again, my family and I have moved onto what we call the no negative zone. We focus on the positives at the end of the day. OJ Simpson represented controversy conflict division. And these were the things in fact in any season, any Eero, that's always going to draw a mass audience mass attention to talk about everything as for how much attention, we may be just one tweet away from knowing for Nightline. I'm Lindsay Davis in New York. And finally tonight, the young climber reaching the top of the record books. You're watching ten euros Salas Snyder, make history becoming the youngest person effort to conquer your semi's. Famed L capitan three thousand feet of sheer rock face the little champion completing the challenge in five days. Her dad buyer side every step of the way back on solid ground the family. Celebrating with pizza. Yeah. Can't believe I did that. Good for her. It was Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who said, happiness is the joy of achievement in the thrill of creative effort. And that's Nightline when you can stay with us. You could always catch our full episodes on Hulu. Thanks for the company, America. Good night. Is there something that interferes with your happiness, or is preventing you from cheating, your goals, better help online counseling? Is there for you? Connect with your professional counselor in a private online environment, schedule secure video, or phone sessions, plus chat, and text with your therapist listeners. Get ten percent off your first month by going to better help dot com slash Nightline. You see headlines across your screen all day. But you're busy. What do you need to know? What's actually shaping your wool? I'm Brad milkey from ABC news and every morning, we start here. It was extraordinarily for us watching here in Singapore, ABC's, new daily podcast. A handful of stories just twenty minutes director Comey. Thanks for being with us. Newsmakers smart. Reporting taking you straight to the heart of the story starting here. Listen for free on apple podcasts or your favorite podcast at.

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Full Episode: Sunday, January 13, 2019

This Week with George Stephanopoulos

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Full Episode: Sunday, January 13, 2019

"Are you hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash podcast. That's indeed dot com slash podcast this week with George Stephanopoulos starts right now. No end in sight would not go anywhere. We're not changing our might will works. The government shutdown hit stay Twenty-three. Now, the longest in US history. This is dot apartments in different policy, and it is unacceptable. I don't even know the president wants the wall. I think he does want to debate on the wall all talks have stopped. Neither side feels the need yet to bend. So what will it take to break the stalemate? And what will that mean for the eight hundred thousand federal workers, not getting paid? We talked to two party leaders both in the room for those closed door negotiations. House Republican whip Steve Sali's and Senate Democratic with dick Durbin plus two new blockbusters on Russia. The New York Times reports at the FBI investigated whether President Trump was working for Russia from the Oval Office. The Washington Post details how the president has gone to extraordinarily links to conceal his private conversations with Ladimir Putin. That information all in Robert Muller's hands. Now, also sparking calls for new investigations by the new congress are power house roundtable weighs in start actually know and as more Democrats joined the twenty twenty White House race, we talked to the man who got him first Democrat John Delaney's been running hard in Iowa for eighteen months will break down the politics. Smoke of the spin the facts that matter this week. From ABC news. It's this week here. Now, she banker George Stephanopoulos. Good morning and welcome to this week. You know, the last few years have been filled with I and now we have another one the longest government shutdown ever now entering its fourth week with no sign yet that official Washington's ready to end it. Lawmakers left town Friday the president's tweeting from the White House, but the two sides aren't even talking about talking the big question now will public pressure force either side to bed our brand new poll with the Washington Post shows that right now a majority of Americans fifty three percent pin the blame on President Trump and Republicans in congress just twenty nine percent blame the Democrats but support for the border wall is climbing last year Americans oppose the wall by twenty nine points, the margin now just twelve points. And while the shutdown is starting to cause serious stress for those federal workers missing paychecks. The vast majority of Americans eighty two percent say the stalemate in Washington has an inconvenience them at all and less that changes don't expect compromise soon as when we were to hear from. Two legislators who've been in the room for those negotiations starting with the number two democrat in the Senate dictator Durbin Senator Durbin, thanks for joining us this morning. I do wanna get I want to get to the shutdown, but I knew stories from the New York Times and Washington Post that the FBI was so concerned. So the New York Times about presidents dealings with Russia that they opened up a counterintelligence investigation while he's in the Oval Office and the post report detailing how the president has concealed his private conversations with Latimer Putin. We now know that all the relevant house chairman say they're going to investigate these stories think it's worthy of investigation. What's going to happen in the Senate? And do you believe it's possible? The President Trump has been compromised by Russia. The senate's controlled by Republicans. We found in the last two years they were unwilling to hold investigative hearings. The only exception I might add was a crime subcommittee of judiciary, which was chaired by Lindsey Graham Lindsey has now ascended into the position of chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee, it's within his power to hold these investigations. And he should. And what about the idea that President Trump might be compromised by the Russians? You know, there's so many questions raised. Why is he so chummy with flat Putin this man who is a former KGB agent never been a friend of the United States invaded our allies threatens us around the world and tries his damnest undermine our elections. Why is this President Trump's best buddy? I don't get it. And when he takes the interpreters notes in wants to destroy them. So no one can see what was said in Dritan transcript, you know, raises serious questions about the relationship between this president and Putin. You also sit on the Senate Judiciary committee and open the confirmation hearings this week for the president's nominee for Torney general William bar. Of course, if confirmed Mr. bar will oversee the rush investigation, what do you need to know about how he's going to oversee that investigation, and can you support him? Well, the most interesting part of this George is the number one question on everyone's mind will Bob Muller be allowed to complete this investigation without political interference from the attorney general or president and will the results of it be made public. So America can see for yourself. Exactly what happened real serious questions arise because Bill bar volunteered. Information in the past volunteered. It basically saying the president shouldn't be subjected to this kind of investigation, and I'll just tell you. That's the first line of questioning you can expect from most of the people on the panel. Do you think he can oversee the investigation in a fair way? Well, I'm worried about it. I mean it clearly he's a good lawyer, no question. But when it comes to this delicate political situation the power of the presidency. Whether this investigation is warranted. Bill billboard had better. Give us some rock ironclad. Rock-bottom assurances in terms of his independence at his willingness to step back and let me finish his job. Let's talk about the shutdown. The president says it's all on you. Now, all on the Democrats is time for you to compromise you prepared to make any new offers. I can tell you this Georgia back in nineteen Eighty-four sort of Mitch McConnell was running for election Kentucky and sent out a bloodhound looking for the democratic Senator. It's time to send out that Kentucky bloodhound and look for Mitch McConnell this week. There's Senate Republicans the centrist who were trying to find some solution were shut down by the White House. It's time for those centrists to speak up and their own Republican Senate caucus and to tell Mitch McConnell the party's over. We want this to end there's no excuse for the shutout the Republican controlled Senate and a handful of senators will make that decision. So could you support some kind of an overall compromise? It would include more funding for the wall and say in return for protections for the dreamers. Let me tell you George. Remember few years ago when we had comprehensive immigration reform. We sat down Democrats and Republicans worked for six months with John McCain and Chuck Schumer and others in the room. We came up with a package that dramatically invested in border security, Democrats believe in border security, we do not believe in government shutdown since the threat to innocent federal workers. And as tool for the president to us over and over again to pressure congress put an into the shutdown and put everything on the table. We were willing to talk about more border security when we were talking about DACA and dreamers and coming up with the border security plan that made sense nuts media wall. But if you're four border security, then why not make some moves. Now, you know, one of the things the White House says the president, and those meetings has accepted specific proposals from the Democrats, including one from you on detection technology at the border. Well, of course, we offered one point three billion but to start four border security, but the president's numbers have been wildly different. Twenty five billion eleven billion Mike Pence two weeks ago offered his two and a half billion dollars within an hour. The president said no, I won't take that. It's got to be five point seven billion or nothing. We asked him. How are you going to spend it? Well, we can't give the details on this. Is it a national emergency? Oh, of course, it is. Well, how soon can this wall of yours? Be Bill two years. That's a national emergency come on. Let's get down to business here opened up this government tomorrow. The president can do it and one phone call from Mitch McConnell can get it started one way the president can do it is to declare national -mergency is that the most likely way out. I don't know if it is a way out or not presidents have been very careful in using it when George W Bush faced nine eleven he asked us for national -mergency powers. We gave it to him on a bipartisan basis United is a country to fight off terrorism. But if this president is going to turn to national -mergency every time he disagrees with congress. I'm against it. Let's make sure the branches of government are bound by the same constitution. How does this ad? I think it ends. When the Senate Republicans say we've had enough we're not going to stand here and be blamed for this. We believe the government should be opened there should be timely negotiations on border security after the government is open once the president realizes. He's lost the Senate Republicans. We can roll up our sleeves open the government get down to business Senator Durbin. Thanks very much for time. This morning. Thank you bring the number two Republican in the house now, save Scalise. Congressman squeeze thank you for joining us this morning. I heard Senator Durbin, right? He says this is all up to Senate Republicans if they make a move this can get solved. What do you think? Well, good morning, George good to be with you. And first of all Senator Durbin was in the room. Clearly you've seen a number of offers put on the table by President Trump to try to resolve this issue. In fact, win the Democrats asked for a detailed breakdown of what that five point seven billion dollars would go towards the department of homeland security gave a very detailed breakdown and includes border security. It's wall funding. It's more border agents. It's more tools for our border agents who are being attacked at the border by some of the criminals in this caravan. But ultimately, a win President Trump looked at Nancy Pelosi and said, look you're stalling you're stalling you've yet to put a single offer on the table to all the various offers the president's put on the table Nancy Pelosi said, no when the president said if we go another thirty days keep everything funded even the things we disagree on. But at the end of that thirty days where you'd be willing to negotiate on these areas where we disagree like the wall and anti Pelosi said, no. No emphatically, ultimately, they don't want to reach a solution. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in every meeting I've been we've had three meetings in the situation room, George with all the principal negotiators many times. I've seen the president willing negotiate on the definition of a wall even said he'd be willing to let them band cement wall structures. They say he said he'd be willing to go sheet on how much it would cost. But he's got from our security experts a detailed breakdown of what it will take to secure America's border, not one single time. George has Nancy Pelosi of Chuck Schumer put a counter offer on the table, except a dollar Nancy Pelosi said a dollar that's not serious. We all know that kind of stuff for them to come to table one one of the arguments, they make as you know, is the president promised again, and again, and again during the campaign, I think some two hundred twelve times that Mexico would pay for the wall. So why should taxpayers foot the Bill? Well, they they've never been concerned about whether or not Mexico would pay for the wall. They've just been against the idea of wall. The president talked about what Mexico's gonna pay for in the new agreement that we've got the new renegotiating NAFTA. If you. To pay for the wall. You know that well first of all it hasn't come to congress yet. The president's gonna be submitting that that's never been the issue in any of the negotiations, George it's whether or not they would agree to any physical structure, and let's keep in mind Chuck Schumer voted in two thousand and six four the fences act, which by the way, the language that Chuck Schumer voted for according to homeland security would give them most of the abilities and tools they need to build that physical structure. You can call it a wall, you can call it steel slats, the names, not important. It's the strength in ability to secure the border in between our ports of entry right now. We can control who's coming in at ports of entry. It's those hundreds of miles where there's no border. There's no wall to differentiate between the Mexico and the United States border, and we're seeing by the way, we're seeing over ninety percent of the heroin that comes into our country comes in through the southern border. But most of that comes to criminals, George most of that is, you know. Oh comes in through valid points. Eventually I want to move on. Now, the president is we know about we don't know about what's come across in the areas where we have. Well, that's the ninety percent. Figure comes from. Well, but look at the seventeen thousand known convicted criminals people with prior convicted criminal backgrounds that came across our southern border. Just last year. Those are only the ones we know about George, so we know what's coming across our border. There's human trafficking. There's crime there's hardened criminals gang members coming across our border. We need to protect it. If they say, they're four border security, which they say, but there yet to be willing to put a dollar offer on the table for what it's gonna cost to secure the border. We all know, there's a cost of this. They've got to put a counter offer on the table. The president tweeted out yesterday that he has a plan to end this do you know, what that plan is in would you support a declaration of national emergency? Well, the ultimate plan is for congress to solve this and the president's been very clear congress needs to solve this. The only people that have been unwilling to put any kind of offer on the table have been Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer of the president's put multiple offs on on the table. We don't want it to come down to a national emergency declaration, clearly the president's got authority under law. But he said he doesn't want it to come to that he wants congress to solve this problem. Congress needs to solve this problem. You heard Senator Durbin response to this new stories in the New York Times in the Washington Post about the Russia investigation and the president. We we do know that the new house chairman of a foreign affairs of intelligence dish all going to be investigating these questions. And you heard Senator Durbin just say he has real questions about President Trump's entire approach to Putin. What's your response? Well, look at the facts. And again, I mean, it seems like the Democrats have this massive infatuation with Russia and Putin. Now, they didn't seem to be concerned about Russia when Barack Obama was president and letting Russia run roughshod over eastern Europe. President Trump has taken more steps to stand up against Russia than anybody. We've seen in a long time. A look at what he's done with the Ukraine. Russia was running through the Ukraine when Barack Obama was president do you? Cranes asked for help from America. They didn't ask for troops. They said look send us some of the tank busting missiles that you have. So that we can stop Russia. Barack Obama said no Donald Trump said yes and helped the Ukrainians to push back a Russia out of the Ukraine, look at what he's done with Iran, and you've seen this partnership between Russia in Iran. President Trump has stood up against Iran. The bad deal at allows Iran to get a nuclear weapon UC and time and time again with sanctions with other things a President Trump standing up. Against russia. This whole idea of collusion. They've investigated this Muller investigations going on for over year. They found no collusion between Trump and Russia. The house did its own investigation and found no collusion. And so at some point as they meander around looking for something it looks like a witch hunt. If they don't put facts on the table have they found collusion I've seen non George. They put no facts on the table to show. There's collusion. There's a strong record of President Trump standing up to Russia and pushing back and supporting our allies in eastern Europe who've been looking for that for a long time, Florida. Go wanna ask you about your colleague Steve king? He's caused quite a controversy with comments. He made the air time saying, white, nationalist white supremacists. Western civilization. How did that language become offensive? I know you've condemned. The remarks we're seeing stronger calls from the Democrats in the house speaker Pelosi says she's gonna take action. The congressional caucus says that congressman can't should be denied his committee. Assignments will Republicans take any action against congressman? Well, you've seen all of our house leaders from Kevin McCarthy myself, Liz Cheney rejecting what Steve king said a pushing back a calling on him to come back and denounce it. I would recommend that Steve king go and read the op Ed by our colleague, Senator Tim, Scott, which was very pointed. I will say George as they talk about Steve king on the democrat side. We've pushed back against his comments. There have been many Democrats who have said not only highly offensive things align themselves with anti-semites have called on physical violence. They haven't pushed back on any of that language. We've got a raise the bar on civility, George we need to call it out on the Republican side. And the democrat side I've been willing to call it out on both. It's time those democrat leaders, you just mentioned call it out when it happens on their side as well it. Yes, or no Republican years. Call for any action against congressman king. I would imagine we're going to continue talking about this this just popped up on Friday. We were very quick to reject those comments. There is no place for hate for bigotry or anybody who supports that ideology. It's evil ideology. We all ought to stand up against it. But it's easy when the Democrats condemn Republican. I don't see the Democrats condemning Democrats on their side who are doing this kind of thing and using this kind of language of Smith's Cleese. Thanks for your time this morning griping with you up next round table takes on this new reports about President Trump and Russia. We'll be right back when it comes to hiring. You don't have time to waste you need help getting to your shortlist of qualified candidates fast. That's why you need indeed dot com. Get started today at indeed dot com slash podcast. That's indeed dot com slash podcast day after you fired president is meeting in the Oval Office Russian Foreign Minister, causing nutjob says the pressure on leave. What did you think when you saw that? Wow. With my reaction. First of all what are the Russians doing in the Oval Office one as a counterintelligence personnel thinking, that's crazy. And without any Americans being president one and two the pretenses melting away the bit about you were fired because of how you handled the Email investigation is melting away. You were fired because of the rush too. And now, according to New York Times is that was happening James Comey's former colleagues in the opening up a counterintelligence investigation into the president. Let's talk about that now on a round table. Joined by our chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl Alicia Menendez co host of almond poor and company on PBS also can shooter bustle hunt. Salaam, executive editor at the national review, Chris Christie, former Republican governor of New Jersey now ABC news contributor and the former democratic Senator from North Dakota Heidi Heitkamp, thanks for coming in this morning. So jealous start out with these two stories in the New York Times and the Washington Post over the weekend, we've seen President Trump's reaction says being asked about it is insulting tweeting all morning after I think about a dozen tweets about the New York Times for, but what are you picking up from others inside the president's orbit. We'll we'll look I mean, the story in the New York Times was extraordinarily reflection of the level of distrust between the FBI leadership and the president and the house suspicious president's behavior was that the actually were at at the to the point of investigative letters about firing coach. Me the interview with LeicesteR holes, and and and actually going to the point of investigating whether or not affectively the president was a Russian agent. But what I am getting is that this is all building up to the mother report and raising expectations of a bombshell report. And they've been expectations have been building, of course for over a year on this. But people who are closest to what Moller has been doing interacted with a special counsel caution me this report is almost certain to be anti climatic that if you look at what the FBI was investigating in that New York Times report look at what they were investigating Muller did not go anywhere with that investigation. He has been writing his report in real time through these indictments, and we have seen nothing from Muller on the central question of was there any coordination collusion with the Russians in the effort to meddle in the elections. Or wasn't there even any knowledge on the part of the president or anybody in his campaign with what the Russians were Headingley the in the indictments, but. Things like the Trump Tower meeting with Russians Don, jR, Paul Manafort, Paul Manafort, giving polling data to Ukrainian oligarchs the pursuit of Trump Tower in Moscow. How does that fit into this theory? We what we've certainly seen over and over again is the people around the president first of all been willing to lie to investigation investigators and had their own dealings with Russians had their own agendas with Russians Manafort was trying to get paid for I work on path of Ukraine Flynn had his own dealings. But but it is not added up to anything of the central question. Again, was there anybody was the Trump campaign aware of or coordinating with the Russians in their effort to meddle with the election. So far there's been nothing on that. And I'm led to believe don't expect there's going to be an intern hiking wanna think we're seeing from this new democrat chairman and control of the house is that they're going to excuse me pursue this on their own. Well, absolutely. And they should I mean, that's part of the oversight. That's part of the response. But I think speaking from the middle of the country. People are tired of hearing about things that are being reported in newspapers they wanna legitimate answer to these questions in the investigation. They want this to end they wanna make sure that they have all the facts in front of them. And it's frustrating. When all you hear about is the New York Times reports or the Washington Post reports that's important, but it's not definitive. And I think that the answer that we have to have before we go into the twenty twenty cycle is we have to get this behind us. So we can begin to govern. It is having an effect on everything that is going on. And you know, I think to to add to the confusion, the Michael Cohen testimony is going to be if you if you listen to experts is going to be more significant than the Muller reports so happy when he testifies on February seventh that is likely not to be up with the questions being invested over Muller. But about other things that he worked on another factor. Here will be this Liam bar who's being has his confirmation hearings this week fraternity general hill. Oversee the rush investigation. It certainly appears right now at least the no one really knows the Robert Muller won't won't end his investigation till bars in place be I think that's probably true, George and on the New York Times story, I would say this. If I were the president, I didn't break the story because it it backs up his narrative his narrative is that FBI agents were acting in a rogue manner overstepping the normal course of business because they had something against him. And that story is an extraordinary story that they would open a counterintelligence investigation against a president the United States. And I think it backs up some of the narrative the president is talked about. So if I were him, I wouldn't be tweeting about, you know, the failing New York Times in the how bad the stories, and I would salted he is to be accused of that. I'd go the opposite tack and say, wait a second. See this is what I've been saying all along the FBI under Jim Komi was out of control. And I think what they're going to find what Bill bars Bill bar is a standard issue. Washington DC inside. Lawyer and what that means is he's going to oversee Bob Muller and about more come to the conclusion he needs to come to and let him issues report publicly, and he won't do anything different view. She the president embraced time story that is certainly one argument. I think he also has to speak to this question of why he's been taking notes from translators, and it reopens that question. Trust. He he doesn't trust these people around him in counter intelligence folks, isn't trust them. That's why he's taking them. I think all of this adds fire to as we go into these bar confirmation hearings to questions we're going to hear over and over again from Democrats one will you allow the special counsel to continue their investigation uninvite unabated and second when the report is finally released will you make that report public. Those requests we knew we were going to hear in this just adds fuel to John's putting the the the presents allies would want the report to be public. Well, again, George this is on the central big question of was there any coordination collusion with the Russians on what they were doing in the election. There's plenty that's already been out publicly the highly embarrassing to the president instruction on obstruction. And on the activities of those in his inner most circle criminal activities of those innermost circle. I want to pick up on the on the on the translator story as well. I mean, it is true that the president has good reason to be. Dishes those inside the government. No question about that. But he hasn't had a number of one on one meetings alone with Letterman Putin, and according to one detail in the Washington Post, the transmitter was able to brief colleagues saying that when the president asked Putin did you interfere and our elections. He said, no, the president responded. I believe you runs counter to the administration position. Well, one thing that I do know is that as Steve's deletes pointed out earlier on the Trump administration has taken a more hawkish stance on great power competition, including with Russia that doesn't really square with the narrative that there's some kind of long standing operation. I'm also struck by the fact that there are two preemptively undermine the Miller report beforehand on the grounds that perhaps it is not going to be as explosive as some might have hoped to some might have expected with regard to these private comes. Those reports do I believe this reports. Honestly, I don't know what I do know is that Robert Mueller is a professional. I know this well resource serious investigation. It's seems to me as if the counterintelligence angle were a serious one that he would pursue it seriously on the grounds of his long experience and on the grounds of his deep concern about American national security. So I don't think it makes sense to preemptively undermined that route assume that he wouldn't have taken it seriously as for these personal meetings. Frankly, it's part of what makes many people deeply uncomfortable that President Trump is incredibly unconventional approach to diplomacy that he underscored as a presidential candidate that he's pursued since then it makes many of his many of his own appointees deeply uncomfortable. But it is of a pattern with what he himself has said about his approach to diplomacy. So it's not entirely suppressed regard enjoys important context here with the Washington Post reporting on the president's one on one meetings with Vladimir Putin. This is something that he does he has met with other world leader. One on one. It's not unique to Putin. It is certainly a break with what is predecessors. Did. You know, it it avoids the entire national security process may be troubling in that regard. But it is not unique to Putin. He met with Kim Jong Hoon one on one in Singapore. He met with president. She at more log on one on one. He has phone calls sometimes from the residents because he's worried about the Oval Office being bugged again with the better or worse. Well, no, I'm not saying good or bad. But what I'm saying is it's not unique to Putin. This is the way he not to affairs. This is completely consistent with the way the president thinks about himself. Remember, his convention speech. Only I fix it. I alone can fix it. And he honestly believes that everybody else doesn't have the ability that he has he may. He may be right. Sometimes you may be wrong other times, I think he's been both. But in the end he believes that. So I think I agree with John that this is consistent and Ray hot. I is consistent with. He is we may be uncomfortable with it those we've far policy should be more conventionally pursued. But that's what does it say about the leader of the free world that he doesn't trust anyone around him that he he's been there for two years. He should be able to assemble a team that he trusts and that is a big concern for a lot of people both in and out of them at this table. He's made some really bad personnel. Choices over over the last couple of years, and I think part of his own concern about this. Now is the result of making some bad personnel choices right from the beginning starting up. Don't might not letting your position as scheduled. We gotta take me back. We're gonna talk about the fall from the longest shutdown ever. I'm ABC news chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl campaigns and controversies as putting responsibility for this may EBay to store summits. And historic tweets skew elaborate on that. I don't think it's at all fighting his ability to get his job done. Join me and ABC's Rick Klein every week as we break down the biggest political stories of the day on the powerhouse politics podcast. Listen for free on apple podcasts or your favorite podcast app. Before he pulls the plug on the legislative option. And I think we're almost there. I would urge him to open up the government for a short period of time like three weeks before he pulls the plug. Safeway can get a deal if we can at the end of three weeks all bets are off see if he can do it by himself through the emergency powers. That's my recommendation some news there from Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, Fox News Sunday this morning proposing a new compromise for the president to accept Heidi Heitkamp, let me bring this to you former Senator work with a lot of these this the answer right now. Do you think as we heard Senator Durbin saints up two Republican senators and pushed the president towards the compromise? Is this the answer may be cooling off period. And one of the things that the legislation that's pending right now what open up every branch except DHS which would then be given a continuing resolution. I think what Lindsay saying there is that everything should just get advanced on a continuing resolution, which will keep the pressure on. We'll take an opportunity for everybody cool down a little bit and start negotiating. And I think that it's it's not a bad proposal. The problem that you have is that if the president decides he's for it and then tomorrow Desai's against it. Then he's left all of his Republican senators out there in the cold, and they're stuck trying to explain to their base. Why they're against the president. I guess that's what happened in this. I guess the question is could someone Lizzy grandma's become in some ways, the president's best friend in the Senate can someone like him convinced the president something he doesn't wanna accept. He could. I'm told this morning that the president is rejecting the idea. Now, he could change his mind, and then he could change his mind. But right now, I'm told real time this morning that he doesn't like the idea and wouldn't do it. And I think in the end, you know, I've talked to couple times this show George bat the couple of things that I know that the president truly believes in the trade issue. We've talked about before we've been talking about it for years. And this issue is another one that he really truly believes in. And I think he thinks is core to his. Existence. As a lot of wall is about the politics, though, a forward base tune. But how does he explain this idea that he promised two hundred twelve times Mexico pay for it? Well, listen, I think in the end they're now having any volving answer on that as we've seen over the course of time. And I and I think it's something they should have evolved to a long time ago, which is to say, listen, if we get a better trade deal with Mexico. More money will be coming into the United States academy and more money has even though it's not mix to the treasury. Right. I think you could say because I was tough with Mexico. We got greater revenue in the United States, but that should happen. A long time ago because it hasn't happened till now it's going to be a lot harder to convince people at least at one of the things we've seen in our pull this morning overwhelming numbers of Americans, a huge gap between those who blame Republicans, and those who blame the Democrats, but it is interesting to see in that poll that the Americans believed that the Democrats should compromise even people who are against the wall the demonstration Chicago my so when do Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer start to feel the pressure. I think right now, they believe they hold all of the cards, and they believe that they have come. In good, faith and negotiated. This going back to last January when there was a deal in place for Dhaka and the president stepped away from this. I do think though, there are more complicated contours to this debate than we've talked about. So for example, a soon as Monday the supreme court could announce whether or not it's going to take up the repeal of Dhaka. The president has said repeatedly that he is very confident that the supreme court will take up the case that they will rule in his favor, quote, overwhelmingly, and that if they do that he will be able to put together a Dhaka wall plan would immigration advocates are even more concerned about is that he will use the seven hundred thousand dreamers who is life will be tossed into disarray, even more than it already has been and try to make changes to legal immigration, specifically changes to silent proceedings in the US such that will make it nearly impossible for these Central American migrants to seek asylum in the u and we do know the person wants to make changes for skilled immigrants. That's right. He's recently announced that he wants to implement sweeping reforms to the H one B program and to provide what he. Called a path to citizenship for skilled foreign workers. This is a pretty big change rhetorically. But it's also something that complicates the politics of immigration in an interesting way, as there are those who believe that we need to rebalance immigration anymore skilled direction, you see many employers arguing in that vein. And if the president were to take that stance as it seems he's preparing to do that really does split the opposition to his larger agenda different question. You editor the national review large numbers. The presence base. Read the national review is he right on the politics of this. The president's support care about the wall as much as he thinks they do I believe that this is very dynamic. If you look at what's happened over the course of the shutdown. You see a shift and opinion all the wall, essentially his base voters are hardening on the issue. Moderate voters are softening their opposition as we saw in the Washington Post ABC poll, and it's also very striking to see that. He's talking about an issue where he feels comfortable where he feels. He has a solid position. Were you strengthening position among his base supporters? Whereas Democrats are not able to discuss their priority issues in two thousand eighteen Democrats very shrewdly focused on the ObamaCare debate. It's a debate that the president was not entirely comfortable talking about certainly congressional Republicans were not at all comfortable talking about. And he saw the power and emphasizing one issue rather than another. And while I might question the wisdom of this as a long term strategy for the president achieving his objectives on immigration reform. It does seem that there is some evidence that this is moving the politics. What are the things it's hard to rage on this week is where the president actually stands on this idea of declaring national emergency. As the way out. He's been on both sides that issue several times this week. It does appear that by the end of the week. He had been convinced this could cause more trouble with Republicans in congress than I thought what he has heard as there is virtually no support among Republicans, certainly Republicans in the Senate where we need them the most in support of the national -mergency idea the op. Position. And he's also been told by his own legal team that if he goes with this his own certainly he's he's going to face a legal challenge. And he is almost certainly going to lose that legal challenge. So what's the point? But my sense is that there's like a fringe benefit for the the president believes to this battle. He gets to fight day after day talking about the wall talking about border security. It takes all the oxygen of the rest of the debates the investigations that House Democrats are eager to get up and going are affectively delayed the other issues that he's less comfortable talking about. I think that he feels that this can go on for a long time from you come from a Trump state North Dakota on the one hand, I suppose there was support for the wall during the campaign, but a lot of farmers are gonna get hurt the shutdown keeps going well. That's absolutely true in the real casualty in all of this has governing. Do we talk about infrastructure? Do we talk about debt and deficit? Are we talking about healthcare with a with a demographic changes that are going to blow up our healthcare system? No, we're not talking about any of that. We're talking about an issue that could easily be resolved. If we quit talking about a wall and started talking about border security because everybody's for border security, right? There's a deal to be had here. We everybody forgets that in January. We actually February. We actually voted twenty five billion dollars for the wall. And and the president walked away from it. The Republican party walked away from it. Because it was a deal that they didn't want on immigration. This does seem to become zero sum for the president. Well, listen, George, I think Johnson he's comfortable arguing on this basis. And he's staying away from a lot of other things with obvious solution. There's an obvious solution on the healthcare issue that everyone except there's not an obvious solution on infrastructures give us some of the deficits running all the rest of it. And I think that the fundamental mistake. The Democrats are making here is that they're playing allowing him to plan this playing field where he feels very safe very secure very confident about what he believes. And when he does that he's a much more convincing salesman. Now in the end. I don't know how that brings us to a resolution. But the president may not be worried about a resolution at the moment. Maybe Wade he may be more concerned about is the politics of consolidation after having difficult maternal handy says the Nancy Pelosi break on this. No. And I think especially because she feels tremendous pressure from the laughter party to hold the line on this. There was going to be about thirty though Democrats in the house who were in Trump either one or leaning districts that are going to start with some pressure on his that's going to be one of the casualty of the loss of moderates. When you don't have moderates who say, look, you know, I've got an answer to both sides. I've got a very, you know, nuance state. You don't have that. Joe Donnelly's gone Claire mccaskill is on. I'm gone, the people who opened up government and thirteen John McCain's gone, they're gone. And so who's going to step up into that from what we've heard all morning, John, then seems like which which group is going to matter. More those new moderates elected Democrats in the house or all those Republican senators who are up in primaries, which is a new done. This time, but you know, that new freshman class in the house includes some of the real progressives. The the Alexandria Kasey Cortez. But it also includes those those Democrats who are moderate who are elected representing Trump areas. And I think there is an UCLA rhetoric for that reason among Democrats some saying, hey, we want enhanced border fencing, we want border security, and you have others who talk about this being immoral. That's a big difference. And that's the last word today. Thank you all very much next. He was the first democratic candidate to enter the twenty twenty race for American. Marilyn Carson, John Delaney's. Join us when we come back. These days news comes out of Washington so fast. It can be hard to keep up. I just don't think this is going to play out the way everybody thinks it's going to play out. We're getting Giancarlo prediction mean, look, we need special music for this. I'm ABC news political director Rick Klein, join me along with ABC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl. Every week as we break down the facts and turn to Washington insiders with tough questions on the powerhouse politics podcasts. Or are you going to talk to moan I voted to listen for free on apple podcasts or your favorite podcast app? John Delaney said a dirty word in Davenport, then repeated it into Moines and Sioux City to in fact, he's been saying it all across the stick unabashedly telling people. He's a firm believer in well bipartisan show by partisanship bipartisanship. It might be dirty word in Washington, but it seems to be awfully refreshing right here in Iowa that ad play during last year Super Bowl the first out of the twenty twenty psycho joined now by the first candidate to the democratic race. Former Maryland congressman John Delaney here now says run back in July two thousand seventeen welcome to this week, George so your five hundred thirty four days in houses going I think it's going great. I mean, we spent a lot of time I would have done Twenty-one trips. They're twelve to New Hampshire, and I think my message which is about bringing this terribly divided nation back together solving real problems that are facing workers and families, particularly in light of how technology is changing the workforce getting big. Things done to build a better future. And restoring a sense of almost moral aspiration to our political discourse. Nobody got messages cutting through very well known by partisanship in Washington right now. So let's put the put put your his to the test. How would you solve the shutdown? Well, I wouldn't have caused the shutdown. Right. So I think look it. I think it's pretty clear the Senate Republicans have to reopen up the government. I mean, that's the obvious path. And we saw that from Lindsey Graham broader question now, you know, you are trying to talk about healing the divide now ten years in this country over the space of eight years, we saw the country like Barack Obama president and Donald Trump president couldn't imagine really two more different people to hold that office. How do you speak to that divide? Well, I just think it takes leadership. What the American people are really looking for is a leader to try to bring us together. Not actually talk like half, the country's entirely wrong about everything they believe focus on where we have common ground talk about big things for our future. And. Really do things differently. One of the things I've pledged as in my first hundred days only to do bipartisan proposals. Wouldn't it be amazing for president looked at the American people at the inauguration and said I represent everyone of you with you voted for me or not. And this is how I'm gonna prove doesn't that cut against a lot of Democrats are expecting if you're only putting bipartisan legislation on the floor. That means no Medicare for all know, green new deep deal. Fifteen dollars an hour. Minimum wage. Well, first of all there's things we agree with right in building infrastructure comprehensive immigration reform was bipartisan fixing our broken and immoral criminal. Justice system is bipartisan things like national service, right? Giving opportunity for young people graduate from high school to put other democratic primaries on the first hundred days, right? You prove to the American people that we can actually start solving problem in getting things done. Then you start talking about some of the big things we need to do to build a better future. Universal healthcare I fully support. And I believe there's ways of getting that done. I entered use the first bipartisan carbon. Tax Bill in the congress of the United States last year to show that climate change, which is a huge threat to our prosperity to our national security. We can actually come together and solve that problem. So I think there's a pathway to do big things together as a country, but there's also in the short term. There's a lot of things we agree with each other that have to get done, and we need a leader that wants to actually start bringing the country together restoring a sense of this as I say moral aspiration to who we are as a country. And that's what the American people are looking for. They're tired of being divided. You you had a very successful career on Wall Street before you became don't Wall Street in business before you became a member of congress, and George will though in a very highly complimentary column about you also had this he said white male businessman. Those three words new democratic prime minister three strikes against you is he right about that this year. I don't think he's right about that. Look, I'm not a person of color, and I'm not a woman, and I. Appreciate the fact that I have had different experiences and haven't had to deal with some of the challenges the people of color in our country have had to deal with in women have had to deal with. But I think at the end of the day what the democratic primary voters are going to look for is a leader someone who can lead our country into the future with a real vision as to how to create a more prosperous, Justin secure future for all Americans. They're looking for leadership, particularly in the context of what they're seeing now. So I believe the democratic primary voters are going to look for that leadership who has a positive view of the future who understands how technology automation, global interconnections fundamentally changing everything in our society, and who has real plans to solve real problems to get things done to improve the lives of paying a large measure of your own campaign. You can afford it right now. Lisbeth Warren says that there shouldn't be sell funny. How do you respond to that? Oh, I don't think. I mean, I think I don't think that's true. I think people are fine with people investing in their campaigns. I also raise money from people. So I'm not entirely self-funding. Camping. How about the idea? We'll come. We heard from the new cars in Alexandria or Cossio Cortes saying that the marginal tax rate on those earning about ten million dollars years should be seventy percent marginal tax rate should be higher. But if we actually want to create more fairness in our tax code. We would also start taxing investment income more similar to what workers get paid at this massive kind of unfairness between the amount of taxes. People pay who invest reliving verse people who pay work for a living. And I think that can generate more revenues for the government so directly I think there's huge structural unfairness in our country right now, whether it's through the tax code, whether it's to our environmental policies, whether it's in our criminal Justice system, our immigration system, I wife, and I were at the border two weeks ago. We took fourteen law students down to Dilley Texas with the largest detention facility is in this country to hear asylum cases for a week. Right. So if you go through immigration criminal Justice, the taxes to miss huge structural and fairness in this country. We got. And the tax code is part of that. What qualifies you to be commander in chief served in the congress for the last six years? So I understand how our federal government works. I spent a lot of time with our military. I have a strong view about what the US is role is internationally. I generally believe what the post World War Two model for US leadership. And I think I'm a very good position to be in filing before we go and ask you about those other headlines this morning about President Trump is the report in the New York Times that he was investigated by the FBI also concealing his conversations of Latimer Putin. Do you believe he's compromised by food? Well, that's what that's for Mr. Muller to determine. I mean, it's it's highly suspicious behavior. We haven't had a president who has been supportive as Vladimir Putin in in decades or Russian government decades. So it's highly suspicious. I think his business dealings in the past or highly suspicious. I know from my experience in the private sector. No one in the United States would actually invest in him or lend money to him. So we had to go abroad. Tha get his financing for his projects. So I think there's a lot of flashing yellow lights. But what we should do is. We should wait for the result of that report to determine and they're obviously investigating it. And I trust the special counsels work. I mean, he's I think he's been terrific. There's been no leaks. He's obviously been very thorough. He's in covered a lot of, you know, highly suspicious activity, and a lot of people who are very close to the president obviously have been been charged with crimes, so John delay. Thanks for coming in the majority. That's all for us today. Thanks for sharing part of your Sunday with us checkout world news tonight, and I'll see tomorrow on GM. Are you hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash podcast. That's indeed dot com slash podcast.

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A 'perfect call' with Ukraine  or smoking gun?

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45:45 min | 2 years ago

A 'perfect call' with Ukraine or smoking gun?

"President trump says he made a perfect call to Ukraine's president asking him to do us a favor but in Ukraine there's a long backstory to it you know so many parts of trump worlds intersect with Ukraine. It's actually kinda crazy. I'm Marco Werman will hear all about that. backstory also today one year since the murder of Jamal has shoghi a friend of his says a Saudi journalist was critic but not an enemy who's been critical bill for the sake of Saudi Arabia not against and in South Korea Karaoke culture is still a thing that's changing because of new workplace laws also a doctor and former. NFL Player helping out in the Bahamas after after Hurricane Doria all that more today here on the world. I'm Marco Werman when you're with the world. Thanks for being with us today. Spare a thought for Finland's president solely Niinisto was at the White House today to meet President trump but the visit was overshadowed by this. They've been trying to impeach me from the day I got elected. I've been going through this for three years. They've been trying to impeach me from the day Hey I got elected and you know what they fail and this is the easiest one of all and what was supposed to be a joint news conference trump gave a lengthy defense of of his July twenty fifth phone call with Ukraine's president. He said it was a perfect call. Democrats say that conversation is a smoking gun proof that trump has betrayed eight his oath of office but when it comes to Ukraine the stories about more than one phone call Ilya Marritz is on the line with me now he's a Co host of WNYC Studios PODCAST CAST TRUMP INC he says donald trump's connections to Ukraine go way back you know so many parts of trump world intersect with Ukraine. It's actually kinda crazy. I I think the most famous would be Paul. Manafort Paul Manafort worked for Ukrainian strongman but Rudy Giuliani has been making trips to Ukraine for many years as well and president trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen also has Ukraine connections so I've been interested in the country for for awhile so in the latest episode of Trump Inc we we kind of the origin story to the relationship between trump and Ukraine it starts as you say with Paul Manafort and the former president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych Oh Vich when he was running Yana Kovic was kind of the oligarchs candidate the oligarchs being the richest and most influential businessmen in the country and when he began Emma campaign most Ukrainians didn't support him you mentioned in your podcast that it was Manafort who basically turn that around Manafort did polling he tested messages he got Ya Kovic previously spoke coarsely and had assault and robbery convictions in his past to where a good suit get a good haircut and speak Ukrainian because it was Mr Mr in Ukraine he spoke Russian in two thousand ten. The oligarchs man won the presidency so Paul Manafort was helping on a Kovic to the tune tune. We later learned of some thirteen million dollars on the black books. How does all this play though into trump's relationship with Yanukovych? What trump doesn't really have one particularly except that Paul Manafort's exit from trump's campaign is kind of haunted him ever since what we've learned learned over the past ten days really over the past many months is that Rudy Giuliani has been offering an alternative theory and it is I think a conspiracy spiracy theory which is that the evidence that shows that Paul Manafort accepted payments from a Ukrainian strongman in the form of this Black Ledger doc was faked what they really want to say is that instead of Russia interfering in the twenty sixteen presidential election in trump's favor Russia say it was Ukraine intervening in that same election in Hillary's favourite right and that's what Giuliani is going around and telling a lot of the media is happening so let's turn to to the Biden's Joe and his son Hunter you sat down with two journalists and killed one of them was Aubrey Belford? He's been reporting on this and he said he originally started looking into the the Biden business after he read an article on the hill about a quote unquote scandal involving Joe Biden. Here's what Aubrey told you about that story and I thought wow this looks like a real scandal. I'm going to investigate it and my investigation lawsuit for about thirty minutes because the story just fell apart so Ilia how did that story every fall apart because this is the story that trump Giuliani or pretty obsessed with right yeah so bear with me because it's a little bit complicated when he was Vice President Joe Biden and had a special responsibility for Ukraine as a country in transition as a country trying to adopt more openness and democracy in that same time his son Hunter Biden was hired to work for an energy company called Barack Obama now at some point Joe Biden pressured Ukrainians to fire their general prosecutor sort of the equivalent of of the US Attorney General and Ukrainians did fire their general prosecutor the idea that's been put out there is that this firing was some kind kind of fever to Hunter Biden and Barisno the company he was working for all of my conversations in everything that I've read from reputable sources shows the opposite is it to be true that general prosecutor Victor Shokhin was not investigating charisma the energy company in fact he wasn't investigating a lot of companies and individuals tools who deserved to be investigated for Ukraine's rampant corruption problems. That's why Joe Biden pressed for Shokhin to be fired and Joe Biden didn't do it by himself itself. The Europeans were also pressuring for that to happen. Lots of Western institutions also said that that prosecutor should go so the idea that Rudy's been putting out there that it was some kind of special favor for Hunter Biden. just has no support in fact zooming still further disinformation. It's been a major threat here here in the US. How does this play out in Ukraine fake news becoming away to to to simply just counter all these allegations yeah you fake news is like not even a new concept there had had one one acquaintance there who has his expression you can take half of that which I thought she meant? Take it with a grain of salt would would take half of that means is take whatever somebody just said to be half true but you don't know which half of it is true. It's a it's a confusing information environment to operate in but frankly we in the United States are in that same environment to that's Ilya Marritz Co host of WNYC studio and Propublica podcast trump trump inc their new episode is called Ukraine will link to it at the world dot org with the impeachment showdown here in the US Russian President Vladimir Putin seems to be revelling in the moment that's because it's Ukraine at the center of attention not Russia in Moscow today Putin spoke on a panel at the Russian Energy Week Conference Difference where NBC Correspond Cure Simmons asked the Russian president a simple question is Russia as robot Mila alleged changed attempting to influence the twenty twenty elections in the United States Putin took a moment providing a dramatic pause and then he whispered bird into the microphone. Is that a little league. I'll tell you a secret Putin and said yes. We'll definitely do it. Just don't tell anyone okay. I guess that's Putin being funny. He went on to say that Russia was being pulled into this American the political fight even though it did not meddle in. US Affairs Putin said that this new chapter about Ukraine just proves his point trump's opponents are using anything they can and to attack him last time it was Russia Putin said this time it's Ukraine Harvard. University can continue to consider race as one factor in the admissions process that's the heart of yesterday's ruling by a federal judge in a closely watched affirmative action case the decision could have implications for higher education across the US us the plaintiffs had argued that Harvard was intentionally discriminating against asian-americans and using race as a predominant factor in admissions. We're we're going to untangle the implications here but I wanted to speak with someone at the center of it. All when Jiang Li started as a freshman at Harvard he hadn't even heard about the legal case or even about affirmative action by last fall is a senior Lee was steeped in the debate about who gets into college and why he was also part of a lawsuit to support Harvard's admissions policy and extremely excited and happy by the ruling. I'm happy that the court reaffirmed necessity of affirmative action for diverse student student body so you back Harvard its policy. How did you get to this point Jiang of publicly putting yourself out there in this case I was actually looped in through my roommate Tang and so- tango actually want the students who testified for trial and so he was really close and so he was getting involved and I I started getting my own personal song research and sort of learned how whole issue of fries action tied to issues of equity and issues for Asian Americans around the nation and how did you get to that point almost an activists I mean tell me more about yourself where you grew up so I was born Korea and immigrated to Texas when I was five years old and I went to high school in predominantly white suffer so I think growing up I had never really critically think about what it means to be Asian Asian American to really contextualize racial identity within I think broader landscape of like being black or just being a person of color in America for these things things you discussed with your parents definitely not I think as an immigrant there's also just so language barriers? I actually did not tell my parents I was getting involved with the case until like a year after so soft process so harvard you believe is committed to diversity and I I live in the neighborhood in Cambridge and see that commitment when I walk across campus but like how would you know that there would not be more truly qualified Asian students applying and getting rejected did if they're not there I can tell you from experience as an Asian American steered at that I believe diversity is a fundamental part of college experience. It's I think questions like that sort of the conversation around Asian American applicants for blackout gets for other applicants of color but I think my question is. Why are we not talking about the like? Why are we not talking about? The system of crew athletes or wealthy donor is basically at this back door. Were wealthy. Predominantly white students are getting into Harvard. I think there are different systems that we need to be critically thinking about ravaged asking in questions of Oh like how do we actually know theoretically Countess. It sounds like the Harvard community was very supportive of of your position but what about your experience outside campus with other Asian American friends and maybe back home what what kind of tension have you experienced. I think a lot of Asia Americas tend to side with dismantling affirmative action because they think that it hurts them but I've been able to have I think constructive in great conversations with France talking to them about how yes like racism for Asian Americans this bill like discrimination is real but having raised applied and missions coffees are not the solution Jiang. Thank you very much. Thank you great talking to you. That's generally a recent graduate of Harvard who was active in the case to support Harvard University's admissions policies yesterday's court ruling raises all sorts of questions about the role of race and identity and Higher Education Kirk carapaces repes- is a higher education reporter with WG IN BOSTON. You spoke with a group that filed the lawsuit representing an Anonymous Group of Asian American applicants who led that lawsuit awesome. What was their reaction to this week's ruling the group is called students for fared missions and it represents his group of anonymous Asian American plaintiffs the group claims that Harvard intentionally sensually and systematically discriminates against Asian American applicants by holding them to higher personal academic qualities after the judge handed down her decision? Yesterday we spoke with Edward Bloom. He's the longtime critic of the consideration of race in college admissions he back the lawsuit and he says he's disappointed by the decision. The documents emails sales data the analysis and the depositions that students for admissions presented at trial compellingly revealed Harvard's systematic discrimination against Asian Americans so Edward Bloom as the public face of this case there were no Asian American students public testifying against Harvard though is that that balloon told me the fact that Asian American plaintiffs remained anonymous in this case did not affect the outcome putting the students on the stand would have perhaps jeopardized their personal safety mortar. We should point out that in previous cases in Brown versus board of Education. Linda Brown did put herself on the line line. Bloom told me that he thinks we live in a different age median that these students would have been subject to harassment in the end the arguments that blue man group put forward forward alleging discrimination against Asian American students that did not cut it with the judge yesterday a what was at the core of her decision so the judge says that Harvard's admissions process is lawful whole Harvard does not discriminate against Asian American applicants. She says the process is not perfect but the court will not quote dismantle a very fine program solely because it could could do better Kirk Kerr has higher education reporter with W H here in Boston. Thanks a lot thank you marco. You're listening to the world. I'm Marco Werman and you're with the world one year ago today. The well known Saudi journalist Jamal Has Shoghi walked into Saudi Saudi Arabia's consulate building in Istanbul. He never walked out because a team of Saudi Arabian agents was there waiting to kill him. You've probably heard the details of his murder and dismemberment that day but there's more to Jamal Shoji than his death. He was an insightful voice voice that our newsroom called on several times. One of those conversations took place almost exactly two years ago the world's Carol Hills picks up the story in twenty seventeen. I got in touch with Jamal Khashoggi to ask about a crackdown on intellectuals that was then going on in Saudi Arabia High Jamal Carol Hills Boston and I'm pronouncing you Jamal Kashogi is that correct correct to my American Shugi. It is accurate Kasha G. but that would be very hard to say is September twenty seventeen. Jamal Khashoggi had recently left his native Saudi Arabia and relocated to northern Virginia. He'd spent thirty years as a journalist all over the Middle East. Here's a few notes about his career. He went to college in Indiana. He started out as a reporter for the English language. Saudi is at newspaper he would go on to report or edit for half a dozen other saudi-owned publications kosher. Actually it was one of only a few reporters to ever interview Osama bin Laden who grew up in Saudi Arabia. That's why September September eleventh two thousand one. He fielded so many calls from the Western press. He was an editor at a newspaper in Riyadh at the time and on the few occasions when he wasn't working for the paper he was a media adviser to Saudi princes. The Jordanian journalist Solomon says Kashogi was actually close to the royal family he was trying I to walk this fine line between being critical at the same time loyalist opposition Nanna and Kashogi it. We're friends and colleagues from way back throughout two period of nine years we were working are the same newspaper and of course because of the nature of our beat they both were editors for the Pan Arab newspaper Al Hayat they collaborated on stories and stayed in touch when he moved to Washington. DC shrugged stayed on in the Middle East where he had a unique nick role as both a Saudi insider an independent journalist his coverage of extremism and religion in the Saudi Kingdom got him fired more than once he was always pushing pushing the envelope. He's always trying to get the Saudi government to open up more says Khashoggi's interest in social and political reform was well-known well known you know he was trying always to push for a recognition of the mainstream moderate Islamist movements such as the Muslim Brotherhood distinguish them from extreme scoops. Thanks Khashoggi had once been a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Though he lost interest in their more radical goals he retained their zeal for political reform something something that some Saudi royals found threatening but now that says Khashoggi also had friends and protectors in the House of Saud for decades they tolerated the fact that he precipitated to this lamest movement not apologetic to any extremist group they consider him a loyalist and so things went on until in the rise of Hamilton the Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman better known as M B S he was barely thirty years old when he became crown imprint in two thousand seventeen and when I spoke with Jamal Khashoggi just three months later. He told me that he respected Mohammed bin Salman progressive agenda to Bush for economically forum of the country allow young people to enjoy entertainment radicalism. We support him in all of that showcased showcase clearly saw darker side of the new Saudi order. He left the country the same month. NBS came to power by September. He was writing for the Washington Post and that's that's when I interviewed him Mr Kashogi the title of your article it was Saudi. Arabia wasn't always this repressive now. It's unbearable. What prompted you to write it a number of things his arrest master list which we never witnessed before a come vin ahead campaign of intimidation against writers intellectuals duct doc prompted me to say something because this is the direction? I was hoping contrary to Tech Solomon Says Khashoggi knew he could not write freely really in Saudi Arabia under the new regime Mohammed was silent did not want anybody was operating independently especially at a sensitive time when he was trying to to build up his image in the West because he's preparing to be the next in our interview. Kashogi told me about the mix of excitement and trepidation that greeted the crown prince's plans for Saudi Arabia's future people are willing to support his foreign plants and this reform plows going to be painful because they're go to address it cannot make matters unemployment and that's acquires unity that division but what we have right now is division so odious dodd the other sororities sororities hating other sororities Khashoggi's first column for The Washington Post. He went public about the detention of thirty Saudi intellectuals who'd written critically about Mba's policies he wrote about the close adviser of the crown prince who launched a social. Oh media campaign to silence dissent. His name is Saad Al Qahtani and Kashogi wrote about him again when Kettani started a blacklist a program to have Saudis report UH other Saudis for being disloyal so Prince Mohammad bin Salman is kind of spying on people or having people keep track of who is writing negatively. I'm not saying Hamburg. Man is even that no it's not him. It's not him but this is happening under his watch which is timber spying is not him who was intimidating committing but this is happening under his watch an underage him to stop it. You need to start. I want to go back to your situation. Will you be able to go home Saudi Arabia Arabia no in principle John but of course I will risk being arrested or being of travel and that will lever suffocating over the next year. He settled into his new life he wrote prolifically. He made plans to get married. He traveled to Turkey to ceus fiance and get some important documents from the Saudi consulate. There was seen on Tuesday entering Saudi Arabia's consulate innocent ball seeking paperwork paperwork to marry his fiancee. This closed circuit camera footage is the last known side of him. It was really shocking. I could not believe that actually I did not want to believe that it was true. This is Salman net again. Khashoggi's longtime friend and colleague like many people who knew Kashogi. He held out hope that his friend would reappear but you know the second day. I started thinking that's it. He's he's gone one way or the other is could not not to be seen again like other opposition. Saudi figures you know the sad part is that they didn't need to Jamal was not someone who was out up there to join forces with the crazy extremist Islamist who want to finish off the Saudi monarchy he was being critical for the sake of Saudi Arabia not against Saudi on this anniversary of Khashoggi's death. I keep remembering one of the last things we talked about in our interview two years ago you end your Washington Post article by admitting that you kept silent when friends were arrested. You were afraid of losing your job or endangering your family. Why did you make a different choice this week because of three here and they will feel very much part very much guilty? If I continue in enjoying my laws being silent that's the irony about this Saudi journalist who wouldn't keep quiet who left the country that he loved so that he could be free to talk about it a year after his death in Istanbul. Everybody is still talking about Jamal Khashoggi for the world. I'm Carol Hills that story was produced by the world's Steven Snyder you can hear carrols full interview with Jim Shaggy and see a transcript the world dot org. You're listening to the world. North Korea just conducted another another missile test experts say might be the type of weapon. That's launched from a submarine. Our understanding of the North Korean submarine is that it's relatively primitive and compared to the kind that the United States has the view from South Korea. That's coming up here on the world. I'm Marco Werman you're with the world where a CO production of the BBC World Service W. Gbh PRI NPR X. The announcement from North Korea of yet another ballistic missile tests did not come out of the blue but it is a big concern coming as it does in a worrying worrying sequence of other tests. If you go back to last year North Korea only stage one missile tests in two thousand eighteen on November fifteenth then this test went dark for several months the second US North Korea summit happened in February anywhere in Hanoi those talks with Kim Jong ended after trump walked away and then on May fourth Pyongyang staged another missile test and again on Ninth July twenty fifth and or more today's test was especially especially alarming because the flight path suggested it was a missile designed to be launched from a submarine. That's a concern because ground launches are easy to see a submarine launch. Launch is not James Kim Fellow at the Assan Institute for Policy Studies in Seoul South Korea. He has doubts about North Korea submarine program as far as we know no our understanding of the North Korean submarine is that it's relatively primitive compared to the kind that the United States has so we don't believe that they have the ability to travel a long distance but nonetheless you can never underestimate your adversary. It's interesting I mean North Korea stages missile tests just a few days before another round of North Korea talks. What is Kim Jong UN strategy here? What kind of message is he sending by going to a submarine-launched system? I think he's sending a very strong message that he's trying to get an advantage some leverage leading up to the working level negotiations. Essentially they're recalling the time they're calling the terms on their which these negotiations will take place. Clearly we saw the failure Hanoi earlier this year. The North Korean Korean demands for complete sanctions relief in exchange for marginal movements towards denuclearization was not going to be acceptable for president trump but perhaps the North Koreans may be willing to settle for something less than that ended recently stated that they're more interested in security guarantees not for the regime than their interest in lowering sanctions so it sounds like the North Koreans positions have shifted a bit with a John John Bolton out as national security adviser and an acting advisor in the White House. What weaknesses do you see in trump's North Korean negotiation team I mean is there a likelihood that they just might settle? There's a possibility here for a smaller interim deal that could be stepping stone towards a larger deal deal where both sides can build confidence and trust each other so I wouldn't discount the possibility of marginal changes ages here where both sides can gain something but this is very different than the kind of deal that the trump administration had been talking about where John Bolton Holton in the White House he was calling for a deal that will lead to a complete denuclearization so we'll have to wait and see how the talks had out while where is South Korean President Moon Jae in with all of this. I mean what options are available to him. In South Korea right now with trump and Kim continuing this back and forth well the President Moon so far has reached out to the North Koreans but the North Koreans have not been very receptive to president moons overtures ever since the Hanoi talks his failed so President Moon has only president trump here we can work with and he's had a couple of meetings with president trump to further the coordinate and work with the Americans to see what the South Koreans can do if anything at all to encourage the North Koreans to show off these talks Fox during the last. UN General Assembly meeting President Moon suggested the possibility of de-mining the demilitarized zone and it's interesting interesting that it was after his speech. The North Koreans have made this move to announce a working-level meeting so did his statement have any impact on this. I don't know but it did precede this latest announcement James. That sounds like you're taking this in stride there in Seoul. How worrying do you see this latest news personally well? You know we have not had a second Korean War after the signing of the armistice and the US troops are still here. Regardless of what President Trump has said there's twenty eight thousand five hundred American soldiers here the bureaucrats in the State Department and the Defense Department is reassuring. The South Koreans Dead Ed. US extended deterrence guarantees are still in place and his robust so we don't see much change here in terms of the overall situation as as far as the US South Korean allies is concerned. It's still in place it's still working as long as that doesn't change putting aside some of these tests that every now and then North Korea conducts I think the South Koreans have relatively good feeling about the state of the alliance and the ability to deter any North Korean provocations James James Kim a fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies in Seoul. Thanks very much for your perspective. Thanks for having me for many people in South Korea. The thing of the top of their list list of daily concerns is not North Korea. It's a South Korean economy. It's slowing down and one clear sign of that is the number of Karaoke rooms that are closing their doors wars. They're called Nora Bong in Korean and they're going out of business in record numbers but it's not just the economy that's quieting the Karaoke scene as Jason Struggle a report from Seoul. It may also have something to do with a shift in Korean workplace culture when you enter Annoy you walk right it into a wall of sound it pours out of several private rooms were groups of friends and coworkers belt out ballads in Korea. You go to Karaoke rooms to sing with people you already know unlike in America where Karaoke often means in front of total strangers Alad rather seeing in front of my friends friends rather than strangers like that's I feel like some kind of awkward situation so I will I will sing in front of strangers at all I tagged along with jin-kyu on and some of her friends to a local Nora Rahm. She's twenty four if I don't seem all my friends are singing together with me so I feel I feel like I have backups. What does this room comfortably fit six people on Sofas there are surround sound speakers and a large screen TV on a table to wireless mics a keypad for the Karaoke machine and two tambourines for backup percussion gyn type A song a disc globe lights up lyrics appear on the screen and and Jin picks up a Mike Tyson it while gin and her friends are having fun in this room the Norway bonds owner meal? No key waits in the lobby for more customers. I can get enough when she says it's not easy to run this place now because the economy is bad young says in the past year she's lost about half of customers but she thinks things will get better and she won't have to close down but many other northbound are closing down about about fourteen hundred across South Korea in the past year that's according to a South Korean research group which also reports a record low in new openings of Karaoke rooms. I ended attributed the decrease to recent changes in Korean office party culture after our team building outings called way chic are an integral. Oh part of Korean work life typically a boss takes his staff out on the company Card for dinner and drinks followed by hours of Karaoke and Annoy Bong. We're the drinking continues and that can put some employees in uncomfortable situations especially women it's not only for or singing. I spoke with a thirty nine year old government worker who asked to go by her surname John Sometimes there's forest blues time that you sometimes have to dance with your voice or your colleagues. The body was very close to each other and that it was very unpleasant. She says pretty much. Every Korean woman she knows has experienced this situation at a long way sheikh. Sometimes you feel as little bit of six year harassment. I don't know if I can put it that way but I felt that way. Sometimes John says in the past she felt like she couldn't refuse her senior male colleagues but now she says she doesn't feel as pressured anymore Lee Teja who runs a a PR firm and Monitors Business Trans says young employees are becoming more comfortable voicing their complaints about excess drinking and karaoke rooms. He says it's partly because of a new anti harassment law that gives workers the power to refuse their bosses outside of the office and another new rule companies can no longer four staff to work more than fifty two hours per week down from sixty eight. Lisa's Koreans are more focused on improving work life balance and more bosses like Kim respect that because some people do not want to spend more time they want to go back home and some people do not drink Kalat. Some people do nothing there. He says instead of Nori Bong and booze his office parties now might involve dinner and a movie and wrap up with a coffee at a reasonable hour like ten PM. Lee tells me he's still enjoy singing Karaoke this song from the seventy s is his favorite but now he it does on his own time with his family and friends who for the World Jason struther soul and as we mentioned earlier it's exactly one year today since Jamal has Shoghi walked into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to get papers for his upcoming marriage he never came out intelligence agencies have linked his murder to the highest levels of the Saudi government by the trump administration is still pursuing warm diplomatic relations with the kingdom a Shoji's friends and colleagues see this as a betrayal of his memory. He was one of many journalists living in exile in Istanbul and as dury scaring reports it's from Istanbul death is both a personal loss and a reminder of the risks the exile journalists face the Saudi consulate. What is this yellow building with a high wall and razor wire? There's a park in a grocery store across the street. The glass skyscrapers of Istanbul's banking district it kind of rise in the distance about a year ago these sidewalks were filled with cameras and journalists I as they waited for information on what happened to Jamaica Shoji and later as his colleagues and friends gathered to protest his killing many of them light Kashogi who live here because of threats from their own governments. I took the metro for an hour into an outer suburb of Istanbul and I visited the studios of Al Sharq TV a station owned by I former gypsum politician now living in exile a presenter named Sammy Maldin is about to go on air for an evening program. I'm called the Egyptian street the viewers are Gyp Shin the politics but the journalists are sitting in a studio in Turkey on Air Kamaldeen veers between humor and outrage sometimes speaking to Egypt's dictator Abdulle Towel directly. The idea is to cover the topics that matter to people when most of the news in Egypt is aligned with the government with autumn Cotner gap today he has co Oh host focus on a new wave of corruption claims against a series of youtube videos from government contractor turned whistle blower have set off protests in Egypt. Some of the I since a military takeover in two thousand thirteen an Sahafi from this knee brace to Egypt political commentary like this could mean imprisonment prisonment or worse Kamaldeen had to leave the country himself in twenty thirteen. That's when he met Jamal Kashogi die for her care tip for Shell out of work to Kabul even before he knew Kashogi Kamaldeen says he knew his work for many young people who hoped for democracy the and human rights during the Arab Spring Uprisings Kashogi supported version of reform that was gradual even moderate commodity and says you brother. My friend didn't Gamal Hashtag Darabi met while working in cutter both had a fondness for Cuban cigars which they would smoke together in the Sheraton Hotel. Oh discuss politics kind of national guests at the Columbia and not enough for a Welland Fisher joined with listen more than he would speak commodity. Maldin says you're smart way of making people feel at ease leaving them the space to talk you went through life with the heart of poet Mika Shabir Kadoya God. I am on October third the day after Kashogi disappeared Kamaldeen got a call from a Turkish source sang. Mall wasn't just missing he had been murdered Tehran also south of mass appeal sudden among Kamaldeen says he had a complete breakdown. He couldn't stop crying not just because because of Kashogi. It seemed like this could have happened to any dissident journalists in exile could Khumalo Dean says he pulled himself together confirmed the tip and reported his friend's on staff out of duty he says but even today he won't walk inside his own consulate ABC's. I'm afraid analysts say these concerns are widespread in completely valid. This is not unique to demand there are hundreds and hundreds of journalists and civil society activists who are being hounded founded jailed and tortured and sometimes killed disappeared. Rami Corey is a journalism professor at the American University in Beirut and he also had a personal small friendship with Kashogi when autocrats hound journalists and force them out of the country he says it creates a Mediocre Docile News Corps in the places where it's needed most host the problem is a problem in the world but there are complicit governments all over the Western world especially who speak about democracy the freedom and human rights but happily support autocrats. Jamal is a symbol of a much bigger problem correy says but he paid for it with his life for the world. I'm Gary Karen is stumble Turkey. Imagine you're a professor and you get your dream job at a prestigious university. That's what happened to Amber Murray when last year she was hired as an associate professor geography at Oxford University in the UK Murray is American so are her daughters ages four and nine when she applied to get them visas to come to the UK. The applications were rejected some say this is part of a larger trend that the UK is making it more difficult for foreign academics to work. They're Murray says her rejection came down to the fact that her husband doesn't live in the UK he works in Cameroon and UK immigration law has strict rules about parents in their situation trying to visas for their children it states that the parents should be deceased or the parents residing thing in the UK should have and should have had unique responsibility for the children or that there should be compelling reasons and and the parent residing in the UK should've taken efforts to ensure the wellbeing of their children and so we've applied under the final caveats and you know supplied all of the necessary documentation including a legal document from my husband specifying that this is in the best interest of the children at this time time so that rejection came from the UK's Home Office. What were you feeling when you read that letter well when I received it shock can dismay and then of course incredible sorrow I just broke down where your daughters at the moment and how did they take the news my family now I always in the US and they were shocked of course they don't understand my nine year old took it very badly and saw sobbed the entire day leading up to my departure and bag to me at the airports not to go and just you know doesn't understand any of this? That's a tough one where you at all thinking maybe I shouldn't go absolutely the self-doubt has been with me this entire time and and you're not the only condemned trying to work in the UK who's had to deal with a visa rejection or other immigration issues. Are you getting a sense of a trend here. Absolutely the sort of response that I've received from Anna from an article in the Guardian has been overwhelming and you know even today I received an email from PhD students also at the University of Oxford coups nine year old son was also refused entry for precisely the same reason and again there were compelling circumstances in that case that were disregarded right right so that Guardian article about your case was pretty widely read obviously has Oxford offered any real. There's an immigration team here. I think they're very careful fall to get involved to end especially when it's not you know the employees visa they give informal guidance and and of course I have letters of support from my head of department and from the principle of my college and I have very supportive colleagues colleagues but other than that not at this time. Is there a way for you to appeal yes. There's an administrative review and we're working on submitting those documents tomorrow. So what will you do. This does not get resolved. That's a great question I'm burling overwhelmed already by by all of this and I will just have to have a conversation with my husband and think very seriously about the next steps obviously looking for work outside of the UK if that's necessary was this temporary position or was essentially permanent minute and this is the American equivalent of a tenure track position Amber Marina says professor in geography at Oxford University in the UK. Thank you thank you very much for your time Marco. It's been nearly one month since hurricane. Dorian wreaked havoc on the Bahamas. The storm killed more than fifty. People people hundreds more missing. Some communities were completely wiped out among the age groups that have responded was a team from Massachusetts General Hospital here in Boston. They arrived on the island of Grand Bahama early last month. Among them was Dr Myron Rolle. He's a third year neurosurgery resident whose family is from the Bahamas role spoke with my colleague Joe Matthew here at W. Gbh and he described what it was like to see such devastation in a place. Many of his family members still call home. It was very difficult. Go to compartmentalize my emotions you know at first I said well. I gotta go back home. I got to take care of my family. I have to do something and then the other side of me was was like well. This is going to be devastating. I mean is GonNa hit me hard just being in Boston and trying to you know perfect my craft as a neurosurgeon but then going the home and seeing the destruction that I've never seen before when I'm seeing the pictures and all my friends are telling me about it and my family is kind of coming in by piecemeal telling me that they're okay. They would just mix commotions. Dr Role said healthcare is going to be one of the biggest challenges for people in the Bahamas some of that has to do with the geography of the islands not just the damage image from the hurricane. I remember as a child you know we have a doctor that will come through the eye Linden. My parents would take us and they would say you tell them every single thing that happened to you for the last ask you don't leave anything out because you never know when that doctor is GonNa come back so with an already sort of disjointed and disconnected medical infrastructure outside of Nassau. I saw the capital you know and you put this kind of hurricane that can even further separate are further exasperate at problem. It makes it hard in the aftermath of the storm. Officials are treating injuries sickness and mental health issues. They also have to make sure people with chronic conditions are getting the care they need. Dr Role said there's I hope that in rebuilding there may even be opportunities for improvements. There's an example love. CT scanners Marin who's that are being donated from L. A. From a group that I know back back down to the Bahamas that's better than the stuff that we have now or that we had and so if we can continue to move forward and continue to try to solve some of these gaps in our healthcare system with the help of international aid international community that'd be wonderful thing one more item on Dr Roles resume. He's also an NFL veteran formerly on the Roster Austin the Tennessee titans but role says his family is more impressed by his aide work for Bosnians through huge back home for yeah. They're they're very proud and it makes me happy happy to make them breakfast for Doctor Meyer Enroll and neurosurgery resident at mass general hospital you heard him speaking with my colleague Joe Matthew with Wbz News here in Boston and that'll do it for us today. We come to you from and Bill Harris Studio

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Mueller is Getting Desperate # 932

"Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show. That's not immune to the facts with your host. Dan bongino. Dan Bongino, show producer, Joe. How are you today? Yes. Day to post left, elbow surgical repair. Dan Bongino for us you on the YouTube channel. There you go. There's a look I took the ace bandage off. So that that's wollen doesn't look too bad. For those of you wanna watch on YouTube. Listen on the audio. It's YouTube dot com slash Bongino. We have some important visuals today too. So. Yeah. Doing doing well recovering. Pretty good. Listen, I've got some great stuff for you today, including why Manafort and the sentencing yesterday, and the the fact that he only got forty seven months when he could have gotten up to twenty four years is so important, and why Manafort was the key to this whole thing is a really important show Sonoko anywhere, right? Today's show brought to you by buddies at Harry's. Harry's razors would listen tarries. Here's the great thing about Harry's. 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A my show can redeem their trial at harrys dot com slash Bongino. Go to harrys dot com slash Bongino. Redeem your offer let them know I sent you to help support the show. Harry's dot com slash Bongino. All right nice. So why was Manafort so important? So the breaking news yesterday. Ladies and gentlemen, is Paul Manafort was sentenced by judge TSL's to a very light. Given the severity of the charges joint guy can both agree. He could have seen up to twenty years plus in prison metaphor only. Only got forty seven months in jail and TSL's. The judge was dispositive on the fact that this has nothing listen liberals don't freak out nothing to do with collusion. These charges were related to his tax his tax paying habits, which obviously we're not great his work with the Ukrainians. It had nothing to do with collusion at all. But why was Manafort so important folks, this is going to be an important show? I always say that often, but we're working on book two now, and I've been dealing with a source of mine who's very good and another source of mine is really good and a researcher working on with book two of the spy gate thing. And I want you to keep in mind the big themes here because it gets lost in the wonky details of this case because it's a very complex case the whole operation to spy on and take down the Trump team one of the things that's important here. Ladies and gentlemen, is it appears that this entire case was based on this dossier, and it now appears. That Muller's role. In addition to what Joe, and I've been telling you for a long time that Muller's role is to keep the heat on Donald Trump and keep the heat away from the Obama administration malfeasance show, right? We've been saying forever. Yeah. It's starting to come together. Based on some of the research, I've been doing some of the sources I've been working with that Muller's role also is to vindicate the dossier. Now, you may say how does this tide of the Manafort sentencing, don't go anywhere? I'm super excited about this show. I I've been putting this together all day all night. The guy was on the phone with yesterday knows what we'll talk about. I spent about two hours on the phone yesterday with two of my guys working on this. Muller's role. So think of it is twofold here. He's got a two prong attack. Now number one keep the heat again on Donald Trump. That's the problem we've been focusing on for a long time. If he keeps the heat on Donald Trump investigating colwin, his finances. Referring cases out to the southern district the Virginia district and the department of Justice, and he continues to keep the heat on Trump show, then the heat stays away, obviously from the spying scandal. The Obama administration was evolved that we already know. That's established will move on prom number two, which is which is come to my attention in the last few months and seems to be more and more salient than important every day is Muller's job appears to be now to vindicate the dossier. Why job think this through I need everybody to work with me on this? And if you're not watching the show on YouTube check it out after you listen to the audio podcast, go to YouTube dot com slash Bongino. Subscribe to our channel and watch the video of this. Because Paul is going to be putting up some key screen shots of dates. I want you to take a look at this. They don't make sense in the audio to don't worry. But this is going to be important. Muller's job is to vindicate the dossier. Because Joe the dossier is all they had the department of Justice in the FBI. It's clear now base their entire case spying on Trump on this dossier, and if Muller can make the dossier appear at least semi credible. He can then rescue the department of Justice in the FBI that relied on this unverified dossier to spy on the Trump team Armacost, please tell me that makes sense. It makes sense. But please tell me how he's going to do this. Daddy. Oh, yeah. I will and lead you said that. When you follow the dossier the dossier as I've told you repeatedly is based on Glenn Simpson. And Mary Jacoby Glenn Simpson is the one of the co-owners co-founders a fusion GPS. Fusion GPS is this company. It was hired by the Clintons to gin up. This information on Donald Trump. This negative information. Glenn Simpson and Jacoby worked on a piece in two thousand seven I've been calling the movie script for the Wall Street Journal. If I remember I'll put it in the show notes again today, it's a two thousand seven two thousand seventeen this is going to be important. So don't lose me here. This two thousand seven piece the Wall Street Journal, and they talk about Russian influence in the United States in our political process. Simpson was writing for the Wall Street Journal at the time and his wife Mary Jacoby co-authored. This piece Simpson already had this piece pre-prepared folks, and who is the central antagonised in this piece. Paul manafort. Paul Manafort is the Kaiser so save Glenn Simpson's life member. Kaiser so from the usual suspects, the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was making everyone believe he didn't exist. Well, in this case, it was the opposite. The greatest trick. Glenn simpson. Ever pulled this making everyone believe Paul Manafort through so say, so what might have metaphor? It's not a good guy. Folks, I'm not here to defend Manafort he made a lot of mistakes, which he pled guilty to. But I don't believe Manafort would have been targeted if Manafort was not a member of the Trump team. I don't believe Manafort would be in jail today for crimes if Manafort was not a member of the Trump team for one hundred days. What I'm trying to explain to? You is Muller is here to vindicate the dossier by vindicating this broken dossier, making it appear at least semi credible. What does he do at the same time? Joe he then rescues the department of Justice and FBI who can then say later. Okay. Maybe a lot of the claims in the dossier Joe were debunked. But look there was some meat to it. Because the central key player in the dossier is also the central key player in Nick. Simpson's two thousand seven Wall Street Journal piece, and that key player is Paul Manafort. Is this all making sense now Manafort is alleged in the dossier, and in the two thousand and seven Ps to have been involved in an extensive operation by foreign governments to lobby the United States government in a kind of backhanded. Per Nisus malicious way. So Manafort is seen as this middleman evil genius in the dossiers portrayed even worse as a criminal middleman who is involved in this conspiracy. With Michael Cohen Carter page and others to get information from the Russians about Hillary Clinton and the DNC emails to use it to influence the election of that's all false, folks. We know as of the sentencing yesterday with TSL's that this has been the bug the collusion. Part is dead that go with the show now that Manafort has been sentenced, we know what Muller has right. The judge put it out there. Yesterday Muller has made no allegations whatsoever that the Manafort accusations in the dossier that he worked with the Russians to get information on Hillary to influence the election. None of that is true. We now know he's been sentenced that would have come out yesterday in the sentencing and TSL's was clear the judge this has nothing to do with collusion. So you may be saying, Dan, this doesn't make sense you're saying two different things. You're saying Muller's role is to vindicate the dossier. You're also saying Manafort appears on the dossier dossiers, a central figure in a collusion scheme that the judge said didn't happen. Yes. But think about it. If Muller puts away and locks up Manafort for a long time on these other crimes east foreign influence operations. He's Farah violations. He's tax violations at least Muller can come back later and say, okay, Joe the dossier may have been fake, but the players in it were really really bad guy. So all my bad. So said in other words, use it analogy quick think this through and as the audience on buds Joe stopped me, if it doesn't make sense I'm targeting Joe is a political opponent. I put together a fake dossier alleging Joe, rob the Bank the Bank robbery allegations against Joe, I put it together are running against Joe for congress. I paid someone to do it. Those allegations are entirely false. But we sick someone later on Joe to investigate show. And we find out Joe is been jaywalking for the last fifteen years Josie prolific Jay Walker. And Joe then gets arrested and prosecuted for jaywalking. Now when it comes out that the dossier about Joe, robbing the Bank was completely false in order to vindicate the local sheriff who say investigated Joe we can say well, Joe didn't really rob a Bank. But Joe is a really prolific Jay Walker. So all in all our heads and hearts for in the right place. You track me on the cost tracking you. Yeah. I don't like now you don't like this one bit. I know, you know, now there's too I can't tease this enough. It's going to be epic is going to follow a very specific timeline. You're going to see what Manafort is doing. I want a hat tip. One of my guys on this Manafort appears to be slowly tracking the dossier to lock up and pinch arrest us buff talk. Police police talk to lock up the people in the dossier to say exactly that. Okay. The dossier been false, but these were really bad guys. So the FBI at all in all did the right thing. Now, why was Manafort so important though? Metaphor. It is so important because manafort's the key player in the dossier manafort's. Also, the key player in Glenn Simpson. Two thousand seven Wall Street Journal piece the movie script that the Clintons bought. Now I wanted to point out to you we've discussed this before. But in light of what happened yesterday with the manafort's sentencing. It's important to bring this up. Again, there is this key date, July. I should say key week. It's right around the third and fourth week of July of twenty seventeen. And this is the day. We're going to call the civil war breaks out. I don't mean that knee in a in a violent way. I mean that they civil war breaks out within the White House. And in the department of Justice given that the role into the executive branch. That's the day that something happens July twenty seven twenty seventeen that week of the week of July twenty seven Muller gets word from the inspector General, Michael Horowitz, who's looking into this case who's looking into all the FBI malfeasance and the spying operation on Trump. The Hilary Clinton Email investigation. The essentially the internal affairs guy Michael Horowitz gives word to the mother team that they have a series of texts that they've gotten their hands on from lead investigator, Peter stroke and his love interest Lisa page and FBI lawyer though series of texts which describe all of the malfeasance and the operation that went on to spy on Trump are devastating Muller gets wind of this right around the third week of July. Ladies and gentlemen. Those techs are devastating because what are they lay out? They lay out the operation to use an information on demand process a. As one of my co researchers on the book here are working with me on book to says quotes on demand. He was talking to me about how in the media. Sometimes they have these people quote machines. They know they can go to Joe to get a quote any given time Peter strokes text to Lisa page with Motte which Muller's now are aware of it by the third and fourth week of July of two thousand seventeen he gets win. They're out there likely lay out the operation. To reverse engineer a crime against the Trump team. What I think they were doing Joe we've described it as the information superhighway in the past right is they don't have a crime against Donald Trump. They have to constantly go out and cast a fishing pole for new information to put into the FIS accord because they don't have legitimate information. So they have to basically go to quote machines who will produce for them the quotes they need. Joe that will stand up in court. Who's the perfect quote machine? Christopher steele. Why? Because Christopher Steele has credibility with the FBI. Christopher Steele has worked with the FBI and the past is an informant on the on the soccer corruption case, the fief a- case. Now. Now, does it make sense? Why Glenn Simpson at fusion GPS hires? Christopher Steele Simpson is the one I believe Simpson. And his operation are using steel is a front for this information that Simpson and his team are producing, ladies and gentlemen, the dossier information that's been stamped by Christopher Steele. I don't believe as all steals information. Now, what am I basing this on? I'm basing this on Simpson's wife Mary Jacoby makes a Facebook post after this all becomes public Lee Smith's written about this tablet. Meg. And she says very specifically follow me here that this was Chris's information that Chris hired excuse me. Glenn's information Glenn hired. Christopher steele. Glenn? Did this why because Glenn Simpson's wife Mary Jacoby in a Facebook post? It's now deleted thinks this information is real. That she wants her husband to get the credit for taking down. Donald Trump not realizing later on that this information is going to be tiredly debunked crap on talking about the dossier. They've already outed themselves. They use steel as a rubber stamp because steel already has worked with the FBI, folks. This is critically important. You understand this? I believe this is what the text between Peter stroke and Lisa page indicate and some of the texts we haven't seen. Remember? There are still thousands of missing text. We haven't seen in the public yet. I believe they lay out an operation by the FBI and the department of Justice to create a information laundering operation to say. Hey, we need to lock up Joe for a Bank robbery will someone say Joe, rob the Bank. Christopher Steele will say, oh, great steals work with us before he'll be credible in front of a judge joint it, please tell me this makes sense. Are you are you picking up putting down there? Yes, sir. There's an information laundering operation that Bob Muller becomes aware of on July twenty seventh of two thousand sixteen right around that week. He's likely reading these texts. He's probably informed by Horowitz. Listen, we've got a problem. This criminal case counterintelligence case against Donald Trump was not based on real information. It was based on a quote machine that this guy Simpson who already wrote this movie script in two thousand seven went to his buddy Christopher Steele because he'd worked with the FBI. They basically fabricated this entire case against Trump. And look now there's a track record of this in the text that they were very suspicious something's going on here. And they ran with the case anyway. Muller panics? Muller panics because he realizes the central figure in that dossier. Paul manafort. That that dossier? Joe is fake. It's a hoax. Now Muller's job is to rescue the reputation of the DOJ. He can't have the department of Justice and FBI publicly ruined because they relied on a hoax document from quote machine. Christopher steele. Who relayed is information as Simpson or Simpson actually, I believe rubber-stamped at himself. It was Simpson's information. He just used steals name because still bene- source before they can't have that out in the public. They have to make this dossier appear semi credible. Folks. What happens the morning of July twenty six twenty seventeen. Again, I believe Muller got wind of this right around the third week of July about these texts. Manafort's house gets raided July twenty sixth twenty seventeen Paul has been kind enough to put some screen shots from some stories in case, you doubt me. July twenty six twenty seventeen manafort's house gets hit early in the morning. Manafort is the key player, ladies and gentlemen. You can't have the usual suspects. Without Kaiser, so say, there's no movie. The movie would be a joke that be no movie. There's no script Manafort is the key figure in Glen Simpson's life. He's been investigating from two thousand and seven on. Manafort is the key player in the dossier. Follow me Muller. Now knows he gets the texts that the dossier is garbage that it's fabricated information on demand used to investigate the Trump team when they had to go to a quote machine, it's not based on real information. It's a hoax in order to rescue the hoax. Manafort desperately a Muller desperately hits the house on a search warrant a Manafort desperate to uncover. What joe? Evidence of collusion with the Russians because the evidence of collusion and the dossier is a hoax. What happens? Joe nothing happens. No evidence of collusion with Manafort and the Russians ever turns up. How do we know this because Manafort was sentenced yesterday in the judge was crystal clear there is no evidence of Russian collusion. What else? Do you need to hear? Now what happens August second just days after the July twenty six early morning rate of manafort's house because now they realize the dossiers junk because Muller's seen the tax. August second rod Rosenstein, the signer of the fourth FIS award when they knew all this junk. Signs of revise scope memo gel. In other words, expanding. Bob, Muller's investigatory powers as the special counsel to do other things outside of just investigating Russian collusion. Joe? Why would he do that? Because they didn't find any evidence of Russian collusion entirely debunking the dossier in the July twenty six twenty seventeen raid on manafort's house manafort's, the key player in the dossier Muller's desperate to rescue the dossier. Because he can't have the public believe the FBI J investigated a hoax document, he needs to make it true. So what does he do? He goes back to Rosenstein Muller after the July twenty six twenty seventeen rain. And he says, hey, Houston. We got a problem. Daddy. Oh, we got a big problem. What's that problem? We rated this guy's house. We tossed everything there is nothing. We have nothing all we. Have here is evidence of his illicit dealings with Ukrainians some payments, and maybe some tax evasion. What happens NGO just a couple of days later Rosenstein, magically produces a new scope memo to Bob Muller, and in the unredacted portions to that memo the Okaz most of it's redacted. Why do I why do I think it's redacted because this has been a very this has been a big big thing with Devin Nunes and others. I believe it's redacted because it reiterates the charges in the dossier again. Oh now, we don't know that yet. We'll see when it comes out. That's my suspicion. But there is an unredacted portion of that expanded scope memo just days after the Manafort rate. And what does it say Joe, it says an end you can investigate Paul manafort's ties to Ukrainian politicians and some payments. He made I thought this was about Russia. Do you understand how Rosenstein to panic? They needed take Manafort had to go down Joe because if option one arresting Manafort and prosecuting him for Russian collusion as it states in the dossier was no longer a possibility, which it wasn't. Why Joe because there was no evidence no evidence. If option one wasn't available to them any more than they were going to revise Muller's powers and give them option to which is held just go arrest Manafort, anyway, we'll prosecute and for something. And then our backup story will be later on b what well Manafort was a really bad guy. Joe anyway. So even though the dossier was fake, look, the FBI ultimately, really good people. What else happens right around July twenty seventh? Well, conveniently that night who else is arrested at the airport, fellas. July twenty just the day after demand for rate. Oh, Georgie Papa D. Mighty Papa Papa D is the key. George popadopoulos is arrested at the airport and Dulles in a quickie arrest late at night, which I've told you repeatedly being a former federal agent myself is highly unusual and non-emergency cases Muller's team panics again, they know they've been trying to get popadopoulos to flip repeatedly to get popadopoulos to flip on the Trump team popadopoulos won't do it popadopoulos was set up. I believe I believe either miss sued or the Russian woman. He's introduced to Putin's niece is an Intel asset working for friendlies trying to set up popadopoulos as a key player in this alleged exchange of negative information on the Democrats to the Trump team popadopoulos was setup popadopoulos is repeatedly. Setup. Why would popadopoulos be the subject of a quickie arrests that an airport late at night after the texts from the lead investigator in the case are exposed. Well, you should ask yourself, ladies and gentlemen, what's in those tax all those texts between stroke and page of the scripture their efforts to set up popadopoulos and how popadopoulos won't play ball does Muller now. No, this this Muller now need to rescue the reputation of the FBI as well because they tried to set up George popadopoulos, and therefore they go and pinch him at the airport and Dulles to shut them up. Now, remember before popadopoulos comes back into the country. He's given ten thousand dollars by guy named Charles to wheel ten thousand. Plus one is the amount of money. You have to report headed back to the United States subject to civil or criminal penalties. Pop. It up list doesn't bring the money back. The FBI believe is looking for that money. They don't find it. They lock popadopoulos anyway for some false statements. He made to the FBI about his contacts with Masud and the date of it. Why do I believe this happen? Keep the lead in mind. Don't lose the headline Muller finds out this entire thing is a scam inspector general shows him the text. They have from the investigators in this case on Trump. The investigators know the dossier is garbage. They know the case is falling apart. Let me quote, Peter stroke. There's no there there. They know. There's nothing there. They now have to rescue a dossier. They know is a hoax. They know the information's a hoax, but they know the players may be bad guys. They go. They hit the house because they panic Muller hits. The house finds no evidence of Russian collusion. He then gets Rosenstein to revise the scope memo to include this charge about dealing with Ukrainians which has nothing to do with Russian collusion at all in an effort to do what show shut Manafort up and make Manafort, look like a bad guy to rescue the reputation of the F B I. They have to shut Papa D down to they nab him at the airport. They lock him up to. What else happens right around this July twenty seven eight, ladies and gentlemen, I can't assize to you enough. This is going to be a key subject of our second book. We have the house GOP calling for a special counsel a second special counsel to investigate Loretta Lynch. Jim Komi, Hillary Clinton right around the same date all of this is going down. This is the day again, the civil war completely breaks out the house GOP gets wind of these Texas. Well, the people who read these texts are likely horrified on the House Republican side, the investigators they now fully understand that this operation is information. Superhighway this information laundering operation quote on demand quote machine. Christopher steele. Glenn simpson. Farce used to prosecute the Trump team is very real. They also understand the FBI knows. It's a hoax that it's one big hoax. They've been investigating the house GOP conveniently on that exact same day. Calls for a second special counsel. What else happens on that July twenty seven day? I'm throwing poor producer Paula for a loop. Loopier, this'll be Baker Paula just so you know, 'cause I'm all over the point. So your stick to the script. I get sorry. I twin Jay every time. I moved my elbow. But I'm okay. Did you see my face of like every time? Yeah. Every time. I move my elbow it. It hurts a little bit. What else happens July twenty seventh? James Baker one of the lead lawyers for the FBI known. Jim Komi buddy a leak a leak goes to circuit dot com. At circa dot com. Piece on July twenty seven twenty seventeen Paul has been kind enough to put up on our YouTube channel indicates James Baker one of the lead FBI lawyers involved in this case from the beginning, Joe is under a criminal investigation, for leaks leaks to the media, folks, I believe let's call them allies of the administration and warriors for the cause here who understood how bad this case was leaked that information on that day in the good guys. I opening salvo in their fight back against this dossier and this hoax case against Donald Trump. You see where I'm going with this show the administration or friendly's? I don't know who did this. I have no inside information on them. I'm speculating, obviously, my speculation is fair. I mean, obviously friendly's leaked this story. Somebody gets wind of these devastating texts. How this was all a hoax the entire time. How some of this information was probably leaked to the media. Someone leaks to circa that the FBI was involved in this league operation to damage. The Trump team. This is their first opening effort to fight back. And I believe it's done on this day because they realize now finally there in the right? Somebody looks at these techs Joe on the pro-trump team and realized that all the speculation is right. All the speculation about this attack on Trump based on false information has been right from the start that this is no longer, a guess. All right. Don't go anywhere. I got I got more to get to on this. This is important. This yesterday was a key day with Manafort the LS putting to sleep. Finally, the idea that Paul Manafort was involved in any Russian collusion opens up a Pandora's box for the left that they're not going to be able to shut easily. All right today show. Also brought to you by. But he's I target the target pro system, in my opinion is the best system out there for increasing your proficiency with a firearm. If you're going to own a firearm to things matter more than anything else, I is safety. That's obvious easier. Dangerous weapons if used improperly can cause harm and death. That's that's clear gun owners safety. But proficiency if you're ever in a situation where you have to use your firearm God forbid, you'd better be proficient with it. Now proficiency there's a lot of ways to increase your proficiency with the firearm one ways to go to arrange obviously, go to the firearm range, but you know, any range can get expensive. 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Use promo code, Dan. You'll get a nice ten percent discount. That's I target pro dot com promo code, Dan. For a ten percent discount. I promise you will not put this system down. I love it. My father loves it. My co author on the first Booker husband loves it is a really great system. You will see your proficiency go through the roof right away. I target pro dot com promo code Dan for ten percent off. Okay. I want to wrap this up and just kind of some up where we were before I move on folks. Ellis put this thing to bed yesterday, the whole dossier was the central figure the tag the Kaiser so say the dossier was Manafort if Manafort wasn't involved in Russian collusion, then nobody was Joe sorry about nobody was the dossier is clearly now a hoax. It's a fake. You all got worked. You got owned? You got destroyed if you believed in this thing L is put this thing to bed Manafort is a key part though of Muller's investigation. Why if Muller was if mindful wasn't involved in Russia includes what is Muller? Doing Muller is rescuing the dossier. Not the facts in it because there are no facts in it. He's trying to do this. He's trying to say even though it was fake these were bad guys. And look, I arrested them therefore, the FBI heart was in the right place. Oh, what's been exposed in? All of this is a massive information laundering operation. I will put an article up from Judicial Watch. That is devastating today that proves to you what we've been talking about for now a year and a half is true. They were this was a quote machine operation. I need to prove Joe committed a Bank robbery did he know? But don't worry. I'll call a guy up, and he'll just say Joe committed a Bank robbery who was the information superhighway Christopher Steele. You they used his name. I don't believe steel started or initiated this information. I think a lot of this information was Simpson's and other people working with Simpson they just had steel stamp it because steel work with the FBI. The Judicial Watch article I'm going to put in there has an Email exchange between Bruce or Christopher Steele. Where even after steals fire by the FBI for talking to the media member Baker how the media was used Joe to get these stories out there to make it seem like Trump was a really bad guy. Even it was all made up. Right, Bruce or is meeting with steel even after he's fired the information superhighway into the FIS accord is clear it goes like this steals name is used Simpson gets the info it's passed onto Broussard, the DOJ the with his wife Nellie, who's working for fusion GPS or then passes it to Joe peon at the FBI and the F B I, then uses the information. To walk into the Pfizer court to spy on the Trump team. The problem is the information is all Bs, ladies and gentlemen, look at the emails, and the Judicial Watch thing, they are devastating. Now, people are emailing me over and over now with Manafort now that the Manafort case collusion thing is done. The judge said it's done it's over manafort's locked up. Anyway, a lot of people are saying to me are there's is there going to be any Justice for the players involved in this who were involved in the scheme against Donald Trump and the answer is one big fat. Yes, I believe that. The three letter agency people are in a world of trouble. I believe Jim Bakker's in trouble. Andy McCabe is in trouble. Jim Komi is in trouble. And the department of Justice players are in trouble. How do I know that let me read to you from Lindsey Graham, Washington Examiner piece in the show notes today, bungee dot com. Please subscribe to my Email list. They'll Email you these articles every day you'll be reading on the program very early. Lindsey Graham, not great on immigration. But it's been great on judges. And it's been really good on this FIS stuff article in the Washington Examiner. Joe when Lindsey Graham sent out a letter to the department of Justice, he's demanding he'd nine points. He wants nine pieces of information. Here's the most critical one. The committee is concerned that the woods procedures and a full resentment material and relevant facts may not have occurred with regard to the applications for FIS awards for and the opening of the underlying investigations on Carter page and other individuals associated with the presidential campaign Graham road act in two thousand one the woods procedures were intended to protect US citizens from improper surveillance by the government seeking to quote, ensure accuracy with regards to the facts supporting probable cause darn is this bad for them. Hey, go, Joe, how long have we been talking about the woods procedure for like a year and a half ahead of the seriously? I might even make about a year and a half ahead of the news cycle. That's right. The woods procedure is a document that administrative procedure people have to follow to bring information to the Pfizer court to make sure the information's legitimate. If a Pfizer Warren on Carter page that was based on a dossier where manafort's a key bad guy in it is the bunk entirely now, we know it's garbage. The judge is already said it. We know Joe that the woods procedure to verify the dossier wasn't followed because it couldn't have been followed because the information's not true bad day. How about that? How are you going to verify that five plus five equals eleven? It. Doesn't the information is not true. Michael Cohen has never been to Prague Carter page is never met. Paul Manafort, this is in the dossier. The dossier is garbage Carter page is never met the two Russians at that. He claims in the dossier are supposed to be some kind of business surrogate for Russian until he's never met them. The dossier is a hoax. This stuff is a fake. What am I telling you? I'm telling you that Baker Komi, John Carlin. Sally yates. Andy mccabe. Peter stroke. These people involved who signed off at multiple stages of this woods procedure that this stuff was legitimate sign. Their names falsely to documents saying this stuff was true. The woods file, which Lindsey Graham wants is going to be absolutely devastating. Devastating because it has Joe Armacost signature on something. That's not true Joe signed something. That's not true. I've been telling you this from the start this is where the three letter agency people are going to be screwed big time. This is why Lindsey Graham wants to woods file he wants to see who signed off on what when they did it. And why because the dossier is fake the judge yesterday in a Manafort sense, basically said the whole thing is fake. Muller's job is to rescue the DOJ and FBI they signed off on a fake hoax. Ladies and gentlemen. When is the media going to pick up this story? It is the biggest scandal of our generation. They investigated a hoax. It's a fake document that they all signed off on Muller's the clean up artist. Muller's the cleanup guy Muller's old chief of staff. John Carlin was the department of Justice national security division head who was one of the final guys to sign. The woods file. That was Muller's body. Muller's the perfect guy to clean this up. I can tell you what's going to happen. You heard it here. I all right. It's woods files. Going to go public. You're going to see everybody who signed off on this fake dossier that was used in the FIS a package on this hoax. And what's going to happen is Muller's going to have locked up Manafort popadopoulos, which he did all popadopoulos isn't really mentioned in the dossier. But you're going to let's see what happens with Carter page two. You're going to see him say later on. Okay. These guys signed off on it, my buddy Carlin, all these other people I knew at the FBI. But again in the end, they were all really bad guys. And look I proved that I locked them up. That's why that's scope memo and August second such a big deal to there's rod Rosenstein is that what's redacted that. He throw the dossier information the hoax again in a revised scope memo on August second 2017 after there's no question. This stuff is a hoax anymore in a desperate last ditch effort to try to rescue this thing. Big trouble, folks. Big big trouble ahead. All right. I got more to get you today. Today's show finally brought you our buddies at my patriot supply. Here's a reality emergencies usually strike without warning. That's why they're emergencies were surprised when the power goes out hurricane like hurricanes like Michael hit with very little warning certainly with earthquakes zero warning things happen when you just don't expect them. And when it's breaking news it's already too late to prepare. Now, you're gonna panic scramble the best thing to do is prepare for emergency situations while things you're calling do what I do. I have boxes of this stuff. My patriot supply ask yourself because you feed yourself and your family for two weeks with the food. You have at home. This very moment. If not it's time to act security emergency food supply today. I trust the news. My patriot supply, and you should folks we insure everything in our lives matter, really you ensure your health even show your teeth. You have people have eyeglass coverage car insurance home insurance go how can you not have insurance for your food supply? It's crazy go get a two week food kit now from my patriot supply this. Week. It's at a special price of only seventy five dollars. When you go to my special site prepare with, Dan dot com. That's prepare with Dan dot com. Prepare with Dan dot com. These food kits include meals at last up to twenty five years in storage. They shipped discreetly to your door's well order now prepare yourself, so be no surprises. Even when disaster strikes. Go to prepare with Dan dot com. That's prepare with Dan dot com. Check out my patriots by some really great products at their website to prepare with Dan dot com. Okay. All right. So moving on. I know I spent a lot of time on that, folks. But it's really important that you understand that Muller's job right now is to rescue this dossier, however possible and the only way he can do it. Now, given that the key facts debunked are to arrest the players in it. So that's the takeaway for the day. And now the collusion's been put to bed. These guys are in a world of trouble, folks. I know being patient is tough. And I'm not telling you, I'm not pretending to be have a crystal ball into the future like the in witches from the clash of the titans or anything. But I am absolutely convinced that people from the bureau who were involved in this the FBI are gonna go down. I have absolutely no doubt. None. Some good news. So good legal insurrection pizza. Great. When I saw this morning real short sweet in the show notes today, but talks about one of Trump's more longer lasting effects. He's going to have on the country. You know, we've had some I think that the Trump presidency. I think we can all agree. If we look at it with open eyes has been very conservative been very good for the country. So far we've seen solid economic growth regulatory reform. He's now engaged in a full fledge fight against Planned Parenthood. He's been great with us on social issues. We had the executive order about free speech on campus. We can go on and on. But the reality of a presidency is when a president's gone some of his legacy sticks around and some dozen breathing Barack Obama himself thought he had a long term legacy with ObamaCare is seeing a lot of that dismantle by Donald Trump as he slowly dismantles his piece of garbage the individual mandate and ObamaCare. Notably. I so you presently see you doesn't last forever. But one of the ways you can have an effect on the country long. After you leave office job is via the federal bench, ladies and. Gentlemen. Donald Trump has been absolutely stellar on the federal bench stellar on making appointments to the federal bench legal insurrections morning. They carry Severino judicial crisis network, they they have this point legal insurrection reader right off the screen right there that they have now appointed a bunch of these judges onto the federal bench. He's got thirty one circuit judges. He's appointed fifty three district judges in two supreme court judges. The folks this is Donald Trump is going to have appointed one sixth of the entire federal bench by the time. He leaves office. And now McConnell is starting to move really fast. But you may say, okay, Dan, you've addressed this before what's the key news on this. Folks, not only Donald Trump appointed thirty one Circuit Judge is fifty three district judges in two supreme court Justice justices. They're young. Meaning these judges are going to be around for a very very long time. They are going to outlast the Trump administration, and they will likely leave his if Donald Trump is elected to two terms. There's a distinct possibility that up to a fifth or even a fourth of the federal bench may be appointed by Donald Trump, and these judges may serve at the at at the district circuit of the appellate at the supreme court level for for twenty thirty maybe even forty years in some cases, Joe, and why does this matter this matters because remember the appellate level the appeals courts where most of these cases go to die, ladies and gentlemen, the supreme court ultimately only decides a very small percentage of controversial issues within the United States. We it's great to have the supreme court. Don't get me wrong. I don't mean to downplay it, but the reality is the supreme court takes only a small percentage of the cases every year. Most of these cases are decided. At the appellate level. So the fact that Donald Trump is remaking the ninth circuit court of appeals the nutty night and other circuits around the country. These are going to have long lasting effects on the country that will long long outlast the Trump presidency. And this is the argument, ultimately, I use against the derange never Trumpers who I just don't understand. I just don't get how they haven't moved on. You know, you had Glenn Beck was on Hannity last night and Beck was not obviously a big fan of of Donald Trump and even back at it come around and admit that he was wrong that Donald Trump is governed. There's a largely conservative president United States in effect on the federal judiciary. And things we're going to be long lasting. You can disagree with the man's Twitter habits, whatever, but you cannot disagree with the fact that his is affect on the country's you digital path in the future is going to be a profound one one last point of this foreign move on. Folks is critical. You understand this as well? Because the left engaged in judicial activism shredded g a longtime ago. Joe we address this a little bit. But it's worth hitting now. Yes, it is the liberals the John F Kennedy Democrats are gone there. Now. Moderate republicans. There are no longer a there's no longer a viable branch of the democrat party that bays itself in moderation. It's over we see that in a primary where we've seen ridiculous proposals. Like government controlled healthcare. Open borders and fantasize the democrat party's gone off the deep end. Yeah. It's the only way to win a primary now. Now, what's important about? This is the Democrats know that there is no popular support for these programs. Ladies and gentlemen, a Democrats twenty twenty platform of infanticide ninety percent tax rates government controlled healthcare. I mean, the list goes on and on open borders, the abolishing of ice, the Democrats are not stupid. They realized this as no popular support whatsoever. Maybe at best you'll get twenty to twenty five percent of the population that will support these other absurdities. Okay. So a long time ago they engaged in a strategy. But we can't win at the popular level by popular vote. What we'll do is well, du judiciary activism. We'll push the push these cases through the courts, sir. Think about things like transgender bathrooms. They've all of this stuff. They've worked their way through the courts. The logic air is sound when you think about it. It's tactically efficient for them. You have to understand what the other side is doing if they can't convince more than twenty five percent of the population that infanticide ninety percent tax rates, socialism and open borders or the right thing. Joe take it to the courts and in the courts, all you have to do is convince one person, and that's a judge. And that's why I cannot emphasize enough the importance of Donald Trump remaking the federal bench because that avenue, ladies and gentlemen, to them is going to be entirely and completely closed off. They are not going to have that avenue. If only avenue institute policy changes in the direction of socialism and fantasize seventy percent tax rates is to get bills passed, you know, you can't get past because you only have twenty five percent of the population, probably less. I'm being generous that would vote for this garbage. Joe and your other option is to sue and get it pushed through to the courts when that's closed off. You will have to make a case to the public a case they can't possibly make that is why this is so devastating in the legal insurrection piece. Covers this quite well, I think it's really good. And it's definitely worth your time. So please check it out. Okay. Less story of the day. The job market seems to have slowed down a little bit. The February job numbers. Just announced this morning right before we came on the air. They were expecting one hundred eighty thousand jobs, the only got twenty thousand that's obviously a big drop. The futures markets were down right before we started recording as well. Expect the stock market take a little bit of dip, folks. I don't want you to panic. Don't. Don't worry too much about these job numbers right now, we are at the tail end of a very long economic recovery. And the reality is at the end a lot of the unemployment becomes frictional. We have record numbers of people entering back into the workforce. We have really low unemployment labor for labor force participation is starting to pick up a which is good. But winds have happening at the end. Is you get a bunch of frictional unemployment frictional unemployment is when people basically leave a job for a couple of weeks or something and they have another job lined up. So it's not that they're unemployed. There's just that late in period of unemployment before they pick up that other job. You're going to see a lot of this. At the tail end of a lot of these jobs are getting filled. I don't mean to sugar coat at twenty thousand is not a great number you'd like to see heavy job, heavy job creation. But think about it. There's a lot of runway left in this economy. Invite told you yesterday if you listen to yesterday's show that investment in the United States on the equipment side and on the. Lecture. Sideshow was up five and seven percent that investment in factories that investment in new in new machinery that investment in real estate. New buildings is going to pick up. It's going to lead to the production of new products cheaper products, which are going to make workers more valuable. So I would not panic about this. We may see a little dip in the job numbers in the first few months of this year. But I think in the long run in the long run. I think we're on a pretty solid trajectory trajectory for a really strong economy in the future. I wouldn't worry too much about it. I sorry. You had a little bit of a twin Jeremie elbow. I'm sorry. I've neglected this. But one last thing today before we roll. The Muller report may come out today may come out later. I'm expecting a document dump probably in about four thirty pm. We'll address that on Monday. If it does. But. Keep in mind expectations about what just tie back. How we opened up the show when you understand what Muller's doing when you read or you see we'll see maybe fully redacted. We may not be able to get much of it at all. But if we do see some of it keep in mind Muller's motives in the report will make a lot of sense Muller's job right now is to rescue the dossier and keep the heat on Trump read the report if it does come out, and we can read it. We'll see. Read the report and read the dossier next week. You can get it online and get it anywhere. Read the key charges in the dossier and read how Mahler rights the report, and I can almost guarantee you Muller's report is going to echo some of the charges in the dossier without ever proving any of them are true. And I believe he's going to do that in an effort again to make it appear that the FBI was not taken by this hoax that this document had some semi-legitimate legitimate information. And that's why like, oh, well, you know, we just sorry. They were really bad guys. Anyway, you see where I'm going with that Joe? Yeah. Man, re read the report and read the dossier at the same time and you'll see one of the one of my one of my sources in this case just to give you an example. Did you notice how in the Roger stone indictment, although the Roger stone's Dighton had nothing to do with WikiLeaks? It was all about false statements. Yeah. How the WikiLeaks stuff is emphasized in the indictment. Yeah. In the exact same way, it's emphasized in the dossier. Even though the WikiLeaks there were there were no charges about the WikiLeaks. Oh, good. Oh, good Lujan charges. Good one. It was written. Another words to say. Like, oh, look. Well, there's at least something in this dossier was true. That's what Muller does. So if they're report comes out today survey attention to that little trick. It's the Muller trick that's doing. That's why I'll never believe this guy is a good guy or a white hat at all. All right, folks. Thanks again for tuning in. I really appreciate it was another great week of shows if I may humbly and requests really ask if you wouldn't mind subscribing to the show, you have your podcast app. It's on every iphone if you have it. You can't get rid of it. It says podcast little purple thing. If you click that look up, the Dan Bongino show, if you subscribe, you'll help moves to move to the top of the charts. It's free doesn't cost you anything. I'm also if you wouldn't mind following us if you have an Android phone on iheartradio or soundcloud. It is the subscriptions that help us move to the top of the charts. It really matters a lot to us. We don't have a huge advertising budget. So it's all organic, we appreciate all your help. Thanks again, folks. Tune in and I really appreciate thanks for bearing with me this week through this surgical thing too. I. I tried to give you the best content possible. All right. I'll see you all on Monday. Thanks again. Good day, sir. You just heard the Dan Bongino show. You can also get Dan's podcasts on items or soundcloud and follow Dan on Twitter. Twenty four seven at dbongino.

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Bob Salvatore Author | Episode 36

An American Conversation Podcast

1:29:03 hr | 1 year ago

Bob Salvatore Author | Episode 36

"Welcome to American conversation. Podcast a podcast about a comedian. A feminist and to Republicans meeting in different bars every week to discuss what the hell is happening in America Today. Each week we deliver gripping news and information with the understanding that as Americans we can agree to disagree and laugh while doing it. Revelation Leland Rose David and Jeff are not experts. Although rose thinks she is listening every week be that fly on the wall. I'm blonde. It takes me longer stopping so mean to me. I'm sorry I have been really good friends here. Not WanNa look like incompetence not you go by a neighbor named Bob Bob Salvator Salvador. Oh Salvador Salvador Democrats. That beat my ass in second grade do that. What is it Salvador's at Shalva Tour Salvator as Zahn? He's half pies on and have Polish not too bright so that's why he went there. I went there that that's another. You speak the truth I do. I do yeah. It's okay. I'm Italian and French and Scottish and one percent in a way and I have no idea. That's even possible. Yeah did that is really weird. Because aren't we eventually a what we ever do episode on the twenty three and me now? This was really weird because I grew up being told I was native American part because of my great grandfather and then we found out where my cousin did a family history not genetic but just a family history that My great grandfather was adopted when all the French were kicked out. They've finch Catholics kicked out of Canada in the dispersion and so we don't even know like the family name it was Kinda weird and so the whole idea that his mother was native American. We figure Eric Way Right. And it's one of the quite traps because northeast. I'm from Massachusetts. That's gone and then. I do my DNA tests than one percent native American. And I'm like what's beer inuit. So you're a hundred American Indian you don't WanNa get into Elizabeth Warren with me on. This is like my answers. Actually when he found down he said to me rose get out of my country when he found out his no because they know it may countries like Canada no North America so get off my cotton. I packed my bags. And Yeah I was GONNA leave but anyway how come I feel like an annual igloos and yeah because that's I believe he's losing. It's basically the all around the polar the Arctic Circle Northern Canada. I have no idea it had to be from Labrador because I don't know they have any relatives west at like New England or the maritimes in Canada and Arctic is the only place without corona virus. Right now really. Yeah last sixty five degrees there. We can go. They could get it to be good. That's pretty warm. We can ship trump up there. What do you think and by the way I think is about to change very dramatically? They just did a report and showed that all the ocean currents have changed trying to warm weather up to the pulse. We'll trump says it's not true so rice As long as the waves are good. I'm getting in the warmer. The water is better is exploring a little chilly out. There right. Lifebeat were known this morning. I wanted to say thank you for doing this. I know it's an annoyance. But you have to do what you have to do after we are and we are annoying people. I've been told that but David I will vouch for that. I'm a super nice guy he is. He is Scott but you said you had a couple of questions for Bob. You won't the only Republican. I thought we would talk about politics in a civil conway area and the debate and the Democrats have an evening without trump without Russia. Go ahead. Yeah so what do you need another drink because that's not going to happen okay? But we could. Let's limit the the trump trashing. Okay okay all right so you get a minute of you know venting for the trump derangement syndrome. Okay for us with the trump. Did you watch the press conference? That did you watch snow Prescott fantastic. He is more nuts than what happened with him. I just WanNa talk about because you. There's no defense when that's where we are. Then let's stipulate that he's a liar if you are a sexist Sajjan you guys okay Narcissus. Yeah we're going to stipulate that you guys believe he is all that you talk about the democratic debate and the run against trump trump. Okay I thought I talk fast. I thought that my hands. I thought that was a good thing to do. Because then you know we're we're just GONNA sit here. I'm going to sit here listening. You guys go. Kuku on trump and we talk. I don't Cook on. Trump. I deal in facts and I get I. Dalen empirical evidence and outcomes. And that's what I always have. Delton dealt also absolutely beautiful. So go for it okay. I have an issue with Elizabeth Biden waves. Elizabeth Biden No. I thought warranted. I see was named Joe. I don't know that they got married during that he was so cute together by Elizabeth. Warren voted for Massachusetts. Yeah it from the beginning. If I could just put the person in the White House who I think would have the best policies for where I think the country needs to go from. The beginning was worn. I'm on that train. I some. Because she's a capitalist than the same way I'm a capitalist that believe regulated market absolutely and. That doesn't mean that. I think she's going to win the nomination. I don't know how that's GONNA go. It's a mess and it's going to stay a mess. Big fight well. How did you think the debates? The last debate was terrible. The mothers were horrible and they were asking stupid questions designed to get people mad at each other instead of going into anything that was worth talking and they were all smart enough to take the bait. That was nice. You know if you WanNa talk about debates I at this time last year I was watching about. I was watching the bunch of candidates. Call him women ugly and saying they were bleeding from their whatever's and he had small hands therefore he had a small penis. I mean come on. That was the Republican debates of last year. Where embarrassing it was embarrassing to be an American at least in this debate. They weren't talking about each other's penis size. Yeah and you got to admit that you watched it and you must have been horrified. Worked trump saying that the populists Turks I will ask involvement stabilize. The the guy who's not in the debates looks the most presidential always and it was no different than Republicans. But why do we want to talk about something that happened four years ago when we just had and by the way this debate by the way? Let me clear something up for you. I'm not a Democrat. I'm not I didn't as a matter of fact if bill weld was on the top of the Republican ticket. I'd be itching because I loved him. He was my favourite governor of Massachusetts. I voted for him. I voted for him again. I voted the Paul Saloojee. His brother J. I voted for Jane. Swift there protege. I voted for Mitt. Run FOR GOVERNOR OF MASSACHUSETTS. So yeah but they're they're not real. Republican there Republicans that I grew up. George H W Bush Republicans Gerald Ford. Republicans might social libertarian. Yeah fiscal conservative. Okay he believes. The government has to be a small Kim to deliver what it's supposed to deliver to the people and he usually the people the hell alone he he's been. He has been built in favor of gay rights longer than almost any Democrat up there seriously he intact little wells he still challenging trump. Yes but the Republicans won't hold primaries. They've canceled a bunch of them. Came AND BILL. Wilga kicked out of the Republican Party by Strom Thurmond. Because Bill Clinton nominated bill. Well to be ambassador to Mexico. He'll weld was Ambassador to Mexico no Strom Thurmond when Lennon be. Oh Okay Yeah. I don't know anything about the guy. He's fantastic that he is a wonderful and he's incredibly principled. These incredibly decent news a fantastic governor who kept his word doing a good job of hiding. Now they won't they won't give them any air if you WanNa Watch Bill Weld you gotta turn on things. Like MSNBC OR CNN. Because Fox ain't gonNA put them on. Both of those are on at my house. My has bill wells been on a bunch of times I wanNA woman or Bernie. I warned before the Elizabeth Warren thing I just read an article that she approves a bill. That's being passed in Arizona about the trends women. Competing with women are GonNa even get into that issue with you know. We've had that talk talk. But that's I I just feel that women are gonNA lose across. Doesn't do paper. That just came out and they've found something very interesting about human beings that you can be. Why X Y Y X Y X that there's a whole range? Yeah so it's it's a complicated thing but I'm GonNa get into that issue. We've we've had that get violent and you'll get hurt we'll but then my wife ritual issue that's true she's German social kick my ass totally scared so you go ahead. What do you WanNa talk about? I'm sorry keep interrupting. You WanNa talk anything specifically talk about the debate. Talk about the debate. But what what are you gonNA debate? The debate was wildly entertained. I thought it was awful. Oh by the Republican debate from from ourselves into -taining. That's that's not what I want. Is that really what you want? Do you want the Democrats to to put up a candidate? Who's terrible candidate? Because he could win. We've seen that the other. No I think I think any one of the seven could win. That's it's a distinct possibility especially after this week after this well after this week I I mean I don't think any less likely to win and be trump any one of them can be trump on any given day. I think it's fifty fifty just like ours as well. That's what I'm saying. I do think for the first time in the trump presidency. We've actually seen the challenge. And he so far has failed. Ms Ads that's It's actually the second time nobody cares about. Trump trump has absolutely failed miserably on this corona virus. Just like he failed on. Maria handed over to pens he was screw. It just handed over the someone else. They just looking for fall. Yeah I'd handed to me. Trump has had two challenges. Since he kiki he walked into as good a position as anyone could walk into. Yes unemployment was low. The economy was growing at two two point. Three point seven percent a year. It was one point three over the last eight years before. No no no no no no no. I'm going to correct you every time you do this stuff. That Obama did ten trillion to the debt to. Because you're wrong. I didn't say that did when Obama took office. The two thousand nine was negative. Nine negative point nine percent thought we were talking about the no you just you just throughout something there scallops. We will as soon as I correct you. Two thousand nine two thousand ten two thousand eleven. We came out of the worst recession. Hit this country is known since the thirties. And you know that it was recession. When George Bush came into office and then left office we had fewer private sector jobs. Well the stock was lower than it was when he took office. Okay so if you want to say what does the eight years before before trump of course our GDP was destroyed. We were in the worst recession. Ever if you look at the last three four five years of the Obama Presidency. We're pretty much exactly where we've been economically the first three years of the trump presidency. Yeah I it's a straight line of GDP. It's been a straight line of unemployment. It's been a straight line since two thousand eleven or twelve so it's Obama's economy. It's the American economy. I'm not gonNA give Obama the credit for it. I'm going to give the American people the Credit. I didn't say it was good or bad. I just said it was on average about one point three percent. That's all counting. The years that weren't heritage disaster economy wasn't what was the latest settles. An average was the last year that we were under one point six. We have one year at one point six. I think it was the last few years a few years ago but I all I said was that on average so what? I don't understand that's like saying Obama's average deficit was ex- not counting one point two trillion when he took off. You're just assuming that I'm saying I think you're assuming that I'm saying Obama's bad guy. No I'm saying I've years of the Obama Presidency. We were over two percent every year except one and if you look at the graph of GDP growth. It's like this but when it was one bad year it's it's been a straight line but it's getting worse now. The economy economy this year could go below two percent and actually with the corona virus. I think that's probably guarantee they're predicting two point one. I think two point. Oh because the stock market has stock markets. A pretty bad. Do you think all right my question what I wanted to ask you if Bernie wins. Do you think anything's going to get done. I think Warren has a better chance of getting some stuff. Done then. Bernie does stuff will get done. I think I think the corona virus is helping a case for some kind of a Medicare buy in at least a public option of some giant But I don't think I don't think you I don't believe in the revolution garbage I never have. It's not gonNA happen. We're a diverse country. People believe in different things and we are democracy my biggest fear when I see someone like trump command and hoarding all the powers toward the presidency and the Republicans living and get away with this. That and you can get the same thing on the left. The title wanted to either way I. It's not my hope. I want us to become Sweden Denmark. Well but how Sweden Denmark if if Bernie Sanders PLAN INVOLVES FICO. Which is what he says. Healthcare plan is going to be built on. I'M A self-employed guy. Up Twenty five cents of every dollar. I make we'll go to FICO before I even pay my taxes. I don't want that I do know I want people. Who are I want? When I was in college in the late seventies the top tax bracket began at one hundred thousand dollars for a single person. Two hundred thousand for a married couple and ED bracket was seventy percent and they bitch and complain today. Nobody hand that because you could hide money but the only way you could hide money by putting it back into the economy so it kept money moving. We've taken all those anti hoarding statutes out of the tax code. And so now if you have money making money as easiest thing in the world that's crazy and you keep almost all of them and then you have this massive hoarding this massive offshoring in this massive amount of money sitting in places where it's not going through the economy like apple right. I'm talking like Amazon. Almost everybody look. I love that Michael Bloomberg can give away thirty six billion dollars and Tom. Steyer can give away all these billions of dollars. I love that people can do things like that. I wish they would fix. I hate that because I'm not look I'm not even I'm not gonNA blame the people who make the money they're playing with. They're playing within the rules of the system and they're making money making money right. It's a war. This is the near winning. The system is messed scares system is a zero sum game. I mean it's not a Sarah some game but it's a lot more of a zero sum gain. A guy like birthday suggests that it is. It's like for every bill every gain a billionaire makes he's screwing the working man up. Which but that's not really how it works. The and operate that way is that true. It's I mean it's kind of being with Bernie says and then between what the right wing would say. It is zero sum game if you let me give you an example of zero sum game. I'm I'm a businessman and I have fifty employees right. I pay all of them. Fifty thousand dollars a year so a million dollar payroll I mean. twenty employees and fifty thousand dollars a year. I have a million dollar payroll. My company makes four million dollars in profit. I take three million dollars. I give them the million in their paychecks. Right they take social security so security goes up to one hundred hundred and twenty thousand dollars. Let's say one hundred thousand for this example because that's a nice round number you have fifty people paying in half of a social security amount and then one me as the owner paying the full amount at one hundred thousand okay. The way the system social security is set up the less you pay in the bigger. Your percentage benefit will be back to you. I gotTa Makes Twenty Thousand Thirty thousand the European Social Security compared to a guy that's making a hundred thousand a year paying in the Guy. Making one hundred thousand and five times more. He won't get five times more back on the end because it has to be subsistence level. It has to be a liveable for the guy. That's only making twenty thirty so when you have a system and I'm taking three million dollars. I'm giving everybody fifty thousand. You're basically putting in eleven shares of full shares of social security tax correct. I mean that's I'm following the map. You're following the math. That's I wanted to make sure because we're the bar and I am proud to Scali now. Okay now we'll let me. I'm barely following them. Because we are in a bar you're putting eleven shares full shares. You're putting in twenty half ten twenty half's ten half shares twenty half shares. I'm not fall in the math. Made Me Not Drinking Twenty Eleven. Total full shares twenty half shares. One full share boost those take. Now take two million dollars and give those guys each one hundred thousand dollars. Each and you're putting in full. Shares across the Board. Social Security becomes a Healthier Program. Pay People Better and social security will get become better absolutely because you'll have if like. I said if if I'm making a hundred thousand and you're making twenty thousand that's about right and we're putting in twenty seven and a half percent employs putting in seven and a half percent of your twenty I'm self employed and I'm putting in I'm putting in the fifty and I'm putting in right my half and both houses because himself employed at the end when we're when we're both collecting social security me I. I'm sure I'm not going to be getting five times more than but you will be making more than me know at the end. I'll be getting more social security than you won't be five times to a cat isn't there. Capitalism cast the more you put in on the higher end the less percentage back. You get because you can't just if you did it the other way it'd be broke because he'd be paying people too much at the top end it's supposed to be an insurance policy against poverty as it's supposed to be and it works so social security if incomes come up social security gets healthier immediately because you have more people putting in more money but income has not gone up. Income has not only for billionaires had gone. It's gone up right. Under trump income has gone up for two groups it's gone up for the highest quintile and the lowest quintile and he tries to take credit for that but the lowest quintiles only gone up because cities like New York City's surrounding areas Seattle have all instituted fifteen dollars minimum. Wage doesn't have anything to supply and demand. I mean fifteen minimum wage. All the restaurants thought they were going out going out of business and they're hanging people. Yeah no the LO. The lower unemployment right means more. Full employment It depends on how it's distributed because we the way we count unemployment. I when I at the end the last years of Obama. I thought I wanted to believe like Obama a lot and I wanted to believe the economy was war and it was a good economy. We're still a good economy. But I heard from so many conservative friends this economy garbage and he didn't understand what they were talking about but instead of arguing with him I went and I did a lot of research on. It was racism the the way we count jobs doesn't really make sense in a Giga comedy. Yeah if a guy goes to work all day comes home at night. Slaps UBER and lift sticker on his car and goes out and drives for five hours. He's got three jobs. Yeah as they count it. He doesn't he has one job with a supplement right. Yeah but they countess three. Yeah so do they. They put that into the system as three jobs. I didn't know that Jesus is so unique. Our unemployment has been outdated for many years. And that's why so many people I couldn't understand. Why are people so mad at Obama? Look how great the economy as well. It was great for some people and it's still great for some horrible other really wasn't great for a lot of people. Yeah and it's still not great for a lot of people seem to be Republican light to me. I was the most progressive president of your lifetime socially period he is. He's like an Eisenhower Republican. No He's not now now to see some people jail the big banks. I felt like he just turned his back on. I wish that they had bill out. The bank bailout happened under Bush and by the way I give George Bush great credit for that because he went against his party and if he hadn't done it we might have been facing martial law because there was a credit freeze. So what would have happened when you didn't get paid joe? But what about the people who lost homes? Because I'm not saying that was all handled? That doesn't have anything to do with the roofs. If the bailout those those loans were those loans flushed out of the system in in trash before the. That's well that's what cost. So that wasn't there should have been people going to jail and some more some did but they should have been a lot more if you could find they defrauded on the mortgage. But you have that. You can't just say we don't like what happened. We're going to put you in jail right. You have to break a law you have to have. They have to be able to prove they broke a law. No I don't. I don't think the Obama Administration was tough enough on the banks now having said that tarp which Obama pushed Bush put in against his own party if he hadn't done that the economy. I don't know what happened but I don't think it would have been good so I'm not. I'm not really too upset about that. I mean it is what it is but you say he was is. She doesn't Eisenhower Republican. Ac was the largest transfer of wealth downward in this history in the history of the United States. The subsidies for ACA are huge. Why do you think then? Trump became president if Obama was such a Democrat and progressive whether we think trump became president because thirty years of opposition research and fighting. You can't fight against that presidential votes gut vote. I think trump fired up a certain brand of populism that worked for him that got him sixty million votes less by the way than any than any Democrats gotten twelve years but he got him in the right places healed assist age working by the way. The system is working. The system is broken for longer. Assistant Disaster Assistance. We may not like the system but it did work. Well no not really worked as votes. Were legit it worked. If you consider America today the same as America in seventeen eighty three. I don't expect it. It's it's more relevant now than it was back. Then yeah we're relevant. Well what what would happen to the center of the country? The states with very little influence in the election. Who Cares yet that's is here exactly care. Caroline could make an argument that whatever happens in New York L. A. and Chicago would rule national politics. You could make that argument so the man that would probably be bad if you lived in Kentucky or if you lived in Seattle. I don't know I don't know why that would happen. Because the Senate is still going to be favoring. Yeah rural states dramatically. I didn't I presidential politics but the Senate is a buffer against in before this president. You and this is my fear and this is why you should be very afraid what Mitch McConnell has done and let trump get away with suppose a Joe Biden Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders becomes president and the Democrats. Get Fifty one votes in the Senate. They changed the rules and Washington. Dc is now a state impor- the Rico is now a state. They just added four Democratic senators to the Senate in the United States is called Denmark. Come on it's wonderful and we all get a furniture pressure. No I'm just saying you're Danish girlfriend one time you gotta look at the other side of this. If you'RE GONNA accumulated power to the executive it's going to be used against you. I wasn't I wasn't necessarily taking that far. I'm just saying on a kind of general level. You could argue that. The in presidential election there would be no represent there would be no representation from Wyoming for example. I think there would be no. Who Cares I mean I could win? I think there was with very few states and thick and I reason I say this. The big states are generally blue if Texas flips. They all are well right but right now they are so the conservative. In presidential politics wouldn't have a chance. It is proven Bush wanting to one. Norwood trump right. You mean the guy with the most votes or the woman the most votes electoral votes if they wouldn't have won if the person with the most and isn't it means certainly wouldn't have been fair in the middle or ruling forty million people in the east and the West and God knows how many more people in the people that's how he got the people on the smart enough not hard to figure out they've been doing it for two hundred and forty years the people on the coasts of begging for gun regulations. The people in the middle of the country. Don't want them. There's a compromise there which is what we make their gun. Rules and the federal government can limit the amount of guns and you can go to a registration and things that otherwise won't impinge on people's rights to meet the ability to defend your home in your shelf is like the most primal right of anything right. Corner Squirrel and watch what you look like right. So yeah but fifteen. And that's when you start talking silliness right yeah Having said that I was shooter and a ton of fun. I was a skier for years. I'm not afraid of guns but it's always been a until very recently it was always understood that the government has the right to limit the firepower that was very recent change in by the courts and that was the NRA course I- Republicans. Of course thank you. The reason I don't agree with you is because what would really change for people in the Midwest. I mean what what did Obama do to people in the Midwest? Majority of the people in West Virginia Wanted to Elect trump for example. And they do it. No matter how many votes all of them could vote for and Philadelphia could overrule them by itself. Yeah so that's because there's more people in Philadelphia that's called a democracy democracy. Well both point is like what is the. What is the negative effect to the smaller states? That you're afraid of well. The smaller states in that example. Lean to the right yeah. Ns state governments will reflect. Yes so right there. State government but then that limits their influence in presidential politics. That's the point I'm making. They have the same influence in pre owned by states. And I'm thinking of it in states. That's I think of the disconnect vote account as much as the vote of a guy in Montana. Yeah exactly and it doesn't not with the Electoral College. Of course it doesn't. It doesn't in the Senate dramatically and it doesn't in the presidential. Well it you know it. I'm assuming it was implemented too so they don't you can't centralized to the time when the largest state landowner which. I believe was Virginia at the time had like five times. The population of the smallest state and ninety five percent of Americans lived in in rural areas. I would say that I would. I would say it's doing okay. Just made a winning. And they're winning. It's not that's my point. We're not winning. We run a couple elections Obama. One Clinton won two terms. I mean it does work about it does worry about Clinton JFK Lyndon Johnson terms to terms. Yeah it seems like Ronald Reagan came from California. Came from CAL thing is is. We're becoming a progressive country and it's not reflecting in our politics and that's scary to me because I want to live in a place. That's like Denmark and Sweden. I do where women have healthcare childcare eighteen months maternity leave whatever whatever where take care? You could actually move there if you want. I don't think we can. I don't think so either. You can't just get up and move you try if you want it that bad you could try no I. I'd rather throw you out because my country I have some Indian to Puerto Rico. Hey if you listen to everybody's partying. Yes Dana I'll go back to Puerto Rico but does nothing left now. There isn't there isn't because on Bloomberg and sky. Was that other doofus running the billionaire. They're spending money on this run. That's not fair. No I start from. Bloomberg money has Bloomberg already paid his business. Four hundred million four hundred million. He's an immoral prick. He should spend that money either helping with the wildfires in Australia or in the Amazon. Puerto Rico not spending energy then trying to overcome trump. He's GonNa win. He's not going to win. But he's trump but fighting so hard and willing to put his own money behind him. What are we gonNa do if he wins in Super Tuesday and the other candidates win for the? Does he does then. We're screwed trump win. Screw but I gotTa tell you right now with. What's going on with the corona virus? I would rather have Michael Bloomberg coming up. There was some competency and some competent people around them than what I saw yesterday. I don't like Bloomberg he was how you light trump better than I mean to that. The president shouldn't matter that much he does know but he shouldn't or she shouldn't the president. The president doesn't right laws. I understand states have incredible. Your local officials nares men more to your day to day life then the president. Oh no doubt but we were talking about presidential politics right understand what the negative effect on Nebraska is. Under Barack Obama would it Barack Obama do that hurt Nebraska I? I didn't say he did anything to hurt him. I said it was those people in the electric college as I understand. It wouldn't have the influence if they change the system to a popular vote that they have under the electoral system. And that's what I say. Popular vote counts one person. One vote so a guy in the BRASSICA votes Republican and I'm in Massachusetts and I vote Democrat and we've had same amount of power. It's because Bitcon I mean the the the the argument now is at least what I hear. It's the concentration of the power right. I mean think about it right now. Somebody could win the presidency in only win. I don't know what ten states could happen. Ten states with the Muslim more votes. Yes wrong we should Montana but the way the country set up. It's IT'S A. What do you call the states? It's a Democratic Republic Democratic Republic Federal. It's based on the federalist right. I mean the the fight. The fifty states the Republican. Yeah and. That's cool yeah. And that's what the summits for because the people in Montana but the other two cents nickel and California has gone worried that. I'm going to get an abortion. I mean these people are conservative. Its the Christian. Isn't it these people in the middle are very religious there about thirty years behind in terms of progress for they would say that thirty years more to where people should be. I mean there's there's a flip side of that argument. How so I mean. You're talking to someone who's pro choice. Yeah and I don't consider pro-choice pro-life opposites exactly. I don't either it's like you don't WanNa get an. It's none of my business exactly but they want to control my body Leland's body. Those types of questions are supposed to be the court. Okay and now we have. Which is why Roe v. Wade was decided by the courts. But that's could be overturned. And the Republicans are doing that's Mitch McConnell's modus operandi getting all the Republicans won't overturn Roe v Wade because of their misery says people because if people need to vote on an issue that's not abortion particularly like the Christians whose entire doctrine help the poor. You take away that vote and they probably lose a substantial amount of their power politicians. Talk about solving problems but a lot of them they really don't wanNA solve because being able to talk about solving was will get some votes but they never solve them so you need to be smart and look behind. What is it in wizard of Oz behind the curtain opened the curtain and see? It's all bullshit since bullshit and everybody. Who's poor whether you're white black Asian in the middle sideways. You're getting screwed by the man billionaires the rich migrations. My whole philosophy of life is live and let live right. Yeah if somebody wants begin if somebody wants wrong way save. Somebody's gay. Yeah Hey I see if somebody wants to be GEICO for got no problem Leland whether you are gay or want to be gay. I don't care I say my business until it'd be a kind person and you'll be my friend. Yes right absolutely so to me that those kind of things are they're being used as wedges when they really shouldn't be but the problem is those wedges win and if they win they hurt people like me Leland. Our daughter's your daughter I'd get it. Do you have any granddaughter? Grandson grandson's in six one coming Holy Candy. It's a boy girl. Oh my six Michael Hockey Team. Not Kissing. My daughter was a hell of a hockey player. No I just mean. She voiced up between the legs. I think that goes hand in hand would be an occupying got to be tough. Dammit people ask me why how come I write such good fight scenes and book my books. And that's how I played hockey back in the day with Little League hockey. They allowed you to fight. I mean you got a penalty for it but you didn't get ejected from the league. Remember those days minutes. It was like the pros. You could argue that fighting is sanctioned in hockey because it's part of the game and they penalize you for but you can come back in when I played literally cocky. That's exactly what it was like. You got to fight with somebody. Got A two minute penalty next thing. You know you're back out on the ice with the same guy swinging your stick. Adam throwing them and elephants you can draw a straight line for that to the concussions to trump. I had to do that. Trump is the root of all evil. No yes I understand something. I've got forty years of hating me to know. I hated him when he was a democrat. And I'M NOT GONNA touch a hands Corona virus all right Bob Democrat okay. I hated him when he was a green did you. I hid better as a Democrat either. Bloomberg. I never really paid much attention. Because they didn't live in New York. People did the people I I know. I can't I know people in New York will like them a lot. Lot is a racist. Yeah but with that being said I will still put my penny behind him absolutely and then I'll throw up in my mouth. I know It'll be like making out with somebody that you don't WanNa probably be probably could make out that poor guy who's got his lunch handed all my God. He got his lunch. Oh my God when Elizabeth Warren and it was so stupid so illegitimate it was so much. An example of what's what the Democrats do which is what the Tyrrell she did. She defy his ass in. She ripped him two nights in a row but really at the end of the day. What did she do? She called them a sexist racist. That's all she did. But that's a problem but it's it's alleged she even said it. It's not Elaine. She even said it she even said it. The alleged the woman who allegedly said so and so two because all. That stuff still has to be litigated but pay she won. I'm not saying all. She did the section when she said kill it. All she did was call him a sexist and racist now. If that's if that's all she's got I think she would. She wouldn't have a chance mean Elizabeth. Warren's probably got more than anyone else up there in terms of actual policies the wealth out. But he's got a plan for every by and she does and she checks it with experts and adjusted as necessary. And I call that a good thing smarter. I like technocrat. Oh you mean not like trump like bringing pen generally the head of Navarre's pass that on Santa's like no ice doesn't believe in science and he's the one doing with the current. I single laughed at. I do not I watch a trump rally and it's it's scary. I don't watch them but I watched by early on. Watch the trump rally. I was appalled scary at the language at the I mean I don't I don't get it. You've been seeing somebody who didn't vote for Bill Clinton in one thousand nine hundred ninety two because of Jennifer flowers. Yeah because I mean if you're that kind of person I've got I've got a very decent man. At least I thought I still think and H W Bush in the White House he was. I mean there's some things I've learned about them subsequently that I don't like but you're not gonNA like everybody right. Oh that's that's just A. That's he's he's an eighty year old man. That's the thing about Biden thing about Bloomberg the thing about Bernie Sanders the thing about H.W. Bush old White Guy. Aaron acronyms I dare you to go back and watch animal house today. We laughed our ASS. The Mohammed was sexist. As Hell. I did not like it. But you're crazy you're Krizner's animal. House was a huge hit. I Remember A. I'll tell you what go watch this one. The movie called the Ugly Truth Katherine Heigl came out in. Nineteen in two thousand nine. Okay for that one. Yeah it was. Re robot moves it with Drug Rattler. Yep Rab Butler. It was written by a woman directed by and both were raised in patriarchy. So go ahead. This is my point if it's so easy to go back. And this implies to Donald Trump to to go back the seventy s and fine racist statements find sexist statements because that was the world we lived in and anyone. That's denying it. I mean I admit it. Now I was a sexist. When I started writing I grew up with five older sisters. I was a sexist. I didn't know I was just the way. It was a bad guy but that was the first manuscript. My editor who was a woman tremendous respect for one respect. Okay she said to me. There's no named women in this book. I suppose a frontier town for she read the riot. Act Thank God. She did was Padova. Wakeup call paddock figuring things out. I just went along with the way things were like almost everybody else. I'm things like that I am I sys data telling me some of the stories that they faced at work and then it made sense to me and my older sister who was salutory in the class flunked out of college. Stressed out and my second oldest sister was the Valedictorian of her class. Got Pregnant Mary. The sailor never finished her degree and when my sister WHO's absolutely brilliant didn't become a surgeon and became a nurse instead and she should've been a surgeon she would have been one of the best around and I may. Fourth sister didn't go to college. I didn't understand because it's not the world we grew up. That's not what women did exactly but I think get them or I thought it was because of a mutual agreement between mother win. It wasn't even the women that went along with it wasn't it was because you've got no choice exactly so it's easy to look back my problems with trump my biggest problem with trump is. He changed a bit. Oh there's no growth. He's a sexual Predator exact. That's not alleged when this twenty something women when he brags about going backs think about this. He bragged about going back stage at beauty contests when he thought the women They've not women. That was what I was about to say that was confirmed by Miss Teen. Usa contestants if my fourteen year old daughter. I'm Italian if my fourteen year old daughter backstage was naked and a fifty year old man went back because he thought she was naked peak. He wouldn't be president. I'd states right the shit out of him absolutely and he would deserve. He admitted that puts it over and over again and seems like shit going to tell. I DID NOT AGREE WITH BILL. Clinton's impeachment because I then think Monica Lewinsky had anything to do with running the country but had they brought forth had Ken Starr brought forth one Broderick and gave compelling evidence that he might have raped her. Do you think he raped her. I her story seems pretty consistent. That would become a critical for me to leave the women going after trump and not believe the women going after Clinton Yeah. I don't know the whole story behind it. I know that Ken Starr didn't he? Didn't find her credible so I guess he didn't but if he had if he brought forward I would have wanted him. Impeach the mealy. There are some standards. Were supposed to uphold. This guy bragged about that. He wasn't kidding. He bragged about moving on women. Like a monster you know and grabbing him in opposing on airplane want she doesn't want to wreck her life come forward and she did erector life and came forward. She was sitting on the airplane's says he was sitting next door and stuck his hand up her dress and he called her ugly. That was his defense. She's ugly but did you. Did you see her when she was twenty? Two of decency here. Yeah I believe in decency that's indecent and you know what's indecent indecent to put the angel families up on the stage and use them to battle him undocumented people in this country. I totally agree with that. That's indecent. That's it's the worst kind of demagoguery. Take any group of ten to twelve million people that's how many undocumented people in this country according and it's been that way for eight years now hasn't decreased onto trump by the way take a group of Asian that we're living yeah already Mexican around Dr Undocumented. Their people's there they've been log on my family. Take any group of ten to twelve million people any group and you can fill a stage. You could fill the stadium with people who have been raped murder killed in a Dui robbed whatever by someone in that group that kind of stuff just strikes me as indecent. It's politics it's not polito. It is it is it gets people hurt. Well it's politics also gets people elected because the Democrats and the only thing that matters. I don't think so but the environment that we're in right now. That is the environment where the Democrats have created such a toxic environment that it is A. It's a zero sum trump balls to the wall guerrilla warfare in politics right now. The Democrats did that end of sentence here. Man named Newt Gingrich Way. Biologist can believe that that is almost just take. The Democrats are innocent notes. Taking I don't think well created anything. Go ahead well. They look for example the impeachment. They went after. I mean. It's their own fault. They went after trump. They didn't get them right. So how are you GONNA get him? Well they didn't well they but they didn't. They weren't when they sat right so new. They can get them so now. I think that was you. Yeah we something. They come after me for what? He doesn't believe he did anything wrong. Well he did but back at the end of the day at the end of the day at the end of the day he didn't nothing happened in they went scorched earth. On him they didn't go scorched earth on HIM AT O. Are you kidding me young? Total not kidding you will world of hearings on the monuments. The guy has made his daughter. Eighty two million eighty nine million dollars last year. Where were the emoluments hearings? Why are they going after him? For All the Department of Defense and all the rest to his hotels where were the hearings on the money laundering? Scotland just called for money laundering hearings against his golf courses and everyone knows he's doing everyone in New York will tell you. Of course he was laundering money that because he believes he's innocent. Well no I'm just saying his belief again. They tried to get. They tried to get him in now. They're worried about the toxic environment after they put him through all Democrats worry about toxic environment since trump took the podium and the Republicans on time but worried about the two. But he bought like Lindsey Graham worried about the environment with trump. Yeah but I mean and by the way his way his were I think that argument completely fails. It's politics academ- electic great soon as you're elected not just both the pivot and be decent. Well okay. Let's Okay. Let's just this one okay. You say it's politics when you said that well we agree. I mean we should agree that it is just politics. I don't think that's any will I just for Elizabeth? Doesn't she doesn't do that. Just okay think about this. When they were running against Mitt Romney Moore example. Good man decent men they they annihilated him and he lost what they annihilated. Just for example. What did then that? He's a sexist. He's a racist. He's a homophobe. He beat up a gay guy in high school. He didn't pay taxes. Okay so after he loses. They go to Harry Reid right and they say to Harry Reid. Don't you feel bad that you lied about Romney paying taxes? What was Harry? Reid's delete her. At the time he goes he's right on this side. Harry Reid Harry Reid. They go yeah. He didn't pay taxes. They come to Harry Reid and they say Jeez. Don't you feel bad that you like destroyed? Mitt Romney by lying about not paying taxes in Harry Reid's response was. He didn't win did he? It is it is it is. But that's not talking about a subset of why they're issued. I'm John Kerry things like that happen on both sides. I don't think that's right after a guy environment and you don't expect a torch. Earth Year Eland not scorched earth. That was I'm not. That's what I'm saying. This is an entirely different level of what we're talking about here. I mean if you want to go back to Mitt Romney away voted for for Governor of Massachusetts remind you and by the way showed more guts ever seen in. He's he's dead now politically. You better believe it. Why is he dead for following? What he believed was right. That's a bad thing but being I'm not saying that I'm just saying it's good or bad. It's it's no how about you say it. Give me a judgment on that. Is that good or bad? Hey he he has to do what he has to do. He followed the followed. What he thought was some moral thing to Douglas. Okay thank you. But did you ever hear of John? Kerry yes John Kerry originally John Terry was they didn't really make you didn't wear purple heart. Silver Star Bronze Star whatever. He's he was a leader of a boat. He killed people for the United States. He took bullets for the United States. And they use that against him didn't they? They weren't Purple Bandmates. Remember purple. Bandaids at the Republican convention to go after John Kerry's despicable. It's I think it's I think it's politics I mean maybe it's unfortunate but that's the world. Why did we get there? I don't think we got there because of trump no gingrich probably more than anyone else. Maybe maybe I don't know I can't. I can't rich in around nineteen when he became majority minority whip of the House. His entire campaign in the house was do not bargain with Democrats. They're evil and that became that. That's when everything's stabbed unravel and by the way could also argue that him and Bill Clinton ended up doing a lot of good things together. Not Gingrich did what he had to do to try to survive. After Bill Clinton kicked his ass in ninety four. I did vote for Clinton in ninety four could be. I'm just saying but you could argue that. They they did. It's an adversarial system. No that's not adversarial. But they completely changed the tenor of the House of Representative they did. They did a lot of things together with balance the budget the welfare. I mean there was a lot of things that happened. Were good you could argue that. They were both very good politicians because they got shit done who I know that problem is. I'm a communications guy. They definitely got shit done. The problem is there are no women in this politic. There's and now you know Elizabeth Warren when she said the only people that have consistently one racists have been her enclosure Shar but they're not GonNa win the presidency because Manhattan women. They're afraid they're not ready. Ready for what they look at Hillary Clinton they mommy mommy used to beat me when I was little. And now I'm GonNA project all my shit onto this poor white woman who is brilliant. Who is make panicles line? And Hillary Clinton. Let's like it's like she's like your ex wife after the divorce hearing on the courthouse steps. Nothing sexist there. But that's what I mean they. I remember this guy that we were sort of on a date and I asked him where you're going to. This is years ago four or five years ago but I said who are you. Voting for he goes he puts his hands like like he's holding a baby and he goes well. I can't vote for Hillary because she's not warm and I said to him you motherfucker eight league. She's not what are you doing with your titties. She's looking she's not wanting to be your mother. She's running to be the president of the United States. Real pitch on wheels. It's okay what does that mean. Not just saying it's so pay people vote emotionally right. We were just saying that you know she does. And trump is a pussy on wheels. Because you can't even take legitimate. That was vase does do they have to be a good person and you have to get the warm and fuzzies for them to be present being warm. And that's the point. I said to him you need to go to therapy and talk about your mommy issues because holding something like this has nothing to do with I. I never went. I'm not going to vote for Obama. You know he's not a really good daddy poppy. I want a Good Daddy. One of his define qualities. You know what I exactly which we need. This is why we need more men raising children and it shouldn't be only put on women's shoulders men and women should raise children so that when children get older. It's more of an equal. You know these were gods at one time. Remember mom used to be. God's didn't you grow up thinking when I grow up I would like to be president little I did and I thought Jimmy Carter was the first guy that kind of clicked in my mind and I thought. Wow the president. That's just you could be president of the United States now see. I only thought boys like my brother right but then like I have a son now and God forbid he turns out to be somebody who wants to grow up to be like trump. I would be terrified. I think goes back to. There has to be measure of decency. Y- Exactly Hillary Clinton would have won but we dislike women so much in this country I mean. None of my Republican friends could really give me a reason. Except she's I don't like she's a fucking bitch she's cold. Well I remember I. I'm old enough to remember when she tried to do the healthcare thing in the early nineties. Remember that yeah I do. I remember that at least you tried and the whole baked cookies and all that like I said if you it's amazing to me but if you only go back thirty years it was a very different world. It was a very different world. She was qualified. She was older as hope the most qualified candidate for president. We've had in my lifetime so you don't you you you do agree. The misogyny is blinding to me. When I'm like this woman like or don't like her I she's conservative to me. I'm as left as you'RE GONNA get. She is not Miss Feminists Liberal woman. I still knew she was qualified. She's mid Western methodist. Exactly I have nothing in common with this woman and I could still say you know. I don't agree with her. But she's way more qualified than the rapist Conman a gangster wannabe from New York from New York. And that's what my parents used to say about him. This country voted for him. Unless no not unless if the Electoral College whether it likes her college exists to the not sixty million people voted sixty and how many audit for her. Oh sixty three. But that's not my. My point is sixty million. Still voted for that scared and well. It scares me because this is a man who can't run charities anymore because they discovered that his foundation was an absolute self-enrichment Scam Clinton Foundation. The Clinton Foundation had an a plus rating was higher rated than the Red Cross. So all the sudden once. They're out of power all the money up because of course 'cause they weren't selling worse. Okay I just WANNA do. I WANNA make sure that selling influence. Oh I think it was. Well you gotTA prove it. Hillary Clinton in the Saudis Hillary Clinton in one hundred and fifty million that went in there. I mean like I said you gotTA prove it. Well yes can't and that's what's been and guess what just happened. They just investigate the Clinton Foundation. Guess what they found again. Nothing happened they did by by the. Republicans found nothing. I mean Donald Trump. These are these are certified court cases. He gave money from his charity. It was donated probably by the wrestling guy and remember his name offhand but he gave it to settle court case I guess. Business since McMahon Vincent man or his wife. He gave it to settle a court case against his business. That's against the law. He used another one for a different reason. He bought a ten thousand dollar portrait of himself. You can't do that that self-enrichment. He gave twenty five thousand donation to Pam. Bondi who was the AGM Florida? Who was thinking about taking up the trump university. You just saw her in the impeachment hearings. That Same Pam. Bondi that her. That's her Pam Bondi. Who's going after Hunter Biden? Because he was who made one point three million dollars last year. Doing some kind of lobbying other that nobody knows about. I mean it's it is that charity was holy fragile. And just say no. That's not what we're all saying. Don't both sides it because it's not both sides it's a false equivalency and I always trump and his kid. We're taking money from charities that were set up by his other kid for veterans and children's cancer. This is true. The case was just just got fined two million dollars for it really really gets fined and he can no longer run the charity and neither is kids. That's pretty low. It's a pretty honest. Run of his five million dollars for running a scam university. That's a settled case. And then he got fined a million dollars on top of him for scamming the elderly. That's where I got an opinion these court cases. I got my masters in trump and I think anybody in New York until you. The trump was famous for going into small businesses. Yup We've heard it all. Oh yeah he went into A. He went into guide sells pianos. He said I want you to do all the piano. Might Casino like one hundred thousand dollar guy. Who had this little mom and pop? Piano shops like yeah delivers. The Piano's trump's lawyers showed up and said well we don't think worth that much. We'll pay you a third broke. And then he said architect who Taj Masumi said more than two hundred and fifty cases went through the courts and he lost a couple of hundred because that was his home modus operandi. That's decent. I'm just talking about basic decency. Criminal criminals decent if Donald Trump was a democrat. And I didn't I wasn't a big fan of George Bush. I give him credit for some things. I don't George. Bush lasts me the Iraq war more. And he he really asked me when he instituted torture as policy in the United States. I mean but having said that even those mistakes I think he made them with good intentions. I think he thought he was doing what he had to do. So I never didn't I never didn't like the guy personally. I you know I always try to look at the the pressures of the office. Would I do things differently if I were responsible for the safety of three hundred twenty million people? Because that's a weight right so so as much as I didn't like George Bush. I would be so happy if he was president because he wasn't an indecent human not at all that it was funny when Bill. Maher said that on his show one time that you know he ripped George. Bush took to shreds every Friday night. Yeah Yeah and then it was Hillary Clinton to shreds most of the primary too. Yeah but then he goes on trump gets elected. It's like boy. This is the this is the real bad Guy George. Bush wasn't that bad. I it was kind of funny. You GotTa admit minority boy was I wrong. This is the real bad guy question. Yes having said all that. How do you explain the support? He's getting you guys explaining anger anger. At what I mean. Kleger what life expectancy in. This country is going down every year. You have the bottom forty. Four percent of Americans of working Americans above forty four percent have an average salary of eighteen thousand dollars a year. Rats Iraq. So that's why so. That's why he he's he's popular. He spoke to anger. He spoke to and he gave people other people to look down on. Not It's not only anger but the country is turning more Brown and that's a fear. It's a fear fear of the other shirt and then he took advantage of that and blame. So you think you think it's race not the fact that people the kind of have a feeling of law and order in when they see people taking their jobs who said are saying that. I don't think it's race. I don't think it's as racial is a lot of other people. Do I think there's an element of that? Yeah I think there's there is an element of that I think it is. You have a bunch people who are hopeless and he came to bring jobs back and to some degree and their jobs are growing whether the coming lost jobs. Wasn't you right? But whether they're coming back or they're just expanding people are working people who worked Uber to keep their family fed. They have a regular job and then they're taking two and three other jobs just to keep us alive. Isn't your wife still looking for a job? He's saying that unemployment is an all time low and this it is because we measurer raw saying that was true under Obama. I'm not giving Obama Pass. This is the new O'CONNELL they also under Obama used to measure a labor participation and that seemed like an accurate metric to me which in that has gone. That has gone up a little bit. Yes so it's been bouncing between sixty and sixty percent for years to to really I mean you say I mean it would seem like I mean because trump this is one thing that can say trump to pull the old all all during the campaign. He's not focusing on the unemployment rate. He's focused on the employee participation. Right right well. Yeah I mean you always find customer to tell you whatever you want if you torch right right right right which you know may made his case. Absolutely I haven't heard them say I mean every once in a while like once a quarter they'll come out with the Employment participation stuff all of a sudden in there just back to what Obama was saying. It's the unemployment rate's going down. He's doing the same thing it's going down and it is and it started under Obama and it is it's going straight line and by the way feudalism had very little unemployment. So did send. I'm not saying that. Flippantly say that slavery. There was zero unemployment during slavery by my. I'm going effort but I'm saying under feudalistic now Capitalistic Society. You won't have much unemployment because you have no choice. But if if we're talking about quality of life that has been getting worse in this country for the a large percentage of this country for years and years. Okay when I first became an I. I became enamored of Elizabeth Warren. By the way was long before I think anyone here her name because I was in Massachusetts and she did a study on the middle class and disposable income. This was like two thousand three. I think around there. And hearst the basis of study you can still find it online. Was She was trying to find out. Why Middle Class? Americans were getting behind the eight ball. What they were wasting their money on whether buying too many pairs of expensive jeans. They buying shoes. They they need but they overbuying cars things like that and when she discovered to her horror was that a single income family in one thousand nine hundred seventy had more disposable dollars than two income family in the two thousand. That's messed up. Its wickedness though. What happened in the Massachusetts weekend? What happened is all of a sudden women's stabbed entering the yeah outside waiting on like to be able to say that. I try to work it in the beginning but finally got my shot elbows. You talk about women. Went into the workforce when women I started going into the workforce that was vacation money for the family that was beacon payoff on mortgage early. That was but the whole economy adjusted to that and then it became a necessity and but our system didn't sort itself around and so that becomes try the childcare. I've six grandkids. Let me tell you something. You are the childcare. I see what they're paying him not I've three of them were Massachusetts when I see what they're paying. It's called half their check it's college tuition it really. We have an entire generation and that's a woman's issue because women are the ones who give birth. I'm just putting that out there. Shoot single mothers my my son. My son is a fulltime dad. And he's awesome but the works. He works out of the House as a writer which is awesome but he is a dad first and foremost yes and his wife works for financial firm in Boston and they love that arrangement and they're doing great. It's awesome and I couldn't be more proud of him. His kids are fantastic. Majority of the people on Welfare are single. Mothers absolutely don't and is an a pay gap Israel and the way companies. Make sure that women don't get ahead too much because they might get pregnant and decide they don't Wanna be working that's true that's reality real. It's totally real I. I worked management for years. That's totally real work for control of for a company for five years and I gotTa tell you something that's totally real But NYACK so. Why trump win? Well here's the thing trump is doing is he is trying to play in the style back to a good old days particularly for White. Older Americans is the racism. Do you know this but you'll notice that the younger Americans really hate him because this is a generation we have we now have a generation has its way. Why do they hate him? I'll tell you right now. We have a generation and a half millennials Z. Who Come of agent debt and we'll die in debt and they know it that's my daughter who's at trump's ought to me. Trump exemplifies that his policies exacerbate that. How so how? So all right. We're GONNA GIVE WE'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA put Italian. We're going to borrow trillion dollars when the eighty five percent of it to people who don't need it and that's going to get the economy going and so they take that and has it gotten economy going. No it used it for one year about point. Five percent of GDP and now we're still running trillion plus dollar deficits and GDP this yobe under two percent well even before corona virus. It was expected to be two percent juice. Or I don't know I mean if I go I could go next door right now. And and take out a credit card and drop you know one hundred thousand dollars down on the credit card rate and say boy. I had a great year. I spent this much money and look juice. My Economy Look. Look look on my. Gd Pay my houses inputs the bill because now they're now. His budget cuts social. Security cuts Medicare Medicaid. We can't cut this program suicidal in. It's the poor and that's the poor so and I mean this tax bill that went through the they took six billion dollars. And this is what trump's brilliant and he started with carrier Carrier Corporation when trump's going to save seven hundred jobs and he made it this big think big air conditioning week. After week we heard about carrier and Donald Trump's gonNA save seven hundred jobs within the for the. This is what he's brilliant. I Will Give Him. This lies a toddler and everything else. But he's brilliant and marketing himself. Yes yes so. He goes in there and he's seeing these guys. He saved their job. He saved their jobs. Well no he didn't. He gave huge tax breaks carrier to keep them for a year. Isn't that how they all do it though? No that's not how they how is it. How isn't that how Cuomo is bringing trying to bring business into New York? Giving them tax breaks he knew that those jobs those advertising TV. That's sad how the system works seventy five thousand people a day in the United States. Lose their jobs or change jobs or retired for the president of the United States to spend a week or two weeks over seven. Hundred jobs is really great for those seven hundred employees. I'm not GonNa take that away and I they all did really would be won the election because he did that different but he did that during the election after the election there was one of his first things with another company before the election. And you could tell and this is what I call companies. Well it was almost like he liked me. No because I remember there. Was this big HOOPLA. He didn't even get elected yet and he. He was saying whether true or not. I'm not saying he to your point about being a master at it. I thought it was. I thought it was carrier. But it might have been some other company that he went in before he was even president and like cut some deal with the people that ran the company. So they didn't relocate the company to Mexico. I think it was and he was going. That now is gone. He was he was going into the election saying pay. I'm not even elected yet and I'm saving out. Yeah it wasn't that was that was right. I mean he's lying doping meals. That actually happened was slow carrier was he said or not is a different matter but he actually. I mean that actually happened. But but that's what he does and he does on all things he does it by bringing the Angel Families onstage. He does it at the state of the Union. By by pulling the servicemen. Come on I mean really. I mean I'm GonNa. I'm happy that the guys home with his family. This is. You can stay home about the guy that's going to replace him by the way we have twenty thousand more troops in the Middle East now than we have. When trump was elected I thought he was bringing them all home. And we can't the traffic. Iraq's TRAMA kick us out because of what he did with Salamone and is a bloodbath going on right now in fact twenty nine Kurdish. Turkish soldiers were killed by Syrian missiles. Today there's a bloodbath on the Turkish Syrian border after. We left him completely betrayed. The Kurds. Kim Jong Sung has nuclear. He can put on missiles that hit the United States now and he got everything he wanted from. Us got on an international stage with President twice including holding hands and jumping over the borders. Like little kids playing hopscotch right and he got the US military maneuvers South Korea canceled. They've been canceled. Three is now. There's no there's no thought of bringing them back Kim Dot everything. He won't whether you give us some return. He gave the remains. A fifty American servicemen nicely. Get the remains back. A fifty American servicemen. But look with a cost and that's trump's will stick. He does this over and over again. You know Assad Gases West bascus trump gets on the phone with Putin and he did this. Was you guys really think he's like bought and paid for by Putin? Yes how did that all happen capable ver- and Putin just stuck it into him. That's how it happened. Is He bought and paid? I don't know because it hasn't been seen yet if he's bought and paid for. But I do know that but I do know that. Trump's campaign manager was one of Putin's biggest guys with the Kovic in Ukraine. Paul Manafort Paul Manafort was like the guy and gates with the two people that propped up Kovic in Ukraine who was Putin's puppet and then Mantha comes and works for trump for nothing. That is weird though. That's why risk leaving. I really believe that if they ever get to the bottom of Deutsche Bank. You're GONNA find that. Donald Trump has been funded by Russian money illicitly for Twenty Years Thirty Years I think Donald Trump bought that house and flower. The for forty five million dollars. He bought that house knowing. That Wilbur Ross is now our commerce secretary was cutting the deal with the the the the fertilizer guy the fertilizer oligarch of Russia to turn around and buy the House for ninety million because he was trying to get his money out of Russia because he was going through a divorce. That's money laundering. So I do. I think that they're they're a skeleton a mile deep there. Yeah of course I mean. Trump did the same thing with Italian mob in the eighties and everybody knew it. Half the busts. The Italian. We're in trump tower. Yeah Are you serious? Yeah Yeah like him even more now I love them off you like I love him off. Yeah that's a romantic crazy. Let's say trump loses? Do you think he's going to get convicted for anything? Yes he gets out of office. Well I got to get into Russia. Wants like he feels. He's going to go to jail for the rest of his life. He would get up. I don't I don't know that. Any Democrat succeeding. Him wants to be the one to go after a previous president. That's a really dangerous thing. That would've been like him going. After Hillary he is going. After Hillary went after again he just couldn't get locker now but I'm just saying I mean like he just went after the Clinton Foundation. Go but he could he could turn the Justice Department Pug Wild. Here he did Up and paying attention to the news over these justice I have seen. Do you think it's denied proper for private citizen? The president's private lawyer being in Ukraine trying to dig up dirt on the political rival or on the US private citizen by the way. Do you think that's Jus it's supposed to be the United States? Presidents should never try to stick a foreign government on the United States citizen period. Well if there was corruption I feel like I feel like the US government if there's potential for corruption I feel like the US government jeans and that's called the FBI and they did and they found nothing but they found nothing so case closed. What exactly and this is what. Trump is never explained to anybody or anybody else. That's out there. Barking has ever explained anybody. Do I like that? Hunter Biden could get a position like that with father's vice president. No Am I stupid enough to think that that's not true Mitch. Mcconnell's wife is the secretary of the Treasury. When I mean do we really want to open this can of Worms Julia Open? This can the worms and we're GONNA make. I would be a one hundred percent behind if you are. Public isn't a hundred Biden. Like small part of it wasn't like the interference in the election from Ukraine which the US intelligence agencies utterly dismissed all seventeen of them that Ukraine was involved. That Ukraine interfered narrow election not interfere invasion. They dismissed it in. Russia did not interfere Russia. Absolutely in Detroit now and they're doing it now and they've been doing it all along they did. They interfered and they destroyed the UK. They almost tilted France to Marine Le Pen the Russia. This will then case closed then. Y- Ukraine didn't Influence the election in there is no corruption so case because there's tons of corruption in Ukraine has been for years then so we should not inspect investigate it. We should not be investigating a US citizen in Ukraine. Who DIDN'T DO ANYTHING AGAINST OUR LAW? Hunter Biden got that job. Because he's Joe Biden's son. Is that illegal? No it's nepotism but it's not legal. It's not illegal well illegal. In all of the trump kids would be in jail. Well by the way you could. You could make a very good argument that with the trump kids are doing flying around on Air Force. One and making deals overseas on. Us taxpayer dollars is absolutely emoluments violations. And by the way one China to China you know what I'm talking about now right. After he got elected I caught this. Donald Trump went out and then one day said something about we think there are two channels when all this stuff's been going on in China you know is. Is this Pat of China. Is it not right? You still got. The protests going on China's islands that Hong Kong Taiwan. And they just have you talking about the island said is that yes. Trump came out and he said this to China's which is totally against US policy and he caught everybody. The State Department was like. What the hell are you talking about? He's referring to Taiwan China. He said there were two chasse he's referring to with is not even though it was given back to China by the Brits. Oh you're talking about Hong Kong Hong Kong. Yeah all right so you were talking to Taiwan talking about some of Hong Confused your pharmacies you to at a bar can't drive my car and I would just say with a exit lift. So trump trump come out and he says out of the blue to China's and the whole world is like what is he doing. Jichi Ping is like what is he doing? And the US State Department's like what is he doing? Trump had cases going in China for trademarks for his name and these cases Thai and Chinese courts for years. And you never win. Guess what China did the game. The trademarks then. The next time he came out he said one channel. That's true. Look it up. I watched this in real time in them like Why isn't dislike? How much do you think that much of this will happen? Do you think with a guy like Bloomberg and I'm not taking a shot at Bloomberg because he's Democrats. Don't jump down my throat. I don't know exactly what you're saying is because Berg didn't the other day he just say something about China's at democracy was dealing with a A president in comparison to the previous president who didn't have this dispatch. You would say so you elect a guy who is billionaire I You know a global real estate developer. I guess you would call. I don't know exactly what you would call them right. And then Bloomberg is the same way I mean how much I think it's just did happen. Yeah I mean Bloomberg I mean the guy made sixty billion dollars dealing with every country under the sun. There's GonNa be a Bloomberg. He's Got Tony. Times more money than trump could be much worse as you think is absolutely not disagreeing with him. In fact the other day Bloomberg was asked if g Jinping was a dictator which they are absolutely moving toward in China and he's turns democracy they want and that's eight one is not what it is. But here's the difference. Here's the difference. Okay and I promise you this. I'll come back here in two years and you can. You can hold me to my work. Michael Bloomberg get in there and did it and the Democrats didn't go along with throw his ass out of the White House. I will never vote for them again. Either I'm sorry I didn't follow. It wasn't following it if Michael Bloomberg one the White House and he start pulling that kind of crap that self-enrichment crap on my tax dollar when he's supposed to be looking out for my country and the Democrats didn't impeach him throw him out. I would never vote for them again just like I will never vote for Republican again. My one of my kids I grew up with is the mayor of my hometown. These Republican he sent me Hick donate nope. I love the guy. What do you mean no? I refuse until this. Potty sheds itself of that stench. I will never vote for and with that Leland has to go hi. I have kids that I need to go home. It's his Sheila. Might you have to breastfeed them right. My kids for a long time. I've stopped now. They see him a feminist trump people who've used a different word to come back by that. You're terrific David. That's not me Leland. David was awesome. But he's still really everything. I'm harmless Komo News. Now you are but come back after Super Tuesday now. That's to the election if I haven't lake put a rope over so what? I honestly believe that I'm actually getting worn out by it all the other day. Come back into the other day on twitter right the other day on Right there was saying right. A sad story in three words. And I just goofing around. I said trump is president. I got threats. I got the responses. Were awful. I'll be trump owns twitter. Turner fucking twitter. No no no. And by the way it's not just trump supporters right now. We have become a country that needs a serious reminder that the person sitting next to you might not agree with you one hundred percent of things these in American. That'S OUR PODCAST. And you're never GONNA learn if you only listen the people who think like you do. That's our podcast. An American conversation podcast whereabout. Well good. And that's that's what it's supposed to be disagreement just makes our love grow stronger and stronger dollar dating dating. I'm going to set her up with my wife. I'm so into it. Sure opposite right well Going to go back to little too much like me and I'm starting to dislike. I'm scared I'm going to tell bobby was so much fun. That was great man does I have. I haven't been to China in the last two years. It can live on your body for two years. That is what trump said so it must be true last week trump voter See you next week right guys. Hey thanks join us every week for entertaining informational time. And if you want to suggest the topic partial or just want to know more about us go to our website. Www DOT an American conversation podcast DOT COM and com into way. We will try to respond as soon as possible. And don't forget to follow us on twitter facebook and Instagram. And subscribe to our podcast.

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Drafting Women: Equality Gone Nuts | Guest: Jason Whitlock | 7/26/21

The Glenn Beck Program

2:01:16 hr | 3 months ago

Drafting Women: Equality Gone Nuts | Guest: Jason Whitlock | 7/26/21

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I have to tell you the only thing that is running through my mind today is what my mother used to. Tell me all the time when i was in a mood like this son. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. And i was like. That's good bomb. I've gotta write that down for forty years in the future anyway. Not in really good mood because our usa olympic team lost not just one but two lost weight way. Either food either care about that. Or it's that i didn't watch it all and i'm actually kinda glad. Strangely that are usa. Olympic team is losing. I hang on. i'm confused. See this is what my mother said. I'm wrecking myself. Because i didn't check myself. Oh my hey masks. Coming back in style. We're very excited about that. We'll tell you about it coming up in just a minute. Deborah lives in massachusetts. She writes to talk about her experience. With relief factor. She's the glenn. I started taking relief factor four days ago. Guess what i. I don't know what my hip pain which i've been living with for years is totally gone. I used to have a horrible time even sleeping because of the pain but all of it is gone. now. I how i'm feeling these days. Debra thank you thank you for trying relieffactor. I'm so glad you're one of the seventy percent where it actually works. Thanks for writing in as well and four days shut up. Didn't work that quickly for me. It took me. it also took me about two months. I felt the difference in thirty days in three weeks. I felt difference. I stopped because i was denying it. I was like why not were married. And then i stopped taking it. They're like ow. Yes it is but it really changed my life and it can change your life as well if you're living in pain. Just give relief factor. Try like deborah did relief factor not a drug developed by doctors and seventy percent of the people. Try to Try go on to order more so go to relieffactor dot com call eight hundred five hundred eighty three eighty four eight hundred five hundred eighty three eighty four. It's relieffactor dot com home man. Stew talk to you about the olympics but not right now no right now we have bigger fish me back. Yeah just wow. I'm passionate about that. You owe me to my gosh. I watched either all of it or none of it. Guess which one. Here's a story. I want to just start with monday. And i think we start with some good news. Equality is finally here and women you have to love these progressives because they've done so much for you already and yet they keep doing more. The senate armed services committee has approved language. A language change in the national defense authorization. Act which will expand the selective service to to a new requirement under the threat of imprisonment for eighteen year old males to submit their names to national registry potential military constrictions Women have to do it too so let me just go down this list. okay you lost girls sports. I can't say it that way. You gained the right for boys to play girls sports. So your daughter's just can never win. And congratulations on that victory. I think that's a very don't use. Dow i think yeah. That's a great pick. I think that's one that women have been fighting for for a very long time. You also have had some of the term mother Finally has been replaced with birthing people. God yes and i think again another big victory for women all around the world. Birthing people Metoo has pretty much made the cry of rape into kind of like a car alarm that nobody pays attention to which foul that is another great fish even another yes and now women you can finally go to war and be drafted into war. Which if i've heard women once i've heard it a million times where they're like you know where we really need to focus going to war. Yes yes right. They always say that they always. They always shot at congratulate. Wait a minute what they always want to be shot at it and i think it's Well that's saved for the african americans in their own community now getting rid of all of the police and again. Yeah african-american needs police. The progressives are serving. You like crazy going well. Isn't it going really. It is especially for all those things that you've really wanted for instance liz's talk about the covert vaccine for a minute You know we know that there are people. There are crazy crazy. People that are not getting the vaccine crazy people dangerous Okay these people. That won't do it. Red hat wearing red hat. Unfortunately it's not the red hat thing that's not no from the south and they're all nope nope it's mainly the Hispanic and african american community Now let me ask you a question. Here stu if you're an african american and you've been being taught that white people are trying to kill you and that it's a systemic racism so the system is trying to kill you and keep you down right and the president reminds you of the to stieg institute and you're constantly being forced fed. You can't make it white people hate you. How likely are you. Especially when they're saying it's trump people and the the head doctor who's really pushing all of this stuff was with the trump administration still with the biden administration. How likely are you to Run out and get your vaccine guy. Love this. Because the the nfl is in the middle of this controversy now where they've implemented pretty strict rules On on whether your players have vaccines are not you could lose games. You could lose millions of dollars in salary. All these pressures are dow coming on these players and a few of them are stepping up and saying look. I don't want get the vaccine. All i'll sit out de'andre hopkins one of the best wide receivers in the nfl should save this for when When jason what with lankan on yes. I'm sure he'll go into it but just to give a quick background and what's funny about it is like you look at the populations of people and as you point out. African americans are the number one racial group that do not want to get vaccinated hispanics or number two and you'd think this would click with the mainstream media. You have been telling. African americans basically that this government in this society has them at the opposite end of a gun in which white people are just on the other side itching to pull the trigger if they can just get away with it your all. They need to do if they could. Just find a way to escape the charges. They would kill every african american. Yes in this country so but yes sure by the way. Take this new vaccine. We came up with like fix. They're gonna say of. You have washed this entire population. Marinated them in this idea. That every white person in the world is out to kill them. If for writing driving down the street to the to the extent that in the middle of a pandemic you told us it was more of a public health threat of police based racism. A government representative. That was so racist. They just wanted to kill you. That was a bigger threat that the actual pandemic so. Why on earth would african american want to take your vaccine again. I i'm a fan of the vaccines. I think the people should get them in almost all circumstances that being said. Would you be convinced of this. If your news feed was constantly nonstop police are killing. black people The trump administration was the most evil racist organization in modern history. Screw hitler was nothing. We're talking donald trump here by the way the guy who is the face of the response to cova vid when donald trump was president is now the face of the vaccine. He's going to go on television nine hundred times a day until you to take it so wait a minute. Are you saying that. Let me just use a moment from history. Are you saying that Native americans while they were being rounded up by the democratic president andrew johnson that if andrew johnson would have said jackson would have said You need to get a vaccine before you go out. Are you saying that. The native americans wouldn't have trusted him. Another example let's say let's say you're fdr and you're rounding up all the japanese and before you go japanese people you you should be. You should get a vaccination. Are you saying that the japanese shouldn't trust. Fdr may be a tad sceptical one. More example. okay. Let's say your president biden and everything that your party has done since the beginning of time was keeping people in chains or When that finally was was abolished because you know a bunch of people from the north came down and killed a bunch of people that were democrats And they stopped it and then you went into reconstruction started the klan. Everything else then. You're you know you know a part of re segregating the military making sure that jim crow laws were passed. Then you had the great society which has destroyed the black family. Then you had a guy who is the president who had there was better job in better employment and better employment numbers far as incomes. Go as well for blacken hispanics and then you came in and you reversed all that. Are you saying that those people might might come under suspicion. Yeah it's it's it's a shocking idea. That is weird and look. I'm a. I'm a tad sceptical of the look. They know about the tuskegee experiments. Well first of all you know about the tuskegee experiments because what you've told them about it where the history of this has been completely manipulated. Was it good medical experiment. No i will say no on that. However did they inject them with vaccines to give them the illness. No even though everyone seems to think that did they inject them with syphilis to give them civilised. No even though people seem to think that the what they didn't do was give them treatment for syphilis when they could have cured it. They wanted to see how how this would progress. If untreated a terrible idea by the way a terrible experiment run by a head physician who was black and hang on was black. Hang on I don't know about those two. But i can guarantee you. It was a progressive. That was behind this not blame it on the black doctor. Let's let's let's be serious here. It was a progressive. There was like hey what happens. We just let them fester not does outline oppressive idea. The bottom line is though like why would you need to go to the tuskegee experiment. There's no twenty four year old. nfl player. that's like i just. I mean those tuskegee experiments there talking about how you're saying right now. There's a genocide going black people. That's what they're worried about. You telling them that every other second a black person gets pulled over and shot for no reason in broad daylight and no one does anything about it. Would you trust that organization to help you. Only if i was also told that it was the stomach in the government there. No way of stopping it. The people who are all white. They don't even know they're they're killing people right there they're persecuting black people then i might be then i might be a little hesitant even the people you used to think where your friends yet are absolutely not racist now. You're supposed to think they are racist. Actually are out to get you with a system that is crushing your souls but trust that system. Roy your medical care. Except i mean you're supposed trust years you're not supposed to trust any white people because all white people are guilty except for the white people who are in the administration. That's true the people who wrote the books out this are. I usually a and they are very trustworthy again. African americans all of this. You have the democrats thank Just like women. Congratulations you can now be forced to go. Fight a war. I think a lot of progress is being made. That'll for ages taking place in our minds and our hearts of our nation's children today all across america. Millions of kids are having their ideologies shaped by. Solis machines both hollywood and our own public schools from the lessons there. Talk to the books told they ought to read. Our kids are caught in a thick swamp of bad ideas. Wait until i tell you the latest of what's happening in our schools. They don't care each teachers. Don't care they just they're just doing it anyway. The best way to combat ideas is to promote good ones. Don't silence voices. Give him something to hang their hat on the tunnel. Twins books are an exploration of the things that make us a freer more perfect union. They teach the accurate history of the united states. They explain out things like the free market and limited government work and kids and grandkids of all ages should be reading these books so get them now for your kids or your grandkids of all ages. Go to tuttle. Twins back dot com. Right now get thirty five percent off. They'll even throw in all the activity books for free by him for your kids and your grandkids. That's tuttle twins. Belk dot com. Get thirty five percent off today. Ten seconds station. Id now wait a minute. Maybe maybe we could have white. Babies do the injecting and the research on the virus because whitebait timid just realize even white babies are racist. They are rights from earth. And i just read that book and man. I'm really kinda wrecked my weekend. Anti-racist baby it was at that one. Yeah that one is more about teaching your baby to be antiracist so that we can lock in this This griff her for ibrahim ex kennedy for children who grow up as babies for twenty thirty years forty years from now raking in the cash. It'll be great so team. Usa falls to france It's the first olympic men's basketball law since two thousand four. We lost to france france. Yeah like just a gin france and it's amazing. How these guys who spent all this time telling us what a terrible country we have are not representing the flag. The way we'd want a what a weird thing. I i am i for one. I'm surprised that these nba players who have been constantly basically lighting up the country telling us how terrible it's been for. the past. five years would not be able to perform in this patriotic ceremony. It's a stunning well. Here's one of the one of the problems. Stu they were very tired from being so woke woke all the time. When do they sleep. When do they slicker point. When do they need your sleep. And you can't have it anymore. Yeah that'd be woke woke all the time And i i think it's i think it's great. Also you know last week The women's softball team lost a i. I'm sincerely hoping it's not the last. May i ask you old enough to remember the olympics when we had the evil empire of the russians to root against yeah loosely. I kind of feel that way. Where i don't really follow it. I didn't really follow it then. I just the only time i would follow. It was like to root against you. Know right the soviets antibody and now you know when the when the volleyball team loses. I'm kinda like oh wait a minute what am i doing you know what i mean. I'm almost rooting not against america. But against the frauds who say they represent america. Yeah i could see how that would inch into your thinking especially with people like you like the nba players. Who have spent volleyball team. I don't. I don't know anything about the volunteer with what's her name. The lesbian with the purple hair. She soccer is angie. That's what i mean not volleyball soccer. Socrates yes okay. Yes i can see that. I don't know my sports. I know what it was involving around ball. That's that part i did. I will thank you. I root against. I always root against the us soccer team both male and female always. And i've done that forever mainly because i don't want it to become more popular and covered more. You know it's gonna so. I want i want the i want the us to be the embarrassment of the world when it comes to soccer because soccer so terrible But this is just added fuel to the fire. And that was i i was. I do remember growing up watching the dream team. You know what. I mean like when the when the nba players were dominant. It was so much fun to watch. I love those guys. You now look at it and it's just it's just tough to care. They do everything they can to make me not care about their sport. Everything they can. I and i love sports. You know. I'm not not a boycott or at all like i don't know i against that you'd watch you'd watch the devil himself if he was playing. Yeah i love the look. If if he's beating lebron stew is there he's wearing. I'm with satan. The teacher he's wearing he's buying. I'm pretty especially if he's playing for the philadelphia eagles and and that would be the time team to sign all realize that the eagles would sign saying if they did. I probably i didn't want to say that. Come close i will say some eternal reputations for this particular comedy line thought my month. Eight in the fires of hell regard session made that joke. That joke went too far far. But miss the catholics were right about that. Old purgatory been catholic. Should've been catholic. It is that like. I'll look past a lot of that but it's one thing to every era of sports has had people who disagree with you who think crazy crazy. Things go back in sports history. You're gonna find a million of them that believe all sorts of things. This is like it's so Propagated by the league itself. It's the only thing you're allowed to say you're not even allowed to have the alternate opinion anymore. You're not even allowed to say you know what. I think you know this. This was i think. Donald trump did a good job bor. i think. Maybe there isn't systemic racism. I mean look at drew. Brees is the ultimate example of this hall of quarterback one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game and he came out and basically said the i. I'm with you on all this all the systemic racism totally on board with all of it. I just don't think you should kneel for the flag. I had relatives who served in the military. I just don't like that as a particular protest. He was almost run out of the league. I mean they they. He had to baker for forgiveness because he didn't want people disrespecting the flag in the united states. That's where we all right now. More in a second glenn beck program american financing. Nmls one eight two three three four. Www dot nmlsconsumeraccess.org. Stu yes no. I stopped now. No i think he's right just because he thought it. it's already anyway american financing. I want you to look at the historically low interest rates. We've been seeing. It's it's not hard to think it'd be a good idea to give american financing a call for a free mortgage review no obligation no pressure no upfront hidden fees. Just as simple conversation about your loan and options. That could fit you better. Imagine walking and walking away with a thousand bucks a month in savings. And that's possible especially if you do a consolidation loan and pay off those high interest credit cards. The market is in your favor when it comes to financing right now it might be the perfect time because this might not last very much longer. Goto american financing at eight hundred nine hundred six twenty four forty eight hundred nine zero six twenty four forty or go to american financing dot net. That's american financing dot net and head over blaze. Tv dot com slash. Glenn promo code glenn. We've jason whitlock coming up later in the program. You're gonna love his commentary on this stuff as well blaze. Tv dot com slash glen. This is the glenn beck program and welcome back to mr pat gray who has been on hiatus and vacation For the last week. Wow wow world. Hasn't changed at all has no We're thinking about the mass coming back. Yeah we got that goal for us. Yeah in fact As we were driving through saint louis they were reinstituting. The mandate yeah. Did you put yours on night. Not did not even though they were rian stephen no they were rian. Mandatory were on their freeways. Said nope not doing not doing now. You are a rebel living on the edge. I'm how're the people of missouri and in illinois. You're up in. That area was how they doing with the mask thing. They're done with the one. Yeah with a mask really. We went all over missouri. kansas illinois. Lewa you know how to have a good time do we do. We saw more cornfield. Yeah you can shake. I've been shaking. Six combat cornfields for work or really is not as much fun as advertised eared. Yeah it's weird yeah. Nobody's wearing a mask really. Nobody a few waitresses. That's it eat him usually in the restaurants. They weren't even wearing a mask but we'll take the thing that is going on. Is the employee shortage at restaurants. Big time is critical. Many restaurants completely. Shut down because it can't get enough employees which because because they can't get the employees which might leave sort of related might be sort by two may landed in a way. I'm shaking my stick right now at that. See what it is and yes she can it. Because i think you might be onto something. I'm not but the stick is yes so there's been a lot of stuff going on while you're away don't know if you heard but We're we're we're going to be relegated to the ether If we if we ask questions. Now that the cdc or the white house doesn't want us to ask. Yeah how dare you. Yeah why would you ask something like that. Sure it happened The other day with With jen psaki being asked cushion. She she didn't really like food. They're vaccinated here in the white house medical unit for the most part. Go ahead occult kelly. I'm sorry i come to you next. One business has long claimed that you're trying to transparent history. It's the why won't you just release the number of rape cases. Fers i think i. We're in a very different place than we were six. To seven months ago as it relates to the virus and as many medical experts have said inside and outside of the government of those who were vaccinated are protected from serious illness. Most or a symptomatic if they are individuals for vaccinated to get the virus and You know we're in a different place in terms of the impact of individuals who may have as you said. Breakthrough cases provide the number. You know what is the. What do you need to have that information. Transparency understood of veterans. That information here in. I there are the tracks and let me give you. This information taste goes on to answer questions. We're not related to that one. But she doesn't like that question like that quite they need that. Why did they need that question. Under the trump administration. Yeah right. yeah why do any of us need any question why you isn't that what we're supposed to do and then you answer them. What is our brain. Am you answer questions. And i ask them one hundred seventy four thousand dollars a year to answer the questions i out. Our employees people look at that big legally been flipped on. It's been it's it's a it's a position that's responsible to the public. Press secretary supposed to give us information. It's not an a campaign official. Which is what. They've become over the past couple of decades for sure but i mean she's to. Her job is to get information from the white house to us. It's not to defend president biden's not to ask why you need that information now because i just want it about that. How job to get it. Plus the american people want to know about unbelievable. What's going on now but like everything else. It's been completely flipped on its head and we apparently have no right to any information anymore. It's almost as if everything is inside out and upside down isn't it. isn't it The the goal was to create enough chaos new turns upside down and inside out. So you won't recognize anything happened. It's absolutely happened. And they've taken their mask off to they. Don't care anymore. Will they should put their mass back on. Foul says right. I am not as anti mask as i thought i was really really. Yeah i'm i'm thinking about wearing my mask Into stores and any place that say you have a mask. I wear it and i say yes. I wear it as a hat. that doesn't much sure. That's exactly like a little amish at. I think it's like one of those. Little is a nice hat and it stops the satellites that are spying on your brainwaves. Potentially some of that No it doesn't. I already check. I thought that too originally. And then i. I started doing some research. Tin foil conducting the government wants to do to avoid the brainwave acts. That's why they've been pushing it all these years so By the way did you hear the The audio of of fao cheesy defending the funding. Now of the wuhan lab. Yeah yeah no. That was last week. We listen to this. Audio critics. say the wuhan lab. Experiments were none nonetheless risky whether or not they fit that category and obviously the chinese government is not a good faith partner. They're not allowing transparency their not allowing a real investigation china on saucy going forward given at the chinese government won't allow any real investigation. Do you still think the. Us government should collaborate with labs like wuhan especially on research that experts consider risky Well you know. Jake if you go back to win this research really started and look at the scientific rationale for it. It was a peer reviewed a proposal. That was peer reviewed and given a very high rating for the importance of why it should be done To be able to go and do a survey of what was going on among the bat population because everyone in the world was trying to figure out what the original source of the original saws. Covy one was and in that context. The research was done. It was very regulated. It was reviewed it was given progress reports published in the open literature. Show so i think if you look at the mid back rationale why that was started. It was almost as if you didn't pursue that research would be negligent right because we were trying to find out how you can prevent this from happening again. Had been negligent. You didn't do the research that they didn't do according to him. But it was all peer reviewed and watch carefully and monitoring So it was done carefully but we didn't do it but we would have been negligent. Had we not. Yeah ever been a bigger lang saka crap than anthony. I don't know that there ever has been is there. I mean is there anyone we yes there has just. He's just A periphery said for me. Proliferate prolific prolific liar. He is a. it's a broad. Br it's very narrow. It's only about covert but it's very broad inside narrow categories almost everything. He says questioning what he said. Like no one's questioning weather like this research was started to begin a pandemic like no one thinks that like they were like you know. Let's start pandemic. we'll start some research to get it going yeah. Nobody says the premise the beginning of this. Yes we can understand why you'd think about this but he continually does this. Please semantic games. Where like they said. Okay gator function. Research is banned and so. Hey let's go through a process to try to justify that this isn't the the definition of gain of function so we can do it. No they did that. After that right they started here reviewing all said that it was that it was right gain of function and it was peer reviewed you hear gain of function but they were peer reviewed closely reviewed. Their way into being able to write they had their they set up their own guidelines. Yes and then they said how do we get around these guidelines correct and so they got around the guidelines then the after the after it was quote unquote a success then They had to publish a paper on it. Peer reviewed paper by the way and ended. It said that this This was done before you know. The united states held back the funding even though we gave back the funding back to them And it said but a peer reviewed review was done by peers grand. They looked into it and this one can continue all. That's good to hear so that's good. Peer reviewed the whole time and closely scrutinized. And like. that's like the question wasn't even about that. it was about. Should this continue in the future. And he wouldn't even eat him. Come that answer. what you need. Is how many peers of mine. Yes peers have salon lot superior vast majority of my peers. Wow really appears. Do you actually have more than i can count on. Why do you need that. I don't think i question. We getting a little hostile parties questioning. You shouldn't sorry. I would accept your apology. But you're white and so you can never do a narrow to were still thank you. Welcome back pat gray. Nice to have you back in the studio good to be back as well very still hosting that program called pat gray unleashed available. 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Get coverage today and see why carshield cars go. Further visit carshield dot com slash back. Save ten percents carshield dot com slash beck deductible may apply program. So i dunno by you. But i i i love the cleveland. Ag- guardians lab that name. I think they had to be hammered. I think i the my guess. Is that those involved. In changing the cleveland indians. Name said i can't. I cannot i cannot do this sober and so you know maybe maybe you know one of the head guys was out on the bridge in the bill's gonna kill himself with shange. The indians know is not yet these alma bridge right now. Nexta big. that'd big stash you on abreu. Hey maybe that's it has sanchez called the cardio. Mcclellan gardy now. I believe that's the way it happened. And i would like to submit some evidence. The hell you say. Saying the cleveland guardians already taken. There's another team. Called the cleveland guardians in their own town and they even have their own website. Nobody no nobody no. Nobody checked the dot com. Doing it does seem like an important idea to check. Guardian stuff for haley. believe in the internet. Huger it's a passing trend If you the interwebs have a future usually would go to cleveland. Guardians dot com. Which is a male roller derby and never thought of that. I know you'd think before you book tom. Hanks to come in and narrate your launch video. You go to the website. What kind of attorney do they have. I because they had to go and search cleveland guardians. Before did they not. I can't believe they didn't it had to be. Maybe it was one of these things where the where the owner of the site was like. Screw you guys. If you change the name. I don't want you to have it and they've they've already given up and they said well we'll they've at the cleveland guardians dot com or whatever. I don't know. I don't know what they did. But i'll tell ya is issued probably have control of the website. This is why it's difficult to rename a team. Now there's a guy in washington who predicted as it turns out correctly that the world will become much. More woke in the washington redskins would no longer be allowed. And so he went out. And he bought washington whatever's dot com and came up with a hundred different things in bohol. Now they wind up doing. They couldn't come up with a team name and they've decided to just go with washington football team which is hilarious. Have that one. But that was didn't have right. I actually think that one turned out to be brilliant. And i liked it at the time. Most people hate it now. I would have preferred staying with washington redskins because all the complaints about them were stupid but if you had to change the name i like washington football team because i'm an nfc east fan. I'm an eagles fan. I my dad was a giants fan. One of my good friends redskins fan everyone. Here's a cowboys fan. No-one unearth calls them the washington football team. They just keep calling them the redskins because there's no substitute if they came out with the washington guardians. Eventually people would transition no one call them the football team they either call them washington or they say the redskins and so essentially the the team in a way has not really been renamed at some point. The woke left is going to notice i. We're gonna make them change it again. I have a feeling cleveland. The guardians visually changed their name. Either glenn beck program wanna talk to far. Oh nice reminder for For us to have one they're delicious. It's bill part. This is one of their newer flavors. This is Grass how this is grasp grasshopper cookie. I think this is no longer available. I believe i believe this is one of their limited time. Flavors they have nine like yeah. I'm saving and this actually gave this onto minorities. I need no. It's probably bad. It's probably bad. This is a this is a candy bar. 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Don't worry about. Don't worry about the fed using all these apps and you know making sure that the back doors to everybody to get all your information you are perfectly safe. You just don't have to do anything you know that is wrong. You know like like nowhere a mask that happens or if you disagree with the government in any way that that would probably be bad but other than that. I mean what you have to worry about a program. I wanna talk to you about the justice department here in about sixty seconds standby Alicia lives in california. She writes in about her experience with relieffactor. Says i'm grocery scores store worker. Ever since the first corona virus shutdowns. I've had work double shifts pretty regularly. Now she's fifty three why i mean. Why did all the young people leave anyway. She's been working double shifts. My bad knees were just not getting any rest. And i would literally have to limped to and from bed every night. 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This crime update because forget about all of the people that are being shot in the streets. Nine hundred and fourteen this weekend blah blah blah blah blah. Let's talk about the real crime in the real criminals. Yes that's right. i'm cop yet. Another capital riots. Suspect has been nabbed takes. Two is stupid boasts and photos. He posted on social media this time on the dating app bumblebee our own. Fbi was watching and working with bumblebee. Houston business owner andro cake. Thirty two discussed his participation in the riot on komo and he sent several photos. I don't know why would he said that. All of a sudden anyway he was a bumble user and he was trying to get a date and he said i was at the capitol riot. Oh yeah hi. Was there with pepper spray. Well he's in the slammer today jack and he's gonna light like his new date options now. I don't know about you. But i i did. It doesn't make me feel better. Doesn't make me feel better. I mean. I'm glad that a guy who if he really did something wrong And he did pepper spray the police. I'm glad that he's in jail. But i don't like the fact that the government has done everything including you know started to partner with the apps and facebook and google and everybody else including the banks to just hand them are whereabouts. I dunno karna. Sounds like china. I think i agree with everything. You've said here thank you. I am the musical choice even in the musical and that i also. I'm happy that if someone did something wrong there in jail. And also i am by concerned about the way the government and and tech are combining however if the guy actually typed i was anthem unless less. It's i kinda have a tough time. Tying this particular incident into anything other than the guy being an idiot yes yes. I agree but it was with the help of bumble. They say they say so. Is the help i mean if it was like you know if the guy post it and somebody wants to call the fbi gets because you're dummy. I mean it's not like remember when you know these people they'll they'll they'll do they'll rob something. It'd be like look odd gutlessness store. Well in the good old days you'd go to jail for that and you wouldn't have any sympathy because you were. Steve what are you posting it online for. You don't watch facebook. That's kinda to somebody and that's the line. I guess right if buffalo reading private messages and then reporting them. I have not been on bumble in quite some time glen. This is going to be shocking. But all the time. I know you're there all the time. It's weird that it's actually your homepage. Yeah your web browser so much i just. I'm happily married. I would never do anything but you know just to let women know that. Hey maybe maybe you know what. I mean just to help them through the day just out through that i mean there's no chance of me doing a private messaging option though i would assume on the sir. No i don't use it all about bumble. And i've had friends who've been on bumble and they describe something called the bumble mountain. No have not so the bumble mountain is it never even heard mumble. So that's one of the. It's like a big almost as big as maybe not almost as big as one of the developers of what's the slight. Swipe left swipe right one. All of them. What is it. They all that they're all the same now. What what's the main one though that everyone now. Fumbles not the maintenance. The number one tender. That's what i'm thinking of does at dinner is taking. It was fired. But i knew that was wrong. So i didn't say okay. I believe bumble was created by a woman who worked at tinder left that because she felt like women were objectified in such on on laser which is a whole sweat. Swipe left swipe bright. You just judging them on their looks. Right how shallow. I think i have the story. Okay so she goes and then she starts in. I believe bumble is when we're maybe the women have to reach out. I okay. I have this right so every time i've ever talked to who's been on bumble says there's something called the bumble mountain which is basically you go on bumble like your go to a new city or you're in a new area you go on bumble and the i like twenty five women you see that your match with our incredible and that's your at the top of the mountain and then for the rest of your time on bubble. You're you're rolling down a mountain and read the women get less and less attractive as you go down it so that's bumble mountain in case you were wondering in case you were thinking today. I'm going to say hey. I was inside the capitol spraying pepper spray people. You've only got up the first twenty five or so that it's worth it. Then take that information. Never thought we'd get dating tip from jay leno. But i have a good dating tip from jay. Leno do i. I love this. Jay leno said you know i talked to all my friends. Who are they're making it with some hot babe you know. And they're like on its she's crazy but the sex is great and he said yes but when the sex isn't so important you're just left with crazy that's really good. I mean let's not let's remember the sex kind of you know is not as crazy in great as it as it as it usually is in the beginning. I'm digging a hole here. And i just realized it as blame it on jay leno. Luckily this isn't being broadcast to an area. Your wife possibly listen to let's Let's move on. Shall we Okay so the y so we have we have something else so we have them going after this very very bad guy with pepper spray. Forget about forget about They got him. They finally got him and they've done everything they can to get him now. I just wanna throw. That's the justice department doing this. The justice department also trop the cases against chinese researchers accused of hiding their affiliates their affiliation with the chinese military. Oh yeah i mean we were trying to root out. All the alleged china intelligence gathering people here in the us but that was so last year We've we've decided that we don't need to find people and so they've They've they've they've dropped. The visa fraud charges against the chinese. Researchers were here. Or what possible Importance could a bunch of chinese. Thank you say everyone was thinking it just you to say it. I mean what. Texas seems like a waste of time and money. You know yeah y. Go after the chinese right now. They seem like they're in a good place. Nothing wrong going on over there sure. There's they've built. Some new apartment complexes yes see high margin wall right over three hundred of them. Yeah there are great and they're great and and it got good schooling in their good really good education camp yes campaign activities all right so let me. Let me give you this to the justice department. Just trying to clear the books in there so darn busy. They just have to. You know. make some priorities. Justice department has dropped the investigation into tony podesta without Without any charges Now that's good. Yeah well is it. Is it timeline. In the podesta group was deeply involved in ukraine. And the minute they fired. meant What was his name He ran the trump campaign for purview months and then he was arrested metaphor metaphor. Paul manafort when When they went after. Paul manafort Paul manafort was working with the podesta group and tony podesta and as soon as they As soon as they arrested him. Tony podesta kinda went in hiding. He shut his office immediately. Fired everybody the same day and fired. Everybody was like oh. We're not doing this anymore. I don't know what just going on vacation unknown country that doesn't have extradition rights. That's what i wanted to do. And it was one of the most successful lobbying other than there's dirt so the the justice department started to investigate him but they're so busy now they just shut it down and there's nothing to see here now in a completely unrelated news story. Tony podesta has a new job. He is the chief lobbyist. Now for alway. You know the chinese firm. That's run by the communist party. Yeah i'm familiar with a yeah. That is trying to get five g. Because then they can take all of our information have control of everything that comes out of the united states with one rating where there's wide spread international agreement that they're doing shady things yes and asu. We've banned them on well. That was so last year yet. Tony podesta's on the case now. So he's going to make sure everything is on the up and up and he's free to do so because he no longer has that investigation hanging over his head By the way the justice department also has dropped the pro this all this weekend. You know they were working late there like we ought to prioritize guy. We do anything The justice department has dropped the probe on the deaths at the new a new york nursing homes. Nothing to see their so they're not gonna get involved In involved at all In that so. I think we can trust. Our justice department is on the right track. Don't you They're not looking into corruption about the way not looking in one hundred neither. I mean there's rumors that they are. But not really. I mean he's got his big he's got he's got his big art show this weekend and i don't know if you know this but His his art show you know he was told that he was. He had to be ethical here and he couldn't know who was buying anything and so he's not although he does have a cocktail party with all of the potential buyers prior to the art sale So but they are under strict orders not to say and i'm going to buy that one for five hundred thousand dollars you know what i'm saying So he's i mean he might know who was in the room but he doesn't know who bought anything so and that's pinky promise they are not going by the way. Do you know who their marketing this to. It's it's weird because it's come out in the united states but they're not marketing it to the united states. They're marketing his art world to all of the art collectors in asia and china. That's so weird now. I know you have a big art show coming out this weekend to. Yeah now also marketing this to lots of chinese out not Not a soul in. China any saudis. Snow no nobody in ukraine. No one just. Strictly just ukraine was a big art mark. Now well it is at certain times. It is when democrats are in office. Big big rig badar ukraine. Some would say this is money laundering. But i wouldn't say that. I mean this is. This is a guy who's just learned to love art just recently. I mean no no inkling anywhere that he was even into art or wanted to make art until this year. I mean i could see after all that work why they would go for five hundred thousand dollars because you've been doing making art for very long my whole life. Yeah and you been. You've how lot of national attention were named One of the one hundred one hundred most influential artists in in america. Yes by an art magazine point. Yeah so like you have a pretty long history of having interest in art and yet and even selling i i will tell you this This week by the way the art show begins this week It opens today at park city. Fine art in park city utah. And you don't have to go. You can see some of the stuff online. I also did a instagram of the stuff. I'm boxing up today And shipping out. Because i'll be there on on saturday and And you know you can just call him if you want to buy. Now here's the thing. They are pricey. They're not five hundred thousand dollars but which is interesting. Because you know you're certainly more famous than hunter bugden well known and maybe maybe not infamous. Maybe maybe is what other than his dad. Being president he is not a like a massive puzzle. Here's a here. i've decided to you know. My dad was baker. My dad was a baker. That's right okay so i'm just i'm saying i'm i want you to listen carefully. I would be very disappointed to find out that anyone who bought any of my art had the opportunity. Dass my dad. Baking questions be very disappointed. I'm not. I'm not saying that. If you buy one get beat. You're saying i get to maybe like target. I'm saying i'd be very disappointed if that ever happened. Why would you point that. I didn't even it out. I know. I just thought it was important than people knew. If you're going with the intent of meeting my dad that's not part of the deal. Gay it's not part of the deal and if anybody you know associated with me would ever make that as a side deal. I'd be very disappointed. 'cause i'm only there to sell the art and you're not going to know who bought it except you are going to meet with all of the people i'm going to go. Yeah united meeting with all the people but you're not gonna know who actually known the no other than the fact and the only ones that are out there at that party where i meet them. Are the people who are coming to buy the art. You're in an era of encrypted communication apps. There might be away for two people to see you to kate these details so we don't know we don't use that i don't even know about those encrypted apps don't even know about we don't know about them nope nope and My dad's baking secrets or his secrets. Okay i i have never seen anything like this thing with. They with hunter by can't believe what joe biden needs to do is look look. My son had a lot of problems. I can't stop him legally from painting. However if i hear word one he won't that is. Someone is buying these these paintings. I will never do business with anyone. Who buys one of his paintings. Don't buy his paintings. that is what he should say. As president of the united states the corruption is so clear and obvious here and instead. They're like well. What we're going to do is not tell anyone anything and that's going to solve the problem. What if we hide all the information and what if we don't tell anyone who's buying it who's selling it how much it went for this blatantly corrupt and the easier for him. Why does the president of the united states need for what a couple of million dollars to play these games. I embarrassed eh. Because his son is snorting most of it all right. Let me tell you about patriot. Mobile i have a voice and it's time to make sure that big mobile. 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I'll say that much but back in a minute glenn beck nothing better especially when you're traveling that take a little time to disconnect from the rest of the world but sometimes you have to connect to a public wifi take care of an email. Maybe you know. Get into an argument on social media. Because you just miss it so much. Unfortunately cybercriminals are often spying on unsecured networks. Just waiting to scoop up your browsing history. Read your emails and possible gain access to your private information every day. We put our information at risk on the internet. In an instant cybercriminals could steal. What's yours sometimes. Even harm your finances and credit. That's why there's lifelock lifelock will help. Detect a wide range of identity threats and they will also work with you to fix the problem if your data ends up getting compromised. No one can prevent all identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses. but you can help protect. What's yours with lifelock norton so join now save up to twenty five percent off your first year at lifelock dot com with promo code beck one eight hundred lifelock one eight hundred lifelock or lifelock dot com and make sure you use the promo code beck and save twenty five percent right now head over to blaze tv dot com slash glenn place to go to get your subscription to blaze. tv started. save ten bucks with the promo code. Glenn this is the glenn beck program. There was some controversy over the weekend. Whether joe biden was going around up all of our nine millimeter handguns. And as much as i'd like to tell you that that's what he said he was going to do. Because i believe that's what in the end they do want to do. I don't believe that's what he was talking about last week. He was on cnn and he said how are you going to address the gun violence from the federal point of view and he said and now i love this man you know whenever he's lying when he says i'm not kidding. I'm not joking around. I'm not fooling around. That's true that's crazy but seriously folks. I mean he's like a vaudevillian actor anyway. His response was now. I'm not being a wise guy. Yeah a there's no reason no reason you will. Have you seen my gun violence legislation. I've introduced as you know because you're so involved. Actually crime is down but khan violence and murder rates are up. why because you're defunding the Guns i thought it was. Because i'm the only guy that ever got passed legislation and when i was senator i made sure. We eliminated assault weapons. The id need a weapon. They have the ability to fire. Twenty thirty fifty hundred twenty shots from that weapon whether it's a nine millimeter pistol or whether it's a rifle is ridiculous. I'm continuing to push to eliminate the sale of those things. I'm not likely to get that done in the near term however okay so everybody thought and took him at his word that he wants to Round up nine millimeter pistols. Yes he does yes. He does make no mistake in the end. They want all guns however what he was talking about is what he is saying about the nine millimeter their pistols. I don't even know what you call. I have what and out of my cold dead hands but anyway They have with the collapsing stock. And so they're kind of like pistols and they're kind of like rifles. You can collapse them. So they're they're smaller and that's what he's talking about. I mean you don't. I've never seen a nine millimeter. Handgun with a hundred and Twenty magazine in it. You know what i mean. Hundred twenty one hundred twenty bullets in a magazine. That'd be kinda hard to get in your pocket or your back. I mean carrying around a broomstick on the end of your gun. They come in little swirly. One little wheels only seen those on james bond and i and i want one. Why aren't i dunno. Mainly because daddy says we can't have one makes me want it even more by the way See if this sounds familiar at all. There's a story out of hong kong now about what the chinese are doing to the quote. Free residents of hong kong remember. They rounded up all those people that they could. You know that we're saying. Hey america come help us you know. Be free. We want your freedoms good thing. Those people were rounded up. We don't know what happened to those but now the national security police who we should have some of those in hong kong on thursday said they had arrested five members of a speech therapists union over a series of children's books depicting seditious sheep authorities say it show support for the twenty one thousand nine protest movement and incited hatred towards the government. Now just just. I'm sure you're not going to find anything. That sounds familiar here but let me to men. Three women aged twenty five to twenty eight. All of whom are members of the hong kong speech therapist. General union were arrested on suspicion of conspiring to publish seditious publications in connection with the three children's picture books titled the guardians of sheep village the garbage collectors of sheep village and the twelve heroes of sheep village national security police seized around five hundred fifty children's books leaflets computers and mobile phones a morning rate on the union arresting the chairperson and several other freezing all of their assets senior superintendent. Steve lee said the sheep were intended to represent protesters who fought back against riot police. Twenty nine thousand and depicted the authorities as bad guys beautifying bad behavior and poisoning children's impressionable minds. You can't let children read about hate now. That comes from the superintendent of schools. That's banning this one book characterizes the wolves as dirty and the sheep is clean while another lauds the actions of heroic sheep who use their horns to fight back despite being naturally peaceful hong kong confederation of trade unions official wong nen young told our faa that the case of the seditious sheep. Doesn't that sound like a joke. I mean sounds like a movie like you know You know one of those murder mystery. The case the case of the seditious sheep. He said show that even metaphors are now no longer safe from the ruling chinese communist party. Crackdown on speech. Crimes in hong kong has begun on things over. Isn't it which is really depressed. It's over it's over. it's over. You see what was happening in in cuba this weekend. I mean the bloody riots that were going on from the police just beating people in the streets. Nobody seems to be carrying about that. I don't know why. I don't know why nobody didn't see that everywhere. I think the you may be right on that. I think a lot of people in the right care about it. I think a lot of people in the left care about it. In that they don't want the regime to be toppled. There is some care which is part of the reason why we don't hear much about it. You'd think that'd be real priority for for the. There's this this suggestion of just making sure that people can get on the internet right now. Seems like a really easy basic thing so at least this stuff can be pushed out and we can hear about it. Well i mean. The government doesn't want to interfere with what google and facebook and social media platforms. Never would never want to do that now. Can you guys open that up a little bit. You know and by the way. I think it's i think it's it's wrong. Think really stew that you would even suggest that people have a right to get online and say what they want. it yet is Danny toy was was on some. Msnbc show and annita is a denny or danny. Donnelly care that much. You didn't care enough to know his nope name. Nope i think it's dan to any nope. Just donnie donna. You said you said danny. And then i said donnie. And then i reversed myself i think it denny denny daily deutsche donny deutsch this what he said on. Msnbc look whether it's a mandate or mass mandate vaccine is at this point there is a percentage of the population that who cares whether they're angry upset about this is just. There's three hundred thirty million people in this country. We need to protect ourselves as a really. At least you have mentioned look is been mandates on throughout time. I grew up. I'm gonna go smallpox vaccine. We all did vaccines also so i. I'm done worrying about what people think. I'm dumb worry about. Is there going to be a firestorm. Whether it's a mandated mass with it's mandated vaccine is an idiot percentage of this population. That just needs to be told what to do. Guess what you don't have a choice new bad that's interesting because i would imagine that he's talking about people like in this audience that are just idiots that just need to be told what to do. I think our founders would be very proud of that course. They didn't see things like disease coming our way. You know what i mean. They couldn't see a pandemic. No that's all new stuff all new. But i'm certainly glad that we have heroes. I mean can you it. How do you think you're on the right side of history when you know. The arc of history always bends towards justice and freedom. It may take a long time but have you not read about the soviet union. Have you not read about italy and germany and all of these places just recently. That have tried this. Have you not read about that. It doesn't end well for the people who are pushing it. What's it pushing it. What what is it Authoritarianism saying i don't care about what the little people say Really wow you know king arthur. They don't think really existed right. You know that right. The the idea of king arthur was they think was just more of something that that came from the serfs or the smurfs or whatever they are came from all of the people they couldn't own land they looked for a great king some day. That would actually care about them. And that's why they think. The king arthur. Thing you know. The legend grew that he was a a good just king. These guys are on the sides of the king. And they're saying i don't really care about the peasants. How elitist. how do you that. You're on the right side saying these kinds of things. Because you almost make an argument like in the king arthur times. It was a little excusable right where you'd say. Well i hope someday king comes along and his nice to us but we should now by now. No the evidence of history that when you're looking for some king to be benevolent some all powerful person to just make sure they tolerate you enough snow ever a good way to go. It doesn't work doesn't work doesn't work. It doesn't work. When you have a balanced government it takes about two hundred fifty years to dismantle it. I mean look what we had. We've had bad we've had bad Administrations we've had good administration's you know. There's been times but we would always have in flow and i would think that we'd always get better but that apparently has stopped. And now you're just saying i just think people should shut up and just do what we say this. Why why you make your foundations our rights based right oil those. There's an update on that they're update on. Yeah there's Voting going on in maine about rights. Okay thinking about introducing new rights. Oh good are going to vote on a great worse than new right. Well tell ya gimme gimme a minute. Okay all right let me tell you. Let me tell you about genucell. yeah So genucel is right now. Knocking out a wonderful deal. This is a big. They're big summer deal. 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Here's what the proposed constitutional amendment states Voters they're asking voters if they quote favor amending the constitution of maine to declare that all individuals have a natural inherent and unalienable right to grow raise harvest produce and consume the food of their own choosing for their own nourishment sustenance bodily health and wellbeing period. Now i'm for it absolutely for it. It's but it's a reaffirming of this. You have the right to food. You have the right this this right by the way went away under the f. b. fdr administration. There was a farmer that said you can't regulate my wheat. I only grow enough wheat for my own. Use my wife. And i we make our own bread and we we grind the we'd ourselves you don't have any right to come onto my property and talk to me about what i need to do with my wheat. You can't regulate me. Because it's what i'm consuming and the The all of the trade laws between the states. They went out the window. All you're right. The trade laws became paramount. No what you're doing that. Pollen might go to another farm in another area and so you don't have a right to do that now. This is really really dangerous. Because that's what set up the gmo market. The gmo's if you have gmo's in in any farm area those gmo's they if you will infect the other markets so that they'll go to one one Farm to another farm and it mixes and pretty soon. You can't grow corn anymore. Qasir corn seed is no good because the gmo because the companies wanna keep making money on charging for seeds the gmo distributors. Have a right to make sure that. Nobody is using their wheat. Unless they've paid for it or their corn unless they've paid for it so what's happening here is actually. This is an organic farmer that is pushing for this saying no. I have a right to grow anything i want. You can't you can't tell me. No the problem is is the seed language in the contracts will make it difficult for anybody in maine to do business with geo most seed producers and that may be the reason for this whole mess. But i think i support the right to raise your own food. Do anything that you you have a right to eat. You have a right to grow your own food. Raise your own food. do what you need to do. You have a right to go fishing. I don't i'd. I'm sorry but i don't agree with fishing license as just a way for the state to make money. I don't agree with the fishing. Let why why do i have to go get a fishing license for for something. I'm doing the the river that crosses my property. what are you talking about. You have a right to eat and now main is is high. Think for good reason waiting into these waters. But you don't want states doing anything other than affirming. Your rights come from god. I wanna talk to you about jerks it. Sixty seconds so you hear me talking about bill bars for a little while now and i know despite what my sense of taste tells me built. Bars are technically protein bars. But here's the thing. I think they're candy bars and i think they should be marketed as candy bars built bar like protein. Bars really healthy for you. And i'm like yeah. yeah yeah. It's a candy bar. Most health bar candy bar health bar candy bar is made with one hundred percent real chocolate and they taste like candy bars now. I guess you're going to get those people who wanna eat healthy odd. Just want to be healthy. Well if you're calling him a candy bar guess it'll be harder to get those people on board but then if they actually do their homework and they really want to be healthy then they'll read the package asana. Something candy bar consumers. Do we just eat it. It's good yummy. Open package eat healthy people. They read the package they see. It's loaded with protein as got five net carbs or four net carbs. one hundred twenty calories. They're fantastic for the healthy people. But this is a victory for us. Poor slobs down. You know thinking. I'm too fat. Even start thinking about not getting fat anymore. I'm just gonna eat candy bars and it's it's hoax people to hoax. It's a candy bar. It's a protein bar bill bar. You decide bill dot com the promo code beck fifteen get fifteen percent off. Your next order built dot com. Use the promo code beck fifteen all right so i wanna talk to you about jerks and you know and you know who i'm talking about. I mean all the jerks in your life all the jerks in my life. Stu and where did that come from. Where all these jerks come from. How come there are so many jerks around us as born in new york and connecticut. Yeah well you know what. It is star chips childhood child they had. Oh my gosh. They had all kinds of trials and tribulations. You just don't know yeah. They had tests like crazy. Oh boy they were put to the test and so what happens is most people will mask the pain. My used alcohol to mask the pain others mascot with greed or gluttony. I actually do a little of that. One era gance distance. And so you look at them. And you're like that's an arrogant sob. And you don't know about all the trials and the tests and tribulations but which do you want to be. I mean because we all had stuff that happened to us all. We all have had stuff happen to us. You know it's funny. A friend of mine said you know everybody wants a testimony. Everybody loves the testimony of somebody who is like. Oh my gosh. I was so poor and broke and downtrodden. And i nothing in dana. All of our son. I realized and now look at me. I'm jennifer aniston and everybody loves that. Everybody loves that but a testimony requires the first part. It's not the mony it's the test. The test is what gives you the omani and nobody wants it. Nobody wants hard times. Life is unfair her so unfair. I don't like it because it's not fair. Who who started this lie. That life was fair life. Life is hard and then it gets harder and then you die now. That's pretty pessimistic. Way to look at it but it's true. However that's i could not get through my day if it was like that. I've had really really bad days. I've had really bad years. I've had horrible decades but it gets better. Even my lows aren't so low and that happened for a reason so if you're today thinking i can't make it or if you think that there's really legitimate and i'm sure there are really legitimate things that have happened to you. That are unfair. The question is stop whining for a second. If you want to fix it ask yourself this question so now what my life sucks right now and the world is unfair. Okay now what because you can't spend your whole life. Oh yeah i know. I know you've told me a thousand times now. What and you really have to routes. You can try to make life fair. That's going to be tough but you can try to make life fair now. The problem with that is is when you make it fair for some. It will be unfair for others. For instance income tax. Is it fair that you know people. At the upper end of the spectrum pay fifty percent of everything they earn and fifty percent of the country pays nothing. Is that fair. Do we all have a dog in the fight or we all in it together. If half of the people are getting money from the government and not putting anything in. I don't think that's fair but life isn't fair but if we're trying to make it fair well for instance there's a story out. The democrats are now going to They're trying to pass some Some new New bill a democratic proposal that will give more federal aid to black people then white people. Well that doesn't sound fair. Does it how you just because of your skin color. You have a better chance of getting aid look i. If if something's out of balance. I wanna fix that because fairness is treating everyone alike thought but now fairness is to make sure. I guess that we're discriminating. Against one group in favor of another. But i thought that was discrimination and we banned that in our enlightened is nineteen sixty s and eighteen sixty five. I thought we got rid of that stuff. At least that's what we were trying to do. But see it's the disparity whites seventy two percent of white families own a home. Only forty two percent of black families own homes okay. So that's a thirty point gap that's bad. It must have been getting worse right well in one thousand nine hundred sixty that thirty point gap was twenty seven point gap so the twenty trillion dollars that the united states of america has put in to raise the level of black families trillions over twenty trillion dollars. And we still have twenty seven point gap over a thirty percent gap and has the rest of their lives. Scott and better from this. No but you know life isn't fair. we'll wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute when you're trying to fix an issue of unfairness. What happens when you're fix becomes unfair. Then you have to ask yourself. Do the ends justify the means. Do you think you should be punished for laws that you didn't create another words. I didn't round up the japanese. Fdr did i didn't enslave people. Might people weren't even here in america when that was going on. I mean i hate to point out there in germany because it doesn't really help my case any but they weren't here so what's the deal with that. That doesn't seem fair. Would you want to pay for something that you didn't have any part of. Would you want to be punished for something. You wouldn't want do that you didn't do. Would you want to be punished because those who look like you in terms of skin color did something or created something that now is deemed bad but was fine back. Then i wouldn't and i wouldn't want to subject anybody else because if i can subject them to that they can suggest suggested subject me into that same category the best man can do is say life isn't always fair and try to create win wins but to create a win win you kind of have to let nature work so your first option is you know. Try to make life fair. But there's that's fraught with traps the other is you could get angry and take it out on others. And that's where a lot of people go to a lot of people are now. Why do you think where did antigua come from. What is that. They care about totalitarianism. No they don't they're fascists. It's either their way or no way. That's pretty much a thumbnail of fascist. Where all this anger come from. Well they're white mainly white people and they've had a very hard time usually growing up in the suburbs. So you can see the angst there We're just trying to help other people try to make it fair for them. Oh by being unfair. Well life's just against you. Really 'cause i like say life is probably not against you most likely not most likely not against you. You know everybody is born and everybody is is not born with the same anything except humanness. So we're all human But life is supposed to be something that you can work your way through and you know dietrich bond hoffer was kind and actually thanked the executioner pride before he was hung. He seemed to work that out. There is pretty bad. He was in a concentration camp for a while and then executed fifteen days before hitler. How unfair is that. He fought against hitler the whole time in fifteen days before hitler kills himself they execute him. Boy that's not fair. Sometimes it's true that the cards are stacked against you. I mean i'd hate to point out that The cards were pretty much stacked against me from birth. You know to be here no way no way this would happen is because i'm white no is because i was raised. Figure it out. It's gotta be a path figure it out now when when no media would take me when everybody was like dog be anything about fox really going to start something new. That's crazy. how stupid is that. Nobody's going to watch streaming on lie Yeah that's what they said. Ten years ago now look at where we are life. I can't get a show on network. I tried to get shows on amazon. A net flicks. Hbo i've met with them. They've actually said to me. This is great. Bob but we can't work with you. Why because the other artists wouldn't like it. Oh okay okay. All right well. That doesn't seem fair. does it does it. So do i go and try to break them all up and say you can't do that. No no just do it my way and realize that there are things i can't do but see i take a third way to life isn't fair. I know that. I admit that sucks to be. You sometimes sucks to be me. Sometimes but i also know that. I'm a beacon. I also know that what i think i attract. So if i'm thinking negative things i'll attract negative things. If i think negative thoughts i'm going to attract negative people but if i'm thinking positive things good things and i'm actually engaged in living. That good things will follow not always not the things that you necessarily want. I haven't wanted the last ten years. Have you really wanted the last ten years. Viewer mapping out ten years ago what these ten years would have been like. Would you have you know what glenn i'd be happy if If that was the path and may have diagrammed at a little island. Yes exactly right. Let are you happy with where you are now in ten years even though everything that's happened to us in the last ten years sure i am so part of that journey i suppose. Even though some some turns we ran into brick walls yes and really kind of like did some damage not to the wall to you know study. After study shows that religious people and conservatives are happy they're happier then liberals and the more down that road of marxism ugo the darker. You seem to go. Why because where's the hope in everything. Sucks where's the hope in. I'll never get better. I'll never get out of this trap and neither will my kids. Where is the hope in. Everything has to be burned down. You know because at some point you do stop and go if we burn everything down. What's going to be left. That will get everybody to hang together through it that's why marxist revolutions always and in some horrible you know it wasn't it wasn't stalin That was Was the pick of the people that happened afterwards. Stalin came in right after it doesn't work out and it did here in america because they had a positive vision we believe it. All men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and to make sure that those things are guarded we lend certain rights to the government and if the government ever becomes an adversary to those rights we have the right and the responsibility to abolish it and then something up that will be better at protecting those rights. See it's not like we're going to abolish america. That's what that's what antifa would say. We're just gonna do something different. Really what could you share it with us. That's what people in washington are doing. We're just gonna change all this to what how about you share it see. That was the difference. Between all revolutions and our revolution we set out at the forefront. This is what we want to build and if we can take control of our own self we will bill that and they did and it wasn't it wasn't promise to be utopia. It was promised to be a place that would live by the rule of law. Not the rule of men but the rule of law and that we would correct our mistakes. Because we weren't we weren't setting up a perfect nation. We want to set up a more perfect nation. One that is going to have flaws one. That's going to one. That's not going to be fair. Because only god's kingdom will be fair one. They won't be fair but we try every day to make it more fair more perfect for as many people as we can without doing harm to the rights of the rest of the people all right. I can't believe i've had my wreck for like a year and a half. I can tell you. I am in love with it today. As much as i was in love with it the first day i got it because wreck gives me the opportunity to make amazing delicious meals. That between you. And i aren't burnt everything. I ever tried to grill. Burn to a crisp. because i'll go in. And i'll like forget about it. 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I heard a story The other day about a guy who's going out and he needed do some shopping and it was a downtown because they didn't have malls back then just like now in need to do some shopping and need to go up but it was raining so he took an umbrella with him. He goes into the first store and eat. You know. buy some stuff. And while he's in there it stops raining and then he goes to the next door and he does stuff by some of them then the next door and the next door well the end of the day. He's done all of it but he realizes because it's now raining again crap. I don't have my umbrella. Where did i leave my umbrella. He left it one of the stores so he backtracks. He goes to the last door. No umbrella next door. you see my brother. No you don't have your umbrella next. Gets all the way back to the first store. And the guy who's in the first store says oh my gosh yeah we do have your umbrella. We were hoping you would come back. The guy takes it and he grumbles on his way out. Thank god for an honest man. All the rest of the stores claimed they didn't have it. This is what we're living in right now. This is what we're living in. Sometimes you really don't have a reason to be pissed. You know all right. We're talking about football. Yeah yeah students while you come here to this program. Yeah well actually i well. I don't wanna talk football. i do. I'm interested in the topic of the masks with what's happening with football. And so i thought i'd bring in an expert and it's not still do go. Jason whitlock when you want to hear some talk about football and culture. Yeah jason whitlock joining us in just about a minute stand by glennbeck grim he. I don't know if you've heard the good news or not. But democrats have proposed another five trillion dollar re reconciliation and social reform bill. It's great and by the way. Did you hear janet. Yellen say that you know a few years ago we had. We had to do a debt. Continuation thing where we're we're just promising. We're good for this dead. We're good for this debt and we won't stop paying our bills Yeah it might not be good to spend another five trillion dollars. When she said this absolutely positively must pass you have to do everything possible to not default on our debts for even a minute. Okay all right well. Sounds like a good safety tip. Maybe we're spending too much this week. Goldline is giving away free silver with their extremely popular five dollar indian coins these with every qualifying order you'll receive ten brilliant uncirculated silla silver kennedy half dollars at no additional cost great special on an already low cost item. If you're thinking about golden silver and you should be. This is the perfect promotion for you. They're standing by right now. Waiting for your call at eight six six goldline eight six six goldline and head over to blaze. Tv dot com slash. Glenn promo code. Glenn you'll save ten bucks off prescription to blaze. Tv including the new fearless with jason whitlock with its covert protocols. The nfl is implementing medical. Jim crow and joe biden the loves it from the latest edition of The blaze podcast from jason whitlock. Who's joining us now. Hi jason hey. How are you happy monday. Yeah thank you. So i've been. I heard this about the nfl over the weekend. I'm not qualified to talk about it at all. So i thought i'd let you talk about but you talk about it. You know for the people who want something halfway accurate perfect okay. So what do you mean by modern day. Jim crow well To be quite honest with you tucker carlson coined the phrase medical jim crow Couple of months ago he was talking about how these covert restrictions are going to negatively. Impact black americans because we are the most reluctant by all the data. All the data says we are the most reluctant to take the covert vaccines. And we're seeing it. Play out in the national football league. The nfl has implemented some rules in terms of e. Even if you're unvaccinated and you breach any of the protocols they set up including not having your mask on twenty four seven whenever you're in the building you're going to face a fourteen thousand dollar fine. If if your team has some kind of covert outbreak that involves an unvaccinated player. Your team could be forced to forfeit gains and paychecks all of this all of these restrictions based on the data and the research. Who's getting vaccines are going to. Disproportionally impact black. Nfl players negatively and it's how these covert restrictions again. The the left loves to talk about. Oh jim crow voter suppression. Is jim crow. Two point zero. And it's look these rules requiring an. Id are going to negatively impact poor black and brown people and it's all b. s. Glenn i have yet this this whole voter id deal. It's a victimless crime. In terms of. I haven't seen any proof that black people are showing up at the polls and being turned away because they have no ide- or they're sitting at home. Oh i got no idea. I can't do voter male or whatever it's all garbage. What actually is legitimate is what's going on with these covert restrictions. But you won't hear anybody on the left talk about it okay. So why is it that the black community is is the worst at not getting vaccinated No group of people has been preached to more aggressively. Don't trust the government. Eight people we were right doing are were talking about this this morning. And we're like if you're black. Why would you take it. You're being told everybody is trying to kill you. Here take this vaccine and there have been examples of the tuskegee syphilis project that you know from the nineteen thirties that really damaged black men and we were basically lab rats and so that's part of our history but again it's part of our history. What's going on. Today is corporate media and the democratic puppet masters everyday telling black people man. This government is out to get you systemically racist. You have no shot and so it makes perfect sense for black people to say man. I'm not gonna trust an experimental and experimental vaccine. That hasn't gone through all the proper normal protocols and channels that vaccines go through before. They're issued in mass. It makes perfect sense for us to be the least likely to go get the shop. So why then is the media attacking trump supporters. When that's not true. Why are they going after people Not mentioning blacks and hispanics which are far more less likely to get vaccinated because all the corporate media does is lie and they particularly lie about race issues and they want to be moniz. Oh my god there's this delta very trump supporters and again. It's almost like there. Are two dishonest messages confusing. Black people one is The government's out to get you. And and they're they're plotting every day on how they can kill you and two years old man these trump supporters. They're destroying america for you and you must hate them. Because they're your mortal enemies. And glenn. I i'm i'm gonna go to my death. Saying trump supporters and black people are natural allies. Both groups need to wake up and and understand. We're we're not the elites. And and i you know it's glenn beck is worth a gazillion dollars. I'm worth a lot of money. I get when people were you guys are elites to our mentality is an elite our faith in a higher power makes us humble ourselves and have a different worldview and so even though i'm wealthy i'm not an elite. I have a working class mentality. You know beyond that. I you know i. I don't think it matters when we're all saying everyone should have the same opportunity and shot. I don't unlike donny deutsch. Who came out. Can you play this for jason. Who came out this weekend and said this. Imagine the arrogance to say this on tv. Look whether it's a mandate a mask mandate vaccine is at this point. It was a percentage of the population. That who cares whether they're angry upset about that. This is just three hundred thirty million people in this country. We need to protect ourselves. As as you have mentioned look is is been mandates on throughout time. I grew up in a small vaccine. We all did the vaccines also. So i'm done worrying about what people think i'm dumb worry about is going to be a firestorm. Whether it's a mandated mass. Mandating the vaccine. There's an idiot percentage of the population that just needs to be told what to do. and guess what. Wow i think. that's naturally that's certainly an un-american sentiment. it's also a dangerous sentiment when when again. that's someone who arrogant self self-important thinks he's smarter than everybody else. And it's literally the i. I promise you. I wake up every day hoping i don't make a fool out of myself with something ignorant that i do. And that's my system of checks and balances to make sure that i act normal. I just don't have that superiority gene. That donnie seems to have and a lot of people on the left seemed to have their just smarter than everybody else and the rest of us are just blessed to be in their present in your In your article. You talk about A player from arizona and tampa that Spoke out last week about this. You said we can't be cowards and sheep forever what do you mean. Well de'andre hopkins the arizona. Cardinal wide receiver has expressed his reluctance and concern about the vaccine. Leonard fournette who plays with. Tom brady and the tampa. Bay buccaneers just won the super bowl. He's tweeted out. He doesn't want to get the vaccine and i just think that what initially started out in corporate sports media was they were going to frame cole. Beasley this white wide receiver for the buffalo bills. He was the first to start speaking up and he he was actually doing it. Probably on behalf of his black teammates who were probably too afraid to speak up because they just don't want to deal with the social media backlash and so the media was gonna frame like colby's the he's the only one is white guys and he's a trump supporter and you know he's gives the vaccine and and i'm just glad to see the andre hopkins and litter for that express. What i know men me black people think and feel the data backs up. That's how we think and feel certainly in those those. Nfl locker rooms aren't immune to what the rest of think. And feel ezekiel elliott. You know the cowboys running back came out and said look man. I grew up in a family where none of us got vaccinated. We just didn't believe in it any other vaccines and that's prevalent among black people and we don't we. We gotta quit being in fear of the social media mob and the left. Framing us as idiots or sell outs. Or whatever we got to man up like the andrea hopkins ned and coal veasley and speak our truth. So you you actually believe you said that this cove in nineteen Is is going to make The emancipation proclamation. Trying to figure out what what. I'm trying to find it. You remember what you wrote. Yeah i said that these restrictions that the nfl or implementing are gonna make They're gonna come off like stop and frisk old new york. Stop and frisk. Feel like the emancipation proclamation in june eighteenth wrapped all one. You believe that Cause some degree. Look i'm being entertaining in a column. I wanna say sure. Sure sure remember just like you did remember apparently remembered it but i i that was the line that stuck out just an analogy like this is the same way we complained about. Stop and frisk in york. It's targeting black. People targeting black people this covert restricts their targeting black nfl players. The data speaks for itself. Jason thank you. Thank you so much by the way. Is it okay to be happy that the team. Usa is not doing i. I didn't ride it in my column. But i was rooting for france. Right so wanna see. These guys wanna metal stan irritating me. I so i'd rather than lose thing. Get on the metal standing. Do any type of protest irritating. Yeah it just felt wrong because i remember rooting against the soviet union. And i've never rooted against the america. You know the american team. And i'm kinda there i'm like. I don't want them to win. I don't want him to win Thank you so much. I appreciate it. You bet bye live right whereas going. Yeah leslie lives in maryland. She writes in about our dogs experience with references. My three year old chinese. Oh my gosh. She's got a chinese dog. Well don't worry. The justice department will not investigate anything. She says. my chinese crested powderpuff. Wow that sounds like she says is frustratingly picky. Really you've got a dog named powder puff and it's big. 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Greens dot com slash beck seven to seven b. e. c. k. Hey stew. I don't know if you saw this But optimism has dropped almost twenty points. Since may the american people. Since may since since may this may this last may just a couple of months ago. Twenty twenty one. Yeah less optimistic about the future. That actually does surprise me. He's coming out of coverted out of no because we're going right. No we're going right back in really. Yeah yeah. I think. I think most people are now. It's coming back. Yeah they're going to if texas does it. I ain't going not going. I don't think i do you think any red st no certainly let just see happen to live in a state with the governor who may have aspirations for the presidency or just to be reelected. Be reluctant nope not having by the way. Did you hear the crowd in. Where was it arizona. That went after. Do we have this audio by any chance it now. We don't oh shoot. You gotta look this up She was running. I think or she is in arizona. Senator senator and she's running for re election but she was the only senator that's at now. We don't need to check these numbers. Now let's just whiz move on They didn't let her speak. She got up at the big convention and Not speaking i. I tend to pull back from the idea of not letting people speak. I feel like letting people speak is usually a good thing even when you don't like them because then they wind up saying dumb things you can lead. I am too. I mean i'd much rather see everybody get up and turn their back on them and just face the other direction. Let them speak. We're just we're just looking at the back of the room. that's all. We're doing what he. What do you mean you speak. We believe in freedom of speech. All you want. We're not watching. You're listening to you know and then when you say goodnight everybody. We'll sit back down like nothing happened. That'd be great but does sound like a that doesn't sound childish to you. Know i think people are. I think people are just pissed. I know they're not where they were. You know ten or twelve years ago when jurors started speaking up and like. Hey hey everybody speak no. I think they're kinda pass that when it comes to their own side. You know you get way to hold it. Just a second wait. You didn't even want to open up the door so we could see what was going on. You your your. Yeah really right now. i don't think so. So why you. Why would you show up to an event. Oh like that doesn't seem to me. And she had to have known brian or the that out of touch even locally that they know they'll love me. I don't know that's an interesting question. i think. Sometimes there are people who think if they can get forever crowd. They can turn people around fell. I can and you you've done. It says they've done it at the very hostile events. I've seen it happen where you'll go out there. And they will basically they'll be like all the sudden you start speaking and there's a bunch of red dots moving around on your chest like wait a minute. You guys didn't like guns file on my able to turn their around. I mean that people do that in their heads but you should. You need to know where you're going what you're on insists. Yeah i don't think that was. It's not going to go well for her and her reelection up just my she runs is a democrat or maybe an independent Felling going to go well. Hey have a great day. Especially if you're a senator from arizona. Hey just go on take on the day. The glenn beck program.

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